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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 13, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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heather: good morning, it's monday may 13th, this is "fox & friends first". happening at 4:00 a.m., republicans on verge of unveiling a new immigration package. live in washington, pentagon vow to go intervene. outrage, said this about the holocaust. >> kind of a kuami feeling i always tell father or -- folks k about the holocaust. heather: not the only one dodging the downpours this
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weekend, gang of gorillas going viral for rain dance, "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ heather: rainy new york city for you this morning, hopefully everyone had a great weekend and got to spend it with your moms and happy mother's day to everyone at home, hopefully it was a good one, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning, i'm heather childers, thank you so much for starting your day and brand-new week was, lindsey graham, we will begin with that, taking immigration fight to senate floor, south carolina republican set to unveil new legislation
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this week that he says will fix broken asylum laws and doug luzader live in washington yet another border battle is taking shape, good morning, doug. >> good morning, we have plan now from lindsey graham and he's proposing changing the current law to allow children to be held for up to 100 days, that's up from current 20 and talking about hiring 500 immigration judges to deal with asylum claims. >> we have a perfect storm, if you're from central america we can't send unaccompanied minors like we did for méxico and canada. stop what i think is literal invasion of people from central america. >> acting defense secretary patrick shanahan pledging to lend his support to border operations. >> we are going to be here until
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the borders are secure, we have to have the backs of the men and women that are down here being overrun. issue of what to do with asylum cases that are inundating folks across the border, that's a big issue and run-up to 2020, heather. >> you know what, it's been an issue and they haven't done anything yet, we will see if something gets done. thank you so much, doug, great to have you. dan says our broken laws are the top motivators for mass migration, he says the democrats refusal to acknowledge this means the left effectively wants to keep our borders open. >> we have to ask ourselves why, what is causing this, people have started to realize that if they bring a child with them, they can't be held because of the flores agreement from 1987, so what we have to do is get rid of the loopholes, we have to allow people to get detained,
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keep the families together but keep them there and adjudicate the case quickly, we need resources to do that, we need more detention space and more immigration cases. i speak to constituents, democrat or republican, no constituent that i've met that wants open border but every single democrat in house of representatives does want open borders and you can tell that because of policy that you're pushing, if you're not for more detention space because you want them caught and release. they might have court date 8 years in the future. enormous amount of time which effectively means open borders. >> the 1997 settlement flores settlement states that children cannot be detained no longer than 20 days and not require they be released to parents or legal guardians. stepfather of missing girl malia davis due in court, charged with tampering in evidence after police found evidence of human
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decomposition in his car. new surveillance video shows carrying a large laundry basket from his apartment days before malia went missing, blood found in houston apartment, vince could face murder charges, malia has not been found. rescue crews have called off search for missing hiker in hawaii. >> we really believe -- [inaudible] heather: last seen on wednesday before she went to hiking trail on thursday officials found car with keys and her phone inside, dozens of volunteers have been combing the area ever since, 10,000-dollar rewarded being offered for any information, fbi is also investigating.
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well, this morning families of victims will be in court seeking names of those who provided support from inside the u.s. prior to the devastating attack. family member wills ask judge to compel the fbi to release the name, so far the agency has kept that information redacted and families say they are frustrated with the fbi for being slow with their request despite urging from senators. much more to come on that for sure. democrats in congress not holding back saying the country it's in midst of constitutional crisis, well, this comes in the wake of house judiciary committee's announcement that special counsel robert mueller will not testify this week as the chairman had hoped, gillian turner has more from washington. >> i think it's fair to say that we are looking at a crisis, not
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only confidence but constitutional crisis, yeah. >> i think we made a mistake as a party by waiting until the mueller report came out. the fact of the matter is that this is our constitutional duty. >> democrats have issued slew of subpoenas in recent weeks targeting president trump and his administration including a subpoena for his tax returns and one for his son's testimony, republicans are taking to the air waves today to punch back against democratic colleague who they say have gone too far. >> he's a hypocrite, he was against -- he was all for president obama using executive privilege and now against this president, the bottom line is we spent $35 million investigating the president and there was no underlying crime. >> opening up, now lawmakers have the attorney general in their cross hairs. >> we have the attorney general who is refusing to show up to give us the information that we are looking for and the information that we are well
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within rights to ask for. gillian: democrats have decided to hold off on judiciary committee resolution holding attorney general barr in contempt. chairman nadler holding off on vote to give administration officials the time they need to comply with subpoenas that have already been issued relating to the president's business dealings and political activities. in washington, gillian turner, fox news. heather: headline for you, sri lanka shut down social media overnight, grasping measure following antimuslim riots sparked in the country, unrest coming as sri lanka's catholic churches held sunday churches for the first time since easter terror attacks, more than 250 people killed by suicide bombers in churches and hotels. secretary of state mike pompeo postponing trip to russia overnight, right now he's headed to brussels to hold talks on iran with european allies, the
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discussions coming as iran called u.s. military forces in the gulf a target and iranian military commander adding, quote, if the americans make a move we will hit them in the head. pompeo heads to russia as planned tomorrow to meet with president vladimir putin. stock futures are plunging as investors brace for china to retaliate against u.s. tariffs, beijing could respond as early as today after president trump more than doubled the tariff rate on $200 billion worth of goods on friday. the president is seemingly optimistic, we are right where we want to be with china, remember, they broke the deal with us and tried to renegotiate, we will be taking in tens of billions of dollars from china, trade talk between the two nations ended last week with no deal.
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well, despite trade negotiations with china in holding pattern, you could say, house economic adviser larry kudlow say that is the president's strategy is spot on, the proof, even some of his fiercest critics support him. >> in order to correct 20 years plus of unfair trading practices with china, unlawful trading practices, this is a risk that we and take without damaging the economy, in my judgment the economic consequences are so small but the possible improvement in trade and exports and open markets from the united states, this is worthwhile doing. politically i think the country is completely behind the president in approach with china and as fact as you know leading democrats such as senator schumer and others have supported the president in this battle, so i don't -- you know, i think -- sometimes you can do the right thing and in a sense this is bipartisan and it's long
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overdue. heather: well, last year u.s. commerce department announced trade deficit with china is now at a 5-year low. ♪ ♪ heather: 2020 hopeful bernie sanders teaming up with congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez for a green new deal rally. the event at howard university in washington, d.c. will highlight proposal to stop climate change. last week sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez introduced their lone shark prevention act together to combat predatory lending practices. well, this is the way, game 7 of the nba playoffs, take a look at this, did you see it?
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[laughter] heather: unbelievable. the reaction. bounced four times but shot went in lifting the raptors over the 76ers 92 to 90, they advance to play the bucks and trail blazers go on the road and beat nuggets in game 7. they will play the warriors in next round. i don't know how that will go. man, the game-beating buzz certify shot was something else. time now 12 minutes after the top of the hour, he's charged with training kids becoming terrorist in new mexico and now he may be behind another terror compound, how did this happen on american soil? former intel officer don grammer says those remote areas are perfect breeding ground for terrorist, he joins us up live next, you don't want to miss it.
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heather: welcome back, you're watching "fox & friends first", 15 minutes after the top of the hour, islamic terror compound uncovered on american soil. in search warrant the fbi describing make-shift military on stackable course reportedly own by man already charged with training children in new mexico to commit school shootings, do you remember that? how does this happen in america? joining me now former intelligence officer and iraq veteran don brammer, thank you so much for joining us on such an important topic this morning. discovering this compound in alabama and not the only one, what can you tell us?
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>> you're right. not the only one, was arrested earlier this year in new mexico for doing the exact same thing, setting up military-style terrorist training camp n. the case of new mexico, 11 children that he was trying to do school-style shooting, we are in alabama, small town of 18,000 residents who had no idea this was going on behind them. what's ironic to me shortly up the road is the home of run away isis bride. >> interesting. they have a lawsuit against the government for not allowing her back in the united states. >> 850 open domestic investigations currently underway in america. >> that's correct. part of that is because we have many, many cases of terrorist who are disguising themselves as
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refugees, earlier last week there was another report of isis-style training camp just 8 miles across the bored and also near waco texas where they found prayer rugs, plans for fort hood. heather: how do they are allowed to exist? >> the one thing that they have in common rural areas, you only have to get through inner state, you can slip out easy, many people are private and that's the type of places that these activities are looking to set up shop. it's easy to go unnoticed. heather: concerns me because you're talking about new mexico
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and alleged involved in this training camp as well was not originally charged and brought in. i mean, he and others are charged with terrorism, kidnapping, moved to new mexico and allow for this to continue as well in alabama. >> if you look at this case before being charged in new mexico he allegedly kidnapped his own son in georgia prior. that possibly was the body of young 3-year-old child. the one thing he's very interesting, son of well-known and vocal cleric in brooklyn who is often against the united states and incidentally was suspect in 1993 world trade center bombing. >> i pulled an article, washington post, basically making fun of something that president trump had said during
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one of his events in new hampshire, he talked about terrorist training camp but now we see at least two occasions, 3 that you mentioned today that this was an actual reality and he knew what he was talking about. in the speech he talked about 22 or some 35 different training camps all over the country. >> you know, that's absolutely possible, you look across the united states, there's a lot of land that people go unnotice to. it's easy to set up shop, whether domestic terrorism or isis, you can go by in your own operate and many people won't notice. many years ago we were diligent post 911, we have gotten lazy. >> we are out of time but, pay attention is what the message is here.
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>> absolutely. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> and we will be right back - i think the best companies succeed as a team,
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giving you the best coverage from attic to basement. so you can focus on streaming your favorites. not finding a signal. make the best wifi even better,with xfi advantage. simple, easy, awesome. heather: welcome back, pilots make first court appearance after being charged in triple murder in 2016 christian martin told kentucky newspaper suspected one of the victims of having an affair with his wife but denied role in the killing, former army helicopter high lot arrested on plane moments before taking off at louisville airport friday, worked for american airline subsidiary psa airlines. well, police sergeant, army veteran shot and killed in line of duty, kelvin, gunned down while approaching a robbery suspect in savannah, georgia.
1:25 am
>> we lost a great man, a man that spent large portion of his life protecting our country and protecting our community. we lost a husband, we lost a father, we lost a leader. heather: joined the savannah pd after serving in the army, leaves behind wife and four children and this picture from 2015, he always felt the need to serve other people, i'm sorry, the 17th police officer shot and killed this year. we remember those fallen heros, attorney general bill barr kicking off event in washington and joking about friction with congress. >> thank you very much, that's a nicer reception than i get on capitol hill. [laughter] >> i've been attorney general for less than 3 months and i
1:26 am
haven't been able to get out of washington, but once i deal with this beltway silliness -- [cheers and applause] >> you'll be seeing me. heather: barr will attend a vigil for fallen officers tonight for dc. navy seal rejected for being too old is getting job officers from all across the country, more than a dozen departments reaching to sean donovan, including san francisco and denver, scored 1% in entrance exam but told that he was 6 months too old to join the force. the iraq and afghanistan war vet is appealing his disqualification. at 37 year's old, come on, time now 26 minutes after the top of the hour, robert gates slamming joe biden's foreign policy record. >> you said in your memoir, i think you've been wrong on
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nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades. >> i standby the statement. heather: should that be red flag for voters, political panel on deck to debate it.
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roooaaaar! it's a walrus! ridiculous! yes! nice save, big guy! good job duncan! way to go! [chanting] it's not just easy. it's geico easy. oh, duncan. stay up. no sleepies. heather: welcome back, look at top headlines for you this morning, islamic terror compound uncovered on american soil, fbi described the property as, quote, make-shift military-style obstacle course reportedly owned by the same man already charged by training children to commit shoot negotiation new mexico. senator lindsey graham plan to go introduce new immigration package this week, increasing amount of time minors can be held by border officials from 20
1:31 am
to 100 days and for more immigration judges to reduce the backlog of asylum cases. stock futures are plunging, beijing could respond as early as today after president trump more than doubled on $200 billion worth of goods on friday, ended last week with no deal. congresswoman under fire after saying that thinking about the holocaust gives her a, quote, calming feeling, republicans are calling the comment sickening and demanding democratic leadership take action. aisha here with response. >> talking about israeli-palestinian conflict on yahoo news podcast when this happened. >> this is kind of calming feeling that i always tell folks when i think about the holocaust and tragedy of the holocaust and
1:32 am
the fact that it was my ancestors, palestinians who lost their land and some lost their lives, livelihood and dignity, their distance, all in the name of trying to create a safe haven for jews post the holocaust, post the tragedy, persecution of jews across the world at the time. >> okay, so democratic leaders including nancy pelosi haven't said anything about the comments just yet but set off a fire storm of criticism from gop house leadership, called commentsickenning, all of us regardless of party must stand against americans of evil of anti-semitism, if democratic leadership continues to standby in silence they they are enabling spread ofle evil.
1:33 am
>> tlaib not in any way praise the holocaust and say itself brought a calming feel to go her and in fact, she repeatedly call the host holocaust a tragedy and persecution of jewish people. have become lighting rod for credit whoiks have accused her of promoting antisemitic activist and rhetoric. >> a lot of people respond to that. >> absolutely, we asked all of you out there what you think of the congresswoman's comments and most of you said they're inappropriate. take a look at what jan said on facebook.
1:34 am
another person said, the real question is how did anyone like this get elected to anything form of government in america beyond disgusting, much more dmoants come i'm sure. heather: interesting that they continue to perhaps stoke the fires, maybe they should take a break with this topic for a little bit. let us know what you think. thank you. >> sure. heather: we are talking about joe biden, heading to new hampshire for first official campaign stop in battleground state but 2020 front runner policy track record taking hit from former defense secretary robert gates, listen. >> i think he has been wrong on every policy issue in 4 decades? >> i think the vice president had issues with the military. heather: should biden foreign
1:35 am
policy worry voters. writing for the american foundation and visiting fellow for women's forum and member of the virginia house of delegates mark levin, thank you for joining us this morning, appreciate it. >> good morning. heather: as we begin since we will be talking about what biden has had to say, let's listen what he had to say on china and russia. >> china is going to eat our lunch, come on man, i thought it was incredibly revealing. he acts like the cold war is still on. russia is still major adversary, i don't know where he's been. heather: china, russia, don't war about it, don't worry about it. >> that's right, recent comments on china were bizarre especially given tough negotiations that are underway right now, but, look, joe biden track record should be front and center on campaign and you don't have to
1:36 am
go back 4 decades to see how problematic it is. , the fact of the matter that gates points out the trump administration has been far tougher on russia than any other administration in the past including sanctions and if you look what the obama administration's policy was towards russia russian meddling began you should obama administration. they did nothing. one example where foreign policy track record will be center stage in the debate. heather: mark, you're laughing but former assistant secretary, robert charles, and he pointed out that, you know, in terms of
1:37 am
biden's foreign policy failures they range from opposition and military programs that brought down the soviet union to opposing osama bin laden raid. >> when i found out the topic i read the transcript of robert gates, in it he criticized donald trump strongly on russia, iran, north korea, on venezuela. heather: but we are not talking about president trump, we are talking about biden. >> but when you're talking about russia and what gates say -- he didn't say anything about russia and he agrees with biden on libra and egypt. what he says donald trump is trying to prevent congress from sanctioning russia because he knows russia helped him in the election and he doesn't want to stop from helping him again, that's the bombshell that you didn't say from the interview. heather: okay, but our topic, let's go back to biden and his foreign policy.
1:38 am
>> right. heather: gates did point out, he also talked about the military mistakes that he's made. what about that? >> well, gates says in he is memoir of 2015 he criticizes biden on several things, if he stands by the statement, interesting, read the interview, he says, i don't know, i think i standby that statement, he talked about he agreed with biden on libya, he agreed on bidden on egypt and agreed with technical points in afghanistan. gates is a republican but republican who says he doesn't know if he can support donald trump as the republican nominee because he lays out all of donald trump's foreign policy mistakes, so i really think you need to read the entire face the nation interview to get the full context of gates interview. heather: final word on biden since that's what we are talking about in terms of his foreign polls cri? -- policy? >> he served as chairman in foreign policy committee in the senate, he ran for president on
1:39 am
his foreign policy platform and now he's touting it once again and he really needs to -- name a success on the foreign policy platform, the world stage that you and obama administration actually had. look at the obama administration compared to where we are now. heather: what about dismissing china? do you think that any investigation is forthcoming in terms of hunter biden and how he profited from china specifically >> i think absolutely should be investigated if he's running for president, his record, his profits in that matter should be investigated especially when you make strange comments that china is not competition right now. heather: mark, i will give you this he did say that at least biden does have foreign policy experience and hasn't heard a lot if anything from the other potential democratic candidates who are running in terms of foreign policy at all.
1:40 am
we are out of time, sorry about that. >> he al said biden had integrity and made distinction. heather: all right, thank you both for joining us this morning. >> thank you. heather: time now is 20 minutes until the top of the hour, president trump put pressure on gm and workers at ohio plant will keep their jobs. can he do the same for coal miners, our next guest explains how the president's policy can help rescue the rust belt.
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heather: welcome back, general motors putting hundreds of americans back to its work -- back to work in ohio plant largely thanks to pressure from the president but with 2020 looming the white house could be on the verge of a major bipartisan victory for millions in the rust belt, here to explain daniel turner president of power the future, thank you
1:44 am
so much for coming in so early, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> this is the complete opposite. >> i could do all hours for fox news. >> this is great news, let's take a look at the facts by the numbers, coal miners at risk of losing pension money by 2022, we had 16, what, 1600 coal mining jobs that were added through president trump on april 2019 as well, let's jump to that first. >> yeah, the coal industry was targeted for political reasons by the previous administration, the war on coal that the president talks about is a real thing for political reasons, for ideological reasons, billionaires like michael bloomberg targeted coal. heather: we remember hillary clinton. >> she was surprised that she lost pennsylvania to donald trump. the coal industry has suffered
1:45 am
tremendously. bipartisan piece of legislation for pension of coal miners, normally i wouldn't be in favor of taxpayer pension program, our government under the obama administration that put coal miners out of work and put pensions at risk, i think we need to make that right. >> what about the plant? >> the president likes to see jobs stay in rural america, doesn't want them either outsourced to méxico or chaina, the gm plant closing, 1700 people risk at losing their jobs and he intervened and he negotiated with the gm president and the plant was sold and actually gm announced that they were investing several million dollars into the state of ohio. i don't think he's doing this for purely partisan reasons or political reasons, he cares deeply about workers and if you're a rural rust belt worker in ohio or coal miner in virginia it's great to have a president on your side.
1:46 am
heather: how do you think this will play out in terms of the election moving forward? >> when you look at the swing states that president trump won in '16 that he will need again, pennsylvania, ohio, wisconsin, it really does come down to jobs and to see a president who cares about manufacturing, energy workers, cares about rural america, i think they vote with their wallets. heather: in terms of the unions, though, will they throw their support behind president trump? >> it was an interesting phenomena in '16 where union leadership felt obligate today come and support hillary but the members said -- heather: it's happened with biden in terms of the firefighters union. >> exactly. the leadership may choose democrat nominee whoever that's going to be and that's traditionally where they go, but the members, whose jobs are on their line, they are going to vote accordingly.
1:47 am
heather: all about jobs and the president keeps bringing it. >> exactly. heather: thank you so much. great to have you with us. come back, please. time now is about 15 minutes until the top of the hour. big pharma under fire, legal battle underway after drug makers conspire today raise drug prices up to 1,000% and google, leaning left. new evidence that search engine top news results all have one thing in common. the latest innovation from xfinity
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and now, you'll also get two audible originals: titles exclusively produced for audible. automatically roll your credits over to the next month if you don't use them, and if you don't like a book just swap it for free. enjoy 100% ad free listening in the car, on your phone or any connected device. and when you switch a device pick up right where you left off. with our commitment free guarantee, there's never been a better time to start listening to audible. the most inspiring minds, the most compelling stories, the best place to listen. to start your free 30-day trial, text listen5 to 500500 today. ♪ heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", fox business alert for you now, stock futures falling as china is expected to retaliate against higher tariffs, trump administration just imposed, tracee carrasco from sister network fox business
1:51 am
here with what we can expect, good morning. >> morning, heather, we are seeing major selloff this morning, dow futures down by more than 300 points, s&p 500 futures, nasdaq futures also pointing lower, you can see on your screen, losses of more than 1% ahead of opening bell, this, of course, after the president's chief economic adviser larry kudlow said last night that he does expect china to retaliate against higher tariffs that the administration imposed on friday, these were the tariffs, $200 billion, raising those tariffs to 25% from 10% on chinese import. the president also saying he was in the process of raising tariffs on additional $325 billion, so he tweeted, of course, over the weekend about the developments with china, here a few of the tweets but will be watching those futures very closely this morning, of course, any further development on the trade tensions with china. heather: probably get a couple more tweets.
1:52 am
>> i imagine that. heather: let's talk about google, though, people might not find this surprising, new study shows left-leaning sources dominate most of google's top news sources. >> study from journalism lab at north western, they have found out that many google's top hits when it comes to news searches come from handful of left-leaning sources, the top four here they are, cnn, new york times, washington post, fox news coming in at fourth place. so what the study found, they said, quote, our study cannot say why some sources dominate on google. they are calling on google for more transparency on the algorithm of how these stories are curated in the news search. heather: well, we dominate when it comes to viewers and cable. tracee: yes. heather: that's what counts. thank you so much, tracee, have a good day. tracee: you too. heather: this is pretty funny, you weren't the only one dodging downpours this weekend, look at
1:53 am
the gang of gorilla going viral for rain dance in zoo in south carolina. one by one, you can see them along the wall, all trying to avoid getting wet, two of them, though, sheltering new babies in their arms, zoo keeper posting on facebook, gorillas are magnificent majestic creatures except when it rains, they don't want to mess up their hair, you know, still coming up it is 8 minutes until the top of the hour, it is hollywood versus george's heart beat belt, boycott filling there, how are voters reacting, backlash and big names who don't even live in the states and group of bikers with korean war vet why it meant much more than just a trip around town.
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heather: welcome back, 44 states sign on lawsuit accusing drug companies by spiking prices by more than a thousand percent. >> we are talking about the drugs that america takes every day to live. it wasn't about product
1:58 am
shortages, it was about profit. it was about cold-hard greed. >> the wall street aims to stop from engaging in price increase. hollywood pushing back back on georgia's new law. activist alissa milano calling producers to avoid the state. that's according to hollywood reporter, this comes as other states in the south and the midwest advance their own restrictive abortion legislation and these states have already passed tougher abortion laws while these states have all introduced legislation to do so. more states are looking at tougher abortion laws despite hollywood's pushback. we ask you, does this prove that voters do not want celebrities weighing in on politics and most of you seem to agree.
1:59 am
carrie on facebook, georgia should boycott hollywood. i will give up going to the movies if it saves one baby's life. who is hollywood to tell we americans what we must think or do and viewer on instagram when celebrities believe it's within their ability to interfere in state rights, they have stepped way over the line. but in the meantime, time for the good, the bad and the ugly and we begin with the good, biker group fulfills 86-year-old korean, taking air force sergeant with her for a ride on the back of 3-wheel bike in utah, diagnosed with alzheimer's disease, by the way, had a stroke last week. now the bad, a 9-foot alligator spotted sitting around in arkansas farm field, local wildlife experts said it was likely displayed by heavy rains, the family called 911, the local
2:00 am
sheriff thought it was a prank. finally the ugly, florida man facing several charges after driving down highway through sunroof. he we wanted to turn himself in because he didn't want to go home to his wife. the man is charged with reckless driving, no word if he went home to his wife eventually. that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first", thank you for joining us, "fox & friends first" continues right now, bye bye. jillian: good morning, monday may 13th, pentagon teaming up with homeland security to address the growing crisis at the border. rob: partnership comes as republicans get ready to roll out a border targeting biggest loopholes in current immigration law, we are live in washington with the latest on that. also terror training ground uncovered on american soil. >> chilling discoveries in make-shift military compound and familiar face tied to it.


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