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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 14, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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and groupthink. we'll be back then. have a fantastic night. we have good news for you. standing by in new york city to take over the 9:00 p.m. hour, not for one night only, sean hannity. >> sean: it's an invasion. hannity invasion. welcome to "hannity." we are glad you are with us because we are tracking multiple major breaking stories as we start. the deep state is in even more deep trouble, no pun intended. john durham has been appointed to investigate the origins of the russian probe it. this is huge news. this is the boomerang we've been telling you about. now he is a nonpartisan career u.s. attorney. he specializes in uncovering corruption at the highest levels of our federal back in the early 2000s, he was appointed to investigate the fbi's boston police field
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office, and resulting in a conviction of an fbi special connected to the notorious gangster "whitey" bulger. he was appointed to investigate abuses in the cia. he has successfully prosecuted gang members, drug traffickers alike. he has been praised by members on bothle sides of the aisle for his studyy and cautious pursuit of justice. he is squarely focused on why our country's most sensitive and intelligent tools were turned against its own citizens at the height of a presidential election. fox news is reporting that durham is collaborating with michael horowitz in his ongoing investigation into pfizer abuse and fraud. get this. his investigation is not new. it has now been underway for
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weekss and possibly even months. needless to say the bad actors are getting very nervous. they are now turning on each other. lisa page, peter strzok. loretta lynch for the rigging of the investigation into hillary clinton and her server. obstructionrv of justice. bruce ohr, well he is blaming them for his warning about the dossier. that was in august of 2016. james comey is trashing them on national tv, and he is also in a fight with the rod rosenstein. they are attacking each other's character. also andrew mccabee is attacking anyone pretty much with a pulse. well, it's a crisis mode for the deep state. every man and woman for themselves. even james comey's former general counsel. james baker. he is trying to get ahead of the
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story. a horwitz is going to uncover some majorst mistakes in the fia process. you think? >> he is looking at everything weok did. they usually find mistakes that we have made, so i expect them to this time. l but i can say that at least in hethe intent of the people i waa dealing with, there was no intention to do anything wrong or illegal. >> sean: let's see. do you using untrue -- something that is unverifiable, russian misinformation, propaganda, our allies? paid for by hillary clinton to literally inform the american people because it was leaked to "the washington post" ," as the very basis for a warrant to spy not only on an american citizen but an american citizen working for the trump campaign, and the entire opposition party thats none of these guys we know wanted to win that election. wow. interesting.
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when james comey swore that information provided to the fisa court, he was signing that that was true and correct and verified and corroborated. by the way, the application has the word "verified" on if you and mr. baker, that would not be a mistake. that would be willful, premeditated. a criminal act committed for the sole purpose of deceiving and committing fraud on the fisa court and stripping americans of their constitutional inalienable rights while trying to also simultaneously rig a presidential election in the united states. it not only did james comey make no attempt to verify or corroborate the so-called intelligence. there is now and again more growing evidence tonight that comey knew full well that steele was completely unreliable. a brand-new report breaking from the help your john solomon
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showing that the state department official did in fact inform a high ranking official at the fbi about her meeting with steele. ten days before the fisa warrant against carterst page. the first one and 2016. here on this developing story, we have our friend john solomon with us. this is getting more interesting by the day. there is noy. doubt that they report. bruce ohr warned everybody. that wasn't his closed-door testimony. in this particular case, this woman, ms. kathleen kavalec, she warns them directly. >> it'ss important. for the first time, we know who in the chain of command got tipped off by the state department that steele had made this remarkable appearance. the person she identified it as person named stephen laycock. he was the chief or eurasia and cite the counterintelligence
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division. my sources tell me he forwarded the information. could have been peter strzok's team. why is this important? we know from the october 11th meeting that they detected from steele in accurate information about russia collision. he had an election deadline, political motive. a deadline to get the start on trump off to the public. and that he had been leaking to the media, especially "the washington post" and "new york times." the fbiho should have checked tt out. that is why people who held his job student, and they say that's you don't just ignore what went on.or a very good development tonight. a witness identified. >> sean: all right. what do you know about what's going on with the
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inspector general report? our reporting tonight shows that he has been working for at least a number of weeks, if not month months. >> i think that most ito significantly, this gives the inspector general the ability to give subpoenas. it so it creates a newth investigative tool that inspector general's don't usually have. they are administrative in their approach. and no longer falls under the justice department's purview. so you as has a good of investigating. he is now involved in that tool. the grand jury subpoena is another piece that can be played here to get to the bottom. >> sean: john solomon, thanks for joining usn: tonight. truth and justice, as we have been telling you, is now happening. it's cascading t down. no one is safe from it, which is
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why they are all turning on each other. operation -- the russian hoax is now in the rearview mirror. the entire witch hunt. anything you hear, going forward, that is only noise. the president didn't collude. he did an abstract. the phony narrative about the trump campaign, the conspiracies about russia, it's not even on life support at this time. it's dead, it's buried, and is not coming back. but the mob can't seem to let it go. thatt includes, by the way, jams clapper, who was literally begging cnn to get back on message. get back to the conspiracy theory that's been disproven four times. sure. great tv coverage. >> we are kind of losing the sight of what was the cause of all this. the russians. the russian engagement. apparently dozens of cases where
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russian operatives, some of whom are in known to be intelligencen connections, trying to engage with the trump campaign. that is what the concern was. i wish people paid more attention to body one of the mueller report. we are losing sight of them. >> sean: actually, many republicans like devin nunes who will be joining us tonight, they have been warning about the russia threat for years. 2014, most recently. this all happened under your watch. and joe biden's and obama's watch. but it was then president obama laughing it off. tell him i will have more flexibility after the election. if you look at volume one of the mueller report, you will see it was the trump campaign that rebuffed russian operations every step of the way. and while it was the clinton campaign who actually paid for russian disinformation in the form of a dirty dossier full of
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russian lies. suggesting may be russian disinformation from the get-go. that dirty russian dossier that you, james clapper, allegedly linked to your current employer, fake new cnn. yeah, that one. the investigation into leaking is around the corner. of course, that's no concern of the house until chairman. that would be adam schiff, who doesn't seem to care about government linking. because he is on an all-consuming mission to smear, slander, besmirch the president of the united states which is exactly why he is desperately trying to get robert miller to appear before congres congress. maybe he doesn't realize it's over yet. maybe somebody needs r to tell him. take a look. >> we are in conversation with the special counsel office. it is not that they have confirmed a day. but this is going to happen. it has to. i think that the
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attorney general will even understand that that is why he has said repeatedly he is not going to stand in the way.oi he can't. that is just a bridge too far even for them. >> sean: he said he had evidence too. the one that we have on tape colluding with russians is him. talking to our russian hoekstra, said that he had information ons donald trump. what is the t information? let's see it. surrounding an actual hoax. and conspiracy theories. four separate investigations cleared president the fbi's nine month investigation came up with nothing. the special counsel's 20 month investigation, nothing. the house intel committee investigation, nothing. the bipartisan senate investigation, nothing. then you got sleepy, creepy uncle joe biden who is desperate
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to try and when mike and some even saying that the front runner at this moment, he's not going to let facts get in the way. during a question and answer session, sleepy creepy uncle joy put on his tinfoil hat conspiracy theory game and pushed his favorite trump-russia conspiracy theory. shocking. just like to the american people and hope it works. >> he is an illegitimate president in my mind. he's illegitimate. i think he's going to do it again with the help of vladimir, his best pal, and we are going to g be stuck longer with this guy. it's terrifying. >> folks, look. i absolutely agree. it's one of the things we have to do here. we have to get it straight. >> sean: like most democrats, he is willing to say anything to score a cheap political play.
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whether that is smearing a nominee to the u.s. supreme court or attacking a 16-year-old high school kid for daring to wear make america great again hat while pushing russia hoax for nearly three years now.le the quest for power shows no bounds. biden and obama had their shot. what do they give us? 13 million more americans on food stamps. the lowest labor participation rates since the '70s. the lowest home alone ownership right, not one year the only presidency never to give us 3% gdp growth, and they took on more debt than all 43 presidents before them combine. run on the record, and by the way, sleepy creepy, russia happened on your watch. what did you know, and when did you know it? we will always demand that a presumption of innocence, equal justice, the pursuit of truth. buckle up. it's going to be a huge earful of message elements and lots of
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lies. joining is now is the ranking member of the house until committee. devon nunez of california. good to see you, sir. all these g.o.p. investigators, starting with radcliffe, and people like lindsey graham and people like yourself, you are saying that they are documents that will expose them misused, then knowing misuse of the steele dossier, especially as it relates to the fisa applications. can you tell us more? >> first i will start with that we want all this information ou number one, there is what we call information on papadopoulos that we believe is as exculpatory that should have been out there. the other thing is -- >> sean: where is that? >> it is at the fbi. we have been asking for it to be
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declassified. that is really all i can say about it. it is exculpatory evidence that should be provided to the american people. on the fisa application, remember, you have comey. remember when we came out with our memo that we brought forward the fact that they had to use the clinton paid for dossier, the dirt. opposition research. they had a leak that. they had used it in the fisa application. there was so much more information. there is more information there that we think is equally as bad as using opposition research. >> sean: let me ask you this. is it true -- let's start with the first fisa application. was the steele dossier bought and paid for by hillary clinton? full of russian lines, was that
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the bulk of the fisa application? >> it is the bulk. what we believe the rest of itsa is, to cover this mosaic it, the actual true definition of the insuranceanpo policy. remember the talk of the insuranceol policy by speed and paid, we believe it is not just about investigating the trump campaign. we believe it is about how they were able to get the fisa warrant on carter page. they can look at it. >> sean: so carter page was just being used. it is now a small deal, but they violated his constitutional rights to get a backdoor into all things from the trump campaign. that would be the trump transition. even the trump presidency if you are correct? >> it's horrible what they have done to many americans. let me just say t this. we've been living for three years with the perverted
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fantasies of simpson and the clinton campaign talking about pee tapes and reporters all over europe looking for these pee tapes, and you show the clip of. joe biden out on the campaign trail. when you have americans out there saying that i think vladimir is controlling c president trump, we can't live with six more years of this, those people have been poisoned by just the fantasies of the clinton campaign. so at some point, the fbi and this network, they intertwined. and they were working in conjunction together on this. i thinkis that's what the u.s. attorney is supposed to get to the bottom of. >> sean: as congressman radcliffe has said, in pretty
10:18 pm
big letters, verified, is that true? speak up everything is supposed to be verified. one of the things that john solomon maybe didn't get a lot of coverage for last week, that you just talked about about this high level state department who had met with steele, that is questionable in and of itself, but three years went by, but yet one meeting with christopher steele, the high-ranking state department official, weeks before they went to the fisa court, you had more verifications done by that state department official who said wait a second, the russians don't even have a consulate in miami. >> sean: i know. i remember. so when christopher steele is questioned under, and he doesn't dossier.his own he says i have no idea if any of it is true.
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we know from the state department official, and she rightly warned everybody that this was political because he had a due date he needed to get you before election day. but doesn't that render that document unverifiable? if he won't stand by it, and he's not -- i don't know if any of it is true. 50/50 raw intelligence. anybody that signs the fisa application was signing on to something that possibly verify appearancef because there's abo whole lot of things i don't make sense about this. one thing that we now know because of this revelation is that the fbi did in fact know that christopher steele was talking to people in the state department. they knew that at least one big part of it was supposedly that money was being funneled through this russian consulate in miami, which doesn't even exist. the fbi knew good and well that christopher steele had a lot of problems. i will say something else about
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steele. it's called the steele dossier. it's really just clinton opposition research. once we get to the bottom of this, what we will find is that steele as a small role in actually crafting this. these really were the perverted fantasies of simpson working with the clinton campaign to say what can we draw appear that we can spread lies to the american people, that we can feed into the fbi, and let's get an investigation that's really what happened here. >> sean: and comey's acting cute with the word "spy." he just signed a warrant. i know he thinks that he is a tsuper patriot and smarter than we smelly walmart people. is there any doubt in your mind that those who signed the dash those us fisa applications, that they knew well that thatri information was false and
10:21 pm
unverifiable? speak of the people that were building those applications had to have known that there were p. we have evidence. we have a smoking gun. we have emails now according to john solomon's report. when you move fast that, for sure by the second and fourth renewal of the fisa, that is twice that they were warned. believe me. they knew on the first one. what's even worse is that i think more people become contaminated when you look at the second, third, and fourth. this went on for a full year. imagine that as an american citizen out there. looking at your calls and reading your emails. scary stuff. >> sean: that's the end of the country if we don't get it right. thank you, congressman. the spotlight shines deep on his ukrainian corruption. one thing is for sure, joe biden is not happy about it.
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you're connected to wifi, saving on data. when you're not, you pay for data one gig at a time. use a little, pay a little. use a lot, just switch to unlimited. get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy. call, visit or click today. >> sean: joe biden >> sean: joe blanton is continuing to be dogged by claims of international corruption stemming from his sons dealings in the ukraine. clearly it struck a nerve as he fired back ate. rudy giuliani earlier today for spotlighting the issue. here to explain more is the attorney for the president, former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani. boy, you're in trouble. i'm shocked. >> i've never been in a controversy before. >> sean: in bet you are upset and worried. >> i'm really worried about joe.
10:27 pm
i also thinks that he protests tooro much. it's a case that is crying out to be investigated. if it doesn't get investigated, we don't have equal justice in this country. biden son took millions of dollars out of o the ukraine, ad over a billion dollars out of china. well, joe biden was vice president. it really he was directing the relief for ukraine, well over a billion dollars of loan guarantees. his son then got under investigation for good reason. he was working for the most corrupt company in the ukraine. he was working for ukrainian oligarchs who was being protected by a vladimir putin the same that we have been hearing about for all this time. imagine that. he was paying joe son three,
10:28 pm
four, five, possibly more millions of dollars. and he got under h investigatio. joe bragged to two years later that he got the prosecuting general fired. he just left out that the prosecutor general was inviting his son and his son's crooked boss. and then afterwards, the case disappeared. >> sean: help explain to people. there is a separate issue with china that peter covers in his book. his son flies with him to china within a week or so after. he's doing a deal he's never never done in his life. but i want to play -- ukraine is now begging to give us information that in fact they wanted to disrupt our elections to help hillary clinton. joe biden literally leveraged a billion taxpayer dollars, demanding in six hours, that a prosecutor investigating his own son gets fired as a result of
10:29 pm
his connections to this energy company. >> they said you have no authority. you are not the president. i said call him. i said i'm telling you. you are not getting a billion dollars. you are not. i think it was six hours. end of the prosecutor is fired. you are not getting the money. well, son of the [bleep], he got fired. >> sean: he is leveraging our money to get the guy fired who is investigating his son? >> the evidence is astounding. bragging about how he strong-armed that guy out. he fails to say that his son was under investigation for money laundering. after he got the guy thrownn ou, his son and suck truck oligarch oligarch wearables let out of the investigation. the ukrainians have reopened that investigation.
10:30 pm
they have been trying to get this information to us for months. the fbi wouldn't take it. the justice department wouldn't take it. because our ambassador there was looking to hillary clinton. looking for george soros. she got fired finally. there is overwhelming evidence of ukrainian insubordination. a given two democratic national committee operatives and to hillary operatives. in the ukraine. all right, i'm not just saying this. it is a decision in the ukraine. in december of last year, finding an individual guilty of passing on information to harm donald trump, and they find him
10:31 pm
guilty under ukrainian law. that man is now one of the chief advisors to the new president-elect of the ukraine, which is the reason -- >> sean: they are willing to hand us this evidence. they are admitting that they were trying to influence our elections to help hillary.ue you said you might go over and investigate. boy, the left-wing media, the mob had -- >> sean: that was a set w up. i had set up this meeting of the week earlier. two days before, i get a call that it's been linked to "the new york times" that two people around him, around the new president-elect where people that were enemies of donald trump. one of them has been convicted of it.d i was told that this was coordinated. and when i went there, i am not -- biden is going to be investigated no matter what. you can't ask if those facts, no matter how much the media tries tohe suppress it. there is equal treatment with them. i want to make sure they don't suppress the investigation of all of this information and all of the start that they were
10:32 pm
digging up that goes back at least as early as january of 2016 with the meeting in obama's white house. >> sean: will you go there? >> i will go there as soon as i feel that i can have a useful conversation, and this president is not surrounded by enemies of donald trump. convicted enemies of donald trump. >> sean: unbelievable story. him bragging on tape about holding american money hostage. not telling that little part about his son. the attempt to influence our election. where are all of the believers? where are all of the collision people? when it comes to hillary clinton's email server. i believe kavanaugh when he is in high school, but silence when it comes to the lieutenant governor of the commonwealth no the congresswoman rashida tlaib still trying to w defend her inaccurate outrageous comments about the holocaust.
10:33 pm
they are herera to react to tha. and that a big fight that is now brewing between a conseil cortez, the speaker of the house. oh, by the way. there is a sex strike going on inut hollywood. we will tell you about it.
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>> sean: democrats are still grappling with yet another anti-semitism scandal in their party. yesterday we showed you that congresswoman rashida tlaib using the word "common" to describe how she feels when thinking about the holocaust. and how her palestinian ancestors created a safe haven for jews after the holocaust
10:38 pm
feared she is suggesting that those upset by those remarks are "racist idiots." all right. take take a look. >> you know, for me, i want to bring that to light. next time, really clarify. maybe talk like for a greater because maybe the racist idiots would understand you better. >> sean: beyond a refusal to apologize, she could use a bit of a hand in history. they were palestinian leaders that actually aligned with the sick, twisted, ugly ideology and a post he israeli independence. unfortunately, democrats judgment gets worse. nancy pelosi is actually being pressed on why she allowed -- yeah, and the last week, and openly anti-israeli -- she
10:39 pm
expressed support, even compare the israelis to, and of course, we are seeing this infiltrate ee democratic party. like the green new deal where a feud is building between speaker ocasio-cortez and sleepy creepy uncle joe now following a report about joe biden planning on a on middle ground approach. she had this to say in response. >> and i will be damned if the same politicians who refused to ask and are going to try to come back today and say we need middle of the approach. that is too much for me. >> sean: that prompted questions to biden earlier today in new hampshire. take a look. >> i've never been middle-of-the-road on the environment.
10:40 pm
what i made, my record. nobody has been more persistent about the green revolution that i have. >> sean: get out the popcorn because this is only going to get better. here is the reaction. along with fox news correspondent geraldo rivera. it not only do we have the ilhan omar problem, then the rashida tlaib problem, then the guy who supports the muslim brotherhood. in 2014, during the conflict, calling for the destruction of israel, posted on facebook and twitter "god dwelling on this blessed night, the beginning of the end of zionism is here, may we overcome this monster appear to protect the innocent of the world, and accept them murdered as martyrs." great person to invite to do the
10:41 pm
prayer before congress. speak out i would rather talk about congresswoman rashida tlaib, who i really think has been victimized in the way that it is unmistakable. there is no way you can read her remarks on the calming effects, as being related to her feelings about the holocaust. it is an obscenity to make, to try to make that argument here she was not suggesting that you know, that the killing of the jews is something that calms her. she was saying that the palestinians suffer so much, and they gave up so much. but at least the jews had a homeland to go to in the wake of the horrible destruction committed by the nazis. she said it in and on artful way, but i have been reading
10:42 pm
israeli newspapers, seeing what they have been saying. they are saying that she is being taken out of context and a grotesque way that is extremely unfair. you know how i feel about that. but in this case, you guys have taken it as step too far. there is no way rashida tlaib, there is no way she was saying that the holocaust calms her. >> now, geraldo, i'm sorry. you're my friend, and you know i love you, but you are way, way off here. i mean, we're talking about an event unparalleled in human history. a unique staying on humankind. i don't have to give you a history lesson. you are well aware -- >> they were wiped out. they were burned alive. >> don't can't you condescend t the holocaust. >> having a calming effect.
10:43 pm
i'm sorry, there is no way that's ever appropriate. the justification that she provides for this is completely historically made up. any basic history 101 history, you don't even need to be in college to figure this out, they know that there was no safe haven for the jews. some of the palestinians aligned with the nazis. >> to lay the holocaust out the door of the palestinians, that is to say that the palestinians have some responsibility. it is so historically inaccurate. it is not what she said. >> she said that they provided a safe haven. that's not true. their homeland. the palestinians lost their homeland. they never had a homeland. there was never a palestinian homeland. >> you and i can argue about
10:44 pm
that. >> no, no. it's a historical fact. >> the roman empire. that was not palestine. i'm not making this up. two years, these people have lived in this occupied territor territory. >> occupied by who? the jews? i mean, are we having this debate right now? >> and the palestinians have no historical claim to the area? is that why you are saying? >> nobody is saying that, geraldo. they have more freedom -- >> sean: this is geopolitics. >> it is their ancestral homeland. >> sean: this has nothing to do with the rise of anti-semitism.
10:45 pm
the calm feeling over the holocaust. that's a dumb statement. okay, when we come back, actress alyssa milano trying to get hollywood and fellow actresses and actors to boycott the state of georgia over the new part b a lot. it's an abortion law. they are now calling for a sex band. everyone is going on a sex strike. we will send our cameras there to find out what they think about the sex strike. straight ahead. ♪ as something fast. then one day you decide it just needs to be safe enough to get her to college and back. principal. we can help you plan for that. we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation. one or two clicks and everything was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money. shipstation saves us so much time. it makes it really easy and seamless. pick an order,
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with warm turkey and smokehouse bacon. or the new hot club chicken dijon with black forest ham. the new hot pretzels, only at togos. how far would you go for a togo? - i own you, doug. >> sean: the state of georgia passed >> sean: the state of georgia recently passed what is known as the heartbeat bill, which would eliminate abortion after heartbeat is detectable. it has gone hollywood -- he has
10:50 pm
the latest. >> we want to begin with breaking news. the alabama senate has just passed a near total ban on abortion. it will not go to the governor. this would be the most restrictive law in the country. in the meantime, as you were talking about, independent production companies have vowed to not work in georgia. acting director runs one of the countries -- don't give your business to georgia. pledge to me not to film anything in georgia until they reverses backwards legislation.t so far no takers. neither the motion picture association, nor netflix, disney, or any major studio. that is likely because georgia offers tax credits of 30%. significant for an industry that spends roughly $3 billion a year in georgia. so back in march, several dozen actors like ashley judd, sean penn, and alec baldwin signed a letter agreeing to boycott
10:51 pm
georgia. the letter was delivered by alyssa milano who, oddly enough, is in georgia right now, to bring her netflix show, claiming that she is contractually obligated to do it but won't come back next year. she has apparently not having sex, saying join me by not having sex until we get our bottle he had taught me back. i'm calling for a sex strike. again, not many takers. even she admits her sex boycotte has gone the mixed reaction. >> sean: yeah. i'm not surprised about that. we will see how long they'll last. all right. trace gallagher. today, we sent our producer down to the great state of georgia. what do they think of the new law at hollywood's reaction to it? let's take a look. >> well, i'm against what the governor did by signing the heartbeat bill. a woman's body should be her own decision about what to do with it. >> i think it probably goes a
10:52 pm
little too far, but there needs to be some restriction somewhere. >> i think the governor did the right thing. it's just a fact that alyssa milano and the folks from hollywood in retaliation are going to draw out tons of business from georgia. >> actors don't need to come to georgia and tell them what to do. >> if that's what they decide to do, then i think it's fine. >> i'm certainly fine with the concept of business is choosing to work in locales where they are>> comfortable. >> hollywood has too much money invested in georgia right now. they are filming more stuff here than they are in hollywood. it seems that they will not pull out over just one issue. >> sean: jesse watters, he has to shows. we will see if it is his world tonight. we will start with you. jesse, on the issue of -- i don't know how well this is
10:53 pm
going to go over in hollywood. i read a lot of stuff, i don't know if it is true, but if it is, i don't think there will be many takers. >> i'm taking about a sex strike very seriously. i think it's a diabolical move. women have much more power than they realize. we are at their mercy, basically. this means trouble for men. a sex strikes have worked in south america and africa. i can see georgia turning blue as a result of the sex strike. i can say conservative men, guns toting guys, they are maybe two or three weeks into a sex strike, they are voting bernie sanders. we can fall victim to a sex strike. we have to take this threat seriously and pay very close attention. >> sean: take it asy. seriously as the new green deal. >> no cars, planes, cows.
10:54 pm
everything is free. >> i say to alyssa milano and all of the people, welcome to the religious right. we've been saying for a long time that personal responsibility and a woman's choice happens before you get pregnant. not after you get pregnant. if that's the line she wants to draw, she wants to get on board with our ethics, i say great job, tell me where to sign up. i will speak at this rally. i think it's great. >> sean: i'm actually pro-choice on this issue. if that's what she chooses. that's her >> but midler has now joined to the sex strike, so i think we have reached a tipping point. it could be trouble out there. think about what we are talking about. hollywood'r has admitted that tx breaks work. that's why they're in georgia to begin with. they also don't care about working men and women. that's who the boycott is really going to affect.
10:55 pm
>> sean: i think you are insane and messing around, but last word. i >> i think it's sad how passionate they are about the killing of unborn children that they're willing to put something like this on the line. abortion is a sacrament to the hollywood left. they're willing to go to any lengths to make sureake it's protected. we don't get our priorities from alyssa milano and hollywood. >> sean: it's a little darker than it was last night. we appreciate you both being with us. when we come back, the new york city mayor got called out by eric trump today. straight ahead. ♪ ♪
10:56 pm
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>> sean: comrade bill de blasio, new york city's mayor over his recent attacks on the president's family and businesses now state isty a pres conference inside trump tower the comrade himself went on a
11:00 pm
twitter tirade against eric trump that included threats to issue fines as part of the new york green new deal. retribution, let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is in the swamp tonight. >> laura: i think new york under de blasio qualifies as a swamp every time i come. i love new york and i hate what happened to it under de blasio. >> sean: i was wrong, i said there were nine rats for every one person, there's 11. >> laura: we are very fact-based here on "the ingraham angle." i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight, what a show we have. at congressman jim jordan, joe digenova, robert ray are all here in moments to break down all the new details of attorney general bill barr's new