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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 15, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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tap for the 9:00 p.m. hour and the whole duration. all 60 minutes of it. >> sean: how come i wasn't invited to the party? all had you to say hannity, swamp, tucker show. i would be there. happy birthday, tucker. >> tucker: thanks, sean. >> sean: enjoy the cake and we will celebrate the next time you are up in this swamp. >> tucker: i will be there. >> sean: wish everybody the best from me. breaking just tonight documents just obtained by judicial watch show guess what the pit bull of robert mueller, andrew weissman, he was topped by mueller to lead the entire hiring effort for the special counsel's witch-hunt. that's right the andrew weissman of all people. now we know why mueller's team was filled with, oh, far left clinton allies, zero republican donors. after all, the same andrew weissman, he was attending
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hillary clinton's election night party that never happened. but the same partisan hack who donated thousands of dollars to democrats. the same guy according to sidney powell's book licensed to lie, known for withholding exculpatory evidence, tens of thousands of jobs were lost at anderson accounting because of his wrongful prosecution in the case. remember that case was overturned 9-0. why did mueller hire this guy in the u.s. supreme court? don't forget he is the guy who put four merrill executives in jail for a year. that case was overturned by the fifth circuit. one year of four people's lives ruined. yet bob mueller appointed him to be the most powerful person in this entire witch-hunt investigation which at the end of the day, frankly, in retrospect, gives so much more weight to the fact that they found nothing. now, make no mistake, mueller's hyperpartisan team of investigators, they were hell bent on taking down a
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duly elected president of the united states. they were no different than many other high ranking unelected government bureaucrats. several documents surrounding doj official bruce ohr and state department official kathleen cav lack. keep in mind cavlack and ohr met with christopher steele. to the fbi, to the doj prior to that first fisa warrant application against carter page to spy on the trump campaign. and still after the election, documents now show that ohr and cav lack were still obsessed with using the dossier. they knew it was phony to take the president down. on november 21st, 2016. cavlack emailing ohr a link to a mother jones left wing magazine article based on the phony hillary bought and
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paid for russian dossier. ohr emailed back quote i really hope we can get something going here. we will take another look at this. subsequent conspiratorial email to ohr, cavlack gave a reference to meeting notes with christopher steele, 10 days before the first fisa application is put in. he is political. not vetted. nobody verified. from the doj to the state department to the fbi in all areas of obama's government were totally obsessed with christopher steele and his clinton paid for russian propaganda. so obsessed that they used clinton's hit man there he is back said vicious blumenthal to corroborate the dossier in their fisa request. the biggest clinton partisan hack to corroborate a clinton op. research to spy on a member of the trump campaign? watch this. >> i have seen each factual assertion listed in that
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dossier. and then i have seen the fbi's justification. and when you are citing newspaper articles as corroboration for a factual assertion that you have made, you don't need an fbi agent to go do a google search. and when the name sidney blumenthal is included as part of your corroboration, and you are the world's leading law enforcement agency, you have a problem. and you can blame it on the fisa court if you want to, but i hope brennan is smart enough to know judges don't investigate. they have to rely on the honest word of the people presenting it to them and if that honest word is missing, then the judge is going to make the wrong decision. >> sean: remember, we told you the top of the fisa application says verified. it's unverifiable. now, former congressman gowdy has seen the fbi's fisa request against carter page. he knows that said vicious blumenthal and sir coul circular reporting remember michael isikoff, same sourcing, they acted as though it was separate sourcing. they both used to bolster the unverified garbage that
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comey swore was true to the best of his knowledge and verified. now, with the investigations from horowitz and now mr. durham as well are underway. rush limbaugh rightly pointing out the deep state is now in a panic mode for good reason. take a look. >> the next thing to keep a sharp eye out for, folks, and that is people fleeing the country. if you see james comey in argentina, if you see james clapper somewhere where they can't be extradited, then you will know that we are getting close. when these people start leaving, i'm half joking. it hasn't started yet. but man are they nervous because the attorney general has appointed a prosecutor to look into the investigation. >> sean: all right. now that's funny. i wish i thought of that when you see them in venezuela. all right. it's now every man, every woman for themselves and by the way the circular firing squad i told you about last
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night is forming. and that includes the paragon of virtue himself mr. james comey. is he blaming former cia director john brennan for pushing the dossier as, quote, crown material. but as fox news is reporting, that brennan and clapper, they are actually blaming comey, claiming that the pair always opposed the fired fbi director's use of the dirty dossier. at this point the only thing that comey, clapper and brennan seem to agree on are the semantics surrounding the term spying which, by the way, did occur in spite of what they are saying against the trump campaign and it happened not once, not twice, but multiple times. over and over again. but, according to comrade brennan, yes, comrade brennan it didn't really happen. the truth is not the truth. we are living in this, you know, alice in wonderland of john brennan. take a look. >> does cia spy? yes. do we spy against foreign adversaries? yes. do we spy against domestic
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individuals? no, we do not. we work very closely with the fbi. and in that election and to change the outcome of it in their favor, we cia, and fbi work for collaboratively so that we could have that ability to see what the russians were doing and who they were working with so when william barr said spying it clearly indicated that there was something that was inappropriate if not illegal. nobody used the term spying when they are referring to legitimate predicated, authorized investigative actions on the part of the fbi. >> sean: he is lying. but, of course, fake news, conspiracy tv wouldn't ask him a question. brennan spied. they spied on the trump campaign. they spied on carter page. they spied on papadopoulos. they spied on sam clovis. there was spying all over the place weaponizing the powerful tools of intelligence. by the way didn't brennan seem awfully defensive for someone who has done nothing wrong? one former federal prosecutor now openly
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wondering why brennan is so worried about the ongoing investigation into the origins of the russian probe. let's take a look. >> if what director brennan is saying is true, then what's he worried about? but, to hear them talk about like it's a fishing expedition, after we just had a two-year investigation of the administration under circumstances where the justice department didn't articulate a crime that it was actually looking at? we spent two years on a fishing expedition under the guise of collusion? they are now going to complain about oversight of the intelligence and the justice department and the fbi? that seems ridiculous to me. >> of course andy is right. brennan, comey, clapper, strzok, page, others have a lot of reasons to be worried tonight the trump campaign was spied on at the height of a presidential election at the direction of the highest ranking bureaucrats all who hated donald trump. some who rigged an investigation into his opponent and got her off the hook when she obviously
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committed crimes. including obstruction. now, fraud against a fisa court was premeditated and committed by these same officials. after a three roy year witch-hunt conducted into all things trump because of russian disinformation bought and paid for ironically by hillary clinton, well, this wasn't just bad, it's criminal. all will be held accountable. but not if delusional trump haters on the left get their way. they have this psychotic anti-trump rage that is built inside them. inside the democratic party. and their number one fans, the media mob is now at all-time high. they are destructive. they are vengeful hopes and dreams have totally fallen flat. they are floundering all of them. the mueller witch-hunt came up empty. the trump agenda is working and breaking records every single solitary day. good news for the country, i guess that's bad news politically for those that
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dislike the president. the economy is booming and setting records. the president's approval numbers are reaching all-time highs. and in a sign of shear desperation, democrats on capitol hill are focusing nearly 100 percent of all their efforts on re-litigating, reinvestigating the mueller probe. four separate occasions. no collusion, no collusion, no collusion, none whatsoever. and in a letter to the house judiciary chairman jerry nadler, the white house counsel threw down the gauntlet writing, quote: congressional investigations are intended to obtain information to aid in the evaluating potential legislation, not to harass political opponents or to pursue an unauthorized do-over of exhaustive law enforcement investigations conducted by the department of justice. and i will add the fbi. and i will add the house intel committee. and i will add the bipartisan senate committee. nadler is requesting a wide range of documents related to mueller's investigation
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after voting to hold the attorney general barr in contempt. why? because the attorney general refused to break federal law. he refused to reveal grand jury information in the special counsel's report. because if the attorney general did, these genius lawmakers what they asked him to do, he would be in trouble legally. and meanwhile congressman, the cowardly schiff himself is busy obsessing about phantom claims still of obstruction. he has never mentioned hillary and subpoenaed emails and bleach bit and hammers. i wonder why. he is the chairman of the house intel committee. he is supposed to help keep our country safe from threats abroad. but, yet, he wants a fifth investigation into a nonexistent crime. not committed by anybody like the president of the united states. it's not just schiff and it's not just nadler totally preoccupied by the way with these conspiracy theories. other democrats, they are busy, wasting your tax money with an upcoming -- they are
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going to do a 12-hour long dramatic reading of the full 448 page mueller report. can't wait to see the c-span ratings for this extravaganza. it is a sad state of affairs inside the democratic party. and it might even be worse among their pals in the deep state. and in the media mob. all right. joining us now u.s. solicitor general fox news contributor ken starr along with former clinton polster advisor mark penn. if the attorney general, ken star, did what nadler and company are asking him to do, now, by the way there was only one full line and seven partial lines that they can see. if he handed over the totally unredacted mueller report would the attorney general be breaking the law, violating the law. >> he would be violating the law. this is not a policy. it is the law of the land. designed to protect grand jury secrecy.
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he would also be violating justice department policy. so it would be a double whammy. he is doing the right thing. he is doing it in the right way. the criticism of him i think is profoundly unfair. >> sean: why would -- for 206 years the house judiciary committee has never allowed a witness to be questioned by people other than the members themselves. now, maybe nadler doesn't think he is very smart. i don't think he is particularly that bright myself. but, let's put my personal feelings aside. nadler, he can have the lawyers write questions for him. that's fine. but he has to read them himself. but, do you think unaccountable, unelected lawyers should deviate from what is a 206 year tradition of that committee? >> they really need a very strong justification for it. i was subjected when i appeared before the house judiciary committee. but that was for impeachment. we are nowhere, i hope. near impeachment.
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it is the rare, rare exception. it does go, as you say, against the traditions of the judiciary committee. and i just think because the judiciary committee consists of lawyers they should ask their own questions. it's a matter, frankly, of tradition but also decorum. why should the attorney general of the united states confirmed by the senate be answering questions by highly paid staff lawyers? i think the attorney general was in his rights in saying no, i'm happy to answer your questions. you were elected. you ask the questions but not hired help. >> sean: in the starr report i know i asked you the last time but i'm getting older. my memory is failing a little bit. how many specific felonies did you put, list nut starr report that bill clinton likely committed? >> right. we had 11 counts leading up to abuse of power beginning with perjury. perjury before the grand jury was, i think, the most important, provocative,
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obstruction of justice. and by the way he was found in contempt by united states district court judge. judge susan weber wright for obstruction of justice. not for the perjury that he clearly committed. and so, if you reread that report, and by the way i stand by that report. it's factually and it was unhappy for the country but it nonetheless was absolutely accurate. let me just add a footnote. book one of the mueller report, when you read it, and now it's going to be dramatically read as you said. book one demonstrates in page after page that there was no collusion. the no collusion isn't just a bottom line. it is on virtually every page. and i really commend everyone to read something that i think has been very little said about. and that's during the transition vladimir putin was eager to establish communications with the trump tower. why? he did not have communications with the trump tower. >> mark penn, you have been
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an honest honest democrat. you are a smart guy. you understand public polling. between what the democrats are doing devoting all of their time to this petroleum pretty much 99.9%. what is th party doing no collusion. conspiring? >> of course in the days of ken starr i pointed out then that the republicans were off track spending all their time on this. so today i point out the same thing, look, i had a poll question recently i said do you want investigations or infrastructure? well, okay, maybe it was a lay-up it was 80% infrastructure. 20% investigations does the public want congress which has about a 20% approval rating, compared to trump. >> sean: a little lower. you are a little high on that. i think it's 12 to 17%. depending on which poll. >> you look at that they don't want congress doing a
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reinvestigation. they want infrastructure. they want healthcare. they want immigration solutions. i don't know why the democrats haven't moved on the way the republicans learn to move on when they got stung in 1998. >> sean: they are the ones that changed the law though, mark. this is interesting. nadler didn't want ken starr's report out. he was working under a very different statute called the independent counsel's statute. now we changed it. it's interesting the attorney general didn't have to reveal one word of mueller's report, but he did anyway to be transparent. >> that's absolutely correct. the nation felt so jarred by ken starr's report he said we don't want to have the independent statute again. we want a more confidential, less political, less public process and of course now the democrats are cutting against that. and i think they are cutting against their own interests as well. >> sean: i think they should keep doing what they are doing. working out so great so far for them and working out for the country thank goodness.
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we have 1.7 million more jobs than we have people on unemployment. pretty good. one of the many records. thank you both. now, with the mueller probe over, well the attorney general is now finally getting to the bottom of what we have been investigating now for over two years on this program. and because of his attempt to move from the exhaustive two year witch-hunt, well, investigate the investigators holding our government accountable, well, democrats have vilified barr. some have even propose they'd be thrown in jail by the sergeant of arms and put in hand cuffs. today during an event on capitol hill. the attorney general reportedly tracked down speaker pelosi and asked her if she brought her hand cuffs. gregg jarrett, fox news legal counsel, of course, and legal crintsder and author of the best selling hoax jason chaffetz. jason, you are the one that told me and i didn't know this that congressman ratcliff told you that the top of a fisa warrant had some very interesting words on it.
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what are they? >> yeah, the very top of this fisa application john ratcliffe has said this publicly in all capital letters it says verified. verified application. that's what these people were filling out the form and signing their name to. and that includes comey and some very high level people and they did it not just once but they did it multiple times and there is no doubt that was a lie. it was not true. it was deceptive. >> sean: do you know what trey gowdy is talking about and more specifically emails in december of 2016 between brennan and comey? >> i mean, trey gowdy and john ratcliffe are two people that have seen all this material unredacted and what he is signaling and what he is saying here is this spreads out above and beyond just the department of justice and the fbi official. how the intelligence committee. you will hear the acronym ic
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community. it means intelligence community. what were brennan, clapper, some of these other clowns that were in place, what were they doing and how were they doing it and why did they choose to do a lot of this overseas? it's because they could bypass a lot of the constitutional restrains they would have here in the united states. i think this spreads well above and beyond just some people at the highest echelon of the fbi. >> sean: let me ask you about a report and joe digenova's comments, greg, that john durham has already convened a grand jury in connecticut. they have already gotten documents. they have already talked to intel people. durham's efforts is operating alongside fisa abuse, its investigator, inspector horowitz. i have sources telling me horowitz is perhaps finished with his report and certainly the attorney general has been briefed on what is coming. and according to joe digenova, horowitz has determined three of the extensions against carter page and thus spying on the
6:21 pm
trump administration were illegally obtained. and on the brink of finding that the first fisa application was completely illegal thoughts? >> i think joe is right. there will be a separate part of the ig report based on the lies and deceptions and concealing of evidence to the fisa judges. but, you know, you need u.s. attorney because the inspector general could only uncover evidence that he has access to and people still employed by the government. you need a u.s. attorney like durham to be able to subpoena people to haul them in front of a grand jury i suspect there is a grand jury and well on their way to potential criminal indictments. the question is who is in legal jeopardy? well, you and i have discussed this before. it is likely james comey, andrew mccabe. james baker, peter strzok, lisa page, maybe john brennan and james clapper.
6:22 pm
certainly christopher steele and glenn simpson. >> running the exoneration of hillary. what about biden and obama and meetings that supposedly took place in the oval office about these very topics? >> well, that should have been covered in the first report that came out last may. and so it's unclear to me whether or not the ig will revisit it in his second report. >> sean: jason is in for us friday night and look forward to having him actually a week from friday i think. anyway, coming up, the left, liberals the media have been calling senator lindsey graham calling on him to resign, real have any explain why he is not going anywhere. denver has decriminalized psychodelics, wait until you see the video lawrence jones got from the mile high city. it is worse than you think and more straight ahead.
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honor is sean tonight the hate trump media mob are continuing smear campaign now they are targeting senator lindsey graham after he encouraged donald trump jr. to exercise fifth amendment rights in response to a senate panel subpoena about his russian contacts. for the record, don jr. spent nearly 30 hours testifying all right. when is enough enough? take a look. >> it's progress, yes. have you u.s. senators telling the president's family to ignore the rule of law. >> he is chair of the judiciary committee. >> yes. >> yes. i know his numbers were horrible before he starting donald trump's bff. but is it worth it?
6:28 pm
that's an answer, you know, only he can provide. chris, lindsey, if you have an issue with anything i'm saying, you know my number, baby. give me a call. >> sean: can i just help these people out. the fifth amendment is the rule of law. a rule of law is based on a little document called the constitution of the united states. the senator is standing strong supporting the president's agenda and it's creating records on every front. exposing the deep state can a bowl by pushing for more fisa declassification, securing our border just new bill to reform the asylum process. here to explain more senate judiciary committee chairman lindsey graham himself. maybe i it's been a long time since i have been in school but the fifth amendment, i thought, was our right to invoke. do we not have -- does that right get taken away and i missed it. >> let me tell you why i weighed in on this. mueller, i thought, was the
6:29 pm
final word on all things criminal. the last thing you want, sean, is 535 special counsels. richard burr is a good friend of mine. he is a great chairman of the intel committee. he is going to issue a good report, i think, telling us how to deal with russia in the future. and what happened on the intel side. what i worry about is when is enough enough? now, you have got the house intel committee bringing accusations against jay sekulow and. >> sean: it's ridiculous. >> jared kushner's lawyer. that they conspired with michael cohen to lie to the house intel committee. what you see happening is congressional committees are now beginning to take the place of prosecutors. and that's dangerous for us all. and if i were don jr.'s lawyer, i would be reluctant to put him back in an environment where two of the people on the intel committee in the senate are running for president the united states. they want to impeach barr. they want him to resign.
6:30 pm
they want me to resign. and they think brett kavanaugh was bill cosby in high school. these people are going nuts. >> sean: they want a do-over. last time i checked, too. not only did we have a fifth amendment right. we had something called attorney-client privilege. i think that exists. >> can we play that out a bit? nadler is going to get trump reelected more than any single person on the planet. >> sean: maybe adam schiff. >> a close second. schiff is saying is he going after the president's lawyer abby lowell jared kushner's lawyer based on the word of michael cohen. what i worry about don jr. if we use michael cohen testimony we will be going after everybody in america. richard burr is a wonderful fellow. my problem is not with richard burr. >> sean: i have a problem with richard burr. you and i differ here. >> i don't.
6:31 pm
>> sean: he spent 30 hours. now somebody that again, admitted to lying before congress, okay? >> right. >> then a criminal referral went forward by jim jordan and mark meadows about the second appearance. and so at this point, all right. i want to ask you this: so we are going to, in the days ahead. we are going to get the fisa applications. grassley, graham memo. bulk of the application is hillary bought and paid, unverified dossier which even the dossier's author doesn't stand by. then we will get the 302 meeting notes with ohr and christopher steele. then we are going to get the gang of 8 material which i understand is not really good about the fbi admitting things they did wrong. the fourth bracket we talk about are a series of emails that have some really serious admissions in them, amongst the fbi. and the fifth bucket will be exculpatory statements that
6:32 pm
they didn't use on purpose. anything else that we're going to find out our deep state did to try and undo a president election, presidential election? >> i think you are going to get all of that hopefully it will be declassified and given to the public. i don't know if anybody on the other side will care, which will be the sad thing. you know, all of my friends at cnn are going nuts over, you know, my concern about congress getting out of its lane. but have you heard one person from these other networks even show concern that maybe the fbi gave a statement to the fisa court that the dossier was accurate and they told other people that they knew it was unverified? have you heard any concern at all about a counterintelligence operation that was being run by people who hated trump and liked clinton? >> sean: senator, we now have two sources that told the fbi and the doj, the upper echelon, not rank and
6:33 pm
file. i always make that distinction. good men that protect us. but, i am told in both cases that with the dossier, that ohr warned them it was unverified. hillary paid for it. steele hated trump. now also we have the emails before the first application went in. it sounds like a premeditated conspiracy to commit fraud on a fisa court. i'm also hearing horowitz is done and it's devastating. any word that you are hearing? >> i can't verify if horowitz is done. i can't tell you what he found. can i tell you that if you care about the rule of law, you are going to be very upset about how the doj and the fbi behaved themselves during the 2016 election. if you hate trump, you won't care. if you love the rule of law, you will be very upset. >> sean: senator, i will gladly endorse your re-election. for south carolina what a great job you have been doing. have you been leading on all
6:34 pm
of this. i know you are going to continue with your promises to follow up. thank you for that. >> thank you. >> sean: all right, coming up, shouldn't surprise anyone the media are trying to cover up for their deep state friends. later, also, denver decriminalizinizingizing psychec hallucinogenic mushrooms. what we are going to show you shocks the conscious who has happened to the mile high city is a disaster. ♪ ♪ claritin and relief from symptoms caused by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens. like those from buddy. live claritin clear. for one week only, save up to $18 on select claritin products. check this sunday's newspaper for details. -
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>> sean: as always the establishment media mob finding themselves on the wrong side of every issue facing the country. after the a.g. barr announced durham would be
6:39 pm
investigating. the media rushed to defend the deep state. of course what do they care they spied on trump? what do they care they rigged hillary's investigation? what do they care they tried to bludgeon or beat up the president of the united states or lied to with hillary clinton on sis party lies? would they care about any of that? take a look. >> william barr's trump's hand picked defender as attorney general is operating as the president's personal hit man. >> it's a really chilling message this is a completely unnecessary investigation. >> and it's just a way of harassing people who have done their job. >> we are living in really strange times when there is such daylight between the president and the intelligence communities. it is never good for our national security. the people, the professionals, the intelligence professionals working at the fbi or the cia are there as professionals. no matter how he chooses to characterize it.
6:40 pm
>> after alabama passed a new abortion bill, the media wasted no time berating the state's decision. watch this. >> what keeps the republican party together is this fight about culture. >> this is the politicians of alabama saying we are not really expecting this to be law in alabama. we are expecting this to be law in the united states and this is just the first step. >> maybe we should make it a law that they should be all be required to get a vasectomy? [cheers] >> sean: here with reaction the hill's. lisa we begin with you tonight. >> hi, sean. >> sean: real simple question -- hi. real simple question. how is it possible that we have real good evidence that hillary committed a felony and she tried to cover it up and get rid of the evidence? then we have pretty big evidence that there was a premeditated fraud against fisa court judges to spy, yes, spy on the trump campaign. then we have other information of real spying. then we have information
6:41 pm
that they disseminated false russian information with hillary's dossier. then we see that they used the dossier to try and bludgeon a president to undo a duly elected president. why does the media not care about that story at all? >> because they don't like donald trump. they don't like president trump. that's why. and what we're seeing right now is this coordinated effort or seemingly coordinated effort between the left and the media to try to undermine attorney general barr. and the reason being is because if you poison the well, it mitigates the damns information that's going to come. we know it's going to be damning because we even knew before the mueller report that the fbi withheld critical information that the fact that the dnc and hillary clinton were behind the funding of the dossier. now we know that the dossier was complete garbage because of the mueller report. there was no collusion. and even beyond that the "new york times" recently admitted that the dossier could even be russian disinformation. yet, it was used by the fbi multiple times to obtain
6:42 pm
fisa warrants. so what they know is that damning information is going to come and they are trying to undermine attorney general barr. >> sean: and it's interesting. i like barr's comments to pelosi tonight joe, you study the media. you have to watch that crap. i don't watch it. i can't really stand it. so, but, that was 99% pretty much of the media. 99.9. they all went down the conspiracy theory hoax, lying to their audience route for a very long time. and i don't see much introspection or correction on their part that they were wrong. >> of course not, sean. egos don't allow for apologies in these situations that for two years we heard about russia collusion. we heard about stories always going in the same direction. you never saw democratic lawmakers and stories being wrong about them. it was always in the direction of trump, trump associates in terms of there is collusion. here is our story here is
6:43 pm
the proof based on nefarious sources. bad forces. feeding information that reporters wanted to believe because they wanted this to be the next watergate the next woodward and bernstein in taking down a president. they believed information that was fed to them that wasn't necessarily true. >> sean: they had a big story what i'm describing is the biggest abuse of power corruption scandal in history. i would think somebody has an interest in a pulitzer. i would argue that people that are on our ensemble cast here deserve it but i'm prejudiced. >> matt solomon has been doing excellent work from the hill and sara carter on this show maybe this will pan out. >> sean: i'm pretty sure hell will freeze over. but go ahead. >> the old goal of journalism was to speak truth to power. to challenge power. i would think that many journalists would be embracing the fact that bill bar and john durham's efforts here in terms of looking in how the russia investigation actually happened. but now what we're going to
6:44 pm
see instead, i'm afraid. is that john durham's reputation is going to be attacked the same way bill barr's was and brett kavanaugh was. reputation unblemmed but i don't think that will happen here. >> sean, can i make one more point as well? if you want to look at the culpability of the media look at the fact that james comey knew that cnn was looking for a news source to publish the fallacious. that meeting leaked and it gave cnn and buzzfeed the news hook to publish the dossier in full. the media has been completely culpable in pushing this completely narrative. >> and comey still giving town halls. >> sean: mr. virtue you have the right to remain silent. i keep advising you won't listen to me. thank you both. i appreciate it. when we come back the city of denver mile high, yes. they have decriminalized psychedelic and, yes,
6:45 pm
hallucinogenic mushrooms. we sent lawrence jones to see what they think of the radical change. we will takes tout streets of denver. you can't make this stuff up. by the way, also beto o'rourke actually live streamed his hair cut. fascinating video straight ahead. ♪ ♪ the right gear... matters. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger, it's the right gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger. the only adventure gear built ford tough.
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>> sean: first the state of colorado voted to legalize recreational marijuana in 2012 and last week citizens of the city of denver passed a measure to decriminalize the personal use and possession of psychedelic and, yeah, that's the stuff that causes hallucinations known as magic mushrooms. we sent lawrence jones to
6:50 pm
denver to see what the folks out there thought about the city adopting a new radical policy and how this is all working out for them. take a look. >> denver the first city in the country to decriminalize magic mushrooms. >> right. >> you cool with that. >> i mean, i'm not completely opposed to it because i have seen a lot of things about depression and people getting over their depression through it and stuff like that. i know it brings the wrong crowd sometimes. >> people decriminalizes drugs, okay. but it might have some consequences. >> i'm okay with it. i think it's really silly though. i think our priorities are a little off. >> denver is the first city in the country to decriminalize magic mushrooms. are you okay with that? >> i don't think i am, no. i'm okay with the marijuana. i mean it's different than marijuana but we're usually the first to legalize things like that. >> you think a lot of people just going to come here just for that experience? >> i don't think anyone is going to come here to do mushrooms who is not already
6:51 pm
doing it? >> can you see how much our population has grown just since the weed has been legalized it has been kind of crazy. so i'm assuming the same thing will happen with the mushrooms. >> magic mushrooms. have you ever tried them before? >> yes. >> you have experimented with this before. >> back in my college years. >> never tried them. maybe one day. >> as far as like hallucinogenic trip, i liked it a lot better than acid. >> you are going to try it again. >> yeah i would probably dip mmy toe back in that water. >> is denver getting reputation for if you just want to get drugged up, this is the place to come? >> i absolutely think yes. >> will this be the city of zombies essentially? people walking around high all the time on mushrooms? >> i hope not. >> in your backyard, man. straight up. it's been done before. place and get down. you know what i'm saying? >> sean: joining us with
6:52 pm
reaction the author for the case for trump hoover senior fellow ever so brilliant victor davis hanson. so lawrence went there and he had his bff tim with them and literally they described to me it's like everybody is walking around like zombies. you know, i know a lot of people think that this is okay. recreational marijuana use, et cetera. it's the same as drinking people say. i don't agree with that. what are your thoughts? >> >> we're not a society that's known for not being permissive enough. so at this time and moment in our history, when we look at the use of drugs as a force multiplier of mental health problems or homelessness in seattle and los angeles the idea that we need to encourage it and that's what decriminalization and legalization does. it sends a message to young people that the state has no problem with it and they see that whether it's right or not as a green light. and more importantly, these
6:53 pm
are very powerful psycho active drugs. we don't know the long-term effects of them. we know from the progressive movement, which was at the forefront of warning us about smoking and changing the entire culture to discourage smoking, i don't know why they don't apply those same standards to use of these equally dangerous drugs. this is a generation, sean, the millennials they have a lot of problems, a 1.5 drldz in debt. fertility. delayed marriage and last thing we need is to be encouraging drug use among this generation of youth. >> sean: there is a part of me that has very strong libertarian leanings. i don't want the government telling us to wear our seat belt or the nanny state or, you know, i believe in freedom. people want to make choices. as long as it doesn't impact me. but i do believe there is a gateway component to this. and i asked somebody that i know once used these types
6:54 pm
of drugs. and what i was told was it was more hallucinogenic, if you will, than acid which this person tried which would scare the living daylights out of me. those people had bad trips would describe like seeing asatan and jumping out of windows and by the way who makes all this stuff if you talk about mollie, ecstasy, acid or any of these other drugs? >> well, i was a student in 1970s at university of california. and i can tell you one effect of these drugs when you witness their usage is it destroys initiative. it enhances mental health problems. and in our age and time we know what the cartels are going to do with it because both marijuana and silly sigh bin are common in mexico and widely used there we know the cartels are going to get in on it. i don't see the purpose of it given all these social problems we are having right now with permissive drug use
6:55 pm
and the consequences it's having on young people who are not aware of the long-term effects or the results of drug cartels and drug trafficking and you add homelessness in it and you nability to treat people for mental health problems it's insane the last thing we need to be doing right now. >> sean: always good to see you. thank you. when we come back, yes a democratic presidential candidate with extremely low almost nonexistent poll numbers livestreaming himself getting a hair cut. wow. talk about narcissism. straight ahead, our villain of the day. ♪ ♪
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6:59 pm
♪ the villain of the day. robert francis beto o'rourke. take a look. >> i started out with a great run.
7:00 pm
i went back home and then everyone in the house agreed it was time for a haircut. you're here at the best barbershop in el paso. >> sean: we will never be the destroy media mob. let not your heart be troubled. we just saw you on tucker's sho show. now you are becoming -- three hours of radio and tv. >> laura: they asked me to show up. my question to you is, why are you picking on poor robert francis? he should be in one of those saddles like a little boy haircut where you get on a saddle and you get the cap gun. my brothers would do that. you are being mean to him. >> sean: it was not a good experience to take him to