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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 16, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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pomposity, smugness and group think. our show is followed b by the 9:00 p.m. hour. the 9:00 p.m. hour is hotsed by our friend sean hannity. is he in new york city right now. tes >> this is an fbi dplank pin. you want to know why i wear it? an fbi friend of mine gave it to me because he said i know you are going after these few at the top, thank you. and that you always say the 99.9% that are putting their lives on the line for us, and i mean it. >> tucker: thank you. >> sean: it's somebody's birthday today. >> tucker: mine. [laughing] >> sean: my present is in the mail. tucker, thank you. welcome to hannity, glad you're with us. tonight a lot of breaking news. brand new developments, surrounding james comey. james clapper, john brennan, we have a monumental report from solomon about real russian
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collusion in the clinton campaign we'll break it wide open. truth and justice as we promised is beginning to cascade down. no one in the deep state is safe, they're all in fear, they are facing real legal consequences. we start with another huge discovery from judicial watch, they just be on stained scores of heavily redacted documents featuring communications between bruce ore and his wife, nellie ore. remember, bruce the fourth highest ranking justice department official, nellie working for fusion gps doing often research on donald trump, then candidate. e-mail chain from 2016 shows ore's manning a -- planning a meeting about russian organized crime with the first secretary friday at the german embassy. in the last message, neilie orr writes thanks, i'm now deleting these texts. i wonder if she used bleach bit? why are those e-mails deleted?
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nellie working with christopher steele, at fusion gps, her his band, bruce orr, maintaining constant contact with steele as well during his time as high-ranking doj official. both deep state actors are organizing a meeting with the foreign government, and then deleting the evidence. judicial watch president tom fenton is calling it disturbing he's join us exclusively with the details. first another bombshell from the hill's john solomon, he's been on fire the last few weeks. there might have been actual real russia collusion in the 2016 election. by the way, does the media care about collusion, or only getting donald trump? interesting question. this collusion involves a prominent ukrainian law maker who was reportedly feeding anti-trump dirt on the clinton campaign. according to solomon the shady figure is being investigated for taking bribes from russia in 2016, the very same time he was actively working with democrats
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on a smear campaign for the trump campaign -- against the trump campaign. think about it, if the media mob really cared about collusion as they claim, this story would be every second, every minute, every hour of every day on every network on the front page of every newspaper. we will have more of this monologue for a moment. first with more on this breaking report, the investigative report and of course editor at "the hill" john solomon a lot of details, you have been on fire ishlgs ee let you put it in your own words. >> you remember we said about a month ago the origins of the russia collusion narrative started in the ukraine. we've learned lot of information since that time. in december the ukrainian courts ruled that the member that you just mentioned, parliamentary member, wrongly interfered in the u.s. election by leaking documents are paul manafort designed to smear the trump campaign. a few weeks ago we got nellie
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orr's testimony and we learned that same parliamentary member was the one feeding trump dirt to fusion gps, christopher steele and nellie orr's firm. in the time frame when he was doing both of those things, leaking the documents about manafort, providing information to fusion gps for clinton campaign and dnc he was receiving money, that's the suspicion prosecutors say, from a russian oligarch, then ended up buying an expensive apartment, just a few days after paul manafort was forced to resign from the trump campaign. beginning of an investigation in the ukraine. it's been announced the prosecutors told me they are looking at whether that russian money had something to do with his dealings on the trump campaign, the cl town campaign, and of course -- clinton campaign and paul manafort. >> sean: interesting to see if the media cares about collusion, they don't seem, to just like if they really cared about obstruction, they might care about subpoenaed e-mails, 33,000
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deleted, bleach bit hammers, sim cards removed. just like if they really cared about the treatment of women only for kavanaugh but not the lt. governor of virginia and the serious allegations there. this is now the cascade effect. how much deeper this going to go as we only have a few more seconds. >> listen, i think the ukraine prosecutors have to do their job, follow the money, see if the russian paid for, see if it's connected to manafort. no doubt the ukrainian parliamentary member, a source for the clinton campaign, taking on new significance in america. >> sean: son solomon, thank you. john solomon. every night we will bring you the latest develops from our mission, investigating the investigators, something the mainstream media isn't doing after a year of peddling lies, a hoax, con fir si theories, pretty sad. stay tuned in the coming weeks, more will be revealed. the attorney general barr is leading the effort to hold bad
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actors accountable. tonight bill hemmer caught up with barr in el salvador and asked him about this ongoing investigation. let's take a look. >> i've been trying to get answers to questions, and i found that a lot of the answers of been inadequate. some of the explanations i've gotten don't hang together. in a sense i have more questions today than when i first started. >> some of what things don't hang together? >> the explanations of what occurred. >> why does that matter? >> because i think people have to find out what the government was doing during that period. if we're worried about foreign influence, for the very same reason we should be worried whether government officials abused their power and put their thumb on the scale. and so i'm not saying that happened, but i'm saying that we have to look at that. >> sean: now, bill hemmer's full interview airs tomorrow 9:00a.m. on fox on america's newsroom. but joining us now from el
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salvador with the preview, he got the interview i wanted, good job mr. hemmer, fascinating piece that you just shared with us. tell us more. >> yeah, sean, good evening to you, in the capital city san salvador. talking about ms13, his schedule was chockfull of that. you'll hear more on america's newsroom tomorrow. the clip that you heard is perhaps the most telling aspect of what his job is now. we found out this past week that federal prosecutor had been appointed weeks ago, now, to start looking into everything that was happening during the campaign of 2016, the summer of 2016. possibly prior to. that he took the job on valentine's day, three months ago, february 14. he kept asking questions but the answers did not make sense to him. and that's where that phrase you heard "don't hang together," that's the thing that he remembers the most, based on his
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experience thus far. he's trying to get to the bottom of this, and in the interview you heard he's not sure where it goes. that's part of it now. you get the rest of that conversation tomorrow. in addition, it talks about james comey, question about john brennan, and james clapper. not a lot of detail or information on that, but it's clear they're looking at the trump tower meeting with comey in january of 2017. i would say also, sean, things to listen to tomorrow are his feelings about being called a liar, how he's defending himself on obstruction, whether there was with it tampering and how he considered that in a legal sense when judging the mueller report. there's a lot in this thing, sean. conversation with nancy pelosi yesterday on capitol hill. you get the sense from bill barr that he knew he was going to be a target and he did not care. now, where does this go and where does it lead, we're not sure. you're going to find out more
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when you see that tomorrow. >> sean: we will be watching, 9:00a.m., america's newsroom, thanks for sharing that with us as always, thank you. while the attorney general barr searchs for truth and justice, the democrats on capitol hill busy wasting your time, other people's money, still advancing a hoax, still advancing lies and conspiracy theories. jerry nadler is demanding the attorney general reveal grand jury information in the mueller report. nadler actually wants the attorney general of the united states to commit a crime or he's going to be handcuffed by the sergeant of arms. really? as law professor jonathan turley pointed out, it is nadler who is in for a world of hurt if he continues this. watch this. >> i believe that the contempt action of this committee was unfounded, but i also believe fit goes a federal court this is another area where i think that this committee could lose. when senators ask me why won't he commit to releasing the full
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unredacted report. i said that would be a crime. you are heading into a world of hurt if you go to the d.c. circuit and argue that you could order barr, that barr could unilaterally release the information. >> sean: the fishing expeb digs is going nowhere. in an effort to be transparent, barr has expanded access to most unredacted, the most unredacted version of the mueller report. so that democrats, if they just take the time, they can see almost all of it. no word by the way if any democrats will bother to take the time to look. one sen tenls and seven partial sentences removed -- sentence and seven par, sentenceses removed. barr's legitimate investigation into the deep state is well underway. so is the horowitz probe into fisa abuse and the hoover report investigating leaking. we learned about the john dorum
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investigation into the origins of the russia probe. the once powerful members of this deep state we've been exposing for two years tonight running scared and they're now turning on each other. as we reported last night, lisa paige, peter strzok, putting the blame right on then-attorney general loretta lynch. comey is trashing strzok and paige on national tv. rod rosenstein trashed by james comey. he's trashing back. they're both attacking each other's character. then there's brennon and comey, blaming each other for promoting and pushing the dirty clinton bought and paid for russian dossier. and comey's general counsel, james baker, revealed he was, quote, quite worried that his boss, director comey of the fbi, was literally blackmailing donald trump with hillary's dirty russian dossier. you couldn't put this in a spy novel but it's true. take a listen.
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>> the hoover days, investigation of martin luther king jr., what was done there, i don't know, what the word is, the blackmailing of dr. martin luther king. so, yeah, we were quite worried about that, quite worried how it would come off. we wanted to try and make sure to convey to the president-elect in a's what we were not doing. sir, we have this information, it came to us in a particular way, the press has it, it's about to come out, you should be alerted to that fact. we don't want to proceed on this basis without you being aware of those facts. we were worried about the hoover analogies and determined not to have such a disaster happen on our watch. >> sean: we've warned jimbo, it's not a good look when your own general counsel is comparing you to j. edgar hoover. of course the fbi chief who was famous for abusing power, spying on americans, and, yes, blackmailing his political adversaries.
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while baker expressed concern over how comey used the dossier he claimed that the fbi took the dossier seriously. but not literally. really? was that was the bulk of the information in the fisa applications. sounds like they took it literally. tyke take a look. >> the information came in and there was a lot of detail with respect to a lot of different types of activities that were allegedly going on. and so, i gels the way i have phrased it, we took it seriously, we didn't necessarily take it literally that, was literally true in every respect. but it was something that we were obligated to deal with and obligated to assess, given what we understood, what i understood to be the source of the information, christopher steele at that point in time. we were obligated to take it seriously and look at it, try to
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figure out whether it was true or not. >> sean: hold on a second. if you didn't take the hillary bought and paid for russian dossier seriously or literally, why did james comey in october of 2016 swear, it says at the top of the fisa application, verified. why did he swear that the contents were true and accurate in the first fisa request? why was that request marked verified at the very top? did james comey lie then or did he lie in january of 2017 when he said to then president-elect trump, it's salacious but not verified. he is at the center what was a multi year effort by the most powerful unelected bureaucrats clearly first to rick an investigation into their favorite candidate when the evidence was overwhelming and incontrovertible. the espionage act, obstruction of justice, the intent was clear
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destroy the evidence, that's why hillary clinton deleted 30,000 e-mails, you use bleach bit, you have an aid burnt up your devices and remove all of the sim cards. that would be intent. something they tried to pin on donald trump when there was no underlying crime. four investigations including the mueller report, no collusion. it's over. joining with us more judicial watch president tom fenton, also fox news contributor ari fliescher and gregg jarrett. tom, we'll begin with you and your breaking developments. >> yeah, new e-mails out of the justice department that we uncovered as a result of a lawsuit, they weren't voluntarily disclosed. e-mail communication between nellie orr who had been working for fusion gps and her his band bruce orr, top official at the justice department. subject line reads, analyst russia organized crime. nellie writes thanks, i'm deleting these e-mails now.
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so you've got, looks like russia related e-mails being deleted, at the request of bruce orr, justice department material, and certainly it could be possibly relevant to the russia-gate hoax targeting president trump and the investigation generally. as you quoted me, it's mightily disturbing that you've got justice department officials, a, sending material to their spouses working for a candidate for president. and then, b, telling them to destroy these documents. >> sean: we just heard from john solomon, and tom, i wonder if they used bleach bit is the only question i have. then you got the circular firing squad among deep state actors, they're all turning on each other on top of the comments that, comey might have been blackmailing. wow. >> right. they're talking about blackmailing because they actually were engaged in
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blackmailing. and also -- >> sean: explain how. >> they needed to take their holy grail, the dossier, and they needed to slip it in to the private version of the intelligence community report, so they could then brief the president-elect trump. that was a pretext to then leak it to the media, and they could then public the contents of the doesier. now you have nefarious characters, comey, brennan, clapper, pointing the fingers of blame at each other, the circular fire squad you say. james baker is how out there trying to ration naturalize the corrupt acts that the documents bee lie. -- belie. >> sean: baker was the one guy that saw the obvious crimes of hillary and was overruled and pushed out of the way. >> he was. >> sean: bullied and ganged up on. >> and he's under criminal investigation. snl ari, when you get --
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>> sean: when you get to the bottom of this, ari, unbelievable it could happen in the united states, at least to me. that you have an exoneration written before an investigation. you have the people involved in it, laughing and joking, the fix is in, the attorney general at the time, loretta lynch, is never going to diet hillary, the evidence is overwhelming, the evidence on obstruction, they save her. then they use her dossier to spy not only on citizen carter page, but backdoored their way into all things trump campaign, all things trump transition, and the bludgeon and destroy his presidency. they used hillary's dirty russian dossier that the "new york times" says probably was russian disinformation as the foundation to get these warrants. to me, the biggest abuse of power, corruption scandal we've seen in our lifetime. >> sean, think of it this way, as the president, breaking the
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norms of washington, d.c. once you get beyond the smooth words of barack obama what you had was the worst transmission american history, one admission, the outgoing one, so shocked about who won they did everything in their power during the transition to undermine him. including using the secret state powers of the government to undermine him, leak information, unmask officials, and leak that information not to mention release classified phone calls to foreign leaders. all of this took place. and it's pretty -- step into the president's shoes. you don't know clapper, brennon, comey. the three come in to give you information about the government's cherished secrets two. of the three leave, leaving comey behind. comey to share something so sacred with the president, turns out to be the steele dossier, which the president himself would know was true or wasn't true. so what is he to conclude? he knows it's not true. concludes that james comey is trying to lord something over
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him, cold something over him, as the fbi director to the incoming president. >> sean: interesting thing, ari, three months earlier he signed a fisa want verifying it's true as an official law enforcement, the head of the most prestigious law enforcement in the world, the fbi. >> yeah. the justice department is looking into this. >> and that blackmail operation, remember comey talked about going to see then-president-elect trump in the oval office with president obama, then vice president biden, susan rice, they all talked about that outreach to then-candidate -- then-president-elect trump. i think president obama needs to come clean about what went on, what he knew about the dossier -- how he authorized the fbi director to go in with the garbage dossier. they all knew was salacious and unverified to use comey's language. >> sean: you're right but you're
6:21 pm
wrong, that's not what he said in october. gregg? >> william barr's interview was vintding, he's been around the block a long time, many times. he can smell a coverup a mile away. you heard him tell bill hemmer he was getting incomplete answers that didn't make sense. that means people are lying, blaming others, and covering up the truth. >> sean: number one book called "the russia hoax" illicit scheme to frame donald trump. >> a lot of that is in my book. >> sean: ari, last word. >> i just think thank goodness we have a justice department that will do what should have been done and look into the origins of this and figure out wrong was done. >> sean: ari, are you on to something profound, how high up, what did biden know, what did lynch know, what did rice know, what did clapper and brennan know, when did they know it. what did obama know?
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>> sean: comrade bill di laso, 23rd democrat to enter the 2020 race. he's where managed to unify the country on day one. no one wants him to run including his constituents, new yorkers do not support his bid. lawrence jones went out to the city to see what the residents of new york think, that video
6:27 pm
coming up. first only days ago, deblasio booed during his own press conference after he stormed trump pow tower to promote his radical green new deal. protesters outside his appearance on good morning america. still, mayor remains as delusional as ever, about his white house chances. called the campaign quote insane and idiotic. moments ago. trump had this to say about the new york city mayor. >> president trump: i can't believe it. i heard that the worst mayor in the hitstry of new york city, without question the worst mayor in the united states is running for president. it will never happen, i'm pretty good at predicting things like that, i would be very surprised to see him in there for a long period. but it's just not going to happen. if you like high taxes and you like crime, vote for him. most people aren't into that. i wish him luck.
6:28 pm
but, really, it would be better off if you get back to new york city and did your job for the little time you have left. good luck, do well. >> sean: even the left wing media can't hold back their laughter, tells you a lot, including our friends the women of "the view." take look. >> this morning, it became official. [chuckling] new york city mayor -- [chuckling] >> i know, i know! >> bill deblasio is running for president. his campaign video said -- >> whoa! [ laughing ] >> is this a good career move for him? right now? no! influences place. [applause] here's the thing you didn't mention. homelessness near record highs. minimum wage money that we just gave to people, take it away from them, they have to pay to contest the pricing. public housing is falling apart. you can't seem to fire anybody.
6:29 pm
subway underserved. what the hell you going on do! >> sean: whoopie, the greatest monologue in the history of "the view." about as far left agenda to control every single aspect of your life. like meatless monday at public schools. he swears the kids love it. his plan. he will ban glass and steel. no more glass or steel skyscrapers in new york city. in his tenure of mayor serious allegations pay to play schemes and the debacle with the ground hog that actually died. it died after deblasio dropped the animal during a city ceremony back in 2014, the poor animal, and the zoo went to great lengths to hide the death of the animal from the public. deblasio's bad behavior doesn't stop there. we decided to send our investigative reporter lawrenc jones to hit the streets of
6:30 pm
new york for reaction. let's take a look. >> so, mayor bill deblasio, running for. >> i saw that announcement, yeah. >> he deserve that promotion? >> no, he hasn't done well in new york. >> he wants to be president. >> no way. >> no-go? >> no-go, at all. >> i have mixed feelings, i support in many ways but other things we need to talk bmpblgts running for president. >> good luck. >> do you think he'll win? >> no. >> does he deserve a promotion? >> he should be working on new york city not becoming president. >> ain't going to win. >> ain't going to win, no chance? he can't even beat trump? >> no, i don't think he can beat trump. >> has he done a good job as mayor? >> no, 39 years, no. >> he's running for president. >> i don't think that's going to work out for him. >> you think he's doing a good job, you like the roads, the subway? >> yeah, of course. >> you think he's done a good job?
6:31 pm
>> i think so. >> we'll get rid of him. i want him to go, gone. >> sean: deblasio spreading his far left wlun a si to every corner of the city. hours ago the police union put out a statement, it is laughable that a mayor who has shown zero interest in running new york city for six years now says he wants to mismanage the entire country. well, he has had idea after bad idea, failure after failure, and no better person to give a reaction, just coming off a huge, big seminar in vegas, i know my friends were there, the founder of sky bridge capital. anthony scaramucci. >> i left a dinner to come over here and talk about my favorite mayor. unmitigated disaster, i'm sitting next on a person who worked for new york city, she said don't use my name. but tell the american people this, this guy has been a bad leader for the employees of the
6:32 pm
city of new york. we're disgusted by it. mismanagement, failure to police the subways, failure to clean the subways, didn't get any help when we need it. we ask for help from the city, corporate management won't do anything for us. the first person i met in my life that said something nice about him was that one poor gentleman. i don't know anybody rich or poor, ethnic background that lice limb n five years, we had 20 great years of executive management with mayor jewel nannie and mayor bloomberg. >> sean: the big gulp and no salt bothers me. >> that's your conservativeness but the trains are running on time and the mace was clean and the cops liked him. >> sean: how do you build a skyscraper without steel and glass? >> that's nonsense. he's appealing to the left-leaning people upset about the environment, don't recognize if you start going in a direction like that you upset the entire economic apple cart
6:33 pm
and lead into more situations. >> sean: we have similar backgrounds, grew up in the same place. a lot of my friends make their living in construction. a lot of my friends count building buildings. and to stop that progress, what does that say to the -- >> it's absurd. the last thing he did, rezoned midtown manhattan association that we could get taller skyscrapers and make more competition for the city. this guy is a walking disaster. but here's the problem, we're in a one-party city. and he's a very difficult guy to beat for an independent or republican the way the system is rigged. >> sean: rudy guiliani won, the best player in history. >> the place was a complete mess, won by 1.5%. >> sean: i can see you running, you're libertarian. >> i live on long island, how am i going to run as mayor of new york? >> sean: you may taxes in the city. >> buy an apartment for me in new york, then make me a
6:34 pm
minority parter? when a dollar comes in, highest tax break, 53 cents goes out, we have to fix that. >> sean: thank you, buddy. coming up creepy, sleepy uncle joe biden taking, well, a shot at this show in a campaign ad. we have an answer when we get back for uncle joe. later, s.a.t.s, those tests are adding a new adversity score, what does it mean? trace gallagher has a full report. my views might surprise you. i'll explain, coming up. car. it turns out, they want me to start next month. she can stay with you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪ now... grandpa, what about your dream car? this is my dream now.
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>> sean: crazy joe buy den is at it again with a spanish language campaign atd attacking fox news prime time including yours
6:39 pm
truly. i'm shocked. take a look. >> we the people. >> nosotros pueblo. [speaking spanish] >> now, joe biden is running for president. [speaking spanish] >> sean: clearly biden is trying to fit into the democratic party obsessed with identity politics. he cannot escape his own history of racially insensitive comments a few to remind you of crazy uncle joe. >> you cannot go to a 7/11 or a dunkin' donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. >> what kind of a chance would a northeastern liberal like joe
6:40 pm
biden stand in the south. >> better than anybody else. you don't know my state. it was a slave state, a border state, the eighth largest black population in the country. >> the first sort of mainstream central america. what was articulate and bright and clean and nice looking guy. i mean, that's storybook. >> romney, he said in the first 1900 days he's going to let the big banks write their own rules. unchain wall street. [booing] >> going to put y'all back in chanls. >> sean: did i mention he supported segregated schools? forgot that part. joining us the author of the brand new novel, it is called "collusion," former speaker of the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich. first mainstream african-american articulate, bright, clean. that's storybookers man.
6:41 pm
-- that's storybook. >> i don't think it's fair to pick on joe biden for being utterly irrational, having no memory and reinventing himself every week. i mean, you know, he's going to do the best he can do. he's got to present tend he's somebody he's not -- he has to present tend. if he lets us know who he is he won't win. he had to drop out of the presidential race because he stole an entire speech from the british labor leader neil kinnick and present tended it was his personal story. there's nothing new about this. biden's ability to make things up, to say whatever he wants to, is unparalleled. frankly, if he hadn't had barack obama to carry him, he wouldn't have been vice president. >> sean: this other thing is called a record. russia and their chaos, actually it happened on the biden-obama
6:42 pm
watch. the worse the recovery since the '40s, 30 million more on food stamps, 8 billion on poverty, you have the $150 billion he dropped on the tarmac for iranians to chant "death to america." i don't think it's a good record. >> it's not. the challenge you have got, sean, there are americans for whom facts matter. and there are americans for whom emotions matter. the emotional americans are going to go uncle joe means so well. the fact that he's incompetent, the fact none of his programs work, former secretary of defense bob gates said in four de cates that biden was consistently on the wrong side of every national security question. gates was serving obama when he wrote that. if this is a race about facts biden might as well go home this evening. if this is a race about do you
6:43 pm
feel good knowing that joe biden wants to smell your hair and hang out with you, really cares about you. >> sean: that is so bizarre and so creepy. >> then he has a shot. [laughing] >> sean: is that creepy, the videos, we'll show them a lot. when you look at, let's compare the record-breaking success and the economy, you know, jobs, record-breaking african-americans, hispanic americans, asian-americans, women in the workplace. this guy had no recovery. >> this race is going to be between winners and whiners. and all of the whiners are going to get out of the run, left-leaning democrats and they'll whine about something. all of the winners are going to say more jobs, higher take-home pay, better recovery, better future for america. so the people who like winning are going to end up voting for trump and the republicans. the people who feel a need to
6:44 pm
hide in the corner and suck their thumb and whine are going to be for joe biden and the democrats. we'll see how the american people define themselves over the next year and a half. >> sean: he's a frontrunner now, does he stay there? >> i doubt it. look, first of all hillary clinton was 30 points ahead two weeks before iowa, lost to obama, never recovered. came in third in iowa. so you can collapse very fast inside your own party. second, i just watched biden for his whole career. i pulled up the palin-biden debate where he talks about going to a restaurant which had been out of business for i think 13 years. >> sean: i remember. >> this is who he is. >> sean: checkmate sarah palin, won hands down. >> if you're going to be mean and insist on facts, it's going to be a hard night for joe biden. >> sean: all right, always good
6:45 pm
to see you. when we come back, s.a.t. wants to add an adversity score to the test. what does it mean is the trace gallagher, full report, geraldo and dan bongino. allergies with sinus congestion and pressure? you won't find relief here. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d. while the leading allergy spray only relieves 6 symptoms, claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more.
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you need to place yourself in the moment. you need confidence in the appliances you select to build the home and life you love. shop top-brand appliances at sears, including kenmore. sears, making moments matter. >> sean: s.a.t. is introducing a new grading category, they're calling it, quote, the adversity score which will evaluate social and economic background. trace gallagher is live in the west coast newsroom with more. trace? >> this will reignite the debate over using race and class in college admissions. every student who takes the s.a.t. exam will now be asigned an adversity score from 1 to 100. anything above 50 indicates hardship, below 50 indicates
6:50 pm
privilege. race is not considered, instead the scores are based on 15 factors like crime rates, and poverty rates in local schools and neighborhoods. that information will come from public records like the u.s. census. the college board won't reveal how they weigh the factors or clalt the stores, and the -- calculate the stores and the students aren't told their adversity scores, only the colleges see the numbers a point of contention in the wake of the college admission scandal, where we now know that students have been cheating on s.a.t. exams for years. one high school counselor told our corporate cousin, the "wall street journal," the focus on diversity is high and do i meal minority students every been discriminated against? yes i do. but i see the reverse of it happening right now. 150 schools will used a versity scores this fall -- use adversity scores this fall and most schools by to-to-21.
6:51 pm
>> sean: news contributor dan bongino and geraldo rivera. let's say a kid's dad served in the military, his dad was killed when he was in ninth grade. grades were crap for ninth and tenth grade, maybe 11th. then it kicked in. or if you grow up in a horrible neighborhood, i don't have a problem at all factoring in life and background and experience. but test scores? >> do you that with an intelligent, experienced admissions officer who looks at the whole picture of the candidate. >> sean: right. >> i call this the woe is me index. hue poor are you geraldo? i used to put water in my cereal. my car burned more oil than gas. i see the college admissions rack ement is highly evolved, i see these advisors association-called advisors
6:52 pm
telling rich families, to sublet a place in harlem or the south bronx and give that address to your kid for his -- >> sean: wow, taking it to another place. >> for his adversity score. this is the s.a.t. trying to stay relevant. they're moving more and more to de-emphasizing the standardized test. >> sean: kids don't do well in testing situations. >> the s.a.t., this is a test a kid can't fail. >> sean: what do you think, dan? >> this the dumbest idea i've ever heard. social message, please, stop helping, with air quotes. are you not helping. sean, geraldo laid out one of the problems. you laid out another counter pro and con. let me lay it out. this is supposed to be the s.a.t., an objective measure of academic aptitude and achievement. that's what it is. it's not a life resume. let me lay this problem out for you. now you get an employer, an
6:53 pm
employer who doesn't give a damn about your life circumstance. i'm sorry, snowflake, employers are in the business to make widgets, products, earn money, the world is tough, get used to it. looking at this candidate, what's he thinking, sean? is this an adversity score? or is it a smart kid. >> sean: great analogy, great point. if you had the adversity and you overcame it, the odds in that situation you're describing is describing, geraldo, in an interview, i want the street fighter that's hungry. >> sure do you. but the admissions officer who interviews the kid and under stands the circumstances and the facts of that kid's life -- >> sean: the military kid who lost his father. >> or the kid who grew up in abject poverty, hungry, had damages -- >> sean: i would take it into account in that process not this. >> when you objectify it and make it a math situation where
6:54 pm
you fill in the blanks, it's easy to game it. it's just a question of time until they figure out the formula for it. the question is are you getting the most diverse students you can. i don't think so. i think if you were eager and enthusiastic and understanding and sensitive, you would pick the best candidate. >> sean: dan? >> one last point of this, another big problem for you, how do you know that this rich kid, his family wasn't poor their entire life, and just made it after busting their humps for 20 years. then, but he gets penalized while say a poor kid whose family was rich and got into crime business and lost money a week ago, he gets an adversity score boost over the kid whose family made it after a decade? my wife said this today, she's an immigrant, she said let me get this straight i busted my hump for 20 years to get my daupt near a good school who's going to be penalized? this is the dumbest idea i've ever heard. should be ashamed of themselves. >> sean: this isn't the way to do the factoring in of life.
6:55 pm
>> but this is the way the s.a.t. stays hell vant, everybody wants to dump the s.a.t., they're scrambling to find a way to stay in business and this is it. >> sean: great debate, good to see you. when we come back the great one mark levin for the full hour tomorrow, why? we'll tell you after the break. other species avoid pain and struggle. we actually... seek it out. other species do difficult things because they have to. we do difficult things. because we like to. we think it's... fun. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger built for the strangest of all creatures. when it comes to reducing the evsugar in your family's diet,m. coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar
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>> sean: special programming note, please tune in tomorrow night for the full hour the great one, mark levin. he has a remarkable new book that you are going to want to read. it's called "unfreedom of the press," preview clip of him explaining why the media got the russia collusion story so wrong. >> they don't care about right and wrong. they're driven by ideology. when you're driven by ideology -- >> sean: but they reported it wrong. >> purposely. they want to take the president out. they decide what's in the news, that's left out of the news. that's why for them there's a
7:00 pm
red line, all of these issues involving the dossier, all of these issues involving spying, they dismissed them, they dismissed the people who speak about it. >> sean: tomorrow night, let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham. >> laura: looking forward to the special tomorrow night. i'm laura ingraham, this is the "ingraham angle" from washington. big exclusive, first american interview since being pardoned, former media baron can rod black is here live later in the hour. kellyanne conway, george papadopoulos, ed rendell. first, america for whom? that's the focus of tonight's angle. if you somehow thought that donald twrump would shy away from trackling big issues after republicans lost the house last november, you would be wrong. from china trade to fruk and