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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 17, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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this ain't your father as republican party. this ain't your father's republican party. this is not your father as republican party. it is a different outfit. >> this is not your father's joe biden. he needs new writers. don't forget my podcast. subscribe on podcast shannon bream of the fox news at 19 joining me tomorrow night on the income angle. shannon: we had some fun on your podcast. >> if you want to know the bikini store you have to listen to the podcast. >> if that is not a tease i don't know what is. donald trump says he does not want a war with iran. the evidence they say shows the growing threat. presidential candidate, congressman and army national
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guard is here. late breaking news, former national security adviser michael flynn and the information he provided to robert mueller. was james comey trying to blackmail the president? the investigation into the investigators coming up. missouri follows alabama's lead, the senate advancing its own pro-life bill. pastor robert jeffers's view may surprise you. straight to kristin fisher with the latest on iran. a wider briefing planned for next week. >> mark warner was leading a classified briefing on iran and said it is important more members here this story. that will happen on tuesday. all members of congress will be briefed on the administration's move in the middle east and the intelligence behind it but some
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are worried tuesday's briefing will be too late. >> it is disgraceful and despicable we are on the verge of war and the american people are given this keen fused and chaotic picture of what the situation is on the ground. we are supposedly going to have a briefing on tuesday. it may be too late because hostilities may have begun. there may be an escalation. that is absolutely petrifying. >> bipartisan frustration is mounting about lack of information from the trump administration's decision to send more military assets to the middle east and partially evacuate the us embassy in baghdad. even lindsey graham who is close to donald trump says he doesn't appreciate being kept in the dark. >> it is disappointing and unacceptable. i'm not going to comment on something i don't know about and i would tell the administration
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to pick up the phone and call members of congress so we don't have a microphone put in our face and asked about why we are doing something. >> marco rubio requested more information from the white house. today he got it and after the briefing he said the trump administration is right to retaliate get any possible iranian aggression. >> there are indications they and their proxies in the region, face serious and imminent threat to us forces and civilians in iraq and the middle east. >> the reporting in the wall street journal and new york times says donald trump told the defense secretary he does not want to go to war with iran and listen to what the president said today. >> will you go to war with iran? >> reporter: donald trump is sending a signal to more hawkish advisors even though the press
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secretary insists there is no friction in the west wing over us policy in iran. >> is the administration show force about getting iran to the negotiating table, or is it beginning to blow. the obama campaign, retired from the army major general, representing florida jussie smollett district and national forces officer mike walsh. good to have you with us tonight. i want to start with something. the wall street journal has this report there may have been cross wires. intelligence suggests us, iran, misread each other, senator angus king said the reaction is are they reacting to our assertions of action or are we reacting to them. what triggers the kind of response, the show force we have been seeing. >> let me see if i can generate
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a little light instead of heat on the situation because there's a lot of heat going on. the biggest thing for me to focus on is the forces we are sending are being sent because the commanding general, general mckenzie of central command looked at the threat in the region and went to the national command authority and said i'd need additional resources to counter this threat from iran and iran's proxies. he has asked for these forces. this isn't something the administration pushed the forces and said go figure out what you want to do. he put a request for forces in. the administration is responding to that request so the first key is to use that force to deter the iranian's from their actions. >> you are shaking your head. you know more than all of us about how this current situation is, what should we know. >> on the armed services critical we were briefed earlier this week and we will get a larger briefing tomorrow.
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is the intelligence credible? you heard from marco rubio we have information on not just their actions so we see their forces moving in the region but also their intent that they have been given instructions to prepare to attack americans. we are looking at shia militias in iraq. what we have seen in the strait of hormuz and the exclusions you just saw on the tankers and other proxies in yemen and syria so it is well sourced and multiple sources so the intelligence is credible. this is a request from the combatant commander, the general in the region. what we are seeing is the sanctions are hurting the iranian regime. they are looking to lash out and hit back and if you look from their point of view, what they've done in the past is either they have been able to hit americans and we haven't
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done much about it. 5 to 600 americans were killed by iranian proxies during the iraq conflict or best case for them, they cause enough turmoil in our political system that we pull back and pull the sanctions back. at the end of the they we are sending a signal loud and clear and this is important, we are not just going to take action against hezbollah or your other proxies, we will hold you, iran, responsible and you at risk. which is why you are seeing strategic assets, best way to prevent war is to show strength and cause them to back down. shannon: everyone is open we don't have to use these assets. today the wall street journal, the headline, trump said he doesn't want war with iran. they talk about the fact the two us military destroyers went to the strait of hormuz and a senior defense attorney will send a deterrence part of this is going pretty well. how much is about that, making sure there isn't a conflict. >> that's a lot of it and i
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don't have as much information as the congressman or the general but i believe there is a credible threat from iran and it is appropriate for us to move these ships into the gulf and other forces to prepare for iran and deter iran. there is a real threat. this is what iran does. when is unhappy with something the us does it engages in retaliation but doesn't retaliate head on. it uses its proxy forces and engages in terrorism and other things to strike civilian targets. one of our targets are personnel in iraq. we saw this in baghdad. as the news article you referred to earlier suggests if you are confused about the policy you are not alone because it is
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confusing. he has ratcheted up sanctions, wants to isolate iran but left his phone number with the swiss embassy in tehran and he wants iran -- it reminds me of that pop song, here is my number, call me. shannon: one of your specialties was logistics. you know about moving forces around the world, what it takes. what does it say to you now seeing these carriers and different things that are moving into that region. we know that iran is a much different game than iraq. what does it say to you about the movement we have seen so far? >> it is a home game for them and away game for them for us. we need to use the overwhelming force we need so the iranian's understand it is not in their national interest to attack us or take us on. it is not worth it to them. at the same time if we are going to be predominately at this time a naval, air, antimissile defense operation we do not want
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120,000 forces, iran has an army and military of active-duty. we will not be invading iran with 120,000 forces right now. we have the right component of forces we need to deter iran and it is not in their best interests. >> i want to give you a chance to respond to one of your colleagues, congresswoman amar tweeting instead of barreling towards another reckless was we should be looking at ways to the escalate tensions with iran and other countries, no iran war, stop. >> my response would be we know from the past and past iranian behavior that they are emboldened by perceived weakness and they back down with perceived strength as david was saying. in the past look back in the 80s and a lot of those in charge and iran came up. they hit us hard in beirut, killed 200 marines and we pulled out of lebanon where they were pushing to their proxies. what happened in iraq you we responded tactically but never
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healthy iranian regime responsible and what the president is saying with strategic forces, we will hold you responsible. that is the best way to prevent conflict. what the president is doing is right. in terms of hundreds of thousands of troops the pentagon's job is to put in options, best case and worst case and to respond. some of that leaking and people reacting is hyperbolic. >> the president hopes not and all the campaigns, a lot of folks are hoping this ratchets down quickly. great to have you. we will dig into the latest development on growing tensions with iran. we have to thousand 20 democratic presidential candidate tulsi gabbard a special guest, stick around for that. there is a new plan to solve america's immigration problem. both sides agree it is necessary but is that going to be any
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capitol hill buy-in to the president's plan. david fund tells us more. >> this is the most prized citizenship anywhere in the world by far. >> reporter: donald trump says his immigration plan is simple. he wants to give more green cards to reward education, employment and skills while reducing the weight of family time. >> we discriminate against brilliance. we won't anymore once we get this past and we hope to get it passed as soon as possible. >> the plan does not address temporary work visas. democrats pounced on the president's plan, nancy pelosi saying this dead on arrival plan is not a remotely serious proposal. she took issue with the word merit as an merit-based system. a popular phrase used by the president.
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>> is the condescending word. anything families without merit? the people who have come to the united states in the united states history are not without merit? >> the plan a together vegetation. >> i will not rule out his proposal because we haven't seen it but if he wants to open a larger discussion, come to this with my eyes wide open. >> 12% of green cards are awarded based on employment and skills, 66% based on family ties. donald trump wants to flip those numbers, increasing employment and skills to 57%, reducing family ties to 33%. >> if somebody graduates top of their class in the best college, go back to your country. we want to keep them here. >> developing over the past few hours there is a report that donald trump and his advisers are looking at the insurrection act was a law allows donald
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trump to use military force to remove illegal immigrants. the daily caller reporting administration officials are looking at that possibility. the insurrection act is from 1807, 212 years ago. >> that is going to get a lot of attention. a lot of breaking news on the investigation into the investigators with a former fbi director trying to blackmail donald trump with the unverified steel bossier. and new details about michael flynn's cooperation with the mueller team. richard goodstein and scott keller are live next. [music playing] (michelle) i know what it's like to be in a financially struggling family. we had a lot of leftovers...[chuckles] i couldn't have asked for better parents, but like most people they didn't have anyone to teach them the best financial habits. so we changed that. as a financial health coach, i help people every day. i try to put myself in their shoes from my own experience. i connect to them because i've been there. helping families like mine
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12:19 am
might be blackmailing the president ever more obscene details in the steel bossier. marriage is following the developments and joins us now with more. >> james baker said that he was worried director comey's decision about the unverified does it would be to uber analogies referring to the former director who abuses power and blackmail the individual. he also defended the origin of the 2016 russia case that is now the subject of 3 probes. >> this investigation was not done for political purposes. it was not and attempted to or anything of this nature. we in the fbi and elsewhere in the government trying to deal with an extremely novel and difficult and horrible situation. >> still speaking the special report including grand jury material that cannot be provided
12:20 am
by the attorney general without a court ordered, democrats took turns reading the 450 page mueller report out loud emphasizing what a public. >> redacted, rejected, rejected, redacted. >> the special counsel records were unsealed from providing new insights into cooperation by national security adviser mike flynn and the records confirm he received communication before and after his guilty plea that might have affected his willingness to cooperate. it reads in part the defendant from the government of multiple instances before and after his guilty plea were either he or his attorneys received communications from persons connected to the administration or congress that could have affected his willingness to cooperate and the completeness of that cooperation is. it continues the defendant provided a voicemail recording of one such communication.
12:21 am
the special counsel closes by saying they were unaware of these activities until they learned about them. shannon: as we await the results of at least 3 known investigations into the origins of the russia probe is the new trouble on the horizon for james comey? richard goodstein and scott keller, former solicitor general of texas, great to have you. i want to start with what katherine ended with, more information in this unsealed filing from michael flynn, the extent to which he was cooperating with the solicitor general, giving information about people contacting him, trying to influence how much he cooperated that we didn't know before. >> at the end of the day all these issues are censoring on how much the intelligence community should be involved in investigating presidential campaigns and i hope we would agree politics has no place in
12:22 am
obtaining fisa warrants. attorney general william barr is trying to get to the bottom of how this started. if there are legitimate reasons for these investigations, that is okay but the american people are owed an explanation how this started and where is it going. shannon: new pulling out, the question was how likely was it intelligence agencies like the fbi broke the law to investigate donald trump. 58%, this is a bipartisan process or poll, 50% believe there was some likelihood that federal agencies broke the law to go after the president. >> it is shameful the president of the united states and everybody work for him that his bad mouth the intelligence community, fbi and the people are going to accept at some level what they are saying. i wish there was, for every pound of complaining about the origins there was an ounce of actually being aghast at what the russians did. mueller said was systematic and sweeping, there influence, their
12:23 am
effort to append our election. all we are hearing about is this notion about how it started. mueller doesn't make one reference to the dossier intensive substantiating what intelligence gathering doesn't mention flynn got a threatening phone call from john dowd, the president's lawyers saying we hear you're going to turn states evidence, you might want to think about it, the president is thinking of saying good things about you and we are not sure that is going to hold. that could be textbook obstruction of justice. shannon: there is bipartisan horror on the hill about what happens with russia and an agreement are working on legislation to try to prevent or do something with russia, this bipartisan agreement on that but can't we have that and also look at the origins? i want to play with the attorney general, the whole thing is out on america's newsroom, i want to play what he and bill talked about about the origins of it,
12:24 am
bill asked what adds up and what doesn't because bart said something about the fact that not all of this adds up for him and this is what bill got from him. >> people have to find out what the government was doing during that period. if it is about influence we should be worried about whether government officials abused their power and put there is some on the scale and so i'm not saying that happens but i am saying we have to look at that. >> reasonable that we could be concerned about the those? >> absolutely. the attorney general is not only going to get to the bottom of this but also said whether it is russia or china we should not be allowing foreign powers to infiltrate our elections and should not be allowing officials whether it happened or not to be using intelligence community powers for political ends. shannon: the fbi general counsel said we were worried about the
12:25 am
huber analogies and determined not to have this happen on our watch. he is talking about the fact that when comey went to the present with the dossier they were worried that comey was trying to blackmail the president but the appearance of it. >> i encourage people to look at the podcast but it is the opposite. huber got into information on somebody and let him know about the cloud hanging over him. comey said we let you know what is out there and he didn't. >> the fbi counsel says we are worried how it looks. >> i would take issue with that. this is the precise opposite of what huber did as fbi director comey said you just need to know this is out there. we can't speak whether it is true or not because it is unverified. shannon: it is very interesting
12:26 am
and we have three investigations going on and everyone across the political spectrum will want to know everything they can about this. the 2020 democratic presidential field got even bigger today. a new tool for applicants backgrounds and you will be able to contest it next. n' down the d i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! keep goin' man! you got it! if you ride, you get it. ♪ here i go again geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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>> heather: bill diblasio says he is in. most new yorkers do not support his bid to join the crowd democratic presidential primary field. trace gallagher is on the case to keep track how many people, we are running out of room on the screen. >> one more democrat will have an even to doesn't. bill diblasio is the 23rd, 2020 presidential candidate and his announcement video was aimed at
12:31 am
highlighting what he believes are the good things he has done for new yorkers. >> poll from last month showed 75% of new yorkers don't think he should run for president. our corporate cousin new york post, new yorkers laughing at bill diblasio for tossing his hat into the ring though we should note they laughed at donald trump. what good is running for president if you can't even get a response from the president who called bill diblasio a joke. >> if you like high taxes and crime, most people are not into that. i wish him luck but you would be better off if you went back to new york city and did your job
12:32 am
in the little time you have left, good luck, do well. >> reporter: the new york mayor fired back by taking a page out of the president's book of nicknames. >> i will give donald trump another nickname, con don because he has conned us into thinking he is on the side of working people when he is on the side of the 1%. >> reporter: not 1% of the number of americans who support bill diblasio for president according to a reuters poll from yesterday. under democratic national committee rules that 1% is good enough to qualify him for the first two primary debates along with 20 other candidates. new york times white house correspondent said bill diblasio's video announcement was a, quote, solid kickoff for a mayoral run. shannon: thank you very much. a test designed to assess a student's readiness for college
12:33 am
but now the college board plans to add an adversity board to the sat that would raise social and economic background and mark meredith reports it will reignite the debate over race and class in college admission. >> the college board says this fall with sat results, 150 schools will receive a separate score judging an applicant's community and high school. it will consider 15 factors including economics, crime and historical makeup of the student's community. the college board's president says the information signed a white student of democrats rated resourcefulness overcoming challenges and achieving more with less. the wall street journal broke the story reporting scores range from 1-100 with higher scores signaling more hardships. trial runs have taken place at florida state and yale. >> the intensity politics run amok.
12:34 am
they won't be aware, colleges will have access too. >> is special hopeful andrew yang says he's no fan of the standardized a tweets i will say this is the only thing that might get rich parents to move to poor neighborhoods. the people we spoke to were split when asked if this court level the playing field in college admissions. >> it will help us understand how we journey through the world with different opportunities in front of us. a regular area, to not have the same opportunity or the same effort but not the same result. >> the college board says it is up to each school to decide whether to use the score and also consider a high school depending on factors like advanced placement classes being offered. shannon: a fox news at night exclusive the next. tulsi gabbard has a lot to say
12:35 am
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hi mrs. carmen! hey theo. cop: onstar, i have the stolen vehicle in sight. [police sirens] cop: onstar, slow it down. onstar advisor: mr. grantham, this is onstar. the police have your vehicle.
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mr. grantham: thank you so much. >> shannon: tonight the president insists he is the sole decision-maker a shannon: the president insists he is the sole decision-maker at the white house has reports of fiction inside the ministration percolate. is there some intervention in iran on the horizon. special guest congresswoman in 2020 presidential contender democrat tulsi gabbard. let's talk about the wall street journal quoting a senior defense official, this is a case where credible intelligence drove measured, appropriate operations. lawmakers have been pushed, there's a push for all of you to be briefed next week. are you confident that the administration is taking measures in line with what they know? >> i'm looking forward to getting that briefing. as a soldier, the army national
12:40 am
guard for 16 years, twice to the middle east and in congress served 6 years in the house foreign affairs and armed services committee and i know two things very well. first is the high human cost of war. ors across the middle east and iraq, thousands of my brothers and sisters in uniform lost their lives. many were injured and i know the cost on the american people, trillions of dollars we spent since 9/11 on waging wasteful regime change wars, how those wars have undermined our national security and how they have strengthened isis and al qaeda and when we talk about a potential war with iran which is looking like we are walking dangerously down that path what is important to the american people to know is a war with iran would make the war in iraq look like a cakewalk. the devastation and cost would be far greater than anything we experienced before.
12:41 am
shannon: are we heading to war with iran? he said we hope not. mike pompeo said absolutely the opposite of what we want. there's a lot of talk that the president is telling his aides i don't want this to escalate. you know during the campaign he talked about getting us out of places we don't need to but today this was on the senate floor. he described the situation as serious and potentially imminent threat to us forces and the trump administration is right to reposition the very axis should iran lash out at us interests in iraq or the middle east. knowing the president was dead set against these kinds of things does it convince you he sees something significant to change his mind? >> i would look at two things. as a soldier i understand the need to be prepared and to keep the american people safe, to put our national security at the forefront.
12:42 am
what is concerning is to use while trump and others in his administration are saying they don't want to go to war with iran, i hear them saying that more now that they are getting a lot of pushback from our allies like those in the uk when the actions of the administration has been telling us another story. it is pushing us closer and closer to the process of a war with iran. this is what i'm concerned about. the cost on troops on the american people, on civilians across the middle east, creating refugees, more instability in europe, the cost would be very great. they have not presented that evidence to congress. heather: we look forward to a briefing. >> we look forward to getting that information and consider it carefully. shannon: a fox news poll shows you in 11th pl. at 1%. >> out of how many?
12:43 am
heather: there are a lot, a field of 23 or 24 people but it is interesting so many of the men doing well are talking about a woman, i thought it was clever that kamala harris responded this way about being added to someone else's ticket, like the former vice president. >> joe biden would be a great running mate as vice president. he knows how to do the job. shannon: what do you make of this talk that a woman needs to be added to the ticket? >> it is offensive to women that this is as far as we look into our gender. rather than saying who is the best qualified person to serve as commander-in-chief, to serve as president and best qualified to serve as your partner and running mate? that is the kind of discussion i would like to see rather than sticking with the superficial.
12:44 am
leland: how do you get 1%? >> how we get beyond 1% is focusing on those qualifications and that is the message i'm bringing to american people across the country. why i am qualified to serve as commander-in-chief, looking at experiences of serving as a soldier for 16 years, having that experience being deployed twice to the middle east and understanding the importance of national security and the high cost of war on our troops and the american people and bringing their experience and judgment to the forefront where i can walk in on day one and be ready and prepared to do the job of president and commander-in-chief. shannon: a lot of people wish more veterans -- thank you for your service on multiple fronts. candidate and congresswoman tulsi gabbard. following other states following alabama athlete hours after the total abortion ban was signed into law the missouri state senate advancing its own bill,
12:45 am
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>> shannon: tonight at supporters and critics alike sounding o shannon: supporters and critics alike sounding off has another state legislature moves forward with a pro-life bill.
12:49 am
the effort by missouri lawmakers, 24 hours after alabama's governor signed the strictest abortion bill into law. that alabama law, a legal showdown some political experts warn could backfire on supporters. >> reporter: by a vote of 24-10 missouri's republican-controlled senate passed a bill to ban abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy and awaits approval by the gop led statehouse before going to mike parson. >> my administration will execute the laws the legislature passes in this pro-life administration will not back down. >> reporter: it makes no exceptions for pregnancy caused by rape or incest similar to a bill alabama's republican governor signed into law yesterday. the aclu and planned parenthood plan to sue to block the law before takes effect in 6 months. the law's supporters want to
12:50 am
take the fight to an increasingly conservative us supreme court. that strategy may backfire. >> alabama has gone too far. it is an extreme law. they want to challenge roe versus wade, my humble view is this is not the case we want to bring to the supreme court because it is going to lose. >> reporter: kevin mccarthy also takes issue with the alabama law. >> the most precious gift god gives us his life and it been the pro-life position but in my whole political career i also believed in rape, incest and the life of the mother there were exceptions. >> reporter: on the other side the criticism is harsher. congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez tweeted this law forces people to be pregnant against their own consent. it is horrifying. with a conservative supreme court republican state lawmakers see an opportunity to revisit the roe v wade decision that
12:51 am
defined abortion rights for the past 46 years. progressives see an opportunity to rally a liberal base that does not want to see those rights taken away. shannon: critics on the left and the right decrying these new laws as extreme. their reasoning is different. joining us to talk about the development from the first baptist church in dallas, pastor robert jeffress, good to see you. >> congratulations on the new book. i have read it, it is tremendous. shannon: thank you for the endorsement. i want to play something from pete buttigieg who is climbing in the polls and the democratic field. here's what he said about alabama. >> in alabama if someone is raped and seeks an abortion, the doctor who treats her will be penalized with a longer prison term than her rapist, makes me question whether the discussion
12:52 am
about freedom in this country has gone off the rails. shannon: the doctor who treats in alabama would be penalized with a longer prison term than the rapist. are these ultraconservative lawmakers giving the democrats an issue for 2020? >> why in the world would you punish a child for the way he or she was conceived? that makes no sense. you kill the child for that? but on a bigger scale, what i am concerned about, these alabama bills, i agree 100%. we know they will be overturned by a lower court. lower courts are bound by supreme court precedent, and the real question is will the supreme court hear an appeal on these cases given the incremental nature of the roberts court? the more nuanced attacks are from indiana and louisiana probably will have a hearing before the supreme court and the supreme court is going to chip
12:53 am
away abortion rights which is good news for those of us who believe in the sanctity of life. shannon: hard to imagine who watches the court and has legal understanding is that they would take on roe v wade. there are other states that have more incremental things like indiana and part of the law is banning abortion on the basis of down syndrome. that is before the supreme court. we may see them take that up. jennifer ruben writing in the washington post republicans will lose the reasonableness fight on abortion. this could backfire on republicans in the state and elsewhere when voters demand to know their views on such legislation. democrats will cherish the moment donald trump is asked in a debate if he wants to criminalize abortion for rape and incest victims and what he's do to protect such victims. it will be an interview -- issue on the campaign trail. >> it was an issue in 2016 and
12:54 am
it is going to charge the base of both parties, democrats will be fired up about this and so will evangelicals. i remember in october 2016 when the hollywood access tapes came out. people were starting to waver on the evangelical side. i wasn't but others were but after that donald trump in the final debate even serrated hillary clinton over the abortion issue, showing she would put no restrictions whatsoever and i believe that is what tipped evangelicals into donald trump's camp and keep them there right now. he is the most pro-life president in history and that excited evangelical base. shannon: we hear democrats say they want to run on this too. we will see if they take up any of those states you talked about. great to have you in. our midnight hero is next, 72-year-old veteran on a 1-man mission. ♪
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>> >> 72-year-old air force veteran william shuttleworth wants americans to know veterans require love, care and resources when they return from combat. he embarked on a 3000 mile journey to walk across the country from massachusetts to california to drive home his point. he has big plans. he wents to visit veterans everywhere and learn about their struggles and turn around and share their stories so the rest of us know what they need and what they are going through. william shuttleworth, you are midnight hero, for serving the country and for being out there fighting on behalf of of other veterans too. finding the bright side, going on tour, heading to florida this weekend at palm beach gardens and on monday we will be at the
1:00 am
villages. i look forward to meeting you on the trail. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington, i am shannon bream. ♪ >> our policies have turbocharged our economy. we must implement an immigration system that will allow our citizens for generations to come. heather: is friday. you made it through the week, may 17th. "fox and friends first," happening right now at 4:00 am on the east coast donald trump unveiling his merit-based immigration overhaul. what is in it and is not? and enough to whenever democrats? we are live to break it down for you. classroom controversy, the sat


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