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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 17, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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history that has been. >> jon: we don't have video of it. [laughter] >> sandra: hey, great stuff from bill hemmer in el salvador today. we wish him a safe trip back. watch the town hall with pete buttigieg and chris wallace this saturday. thanks, jon. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert, we begin with the reaction to an exclusive interview with a change in her william barr sitting down with fox news for his first interview since joining the trump administration. the ag revealing new details in his investigation into the origins of the russia probe, and much more. as president trump issues a warning to those who he accuses of targeting his 2016 campaign. a lot to get to on this fine friday. glad you're with us. this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. here today, town hall editor and fox news contributor, katie pavlich. fox news contributor, lisa boothe. fox news contributor, jessica tarlov. the center seat, editor in chief of campus reform and fox news contributor as well, lauren
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joan don't like them at lawrence jones. we've got a lot. >> lawrence: a lot of craziness happening. thank you so much. >> harris: attorney general barr sat down with bill hemmer. they were in el salvador focusing on the migration crisis. we'll have more on that coming up. first, the ag is defending his decision to investigate the origins of the russia probe. sing the information he collected so far is just not adding up. >> when i came in from the outside, the questions i had and many of people had, that it would be readily answered once i got in. but i haven't found that to be the case. a lot of the answers have been inadequate, and i have also found that some of the exclamations i've gotten don't hang together. in a sense, i have more questions today than i did when i first started. >> harris: attorney general barr also saying people should be concerned about potential domestic interference in elections, as well as foreign
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interference. >> if we are worried about foreign influence, for the very same reason we should be worried about whether government officials abuse their power and put their thumb on the scale. i'm not saying that happened but i am saying that we have to look in that. >> harris: democrats are pushing back today, as you might imagine. house oversight emitting member broke, saying any suggestion of the investigation into russia's meddling was politically motivated is insulting. >> i have such great admiration and respect for those who serve and our fbi, in our cia, in our military. they put their lives at stake to keep you and i and other people safe. i resent the accusation that they are somehow politicized. are there bad actors? sure. but when you have the head of the fbi, and trump at administration official christopher wray, saying this was a counterintelligence investigation to keep america
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safe from foreign interference. we have jim baker who is general counsel saying that we should listen to them and think these agencies for that service they do for their country. >> harris: just this morning, president trump tweeted this. "my campaign was conclusively spied on. nothing like this has ever happened in american politics. a really bad situation. treason means long jail sentences, and this was treason!" lawrence jones? >> lawrence: i think it's comical that democrats all of a sudden want to protect the institution that they have criticized for so long. especially when it comes to the department of justice as a whol whole. i also think they're making a big mistake, because all the focus has been on the 11 and not drawn to her own, the united states attorney. this is not a guy that's an amateur. he has investigated corruption in the fbi before. he has gotten overturned. this is a guy that has went after the mafia. if he's on the job and he finds corruption, he's going to follow the facts and he is one
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disrespected by both parties. he was appointed by older, as well. he has served under george w. bush. now he's doing this investigation. but i do believe this is good for the president. essentially, barr has taken a lot of the heat right now. he is well respected in the agency because he has done a lot of time there. a lot of people want to refer to him as the wing man, but he is a credible guy. so i think it will be hard to fight once all the evidence is laid out. >> harris: is interesting, let's dig a little deeper on the person whom william barr put in place to handle this investigation of john durham. when you look at him, he isn't just a bulldog, as he has been talked about. he has gotten cases overturned. >> katie: and let's look at the reason he's been appointed by the attorney general. in the interview this morning, attorney general barr talked about how when he arrived to the justice department he thought his questions would be answered readily.
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now actually today, because of the answers being given not adding up, he has more questions now than he did when he arrived. he said publicly he is not stopping bob mueller from testifying. in fact, he doesn't understand why he hasn't done so, so far. the point he has made about looking into the way the government was behaving is crucial. you look back at the russia investigation and the crimes that were committed or pled guilty to in terms of financial crimes, like paul manafort or michael cohen, those are very limited in terms of consequence for the country. whereas the corruption that we know about just now in the investigation that we will be seeing, that has far deeper consequences for the country moving forward if the fbi, which it sure likes it, was used as a palooka weapon. in addition to other local opponents. >> harris: and curacao democrats -- not the speak for everybody, but from a left perspective, how you look at this. is there some neutrality you can
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see with this? "if the shoe were on the foot, we would differ to know the origins of the russia probe." three john huber has been looking into that, as well. you should have a reported three or four weeks. so there's somebody looking at this. we talked about a lot of the origin stories, all this has unfolded. i think chris wallace nailed it when he was talking to santa after bill's interview on "america's newsroom" in the last hour. he said president trump should be happy he has his age he never had president trump complaint for a couple years that jeff sessions just wasn't his guy. he didn't like that he recused himself in the russia investigation, and bill barr used every story line. he didn't use the word "hoax," that this was a witch hunt hoax. he parroted back her public and talking points. the issue of the origin, he threw james comey and klapper under the bus. he said it's ridiculous that he would reply to chris van hollen. when they ask questions about his meeting with bob mueller on march 5th. the feeling
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of the unsealing of court documents relating to michael flynn, which shows he told bob mueller the people in the trump administration came to him to talk about cooperation, when he was going to go before it bought me the creative look at the ten instances of potential obstruction of justice. this doesn't in any way change the democrat narrative. frankly, there are a lot of republicans who agree with this, as well. that this was a legitimate investigation and the president did -- >> harris: let me step in for one second, lisa, i want to make this point. it's something we talked about and move forward on as an issue on the couch this weekend. that is that the ig report may be as revealing as the previous one. borowitz has a habit of getting to the bottom of things. >> jessica: did i say huber qwest markets horowitz sorry, my mistake. >> harris: but there is no subpoena or punitive power. you can understand why you might want somebody who can actually overturn a case.
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toss people where they need to be tossed if they've been breaking the law or doing things and appropriately. he will want to know exactly -- not just the facts, but the perspective of holding people accountable. >> lisa: we already know that politico reported the the inspector general report is going to deeply undermine christopher steele. that's important because the dossier is essentially what this russia investigation was rooted in. the fbi and the doj, when they went to the fisa court and signed off on the dossier, on the fisa court, they were basically testifying to the credibility of christopher steele. we know that he's not credible. we know that because of the finding that there was no collusion. we also know that with recent reporting by john solomon of "the hill," that the state department had flagged to the fbi, including peter strzok's team, the fbi investigators who were looking into russia and interference, they flagged it to them that christopher steele, parts of what he saying was inaccurate. also that he had a political animus and trying to get this
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information out before election day. now what are we seeing? we are seeing former cia and tell chiefs basically circular firing squad about who wanted the dossier included in the intel reports. >> katie: can i push back on this idea that william barr is repeating talking points? he's looking into very serious allegations of the federal government was used in partnership with the political campaign against private american citizens and abuse of a fisa court which one of us have access to, that is secretive. to say he's only parroting republican talking points when he started to get government accountability so this doesn't happen, as he has said, to democrats or republicans in the future, that should be something that everyone who is concerned about government overreach are concerned about. >> lawrence: and he's in and experience ag. >> harris: i want to get to this so we can fold this in. spirited already. conservative watchdog group judicial watch has raised new questions over and people at the center of the russia probe.
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bruce and nellie ohr. big wall, you can see them, there they are. bruce ohr is a former high-ranking justice department official. his wife, nellie, was hired by fusion gps to dig up dirt on then-candidate donald j. trump during the 2016 election. judicial watch has uncovered a conversation between them in which nellie writes, "thanks, i'm deleting these emails now." judicial watch president says she was informing her husband about deleting emails indicating up a plot against the president. here is what he wrote. "this email is disturbing and suggests documents relevant to targeting of president trump were destroyed." all this comes as attorney general william barr is raising more questions regarding fusion gps. the anti-trump dossier in particular. it was compiled by christopher steele and
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fusion gps, and it involves bruce and nellie ohr. here is. watch. >> it's a very unusual situation to have opposition research like that. especially one that, on its face, had a number of clear mistakes and somewhat jejune analysis. to use that to do counterintelligence against a political campaign is a strange -- it would be estranged about men. i'm not sure what role it played but that's something we have to look at. >> harris: and the usual situation paid lawrence? >> lawrence: katie alluded to this in the last block, when bill barr came to the justice department he started to ask questions. he wasn't getting straight answers to these questions. i've got to ask the democrats, when you see something like this between bruce and nellie ohr, do you think that's okay? these interactions of deleting emails, spying on the president, clearly covering up something. is that okay? >> jessica: clearly, spying on
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the president is problematic. we have christopher wray come a trump appointee, head of the fbi, came out last week and said it wasn't spying. it was legitimate counterintelligence investigation. >> lawrence: but he's also trying to protect the institution, though. >> jessica: you want to say he's lying for them? that he's brought into cleanup and now he's just -- >> lawrence: you know what? i think the rank and file -- he is afraid that the rank and file will feel like he doesn't support them. but the fact of the matter it's is not the first time the fbi has spied on americans. they have a history of doing it. i'm not saying every federal agent out there is going to target americans. but the leadership, what we do know historically, has done something like this. >> harris: i want to slide this and if i can. people watching, remember what william barr said -- and he's right about this -- spying, whether it's illegal or inappropriate. it's what they do, it's not a pejorative. it's not a word that has some secret meaning in it. >> jessica: it sounds a lot different than a legitimate counterintelligence
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investigation. >> lawrence: but they've done it illegally before. >> harris: you can spy legitimately with a warrant. you can do what you need to do. the question isn't whether or not spying was going on. the question is what led up to that point? where the right steps taken? were there any inappropriate or illegal steps taken that process? the fisa court is secret. it would be great if we could just get all their files, but that's probably not going to happen on this friday. >> jessica: they made it clear that a number of campaign officials lied to the fbi about contacts with russians. we all can't refuse that. that happened, i knew it was clear about that. >> harris: some of them are playing the price but what they said that wasn't true. papadopoulos lives like, "i don't know what i lied, i wasn't doing anything wrong." >> jessica: you can say whatever he wants. >> harris: that's a problem. >> lisa: what attorney general barr wants to get to the bottom of his whether it was predicated. to get to the bottom of that, as i pointed out before, we know that the fbi withheld critical
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information. of the dossier was funded by the dnc and the clinton administration. and he also -- because of the mueller report, we know that christopher steele's information in the dossier was not accurate. it was sensational. it was inaccurate. >> lawrence: it also -- a >> lisa: in regard to nellie ohr, part of what christopher steele tried to do was get access to government officials to give legitimacy to the dossier. we know that nellie ohr was pumping information about russians to her husband and other officials of the doj. so she is absolutely someone they need to look at. >> harris: before we scoot, i know you looked closer at these emails. i want to know as much as we possibly can, katie, about the context. because people deleting emails, that happens. this was different. >> katie: the date on the email when she said she's deleting it is april 2016. so it was before the investigation into nellie ohr and bruce ohr and everything going on was actually investigated. the most important point to make here is that fusion gps was
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being paid by a political campaign, and a nellie ohr, as lisa said, was giving information to a senior ranking official of the department of justice who has now been demoted in order to use the densest partner to go after a political campaign. what we do know about the fisa court is that in april 2016, at the same time she was deleting that email, the former nsa director actually called for a review of fisa because the fbi was hiring outside contactors s to look at the fisa information paid he testified about that in october 2016 as well. we know there are problems with access to fisa information. outside groups like fusion gps, outside contractors having information. and the former nsa director said, "we have a problem here." speed when it comes back down to that trail. they are married, so you can address the question, why don't they just talk to each other?" but she had to go back and delete emails. i don't know, i'm just asking a bunch of questions. i can assure you that the investigators will ask a bunch of questions, too.
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defy house democrats a post recipe in addition over president trump's tax returns by today. it's all part of the current show down over multiple investigations into the present. jerry nadler vowing not to back down, writing and 11 to the white house counsel, "your failure to comprehend the gravity of the special counsel's findings is astonishing and dangerous." meantime, ag barr defending his handling of the report and pushing back against nancy pelosi's claim he lied under oath. he said he was not aware of any concerns the office had about his summary of the report. barr, on his face to face meeting with pelosi this week. watch. >> i think it's a laughable charge. i think it's largely being made to try and discredit me. partly because they may be concerned about the outcome of a review of what happened during the election. >> he reportedly had a conversation with her this week. what did you say to her?
9:22 am
>> yes. i wouldn't call it a conversation, it was more like an ice breaker. i was introduced and asked her if she had brought her handcuffs with her. >> and she said? >> i didn't quite hear what she said. but she wasn't unpleasant about it. [laughter] >> harris: you're my guess hot, girl! >> katie: ro khanna today accusing barr about not being upfront about the mueller report >> he has a tough job but he made his job much tougher. if he had just released the mueller report or release the bob mueller summary, and hasn't tried to summarize that come over if he had just been transparent with the american people, he would be in a much better place. i frankly think he has done the president a disservice. >> katie: lawrence? democrats are still complaining about a summary that the attorney general says wasn't a summary, even though the full report has been available for nearly a month. six he give them what he didn't have to give them.
9:23 am
they are playing this ring around the chairs thing. ring around the rosie. the bottom line is this -- we finally had an ag. jeff sessions could look at this. he decided to sit on his hands they had entire time, fall to the institution and protect bad actors. so the fact that now you have the attorney general trying to be transparent -- remember, we are only debating things that he cannot release by law. by law! and they still aren't pleased with that. >> harris: know, but they could change the law. >> lawrence: exactly. congress isn't going to -- this is a political thing. at the end of the day, the attorney general's going to do his job. quite frankly, all americans should want to know. most people at home are saying this. "if they would do this to the president of the united states, why wouldn't they do it to me?" >> katie: there's been lots of players in this, jessica. we have new fox news polling on who you are going to believe in terms of who you trust. people say about the mueller investigation that people trust
9:24 am
trump -- they trust mueller over trump, 45% to 27%. and they trust mueller more than ag barr 40% to 22%. robert mueller did the investigation. so do you think it obvious that people would think he knew more about what went on? >> jessica: you would assume so. i think this speaks to how -- he said in his interview with bill hemmer, no objections, we'll see when it happens. it could be next week. i think people do want to hear from him. the president has been running a defensive p.r. campaign about this for a couple years now. i think that what those numbers reflect is that all the talk about hoaxes and witch hunts and that the origin story is most important thing here, it hasn't satisfied americans. that doesn't necessarily mean there's an appetite for impeachment at the levels of 90%. but it means that americans do not feel like trump has been upfront with them at the level of mueller. and certainly bill barr, as well. >> lawrence: budget figure present at the right to run this
9:25 am
defensive? the report says he didn't collude. no american did. that was the report. >> jessica: but it didn't. >> lawrence: what did it say? who colluded? >> jessica: the people -- john jr. there was not conspiracy, there were elements of collusion and ten charges of -- >> lawrence: if you can't take it to court, then it doesn't matter! >> jessica: think that someone else would go away for. >> katie: everyone involved in the situation found there was no collusion. that is consistent. >> lisa: first of all, i appreciate the attorney general's sense of humor by the joke he makes nancy pelosi when he saw her. you got to have some humor in things. we free her response was even funnier. "sergeant-at-arms is right over there." >> lisa: what a dumb argument from the democratic party. as lawrence pointed out, the attorney general went above and beyond what he was supposed released to the public. almost 90% of the report he made public to americans, and what he
9:26 am
didn't release, what he couldn't legally release to congress. what a dumb argument for democrats to be saying, "we are going to serve the attorney general in jail for going above and beyond." beyond what he had to do customer and you know how dumb of an argument that is? >> harris: when i look at what happened in that committee hearing room yesterday as they read well into the night -- and some of it was actually, some of the performance value was interesting. the words didn't change because we can all agree what they were reading they are on. so there is a presumption, it would seem, among some. they typically are in their party. that we wouldn't even read it for ourselves. after waiting and paying millions upon millions of dollars to get it produced, we wouldn't even do that. when we know it's been click on the lot. we talked about how popular it is! people are reading. >> jessica: steve mnuchin is actually breaking the law. the law says that he shall furnish the tax returns. >> lawrence: take it to court,
9:27 am
then. see when i'm talking abut the mueller report. >> jessica: i know, not happy to talk about that again. >> katie: we want to hear about bill barr and what he thinks about the mueller report. the only place you can hear bill hemmer's entire interview with attorney general barr's on his podcast, "hemmer time" ." you can go online and click the link for his podcast. up next, president trump introducing a new immigration plan yesterday, vowing to put merit-based policies at the forefront. can i get traction in congress of democrats, or is it going to be dead on arrival? is musical introducing the first-of-its-kind lexus ux and ux f sport. also available in hybrid all-wheel-drive. lease the 2019 ux 200 for $329 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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♪ [applause] >> america's last major overhaul of our legal admissions policy was 54 years ago. think of that.
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so, a major update -- and that's what this is, a merit system and a heart system -- is long overdue. >> lisa: that was president trump unveiling his immigration overall plan yesterday. democrats calling the plan a nonstarter. congresswoman omar sang the u.s. should abolish ice instead. house speaker nancy pelosi criticizing the language of the proposal. listen to this. >> they are seeing families about merit? that most people come to united states in history of our country are without merit? because they don't have an engineering degree?" >> we need to abolish i.c.e. and end all inhumane deportation and detention programs. >> lisa: s congresswoman omar at renewed calls to abolish i.c.e., president trump signals he actually aims to bolster deportation efforts, tweeting this morning, "all people illegally coming into the united states and i will be removed from our country at a later date as the buildup of removal forces and the laws are changed. please do not make yourself too comfortable -- you will be
9:33 am
leaving soon." meantime, during his trip to el salvador, william barr singh the doj's making efforts keep central american gangs like ms-13 of the united states. >> of the justice department has a very robust program down here to help the governments attack this drug problem. there's been a lot of success. in the last three years the murder rate has dropped in half here in el salvador. it's helping us in the united states, because ms-13 gang members that we can get down here are not going to be coming up to the united states. >> lisa: lawrence, if you look at countries like canada, new zealand, australia, they'll put an emphasis on merit based immigration. why don't we? >> lawrence: i don't know. to be quite honest, i do agree with the merit-based system. >> lisa: why not? >> lawrence: the reason is the best and brightest for every country needs to be in the country to fight for the country. if they are all here, this kids problems in their country.
9:34 am
although i believe in securing the border, i don't believe we should abolish i.c.e. i think that is affecting more i it comes to ice officials and border agents. i don't think it's really about solving the solution and other countries that have the best and brightest here. i do think we need to cut down on some of the chronic capitalism here of hiring illegals, because americans can get those jobs if they raise the wages. i think it's a complex system. i think the president's plan is a start, but it wouldn't have my support. >> katie: first of all, i think it's great for america to bring the best and brightest from other countries hear and have them stay. because then you have a huge competitive advantage economically against the rest of the world. i want america to be number one and i think that's beneficial. the problem with fatah students come here, they get degrees in our universities, and they go back to their home countries when they were educated here and we could use them inside of our economy. but two things are what nancy pelosi said -- she is accusing the president of
9:35 am
wanting to send out a deportation force. the deportations they're talking about hundreds of thousands of people who have already deportan orders. that's where they are going in and saying, "you can ordered through the court system and you have an order. now you haven't left, so we are going to go in and remove you." that's what they're talking about. they are not talking at random deportation. the other thing is she is talking about how family, according to the trump administration, doesn't have merit. this plan actually keeps immediate families together, meaning spouses and children. it cuts down on chain migration in terms of other families outside of that. and requires that you meet certain criteria, like speaking english are having a job before you come here so you're not a burden on the american taxpayer when you arrive. >> harris: one question -- are they looking -- i don't know this answer, so i want to look into it -- are they looking at deporting people who would be able to check the box on the merit system? because that changes the game. that's different than people
9:36 am
coming in based on merit. if you are saying you're kicking people out but keeping some based on whether or not they can check a box, they all came here illegally and have overstayed visas and everything else. if you are kicking out one, you have to kick out all of them. if you want to change the game for people coming in, i would just put this out there -- i come from a lineage of people who were in haiti. we know what some have said about coming from there, so on and so forth. you cannot predict a person's potential. look at where i sit. you can't. i come from, as my mom used to say, "a long line of domestics." you can't judge us by anything other than our work ethic and our ability to learn fast. because we learn on the ground. that goes across so many millions of people going cominm all of the world to build this country. why can we do both? why can't we set some never stashed of think of a ketchup a been wanting to do. you have to set some numbers for people coming into the country, and you have certain who you
9:37 am
will do merit based, certain who you will do familial, and he won't break everything. it won't make it a bit happy, but i don't think we can at this point anyway. the question is still there. i want to know the answer to this. if you deport people, that particular situation has to be equal. >> lisa: we've got a little bit of time but i want to get you in on this as well, jessica. >> jessica: there is a big element to our conversation in the proposal, which is the daca kids. the dreamer's prayer that's where chuck pelosi and nancy chuck schumer in nancy pelosi -- the given interview where they said it's a complicated agreement for there is an agreement about the daca kids and letting them stay. keeping them in america, it also didn't address the 11 million who are already here. maybe according to harvard it's 11 million or 13 million. there's millions who enter illegally. this plan doesn't address them.
9:38 am
i like where you are saying it's important that we do take people who want to work hard to come want be part of the american dream. >> lawrence: what does the country need? what jobs do we need to be filled? >> jessica: when the presence of the country is full, it's patently absurd. the education point so importan important. the iranian nuclear program, the person who founded it was educated in the united states. >> lisa: we've got to get going but i will say the united states is the most generous country and allowing immigrants into the united states. additionally this is one of the concerns originally with daca with president obama, using executive authority to create a program that was legally in limbo that would ultimately be be -- >> harris: good luck with that. the >> lisa: brand-new fox poll and hot off the presses. the crowded democratic field in 2020 is growing. what candidates --
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♪ >> harris: this show as everything! former vice president joe biden widening his lead among democrats in new fox polling on the 2020 race, as the democratic field swells to 23. a new fox poll of likely democratic primary voters shows biden leading with 35%, way ahead of bernie sanders now at 17%. those with wine, pete buttigieg, kamala harris, beto o'rourke, and cory booker all in the single-digit sound. when the poll asked democrat voters what qualities they wanted and the eventual nominee, electability tops the list. what does that even mean? 73% saying the ability to defeat president trump is extremely important. that is far above other
9:44 am
qualities, sharing views on major issues, and likability. but president trump's daughter in law and senior campaign advisor lara trump says democrats are too concerned with electability. here she is. speak about the little bit sad, isn't it? shouldn't you want somebody who you think and run the country well and will do the best job at being president? not just beat donald trump? i think it speaks to the fact that there is still a lot of people out there very upset that heather quinto did not win in 2016 >> harris: we are keep our what does electability look like? >> jessica: depends who you are talking to. a lot of people are looking for an older white man and they what is going to work in a match of a trump. >> harris: did i just lose my -- that is electability? [laughter] >> jessica: a moderate older white person -- >> harris: what do you say to senator harris customer to some of the diversity? >> jessica: i give her money and i love her and i think she's great. she had a great comeback. >> harris: do you think she has likability?
9:45 am
a >> jessica: that's in the eye of the beholder. people are forgetting that president obama was an african-american man without a traditional -- >> harris: no one is forgetting. >> jessica: they are when they talk about electability paired they are forgetting that. >> lawrence: it's just confusing to me because the party of identity politics, that's not the message they preach. now it's about who they feel can get elected based on the color of their skin. if you know, it's upping moderate, having a history and politics. >> lawrence: of all other candidates are not moderate enough? >> jessica: joe biden is the most moderate besides amy klobuchar. >> lisa: the idea that he's most electable is a mistake. they also thought hillary clinton would be electable, that didn't turn out so well for them. and the polling -- the offshoot, wpa intel dusted some polling and found president trump beating joe biden in four out of the six key critical battleground states. he was in the margin of error of 2. they also have him besting joe biden with female voters and
9:46 am
26 -- >> jessica: i'm sorry, donald trump meeting him in female voters? >> lisa: i will point out that every hillary clinton was out of barack obama in the beginning. this is not necessarily going to determine when -- >> harris: let me show lisa and everybody the polling. biden is leading trump by 11 -- only statistic significant lead, bernie sanders. >> lisa: this is a national poll, is my understanding. as opposed to -- >> harris: electability. does that equal inevitability? >> katie: that can be the risk people take when they only focus on "electability." because they are assuming what they think voters are going to vote for. a lot of the time they tend to be wrong. they thought hillary clinton was a woman and that people wanted to vote for her based on that, therefore she was inevitable. it was her turn and they thought that she had more electability
9:47 am
than someone like bernie sanders, for example. may be against a trump that was the case, but looking back on it might be different now. in terms of the polling for democrats, they are getting a lot of attention for their newly launched campaigns while president trump is working and running the country. once there is a toe-to-toe match up between president trump -- when you get closer to the primaries, those numbers will change a little bit. >> lisa: the campaign is already relaunching. [laughter] >> jessica: the moderation and joe biden's platform is helping him considerably. and his decision to only attack donald trump and not republicans as a whole. >> harris: you have a few more seconds! we are just moving on. [laughter] knew in the debate over alleged the silencing of conservatives on social media. the white house has come out with a tool people can use to report claims of censorship. as of the right idea, but if critics are right that it will be misused. to stay with. ♪ alright, i brought in ensure max protein... give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't
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♪ >> jessica: of the trump administration rolling out a tool to track alleged to censorship on social media. the move follows months of sparring between president trump and platforms like twitter, facebook, and google. white house tweeting, "the of administration is fighting for free speech online. no matter your views, if you
9:52 am
suspect political bias has cause you to be censored on line, we want to hear about it." but some are calling it a scam and a data tool and discuss. your name, phone number, email address, zip code, social media account handles, and citizenship status. comments for "the new york times" tweeting, "it's just going to be used to assemble a voter file which trump will then pay facebook millions of dollars to target with ads about how biased facebook is." lawrence, i know you are a big libertarian. what you think about this? >> lawrence: i'm sick about complaining about the social media companies. i am a libertarian i think it's laziness on the conservative side. go create your own platform. it's just that simple. this notion that we need to bring social media companies to capitol hill and question them on censorship, guess what? it was my company i would censor, too. it's my platform. i will hire who i want to hire,
9:53 am
promote libertarian values on my platform, because i own it. period. don't be lazy. create your own platform. >> harris: i was going to say, why don't you create yours? >> lawrence: real soon! [laughter] >> lisa: fair point that you just made. the criticism from conservatives is fair and it's valid. point being, the fact that someone like james woods could be suspended from twitter, but louis farrakhan's account goes unsuspended. the criticism is -- >> lawrence: do you expect liberals to be -- five and yet twitter tells us that they are impartial and following the rules of twitter. yet things like that happen all the time. >> jessica: didn't he have some hashtag on there like #hangthemall? i don't like jew termite talk at all and i've been very clear about that. twitter should look into it.
9:54 am
>> katie: obviously it's a data collection tool. nobody's forcing you to report anything. nobody's forcing you to put your personal information into this form, and if you do you are doing it on your own volition and voluntarily. that's up to you. when it comes to the social media aspect of this, you are correct. these are private companies. there are serious questions about monopolization, trust laws, and there are questions about the standards that the companies set in their fine print for how they operate. if they are treating some customers -- which is you, for using a service -- they take your data, treating some customers differently than others under the guise of being fair and equal. that's a legitimate concern. for example, prager university, some of their videos are flagged as inappropriate while there is a lot of worse information on youtube then there isn't any of the educational videos they have. it's because they are conservative videos.
9:55 am
we certainly see more bias against conservative viewpoints on other platforms then we do from the left. cpe outfit ceo of twitter coming to the white house, explained to the present was going on with his polymeric account. that it was a russian issue. you think this matters? >> harris: one thing twitter has done -- you will notice people complaining, "why did the numbers to small for my account?" one thing they've done is go through and find some of the eggheads aren't real. so on and so forth. that helps everybody no matter what your views are. i just want to know when the jones platform is coming up. >> lawrence: real soon. [laughter] >> lisa: that sounds like a law firm. >> jessica: we've got to go. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. thanks so much. your mother. dad, it's fine. we have allstate. and with claimrateguard they won't raise your rates just because of a claim. that's why you're my favorite... i know. are you in good hands? but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient
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or a family history of colon cancer. maybe i'll be at your door soon! ask your doctor if cologuard is right for you. covered by medicare and most major insurers. >> katie: think it's a lawrence jones. you were in arizona for fox nation recently? b6 it was fun, talking to the fans. i'm so excited to launch my new show next month. >> katie: and you are still
10:00 am
doing work for "campus reform?" >> lawrence: yes. >> katie: we are back at monday at noon eastern. here is harris. happy friday. >> harris: here's what is developing now. president trump warning of long jail sentences for those he claims spied on his campaign as the attorney general now says the public needs to know if those in power put their thumb on the scale. you are watching "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. president trump lashing out at the russia probe is the attorney general now says he has investigation started in the exclusive interview with our ows conclusively spied on. nothing like this is ever happened in the american politics. it really bad situation. treason means long jail sentences, and this was treason treason." the attorney general and his first televised interview since the mueller saga began, saying he wants to


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