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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  May 18, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ we shall be free ♪ we shall be free ♪ ed: what a wonderful time in america. we are free. and also americans waking up to the yankees first place in the al. after there last night your twins are first place in the central. pete: i do know that i do not know what day it is though. jedediah: i got to wake up to ed henry. it's tony at night and ed in the morning. pete: that's a very cool dress. jedediah: you know why you like it it's patriotic. i should have held this for fourth of july.
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ed: armed forces day we will be celebrating all morning. who do you want to honor and thank you today? we want to get your photos at pete: i did a little research this morning which i what i usually end up doing before the show. ed: really? that's a first. pete: merged them all armed forces day. ed: we begin with william barr. he has been under fire from democrats and remember that the week started with him joking pushing back against nancy pelosi where are your handcuffs when he was up on capitol hill. el salvador and highlighting what the justice department is doing to crack down on ms-13. does exclusive interviews with bill hemmer. pete: really interesting interview. ed: among other things he blucketly said, quote, government power was used to spy on american citizens. that's got folks like comey
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a little bit upset this morning. pete: jim comey the former fbi director took to twitter and had this to say this is jim comey. the a.g. should stop sliming his own department. if there are bad facts show us or search for them professionally and tell us what you found. an ag must act like the leader of the department of justice, an organization based on truth. donald trump has enough spokes people. he went on with another treat claiming the president's fbi investigation was treason, reminds me of something the russians once said a lie told often enough becomes truth. that shouldn't happen in america. who will stand up. jedediah: why is he weighing in at all? are curious? ed: is he worried. jedediah: he wants to be a political commentator he wants to be weighing in on politics left and right. aren't people tired of listening to him. this is a guy who messed up on the clinton investigation.
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she was extremely careless but i'm thought going to call it gross negligence. i don't want there to be any criminal violations here. he messed up so royally that some people are so sired of him i don't know if people on the left have the stomach for comey's commentary. pete: i don't think he has a base or constituency out there to defend him. is out there flapping. now that bill barr said he is willing to go back and where it really started he knows he sunday fire. ed: mollie hemingway had a great tweet isn't it interesting that james comey who is being investigated by bill barr tweeting and attacking the attorney general. when the president does stuff like that it's obstruction of justice. james comey who is a little fearful is lashing out. what has him worried? why is he lashing out. here is what bill barr told our own bill hemmer. >> tried to get answer to the questions and i feel the answers have been inadequate. i also found that some of the explanations i have gotten to hang together. >> bill: why does that matter? >> if we are worried about foreign influence for the
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very same reason, we should be worried about whether government officials abused their power and put their thumb on the scale. i'm not saying that happened, but i'm saying that we have to look at that. >> bill: james comey has a lot to say about you. what do you think of him? >> i have noticed one of the talking points these days is always a tragedy barr is losing his reputation or his legacy is being continuinged becaustingedbecause of his serv. i don't think people are concerned about my legacy. pete: this guy doesn't care. and he doesn't care about his critics. he wants to get to the bottom of it. it's very refreshing to see someone in such a senior position be that candid. jedediah: he shouldn't care. he shouldn't care at all. so many people surrounding him that do care. they care about the court of public opinion. is he coming out and saying i don't care what you think of me. i'm not here for the court of public opinion. i'm here to figure out why this investigation was done if the first place.
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i'm here to investigate the investigators to see what kind of spying was going on, was it merited? he wants questions answered. like the only guy on the whole scene looking for answers and doesn't care what the media or we have to say about it. pete: he is also fair to people. bob mueller wasn't charged to looking into the dossier his job was there collusion and obstructions russia's interference in our elections. he stayed right there. now it's our job to looking at the poison tree the investigation and what happened? ed: he doesn't care what the critics say he is going to investigate this. sol wisenburg rod to his defense last night. he said what comey said in his tweet is a total lie. watch. >> the attorney general did not slime his own department. the attorney general said that if government officials acting improperly and abused their power and put their thumb on the scale. that's something that everybody should know about. last week i went to rod
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rosenstein's farewell at the department of justice christopher wray was there. bill barr was there. rosenstein was there jeff sessions was there does that sound like somebody sliming his own department? that's a complete lie. bill barr has not said one thing since he became attorney general to slime his own department. he had they'd picture that sol wisenburg is talking about. the former attorney general who didn't seem to have the same spine that barr now has to say, look, i don't care about the critics, i'm going to get to the truth. jedediah: isn't it the amount of controversy that barr has stirred by saying listen, i don't know exactly what happened. i just want to find out what happened. just want to look into it. the idea of him saying let's look into it has stirred so much trouble on the left they can't bear the idea this guy wants to get to the bottom of the facts the same line he bottom lined this mueller report this is the actual case. let's get through the novel. that bottom line bothers
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people. facts are stubborn for some people. pete: they haven't been covering it for some time. forced to report on it. we get sick every once in a while talking about 2017 again and again. fast forward to 2019. we know there is a crisis at the border. we know it's not manufactured. one of the steps they are having to take is because they are so overwhelmed with asylum claims at the border we are getting information we heard it might happen. now it is happening that they are flying migrants from the border to other locations in order to get them processed more quickly. ed: florida and maybe happening in san diego as well to deal with the crush of migrants coming across. look at the numbers since october 1st, nearly 520,000 people have been apprehended at the border. the highest in a decade. to pete's point of a moment ago remember just weeks, a couple months ago democrats were still saying this was a manufactured crisis. now you can see, in fact, based on those numbers alone, regardless of your political affiliation, this is real problem.
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call it crisis, whatever you want to say. there is a real problem at the southern border. you have not just republicans but democrats saying why are these migrants being flown to our state? they have to do something with them. they don't have enough detention centers to deal with them as they come across trying to claim asylum. jedediah: ron desantis criticizing the plan to send illegals to florida. >> we cannot accommodate in florida just dumping unlawful migrants into our state. i think it will tax our resources. the schools, the healthcare, law enforcement, state agencies. pete: that's a good way to put it unlawful migrants. because they are trying to comply with how long they have held before their release, hundreds of thousands of folks and family units have been released pending a date when they are supposed to come back and report based on how they adjudicate their islam them
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claim. why would you want more illegal migrants putting strange on your state. steve: he does support them on immigration approach saying look i'm on the receiving end of the migrants now being sent from either the border near texas or arizona across the country to florida. but there are also democratic officials in places like palm beach county saying we can't deal with this. what is going on here. yet, there are democrats in congress like maxine waters who continue to lash out at the president, call his policies, call him, you know, the president himself a racist just for coming out this week and pushing for a broader immigration reform plan to deal with it. local democrats in places like florida saying yeah there is a problem we need to deal with. and national democrats like maxine waters saying stuff like. this well, you know, this business about you must speak english we are going to give you points for speaking english and we don't want poor people. we only want those people who are earning substantial
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wages already. all of those things are not keeping in step with the way that we treat human beings. and even the fact that, you know, he talk about chain migration or when you are able to help others in the family come, he is going to limit that i think some of those policies are racist. pete: and i think all of it is racist. comes down to the argument they ultimately make. i thought the rollout of this immigration plan from this white house was actually very good. i think it's something people can connect to. not all family members can come, a limited subset. we want you to learn english and take a civics test that's important to the fabric of our country. we think having skills is a good thing for people to come in. they will didn't reduce the amount of legal immigration which some conservatives were critical of. more or less stays same. it's a responsible plan the democrats can't like it -- ed: "the washington post" has he an editorial article out this morning saying it's
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a good first step to get democrats to the table and have negotiations. how do you get democrats to the table when some of their leaders like maxine waters say racist no matter what. jedediah: trump is not saying anything about race. what is her implication. maxine are you implying people who are high skilled workers couldn't possibly be of certain races? trump is not saying that at all. pete: that's a good point. j. jedediah: he said we care about bringing the best and brightest. you are the one making it about race. ed: don't forget your photos of armed forces day. jedediah: we will turn to your headlines. airlines flying over the pergs gulf new england among ten with iran. they warn plane could say experience interfeerns with navigation and communication systems. tensions have been rising since the u.s. accused iran of threatening its forces. a former college football star hailed a hero for
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tackling an armed student at oregon high school. contain anyone lowe wrestled the student to the ground before the police arrive. he had a shotgun. unclear what he planned to do with it. the student may have been suicidal. lowe is a coach and security guard at the school. tornadoes hail and damaging winds strike several states overnight. one twister forcing a semi-truck on to its side in kansas. a monster tornado touching down in oklahoma. no injuries have been reported. tennis ball sized hail pounding parts of indiana. the national weather service says severe weather will move toward the plains today. ed: i will pick this up now. bruce koepka makes. score is the lowest in major championship history. he has been on a roll over the last few years. he is leading right now by seven strokes in the pga championship.
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masters can champ tiger woods won't be teeing off around 3:00 today he missed the cut by one stroke yesterday so he will no longer be playing in this tournament. we have one recent. pete: off his game a little bit. ed: off his game. not hitting the fairways. kept putting it in the rough. it's a tough course here in long island, new york. pete: that will do it. 2020 hopeful pete buttigieg releasing policy platform. will it be enough for him to break free from the pack? >> tony cat breaks it down for us. ♪ break free ♪ i want to break free ♪ [music playing] (vo) this is jerry.
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ed: fox news town hall sunday night 2020 democratic hopeful pete buttigieg releasing his policy platform to try and separate himself from the pack. so what's in the plan and are his policies any different from those of his
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democratic rivals? let's bring in radio talk show host tony cat. he is on the ground in indiana. he knows about it. good to see you. >> good to see you. ed: pete buttigieg has tried to say as the mayor of south bend. plans for the nation he is trying to say is he a different kind of democratic. is that true? >> it's true that he says he is a different kind of democrat. that's totally true. but policywise, he is not. and we have known this now for a good long time. but you've got to understand town hall you guys are doing tomorrow with pete buttigieg that causes him to release the policy proposals that he did just yesterday. when elizabeth warren said she will never come on fox news, that was a signal to everybody else that fox news may not be acceptable. and what pete buttigieg had to do was tell his base oh, no, no, no; i'm treely with you. look at all the things i believe just like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and kamala harris. ed: he is trying to reassure the left.
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medicare for all one thing in policy plan. a commission to propose reparation policies. implement the green new deal, gun control regulations, and replace the electoral college with a straight popular vote. tony, that sounds like the makings of not a different kind of diplomat. maybe aoc policies, elizabeth warren policies with maybe a little bit of buffing on it. >> no, no. it is. remember, he is the same old, same old. he has a really good wrapper. he comes across extremely well. he has done incredibly good job managing persona on the campaign trail. he has some good people around him that have been able to do this as well. when you look at policy right from the very beginning, when you look at his identity politics, his #never pence strategy always going after the vice president. even recently going after the president. the president said i have no problem with pete buttigieg being married and pete buttigieg said that's not good enough because if you are okay with it, you might be human and we can't have you being human. these identity politics
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things are just like the rest of the field. ed: let's talk about that. what is the feeling there? you are in indiana and we are not. you are referring to an interview that the president of the united states did with our own steve hilton, that will also be airing on sunday night the president said i don't care that he is gay. his husband is out on the campaign trail. this is good for america, essentially and, yet, as you point out, pete buttigieg on the other side has been essentially attacking mike pence's faith and his christian faith. why the dichotomy there? >> well, the never pence strategy is for him to be able to say i'm the moral one and it's mike pence's policies are the im -- that are immoral. but he is also, pete buttigieg in favor of the equality act. and when you take a look at that that's not about allowing people to be free. it's about suppressing other people. if the religious freedom rest tore ration act in indiana was wrong. the equality act is equally as wrong. we are covered by the constitution. that should be enough. ed: last question though why is it that fowj his credit
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seems to be breaking through a lot of other rank and file democrats. is he higher in at love these polls than people expected. >> he doesn't come across as a total jerk. i mean plan plain and simple. towards the vice president he has been a jerk. in the main he is cool, calm, collected. i thinks which acken his husband does him a tremendous service there on the campaign trail. but slowly but surely the veneer is cracking and we are all starting to see it. ed: everyone will get to see it and let him lay out his policies in the fox news town hall sunday night here. tony katz i appreciate you coming in. >> see you later. ed: one former clinton white house staff says congress needs to get over the mueller report and pay attention to our nation's opioid epidemic. he explains his plan to fix it. he has a personal connection that you need to hear about next. well, that's my job.
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ed: good morning again. quick headlines, missouri's governor says he will sign the state's new abortion bill now sitting on his desk. the legislation will ban abortions after eight weeks there are exceptions for medical emergencies but not for pregnancies that result from rape or incest. louisiana democratic governor is breaking with his party signaling plans to sign his state's new heart beat bill. the bill still has to get through the state house though. the legislation bans abortions after six weeks when a baby's heart beat is normally detected. pete? pete: love it. thanks, ed. in a new op-ed, one former clinton white house staff says congress needs to get over the mueller report. and pay attention to our nation's opioid epidemic. jedediah: ryan hampton once homeless and addicted to heroin. he is american fix inside the opioid crisis and how to fix it. thanks for being here, ryan.
3:25 am
>> good morning, thanks for having me. jedediah: can you tell us about your story of addiction particularly heroin and how that's impacted your passion about this particular issue? >> absolutely. as you mentioned, i once was a clinton white house staff. i had worked in community organizing. i had this up and coming career in political organizing, community organizing. and the then as a result of a prescription and being cut off on it i turned to heroin and ended up homeless on the streets of los angeles, looking for help and having a nightmare of my own story trying to find treatment, trying to find recovery. and since getting into recovery in 2014, i just celebrated four years in recovery this past february. i have lost over two dozen friends, people i love, people i care about, people in my community to preventable drug overdoses. that's fueled my passion. to kind of put aside being a democrat or republican or party and work towards solutions to the addiction
3:26 am
crisis. it is ravaging our community. it's the worst public health crisis we have seen in a generation. 200 americans a day, a lot of people i know and care about are being lost to these preventible overdoses. pete: we have a statistic, almost 50,000 deaths to opioid overdoses in 2017 alone. you mentioned close to 200 a day. this is a problem. no doubt about it. your op-ed is excellent. did you go at the politics saying this endless talk about russia and the mueller report, it's distracting us from our ability to address stuff like. this look. i think, you know, nibble who knows me to see me on fox news and to say that, might take a step back and, look, i have my own personal opinions and feelings about the mueller report. i think every single american does. but the bottom line is where we are today, it is paralyzing this country. this is paralyzing our opportunity and a lot of the good bipartisan will that was built towards ending this epidemic.
3:27 am
i didn't just wake up and say i'm going to write this and put this on fox news. there is an important story i need to say. i have been working with members of congress, chairman of committees in the senate and in the house for now over two and a half years. we have worked together to craft some very progressive legislation that the president has signed. we have gotten funding to communities. we were really taking a step forward. now, let me ask you this, in the last seven weeks, i have been trying to work with these same members of congress on some new innovative approaches that communities are backing that would increase block funding for recovery support services. look at things like harm reduction. recovery tax credits. i can't get as much as a returned phone call from these members of congress let alone their staff. everyone is so caught up in the mueller report. i know how polarizing it is, but at the end of the day, and, look, i'm not here to make a determination on what congress should be doing, but what i am qualified to do as someone who is on the front lines of this crisis, is say that there is a real
3:28 am
human cost to these decisions. we have got to get outside the beltway and start getting back to main street u.s.a. to communities like my own and focusing on issues that matter to me. look, the outcome of what happens with congress in the mueller report is not going to make one difference for the mom or the dad who has to go identify their child's body today, right? and on that toe tag it doesn't ask you how you feel about the mueller report or even if you are a republican or a democrat. and i think that americans are going to take this issue to the electorate, to the ballot box in 2020. i know that i am. look, i don't know if i'm going to support the president. i probably won't. i mean, that's apparent. but i can't in good conscious say that this is good for our national dialogue and national conversation. pete: only so much capital and time to be had on the calendar. >> it's turned into political theater. jedediah: thank you for sharing your personal story. they make all the
3:29 am
difference. hopefully democrats are listening to you. we have heard from a lot of democratic voters feel issues that are important are being ignored at the expense of talking about mueller and the mueller report talking points all the time. we appreciate you coming on here. pete: thank you very much for your time. jedediah: very much. >> thank you. pete: summer is almost here, i would say it's here. we are helping you prepare for the ultimate road trip. jedediah: kurt the cyberguy is here with the rv of rvs. look at that ♪ ♪ introducing... smartdogs. the first dogs trained to train humans. stopping drivers from: liking. selfie-ing. and whatever this is. available to the public... never. smartdogs are not the answer. but geico has a simple tip. turn on "do not disturb while driving" mode. brought to you by geico.
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>> hey my buddy is not here. where is ed henry? he is hiding. said, "quite a long island guy. went to siena. a guy with the saints. he would have been a walk on at best. can't shoot the jump shot but is he magical with the microphone in his hand. he has been a super star as a white house correspondent there for fox. he is awesome, baby, with a capital a. come on, ed, get back home. ed: dick vitale how awesome is that do i have a jump shot as you saw in that video. last year i won march madness. pete: one shot made in a loop. ed: i was with him last weekend. that's why i wasn't on the show. he raises so much money battle of pediatric cancer. he raised over $4 million to help kids with cancer. there are dozens of kids
3:34 am
every week who find out they have cancer. he has made it his life's mission. now, we should point out, i got him to tape that little voice mail for me. pete: you did an interview with him. ed: going to be on fox nation may 22nd. breaking it out wednesday. he opens up it's fantastic. i said hey, my buddy pete he won this year in the march madness contest. could you tape a voice mail shoutout to pete? jedediah: here it is. pete: you surprised me with it. watch. >> hi, everybody, dick vitale, by buddy, peter, where have you been in peter hegseth, baby, you talk about a super star. army guy, unbelievable. you played at princeton, i heard that you were the 12th guy on 11 man roster, unbelievable. you are -- i know one thing, baby, you are a p.t. selling gold right now, yes, sir sir yee hire me as your agent.
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pete: i grew up pt player. five time player. he are a phenom. ed: 12th man on 11 man roster at princeton. pete: right. jedediah: how do i get a mention? send me to basketball camp learn how to shoot and can i get a mention as well. i think i have it in me. i mean your dad might be able to help me out. pete: my dad offered to teach to you play hoops. jedediah: sign me up. i know i can do it. pete: put me in, coach. jedediah: i get a shoatout. ed: i will call vital and get you some practice get to you start hightsd some shots. maybe memorial day, fourth of july. we need some time and run up. jedediah: don't need thatch time i'm pretty good. watch out new york knicks i'm coming. pete: did you call them the new york knicksthenew york mets?
3:36 am
jedediah: knicks. murder for hire plot kill husband. valerie gave her boyfriend $7,000 to hire a hit man. they say she asked him to kill his teenage daughter and her estranged husband. the boyfriend went to the fbi and worked with them to bust her. she could face up to 10 years behind bars. and the u.s. announces plans to lift steel and aluminum tariffs on canada and mexico clearing a major nureddle a new trade deal between the three countries. >> hopefully congress will approve the usmca quickly and then the great farmers and manufacturers and steel plants will make our economy even more successful than it already is if that's possible which it is possible. jedediah: vice president mike pence will travel to canada later this month to meet with the prime minister on advancing the new trade deal. live ammunition from f-16 fighter jet that crashed
3:37 am
through a warehouse has been safely destroyed. military officials detonated it yesterday. the f-16 went down near an air base in california during the training exercise. authorities say it's a miracle the weapons didn't explode in the warehouse. 13 people were hurt but are expected to luckily be okay. the plane may have had a hydraulic problem before the crash. those are your headlines. adam, how are you doing over there? >> i'm doing well. the weather on the plaza this morning is fantastic in new york city. unfortunately though, when we take a look at this weekend's forecast not beautiful across the entire country. take a look at these maps looking at spots getting up into the upper 70's in the middle of the country. that is going to fuel what eventually is going to become big weather. a couple storm reports everything in the red is a tornadoes in the middle of the country. an issue throughout the entire weekend. we have areas of severe weather at least possibly some severe weather today. that is going to linger into tomorrow. so there is going to be some places to pay attention to as we are watching storms sweeping across the country. but here in new york city,
3:38 am
here on the east coast, it is going to be beautiful. so down here the second and third best basketball player. ed: oh. we have got to get you. >> tweeted about me i was a diaper deanged. pete: you wore diapers. summer is around the corner if you are like me nothing says america or summer like all-american road trip. ed: how to take your trip to the next level. >> i want to reinvent the road trip and you should with this. when you think in the past about rvs you would think about plunking down a ton of money to own one or you might think about a rental place where you have the giant sign that says 1-800 rent an rv on the side of it. you get this isn't really what i had in mind. what if you could put those rv dreamers together with someone like us that also have the passion for good stuff when we go out on a road trip. you end up with
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3:42 am
reach out to me. ed: jedediah: that rv bigger than my first new york city apartment. no joke. james comey slamming bill barr this morning. is he attacking the man investigating him? didn't he criticize the president for doing the same thing? well the president of judicial watch tom fitton is going to weigh in coming up next. ♪ walk 500 more ♪ it's either testing an array of advanced safety systems. or it isn't. it's either the peace of mind of a standard 5-year unlimited mileage warranty. or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned. or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. now through may 31st. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer.
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3:45 am
ed: ride share drivers might see their apps get deactivated for allegedly jacking up fares at washington, d.c. airport. uber and lyft drivers are accused of turning their apps on and off several times a night in order to create surge pricing. drivers tell local media they do it because their pay is so low. wow.
3:46 am
and uber in the sky makes first successful flight. german start up test run of 5 seat jet like air taxy. the company hopes to have the flying taxi up and running in major cities by 2025. pete? pete: i want to try that all right, thanks, ed. disgraced former fbi director james comey lashing out at attorney general bill barr at late night tweet storm writing and i quote the ag should stop sliming his own department. bad fact show us and search for them professionally and tell us what you found. an a.g. must act like a leader of the department of justice. an organization based on truth. donald trump has enough spokes people. well e here to react president of judicial watch tom fitton, thank you for being here this morning. pretty rich coming from the fbi director. why is he going after bill barr so hard? >> mr. comey has significant potential criminal liability over his misconduct when he was fbi director in terms of potentially abusing his
3:47 am
office to politically attack then candidate trump and then, obviously, president trump. so his conduct under criminal investigation are a at least ought to be by mr. barr, maybe mr. durham up in connecticut. remember, he stole fbi records concerning president trump, leaked them illegally to the "new york times" in order to get mueller appointed. he put he managed the process as fbi director. signed off on fake dossier that even mr. mueller couldn't give credibility. every time the dossier is mentioned in the mueller report, he calls it unverified. so, mr. comey is someone who ought to be under investigation. and, frankly, ruin the credibility of the fbi with the help of loretta lynch, the justice department and so you have someone who is confident and a truth teller. that's the type of person a
3:48 am
political hack like comey. pete: narrative for comey. he has real liability based on the investigations ongoing about him? >> sure. he is already under investigation over his handling of those fbi memos he stole from the fbi about president trump. he took president trump's fbi files and then leaked them. pete: um-huh. >> we already know there is an investigation or at least it's supposed to be an investigation going on. and now there is a broader investigation thanks to mr. barr coming on as attorney general. we don't know what's going to happen with the ig report that is looking at the fisa abuses. pete: that's inspector horowitz. bill barr is looking into the investigators. how much power will he have? how deep with this scope go? >> well, the u.s. attorney,
3:49 am
so he has access to grand juries if he needs them. i think he needs to -- we need to get past this idea that we are going to do an administrative review of these issue and bring witnesses before grand juries. so, if it's going to be another unioner, it would be a disappointment. durham seems the type of guy who has a record looking at significant government corruption investigations. so it's another reassuring move by the attorney general. let me just say one more thing about mr. comey. isn't it interesting how comey's comments echo the democratic talking points attacking barr? just proving how political an fbi director he was. pete: yeah. >> in an age where we kind of want the fbi director to be a lawman not a politician. pete: if you hear what his subordinates were writing and saying some of the text messages. someone created a culture where stuff like that was acceptable. >> his top lawyer was coordinating with the clinton campaign lawyers,
3:50 am
the dnc lawyers just before the election on getting trump on russia. and select temperaturing us about slime? pete: it's ironic stuff, tom fitton thank you for your time. we appreciate it? >> thank you, pete. pete: year after year used to hearing from left leaning commencement speakers. this year there is actually good news. seems like some schools are finally getting the hint. can this be true. lawrence jones joins us coming up next.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
♪ jedediah: colleges around the country are getting the message and becoming more inclusive when it comes to commencement speakers. campus reform analyzed the political leanings of
3:54 am
speakers at the country's top 50 largest universities and surprisingly found a balance. only 26 had a measurable lean to the right or left. 15 being liberal and 11 being conservative. here with more is fox news contributor and editor and chief of campus reform lawrence jones. lawrence, welcome to the show as always. >> good morning, jedediah. jedediah: tell me about this. this to me looks like a positive message of some balance occurring. these speakers are important fixtures at these events. so, what's changing here? >> the leaders of the campus inreform is reporting on it every year. these colleges are afraid. they know to have to make some type of a change. let's not kid ourselves. this is one day. although this is some progress, every single day in the classroom our kids are being indoctrinated for example just this week alone harvard university hosted undocumented graduation essentially praising illegals coming across the
3:55 am
border illegally and graduating with taxpayer funds. we can talk about call polythe faculty banded to vote chick-fil-a on the campus and compared chick if i fly porn as well as hooters. we can talk about the university of georgia ta that said white people are a part of the problem. and so when you go down list, list, list, every single school in the country and they are indoctrinating our kids, i think it's something we should be concerned, about again, this is a positive move but let's not kid ourselves every single day it's a indoctrination cesspool. jedediah: they're putting this out there to seem more inclusive. in fact what's going on on the campuses on a day-to-day basis is not so. you are appearing on wise guys on fox nation. tell us about this? it's exciting. >> let me tell you me, brian kilmeade, stuart varney, ari
3:56 am
fleischer and dr. bill bennett had a great time. take a look. >> what about china? and is the president dealing with china in the right way? >> there is going to be extra taxes. and we got to take that in mind. tariffs are taxes. look, there is nothing wrong with the president being tough and going blow for blow with china, but don't put america at risk in the middle of being tough on china. and we are at risk when he does this. >> good stuff, lawrence. >> it was interesting. because you had the libertarian me at the table with a plethora of different guests that have different opinions. look, i support the president. i just don't agree with this trade war going on. jedediah: people should go check this live on fox nation. it looks like a good time. thanks, lawrence for being here and weighing in. >> thanks my friend. have a good one. jedediah: president trump taking the stage and bringing back campaign style we all know and love. what he said about the 2020
3:57 am
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♪ i got my game on ♪ i guarantee it's going to be a. pete: bass pro shops and cabela's here al all morning long. the plaza, their kayaks are here. jedediah: i heard you guys did this last year and you both cheated. ed: i don't know what you are talking about. jedediah: you both cheated. pete: when you check the tape, i'm clearly ahead. this is last year. ed is struggling to even get in the water with his paddle. jedediah: where are you? ed: he started to lap me and then he hit start to pass him. he knocked me over.
4:01 am
see how he hit me? >> this isn't dirty. jedediah: oh, ed. then you guys wonder why i don't want to get into the water with the two of you do the truck, we will do the boats. jedediah: i have never driven a truck. my mom told me a story she drove an enormous truck like the middle of the night for the first time my aunt was in the passenger seat screaming. i don't drive stick shifts. maybe you can teach me how to drive stick shift. ed: you don't know how to drive stick shift? jedediah: no. you should. how am i going to get my puppy to the vet? pete: important tip for parents if you don't teach your kids how to drive a stick shift. ed: how am i going to get my husband to the hospital. jedediah: my puppy isn't feeling well she has a belly ache i have to take her to the vet today.
4:02 am
this is -- we need lessons. "fox & friends" step it up. basketball lessons and now driving a stick shift. those are two things on my list. pete: jump some kayaks later. ed: attorney general of the united states william barr has been under fire from democrats trying to held them in contempt of congress. beginning of the week he pushed back and almost laughed all that off asking nancy pelosi you got the handcuffs? i'm ready to face off with you. then he goes down to el salvador to talk about the other big things is he doing for the president such as taking on ms-13 and other gangs. he sat down for an exclusive interview with our own bill hemmer and sat down with the "wall street journal" and was very blunt in saying that government power was used to spy on american citizens in the 2016 campaign. pete: big stuff. listen to the a.g. >> i've been trying to get answers to questions. and i found that a lot of the answers have been inadequate. and i have also found that some of the explanations i have gotten don't hang together. >> bill: why does that matter? >> well, because i think people have to find out what
4:03 am
the government was doing during that period. if we're worried about foreign influence for the very same reason, we should be worried about whether government officials abused their power and put their thumb on the scale. and so, i'm not saying that happened, but i'm saying that we have to look at that i think if i had been falsely accused, i would be comfortable saying it was a witch-hunt. jedediah: so he comes out and he makes what to me very benign statement saying, listen, i don't know what happened. we should look into it. of course, the media outraged immediately calling him a conspiracy theorist. attacking him. take a listen. >> mr. barr seems to be contempt with chumming the waters of conspiracy. witch-hunt. phrase clearly designed to light up the pleasure centers in president trump's brain. as if he is taking his cues from the president's talking points on the russia investigation, which of course, include what the president and his allies have dubbed the dirty dossier. >> the attorney general of the united states fueling
4:04 am
these conspiracy theories fro.>> from the release of that ridiculous four page summary through this he is utterly consistent and seems determined to protected the president. pete: this is honest question anderson cooper, chuck todd the rest do they really consider themselves journalists? ed: they do. pete: that is editorializing. what bill barr said in the previous clip if we are that worried about foreign influence which we should be for the very same reason we should be worried whether the government officials abused their power. last time i checked the media was supposed toen watchdogging the government and powerful people. instead they are doing that garbage. >> i was covering this in the bush administration when we had government surveillance trying to take down al qaeda and other terrorist organizations after 9/11 and the media was very much up in arms. in some cases justified to say what are the limits on the surveillance? is the government spying? is it crossing the line? are they listening in on calls of americans? these are all important questions to be raised.
4:05 am
republican president president bush now all of a sudden you look at this and william barr is saying timeout back in 2016 this fisa court which is supposed to be use sod we can surveil terrorists, that's the real goal there. pete: exactly. ed: being used to surveil carter page and maybe other trump officials at the very least mainstream media should we look at this and get some answers and if bill barr is wrong he will be embarrassed obviously and rightly. so the attorney general of the united states i submit to you is not going to go out on a limb under oath before congress and now to bill hemmer and others and say there was spying by government officials. he is ♪ going to say that willy-nilly. he was attorney general under bush 41. he didn't need this job. he was not a trump supporter. this is not somebody who was angling for the job. so it's absurd to all of us to say oh we don't care about these getting these answers. pete: and there was unmasking and leaking. the hallmark, you used the phrase mainstream media. i don't use that anymore. there is no mainstream
4:06 am
media. there isn't. they are all left wingers. what is the mainstream. i think fox is mainstream and our reporters is mainstream and our reporters are mainstream. yet, they would never call us that. jedediah: journalists live in a one. you look at the stats. come out of liberal academia. their objectivity to them they look at each other we are are objective journalists. very few stand out. they have forgotten true objectivity means objectivity. william barr responded to the criticism on the left and great response in my opinion. take a listen. >> laughable charge, it's being used to discredit me partly because they may be concerned about the outcome of a review of what happened during the election. obviously, you can look at the face of my testimony and see on its face that there is nothing inaccurate about it. >> bill: democrats will say is that you are spinning on behalf of the president. were you spinning for the white house to buy some time. >> no, i wasn't.
4:07 am
i think what they really are perhaps annoyed about is that they didn't have an opportunity to spin and that the fundamental findings of the report were were out there for everybody to see and they were not in a position to spin. jed yesterday this guy is brilliant contrast to mueller. weighs so worried about reports oh the media is representing it and it's going to be misleading. they are going to feel this way or that way. is he so concerned about that court of public opinion. this guy doesn't care at all. is he like listen, i don't care what you think of me. i'm here to do a job. i don't care. it's great. pete: i agree with you completely. i think trump supporters didn't know what they would get in bill barr. he has been in the swamp with other durations. he sounds like a guile that has seen all the shades and aspects of washington and just fed up. to your point, i.d., i didn't need. this i didn't need this job. so how about i call all the b.s. and i don't care what you think and i call balls and strikes?
4:08 am
that's why the media hates him so much because is he effective. ed: it's direct and unfiltered reminds me of the president. that's what he did in 2016 when he would be out at these rallies. he was connecting with voters across the country. pete: tens of thousands of people in these crowds. what's happening? ed: this was a smaller event talking to the national association of realtors. this was some official business if you will talking about the economy. but then he went off script a little bit and took aim at the 2020 democrats and gave us a preview of the next campaign, watch. >> have 25 people now running for the office of president. and some of these people are stone cold crazy. [laughter] they are promoting the biggest socialist takeover in the history, really of the world. green new deal, nobody has any idea what the hell it is. they know you can't take a plane anymore. you have to take a train to hawaii. train. [laughter] if they can't build from san
4:09 am
francisco to los angeles. [laughter] what's going to happen when they say let's build a train to europe? i don't want to hit it too hard. i want to save it for the election. i don't want them to change. i don't want them to have time to pivot. i want them to go with this stuff. but we still have to be careful. it will never happen as long as i'm president. jedediah: this reminds me why he was so effective though. he doesn't talk journalist talk. he doesn't talk washington talk. he gets out there and this is when people are sitting around their dinner tables having these conversations regular people. this is how they are talking to each other. he echos that that is just plain and simple. not politically correct. not trying to sound like some lofty politician. this is his appeal and this is going to be the challenge for democrats running against him to capture that element where people sitting at home feel like this guy kind of gets it. he gets me. ed: we had tony katz radio talk show host on earlier pete buttigieg one of the democratic contenders moved up higher in the polls than
4:10 am
many expected billing himself as a different kind of democrat when he laid out his policy plans big supporter of the green new deal and left ideas that the president was hitting. pete buttigieg will have a chance to respond. is he doing a town hall with our own chris wallace tomorrow night on the fox news channel. here we are talking about how the president is laying out his vision. we are hearing from the democrats as well and we will tomorrow night. pete: when you see so much lunancy. sometimes the best thing to do is not respond but to mock it. jedediah: right. pete: that's what he does so well. labels and mocks. and when it is so absurd why do you engage with the idea. let's talk about that green new deal. this is insane, people. a train to hawaii. jedediah: you know this worked for me last time i'm doing it again he is like good luck joe biden. pete: first debate coming up in june. steve: bill de blasio got in. jedediah: that changes everything.
4:11 am
airliners flying over of the persian gulf at risk of being misidentified. they warned planes experience interference with navigation and communication systems. tensions have been rising since the u.s. accused iran of threatening its forces a chlorine factory erupghts in flames shutting down a major roadway in new jersey overnight. crews helping stranded drivers get off the bridge in a huge plumes of smoke. officials telling people in the area shut their windows over air quality concerns. unclear yet if anyone is hurt. the cause of the fire is now under investigation newly released video shows the moments a suv plows into a new jersey pizza shop. the car smashes through the glass. hitting the owner and two employees. authorities say the driver is a teacher. they say she got out of the car as if nothing happened then tried to leave before the employees stopped her. she is charged with a dui. no one was seriously hurt, thankfully. and a former college
4:12 am
football star hailed a hero for tackling an armed student at oregon high school. keenan lowe wrestled the student to the ground before police arrived. the student had a shotgun but it's unclear what he planned to do with it. local reports say the student may have been suicidal but police have not confirmed that. lowe is a coach and security guard at the school. those are your headlines good for him. he took action. an expected illegal immigrant from kenya now an alleged serial killer in the murder of 12 elderly women in texas. wow. an attorney representing one of those victim's families joins us coming up next. [music playing]
4:13 am
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4:16 am
accused o preying on the elderly in texas charged in the killing of 12 elderly women. ed: suspected serial killer billy chemirmir posed as a home health aid and smothered his elderly victims with a pillow before robbing them. pete: one of those victims was 94-year-old gleason. fighting back as police review hundreds of other deaths for possible links. ed: an attorney for the gleason family we appreciate you coming, in mr. arnltd. >> thank you. ed: can you tell us first of all how you kind of solved this case because it sounds to me it was because of a necklace that led authorities to say wait a second there might be a much bigger thing going on here. >> yes. doris gleason had a particular necklace that she wore every day and when her body was discovered by her daughter, it was simply missing. she had suspicions from the very beginning that
4:17 am
something was not right. what happened is that the police in plano, texas outside of dallas had another victim that actually survived the attack. and was able to give enough detail that they put chemirmir under surveillance and literally saw him put a jewelry box in a dumpster at his apartment. and they retrieved the box and had a name and address in it and they went to that address to do a welfare check and sure enough there was a deceased victim. pete: oh, wow. this billie chemirmir who is charged with the killings was in the country illegally. was there any part of his process that was missed? >> no, i don't think that that's really the problem. you know, the victim's
4:18 am
families view him, i think rightfully so as evil personified. and to, you know, associate that kind of personality and behavior with undocumented persons is probably not really productive. their focus is on the retirement communities that appear to have not really provided adequate security. ed: right. i want to jump, in pardon me, one second. you are actually suing the apartment company here, democrat addition, prestonwood. they have given a statement to local news. we have reached out to them as well. each of our haven't family to us. we are cooperating with the authorities. it's not appropriate to speculate on what legal proceedings may be underway. we can only stress that the safety of our residents is a top priority every day. i want to get some big picture here because it sounds like there is someone from kenya suspected. he may be an illegal
4:19 am
immigrant. allegedly killed the client here that you are representing but i want to talk big picture because we're now learning from authorities that this person, this suspect may have done this to hundreds of elderly folks. >> there is no question it appears he is a serial killer of the first order. he has been indicted in texas now with 12 offenses. frankly, it only stands to reason that there are many more. law enforcement is investigating, continuing to investigate cases. they likely will find others. there may be many others that they will never find. pete: richard, thank you very much for your time. either way, if you are here illegally, you are not supposed to be. as a result people are dead. this guy is a psychopath. we wish you the best with your case. thanks for joining us.
4:20 am
>> thank you. ed: meanwhile, the sat changing thousand measures a student's score by considering adversity. adversity. pete: but is that really a good idea? we have a few thoughts on that. we discuss that. ♪ ♪
4:21 am
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so now you can bring in your own phone, you're getting the right flight at the best price. switch wireless carriers and save hundreds of dollars a year. it's pretty much the easiest way to save since sliced bread. because savings is as savings does. and sometimes you've just got to stop and smell the savings. i'm sorry, i think you mean roses. oh right. you need to stop and smell the roses of savings. bring in your own phone, switch to xfinity mobile and only pay for data. now that's simple, easy, awesome. get $100 back when you bring in an eligible smartphone. click, call, or visit a store today. ed: time now for news by the numbers. >> first after 17 years abc is canceling who wants to be a millionaire that according to variety magazine. the show aired nearly 3,000 episodes. the popular game show first debuted in 1999 with host regis philbin.
4:24 am
number 4. the couple revealing his name psalm west on social media. psalm was born via surrogate last week and finally, 10.7 million. that's how many americans plan to skip work on monday after the game of thrones finale. the new survey found millions more plan to be late, unproductive or just work from home. about 1/3 of all employed americans say they will watch tomorrow night's finale that is a big number, jedediah. jedediah: thanks, ed. the college board attempting to level the playing field when did comes to college admissions by adding adversity store taking the sat. calculated 15 fact torts crime reign rate and poverty levels from high school and neighborhood. college board said it's just general background information. is this really fair to students? here to weigh in is executive director of unhyphenated america christopher harris. what do you make of this adversity score? >> good morning,.
4:25 am
jedediah: jed how are you doing? >> all right. i think it's great that colleges are look for x factor in students. i think most elite organizations, they are looking for x factors. the only question i have why are we not talking about the things that create these x factors or in this case this environmental context? essentially, you are talking about students who are under privileged but why are they under privileged? what circumstances did they grow up in? and who helped to create that i would say it's usually leftist policies that maybe started out well or with good intentions but then there is the unintended consequences that create these environmental context that these students are growing up in. the sat is supposed to be a scholastic aptitude test. why are they taking into accounts adversity when they're monitoring committee when he they're supposed to be taking a look at scholastic aptitude. jedediah: i'm not a big fan as sat as a measure of
4:26 am
student potential. i think they need to do away with it and personal interviews and having worked in schools for years. could this be in response to the incredible amount of privilege that you have seen with felicity huffman and lori loughlin and the payoff and beyond that just the amount of money that goes into tutoring these kids, if parents can afford it. i mean, thousands upon thousands of dollars in sat tutoring that people are looking at this system and saying well, hold on a second. if those kids hadn't had that privilege of being able to afford that would they have been in the same position as these other kids coming out of homes and families and school districts that cannot level up that way? is this a means where people are at least trying to address that in equity? >> you know, there is always good intentions. once again, you are talking about policies that are being created that have this idea we are going to try to level the playing field. you know, you have people coming out of the same home. children coming out of the same womb who are unequal.
4:27 am
at the end of the day the left is always trying to create these equal outcomes when you are dealing with people who are inherently unequal. i do understand where you are coming from. you had the cheating scandal and all those things. that's going to continue to happen. when they set up a new system, there is going to be people who have the means who are going to go out of their way to try to circumvent that system. >> we actually have a statement from david coleman the college board. i want to get your reaction. >> general context to look at stores. if you look at a test score alone but don't know she was 400 points higher than all her peers you might not see how exceptional her achievement was you might miss her resourcefulness. only when you look at a score in context can you see growing up in porch irished neighborhood she has done so well. jedediah: is it providing context. i know a lot of kids who gray up rich. guess what their parents
4:28 am
didn't help them when they came home. their parents didn't invest that money. is it really providing context or just providing supposed context for a situation you may not know if it's true or not? >> definitely supposed context. how do you verify those things? at the end of the day, there is supposed to be the essay and then the interview. scholastic aptitude tests is how is that going to measure those things? you are not going to see that in the score. can you only have that by talking to the individual. and that's why, you know, okay. set the score. have a standard, right? do not raise the standard arby trarly to make it harder for certain people but by god do not lower the standard, either. you don't do anyone any favors. i understand -- i listened to the interview from the ceo of the college board and he did indicate that they are not changing anything. they are not giving anybody any additional points but at least that's what they are saying is not going to happen. how soon or how long will it be before they start giving extra points?
4:29 am
>> the question is really do people need to go back to the drawing board and look at this test in its entirety and figure out a better way to figure out student potential and student performance and what those kids will actually do when they get to college. >> absolutely. jedediah: thank you so much for being here. this is a great debate. i don't think this is going anywhere, christopher. >> thanks so much. jedediah: bass pro shops and cabela's is here to quick fox square. and give away this atv. ♪ ♪ u both comfortable. save $1,000 on the new queen sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, only $1,799. only for a limited time.
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pete: we're not going to tell you what we were talking abouted in the break. we have another story for you. if you were watching. bill maher, right? fran issue will witch. she made comments about our president and the treatment he deserves on the program. listen to this. >> impeachment would be just the beginning of what he deserves. [laughter] you know, not even scratching the surface of what he deserves. we should turn him over to the saudis. you know, his buddies. the same saudis who got rid of that reporter, you know, maybe they could do the same for him. >> you know, it's like everyone is too, too, too. you know, it's a live show. you don't really want to see the president dismembered by the saudis.
4:34 am
>> no, i don't. [laughter] >> i don't like donald trump either but who the president is, we do not want physical harm. >> no. >> i saw your face when i said it. i didn't realize i said it. i had 12 cups of coffee. i regret saying it. i did not mean that and i regret saying that i regret everyone misinterpreted it misinterpret everything. [laughter] ed: sort of clarify but to say everyone misinterpreted it. on the audience that was egging her on the bill maher audience remember khashoggi, the journalist, the columnist who was killed with a saw, basically, this horrendous, heinous murder. the president of the united states should face that. and, oh, let me blame the audience because you miss interpreted. >> no we didn't miss interpret what you said. jedediah: she knew she had to walk it back. she caught heirself oh this did not play well. it is always a question who can get away with what? if you are a comedian
4:35 am
apparently can you get away with certain things. if you don't define yourself as a comedian, it's a tough line. i do agree with bill maher it's live television sometimes something comes out of your mouth and you say it. ed: true but not i think someone should be killed with a saw. jedediah: she thought she was funny. pete: to your point it matters who says it. if i today decided someone should get the khashoggi treatment, that would not go well. it would not work going into fox news channel tomorrow morning. i won't do that no one deserves that. ed: you went a little far? jedediah: all right. we have some headlines for you. at least seven people shot at house party overnight near ball state university in indiana. three of them are in critical condition. the police chief says some of the people are students. authorities say a fight led to the violence and that there is no longer a threat to the campus or the community. one person has been arrested.
4:36 am
the treasury secretary rejects a democratic subpoena for six years of president trump's tax returns steve mnuchin denied a request saying it lacked purpose. the issue will likely end up in court as early as next week. and gmail users beware, that's me. cnbc reports google is scanning your inbox to track your purchases. it doesn't include a complete history but their page called purchases includes digital receipts sent to your gmail account. there is also no easy way to delete them. you can only delete the list if you also delete receipts from gmail entirely. google claims you can turn off tracking through search settings. and the play of the day at minor league baseball game goes to the announcer. >> 1-1 through the broadcast booth and i make the catch on the foul ball i am very proud of myself.
4:37 am
boy, am i impressive. [laughter] what a play by me. jedediah: announcer not missing a beat during the patriots game in new jersey. those are your headlines, adam you have some weather. hopefully you will tell me it will warm up. right? i'm praying. adam: are you cold out here this morning? it's not too bad. we have a happy crowd. why do we have a happy crowd? we have a special young man back here. [cheers] adam: ed is in the crowd. you enjoy this weather out here this morning, ed? ed: you do such a great job. i will leave new good hands with adam. >> thank you, ed. adam: you guys enjoying ed and enjoying the morning? >> yeah. adam: we have nice forecast for you. it will be warming up. you see a lot of warm air on the eastern half of the country. mid 70's in the middle of the country. unfortunately though that is going to fuel some big storms. everything you are seeing there in the red. that is a tornadoes storm for the last 24 hours. the tornado cell moving across the middle of the country. we could see more of that today. especially further south
4:38 am
getting into eastern texas. running up into arkansas. all areas of concern. those are going to be the spots we are paying attention to as there could be big weather throughout the rest of the day. now tossing it over to ed who is back on the move again. pete: thank you very much, ed. bass pro shops and cabela's here to kick off summer: what is go outdoors. >> go outdoors event is something we are really excited about at bass pro shops and cabela's. let them learn how much fun they can actually have out there. during the event great sales going on on thousands of great products. ed: what about about the atv? it looks pretty cool. >> we have the tracker 570. you know for 41 years johnny morris has been bringing tracking name to explore the waters of america. taking taken that passion from the outdoors moved it
4:39 am
from water to land. great all around atv double arm suspension means it's going to be great in any off road conditions you can put it in. price point you can't beat 5799 for this atv. compare that to competitor in the same model over $1,200. pete: street legal? >> no. [laughter] pete: you have outfitters in your store. >> we do. we do. [cheers] >> this is the 570 big brother all the same great features. you got all the same great features of the 570 but the 700 has power steering which is really nice those tight areas turn it around. jedediah: viewers can enter to win this one. >> you can you can win this machine right here. pete: is that adam klotz? >> no, it's not. pete: behind that mask. >> this is probably my favorite machine of tracker off road.
4:40 am
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i protect your home and auto. -hey, campbells. who's your new maid? pete: quick headlines here. things are about to get peachy at chick-fil-a bringing back famous peach milk shake the creamy fruity dessert will make its way on this program. we have a chick-fil-a across the street. coming to you on a saturday soon. food vendor offers to rehire a lunch lady who was fired for giving a student free meal. bonnie won't take the job because the company is trying to save face. she gave a boy free lunch at his new hampshire school when he didn't have money for it. doesn't sound like a fireable offense. >> this week the president unveiled his new immigration plan which calls for a
4:45 am
merit-based system and, of course, democrat maxine waters wasted no time in attacking it. >> well, you know, this business about you must speak english so we are going to give you points for speaking english. and, we don't want poor people. you know, he talk about chain migration when you are able to help others in the family come. he is going to limit that i think some of those policies are racist. >> here to react former white house press secretary and senior advisor for america first action sean spicer. how are you doing today? >> i'm great. by the way, i'm heading off camping with my son in a few hours. so i really would love if you guys get that atv. [laughter] jedediah: we were saying we wish you were here you could have gone and driving around. >> i will come get it. jedediah: i have got to ask you about maxine waters, her comment here, her suggestion that any of these policies are racist i think she is the one who should have to explain herself and what exactly she means by that. >> all right. so, there is two things.
4:46 am
one, this has become the go to line for everything that the democrats don't like. we clearly have a crisis at the southern border. i think any objective person with their eyes open can see it. we have seen upwards of 590% increase of people coming over the southern border. at one point in april at the southwest border we had 109,000 people come over. we have got to do something about it. most of the people coming over the border who are claiming asylum are what they call economic migrants. coming here because they want a better life. something that i think all of us can understand but we have a legal way to do that. to apply for citizenship, to apply for certain visas, to come here legally, which is what most other immigrants did, stood in line, waited and did it properly, legally. what the president has put forward is what a lot of other countries do is look at merit. what does the country need? what is the system to make sure we do it in a way that properly grows the country and isn't a free for all. so, if maxine waters has a problem with the president's
4:47 am
problem number one she needs to acknowledge the crisis at our southern border and the current system creates by this magnet that allow people to come into the country, claim asylum and disappear into the country. secondly she should come up with a plan. right now the president is leading on this and she is not. pete: sean to jedediah's point what's the imply case? can you can't speak english somehow that's that has a factor on race? want skills. certain races would have them or wouldn't have them? is she just saying i believe this president is a racist only thing he does is the same? >> unfortunately i don't know what she thinks. i believe this is sort of the go to line for every democrat. regardless of the policy. it's got to be based in race. it's just silly. like i said she is equally accusing a several countries that we have strong relationships with of being in the same. most other countries that we do business with have a very similar immigration policy based on merit or at least in part based on merit.
4:48 am
so, this has become just a go-to talking point. it's a dog whistle to the left to say oppose this because it doesn't -- because we on the left don't like anything that donald trump puts forward. but the reality is that it has grown hollow. they throw this line out every time. i think, you know, a few years ago it might have rung a little deeper, now it's literally whether it's tax policy, immigration policy, regulations it's like whether. everything is racist in the democratic party. ed: real quick we have about 30 seconds. all fair points democratic rhetoric probably overdone. there is a crisis at the border that democrats didn't want to admit. to say and the president is putting forth a merit based system that a lot of our allies do. you are all right about that. why aren't republicans getting behind this plan? if it's so good why didn't even mitch mcconnell put out a lukewarm statement about it. >> well, from what i can tell part of it is process. the way the white house rolled this out i don't think a lot of people were read in according to press reports as to what happened. i think as they hear more about the plan, as the
4:49 am
president puts forward and his team puts forward the way in which they see this getting done, i think you will see more and more republicans get on board. the other thing is politically speaking as we head into an election year with the house controlled by nancy pelosi and the democrats, i think a lot of folks, especially who are up for re-election or in tough races are saying do i really want to go out on a limb on something that nancy pelosi is calling dead on arrival. ed: sean spicer. thanks for coming in. good luck with the camping trip. pete: send us a photo ed: we will put that out. >> i will. ed: coming off master's win tiger woods missed the mark at the pga championship didn't make the cut out by one stroke. jedediah: what this means for tiger's career. pete: good morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance
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ed: tiger woods will not be teeing off around 3:00 today at the championship in new york. missing the by jus missing the cut by one stroke. >> disappointing and just didn't quite have it. the pga was a quick turn around and unfortunately i just didn't -- i just didn't play well. you know, i'm the master's champion and 43 years old and that's pretty good accomplishment. pete: that was pretty good accomplishment. what does it mean for his career going forward? fox news headlines 24/7 report joins us now. we are all enthralled by him. you want to believe it's the beginning of a big come back is it this a set back or the way things happen. >> it is a set back. the come back, the masters wasn't the beginning. the begins wag maybe a year before that and little by little like we hear in sports trust the process. little by little tiger's process was coming together
4:54 am
and pieces of his game were all coming together to have that unbelievable win at the masters. ed: he was paired one brooks koepka already won majors and beat him by 17 strokes. playing together. tiger shook his hand at the end. he said go finish this. >> how boston red sox fans felt after they finally won the world series. how cubs fans felt after they won the world series. if you don't win it the next year, i think we saw that with tiger yesterday. he is okay. the fact that nobody has a shot to beat brooks koepka the only one beat brooks koepka who is up by 7 strokes is brooks keepca. this is the lead in the pga championship. his 36 holes, the best score ever for a 36 holes at any major championship. he is on fire. but, tiger, i don't know if it's so much about the golf game. big news came out this week tiger was and his girlfriend erika named in wrongful death suit that took place
4:55 am
employee former employee and former friend of tiger woods at his restaurant in jupiter, florida. we all know from playing golf you need a clear head. head game more than any other sport. i could have predicted as i said on fox news headlines this week and other shows i would have been shocked. tiger would have been super mad to win. there is a whole lot to worry about and i think we saw the evidence about. jedediah: the preakness is today but without the two horses in the whole derby controversy. is that goin anybody going to w? >> i don't think they will be killing tonight preakness. the two big ones we would love to see a rematchup between maximum security who finished first but to was disqualified for interference and then also country house who was ruled the winner. country house isn't running for the race. he had a cough shortly after the preakness. i know it sounds bad you call in sick 11 days before with a cough. this was a sign of an illness and they don't want to take a chance. maximum security you go run
4:56 am
the preakness they have the jockey lie eas louise. >> bad spot. is this good for horse racing. you are trying to pull people. in i think they made the right call. going to the tracks when i was a kid there was infraction and guy got suspended. pete: it was terrible quality. >> was s. it bad for the sport? now who is going to watch the preakness. ed: good stuff. pete: you have 2-0 leads in the nba playoffs. >> yeah. golden state. so good even without kevin durant. pete: i know. ed: thanks for coming. in pete pete former fbi director james comey taking to twitter and airing his frustrations about bill barr. what he said about the attorney general coming up at the top of the hour ♪ his hand on mine ♪ the clock is ticking ♪ so stay
4:57 am
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♪ i thank god i'm american ♪ oh ♪ american ♪ pete: welcome to the 8:00 hour here on the east coast of "fox & friends" on this saturday and today is armed forces day. we thank everyone who puts on the uniform. a lot of our viewers out there, family members. we you to send photos in all morning of you and your loved one. huge patriotic audience. jedediah: tell us who you want to thank and show us the photos and we would love to show some of them. ed: we already have some sanders sent in this of her son-in-law william who serves in the air force. she thanks him for his service. pete: big dude. jedediah: picture of husband who served in vietnam during the pet offer. pete: kenneth sent us this picture he wants to honor david fullerton who served in the korean war.
5:01 am
not forgotten today or ever. ed: just a sampling of our many viewers honoring many of our veterans across the country. pete: i said i would bring you a gift. had a chance to interview mark levin in the bunker. ed: did you pay for that book? pete: did i not pay for that book. i got i specially inscribed for you. you might not want to read it on the air. [laughter] ed: i yitly respect him. i'm looking forward to his book. it's a best seller. i will save the inscription for later. pete: there is more in there to. great stuff. we love our ed henry. ed: mark and i have a lot of fun back and forth. and so does james comey and bill barr going at it. barr did that exclusive interview with fox bill hemmer and spoke to the "wall street journal" where he was blunt and direct about saying there was government spying of market american citizens back in 2016. remember, this investigation
5:02 am
of all of that comes at the same time that there we are waiting for the justice department inspector general report that's going to take a sharp look at james comey and others at the fbi. pete: instead of tweeting a picture of him gazing off into a sun set which philosopher james comey has been known to do recently, he took to twitter and gland about the attorney general. here is james comey yesterday saying the ag should stop sliming his own department. if there are bad facts search and tell us what you found and a.g. must act like the leader of the department of justice an organization based on truth. donald trump has enough spokesperson. jedediah: the president claiming the fbi's investigation was treason reminds me that a russian once said a lie told often enough becomes the truth. that shouldn't happen in america. who will stand up? of course we have all been waiting with baited breath to hear what james comey had to say. that was a photo of him wandering in the forest. james comey the philosopher, the political commentator, the person who fact checked
5:03 am
the president. all been waiting. he thinks everybody is waiting. ed: that's all funny. i want to make a serious point. when the president of the united states was mad what he calls the witch-hunt with the mueller investigation and was attacking then attorney general jeff sessions and was going after mueller and his investigators, his critics screamed obstruction of justice. is he being investigated he is lashing out. that must be on destruction of justice. we have seen that play out in section 2 of the mueller report. now you have james comey. that man is under investigation by the justice department inspector general and by out attorney general who we will hear from in a minute. potentially a criminal investigation about how the whole russia investigation started. and now what is he doing? he is going on twitter like the president lashing out, basically attacking the people like bill barr who are now investigating him. is that obstruction of justice? turned around on him. pete: good question. jedediah: let's remind everyone what the fuss is all about. here is a.g. bill barr talking about investigating the investigators with
5:04 am
"america's newsroom." take a listen. >> trying to get answers to the questions and i found that a lot of the answers have been inadequate and i have also found that some of the explanations i have gotten don't hang together. >> bill: why does that matter? >> if we are worried about foreign influence for the very same reason we should be worried about whether government officials abused their power and put their thumb on the scale. i'm not saying that happened. but i'm saying that we have to look at that. >> bill: james comey has a lot to say about you. what do you think of him? >> well, i have noticed one of the talking points these days is always a tragedy, barr is losing his reputation or his legacy is being tinged because of his service in this administration. i don't think those people are really concerned about my legacy. ed: see a man there who could care less about the critics. doesn't care about the constitution and defense attorney for the president. instead, he pushed back repeatedly in that interview with our colleague bill
5:05 am
hemmer in saying no, i'm just speaking my mind, fog the constitution and somebody who has done this job before in the bush 41 administration not a trump insider who didn't need to come back in to government service but saw a chance here to serve his country and is doing that and could care less about what critics say. jedediah: what's so controversial again? just remind me? he is saying i'm not saying this happened. i'm saying we have to look into it. heaven forbid somebody actually do their job and not care about the court of public opinion and not care about what the media has to say about it and say look i want to investigate how this whole investigation started. what kind of spying was happening? what kind of justification for it. this guy is just looking for answers and being criminalized for it. pete: bill barr is living rent free and enjoying it. simply say going big, powerful people abuse their positions against u.s. citizens, i want to know about that. ed: big powerful people like james comey signed off on the dossier to go to the fisa court and basically get the warrants to surveil carter page and get their
5:06 am
wedge into the trump campaign. well, tom fitton from judicial watch was on earlier in the week saying this is why james comey is lashing out. he is getting nervous. watch. >> mr. comey has significant potential criminal liability over his misconduct. remember, he stole fbi records concerning president trump, leaked them illegally to the "new york times" in order to get mueller appointed. he put -- he managed the whole fisa process as fbi director. signed off on that fake dossier. broader investigation thanks to mr. barr. so you have someone who is competent and a truth teller and that's the type of person person, a political hack like comey hates. pete: can you imagine if horowitz comes back and says here are the two or three criminal referrals i'm going to make to the former fbi director. he has he the power to do it. a guy like james comey is not out of the woods. ed: horowitz report knocked
5:07 am
out james comey for lying and leaking. pete: it's all possible. big story we will keep following that also all eyes on the border. ed: crisis there now spilling into non-border states. jedediah: the white house is considering flying migrants to other parts of the country to ease overcrowding. pete: our own jennifer griffin joining from us washington as some states are pushing back on the plan. jennifer, good morning. >> good morning, pete, ed, jed. a conference call with reporters last night and confirmed the trump administration is weighing whether to asylum seekers who come to the southern u.s.ward to cities across the country to have their claims processed by cr pgd which says its agents are yompled at the border. friday and elicited alarmed response like governor ron desantis who says his state of florida cannot be used as a temporary hub for migrants. >> we cannot accommodate in florida just dumping the unlawful migrants into our
5:08 am
state. i think it will tax our resources. the schools, the healthcare, law enforcement, state agencies. >> the plan would supply up to 1,000 migrants a month to northern and coastal cities including two florida counties palm beach and broward county. late fry that i can plan was put on hold. governor desantis planned to speak to president trump about the issue. forever months been busing migrant families mostly from guatemala, honduras and el salvador to southern california or el paso, texas. the agency said the number of people apprehended at the border since october 1st was nearly 520,000. the highest in a decade will. in the past week there was an average of 4500 arrests a day. border patrol officials have felonflown 1,000 migrant seekers to del rio, texas. each contracted flight costs between 20 to $65,000 and can carry about 135 people.
5:09 am
pete: wow. thank you, jennifer. for being here. ed: you had democrats saying this is a manufactured crisis at the border that finally got broken down once some democrats like jeh johnson had the courage to step forward no, actually it's a real crisis. okay? and then you have the fact that some democrats in palm beach county like she mentioned yesterday are out there we can't take these migrants how are we going to handle this? we want to help as a country. in our community all of a sudden if it's in your backyard can't handle it. reminded of cher a couple weeks back saying wait, you can't bus migrants to l.a. we already have too many homeless people in l.a. and they're veterans. and the president's allies were saying that's sort of the point that we already have our own problem. now we are taking on even more new problems. when it's in your backyard. whether you are a democrat or you are a republican like ron desantis you are saying hey, hey, what are we going to do about this. pete: becoming every state is a border state. you start to feel what they are feeling. you start to realize the
5:10 am
outrage they have had that a lot of people don't connect with. but when it starts to come to you. ed: pit pressure on congress. democrats and republicans do something. jedediah: some of these democrats and republicans are late to the party issue unfortunately. this has been going on for a long time. you see the culmination and 4500 arrest as day. this is an issue that has been building and building and building and final at a breaking pointed and democrats chose to ignore it temporarily thinking they were going to get away with it until they realize the severity and exposure and people in their own party celebrities and whatnot hold on a second now they have accountability. it's going to be a key issue. pete: establishment republicans were late to the party the first two years. the president wanted to address this when he had the political capital to do it. paul ryan and others said we have other priorities. here we are democrats aren't going to work with imh. ed: "the washington post" editorial page the president's plan he unveiled this week is a good first step. not the whole deal. pete: a real proposal. ed: see if it actually moves forward. jedediah: do something. that's right.
5:11 am
extreme weather. tornadoes, hail and damaging winds several states overnight. one twister forcing a semi-truck on to its side in kansas. a monster tornadoes touching down in oklahoma. no injuries have been reported tennis ball size hail pounding indiana. severe weather will move towards the plains today. and live ammunition from an f-16 fighter jet that crashed through a warehouse has been safely destroyed. military officials detonated it yesterday. the f-16 went down near an air base in california during a trainings exercise. authorities say it's a miracle the weapons didn't explode in the warehouse. 13 people were hurt but are expected to luckily be okay. the plane may have had a hydraulic issue before the crash. and florida police release dash cam video of the moment a man steals a trooper's cruiser after that trooper had stopped to help him.
5:12 am
hey, where are you going? hey. where are you going? hey. hey. wow, the suspect reaching speeds up to 150 miles per hour during the wild chase. he eventually spun out of control and taken into custody. he faces 20 felony charges. and doctors in belgium think there should be legal consequences for parents who rise their kids as vegans the academy of medicine minute parents should be prosecuted for unethical behavior. it said a vegan diet can be destabilizing for children who need animal fat and amino acids to grow. i have so many comments on that. pete: i agree with that. jedediah: i totally disagree. i need a segment on that. pete: oversimplify complex issues on tv. jedediah: vegan is a bad word. doesn't always mean healthy.
5:13 am
plant based and that is a diverse diet. pete: to ed henry a great guy welcome to the sunny side. mark levin. ed: we will reveal all later. jedediah: how come you gout to go in the bunker by the way. mark levin i take issue with that. that's a coveted area. that's a cool spot. pete: bring and steel nondescript building is accurate. joe biden taking a double digital lead in a new fox news poll. is it all because his opponents are going easy on him? >> jedediah: a former bernie sanders match sounds off coming up next. ♪ ♪ -and we welcome back gary, who's already won three cars, two motorcycles, a boat, and an r.v. i would not want to pay that insurance bill. [ ding ] -oh, i have progressive, so i just bundled everything with my home insurance. saved me a ton of money. -love you, gary! -you don't have to buzz in. it's not a question, gary. on march 1, 1810 -- [ ding ] -frédéric chopin. -collapsing in 226 -- [ ding ] -the colossus of rhodes.
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ed: the joe biden fox news poll. the former v.p. with closest competitor bernie sanders among democratic voters. a bunch of other in single digits. are biden's opponents going too easy on him here is a former sanders' staff figaro. some of your fellow democrats are letting biden go easy right now because they want to have a front run his or her is perceived to be not too far left right now. >> of course, politicians and not even just with this cycle we can see they always take this passive aggressive tone to say i like joe or i like candidate so and so. i tell my 11-year-old it's not about who you like. it's about where you stand in your principles i think fifth grader does a better job of making it clear about where they stand so, right now. not about the frontrunner let's take down joe biden where do you stand? what are your differences on policy. where do you stand on trade.
5:18 am
where do you stand on the iraq war? where do you stand on racial justice which is my most important issue? i will say that senator harris did call out joe biden on last week with saying that mass incarceration that the crime bill did contribute to mass incarceration. good for her on that. i think all of the candidates have pretty much taken a weaker position and i look forward to getting a little bit stronger during the debate. ed: big picture right now axios had a piece saying that the biden strategy is to take this national lead and basically turn it in early on. mocked president trump and have what they call an air of inevident tbilitiability. reading where have i heard that before. clinton in 2016. democrats said no, no, it's her turn. let's just push this through. could your parity be making the same mistake with biden? >> yeah. well what happened with 2016 is obviously that didn't work. you know, if the candidates don't want to hold each other accountable and do the vetting you can rest assured that the american people
5:19 am
will for sure. the good thing about having several candidates, which i think is good to have 20 plus candidates so we can actually vet these issues. if they want to, you know, just roll over the issues and go ahead and make someone the frontrunner they will be making a mistake. even joe biden should challenge his opposition as well. just because is he in the lead clearly the polls don't know what they're talking about. just because is he in the lead he should come out swinging, too. that's the reason people like joe biden because is he a fighter. hopefully in the next year we will see a little bit of pouncing around to get the best candidate. ed: if you are pouncing around and mixing it up we have pete buttigieg going to be here on the fox news channel tomorrow night with a big town hall with our own chris wallace. what do you think about pete buttigieg and second tier of democrats who seem to be surprising folks and doing better than expected? >> well, i think the reason why people probably surprised because. so second tier people have received a boost with the media and particularly with mayor pete. so i think it's wise of him to come over to fox or any other outlet that would give him the same opportunity.
5:20 am
i think the other candidates should do it as well. senator harris made a mistake by not coming to fox news. we can demonize fox and demon nice trump and demon nice all of these different outlets at the end of the day your job is to talk to the american people, all of them and give everyone the benefit of the doubt to be a voter. ed: absolutely. senator harris we will see whether or not she will do a fox town hall or not. it was senator elizabeth warren who came out this week and said she doesn't want to do one. >> i apologize. you are absolutely right. senator warren. ed: we appreciate your insights as always. tezlyn figaro, thank you very much for coming. in. >> thank you. ed: georgia police sergeant and army vet killed in the line of duty. this is a tragedy. tunnel 2 towers is stepping up to help his family. they will be here next to talk about how you can help. to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me.
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♪ ♪ ed: georgia police sergeant and army vet you see him there shot and killed in a line of duty responding to a robbery call last week. >> we lost a great man. we lost a man who spent a substantial portion of his life protecting our country and protecting our community. we lost a husband. we lost a father. we lost a leader. jedediah: he leaves behind his wife and six children and now the tunnel to towers foundation is vowing to pay off the family's mortgage and asking for your help. pete: here are w. more tunnel to towers foundation ceo frank siller, a friend of the program. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. pete: tough story but you guys are stepping up. >> i was down there with the police chief and the family.
5:25 am
they are in shock, obviously. here's what we call a super hero. this man served his country for 21 years, was in iraq, put his life on the line for our country. comes back, becomes a police officer in savanna, serving 10 years, just became sergeant last year. and here he is, you know, responding to a robbery and he gives up his life and he has got six children. i was with his 5-year-old sitting with her talking to her with his wife charlotte and it's gut-wrenching. jedediah: what can fox viewers do to help? i know everyone watching this watches the amazing work do you for these people. hearts go out to the family. >> thank you for the interview and thank you to "fox & friends." go to tunnel 2 we have a campaign for $11 a month. you just see it when did you go right to our website.
5:26 am
tunnel 2 but the beautiful thing about it you see his picture up there. you can donate direct to his family 100 percent of the funds will go help pay off their mortgage. we know it's a great relief when the mortgage is paid off. i mean, they have a burden left behind. there is a reality after you lose your wife you have a mortgage payment. and they just bought the house. they just bought the house. pete: what's that like? you are often there just days afterwards. you are talking direct to the family. direct to the police chief. when something like this happens, no one can be ready or prepared. what's the feeling when you they're? >> it's very sad. it's somber but the communities come together. the police department, fire department, all first responders and our military always help lift the families. and it's remarkable community. we have a tunnel 2 towers run every year. the police already help us on our route down there. we have a great relationship with the savannah police department prior to this.
5:27 am
that's one of the reasons we knew we had to respond. ed: you just came back from washington a few days ago you were celebrating and honoring national police week. you were with the attorney general william barr and others. talk about big picture we have lost far too many officers not just in savannah but all around the country. >> right. we helped a couple u.s. marshals pay off their mortgages, great heroes. somebody who once again served their country and served their communities it was very somber again being down there and seeing the family, so many families lost their loved ones protecting their communities and country. tunnel 2 towers we take on this responsibility to bring together. a lot of our viewers have seen our psas for $11 a month. they want to do it, they want to help out. ed: the siler family has been dedicated to service you lost your brother stephen siller who lost his
5:28 am
life on 9/11. there is stephen siller first and one of your other brothers george siler. you want to say a quick word about him? >> i love my brother george. he is -- we were with him the other night at our fundraiser. i see him every day. we live close together. we fought every day as kids. we're a year and a half apart. we are like twins. but when we lost our little brother steven, our family -- one of seven. we became very close. so close to begin with. ed: got closer. >> each so. teven my point before your viewers want to help out, help these families. they just have to go to the website. get off the couch. they want to do it. i want to help that family, you know. jedediah: tunnel 2 is where they need to go. >> $11 a month could change -- we could help every single police officer and firefighter that die in the line of duty that have young kids. every single one. jedediah: your work is unbelievable you come in
5:29 am
when families are facing such horrific tragedies and try to lift that burden from them and people across the country appreciate that and want to do everything they can. i know they are going to step up as always. >> thank you. ed: george and the whole siler family. thank you. pete: still ahead rachel campos-duffy joins us live to talk about all the fun stuff we talk about today. ♪ ♪ this is not a bed.
5:30 am
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5:33 am
>> it's gone from the party of safe, legal and rare to having a conversation about late-term abortion up until birth with the ralph norm controversy. are you for what he said or late-term abortion. >> i don't know his comments. >> he got a lot of publicity. >> i am for a woman having the right to make a choice about her own body. what i am for. >> but you are for late-term abortion? >> conversation happening everywhere. >> based on a lie. >> let's begin the real cultural conversation doing in alabama and georgia and in missouri. >> i don't think it should be that hard to say i'm not for late-term abortions in the third term. pete: she would not answer the question. let's bring in rachel campos-duffy. fox news contributor. rachel, good morning. >> good morning to all of you. pete: rachel, it's a simple question she was being asked. are you for late-term abortions and she would not answer it. >> and what was really interesting, pete, and good morning jedediah and ed, what was really interesting
5:34 am
is that she earlier they were talking about rape and incest. and then when meghan mccain brought up partial birth abortion they said well, that's rare, that's the exception. well so is rape and incest. so we can -- if we are going to discuss the rape and incest, we can discuss partial birth abortion and, frankly, if you have ever seen it, i have online, it's gruesome. and if you believe in the humanity of a fetus, if you believe in human life and that every one of them have dignity, it doesn't matter what the circumstances of that conception are. that is a human. that is a baby. rachel: most people in the country oppose late-term abortion. i'm interested in her strategy here. is she afraid to enrage the democratic primary voters who she fears will support late-term abortion? because, in a general election, or moving forward, most of the country is saying even those who are pro-choice have a problem with abortion late stage like that. >> she is actually trying to avoid late-term abortion. if you notice -- everybody
5:35 am
who hasn't seen this clip should see it. meg began mccain did a fantastic job. what she did in there is she started out by saying these guys did this. these guys in georgia and alabama voted for this. ignoring the fact that first of all the governor is a woman and a lot of women, a lot of pro-life women put those guys in office. and what this is an effort to erase, eliminate conservative, pro-life women from the public square to just erase us as if we don't count, as if we are not women because we have a different opinion than she does on abortion. and that's why i think it's really important that someone like meghan mccain is on a show like that showing that we exist and we are 50% of the population and we are 50% of the people's opinions on abortion. and you are absolutely right. 80% of americans are opposed to partial birth abortion and thanks, not just to the mistakes made by governor
5:36 am
northam by sort of exposing the truth about what happens in late-term abortions and even in infanticide that is happening in this country but also donald trump's mega phone. she kept bringing up donald trump in that interview. she knows that donald trump, when that conversation -- when that radio interview happened with governor northam, donald trump used his mega phone. his massive twitter mega phone and every opportunity he had to absolutely shine a spotlight on that. ed: yeah, rachel, i want to ask you with the u.s. birth rate continuing to drop as the country saw the fewest births last year in three decades. what that means for the american family. i want to be clear that the duffy family is doing all it can to make sure it does not continue to decline because i keep up on people magazine and i understand you have a new arrival coming soon so congratulations. >> we do. we do. in fact, as aoc is, you know, stressing and worrying about whether, you know, she
5:37 am
should have, you know, young people should have babies based on the environment and their carbon footprint i told sean, you know, we are just going to take aoc's carbon footprint for ourselves and we have done that the birth rate is important because we need young, we need babies to grow up and work and fund social security and many of the net programs for the elderly. we need young people. right now we are under replacement level which is about 2.1 per woman. so, we're sort of looking a little bit more like western europe in that regard. look, i say there has never been a better time to have babies. the economy is great. technology is caught up for women. i mean, look, i had a birthday party for my 11-year-old yesterday. i'm here with you, thanks to the technology of satellite television. corporations are becoming more friendly in part because women are now in the executive suites and making sure there are nursing rooms and parental leave. and also men are better,
5:38 am
thank you, ed and thank you, pete, men are better partners. ed: you are welcome. >> than generations ago. never a better time to have babies. ed: our audience loves you. if you want to see even more rachel check out her show called moms aptly named. she will be a mom yet again. pete: a lot of great content. thank you. jedediah: congrats again. we have headlines all smiles to all sobs florida woman who went viral for this mugshot is sentenced to 11 years behind bars in a deadly dui crash. and jenna welk broke down in tears during her sentencing she pled no contest to dui manslaughter. her blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit in the 2018 crash that killed a 60-year-old woman. the u.s. announces plans to lift steel and aluminum tariffs on canada and mexico clearing a major hurdle in a new trade deal between the
5:39 am
three countries. >> congress will approve the usmca quickly and great farmers and manufacturers and steel plants will make our economy even more successful than it already is, if that's possible, which it is possible. [applause] >> vice president mike pence will travel to canada later this month to meet with the prime minister on advancing the new trade deal. and a children's book is sparking controversy in one new jersey town. a public reading of the book p s for palestine has been postponed after members of the local jewish committee says it inspires anti-semitism. the author says it's meant to teach kids about palestinian culture. the library's board will hold a meeting next month to consider rescheduling the public reading. nfl player gets extra workout all while doing a good deed. >> after workout.
5:40 am
always doing work in the community. jedediah: pushing a stranded car from a busy indiana intersection to a nearby gas station and he did it all after practice. >> that's pretty good stuff. all those headlines with all kinds of names and all kinds of prompter errors i apologize. sometimes the prompter betrays. pete: as long as they have h is for hamas and hezbollah. talk about what they do? jedediah: i don't know, check on. ed: maybe adam klotz can help you out. >> i can help you out with the colts. we have a lot of colts fans out here. >> steelers. adam: don't boo. booing this patriots guy. talking really good weather in the plaza, also. it's really pleasant in new york city. unfortunately that's not going to the case across the entire country. take a look at warm temperatures in the middle. 70 degrees in kansas city. that is going to be fueling
5:41 am
some big storms before it's all said and done. here is your severe weather threat throughout today and tonight particularly in portions of eastern texas running up through arkansas big storms today running into sunday. maybe more so into monday that's that line of storms marching across the country. running into the midwest later tonight running into tomorrow. i'm promising for all my vacationers a really nice day in new york city. can i get motivation for that? [cheers] adam: we are about to toss it back in. who is everybody's favorite anchor here ed or pete? >> pete. adam: adam is all i heard. jedediah: i heard a lot of pete. did you pay them out there? pete: did i. paid supporters. thank you, folks. ed: from alexandria ocasio-cortez to bernie sanders, socialists and far left policies are gaining in popularity especially among young voters. pete: what is behind the surge? our next guest says the public school system is partly to blame, of course.
5:42 am
he explains coming up next. ♪ ♪ i love you to love me ♪ ♪
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ed: gorgeous again. quick headlines, vice president mike pence just arrived in indiana where he will deliver the commencement address at taylor university today. this despite thousands of students and staff members protesting, calling on the eevangelical university to rescind the invitation. and former vice president joe biden is now heading to philly for a campaign rally today. about 2,000 people are expected to attend. bide's campaign recently announced it will set up its headquarters right there in philadelphia. jed? jedediah: thanks, ed. from alexandria ocasio-cortez's rise in the democratic party to prominent presidential candidate bernie sanders' socialism is gain ago bigger role in american politics. especially young young voters. pete: recent online survey finds 56% of 18 to
5:46 am
24-year-olds favored a, quote, mostly socialist economic model compared to just 27% of older respondents. why is socialism seemingly more popular with young people? jedediah: conner free market think tank tackled this topic for new op-ed fox business. he joins us now. why is socialism so appealing to millennials as a concept? >> good morning and great to be with you the running jokes with millennials a lot of them still living in mom's basement and still in the home. for a lot of them being proposed these policies where they can live off of the taxpayer's basement live in there for quite a while it's very alluring and part of the challenge here is increasingly the schools are not teaching some of the ramifications of what socialist systems and policies entail. they are hearing benefits. they are hearing about free college and free healthcare and free x, y, and z. but they lack the intellectual understanding
5:47 am
of what these policies actually entail. so they see it as kind of this excellent tradeoff where i can get a bunch of free stuff they don't really understand what that actually means. pete: conner, you got to the heart of it when you get to econ there is no free lunch. our middle schools and high schools when they talk about basic economics are teachers reinforcing the system in which we live or pedaling new ideas attractive to young minds? >> it's actually really tough. the public school system itself is a socialist system, right? this is redistribution. this is forcing everyone to pay for the benefit of a few. and so you can't really expect a system like that to teach the dangers of itself. and to be very fair about a free market system which we really don't have in education. that's all the more reason why parents need to step up and fill that void them selves and many struggle to do so because they themselves weren't really taught the intricacies of this system. we have two things going on here in the education system. we have sins of commission
5:48 am
and sins of omission. so commission is like sometimes they have college professors or teachers teaching the virtues of socialism or teaching, you know, from their own bias why a free market capitalism is bad. that's commission. more often what we see though is the college system is sins of omission. simply not teaching the dangers of socialism. not pointing to venezuela andz north korea and historic examples where we see these systems on a large scale not having shared prosperity which the vision of bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez, but in reality shared poverty. omission. the system is not teaching young adults. they then become voters and don't understand because they have never been exposed to those ideas. jedediah: something not talked about a lot is a loss of personal freedom and decision-making. young people don't like being told what to do by anyone, by their parents, by their superiors, by their government. is that what is told and talked about more this is a basic concept? millennials really start to think about this issue differently. >> that's exactly right. there is a challenge here
5:49 am
but there is also an opportunity. because, what i found is that most millennials and genz their antipathy towards capitalism is not really against capitalism. it's against crony capitalism. they are seeing bank bailouts and so-called 1%. they grew one rosy idea what capitalism is. they haven't been told and taught that free market capitalism around the world lifted people out of poverty substantial degree over the decades. if they had a true understanding of what free market is not the corrupt capitalist version we would see those poll numbers shift. that's why among the older generation those who have seen historical examples and see what socialist regimes around the country arched around the world have done that's when i think we see things. pete: capitalism is free markets and do the same thing with socialism government run economics. young people don't want government running much of our life let alone the
5:50 am
economy. thank you, conor. >> thank you. pete: we all know i'm reading. this they are telling me to read. this we all know what happened last time ed and i got in a couple of kayaks. it did not end well. jedediah: bass pro shops brought back to fox square for a rematch. we will test them out. pete: right now? practice, practice. ed. get a plan that's right for you. td ameritrade. ♪
5:51 am
woman: ahh! need a change of scenery? kayak searches hundreds of travel sites and lets you see how your baggage will affect the cost of your flight, so you can be confident you're getting the right flight at the best price. kayak. search one and done.
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jedediah: bass pro shops and cabela's kicking off summer with big outdoor events and this hour they are showing off kayaks, pete and ed are getting practice in there you see. back with me is alan treadwell. we will let them practice because they are going to be
5:54 am
racing it out later. talk to you first about outdoors event. >> bass pro shops and cabela's so excited about the go outdoors event. introduce everybody to the outdoors and teach them how much fun it can possibly be. of course there are great sales going on. really fun for the whole family. we have free kids crafts and free barbecue, free seminars that range from outdoor cooking to kayaking. ed: careful now. jedediah: pete doesn't play fair. >> i see that. jedediah: show us the one they are. >> in the one they are in is all new 9 r. even though it's 9-foot as you can see it's pretty stable and it's really designed for smaller framed adults and kids. and during the go outdoors event it's $249. jedediah: wow. good for someone like me. >> perfect for you. yeah. jedediah: what's the next one? >> the next one is 12 t most popular fishing kayak. sit on top kayak.
5:55 am
removable. comfortable for all day in the water. in hole storage here put different things down there you don't want to get wet. jedediah: food. >> snacks upfront. strap down a cooler up here. whether you are standing on this to fish or paddling, it's super stable advanced tunnel hole hull design really stable kayak. can you actually stand up on this and fish. jedediah: wow. this is pretty awesome. we have one more over here. this one looks pretty fancy. >> top of the line 128 t. this thing is really decked out for everyone. one of the coolest features about this looking at the seat right now removable and adjustable for long days on the water. one of the coolest things about this it has yack power. wired up to put a fish finder on a kayak. charge your phone off of it. it's tricked out with all kinds of stuff. basically what this is a combination of like a standup paddle board and set on top tyack we have taken the best to make a super stable kayak stand up on,
5:56 am
fish, have a lot of fun with. jedediah: a new buy somebody like me wanted to get into the water the first time which one should guy with. >> 9 r. > jedediah: the one these boys are in. >> great kayak to have some fun and get the bug and start upgrading a little bit. [cheers] jedediah: these guys are going to have a match come up. practicing right now. at home take your bets who is going to win. i know who i have my money on i can't say because i will get in trouble. later on we will see this race. it will be amazing. still ahead president trump taking the stage and bringing back campaign style we all know and love. what he just said about the growing 2020 democratic field is coming up. it's good. it's coming up ♪ ♪ [cheers. .] ♪ feeling all right ♪ ♪ (male announcer) get amazing hot buys on the gear you need
5:57 am
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>> ♪ ♪ pete: weave got bass pro shops and cabela's on the plaza today and we'll have another kayak race, ed. ed: it's complicated. jedediah: and we already have a poll that came in for who will win the kayak race, guess what 67% say pete will win, 33% say ed, so ed, you do have to bring in a big upset now. ed: you know what that poll? rigged. pete: you think its rigged? well you've got an hour to unrig it. go to our instagram account. ed: i voted five times on that one for me. pete: it's on instagram you can vote and then you will see later on in the program, i predict with 95% certainty that ed henry will be in the water by the time
6:01 am
ed: oh, really? excitement on that. a couple weeks ago you were talking big about how it was your year of redemption and next day you lost. pete: it is still my year of redemption but i've got to deliver today. jedediah: i'm going to be referee and listen i'll watch if anybody cheats or anybody tips anybody else over that funny stuff is not allowed. pete: it's not allowed? jedediah: not allowed to throw anybody into the water. that's just funny buzz. ed: oh, yeah, me for sure. jedediah: why because i wasn't here. pete: we need someone. jedediah: ton needs to scold. pete: what they didn't show was ed tipping himself. jedediah: people ask why i'm not in the kayak because you guys play dirty. you see it here. ed: we'll see how dirty the 202t a little rough. pete: it already is getting a little rough. ed: the president gave us a preview yesterday about the economy talking about the national association of realtors
6:02 am
that previewed some of the shots pete: when the debate start in june for democrats they will start shooting at each other, met a official icily, and physical then, the president, je d, is setting the tone. jedediah: he sure is and you can't fully appreciate it unless you take a listen to what he says so let's tune in. president trump: i have 25 people now running for the office of president and some of these people are stone cold crazy. >> [laughter] president trump: they're promot ing the biggest socialistic takeover in the history, really, of the world. the green new deal. nobody has any idea what the hell it is. they know that you can't take a plane any more. you have to take a train to hawaii, a train. if they can't build from san francisco to los angeles, what's going to happen when they say let's build a train to europe? i don't want to hit it too hard i'll save it for the election because i don't want them to change or have time to pivot. i want them to go with this stuff but we still have to be
6:03 am
careful, and it'll never happen as long as i'm president. ed: he was able to define all of his republican opponents back in those primaries from 2016 and largely was able to do that to hillary clinton. jedediah: this is the key to his success and he knows it the fact that he talks like regular people who are sitting around their dinner table having a conversation, with no political correctness, they're not trying to sound eliteist or like some politician and how they should sound. he's just talking to people and not afraid to say how he really feels and just put it out there and this is why he won so he knows that and looking at the democratic field with a whole bunch of wannabes out there. beto o'rourke is trying to be a combination of aoc and president obama on a constant basis. ed: 1.0 didn't work. jedediah: trump is just saying i'm going to do me. people liked it last time and they appreciate it this time and he's not phony. he's just him and that comes through. pete: yeah, he pinpoints their vulnerability so for pete
6:04 am
buttigieg, it's too young, not read it and creepy joe biden, crazy bernie sanders and ultimately that gets voters to say well why is bernie so crazy. oh, yeah government-run economic s and socialism not a great idea now that the economy is booming so it's smart to get out ahead of those. ed: so how does the left respond well you can see what they call sometimes trump derangement syndrome and normally considered a liberal intellectual who would have a reasoned argument against a republican president. pete: very generous of you. ed: i'm trying to give you a little context, but last night, and talks about remember the journalist who was killed with a bone saw by the saudis and this became a huge international scandal and so here is last night saying maybe the president deserves the treatment. >> impeach impeachment would be just the beginning of what he deserves not even scratching the surface. we should turn him over to the saudis, his buddies.
6:05 am
the same saudis who got rid of that reporter, maybe they could do the same for him. >> you know it's like everyone, you know? it's a live show. you don't really want to see the president dismembered by the saudis. >> [laughter] >> i don't. >> i don't like donald trump either but no matter who the president is we do not want physical harm. >> i saw your face when i said it. i didn't realize that i said it. i had 12 cups of coffee, i regret saying it. i did not mean that. i regret saying it and that everyone misinterpreted it. they misinterpret everything. >> [laughter] ed: i regret it but i'm sorry you misinterpret it. no, actually we didn't. pete: it's pretty clear. jedediah: bill maher saved her there, he wanted to give her the opportunity to walk it back but i will say sometimes especially if she's in a friendly audience making liberal points, you get the applause, it starts to rev
6:06 am
up and you kind of forget you'll be held accountable for those comments and sometimes forget you're on television so it's a reminder the way these things are framed sometimes your humor can be misconstrued and you shouldn't make certain jokes. ed: and the show was saying the producers heard it and got into bill maher's ear and he was saying well everybody is so, so touchy so i think the producers realized this went way too far. pete: that's never happened to us. jedediah: never. pete: next time you say something too journalisty, blame it on 12 cups of coffee. ed: you misinterpreted what i jedediah: slight exaggeration. ed: meanwhile the crisis at the border spilling into non dashboarder states now. jedediah: the white house is considering flying migrants to other parts of the country to ease the overcrowding. pete: some states are pushing back. jennifer good morning. reporter: good morning, u.s. customs and border
6:07 am
protection officials held a conference call last night and confirmed the trump adminitration is weighing whether to fly asylum seekers who come to the southern u.s. border to cities across the country to have their claims processed by cbp, which says its agents are overwhelmed at the border. the announcement came friday and an alarmed response from governors like governor ron desantis who says his state of florida cannot be used as a temporary hub for migrants. >> we cannot accommodate in florida this dumping the unlawful migrants into our state i think it'll tax our resources, the schools, the healthcare, law enforcement, state agencies. reporter: the plan was to fly up to 1,000 migrants a month to northern and coastal cities including two florida counties, palm beach and broward county. late friday that plan was put on hold. governor ron desantis said he planned to speak to president trump about the issue. for months immigration authorities have been busing migrant families mostly from
6:08 am
guatemala, honduras and el salvador to southern california and el paso, texas. the number of people apprehended at the border since october 1 was nearly 520,000, the highest in a decade. in the past week there was an average of 4,500 arrests a day. border patrol officials have flown nearly 1,000 migrant asylum seekers to san diego and texas since last friday. each private contracted flight costs between 20 to $65,000 and can carry about 135 people. back to you. ed: thank you, jennifer. pete: stay with us for a second with your vast pentagon experience and knowledge of naval strategy, whose going to win the kayaking race between ed and ion the show? ed: jennifer is my friend. keep that in mind. reporter: i believe it's armed forces day so let's leave it at that. ed: pete is a veteran boy. pete: well played thank you very much. jedediah: thanks, well done. ed: one of my friends just text ed me if all else fails tip
6:09 am
him in. jedediah: going to have to referee this again with these boys we're turning to headlines for you now. at least seven people are shot in a house party overnight near ball state, university in indiana. three of them are in critical condition. the police chief says some of the victims are students. authorities say a fight led to the violence, and that there was no longer a threat to the campus or the community. one person has been arrested. a former college football star hailed a hero for tackling an armed student at an oregon high school. he wrestled the student to the ground before police arrived. the student had a shot gun but it's unclear what he planned to do with it. local reports say the student may have been suicidal but police have not confirmed that. he is a coach and security guard at the school. and a newly-released video shows the moment an suv plows into a new jersey pizza shop. the car smashes through the glass, hitting the owner and two employees. authorities say the driver is a teacher and she got out of the car as if nothing happened and
6:10 am
then tried to leave before the employee stopped her. she is charged with a dui, and no one was seriously hurt. gmail users beware. cnbc reports google is scanning your inbox to track your purchases. it doesn't include a complete history but their page called " purchases" includes digital receipts sent to your gmail account. there's also no easy way to delete them. you can only delete items manually one by one. google claims you can turn off tracking through search settings and those are your headlines. ed: i wonder why you get those little ads after you bought something. pete: i really want to opt out of all of the stuff but it's so difficult. jedediah: often people don't know, read my book, do not disturb, people don't know they have to opt out. they don't realize these things are happening and you have to it's tough to find the opt out provision too. pete: they want it to be tough to find. jedediah: oh, yeah. ed: more and more states right now taking action against abortion as missouri lawmakers are now the latest to restrict
6:11 am
access. pete: we're breaking down the fight for life and the states taking further action, coming up next. as not safe drivers! ah! that was a stunt driver. that's why esurance has this drivesense® app. the safer you drive, the more you save. don't worry, i'm not using my phone and talking to a camera while driving... i'm being towed. by the way, i'm actually a safe driver. i'm just pretending to be a not safe driver. cool. bye dennis quaid! when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless. whoooo. did you know the exact same hotel room... ...can have many different prices? that's why tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites
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but there's only one legend. hurry in now to the jeep celebration event and get $500 additional bonus cash on select models.
6:14 am
jedediah: missouri lawmakers passing a bill that would ban abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy and is expected to be signed into law. missouri now just one of the many states acting against abortion, so where do all the states now stand? here to break it down is allison howard, director at live action, a pro-life non-profit group thank you so much for being here so we'll go through this. we're going to take a look first the state has passed abortion restrictions. >> absolutely so these states pass a heartbeat bill, fetal heartbeat or an outright ban, which you see in alabama and we'll support any law that protects children. this is the logical loving conclusion of acknowledging what's happening in prenatal development, there's life in the womb. these states are stepping up not playing small ball any more.
6:15 am
jedediah: we'll go flew these states so missouri stands for the unborn act. >> absolutely this is an eight week bill. at eight weeks this baby has legs beings arms, a heartbeat and they're acknowledging that and this does not have a rape incest exception. let's talk about that. these exceptions are not needed. if you believe and you know that there's a life in that womb, then you protect them all. your worth, identity, humanity has nothing to do with your conception. jedediah: controversial nonetheless though. >> it is. jedediah: then we have the georgia life act, this has been talked about quite a bit. >> georgia is another heartbeat bill so that's at six weeks it's detected saying look, if society acknowledges life, surely we can acknowledge life when it begins so that's what heartbeat bills are doing in georgia, they acknowledge this person, this child is a person, because roe v. wade, if you can acknowledge personhood of that child, the
6:16 am
14th amendment has to defend that child. jedediah: what about exceptions on this one. >> exceptions here, look, deals with extreme cases for the mother but rape incest is again if you know there's life in there you've got to defend it all. jedediah: okay let's keep going through. >> now we have states expanding abortion laws. jedediah: of course new york which we're in right now so interesting to parallel the states that are saying, you know , these abortion laws need to be changed in favor of life and those saying hold on a second, no, we need to do more in the direction of pro-choice and look at that. interesting dynamic of the contrast we saw between the screen we had before and this one. >> right and as we get closer to reconsidering roe, you'll see states like new york, virginia go for abortions through all nine months but its woken up the american people. that's not where most people are about 75% of the americans would limit abortion after the first trimester so you're seeing step up advocating their legislators to speak up and protect the most innocent. jedediah: now we'll go to the california reproductive privacy
6:17 am
act. what's this about? >> this is scary. in california they are now allowing abortions up to the point of viability and non- medical doctors perform abortions. this should frighten us all. the reality is live action and other pro-life organizations have advocated against abortion, the reality of the procedure they can't even find abortion doctors to do these abortions so they are moving on to non- medical professionals and now the women dying from an untrained medical staffer performing an abortion should concern us all. jedediah: that's terrifying from the perspective of safety i don't care regardless of where you stand on the issue. >> yes. jedediah: and we'll end with the new york reproductive health act right here in new york. >> yeah i think you have done a great job talking about this the nation knows new york passed a crazy abortion law that goes through all nine months, and people went that's not where i stand. i am not okay with third trimester abortions. and they are starting to have these amazing conversations
6:18 am
about humanity, dignity, how do we look out for each other and take care of women unplanned pregnancies? i know amazing woman in this city who are looking out to support unplanned pregnancies. we need to do better than pitting a woman against her child and saying abortion is your only solution. she doesn't have to kill in order to succeed and that's what americans are saying in these other states. jedediah: with so much of the country opposing late term abortion, i find it really odd that folks on the left would be unable to answer a basic question of like amy klobuchar on the view of yes, immuno-oncology pose late term abortion. even if you're pro-choice safe and legal and rare it's not what's happening any more so what, how are they going to frame this moving forward to win a general election if they advocate for late term abortion? >> i have no idea. not a single presidential candidate has deviated from what you're saying all through nine months for any reason kind of language which isn't where the american people stands thankful ly, we're glad about that and just keep advocating for the rights of the child. it'll be a big debate heading into the election as well.
6:19 am
jedediah: important to know a lot of pro-life women are being warriors on this issue saying we are standing for life and always that talking point that it's anti-woman to be pro-life so women come out and say i'm fighting for life. thank you for being here this is tough stuff you broke down. appreciate it. >> appreciate it. jedediah: from military hero, former decorated green beret math use goldstein is now facing the death penalty for killing a taliban bombmaker his wife joins us live with an update on his case, coming up next. there was a moment, my son i believe was about four,
6:20 am
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the wifi that set just raised the bar again. introducing xfinity xfi advantage. it comes with everything you love about xfi. the best speed, coverage and control. but it doesn't stop there, you also get enhanced network security, safer browsing, and more. plus it helps to optimize your network's performance. giving you the best coverage from attic to basement. so you can focus on streaming your favorites. not finding a signal. make the best wifi even better,with xfi advantage. simple, easy, awesome. ed: this green beret's medal was actually stripped away, his so-called crime? taking out a known afghanistan bombmaker and member of the taliban. pete: major math use goldstein admitted that happened in talking to our own bret baier
6:23 am
>> did you kill the taliban bombmaker? >> yes. >> willingly offered up these details? >> right. >> at the cia. >> that's correct. >> that's where it all started? >> pretty much. >> after the bret baier interview they did reopen the investigation. the army has known about these allegations since 2011 and they were investigated thoroughly, and they were disposed of. ed: now they are basically bringing charges against him and he could face the death penalty. jedediah: president trump weigh ing in on the case as a decorated war hero charged with murder. the president tweeting at the request of many i'll be reviewing the case of a u.s. military hero, major matt goldstein. ed: the march hearing has been set in the case for major math use goldstein. until then he has been restricted to fort bragg but this morning he joins us for an exclusive. pete: what is the latest charge you would face? >> there's only one charge and that's pre-meditated murder and that carries with it a minimum of life in prison. pete: the maximum of death
6:24 am
penalty? >> yes. routine combat actions are being characterized as murder. pete: we put that together to make sure you're up to speed on the case. the man going from military hero to enemy of the state this week, the army announcing they will take their case against major goldstein to trial by court martial, at a yet to be determined date saying this. "u.s. army special operations command adheres to the uniform code of military justice which safeguards the rights of the accused an and serves the interest of the justice" and there is no additional comments so here with someone who does is major goldstein's wife, julie thank you for joining us. you saw the clip we played at the beginning to get people updated what's the status right now? >> just as you said, we found out on wednesday that we will, in fact, be headed to a court martial, for pre-meditated murder. we saw that on the paperwork that the general actually referred this to court martial and picked the jury the same day over a month ago. we just found out about it this
6:25 am
week. pete: it was ultimately directed by army chief of staff general m illy to take action against matt in the summer of 2018 so you're saying it feels like they're lining it all up against matt in order to get a prosecution? >> absolutely. this has started from the top. they are now, they put out these statements about having new evidence which they do not. there's nothing that was not already considered by the board of inquiry in 2015 in which matt was cleared, and they are hiding behind this claim of new evidence to hide their unlawful command influence. milly directed generals to take action on matt, and that's why he was recalled to bragg. it really, you know, they talk about these safeguards for matt. those are very hollow words and i'm sure those words about safe guarding matt's rights help ed those people sleep at night, but they are hollow and they are salt in the wounds and
6:26 am
a very painful, open wound, because anybody who wants to talk about matt's rights being protected is welcome to come spend some time with us and they can see exactly what's going on because there's no one looking out for matt's rights, including the lt. commander who charged matt and that matt has to report to every day, at 9:00 and 4:00, for the good order and discipline and for that we are separated as a family. this is full of corruption. pete: julie you say there's no new evidence, he's already been stripped of his special forces tab and of a silver star he earned for heroism on the battlefield. he admitted to this as part of what went on in combat, and yet they're going forward to court martial. do you think it is ultimately people with careers, prosecutors who say i need a scalp? that's what this is about? >> there are so many sinister actors at play and i am heart broken as matt's wife and a
6:27 am
mother and an american that this is how we treat somebody who put himself in such grave danger to make sure that his men came home , to protect the afghan civilian population. it is from the top down. everybody who is involved has something to gain from this. the lt. commander, todd sunday, who is our captor, he has been in the job of a captain, two pay grades below where he should be for three years, and he's getting a battalion command after this. the prosecutors have deferred their required career courses to get promoted to do this case. the cid agents who one was court martialed two weeks ago for making false statements and stolen valor. the other we just found out who worked the case with him has
6:28 am
also been kicked out of cid for his criminal behavior. i know you guys have the piece of i won't even say "evidence" the document that was sent where the army's finally acknowledging after seven and a half years that this whole thing that started this was an agent and they say mischaracterized. he lied and put his words in matt's mouth about something that never happened in afghanistan. this is not about truth. this is not about justice and this is not about what happened or didn't happen in afghanistan. this is about destroying my husband and my family. pete: julie we've reached out to the army they say no further comment. the commander-in-chief weighed in in the past saying he will review this case, any hope that the president may step in on this? >> at this point, i think that is our only hope, because it needs civilian intervention. pete: it feels like the system is rigged. >> it is absolutely rigged. the jury pool has already been
6:29 am
selected. it is rigged. the same people making the accusations are the people who control this fair and just process. this would never fly in the civilian world, never. pete: and yet we're doing it to a war fighter. julie we have to leave it right there. we're up against a hard break. we appreciate your passion. >> thank you. pete: our thoughts are with matt , keep fighting. >> thank you. pete: well the s. a.t., changing how it measures a student's test score adding adversity as a metric. but is this really a good idea? we'll discuss it coming up next. for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. at a comfort inn with a glow taround them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at" who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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pete: well jed, you're a former dean, academic you probably prepared some people for s. a.t. 's or at least talked to them about it, there's been a change. jedediah: there's now an adversity score they are incorporating because they want to account for other factors they are trying to the college board is basically saying look, as it stands right now, the s. a .t. doesn't look at the whole person so we want social factors , economic factors and factor that into the score so we can see is this a student coming from a school where this is in a poverty-stricken area where the crime rates are high and maybe her score isn't as good as somebody else but a higher than a great percentage of people in her class so they are trying to weigh them, it's a reaction to the green privilege people have been talking about where money buys success and that point by the way is valid. ed: you see the factors there, negotiating environment, crime
6:34 am
rate, poverty rate, family environment, your income. there's a fox news opinion article, they flashed up there from pete we're going to get to, high school environment where there's how rigourous is a curriculum and here is our buddy pete with an op-ed right now, graduates, it's time to un-learn college because when you hear about this adversity factor, how do you react? pete: well i think by the way it's private. you don't get to know what your adversity score is so what's my score, your score, how does it effect my application we all know certain people overcome adversity. you make sure the test is fair and teach people to take it well so they can get a high score. all i know is that college admissions already includes factors like diversity, you know they try to be fair toward people of different backgrounds. why do you add that to the s. a. t. as well like how do i up my adversity score? there's a lot of i think dis-in sent evers there. jedediah: the challenges that people contextualize if people spend thousands upon thousands of dollars parents who can't afford it to get tutoring for
6:35 am
their kids so it becomes a money game a lot of time and the effort although it's flawed what they should talk about is getting rid of the s. a.t. together and finding a better way to assess these students and they are trying to say listen this is a money game, it shouldn't be. they are trying to take the money out of the game. ed: we had christopher harris on earlier and he said whether you use the s. a.t. or some other way the bottom line is you should look at aptitude not these adversity factors. watch. >> it's great that colleges are looking for that x factor in students. i think most elite organizations , they're looking for x factors, because it's always good intentions and once again you're talking about policies that are being created that have this idea we're going to try to level the playing field, but the s. a.t. is supposed to be a scholastic aptitude test, and why are they taking into account your adversity when you're supposed to be taking a look at your scholastic aptitude?
6:36 am
pete: bingo how about we just teach kids properly and get them prepared in our high school so i did write that op-ed that you mentioned ed called "graduates it's time to un-learn college" because there's so much nonsense there's also commencement addresses have been happening so tomorrow, i teased this, go read it, if it gets approved, if approved, the chancellor and the dean of fox & friends have to approve it, i might get a chance to give the first-ever fox & friends commencement address live on the air. ed: we will work on it. pete: you guys will be in cap and gown as i will i, you had graduates of class of 2019 of fox & friends, and i'm not sure which is valedictorian yet. jedediah: me. i won't lie i'm part curious and part terrified. jedediah: pete is approving it please look closely, get a magnifying glass out on this one please. we'll turn to headlines for you now. a new documentary with a u.s. drone strike kills isis terrorist in seconds, and the
6:37 am
film says u.s. forces identify the isis leader by his beard and by the way he walked. jihadi john was known for be heading americans in propaganda videos and he was killed in syria in 2015. new york city mayor bill deblasio admits he might not qualify for the first presidential debate next month. ed: oh, boy. jedediah: he said yesterday in iowa "i'm not setting the expectations i'll be in it." democratic candidates need at least 1% of the vote in three polls and they can qualify with 65,000 unique donations. and some rideshare drivers might see their apps get deactivated for allegedly jacking up fares at washington d.c.'s reagan national airport. some uber and lyft drivers are accused of turning their apps on and off several times a night to create surge-pricing. drivers tell local media they do it because their pay is so low. and "game of thrones" is coming to an end. >> when you play the "game of
6:38 am
thrones" you win, you die. jedediah: hbo airing the final episode tomorrow night and a new survey shows nearly 11 million people plan to skip work on monday because of it. pete: really? jedediah: but not everyone has been happy with the final season nearly 1 million angry fans have signed a petition to redo the last season. well i don't watch it so i don't know why. pete: i don't either. you know they may end up redoing the last season two years from now to make a bunch of money. bad idea. jedediah: i don't like the finales of a lot of shows. they are really disappointing. pete: when i stay up late to watch a warriors rockets game why can't i call in sick? ed: i know. what kind of nonsense is that? in the latest episode of no interruption on fox nation, tommy sat down with top female race car driver angela rock. >> i love women that do things that women are not supposed to do. now, everyone knows i'm not a femininist but i'm all about female empowerment.
6:39 am
>> i dress up every day. i'm not in a pant suit. i dress up every day and race 100 miles an hour on a friday night. i'm living my dream today. its taken me so long to get here to this point but you have a lot of obstacles to get to that. pete: in february, rock became the first woman in nascar gander outdoor truck series to lead lap s and in march she brought home a beautiful baby boy, king knight ruch. jedediah: so what's it like to be a working mom in a male- dominated field. >> thank you so much for having me. jedediah: what's it like for you is there a double standard? are certain comments that people don't say about men, if they have children or whatnot apply to you? how does all this feel for you? >> you know it's something i've dealt with my whole life being in a male-dominated sport and one of the top females out there its definitely been a struggle but bringing a baby into the factor and trying to manage my career and earn the respect of nascar and obviously, my male competitors it's definitely a challenge and it's tough and i'm
6:40 am
dealing with it every single day , but i think i'm doing an incredible job. pete: angela, what do you do most women couldn't do what you do at the level which you do it just like most men couldn't do what nascar drivers do. what's special about your approach that's put you to the top? >> i would honestly to answer that question is i would say i just have a great team that helps support her. it allows m eto go to the shop and try to be great every day with having a baby on the side. it's definitely challenging i will say. last night coming home from the tracks i only got about an hour and a half of sleep, so that's tough, i don't have anybody there to wake up and do-it-for-me, unfortunately, but i'm loving every single minute of it. ed: well you mentioned that you hit the track last night in charlotte and if you heard us cheering a little extra loud for you, it's because you had fox nation on the truck. how about that. >> i loved having tommy, you know, on the truck for this weekend's race.
6:41 am
i got the chance to meet her, out in california and do a sit- down with her and i absolutely love her i must say. she stands for strong women and i love that and she doesn't take no for an answer and that's what i've been dealing with my whole life so let's just be real so the challenges she's faced i'm facing those maybe at a different angle. but in the end we're all winning ed: well good luck to you and your growing family and everyone can check out the special at fox nation. we want to see that and appreciate you coming in. pete: thanks a lot good luck. >> thanks so much. ed: meanwhile we've been talking about this all morning as scrutiny grows over the origins of the russia investigation democrats now setting their sights on the attorney general bill barr. pete: but are they just trying to divert attention away from the real scandal? we'll debate that coming up next >> ♪ ♪
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
ed: well you heard it democrats expressing outrage over bill barr's handling of the mueller report. they are now going after his credibility. >> attorney general bill barr is now one of the most dangerous men in washington d.c. having proved himself to be the personal attorney to president trump, rather than the attorney general of the united states. >> the attorney general of the united states of america was not telling the truth to the congress of the united states. that's a crime. ed: well, the attorney general hit back on those claims in an exclusive interview with our colleague but are they just trying to divert attention away from the real scandal about how this russia investigation started here to debate republican strategist and partner, holly turner and good to see you both, good morning. >> hiked, ed. ed: kevin is this a case where democrats set the standard where they wanted bill barr to release the entire mueller report un redacted even though it had secret grand jury information
6:46 am
and he would be breaking the law if he released it? >> well what we're saying is that at least the lawmakers, the members of congress, deserve to see the full report as much as possible and deserve to see the underlying evidence. ed: okay hang on he offered them to do that and basically none of them went to do it so please answer my question, which is, the democrats, your party, was asking the attorney general to release secret grand jury information, which would have broken the law, right? >> right, they were asking him to do that, because they felt that that was necessary for them to make the legislative changes that would be necessary in the wake of russian interference in the 2016 election, and what we're saying is that this whole investigation into the fisa warrant process from 2016 is really nothing more than payback for william barr they are trying to now investigate the investigators without fully closing the loop on this investigation, we still haven't seen all of the information we need to take the actions necessary. ed: we'll get to that
6:47 am
investigation in a moment, holly , how do you react to kevin admitting basically his party wanted the attorney general to break the law and put this secret grand jury information out there. >> they know that he can't. they know that he can't break the law and so they were hoping he would say i'm sorry i can't do that so that they could just continue their lie that there's a cover-up and the american people deserves to know the truth when we know the truth. the only thing we don't know is how this whole thing started and for anyone, democrat or republican, to be upset that the attorney general is trying to get to the bottom of this and how this started is just astonishing to me. how could we not want to know the answer. ed: i'll give you each 30 seconds kevin first. fair shot at it. why don't you want to know whether or not americans were spied on, carter page, maybe others, through a false premise to the fisa court? why don't you want to answer that? >> well we do know that. the doj laid it out that they were relying on the steele dossier, and it's just important to realize that the source of
6:48 am
information that leads to a warrant does not need to be fully credible. it doesn't need to be fully verified as long as you disclose the source of the information and sort of the faults with the information and they did that. ed: but hang on i think it has to be fully backed up. isn't that the question, holly, that if you go to the fisa court and surveil american citizens shouldn't you have all the facts together? >> absolutely and criminal lawyers across this country know that the number one way to get a case overturned and to get a conviction overturned is to show that the warrant was not made in good faith and that the underlying evidence was not credible, so that's what we're doing here and look this is not just about president trump and his associates and people in the administration. it's about all americans doing this and understanding what will really happen benefits all americans. ed: we'll see if the attorney general gets to the bottom of it appreciate you both coming in. >> thanks, ed. ed: still ahead we all know what happened the last time pete and i got in a couple kayaks.
6:49 am
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6:53 am
country and we're really excited about it because it's designed to teach people about the outdoors and it's really a family event. there's stuff for everybody, free crafts for the kids, there's free seminars even free barbecue so bring the whole family out and enjoy it. jedediah: so now we're going to have these guys race but i want to know what is the proper technique like if you were coaching pete and ed? >> so what they really need to do is get a good firm grip on that paddle and take good smooth strokes and dehad in rat strokes jedediah: you guys listening to this? >> get the paddle down in the water and pull hard. get speed built up. jedediah: you guys ready? ready? >> on your marks, get set, go! >> [applause] >> and they're off. jedediah: oh, man, look at that. ed: there's water all over the place. here we go. this is where it happened last year. jedediah: this is exactly where
6:54 am
it went bad. ed shoved pete's kayak. that's a violation number one in my book. oh, pete is making his way around. pete is making his way around. ed sheeran splashing. >> he turned. jedediah: cheating going on. oh! >> [applause] jedediah: not only is pete the clear winner but he's got time left. this is how they play. they play dirty. >> [applause] >> [crowd cheering] jedediah: now pete, i've got to ask you, come on over. the first place award. ed: there's a second place. second place way to go. jedediah: everyone wins.
6:55 am
i've got to ask you pete what does it feel like to win? pete: i wasn't nervous. it's kind of standard at this point. i feel bad for ed. i might let him win the next one jedediah: ed got assistance from the outer ledge. pete: he also was watching videos on the break about how to kayak and clearly it didn't translate right away. he will keep working at it. jedediah: i've got to come here for a second, ed. ed: what happened? i understood that we were going to have other factors added in here. pete: take your participation trophy. ed: basically he grew up in minnesota where he did a lot of kayaking. i grew up on long island where i didn't kayak so he has privilege and so i feel like there should be other factors taken into account. jedediah: oh,, ed, i've been told though that in the breaks you were watching some videos? ed: i was watching youtube videos and trying to learn how to do it. jedediah: oh, boy. more fox & friends coming up on the other side. >> [applause]
6:56 am
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noso let's promote ourke summer travel deal on like this: surf's up. earn a fifty-dollar gift card when you stay just twice this summer. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at jedediah: that was awesome where can people go to find out more? >>, for outdoors event. >> what did you think of the race? ed: it was good. i was really impressed. i'm going to get a kayak this year. jedediah: you didn't notice any cheating in the race? pete: ed cheated? jedediah: just a little bit. well you know. >> [applause] jedediah: well done.
7:00 am
>> pete wins! jedediah: see you guys tomorrow, goodbye, everyone! neil: well now it's getting scary today the u.s. warning commercial flights could be missidentified near the persian gulf, this after oil tankers and refining operations throughout the middle east are coming under increasing attack, and nerves are getting increasingly frayed. signs point to iran but not everyone is so sure. welcome everybody happy saturday i'm neil cavuto and the pentagon is set to brief lawmakers on what they know come tuesday, to our jennifer griffin on the answers we're already getting today. hey, jennifer. reporter: hi, neil well lawmakers received a classified briefing from u.s. security officials on friday explaining of the intelligence that u.s.


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