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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  May 18, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> that is how we all felt! that is all tonight. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. follow my dog too. "justice" with judge jeanine is next. remember, i am watters and this is my world. >> hello and welcome to "justice" i am judge jeanine thank you for being with us tonight and thank you again for making last week's "justice" number one all day long, all night, all weekend. saturday, sunday! i love you, thank you. tonight we have a great guest lineup. -- we are going to hit it tonight! the first, my open. we are not going quietly into the night. grab your popcorn, junior mints or whatever makes you happy. the real show is about to
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begin. this will be true reality tv. no scripts, no rehearsals, just a gang of criminals pointed fingers at each other to save their own hide. a version of true crime and reality show survivor. the deep state exposed. i told you more than a year ago, for the director james comey was the head of his own crime family.and he ran the upper echelon of the fbi like an organized criminal enterprise. that was limited to the upper echelon. the rank and file would not have tolerated this. even bill barr questioned it. >> the thing that's interesting about this is that this was handled at a very senior level of the departments. it was not handled in the ordinary way that investigations or counterintelligence activities are conducted. it was sort of an ad hoc --
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most of these people are no longer with the fbi or the cia or the other agencies involved. >> the last two years, he and his gang of mccabe and baker and paige and klapper all on how hard president trump was calling his treasonous. a russian puppet or a russian asset. they got away with it or merely because the mainstream media was receptive to their hateful narrative. after all, these were men in high positions in our government protecting us from russia. and they needed to be respected! truth be told, they were selling our democracy down the river. they were skilled at their jobs, leaking information to the media to get news stories not only poison public opinion but to create the basis to support a coup. like any comeau conspiracy they are arrogant and think they are
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above the law. but mistakes always made. james comey says that this was unverified but he said it was verified when he knew the truth long before it was unverified. and it was a political document. not an intelligence document. but he used it to spy on a presidential campaign. yeah, i use the word spy, deal with it. andrew mccabe formformer deputy director of the fbi claims he was a victim. as if anyone cares by andrew mccabe. he lies not only to the fbi but to the inspector general under oath. he is another leaker. it is no surprise attorney general bill barr says he still trying to get his arms around all of this.
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>> at that when it came in from the outside all the questions i had and many other people had. that we readily answered but once i got in but i haven't found that to be the case. >> the problem is it will be even more difficult because they are already pointing the finger and contradicting each other. james comey says the guy he most admires is james klapper. in another liar and leaker. this bozo flatly denied release in the dossier pretty even release a statement that he nor anyone in the intel community was responsible for the leak. meanwhile, klapper told james comey to tell the president about the dossier. and yet, when he appeared before a congressional committee, he flatly denies leaking the dossier. but later admits he told cnn and other news outlets about
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it. >> what i will say is that you know, i've been trying to get answers to questions and i found a lot of the answers have been inadequate and i've also found that some of the explanations of god do not hang together. in a sense are more questions today than i did when i first started. >> of course answers are inadequate! they are all rewriting history. pointing the finger at each other. to save their own butts! james comey is now trashing rod rosenstein saying that he did not have anywhere near the inner strength to stand up to donald trump. i knew he didn't. rosenstein then goes back to james comey and says i will not sit here and listen to james comey analyze mycharacter . i will not put up with it. so, brandon -- brennan and
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comey are blaming each other. they are fighting with each other. now brennan was head of the cia. he says the recent review of their actions is crazy. it is nothing more than a fishing expedition. have you noticed that brennan, john brennan, always use the excuse, i had bad intelligence! this guy was the head of the cia! it is called the central intelligence agency for a reason! focus on intelligence. maybe brennan and comey are both right. they're both lying. the amazing part of all of this is that there is no more denying the existence of a deep state. instead they are saying hey, it wasn't me. now, james baker, the former
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fbi top lawyer accused of illegally leaking to authorities, actually goes on the podcast and points the finger at james comey saying folks in the fbi when comey was trying to blackmail trump j edgar hoover style but he's confident he did nothing wrong. mistakes will certainly be found. here is the bottom line. this finger-pointing is not happening between lawyers and private rooms. youths happening in the public square for all to see they know that bill barr is a serious prosecutor who was appointed another serious prosecutor, john durham, to review the origins of the trump-russia investigation. try as the new york times well, this is not an inquiry. for john durham, united states attorney charged with reviewing the genesis of the trump-russia
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collision investigation, indictments are his stock and trade. he is looking into the cia role and the fbi role which will inevitably lead them to the roles of susan rice. samantha power, and good old loretta lynch. all compromised by their political agenda to destroy donald trump. and to hell with america. and i told you last week that bill barr was a cool cat. and while the democrats hyperventilate and historically accuse him of everything they can think of and hold him in contempt, he remains lucid, focused and unflappable. he further explained that the history on the left is actually laughable. >> is largely being made to try to discredit me. probably because they may be concerned about the outcome of a review of what happened during the election.
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but obviously you can look at the face of my testimony and see on his face that there was nothing inaccurate about it. >> now, at the beginning of the open i may have made light of all of this but i do not relish what is happening. rats like these will use and abuse the enormous power that we give them is an embarrassment to all the hard working men and women in the law enforcement and intelligence community. but the biggest disappointment is yet to come. when the guy who has been so deadly silent on all of this, will be the one that all of the rats eventually point their dirty fingers at. that is my open. let me know what you think of my facebook and twitter # judge jeanine. here with rushing to my open and all of the developments in the real russia probe, host of the dan bongino podcast, dan
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bongino. are the rats turning on each other? >> they should be because they're all in trouble. here's why. it's for a reason. it is becoming obvious right now that there is a parallel construction scheme going on. very simply there are people in the upper levels of the cia, who are gathering information against donald trump. in order to make it appear the central intelligence agency was not spying on instant american citizen, donald trump, that to somehow launder the information. they launder the information to christopher steele. and the most important take away that we found out this week which i'm astonished the mainstream media even in their hackery hasn't picked up is that christopher steele actually told a state department person 10 days before the fisa that his sources were two russian
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disinformation specialists intimately linked to vladimir putin. it is an amazing story that the media completely missed this week. >> you know, besides what the media missed or intentionally misses or wants to mislead us. i mean the truth is that they are going after each other right now. and as far as i'm concerned, we now have james comey coming out of the woods. he has not been around for a while. we've all of these tweets of him in the woods in loving nature and he talks about you know, being in the was, think is probably looking for hillary. but he talks about after bill barr testified he said look, we've got to bring together a team. spying took place, and there is a basis for concern. and i've got both authorized surveillance as well as political surveillance. and then james comey comes out and he issues a tweet. he says, the ag -- now they got
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to the woods, thanks guys! we are on a tweet. the ag should stop sliming his own department. if there are bad facts, show us or search for the professionally and then tell us what you found. ag must act like the leader of the department of justice. an organization based on the truth. donald trump has enough spokespeople. now, first of all, james comey comes out from the woods after the longest time being quiet. and this after bill barr is now out there clearly beginning an investigation. shouldn't james comey be afraid of bill barr? >> yes, what he is and this is comey and his super patriot whether he thinks he is morally superior for all of us of trying to cover this. comey is going to go down hard. here is why the road, judge, they verified this information from steele comey signs a first fisa. we found out this week no
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thanks the mainstream media. 10 days before they swear to it christopher steele cannot remove his own story. he says that -- was in prague and then a dealer says i don't know where the meeting happened. he cannot remember his own story and the fbi knew this. but he knew the guy was unreliable. look -- >> 11 information obviously comes from the state department and i will get into this with my next guest. but clearly you have got these higher echelon people and for some reason he is getting with it they will all be targeted by bill barr and he is a serious prosecutor. is he not? >> yes, durham has a history of this. looking at some fbi in boston. but remember about james comey,
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he told president trump the time at a briefing at trump tower, that the dossier was salacious and unverified. how is that? does earlier in october he stamped his name on it, saying it was verified and put his john hancock signature on their same information was legitimate. you can't have it both ways, jim. either you're a liar or deceiver or you were a schemer trying to get the present spied on. >> it could be all three. dan bongino, thanks so much as my journey of forming saturnian federal prosecutor, joe digenova. what does it tell you? first of all, i'm thrilled to have you on. you are a united states attorney one of the best out there without a doubt. and i say that after a lot of years in law enforcement. but what does it tell you that bill barr is as open as he is about what he sees and things apparently do not make sense and out there saying clearly spying took place. then he started investigation,
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signing durham before the ig report is even out. >> well, he is drawing people in and it is having a profoundly positive effect on the investigation. you see the rats scattering, comey, klapper, brennan, james baker particular. all of these people making public statements that will be used against them in the grand juries. the fact that they continue to talk shows that they believe they have a problem. and that their stories have never held up. the thing that is most important is that the attorney general was one of the great lawyers the country has ever produced, is saying, i thought when i got here i would be able to get all the answers to all of my questions about how this got started. and by golly, i not only am not getting the answers, the answers i am getting are completely inadequate. just ask yourself this question, he is the attorney general of the united states. the new fbi director,
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christopher wray, works for them. doesn't sound strange to you that christopher wray does not have all the answers about what went on inside the fbi? let me say this to america tonight. the new fbi director, christopher wray, is an empty suit, and embarrassment to the united states. >> i knew the first time he testified before congress he was an empty suit. and he says we don't know what you subpoenaed peerless both agree with it and get past this guy, christopher wray. i don't think he belongs there but that is not my -- >> that is where the attorney general doesn't have answers. because christopher wray has refused to investigate because he was to protect the institution he is the -- he loves james comey. >> listen. why is he talking? you and i both know there are some inconsistent statements out there by the time everybody points a finger at it.
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he has fitzgerald, correct? after fitzgerald he put a bunch of people in. some others i'm not sure. >> unethical for prosecutor, here is the thing. james comey is talking because he is delusional. he's a man so self-possessed, so self righteous but easily he believes nothing will ever happen to him. he's a very, very strange man. >> i want to throw in the fact that james baker, the number one a try the fbi says he was quite worried that it would look like james comey is trying to blackmail trump in j edgar hoover style.
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[laughter] this was the top lawyer at the fbi. we worry about the hoover analogies. we were determined not to have such a disaster happen on our watch. he talked about the head of the fbi, james comey. you think he will testify against comey? >> here's what everyone needs to remember. from the first moment was revealed, that he privately briefed donald trump of the trump tower and told him about the dossier but only about the salacious details, it was clear that in fact he was blackmailing the president of the united states and was interesting is that nobody stopped comey. including james baker. remember, that briefing of the president-elect, donald trump, occurred on january 6. the day before on january five there was a meeting -- what were they discussing? the counterintelligence investigations against incoming president of the united states. barack obama knew that james comey was going to blackmail the incoming president of the united states. >> no surprise or, thank you
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[spanish recording] so again, using "para", you're talking about something that is for someone. ♪ pretty good. could listening to audible inspire you to start something new? download audible and listen for a change. >> to fill the democrats
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leading up to challenge the president keeps growing. but do they really stand a chance? earlier i sat there with trump
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2020 campaign advisor, laura trump. take a look. >> thank you for being with us. i see that you're in full campaign mode now. you're out there and you are part of the team, you are an essential part of the team. >> thank you! >> represent the team well and you kind of have a different ratio joe biden now leading in the polls. and when i think about joe biden, think about obama, i think hillary clinton and i think that if he were to be the candidate and the president is certainly making a lot of noise about him, number one, does the president want to run against joe biden? or is he just -- [laughter] >> actually think it really doesn't matter who the candidate is. i think the president is very comfortable with where he stands. 2016, this was a businessman and a television personality who we all knew but we did not know whohow he would do as
6:24 pm
president. now he's deliverance only promises that he made to the country and it's benefiting the american people. joe biden on the other hand as part of the obama administration. a vice president for barack obama who told people of his home state that he keeps trying to claim pennsylvania that the manufacturing jobs that keep the state running were gone forever, they were overseas and obama said it would take a magic wand to bring them back. guess who brought them back to the people of pennsylvania and all of these other states? donald trump. i do think that when you're looking at the candidates is very interesting, momentum is behind joe biden presumed to be one of the more centrist candidates. which doesn't say a lot because it is so far left but i think he's a person that may be some independents can get behind. either way no matter who it is is okay. >> think about your bernie sanders and joe biden, both of
6:25 pm
them two old white guys in the millennials, is not in their basket. >> they will choose a female running mate they say. because let's go to the woman a little bit more. >> yes! the president has the benefit of not having to fight 16 or 17 other republicans. there is no primary picture he's ready to go to town. the building so let's get this thing started. >> he's ready! you know that he's a fighter. you know where he is from, he is from queens and ready to fight. >> and this week it was an interesting character, the trump family is quite familiar with. that is mayor di blasio.i will ask you what you think of him. if he were to run against the president how it would work and what the guy you live with things of him. >> if you have paid attention, has been has a little twitter interaction with our mayor in new york. listen, the mayor cannot get our city together.
6:26 pm
let alone, run a country. if you cannot run a city like new york city, with crime going through the roof, homelessness rampant now. we have trash on the streets in new york city. >> yes, we do. >> josc giuliani and bloomberg did an incredible job keeping the city clean and really running it very well. mayor di blasio has done a very poor job of that. now i think the american people have to give him a shot at running the country will tell you, i think he will be in for a rude awakening. not to mention many people think is a terrible idea that he run for president! >> you would look at it is that he would at least leave new york but -- >> maybe it's a good thing! >> listed about pete buttigieg. he is different. he will be a different kind of candidate for the president to run against. he is a millennial, he is young, not the kind of person that the president is used to running against. not a hilary or any of the 16 or 17 he ran against. how would he get to him?>>
6:27 pm
pete is probably percent millennials and younger people could get behind because he's a young guy and progressive in that way. but we maybe he's not as extreme as bernie sanders. maybe the democrats like him. the president will do fine i think with anybody because when you really look at this field overall, we see so many of these people are running ideas like influence in the green new deal. and socialism in the country and these are things that people in this country cannot get behind. you see a booming economy, people back to work. why would we want to change that? >> the other issue is the economy. it should be the centerpiece. the president going to drop the russia thing and start talking to his economy? >> he would love to drop the russia thing but they will not let us drop the russia thing because the media and democrats -- i think because i know that is all they've got. the only hand they had to play, their banking on the fact that you know donald trump won the election maybe capone over and
6:28 pm
get him out of office and it didn't work. we are already to move on we would love to see that happen. >> all right, you are pregnant again. when is the baby do? >> in august. >> if it's a boy what will they be? >> my gosh! i don't know. >> a girl? >> we don't have any names! >> all right, send in your suggestions for the babies name. we do not know if it is a boy or girl. actually i do but i am not telling.[laughter] laura, great to have you on the show. >> thank you. >> my political panel is next.
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we're finally back out in our yard, but so are they. scotts turf builder triple action. it kills weeds, prevents crabgrass and feeds so grass can thrive, guaranteed. our backyard is back. this is a scotts yard. >> live from "america's news headquarters". severe weekend weather slamming the heartland. take a look a few of the dozens of tornadoes touching down in the area this weekend. and they left behind texas to
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nebraska damage. thousands without power forecast showing a second line of storms coming on monday. and tuesday. and winning the preakness stakes, bouncing back from a rocky run at the kentucky derby where the three-year-old colt finished in seventh place. this is the third triple crown race. it featured a riderless horse. it ejected its jockey right out the gate. back to "justice" with judge jeanine pirro. >> this is a crisis on the border. now what are we going to do about it? >> is a former president obama's homeland security secretary, johnson, recognize the dire crisis taking place at the southern border. what needs to be done? let's ask my panel, -- chris
6:34 pm
hahn. you have jay johnson calling it a crisis and he would know. i mean, he was head of homeland security under obama. and you have got nancy pelosi and the gang calling it a manufactured crisis. i'm not going to waste time on whether it is or isn't a crisis. it's a crisis and if you don't believe it, you shouldn't be on my show that is number one. why are we not dealing with this? stephanie, i will go to first and try to keep her answers short because i want to talk about tonight. are the democrats tried to make this a 2020 issue so they don't want to fix it now? >> absolutely. i mean like you said, judge, this is a crisis, we had a -- we are at a breaking point. they cry racism every time the president comes up with
6:35 pm
solutions but yet they have no plan. this is a step in the right direction. i love the idea of a merit-based system it makes sense. want to bring the best people to our country to have something to offer our country and it makes sense. although there are a few things missing in it. >> chris, will go to you. what is a problem with a merit-based system? currently, only 12 percent of the people coming in legally. we're not even talking about the illegals. come in based on their skill and more than 66 percent, and because their family here. what is the problem with saying we want to limit it to be will have something to offer the country? >> you know, if we were going to do that, the question is, who gets to determine who has what to offer? >> america. >> the president proposed a bill. i think democrats and republicans in congress should look at the bill. they should amend the bill and go back to the present try to
6:36 pm
strike a deal on immigration. our think we should demagogue about it. a few years back the plan will be acceptable to people today. the present was that it's great where they can work with the president on a plan proposed and -- i'm not one of the people this is a summer proposes legislation we should look at it and throw it out and demagogue about it. he has an idea, we have an idea let's meet in the middle and try to solve a problem. >> chris, i do appreciate that but this is the problem. the people coming in right now, they don't have $20 in their pocket. let's be straight about this. these are people who are hungry, poor, that's why they're leaving their own country. how can we have 100,000 coming in a month which will be more than a million this year. in addition to the legal people. at some point, you agree we have to stop the illegal immigration. >> all i can say is thank of the country did let my hungry poor family stayed at the
6:37 pm
border and they let us in, they gave us a home and we been driving ever since. >> and they came and pursuant to the rules. >> we should be giving them that opportunity. that's what america is about. >> all of us, we followed the rules. i want to talk about the election. with joe biden, double digits leading 31 -- we have got to put this up.national polling. biden 31, sanders 21, beto o'rourke nine percent p you can see joe biden is heads and tails above everybody. who do you think has a better chance of being a candidate next year? 2020. let's start with you, stephanie. >> is looking like it is joe biden. he is just leading the polls here. nothing can really compete with him right now when it comes to the democrats. i'm a double-digit lead. bernie sanders is too extreme, biden is one that would have
6:38 pm
the greatest shot. and the biggest threat to president trump because he's see more of it as a moderate and we seen in the general election if he makes it to the point he would definitely move to the right. >> chris, don't you think that the biden supporters or that the biden you know, advance he has right now will get ugly soon? at the other democrats will say hey, wait a minute, we've been in this for a while, it's our turn. when joe biden says i will not be negative, is he basically saying don't be negative on me? i don't have to be negative. >> judge, you know politics, it will probably get ugly between now and the primaries. the democrats i spoke to want one thing. one thing only, a candidate that can win. if joe biden comes out of the
6:39 pm
process by walking through fire, whatever comes out and is still standing, he might be the one who can win. where there might be someone else who could win. we will find out. a lot of other people we've never heard of are starting to look good to love democrats. >> let me put this up quickly. in the run up against donald trump, joe biden and sanders and warren, they all beat trump. is it simply a reflection of 18 months out or whatever it is? and the fact that the polls don't really work anymore, stephanie? >> you coming how the polls work. we are told that hillary clinton will win the election. the day of the election by like 90 percent. so -- >> do you think they make sense? >> no. i think the polls make sense. this has been -- >> the approval rating is really high now. it's wrong, chris! the approval ratings been 48 percent for the last 18 months. hasn't -- >> [knocking]
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♪ ♪ memories. what we deliver by delivering.
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when you rent from national... it's kind of like playing your own version of best ball. because here, you can choose any car in the aisle, even if it's a better car class than the one you reserved. so no matter what, you're guaranteed to have a perfect drive. [laughter] (vo) go national. go like a pro. see what i did there? >> president trump calling for an overhaul on immigration this week. it would alter how the u.s. except people into the country. upending the system in order to favor admissions based on merit rather than family.
6:44 pm
join me not to talk about that and more syndicated comments an author michelle balkan. you have been on this longer than anybody as far as i know. i think you wrote a book about it 17 years ago. without getting into why it's taken so long to accomplish anything, other countries do the merit-based system, don't they? >> yes, they do! it is fundamental to sovereignty to be choosy about who we let in. and this is a way that most of the westernized industrialized modern world operates and we have, for a long time, favored family reunification instead of picking the quote - unquote best and brightest and that is what we should do. >> but when we look at what the present mustang, who is also talking about even more than that. by talking about people are going to love the country, people are going to assimilate you know and i used to swear in
6:45 pm
nearly 4 citizens per have to tell you it was like the greatest day of the month for me because i loved it because they were so happy in the family was so happy and they waived the flags and the newer history. they swore allegiance. what's wrong with asking for that now? >> nothing. absolutely nothing. and you see so much of the open borders left in a portly, ill of the big business that makes bank of the cheap labor now up in arms over president trump emphasizing assimilation. the problem in the last 30 as judge, of course, is that it has been replaced with amnesty. as a priority for the immigration and entrance system. and so obviously things like making sure the people speak english, pass a civics test and can demonstrate self sufficiency should be priorities for the system and in fact, that is who we are. always hear from the open borders people, this is not who we are! another panic that we should reemphasize things that my
6:46 pm
parents had to be able to demonstrate when they came to this country legally in 1970. >> let's just hope we can do it before the election but i think they will hold it so they can make it an issue. last question, michelle, the first amendment protects free speech. even hate speech! in fact, the supreme court has said there'd be no need for the first amendment is speech we did not like was banned. that is where we have the first amendment. it seems that facebook is doing with the supreme court has protected. they are banning not just provocateurs like lawrence farrakhan and alex jones, but even people like you. what did you post that facebook claimed was inappropriate and they took down? >> irony of ironies, judge, my post opposing facebook censorship was censored last week. all i did was exhibit my support for my friend, who were
6:47 pm
banned unceremoniously for their peaceful expressions of their ideology and free speech. this is happening to so many people who are against open borders who are against jihad and in large part it is it because far left groups like the southern poverty law cente . which is weapon nice quote - unquote hate. what have they done? they redefined political opposition for their ideas as hate. they put a mask up and the insight that only hatred, but virtually, more than that against innocent patriots in this country and facebook is in bed with groups like that. that had been discredited, not just by the right but mainstream investigative reporters that have found that there making money in citing this kind of violence against innocent people. they been sued successfully for defamation and they should be
6:48 pm
investigated by every attorney general in the country. >> the problem is that for whatever reason is because not be regular to the way it should be and what europe and other countries are doing it. anyway, michelle malkin, thank you very much. charlie kirk is coming up next. many people living with diabetes
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flynn was under investigation for longer than we thought. nobody thought to tell donald trump about it. although some former obama officials said that he told donald trump about it. so many questions. to talk about it we have charlie kirk. the president was not warned that even before the conversation with russian ambassador kislyak that flynn was under investigation by the obama administration. and it tells me two things. it tells me that they did not tell president trump that he possibly had a spy working in his campaign. they also did not tell him about this. they were hiding things from him. >> yes. >> may be trying to set him up. >> all it took was a phone call. all it took was a phone call that would have warranted or
6:53 pm
been a counterintelligence briefing. the trump campaign, warning them there was someone under federal investigation for ties to a foreign government. that's all it would take. it seems as if judge, they most want to something bad to happen.don't you get that feeling? as if they had the information that michael flynn had these ties and had all of these questions around it. they just kind of let it play out and shame of the federal 30s it made the decision. this is right around that time when those text messages were sent by peter strzok about the insurance policy. remember those text messages? right near this period of time. >> but they say that obama said do not hire this guy. >> that was the day after the election. remember, this was july, august, september, october. almost 4 months of campaigning. this first intelligence given in august 2016. during the counterintelligence briefing they were not warnings issued. especially around papadopoulos and michael flynn.
6:54 pm
warnings were not issued at all. and so trump -- >> will you tell dianne feinstein that your driver may be connected to the chinese you better be careful but not the president. >> of liberals and have double standards they wouldn't have standards at all. and it is too bad. thank goodness that nothing actually happened with these connections with general flynn during the campaign. it's almost as if there were some people at the highest level of the federal government had this intelligence and were hoping something bad would happen. when all they had to do is make a phone call, request a meeting and share the information which would've protected them trump campaign. >> you know what, charlie? this is not over. judge t.s. ellis iii has given special counsel until the 31st to give recordings of the conversations. so a lot of the stuff will be
6:55 pm
made public and a lot more is coming out. hopefully someone in congress who may have called and told flynn you know, the president -- more details. and flynn has yet to be sent us. what do you think is going on? >> there's a lot of information that still needs to come out. now the robert mueller has had two years and $35 million to find absolutely nothing which it is impossible to prove a negative. however if there ever was a proving a negative it would be the mueller report. there was no obstruction and no collision. you shouldn't have to prove innocence the country but guilty into proven innocent -- there's so much information is still to come up. we need to see the 302's, the fisa documents. >> sooner than later. charlie kirk, always good to have you on. >> thank you. >> we will be right back. high hills,
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