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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 19, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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or whatever's on your mind. and we are back here next sup morning, 11 eastern, with the latest buzz. ♪ ♪ arthel: new drama playing out on capitol hill over attorney general william barr's handling of the mueller report. one gop lawmaker breaking with the party over barr's bottom line conclusions saying mueller's findings are grounds for impeachment. hello, everyone, welcome to "america's news headquarters," i'm arthel neville. eric: i'm eric shawn. michigan congressman justin amash is a republican and has been a longtime critic of president trump, and he's now echoing many democrats charging that the attorney general deliberately misrepresented the mueller report, and he is the first member of the gop in congress to suggest that he could support the democratic effort to start impeachment hearings. gop leadership though today
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downplaying those remarks. here is house republican leader kevin mccarthy who reacted this morning on "sunday morning futures." he's been in congress quite some time, i think he's only ever asked one question in all the committees he's been in. he votes more with nancy pelosi than he ever votes with me. it's a question of whether he's in our republican conference as a whole. i think he's looking for attention. eric: man, oh, man, it is getting tough in that town, and garrett tenney is live with the latest. >> reporter: justin amash is getting a lot of blowback for going after both the president and the attorney general in his 13-tweet thread with his conclusions about the mueller report. and in it the michigan lawmaker accuses attorney general bill barr of deliberately misrepresenting the special counsel's findings and says that the president, quote: contrary to barr's portrayal, mueller's report reveals that president trump engaged in specific actions and pattern of behavior that the meet the threshold for
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impeachment. the president fired back at amash this morning with a pair of tweets saying in part, never a fan of justin amash, a total lightweight who opposes me just for the sake of getting his name out there through controversy. and he ends by saying justin is a loser who, sadly, plays right into our opponents' hands. amash is a frequent create ig of the -- critic of the president and becomes the first republican to come out in support of launching impeachment hearings. this morning on "face the nation" democratic congressman adam schiff, another frequent critic of the president, says he hopes amash is just the first of many who will join that effort. >> you do think there is more of a movement -- >> i think that we are seeing more members that recognize that the administration is acting in a lawless fashion, essentially having obstructed justice is now obstructing congress and our lawful function. >> reporter: amash if's fellow
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gander, democratic congresswoman rashida tlaib, is now urging him to cosponsor a resolution to begin the impeachment process, something democratic leaders have been resisting in part because they admit there is no chance the gop-led senate would actually vote to impeach the president. eric: yeah, amash won his last race at 54% of the vote, be interesting to see if he gets a primary challenge from someone who does sport the president. garrett, thank you. arthel? arthel: turning now to white house, president trump throwing his support behind alabama's controversial abortion law. this comes as a growing number of states follow suit with similar bills which lawmakers say is part of a wider effort to get the supreme court to overturn the roe v. wade decision that legalized abortion. 2020 democratic candidate senator amy klobuchar was asked about the issue on "fox news sunday." >> to protect the life and the health of the mother. that is exactly what the supreme
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court ruling says. and i am okay with that. arthel: ellison barber has more from the white house. >> reporter: yeah, president trump is tweeting about all of this this morning, and his tweets did not reference abby name, but it seems to be referencing alabama even though he didn't specifically name it as well as the legal9 ballot expected to follow in alabama and a few other states that have passed similar legislation. he said, quote: i am strongly pro-life with three exceptions, rape, incest and protecting the life of the mother, the same position taken by ronald reagan. we have come very far in the last two years with 105 wonderful new federal judges, many more to come, two great new supreme court justices, the mexico city policy and a whole new and positive attitude about the right to life. the radical left and worse is imploding on this issue. we must stick together and win for life in 2020. if we are foolish and do not stay united as one, all of our hard-fought gains for life and will rapidly disa appear.
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now, the alabama law goes further than what president trump outlined, it only allows exceptions when the mother's life are in danger, no exemptions for victims of rape or incest. a number of states have passed or are considering a ban on abortion after a heartbeat is detected, typically six week into a pregnancy, kentucky, mississippi and georgia and also ohio banned abortions once a heartbeat is detected. alabama's legislation is by far the most restrictive. it's a near total ban, and it classifies abortion as a class a felony punishable by up to 99 years in prison for doctors. president trump and other republicans are made it very clear that they want to talk about this issue in 2020. here's president trump a little earlier this month. >> to protect innocent life, i call on congress to immediately pass legislation prohibiting extreme late-term abortions. [cheers and applause] democrats are now the party of
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high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion, witch hunts and illusions. >> reporter: none of these state laws have taken effect just yet, and they are expected to be blocked while legal challenges play out. arthel? arthel: thanks, ellison. eric: the continuing standoff in that trade war with china now is growing. president trump accusing beijing of reneging on its prior commitments by sudden hi changing the draft of a deal that both sides had agreed on. and now the president is taking the another step, he's signing an order that could stop that chinese tech giant huawei from doing business with american companies because of those cybersecurity concerns. finish but the new tariffs slapped on american goods by beijing, well, that's hitting some american farmers hard. here's senate finance committee member republican senator pat toomey of pennsylvania about that on "fox news sunday." >> china's the world's second
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biggest economy, it's a revisionist power, it's now for the first time attempting to be able to project force, it's the intimidating neighbors, disrupting american institutions. and it's engaged in some egregious economic behavior; the theft of intellectual property in various ways. so i actually think the president is right to challenge china. eric: we have the very latest live in washington. david? >> reporter: hey, eric. this trade war doesn't a appear to be ending anytime in the near future. conversations continue even if behind the scenes. president trump and his team not backing down from the their demands. chinese officials not backing down from their demand. soybean farmers, they are getting hit hard by in the. they continue to see prices drop. many are just waiting this out to see how long this trade war is going to take. they're trying to run businesses. >> this agreement, if we reach one, won't solve all of those problems, and the tariffs are absolutely painful. but if in the end we end up with
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an agreement that gives us a meaningful reform of china's most egregious behavior, we might look back and say this was worth the price that we're paying. >> reporter: president trump said several times he is considering a bailout for those farmers, that checks would help them and go directly into the mail. some farmers say they'd gladly take it, other farmers would not be in favor of it. senator toomey is not in favor of a bailout, but he does want to see exactly what could possibly happen if this trade war does continue. toomey said that we might look back and see this as warranted because at this point, eric, we don't know how long the stalemate between the united states and china will continue. now, i want to point out this fox news poll from just a few days ago highlighting the trade war with china. 34% of those polled believe the increased tariffs on imports from china helps the economy, 45% believe it hurts the economy. president trump and his counterpart, xi jinping -- the president in china -- expected to meet next month at the g20
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summit in japan, perhaps a chance to strike a deal. eric: eric and we'll certainly be seeing what develops. david, thank you. arthel: the trade standoff also playing out on the campaign trail. francesca chambers, white house correspondent for the daily mail. hi. >> good morning. arthel: did president trump lose props for his highly self-touted trade negotiating acumen for going after canada and mexico first on aluminum and steel or the way he handled that deal overall and now the slow-dragging trade a talks with china that are now at an impasse? >> well, arthel, but he still has more than a year before the general election, and that's important to remember. while democrats have more than 20 candidates right now, and they're all angling to get out in front, president trump can mostly just coast, so to speak, until that general election on this topic. is so he has a full year at least to make a deal with china, and it looks as if it could take
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that long. because now you have the chinese putting new tariffs on $60 billion of u.s. goods. they say they'll do that by june 1st if there's no deal. president trump says that the dialogue is good. however, it's very unlikely that there would be a deal by june 1st at this point. arthel: no doubt this takes a long time. this has been going on for decades, if not longer than that. but if the current standoff has given the democrats an opening to claim better trade thing tactics -- trading tactics, who among the democratic presidential contenders have a trade policy or platform that could alter the trade standoff with china to make it a better fit for american consumers, businesses and farmers? this. >> let's take a look at the two front-runners. we have joe biden first. he said, as we all know now, that china isn't competition for us, and that's a comment that some have said could really come back and blow back on him down blind. but you also have bernie sanders. now, he does not agree with
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president trump explicitly on the issue of trade, but he said that joe biden was wrong to have said that. he said the chinese have stolen jobs from u.s. citizens, and he's signaled he would also seek to redo trade deals with china as well as nafta and other trade deals like president trump has said. so if the chinese, as president trump has said, believe that if a democrat were in office they could potentially get a better deal if they get someone like joe biden, possibly true. but bernie sanders has also signaled that he would want to renegotiate trade deals. arthel: meanwhile, president trump is now saying he is the only one who can walk away are are -- away from a bad deal. can the president's theme of america first work when it comes to trade? can the president of the united states go it alone, or does he need to be more inclusive especially when it comes to china? does he need allies onboard for ultimate success? >> well, he has renegotiated a deal with can da and mexico --
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canada and mexico. it has not been passed by congress yet, but that is something that the he's already done. he's looking to get a deal with japan. if brexit finally goes through, he'll be looking to set a trade deal with the u.k. so as far as trade is concerned, this is something that he's focused on in his administration, and moving forward into a potential second term this is something that would be another big issue for him. but it's important to look back at that interview with pat toomey when he said that he believes that it is a tax on american citizens when you raise tariffs on china, because those costs will be passed down to american citizens. so even within the republican party, there's a question of how long they'll stand for these negotiations. arthel: so to that point, is this why trade is emerging as a big 2020 campaign issue? is it because tariffs are paid by the american people? >> this is something that president trump was pushing even back to 2016. this is what he ran on, was redoing these trade deals.
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so it's not something that suddenly emerged in the 2020 election. however, because you do, again, have candidates like bernie sanders who are at the forefront who have also been talking aggressively about trade and then, of course, president trump trying to negotiate this deal with china and the japanese trade deal also matters. president trump is leaving this week to go to tokyo for several days, all of those issues put this back at the forefront of the debate. but you're also correct that a as americans consider how they want to vote in the 2020 election, the cost to consumers will almost necessarily be something that's on their mind. arthel: all right. francesca chamber, we have to leave it there. thank you so much. eric: an aircraft carrier, the threat of more troops and some tough talk. and in iran, well, it seems they got the message loud and clear. what that means to tehran next. ♪ let's be honest.
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pyramids of giza earlier today. at least 25 passengers were on that bus in cairo. mostly visitors from south africa. so far no group has claimed respondent for this apparent terrorist attack, but it comes less than six months after a similar explosion on another tour bus did kill four people right near the pyramids. arthel: saudi arabia speaking out on the escalating tensions between the u.s. and iran, saying it does not want war with its arch enemy, iran, but the kingdom says it will not hesitate to defend itself. meanwhile, the ranking republican on the house armed services committee, mac thornberry, suggesting the administration was justified in sending warships and bombers to the region. >> the threat is serious. i have been in three classified meetings or briefings over the past two weeks, and i think there's no doubt that the information and warnings we have received are far more serious
9:19 am
than the normal sort of information we get about iran's malicious activities. arthel: trey i didn't think so has more. >> reporter: the leader of iran's revolutionary guard said his country is not pursuing a war with the united states, meanwhile, tensions do remain high. iran's major general added the u.s. does not have the will for war with iran. a especially the week in the middle east that saw proxies target four western tankers is and saudi oil pipelines. in response, the united states moved a carrier strike group to persian gulf as well as a series of war planes. with western oil infrastructure being the main target in attacks so far, exxonmobil evacuated 30 engineers from iraq on saturday. the company called it a, quote, temporary precautionary measure. in neighboring saudi arabia, the kingdom had strong words for iran over the weekend saying they don't want a war with iran, but they're ready to defend
9:20 am
itself with all force and determination. >> translator: we want peace and stability in the region, but we won't stand with our hands bound as the iranians continuously attack. iran has to understand that. the ball is in iran's court, and iran should determine what the path will be. >> reporter: meanwhile in the united states, president trump is reportedly looking to have talks with the iranian regime. some of his advisers would like him to take a hard-line approach. arthel: trey, thank you very much for that update. eric? eric: for more on this continuing confrontation, retired general chuck nash join us. teddy roosevelt said speak softly and carry a big state. the deployment of the battle group to persian gulf and the talk of 120,000 american troops, that that was enough to scare tehran to back down? >> eric, i think that the iranians realize that if they
9:21 am
were to go into a conflict with the united states, that they would lose, and it would be a decisive loss. the mullahs are trying to keep power, and as we strengthen these sanctions, as we put pressure on the regime, things inside of iran are getting worse by the day. they've got ram pant inflation -- rampant inflation, there are demonstrations in the streets we don't hear about that much, but they're going on. there's a lot of distrust of the regime, and the people would like to have a different form of government. so they're trying to balance their domestic problems with what they the perceive to be -- and rightly perceive to be -- an increasing military situation that's bordering around them. eric: they've had those little speedboats, like nats, like annoying moss key tees that just -- mosquitoes that swarm around some of our battleships, and apparently satellite photos showed them transferring missiles onto boat, and after this happened, the new photos
9:22 am
show they're pulling them back. do you think that was a legitimate concern or it was hyped? >> no, i think the thing is -- and something that the viewers need to know -- there are two the navies in iran, two armies. one is the irgc. their forces, and the other ones are the, what we'll call the straight leg or the forces that are under the control of, the military control, not control of the mullahs. the irgc is under the control of the mullahs. they are ones of that have the small boat, do the small boat swarms that you're talking about. and i think what's happened is that the irgc leadership who the reporter just talked about, he's saying we don't want war, he's going to make sure there's not some hair-trigger hothead out there. of so they are disarming some of their small boats so that when they do go out and swarm, they've sent the signal, look, we're not armed up. and they're not giving any of the knuckleheads driving those
9:23 am
boats the ability to start something. eric: yes. and people are warned and criticized of the possibility of a mistake. meanwhile, national security adviser john bolton has been a longtime critic of tehran, he supported the op -- opposition group, and i want you to listen to some words that he said two years ago during a resistance rally right outside the united nations when hassaning rouhani, iranian president, was speaking. >> ultimately, the safest way to guarantee peace internationally, peace in the middle east, peace for the people of iran is to overthrow this regime and have a free and fair election. [cheers and applause] >> regime change in iran! eric: is that possible? >> well, the ncri is the only democratic option that exists to
9:24 am
the mullahs today. so if you were to look at what secretary bolton -- or ambassador bolton, now national security adviser bolton is saying, is that it is virtually impossible for the mullahs to change the way they operate. they can't do it. finish so, therefore, they're going to continue down the road to getting nuclear weapons. and some people believe that the iranians may already have a couple of nukes. what they don't have is the ability to deliver them at range with a high-speed if missile because of inte entry issues -- reentry and technical things. this is really getting to point where the arabs now are getting concerned that sing sole monois calling a meeting for the 30th of this month in mecca, and i think they're going to sit down and one of those, okay, guys, we're either in this together,
9:25 am
whoever said we'll hang together or we'll hang separately? this is a point where the arab world is going to have to come together and put up a firm bulwark against the iranian regime. eric: and how does the arab world do that with the rest of the free world? let me play you david petraeus, the former general, this morning on abc talking about the impact of sanctions. you mentioned their economy in freefall, protests cities that we really hear about. here's what general petraeus said e this morning. >> either they are going to have to really tighten their belt and keep tightening -- because it's going to get worse -- and try to grit their teeth and get to november 2020 in hopes that their desired outcome emerges and then they survive until january 2021. i'm not sure they can go that far without having to at least pursue some back channel that could then lead into some kind of negotiation. eric: former head of the cia saying some type of negotiation. the president says, no, they got their number at the white house,
9:26 am
the phone is sitting there ready to be rung. >> and that dose back to my last -- goes back to my last point, eric. the mullahs, it's impossible for them to change the way they operate, because if they do, they lose power. and what happens is regimes, whether it's the old soviet union or the current theocracy in iran, they won't start loosening up until it's too late, and when they do, they know it's all going to fly apart. the wheels are going to come off. so what they're trying to do is hold out, hope against hope, and if president trump is reelected, then they're really going to have to figure out what they're going to do. but in the meantime, they're going to make life so much worse on the iranian citizens that the wheels will come off. eric: we've seen people before rise up against theocratic dick dictatorships, we'll see what happens in iran. one would hope that it will be peaceful as we have seen in other empires that have crashed. captain the chuck faction good to see you. >> my pleasure, eric.
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of. arthel: in just a few hours from now, 2020 candidate mayor pete buttigieg will take part in a chris wallace-hosted fox news town hall in one of the earliest voting states. we're live on location with a preview, that's next. ♪ "mommy what's wrong with your teeth?" if i would've known that i was gonna be 50 times happier... i would've gone into aspen dental much sooner. it was a very life changing experience... and it felt like i was me again. that's when i realized i hadn't been for three years. at aspen dental we're all about yes. like yes to flexible hours and payment options. yes to free exam and x-rays for new patients without insurance. and yes whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. call now at 1-800-aspendental.
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has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. all with guaranteed great taste. and now try new boost® peaches and creme natural flavor. with 27 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. boost®. be up for life™. eric: time for another presidential candidate townhall. greatly anticipated because it will be with mayor pete. he will attend the townhall just a few hours from now hosted by inker chris wallace. they see it as their setting up in the early voting state of new hampshire. general mayor pete has been urging in the democratic polls is still trailing far behind former vice president joe biden who officially announced his philadelphia yesterday. in new hampshire with a preview we go to peter ducey who was there at the site.
9:32 am
reporter: you can expect your pete to pitch himself to people who might not know anything about him yet. e-mail supporters to say this, the beer of fox news and any bureau that does not share the world view we will surrender to voters, the conservative media will tell our side of the story for us, they will continue to fully claim the values and security and democracy as property of the gop. fox news pull find mayor pete 6% support on democratic primary voters, that is good for fourth place nationally behind biting, bernie and warren. his taking a stand against restrictive abortion laws. >> i think is it an attack on them. it has to end. that is how we make sure we prevent unwanted teen pregnancy.
9:33 am
and to look after women's health especially for women of color. our maternal fertility rate is in the basement. reporter: he made that, in iowa where a spokeswoman said pete likes to play up but it's evident that his plan for the country to embody the spirit of the midwest. his support for the green new deal, government run, all in line with hollywood elite, his campaign has come to embrace, i went woman get clear that they have no time for candidates who choose to leave them and their families behind. he of course is helping to follow in the footsteps of the likes of democratic president elected that is barack obama who hosted his own event in the stevens high school gym back in 2007. eric: will be looking forward to it. big night tonight, the scoreboard is 00, we will see the score later on. that will be at 7:00 p.m.
9:34 am
eastern with chris wallace and mayor pete on the fox news channel. arthel: more on this in the next democratic field, let's bring in the democratic political panel. former white house deputy chief of staff and fox news contributors, good to have you both. we are going to begin with vice president joe biden with a 24 hours of his first campaign rally where he highlighted the three reasons for running which are restore the soul of our nation, rebuild the backbone of the nation, and to unite this nation. is this why biting is a leader of the pack currently? >> i think is a leader from a few reason, is of most widely known candidate and on behalf of mainstream is viewed as a strong as candidate against president trump and that for many democrats is a type already. finally he strikes the right balance for some for being liberal enough but not so
9:35 am
liberal that he is outside the mainstream and subject of socialism and not everything. for all those reasons is a front runner right now and the person to be. arthel: according to fox news pull aging head-to-head matchup by president biden is only president candidate beatty president trump with an 11-point lead. joe biden with 49, president trump 30%. next in line the senators, bernie sanders 46%, elizabeth warren 43%, let harris, 41% and mayor pete 40%. why do you think biden is in the lead, can he sustain it? >> he is the best known of the democratic candidates. and the bigger the primary, the bigger he is. it's hard for the others to break through. also, he's part of the successful trade, barack obama president, joe biden as
9:36 am
president that the context in which most know him. i thought it was interesting, we saw the general election strategy also apparently his primary strategy, to be donald trump it someone you need who can be the country and healed across party lines for not just impressive independents and republicans. it's a big gamble but a smart bet if he can pull it off and makes him very significant and dangerous candidate for president trump in the general election we went in the same fox news pull, stop in indiana mary enteremayorpete, you are from te turf, mayor pete came out of nowhere. what propelled him into the spotlight and will he make a good president? >> number one is a very smart individual, he is fluent in seven different legal despite his young, well spoken but i think mostly is from outside
9:37 am
washington. sophia of the last presidential elections can change elections, he fits into that moped or he's not from washington, young, is been mayor, his dumb things and those things about his personal biography that makes him anything but traditional land politician. he will get a hearing, the challenge for pete who is very encompassed by is going to be can he broaden his appeal in the african-american and hispanic communities. those constituents are gonna be important to any of the nomination ultimately. arthel: how does he do that? >> by being there, he made his first trip to south carolina recently. by getting known. that's why joe biden has a medicine advantage. there's good to be loyalty because he served for barack obama. our first african-american president. and he's been to suffolk atlanta, he knows the african-american community leaders because he's been there for decades. it's tough to overcome that. not possible for pete, he will
9:38 am
get hearing but can you get enough money to hang in there and be the fourth or fifth guy on the stage and african-americans and hispanics will take a relook at him. arthel: using a crowded republican field until now in 2016 and the candidates was least expected to win one. the world watched as he picked off candidates one by one, does mayor pete have a good or is anyone at the 20 for democratics that can be president trump or give them a run for his money? >> after president trump entered the race in june at 2016, within a couple months he took the lead. everybody knew within a matter weeks that he was a political candidate. i don't think we've seen anything like that on the democratic side weathers mayor pete, kamala harris, gillibrand or klobuchar or any of the rest of the crowd, we have not seen anybody else who is had that
9:39 am
once they enter the race. robert francis look like he had it but that was before he entered the race and he hasn't been effective since it. i think he is right, vice president biden has upper hand, the question is good to be is somebody going to obama him. hillary clinton was leading in the national polls until she lost in iowa. barack obama had had a fantastic speech in november of 2007 but more important than that, before this famous speech in des moines he had been building a formidable ross root to the state those energized by the speech. the question, is a video something who today is building the same organization in iowa or new hampshire, or iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, who can give the governor a season, vice president writing an upset
9:40 am
defeat and launch into the national headlines in a way that's valuable for. arthel: last year, bottom line you have to go see the people. he mentioned people t pete, youe his money doesn't run out. isn't that what people are sick of, if you have the big dollars, you don't have enough gas in your car to make it to south carolina or make it to the other places where people want to hear from you? >> it's not right. but infertility is a reality. there's an old saying, no one ever stops running for president but they do run out of money in the 22 over 23 people of my guest no more than ten or 11 of them will make it to the first state to vote. it's one of the practical things. my guess is that mayor pete is enough traction have the resources to make it but get
9:41 am
back democrats tend to follow republicans tend to fall in line and donald trump is an exception. the democrats want to fall in love for after four years of donald trump or will they say. arthel: his opened the phone love. listen, i have to run. i think you, my final word is hooked them. >> there we go. hook them. arthel: think you guys. you do not want to miss townhall with mayor pete. chris wallace will moderate from claremont new hampshire and it starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 p.m. central it is happening here on the sox newschannel. eric: there's been a wave of severe tornadoes on the southern plains in more severe storms on the way. the damage, and what is coming, next ♪
9:42 am
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dozens of stores in the southern plains. a bigger threat we are told glimpse in the coming days, we have live stated bike with the forecast. let's go to jackie with the very latest on the damage. reporter: 24 hours after tornadoes ravaged the central u.s. lighting and power outages with severe weather shutting down roads and downing trees. in and around dallas, heavy rain insignificant party as a line of storms moved west to east there under a flood warning and been warned not to drive or risk being swept away. all of this after 11 comfort tornadoes ripped across the southern plains from friday to last night and during a few people and detonating homes and businesses. the tornadoes happen in a coma
9:47 am
in texas at least 40 reports were recorded across kansas and nebraska as well. two separate storms tracks for hundreds of miles. in nebraska, trees and power lines were damaged in a firm was hit by the high went in oklahoma a confirmed ef 222 district two homes and injured one person. it said is pathos tort but the wind was severe. >> we walked up to the house and started yelling, or from the department of our department in the general and the lives and house he was walking around and the wife was in the house, she standing up through window that collapsed on the bed. reporter: or flash flooding is possible all the way into lower michigan in the number of people without power is climbing. at this hour more than 14000 people are in the dark in texas, 51000 in louisiana and 9000 in arkansas. the airport for the second day with a thousand cancellations
9:48 am
nationwide. a third are in dallas, fort worth alum. national weather service is winning a second severe weather is on track for monday with the threat of significant tornadoes in the very same areas were just hit this weekend. eric: they will have to wal wath out in the coming days. arthel: what do we see heading into next week? reporter: this is unfortunately going to be a big sister were talking about, you get these warm temperatures, 75, 80 degrees bumping up temperatures back to the 50s and 40s, that's a strong cold front and you could see severe weather pop-up. this is a system the custody much yesterday. it will work his way east today before your studies are under forecast, a slight chance of severe weather across the midwest running up into new england eventually but this is on the lower end, we can see big thunderstorms, not a big 20 to operate, that is something happening on monday.
9:49 am
the future reader shows the band moving towards the east weakening as it does so and then we look back to the west and some of the areas that were really hard-hit particularly oklahoma and another system coming together for some monday late in the day running into the overnight hours, this is when it gets scary. you see the deep red and intended put this up, this is a national weather service service. you can see a possible large training our break that is something we are expecting on monday and watching it closely. arthel: that's a map you do not want to see. the chopper ministration pushing back against reports that it wants to ship migrant certain states like florida. as an alternative coming down the pipeline? ♪ i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent
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arthel: the commissioner of u.s. custom and border protection said there are no plans to send migrants to border facilities imported. pushing back against reports that the agency is looking to transport more than 100 documented grants in a week to broward and palm beach counties. live in los angeles with the story. but what about san diego? reporter: san diego is still
9:54 am
in play, initially the border patrol sector chief told reporters that the agency was considering plying them to detroit, buffalo in miami but the buffer ministration appears to be separate away from the plan as of now. in a statement, acted custom and border protection says contrary to inaccurate reports in the press cbp has no plans to transport people in our custody to northern or coastal border facilities which include the patrol station and 40. sheriff's in broward and palm beach county notified them in the concert scene after 1000 migrant being flown in per month beginning in two weeks, it received backlash from state officials including palm beach county sheriff who said he was not humanitarian. today home and security acting secretary tried to explain the
9:55 am
confusing a fourth and why they consider lie migrants to those communities and suddenly ainge the mind. >> communities all over the country are extreme the generation but not ready to receive the flood of immigration. we do have stations imported, stations on the northern border, small stations are busy patrolling their areas, effective resources. cbp says it's already transported hundreds of migrant families by bus and airplane from overcrowded facilities to less credit once but just along this office border. border patrol in san diego confirmed migrants are being flown to that sector right now from texas. arthel: thinking. the house republicans said president trump has engaged in impeachable conduct. nancy pelosi and the democrats are reacting. that at the top of the hour.
9:56 am
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artheleric: it could be the bigv finale ever prayed millions will find out who will sit on the iron throne. >> when you play the "game of thrones" when or die. there was no middleground. experts of "game of thrones" could shatter records. the new study says millions of viewers are going to take time
10:00 am
off to cope with the follow-up. more than ten millions americans plan to watch tonight and skip work tomorrow. overall 27 million are expected to be less productive tomorrow work because i'll be tired. arthel: or depending on the outcome ♪ ♪. leland: the day after joe biden big rally in philadelphia, mayor pete buttigieg gearing up for the town hall tonight. how does the democratic tried to close the gap between itself and the former vice president. the past couple weeks we saw joe biden skyrocket not only in the polls and the primary but also when it comes to the head-to-head matchup of president trump. i am leaving, nice to be with you. nine kristen fisher. it is being held in


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