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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 19, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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. that is it for this week. thank you to my panel, thank you all for watching. i am paul gigot. i hope to see you here next week. eric: no reaction from capitol hill as a congressman becomes the first republican to say the mueller report findings in his view sure the president committed impeachable offenses with his conduct. that echoing democratic credits. hello everyone welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters", i'm eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel neville. he has long been a critic of the present he joined democrats in saying that the attorney general william barr, deliberately miserable into the funnies and also that there should be impeachment proceedings against the president.
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however, kevin mccarthy pushed back on the comments saying he is just looking for attention. >> you got to understand him, he's been in congress quite some time. i think is only ever asked one question all the committees he has been in. he votes more with nancy pelosi them with me. it is really disturbing because when you watch on the floor you could have a bill with a 400 vote all supporting it. there will always be one opposing it will be him. arthel: garrett tenney is live with the latest. reporter: is facing blowback for members of his own party for stating his opinion that president trump obstructed justice and could be impeached. in a 13 to too in his conclusions after reading the mueller report the michigan republican criticized the president and room attorney general bill barr tweeting in part contrary to the portrayal of bill barr report reveals that the president engage in specific actions and a pattern of behavior that meet the
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threshold for impeachment to the present respond with some tweets of his own this morning firing back, never a fan of amash. the president finished out the reply with, justin is a leader who sadly plays right into the opponents hands. they are all to pleased to have a republican jordan. adam schiff says he hopes that justin amash is the first of many who will join the effort. >> do you think there is more of a movement. >> i think were seen more members that recognize that the administration is acting in a lawless fashion. essentially, having obstructed justice is now obstructing congress and our lawful function. >> this afternoon mark walker said that amash is way out of touch with the rest of the republican lawmakers and what they believe. >> justin amash as much
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republican as bernie sanders is independent. sometimes people try to create a firestorm on certain issues. on this particular one i will choose to believe bob mueller and his 12 democrats who found a different conclusion. >> amash is often been outspoken in the present. is a strong believer in the constitution and is not afraid to vote against his party if it goes against his beliefs. it is also with mentioning he has not ruled out the possibility of running against president trump in 2020. as a libertarian. arthel: garrett tenney, thank you. eric. eric: there is heated debate now in washington after several states attached the highly controversial stricter laws on abortion for the present say he is in favor of some exceptions. but in alabama they approved a near total ban that was signed into law. ellison barber is live at the white house with the growing controversy. reporter: the president seemed to suggest he believes the alabama law went too far. the law in alabama certainly
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goes further than what president trump says he supports. the president, this is him on twitter writing, i am strongly pro-life with the three exceptions, rape, and incest and protecting the mother. he wanted to say we must stick together and win for life in 2020. if we are foolish and do not stay united as one, all hard fought gains for life can and will rapidly disappear. the alabama law only allows exemptions in the mothers life in danger. there are no exemptions for victims of rape or incest. it also classifies abortion as a felony and if a dr. performs when they could spend decades behind bars. democrats are opposed to the law and so are some republicans.christ is the case with the laws they pass in the states would actually make it so that no one could get an abortion. this is dangerous, it is a place that we have never seen.
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>> i do not support the alabama law.i believe there ought to be exceptions. i pro-life but there are to be exceptions for rape and incest and where the life of the mothers at risk. >> when the vice president was asked about the alabama law specifically and whether or not he supported it, this was on thursday. the vice president chose not to directly answer the question and said, he said he is proud to be part of a pro-life administration. eric: thank you so much. arthel: meanwhile, u.s. customs and border protection saying there is no plan to send migrants apprehend at the border to florida. the trump administration pushing back against reports that the agency was looking to transfer hundreds of migrants to two counties in southern florida with the acting commissioner saying there are not any plans quote - at this time. however, house minority whip steve scalise says there is still a serious problem at the southern border. >> overwhelming the system. president obama was home at
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security secretary jay johnson said if a thousand people crossed illegally it was too many in one day. these days were getting 4000 and 5000 crossing illegally. arthel: let's go to jeff paul and the west coast bureau with the very latest. reporter: initially, border patrol in san diego said the agency was considering flying migrants from the southern border to areas like detroit, buffalo and miami. at the time shares in broward and palm beach county sent border patrol message -- they say it was a humanitarian and ron desantis said florida could not handle the quote - dumping of migrants. now border officials say there are no plans to transport people to northern or coastal border facilities.
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including florida. >> communities all over the country are extremely generous but they're not ready to receive this flood of immigration. we look at it from a planning perspective. what is proven here? we have stations in florida, on the northern border, small stations, a few agents are busy patrolling their areas. it wasn't going to be an effective use of resources. reporter: but el paso mayor says something has to give. not only are the shelters overcrowded on the southwest border but he says his city is overwhelmed by the processing of migrants. the mayor spoke with fox news earlier and here is his response when asked about states of florida saying, they cannot take on any of the migrants. >> they do not understand you know it's not in my backyard issue. the migrants don't stay there. they are processed there, they're usually leaving 24 to 48 hours wherever their sponsors are throughout the united states. reporter: they say that they really start to transport hundred migrant families by bus
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and airplane from overcrowded facilities to less crowded ones but just along the southwest border. border patrol in san diego also confirmed migrants are being flown to that sector right now from texas. arthel? arthel: jeff paul, thank you. eric. eric: saudi arabia send a strong warning to iran. the countries top diplomats say they do not want war but they say they will not hesitate to defend themselves. we're joined now from jerusalem with more on those increasing tensions. reporter: hi eric. we are getting information about a reported rocket attack in baghdad's green zone. this is something to watch amid threats from around me while today iran's top general and revolutionary guard said the country is not pursuing a war with the united states but the tensions do remain on edge. speaking sunday the arena general added that the united states does not have a will for the war with iran. this comes after tense week in the middle east. they targeted oil tankers and
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pipelines. the united states and response motor carrier strike group to the persian gulf as well as a series of warplanes. with western oil infrastructure being the main target and attacks so far exxon mobil evacuated 30 engineers from iraq on saturday. the company called it quote - temporary precautionary measure. neighboring saudi arabia there strong words for iran over the weekend saying they do not want a war with iran but are ready to defend themselves with all force and determination.>> we want peace and stability in the region but will not stand with our hands on as they continue to attack. iran has to understand that. the ball is in iran's court. and they should determine what the path will be. reporter: according to reports, we have learned that president trump wants to speak with the iranian regime but there are people in the cabinet and also very close advisers to the president urging a much stronger response. eric? eric: thank you so much. much more in the straightahead
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oklahoma and texas. parts of at least 40 preliminary tornadoes have been reported across kansas and nebraska as well. -- forecast sander system is forming in the high plains that will then move south. it could be more intense tornadoes/flooding tomorrow as well as high wind and downpours from kansas to oklahoma and northern texas. if you live there be careful over the next few days. arthel: president trump working to pave the way for negotiations with iran saying he's open to hold talks amid growing concerns over the escalating tensions with tehran. here is a former cia director david petraeus weighing-in this morning. >> they're going to have to make a decision. either they are going to have to really tighten their belt and keep tightening because it's going to get worse.
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or tried to grit her teeth and get to november 2020 and hope that the desired outcome emerges and they survived until january 2021. i'm not sure they can go that far. without having at least to pursue some back channel that could then lead into some kind of negotiation. >> a spring in doctor rebecca grant national security and military analyst and president of independent research. good to have you. thank you. i want to pick up also, the "washington post" reported that the economic sanctions are directly hurting around efforts to finance the terrorist organization, that end, does president trump have time on his side? and can he wait for tehran to come to the negotiating table which is where the president wants them. or to a general petraeus was saying, will iran waited out and resort to the black market for money in the meantime? >> well, with all due respect, i think iran is already hit the
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accelerator on this one when they said at the beginning of may, that they would give the world 60 days to activate a backdoor finance mechanism. and make up the trade deficit or they would start increasing their enrichment of uranium. so iran has set its own timetable. much closer than november 2020 or anything like that. that said, president trump is proven to be forceful but patient. he waited over a year to walk out of the iran deal and he has taken the strategy very very methodically. what it adds up to now, as petraeus pointed out is maximum pressure and big decisions ahead for iran. arthel: about the report of -- how serious is the military
1:17 pm
position? what prompted the actions? >> no question, iran likes to use the missiles, it's got at least 10 different types of programs. and these are short range, overwater missiles and definitely a little threat. nothing that our u.s. navy cannot handle but to me, the big remark this week came from the supreme ayatollah who said i do not want war with the us. now he refused to talk directly but he did say, we don't want war. and believe me, the military forces heard that message from their supreme leader loud and clear. they got the message. we said the aircraft carrier and the b-52s and they don't want to go to all-out war. arthel: right and you are right, in addition to sending the uss lincoln, the aircraft carrier, nonessential personnel been evacuated. on the part of the trump administration, is this a more
1:18 pm
stable or strategic move? >> i see them really buckling down pretty military forces the region, they pulled out diplomats were they needed to. remember arthel, they had to close a consulate in southern iraq last fall because of threats from iranian backed mortar attacks. they tried to secure u.s. personnel while the diplomat a military to try and wait this out. it is very interesting that we are hearing reports that iranian backed hezbollah is feeling the pinch. and they running a little short on money which is very good. that means there are some sanctions taking effect in iran and their feeling the squeeze and we're hoping that will make them, force them to make really tough important decisions about the future of iran. arthel: should president consider sonny back into the iran nuclear agreement?
1:19 pm
>> i don't think so. remember it is not agreement that was ever ratified by congress. that's what we called it just the deal. he walked out for the right reasons. and iran has to make a choice. they crave nuclear weapons, they want to be right on the edge of developing a bomb, it is part of their identity with the islamic republic. but it is the wrong choice. they could be very prosperous regional power if they would back off the nukes, the enrichment and terrorism. this is ultimately the choice they have to make and it's been 40 years of that regime. we do not want them to get the bomb we don't want this to go further.i think general petraeus hit the nail on the head. iran has important decisions to make this summer. arthel: waited see things going from here? is it possible to untied this not in a way that the u.s. and around can save face? or is this conflict imminent? >> they said the balls and around court and it has to do
1:20 pm
with whoever around will be stupid enough to dare some sort of military provocation. beyond that it is a question perhaps, of doing back channel discussions. president trump has made very clear as has secretary pompeo that they are ready to talk any time. will we want to see ultimately is for iran to reaffirm his commitment to the nonproliferation treaty and to say hey, we're not going to enrich and we will not become a nuclear power. the minute they're willing to do that, a great future opens for iran and we can see that in the region. this is heading toward a decision. will they back off? arthel: may not have a choice. doctor grant, thank you. >> thank you. eric: in less than three hours we will -- pete buttigieg has a town hall live from new hampshire. chris wallace is there and he will be here next on that. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage
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trying to unwind abortion rights are trying to get rid of roe versus wade. >> scientists tell us that we have 12 years before irreparable damage is done to the planet. beating trump is not good enough you have to beat the fossil fuel industry to request many democrats but we should back away from fair and open trade. and i believe that only through constant engagement and building of the trade that will get to full security. >> i think what we are seeing unfortunately is looks a lot like people in the trump administration trying to create a pretext or excuse for us to go to war against iran. >> at this time for the generation that fought in iraq and afghanistan to take over for the generation that sent us there. >> if the supreme court overturns roe v wade i would
1:26 pm
think sure, we are codifying roe v wade into law. arthel: those of several the 2020 democratic presidential candidates speaking on a myriad of important issues this morning. but it doesn't stop there. south bend indiana mayor pete buttigieg who is also vying for the democratic presidential nomination, will take part in a fox news town hall tonight at 7 pm eastern time at the helm, "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace. he is live in claremont, new hampshire. chris will moderate tonight town hall. what do you think america wants to know about pete buttigieg and do find that there is despite a curiosity about him? >> forceful good afternoon, i would say what they most want to know about mayor pete is who he is.and we see in the polls, more than half of voters physically say they don't know enough about him to have an opinion. but those who do know little bit about him or very intrigued and i will tell you if all the people who signed up show up tonight here in the gymnasium
1:27 pm
at his high school in claremont, new hampshire will be the biggest turnout for any of the fox town halls so far. tremendous interest here in new hampshire about who this guy is, what he stands for. he is a fascinating character. if he were elected president he will be the youngest president ever at 37 he'd be the first openly gay president ever. he is a rhodes scholar, he served in afghanistan. other than that he's just run-of-the-mill! >> other than that! [laughter] what do you think though will continue to propel mayor pete? or what might take the wind out of his political sale? >> ago to 1984 when gary hart was a shiny bright new object and it was a debate when walter mondale said to him in one debate, where's the beef? the point being, there was a commercial at the time for wendy's. the argument was, that he had a lot of sizzle but not a lot of
1:28 pm
substance there. actually think whether you like his opinions are not, mayor pete has a lot of substance but that is i think what he will either sink or swim on. the substance of his ideas. whether he is able to attract people. not just to his personality and fascinating biography. but also to the ideas of where he would take the country where he would step in office as the youngest president ever. arthel: in other words he can bring home the bacon but can you fry it up in a pan? [laughter] >> in other words! arthel: exactly. chris, we are really of course, looking forward to the work you will be doing there tonight at saint stephen's. no, that was in elementary school! stevens high school. will be watching tonight at seven eastern. chris can i say one real quick thing though? you know me, i love asking questions. but this is really going to be up to the voters here. we will either have several hundred people, we've got some really good questions on a variety of issues. personal, domestic, foreign
1:29 pm
policy, the people who are really going to be doing the, asking the questions on the good people of new hampshire in this town hall. arthel: glad you clarified that. i was going to ask that question but was told i was out of time. glad you put that on the books. thank you, chris wallace! >> thank you, arthel. arthel: there it is! the town hall happening tonight, moderated by chris wallace, mayor pete at 7 pm eastern time on the fox news channel. meanwhile trade talks between the u.s. and china have appeared to -- appear to reach an impasse with both sides dug in on key issues. prolonged dispute is taking its toll on agriculture sector as president trump is considering another bailout program to assist american farmers caught in the middle. david spunt has more on that from washington. >> this does not appear to be ending anytime in the near future. we do know conversations continue even if behind the scenes. president trump and his team not backing down from their demands.the chinese officials not giving into the demands.
1:30 pm
soybean farmers are getting hit hard by this. they continue to see prices drop. many are waiting at the trade war and many trying to run a business. >> they face the possibility of not making money. i've been doing everything he can to cut expenses i can. i will even be renegotiating rent. trying to lower my cost of production for soybeans.>> the president said several times he is considering a bailout for farmers, they check they were going to the mall to help the farmers through the difficult time with china. some farmers say they will gladly take the money. others just don't want to. pennsylvania senator pat toomey, a republican is sometimes break with president trump's as his against the bailout but in favor of the president's approach to china. here he is on "fox news sunday" earlier this morning. >> if in the end, we end up with an agreement that gives us a meaningful reform of china's most egregious behavior, we might look back and say this was worth the price that we are
1:31 pm
paying. >> to me says we might look back and say this is worth it because we just don't how long the stalemate between the united states and china could continue. i want to point out this fox news poll from just a few days ago. highlighting the trade war with china, what does the public have to say? 34 percent of those polled believe increased tariffs on imports from china believe it helps the economy and others believe it hurts the economy. perhaps a chance to strike a deal in japan at the summit. arthel: thank you. >> this is bigger than the numbers from president obama when he went on the t.v. and made a plea saying we have a crisis. and we actually gave more money and this seems to be bipartisan support at the time for unaccompanied minors coming across the border. now it seems that the democrats and we want to use him as pawns. eric: you heard of bigger numbers and when president obama was in office. this morning they were talking
1:32 pm
about the border crisis. he supports a presence plan to give $1.4 billion to cope with the influx of underage migrants who are showing up at the southern border alone. it happens to be just one of the many proposals floating around washington. as we look at the week ahead the house judiciary committee gave the ready to vote on immigration bills they will do that on wednesday. can congress and the white house resolve this continuing crisis? i political portal with the boston globe. james, what you expect to come out of concretely this week to help the emergency? >> i think it's important to note from the trump administration to congress is that for all the talk from the president and all of his rallies talking about criminals that may be coming over the border. it is in the deep recesses of the white house where it matters. they will focus on the humanitarian crisis at the border. it is something the democrats are also focused on as well.
1:33 pm
so when it comes to this increased money democrats have signaled their ready support the 2.9 billion dollars. again, focused on families and children coming over the board and the top administration is right that the numbers have been growing, particularly among unaccompanied minors and minors in general. from the number but particularly three of course central american countries. when it comes to funding there is bipartisan support where there is a disagreement is the vehicle in which the funding actually happens. right now democrats over the past disaster relief. particularly for places like puerto rico, that the president feels like does not need that kind of support. so they couple the funding of the increase funding for border security and as well as humanitarian crisis from say natural disasters that may happen. eric: you just brought up an interesting point. that the trumpet menstruation is not getting enough credit
1:34 pm
for the humanitarian issues. you only hear about the negative stories, and the horror stories going on. you're saying that in the plaster but some of these people elsewhere, they are trying to help?>> look, kirstjen nielsen, the former secretary of homeland security but the humanitarian crisis first and foremost in the way she talked about appear clearly, the rhetoric from the presence twitter feed is not focused so much on the humanitarian crisis. it was when he talked about the national emergency on the board with the humanitarian crisis element. but obviously he was stressing more what he thought would be more of a crisis when it came to national security. that seems to be getting more play than humanitarian element. but the humanitarian element is very real and has bipartisan support and ways to address it. eric: can that bipartisan support for example a presence plan to add more skilled --
1:35 pm
[laughter] you can left but that is a question. can it? >> when a heading toward any type of car brands of immigration. we didn't have that when democrats controlled the house, the senate and the white house. we didn't have that when republicans controlled the house and the senate and the white house and certainly will not have that now critically which democrats in the house and having such wide disagreement, with nancy pelosi on that particular hot button topic. when you ask a very smart question, how far can we take this bipartisan support? the answer is not very far. eric: this is what the wall street journal editorial said. quote democrats do not want to give mr. trump a victory in immigration before the election. and supporters do not want to deal period. the stem is likely to persist
1:36 pm
through the election which is a shame for the dreamers left in limbo and for employers that need more workers. at least mr. trump is acknowledging that america needs the world best talent. do you see any areas of compromise? whether it is moving from 12 percent to 57 percent to get more talented, skilled immigrants into our country. reducing some of the family ties. that the president has criticized. do you see any of those areas that could achieve some possible agreement besides certainly -- this will happen until after the election. >> i think with the journal, they took another step. i think honestly where we are at right now, at the believe the journal editorial was in this case, the immigration plan puts forth by the demonstration, right now senate republicans have a lot of questions exactly about how it will work. when it was unveiled to them last week from jared kushner -- when he met with him privately. i think a lot of questions from senate republicans exactly how this would work but after that, i do agree with the journal that at some point, there's not
1:37 pm
going to be a bipartisan solution when it comes to car brands of immigration reform. at least not in the next two years. eric: the number now is 109,000 last month, increasing could likely topic more than a million of the president says. it is an emergency on the board of that is continuing. james pindell, thank you for joining us. arthel: and working to protect your privacy. that story is next.
1:38 pm
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1:42 pm
mayhem. two people killed in the collision. travis tritt said god bless those that died. adding the they died needlessly. end google facing questions from congress over its database pay they been using the shared user data with government and law enforcement so it can track down unsuspected criminals. but some lawmakers are concerned about privacy overreach. gillian turner has more. reporter: they have long known google tracks your whereabouts, travel, friends, ordering online and even what you are eating for lunch. what you did not know that the company is now sharing your location with law enforcement. they're using it to track down terrorists, domestic abusers and common criminals. social confirm the existence of a massive google database known as sensor -- by employees being used as a digital dragnet by police department nationwide.
1:43 pm
>> it gets deposited on lakes and place her in a rural area. this kind of technology with a search warrant can be used to find out who was there at that time on that date. >> they track -- when you're looking for suspect they select an area and time period.the googles pulls the info into digital place.the google seo says they can do it with a search warrant. the law enforcement community agrees. >> is all about connection of bluetooth, beacons, gps, cellular towers and wi-fi. all fused together and aligned, >> still lawmakers are alarmed demanding answers from the google ceo. the potential ramifications are alarming when it comes to the
1:44 pm
database for the claim google has compiled an extraordinarily detailed picture of the movement and whereabouts of a vast number of consumers stretching back more than a decade. the committee confirms to fox news google has briefed members on sensor vault though they are not sharing details. they say that is on the rise and the question with more use comes more risk than innocent americans will not get sucked up in the dragnet. in washington, gillian turner, fox news. eric: do remember the prisoner swap for the top telephone prisoners? now they figure to the ongoing afghan peace talks today. we will explain next. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. eric: this friday, may 31, it
1:48 pm
happens tomorrow five years as the prisoner swap the freed u.s. army sergeant bobo-- bergd. he was released and exchange for five taliban members are being held right then. now the same members are set to be part of the afghan peace delegation that is right now negotiating with the u.s.. the peace talks finally bringing in the 17 year long
1:49 pm
war. michael has been joined outcome has been covering this for years. he is author of a book about this. spending four years researching and writing the book. he's joining us now. michael, good to see. it's a kind of ironic that those four high-level terrorists were released in gitmo after years and are not sitting there with american officials producing this round of peace talks can get anyplace? >> i suppose it has its chances any rounds we've had. it is worth thing about these guys and what they are thinking of and how this story and the story of bergdorf as we discovered really tells the story around it. when they were detained either surrendered or were working with the cia and were working
1:50 pm
with them. we were working with them at the time and they were taking it to guantcamo where they spent the last almost 20 years. >> now, who do they represent? can they represent what the taliban truly stands for? how can a deal be made with them and with the taliban leadership when they are nematodes the afghan government? >> that's exactly the million dollar question.who do they really represent? when they were surrounding and negotiating with our people in 2001 and 2002 they betrayed their taliban brothers. are we not supposed to believe the guys on the ground fighting and the taliban is just attacking and this month attacks are being increased? i think it is a really serious question that is not being asked. eric: do trust the taliban? they are killing afghan soldiers, the attacks on aid workers are continuing to
1:51 pm
they've not stopped and have not agree to a cease-fire, they want talk to the afghan government for they want u.s. troops out of course. because it helps them. >> well, i think what do they want and who do they represent? what we learned in researching the book is pakistan is the ghost machine of this entire situation. at the taliban negotiators who are led by a man who was detained by the pakistanis, we now need to be asking, all the taliban representing the interest of the people fighting the war or the adjuster pakistan? and maybe it is pakistan fighting thewar. meanwhile, we still supported the pakistanis . the issue is, we are creating the war that we are fighting. eric: how is that? >> the war is a business. contractors in this country who have relied on government money. this is not just popping of the afghan economy but a major factor in our own --
1:52 pm
eric: no one wants this war because of corporate and business money. they were the headquarters for osama bin laden and the terrorists that wanted to attack us. that's why the winter in the first place. to try and wipe them out. when we asked the taliban to cut ties with extremists, they refuse.>> that's right. well, except for in 2001. when i surrendered -- that is what we detained them. so now we are having is groundhog day, dcjc vu situation. eric: what happens? here's part about the peace talks. it says quote - the trump lead peace process launched between united states and the taliban provide the best opportunity for transition that will allow for afghanistan is peaceful political developer. they should be the single focus of thecome afghan and policy makers could afghans need to reach an agreement about how they will -- was united states and nato have left. is it even possible? how can you, from your experience, can it be fashion for the afghans themselves to
1:53 pm
build to take control of the country, to reign in the taliban, if it is even possible and if not, this will just continue. >> look, i don't disagree with that but our very presence is you and the taliban targets to attack. without targets there are no attacks. so as we withdraw, by necessity, the stability becomes the afghans responsibility. eric: but without her presence the afghans don't have stability. so they say. >> they been doing this for thousands of years. and fighting off and then restructuring after various empires leave. we learned in reporting this book is that the afghans are a proud people have a country they're trying to defend and we tried to stabilize. but we failed and the war has been on for 40 years. at a certain point they need to take ownership of their own stability. eric: finally, after so much blood and in 2285 of our servicemen and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for that country.
1:54 pm
what do you expect or predict? >> well, i think it's interesting, what we discovered in researching the book is that the bowe bergdahl stories what a lot of us think of as a curious moment a strange moment.actually tells a story of the entire war. you know, not only were these guys who were traded, had they already surrendered but the entire bergdahl story itself needs to be re-examined. we were told that he was a traitor. in fact when he was taken back in his initial debrief, he turned into a no military sources have told us, one of the greatest intelligence assets of the entire war. after, during the initial debrief the cia ended in one month cease-fire and began taking out al qaeda and terrorist targets in pakistan. the army even has a awarded him for his conduct. so there are two different stories. eric: is fascinating because you don't usually hear about that.
1:55 pm
clearly a complicated situation. michael ames, the book, "american cipher" about bowe bergdahl and the history of our country and taliban. in afghanistan fighting the taliban. we will be right back. sting an y of advanced safety systems. or it isn't. it's either the peace of mind of a standard 5-year unlimited mileage warranty. or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned. or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. now through may 31st. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. our so we reward a every let's see what kate sent. for you. for all of us. that's for me.
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graduates receiving a big surprise with the keynote speaker billionaire tech investor, robert s smith promising to pay off all of the student loans for the entire graduating class. that is reportedly an estimated $40 million. jacqui heinrich joins us in the
1:59 pm
near city news and with this amazing story. reporter: the billionaire investor told the graduating class to make sure they pay it forward to undergraduates they are enough to make sure the community gets taken care of and has an equal opportunity to pursue the american dream. 296 students graduated today at morehouse. historically black almonds college in atlanta, students could barely believe their ears when robert smith, the keynote speaker, told him he will be wiping out their debt. as you can imagine, huge cheers from the audience as well as a standing ovation. for those who might thought it too good to be true they said quote - my family will create a grant to eliminate your student loans. >> on behalf of the eight generations of my family have been in this country, we're going to put a little fuel in your family is making a grant to eliminate the student loans. reporter: morehouse is about 2000 undergrads.
2:00 pm
many are probably hoping this myth comes back next year. amazing! arthel: thank you for the great story. that is it for us. eric: that is so heartwarming! arthel: extraordinary, i love it! eric: take care. preakness. congrats gal, out to the front with fighting mad running away in third to the outside. oh, pepe has opened up a four, a five-length lead with a fur long to run are. doesn't matter how you spell her name -- greg: trump even wins horse races. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ greg: sorry. you made it another week. you know what didn't? alyssa milano's sex strike. [laughte


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