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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  May 19, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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jon: president trump weighs in on the abortion debate, addressing the growing number of states passing restrictive laws as the fight over women's reproductive rights sparks protests across the nation. good evening, i'm jon scott, and this is "the fox report." the president tweeted that he's strongly pro-life before signaling he thinks alabama's near-total ban on abortion went too far. on thursday the nation's most restrictive abortion measure was signed into law making virtually all abortion procedures in the alabama a felony offense, much to displeasure of some prominent republicans who say the bill should have allowed for exceptions. >> i don't support the alabama law. i believe that there a ought to
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be exceptions. i'm pro-life, but this ought to be exceptions for rape and incest and where the life of the mother's at risk. but, look, you're seeing laws on both sides of this argument that are in the extreme. jon: ellison barber is live at the white house with more. >> reporter: hi, jon. president trump did not specifically mention alabama, but his series of tweets clearly suggested that he believes that law in the alabama went too far. it certainly went further than what president trump says he supports. i am strongly pro-life, president trump tweeted, with the three exceptions, rape, incest and protecting the life of the mother. the president urged republicans to stick together, adding if we are foolish and do not stay united as one, all of our hard-fought gains for life and will rapidly disace peer. the -- disappear. there are no exemptions for victims of rape or incest. it also classifies abortion as a felony with a he hefty penalty. doctors could spend up to 99
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years in prison. vice president mike pence was asked about the alabama law on thursday, he did not directly address it but said he is proud to be part of a pro-life administration. president trump and other republicans have made it clear abortion is an issue they want to talk about in 2020, and they've tried to paint the democratic party as far outside of the mainstream when it comes to abortion rights. here's president trump earlier this month. >> democrats are aggressively pushing late-term abortion, allowing children to be ripped from their mother's womb. right up until the moment of birth. democrats are now the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion. >> reporter: earlier this week president trump sat down with fox's steve hilton for a wide-ranging interview. they talked about everything from the u.s./mexico border, to trade, trade war with china to infrastructure. listen here.
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>> you've got nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, we're going to get together, do a big infrastructure plan. but very soon after that mick mulvaney, your chief of staff, saying, no, it's not going to happen. do you still want that -- >> yeah, if mick mulvaney said, that or he has no right to say that. he tells me he didn't say that and he didn't mean it, it's going to be hard to finance. i think the democrats want to raise taxes and do this, this, and this, and then they'll have a news conference, see, trump wants to raise taxes. so it's a little bit of a game. >> reporter: the rest of that interview airs right here in about three hours. jon: ellison barber, thank you. new fallout from capitol hill after michigan congressman justin amash became the first republican to say the mueller report's findings show president trump committed impeachable offenses. house minority leader kevin mccarthy disagrees with that assessment, saying amash is just looking for attention. >> this is exactly what he wants, he wants to have attention. now, you've got to understand
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justin amash. he's been in congress quite some time, i think he's only ever asked one question in all the committees he's been in. he votes more with nancy employees city than he ever votes with me -- pelosi than he ever votes with me. jon: garrett tenney is life washington with more. >> reporter: jon, you saw justin amash is getting a lot of blowback for siding with democrats against the president and attorney general bill barr, saying that barr deliberately misrepresented mueller's report and misled the public about its findings and that the president obstructed justice and could be impeached. to that, the president fired back on twitter this morning saying in part: never a fan of justin amash, a total lightweight who opposes me just for the sake of getting his name out this through controversy. justin is a loser who, sadly, plays right into our opponents' hands. democrats are all too pleased to have a republican join their calls for impeachment hearings. michigan congresswoman rashida tlaib replied to amash saying
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100% in agreement. hashtag, time to impeach. and julian castro quite tweeted: when even a member of his own party is calling for the president's impeachment, shouldn't that tell you something? trump should be impeached. other gop lawmakers are distancing themselves from amash and suggest he is alone in his calls for impeachment from the gop. this morning even senator mitt romney, who is also a frequent critic of the president, said he disagrees with amash and that the evidence to impeach just isn't there. >> there is the full element that you need to prove an obstruction of justice case. i don't think a prosecutor would actually look at this and say, okay, we have here all the elements that would get this to a conviction. so, you know, everyone reaches their own conclusion. as i read the report, i was troubled by it, was very disappointing for a number of reasons, but it did not suggest to me that this was time to call for impeachment. >> reporter: so far democratic
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leaders have resisted calls for impeachment hearings, but some are now urging justin amash to join them in their efforts to push it through and make it happen. no indications, though, from him or his office that he plans to do that quite yet. jon? jon: all right. garrett tenney, thank you. ♪ ♪ jon: with new entrance this week -- entrants this week, the list of democratic presidential candidates climbs to 23. among those trying for the nomination, south bend mayor pete buttigieg from surge to from long shot to one of the leading contenders has been a big surprise. in less than an hour, he will take part in a fox news town hall in claremont, new hampshire. chris wallace is moderating the event, he joins us now with a preview. chris, even buttigieg has said he's a bit surprised at where he stands in this race right now. >> no, he is the it candidate so far, i've got to tell you, jon,
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and you can tell it right here in claremont, new hampshire, where we're going to be holding that town hall in about 55 minutes with the mayor. the place is already starting to fill up. we're here in the gymnasium at stephens high school in claremont, and there's a real sense of electricity here about mayor pete. i think a lot of people are, have learned a little bit about him and want to know more. other people really don't know that much about him, and they want to hear where he would take the country. not just his fascinating biography -- he would be the youngest president if he's elected, he'd be the first openly gay president if elected. he's a rhodes scholar, he was a veteran serving in afghanistan, but they want to know more about where he would take the country, what his policies are on the great issues that face the country. jon: in the latest fox news poll of democratic voters, they were asked what is extremely important to them in their next presidential candidate. 73% said they want somebody who can beat donald trump.
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37% say they want someone who represents the new generation. obviously, buttigieg fills that second line. >> yeah. but, obviously, as you can see, it's only about a third of voters. no, that's why joe biden is in such a commanding lead in the latest fox poll, i think he's 39% support, and bernie sanders is second at 7% -- 17%. obviously, at this point for all the talk about the democrats moving left and pursuing a lot of ideas like medicare for all and the green new deal, what seems to be most on voters' minds -- i don't know if that's true here in claremont or not -- is beating donald trump. which is why at least for now people are parking on joe biden. now, of course, the race really hasn't begun, we haven't had the first debates, we haven't seen how all of these candidates are going to do on the campaign trail. perhaps people's minds about who's the best candidate to face off against trump will change,
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maybe it won't. jon: i mentioned earlier that fox news poll of democratic voters. when asked which candidate they like versus donald trump, pete buttigieg comes in at 40%. and i should say this is not just democratic voters, this is voters overall. pete buttigieg comes in at 40% versus president trump's 41%. again, for a guy who thought he was going to spend most of the summer getting people to know how to pronounce his name, he's doing very well in presidential politics. [laughter] >> no, it is astonishing. i don't know how much of that is support for buttigieg, how much is people who just don't want to vote for donald trump. but the idea that a 37-year-old mayor of the 300 biggest city in america, south bend, indiana, would be running within the margin of error in the late fox news poll against the president of the united states is quite astonishing. i think it, one, says there are a lot of people who are opposed to president. also a lot of people, obviously,
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who are for him. there is real interest in talking about an alternative, and, obviously, events like tonight are an opportunity for people both here in the gymnasium and the millions more watching at home to see whether they think mayor pete fills the bill or not. jon: so tell us about the format tonight. who's in the seats behind you, is and what does -- is it question and answer from the public? what? >> yeah. you know, one of my concerns -- [laughter] sometimes with town halls is that the people in the audience don't get to ask enough questions. i promise you -- telling everybody here -- we're going to get a lot of questions from real people. i'll ask a few follow-ups, but that's the whole idea. and this is, of course, a proud tradition in new hampshire town halls, that they -- sometimes you'll hear when we get to primary in february, and i've got to say it's a lot nicer in may in new hampshire than it is in february, right, folks? [laughter] [applause] yes. but, you know, what's interesting is you'll say, well, who are you for, and they'll
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say, well, i don't know, i've only seen each of the candidates three times. [laughter] they take this very personally. they want to do comparison shopping, see all the candidates several times. so so it's a long road for may 19th when it's been a beautiful day here in claremont to, i guess, the second week of february, 2020. jon: a lot of tire kicking there in new hampshire. we're looking forward to it, chris, thanks very much. >> thank you, jon. jon: tonight, 7 p.m. eastern time, right after this program, so about 50 minutes from now for that town hall with 2020 democratic presidential candidate pete buttigieg. chris wallace is the moderator right here on fox news channel. just in to fox newsroom, google says it has cut off chinese tech company huawei from direct business activity due to new rules set by the u.s. department of commerce. this as the trade war between the two countries shows no sign of letting up. soybean prices have hit a 10-year low, and farmers
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anticipate even more fallout. some lawmakers say e china should not be underestimated. >> it has certainly gone beyond trade and economics at this point. part of what's at stake is which nation is going to set the standard for the rest of the world, which nation's values are going to predominate. we see china using not just their military, but their economic and trade leverage and investment all over the world. jon: david spunt has more from washington. >> this trade war does not appear to be ending anytime in the near future. we do know conversations continue even if behind the scenes. president trump and his team not backing down from their demands, and chinese officials not giving in to those demands. soybean farmers are getting hit hard by this. they continue to see prices drop. many are just waiting out in the trade war, many trying to run a business. >> farmers that grow soybeans are faced with the possibility of not even making money to do
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so. i'll be doing everything i can to be cutting expenses, renegotiating rents, trying to lower my cost of production for soybeans. >> reporter: president trump said several times he's considering a bailout for farmers. a check would go into the mail to help farmers through this difficult time with china. some farmers say they'll gladly take the money, others just don't want it. pennsylvania senator pat toomey -- a republican -- says he's against the bailout, but he's in favor of the president's approach to china. here he is on "fox news sunday" earlier this morning. >> if in the end we end up with an agreement that gives us a meaningful reform of china's most egregious behavior, we might look back and say this was worth the price that we're waiting. >> reporter: toomey said we might look back and say this was worth it because we don't know how long the stalemate between the united states and china could continue. i want to point out this fox news poll from just a few days ago highlighting the trade war with china, what does the public
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have to say? 34% believe the increased tariffs helps the economy, 45% believe it hurts the economy. president trump and xi jinping expected to meet next month at the g20 summit in japan. perhaps a chance to strike a deal? jon? jon: david, thank you. the trump administration pushes back against reports of plans to send migrants apprehended at the southern border to florida. but with thousands of people crossing every day, what will the government do now? ♪ ♪ this is a commercial about insurance and i know you're thinking. i don't want to hear about insurance. 'cause let's be honest... nobody likes dealing with insurance. right? see, esurance knows it's expensive. i feel like i'm giving my money away. so they're making it affordable. thank you, dennis quaid. you're welcome, guy in kitchen. i named my character walter.
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. ♪ >> president obama's homeland security secretary, jeh johnson, said if a thousand people crossed illegally, it was too many in one day. these days we're getting 4,000 or 5,000 crossing illegally. it's overwhelming the system. >> reporter: that's house minority whip steve scalise talking about the influx of migrants entering our southern border as the trump administration pushes back against reports that customs and border protection was looking to transfer hundreds of migrants to two counties in south florida. jeff paul is following this. jeff? >> reporter: initially, border patrol's interim sand day owe sector chief told the agency the
3:19 pm
agency was considering flying migrants to areas like detroit, buffalo and miami. on thursday sheriffs in broward and palm beach county said border patrol notified them their communities could start seeing up to 1,000 migrants being flown in per month beginning in two weeks. one of the local sheriffs said the move was not humanitarian, and florida governor ron desantis said florida couldn't handle the, quote, dumping of migrants. now border officials saying there are no plans to transport people to northern or coastal border facilities, include florida. the sheriff in palm beach county, florida, is expressing his relief on twitter through a new audio recording. >> this is sheriff rick bradshaw. it appears that border patrol has backed off its initial plans to transport a thousand illegal immigrants to south florida. because of everybody's effort, we are able to stop what appeared to be a crisis for our community. >> reporter: today homeland security acting secretary kevin mcaleenan try thed to explain
3:20 pm
the confusing back and forth and why they initially considered flying migrants the those communities, and then that is suddenly changed. >> communities all over this country are extremely generous, but they're not ready to receive this flood of immigration. we looked at it from a planning per spective, what's prudent here. we do have stations in florida on the northern border. they're small is stations, they have a few agents that are busy patrolling their areas. it wasn't going to be an effective use of resources. >> reporter: but el paso's mayor says something has to give. he spoke with fox news earlier, and here's his response when asked about states like florida saying they can't take on any of the migrants. >> well, they don't understand, and when i say nimby, it's not in my backyard. the migrants don't stay there. they're usually leave anything 24-48 hours wherever their sponsors are throughout the united states. so it's a a matter of processing, and what we're saying is the el paso border sector is overwhelmed. >> reporter: border patrol in
3:21 pm
san diego did confirm migrantses are being flown to that sector right now from texas. jon? jon: jeff paul from los angeles, thank you. powerful thunderstorms and severe weather battering much of the heartland. dozens of tornadoes have ripped through oklahoma and texas, devastating homes and businesses. but attention is now turning to a new system which could bring another round of life-threatening weather. meteorologist paul williams is tracking it all for us. paul? >> unfortunately, we have a double helping, two scoops of bad weather we really don't want, but it's going to happen anyway. first and foremost, the northeast is being targeted with severe storms. we have severe thunderstorm watch and some warnings that we'll get to in just a second that are active at least until 9:00 for the watches, then the watches in lot throughout portis of indiana and michigan. here's an example, the strong line that began to push through portions of indianapolis and
3:22 pm
central portions of ohio just to kick that off. we're concerned about hail, downpours reaching from the indianapolis, cincinnati, we could see winds in excess of 70 miles an hour. we have strong storms with isolated pockets of damaging hail and damaging winds racing its way towards the east throughout upstate new york, portions of vermont and additional storms with warnings connected to them throughout portions of pennsylvania and, guess what? this is not just a one-trick pony. for tomorrow as well throughout the northeast damaging winds, hail, torrential downpours all the way down to boston and even waterbury. then there's the problem monday going into tuesday down south, throughout texas. monday, look for a line of severe storms that's going to rip throughout texas, oklahoma, going into missouri for monday and then going to tuesday we'll have one more slice of that, and that will continue going into tuesday with a stormy corridor. and if that's not enough, let's catch our breath, one last problem i've got to tell you about. greatest risk of additional significant rain throughout
3:23 pm
sioux falls, sioux city, des moines, kansas city, wichita, greatest risk where you see the darker green, possibly ten more additional inches of rain. and remember, this is the area where we already have too much water. jon: all right. paul williams, thanks very much. arnold schwarzenegger blindsided by an attack at an event in south africa. the 71-year-old former california governor and terminator star was taking pictures and chatting with fans when a man drop kicked him in the back. the suspect was taken away by security and later turned over to police. no word on a motive, but schwarzenegger is okay and says he has no plans to press charges, tweeting he hopes the attacker gets his life back on the right track. country music star travis tritt's tour bus is involved in a deadly crash. it happened yesterday morning in myrtle beach, south carolina. the singer tweet thing that an alleged drunk driver side wiped
3:24 pm
their bus. two people died in the resulting collision. no one aboard the tour bus was injured. he tweeted: god bless those who died adding, they died needlessly. well, south bend mayor pete buttigieg set to address the big issues impacting voters in tonight's fox news town hall. we're live from the claremont if, new hampshire, next. ♪ ♪ uh-oh, looks like someone's still nervous about buying a new house. is it that obvious? yes it is.
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jon i'm jon scott, and this is "thex report." we're approaching the bottom of the hour, and we are minutes away from fox news town hall with one of the rising stars of the 2020 democratic presidential field, pete buttigieg. the south bend mayor is currently forth in the latest fox fox news poll with 6%, still firmly behind former vice president joe biden who's leading with 35%. this as candidates make their rounds hoping to separate themselves from the ever growing field. peter doocy is live in
3:29 pm
claremont, new hampshire. peter? >> reporter: jon, pete buttigieg has officially e broken through from candidate to pop culture, which we saw last night on saturday night live. >> i hear when you grow up, you want to be the president. >> well, i am grown up. >> awww -- [laughter] >> well, i may only be 37 years old, but i do feel like i represent everyday americans. i'm just a harvard-educated, multilingual veteran rhodes scholar. i'm just like you. >> reporter: mayor pete e-mailed supporters to say if we ignore the viewers of fox news and every news platform that doesn't share our world view, we will surrender our ability to speak directly to millions of american voters. mayor pete has 6% support nationally, good for fourth place in a recent fox news poll, but host on president trump's radar as somebody who could win the nomination, so the president is now talking about the south bend mayor's personal life and
3:30 pm
saying that he thinks that it is absolutely fine to hook up at the democratic -- look up at the democratic stage and see buttigieg with his husband. he said, that's nice, i'm more interested in policies that affect lgbtq people. the first debate is still more than a month away, so cocontenders are mostly holding their fire, but mayor pete took issue with something in the front-runner's record last night. >> joe biden voted for the iraq war, what does that say to you about his judgment? >> well, i'm not going to weigh in on any of my competitors. what i will say is that, you know, i was opposed to the iraq war. >> reporter: that bite was from an event in iowa. tonight the mayor is in new hampshire, and it is something that they have noticed back in indiana, the folks at the south bend tribune tallied up he has been out of town about 45% of the time in recent months, jon.
3:31 pm
jon: peter doocy. peter, thank you. joining us with more on the 2020 race, kelly jane torrance, senior editor of the washington examiner. kelly jane, what is it about pete buttigieg? the he has sort of captured lightning in a bottle at least at this point. he's in fourth place, you know? the, coming from the standpoint of the mayor of not even the largest city in indiana. what is it that he's got? >> no, it's the fourth largest, right, jon? the yeah, i think really when you look at the front-runners in this race, joe biden and bernie sanders according to polls, pete buttigieg really stands out. he's a young, fresh face, and i do think that people connect with that. you know, one of the reasons that president trump won in 2016 -- again, you know, he's aned older guy, but he was different. he was an outsider. he wasn't an establishment politician. that's what voters wanted. and i still think that that anti-establishment view still holds even among democrats.
3:32 pm
and i think that's one reason that we've seen pete buttigieg really rise so much in the polls despite, you know, not having a lot of executive experience. he's a, you know, guy in his 30s, he connects very well with people. he really connects well with people on a personal level. of course, he has ignored policy for the personal, i think that could start to harm him as the race goes on. jon: there's another millennial war veteran in this race, congressman seth moulton. he says it is his generation's time. listen. >> i think it's time for the generation that fought in iraq is and afghanistan to take over for the generation that sent us there. to show how we're going to take america forward into the new world, into a new economy, into the challenges of climate change that our generation has to deal with and live with. i think it's time for that change in american politics, and i've been fighting for it ever since i was elected. jon: he and buttigieg, i suppose, have some time to make that case, but joe biden is 74
3:33 pm
years old. he's number one in this race at this point, and bernie sanders not that far behind. >> yeah. i think you're seeing an interesting dynamic really amongst democrats. you know, of course, president trump famously did not fight in the vietnam war, neither did biden. bernie sanders was a conscientious objector. but then you have these young people, the sort of 9/11 generation who enlisted after those terrorist attacks, fought for their country, and now we've seen a number of them in congress -- tom cotton, tulsi gabbard, some others, and now we're seeing some of them run for president. they're very young, but they bring a certain amount of experience in an area that biden even at 74, bernie sanders, donald trump don't have. so they're going to make that argument as best they can. right now, again, i think we're hearing a lot more personal stuff about the candidates than actually hearing about their policy. one thing i thought was interesting was pete buttigieg did a town hall, and the host,
3:34 pm
actually, anderson cooper actually kind of ribbed him because he didn't have a single policy issue on his web site. and when pressed, mayor pete said, well, basically, i want to pack the supreme court and get rid of the electoral college. those issues, i don't think, are going to resonate with voters. but the perm connections -- and he's talked about his faith, those are less significant. jon: republicans have a tendency to take the sec place finisher of their presidential primary process and make that person the next nominee. democrats maybe not so much. bernie sanders, obviously, did very well the last time around, but he's not necessarily in -- well, he's not in first place right now. still, he says that he has changed the dynamic of this this race. listen. >> we came up short, yeah. we took on the entire democratic establishment. we took on the democratic national committee. we took on every democratic governor, took on every democratic mayor, and we ended up winning 22 states and 13
3:35 pm
million votes and, in fact, bringing forth ap agenda that transformed the democratic party. four years ago people were not talking about the issues they're talking about now. jon: so does bernie have a chance this time around, or is he yesterday's news? >> that's a great question, jon. he does bring up a good point. he has changed the party. i would say not for the better. you're seeing a lot more progressive people in this race, a lot more people in the party proott moting progress we've positions. but, let's face it, bernie sanders moved hillary clinton to the left in the 2016 primaries, and i think it hurt her with voters. you know, hillary clinton was for the trans-pacific partnership, she's a free trader. she ended up coming out against the it after pressure from bernie sanders. she ended up supporting a $15 minimum wage from pressure from bernie sanders. i could name a number of other issues, and i think bernie sanders pushing her to left hurt the democrats with a lot of moderates and independents who are really sent tryst -- centrist and don't want
3:36 pm
socialist policies. so he's right, he's changed the party, but he may actually have harmed it. and i think a lot of centrist democrats, that's one reason they don't want him to become sort of the heir apparent after hillaryed had her chance and lost it. and i think that's one reason he is not number one in democratic polls right now. jon: of course, trump supporters will say that the polls were all wet last time around, but i want to read this poll anyway. in the latest fox news poll, when voters were asked where they stand on president trump versus someone else, 28% say they would definitely vote to reelect the president, 10% say they'd probably want to reelect him, 7% said they would probably vote for someone else, and 46% say they will definitely vote for someone else. i don't know, this white house doesn't seem worried, but those aren't numbers that get you back into the oval office. >> no, and i think that's something that the president and his advisers really need to think about.
3:37 pm
they don't seem to be reaching out as much to get new voters. we see time and time again that president trump says things, does policies that he thinks his base will be happy about, is and we've seen his concentration on immigration in the last few months, i think, is one great example. they're going to have to reach new voters. let's face it, we know some of the people who voted for trump are not going to vote for him again. he needs new support. and i think criminal justice reform is one issue that the president -- it's actually a bipartisan issue -- the president has been pretty good on. he should be trumpeting that and doing more for that. that is something he could reach new people on. i'm not sure that he's going to do that. time and time again he mentions issues that he thinks play well with the base, but eventually -- the base is great when you're running in a primary, but he's got another general election coming up, and he needs to reach out and get more support. that was a close race in 2016. it's not likely to be a lot less close in 2020.
3:38 pm
jon: it could be a nail-biter again. kelly jane torrance from the national examiner, thank you. >> thanks, jon. jon: a surprising move from the president, offering support to one of his potential 2020 rivals in an exclusive interview with steve hilton. >> we've got the town hall with pete buttigieg -- >> boot edge edge -- >> there you go. this weekend. just one thing on him. putting aside policy disagreements, don't you think it's just great to see the fact that you've got a guy there on the stage with his husband, and it's normal? it's not -- >> i think it's absolutely fine, i do. >> but isn't it a sign of great progress in the country, that that's just -- >> yeah. i think it's great. i think that's something that perhaps some people will have a problem with. i have no problem with it whatsoever. i think it's good. jon: you can catch steve hilton's full interview with the president tonight about two the and a half hours from now, 9
3:39 pm
p.m., during the next revolution right here on the fox news channel. more in ang moment. i couldn't have asked for better parents, but like most people they didn't have anyone to teach them the best financial habits. so we changed that. as a financial health coach, i help people every day. i try to put myself in their shoes from my own experience. i connect to them because i've been there. helping families like mine save a little money changes everything. this is personalized guidance. this is wells fargo.
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♪ ♪ jon: president trump delivers a sharp warning amid escalating tensions between the u.s. and iran, tweeting this afternoon: if iran wants to fight, that had been the official end of iran. never threaten the united states again. this as saudi arabia says it doesn't want a war but will not hesitate to defend itself after the white house ordered warships and bombers to the region to counter an alleged threat from the iran. trey yingst has more from our mideast bureau. >> reporter: the leader of iran's revolutionary guard said today his country is not pursuing a war with the united states, although tensions do remain high. speaking sunday, the ran january
3:44 pm
general sulemani adds the united states does not have the will for a war with iran. in response, the united states moved a carrier strike group to persian gulf as well as a series of war planes. with western oil infrastructure being the main target in the attacks so far, exxonmobil evacuated 30 engineers from iraq on saturday. the company called it a, quote, temporary precautionary measure. in neighboring saudi arabia, the kingdom had strong words for iran over the weekend, saying it does not want a war with iran, but it's ready to defend itself with all force and determination. >> translator: we want peace and stability in the region, but we won't stand with our hands bound as the iranians continuously attack. iran has to understand that. the ball is in iran's court, and iran should determine what the path will be. >> reporter: in the united states, president trump has
3:45 pm
reiterated a desire to talk with the ran -- iranians, meanwhile, some of his advisers are urging a stronger response. jon: trey, thank you. well, the 2019 graduating class of morehouse college receives the surprise of a lifetime. find out what that is next. ♪ ♪ with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today. hi. maria ramirez! mom! maria!
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bring in your own phone, switch to xfinity mobile and only pay for data. now that's simple, easy, awesome. get $100 back when you bring in an eligible smartphone. click, call, or visit a store today. jon: well, in the year's morehouse ce graduates received a big surprise. their keynote speaker, billionaire tech investor robert smith, promises he will pay off all the student loan debt for the entire graduating class. that is reportly about $40 million. jacqui heinrich joins us with more. nice graduation. >> reporter: can you imagine hearing that? what a relief that must have been. jon: oh, for sure. >> reporter: the billionaire investor told the graduating class to make sure they pay it forward, make sure their community gets taken care of and have an equal opportunity to pursue the american dream. 396 students graduated today at the historically black all-men's college in atlanta. students could barely believe their ears when robert smith
3:50 pm
told them he'd be wiping out their debt. as you can imagine, huge cheers from the audience and a standing to ovation. and for those who might have thought it too good to be true, morehouse college tweeted, quote: my family is going to create a grant to eliminate your student loans. >> on behalf of the eight generations of my family who have been in this country, we're going to put a little fuel in your bus. my family is making a grant to eliminate their student loans. >> reporter: smith's gift could be as high as $40 million. the cost of a four-year degree is about $100,000 per student. some students reported having debt as high as $70,000. smith received an honorary doctorate during the commencement. in january he made a $1.5 million donation for scholarships as well as a new park on campus. according to "forbes," his software investment firm, vista equity partners, is very profitable, made him one of the
3:51 pm
most wealthy african-american men in america. his net worth is reportedly ability $5 billion, and his debt -- or his gift, rather, comes at a trying time for students, student loan debt at an all-time high. on average the student owes at graduation about $29,000. morehouse, by the way, has 2,000 undergraduate students, many of them probably now hoping, jon, that smith comes back next year. jon yeah. i bet he'll get invited to a lot of graduations. [laughter] a lot of keynote addresses. great story, thank you. a piece of pennsylvania history gone in a matter of seconds this morning. [background sounds] jon: wow. crowds gathered to watch the demolition to have martin tower, bethlehem steel's original world headquarters. and while the 47-year-old structure crumbled, some spectators couldn't help but reminisce. >> my father and and other
3:52 pm
relatives worked there for 40-some-odd years, and we seen it go up, being built in the '70s. it's just an iconic building. every day i look out my window, i see this building, landmark. and to see it come down, it brought a tear to my eye, it really did. jon: the 21-story building stood vacant for a dozen years. now the land is set to become a mixed-use development of apartments and retail buildings. as we mark nearly 20 years since the tragic death of john f. kennedy jr., a new fox nation special is shedding some light on the night his private plane s vineyard. here's a sneak peek. so what were flying conditions like that night? well, joining us is a man who may be able to answer that question. kyle bailey is a private pilot who flies out of the same airport that john f. kennedy jr., his wife and sister-in-law
3:53 pm
took off from. were you concerned about conditions? >> originally, i was planning on making the same trip that night -- jon: you were going to go to martha's vineyard? >> yes. the conditions were marginal, very hazy. jon: the big story and the disappearance of jfk jr. now available exclusively on fox nation. well, "game of thrones" ending on a sour note for some as a petition calls for hbo to give the show's final season another try. you won't believe how many fans are -- have signed off. ♪ ♪ my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? s... s...u... s...u...v... these letters used to mean something.
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>> statue of liberty gets a update with a new museum opening up at the tourist attraction. laura ingal with more. reporterladies andgentlemen, thy museum is now open to the public. reporter: it took two years and over 100 million dollars to complete, 3 large gallery spaces. >> you think of the statue of liberty of cartoonized. but, it is really cool to see people made this with their hands and the work and years.
3:58 pm
reporter: the project built on opposite end of liberty i land showcases a unique structure with glass walls and a copper collar roof. museum is the biggest addition to the area around the statue since she was first unveiled in 1886, languagal the original tontorch is the center piece. those who helped to build say they hope all art knack artifac. >> it stands for a lot of different things for a lot of different people. that is the beauty of it. reporter: other key features, life size copper replica of lady liberty face and foots, and visitors will hear recordings of
3:59 pm
immigrants, as they approached the united states, liberty island receives 4.5 million visitors a year, until now, the museum was inside of the pe pedestal, at mission is included with the price of your ferry ticket. fox news in new york. >> tonight marks series finale of hit tv show "game of thrones," not everyone has been thrilled with the closing season. a petition calling for a remark. -- remake with competent write
4:00 pm
writers. so far no comment from hbo, that is our "fox report," i am jon scott, stay tuned for our town hall with president at candidate pete buttigieg live from new hampshire. see you next week. >> i'm chris wallace, can a millennial mayor from the midwest make the case to be the democratic nominee to take on president trump? >> my name is pete buttigieg. people get tripped up on that, they just call me mayor pete. pete. >> 37 years old, rising in the poll and on president trump's radar. >> buttigieg believes he has what it takes. >> i have more years of experience in government than the president and more years of the executive than the vice
4:01 pm
president. >> it is time to fill in the


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