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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 20, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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appreciation for a different style. >> dana: you are doing it for a good cause. great show, good way to start the week. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is coming up next. >> mike: thank you very much. this is a fox news alert, i am mike emanuel. president trump loses the first round of a court fight with his financial records. they ruled in favor of house oversight committee democrats want to look at the presidents information. he had tried to block a house the peanut of the documents, all this comes as tensions rise over potential conflict with iran. rich edson has at the white house tonight. >> in the house oversight committee, they want ten years of the presidents financial records for the white house because that comey overreached. the federal judge justice agreed to. this will likely be played out among several of our fights
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between the white house and the democratic house of representatives. the trump administration faces international challenges, particularly in the middle east and the standoff with iran. >> do not underestimate. >> he stressed this tweeting "if iran wants to fight that will be the official end of iran. never threatened united states again." this weekend abraham lincoln a strike group conducted exercises in the persian gulf, part of the expansion of the region. this is on top of what the administration called its maximum pressure campaign, strong economic sanctions against iran. >> you cannot let them have nuclear weapons. >> yesterday a rocket landed in baghdad, a senior state department official said the rocket missed buildings with americans and them and no group has claimed responsibility of the official says "we will hold
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iran responsible if any such acts are conducted by its forces or elements of such forces and we will respond accordingly." the press reports iraqi officials believe the rocket was launched from east baghdad. any broad officials there announced the quadruple production of uranium putting iran on track to violate levels in the nuclear deal. iranian foreign minister says president trump's adversaries are goading him into a fight with iran and that economic terrorism and genocidal tolerance boat and iran. he is in a country that has acted as an intermediary between the united states and iran. >> i don't want to fight. you do have situations like this. you can't let them have nuclear weapons. >> he told reporters the u.s. has reached out to new iran ans not reached a response. the president says this is a false report. they will call us if they are
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ready in the meantime their economy continues to collapse, very sad for the iranian people. all the administration weights to start negotiations he touted the conclusions with mexico and canada. "starting monday are great farmers can get doing business with mexico and canada. they have both taken to tariff penalties off of your great agricultural product. please be sure you are treated fairly. any complaints should go to secretary sonny purdue." >> he is just taking off from the south lawn of the white house and he was speaking to reporters before leaving about this whole fights between whether don began the former counsel will testify for the house judiciary committee. he said he already testified democrats should not get a do over on all of this. >> mike: rich edson, thank you thank you.
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>> the first lawmaker and the g.o.p. calling for president trumps impeachment. he wrote over the weekend among his principal conclusions to his reading of the mueller report, president trump has engaged an impeachable conduct. the house republican leader question while he even calls him solidly republican. >> this is what he wants, he wants to have attention. devotes more with nancy pelosi. it's a question if he is in our conference as a whole. >> a recent poll suggests he has an outcast, 87% of republicans are imposed to impeachment and president trump just missed him on twitter calling him a total lightweight who is just getting his name out there. in north carolina congressman mark walker accused him of tearing a page out of bernie sanders playbook. >> he has a republican as
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bernie sanders is an independent. i would choose to believe bob mueller. >> some suggest this will build pressure on nancy pelosi who has been reluctant to go forward with impeachment. congressman rashida to leave but we did, i have an impeachment investigation resolution, you'll want to cosponsor. a texas democrat says it's time to step up. >> i'm eager to see democrats show the same courage that he has shown. this could make him the most endangered republican in congress with michigan state representative jim lauer announcing he is launching a primary challenge for that congress, he says he made the announcement sooner than planned after his outburst. southbound mayor pete would adjust says he will push for tax hikes if he becomes president. the democratic candidate participated in a town hall meeting last night here on fox news, peter doocy has all of the election news tonight from manchester, new hampshire, . >> president trump said that
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pete put a jazz will never be president with a tweet >> the tweets -- i don't care. he hopes to end the trump administration after four years with a pitch for four new tax increases. >> we need to introduce new ideas with a fair, higher earnings. >> today the president moved on targeting two different democrats with s. >> it looks like bernie sanders is history. joe biden as pulling ahead and i'm here because of the sleepy joe and the men who took him off the 1% trash heap. china china wants sleepy joe ba. >> that was a big part of his big campaign kickoff. >> president trump inherited the economy from the obama biden administration. >> kamala harris hopes to catch the front runner with a new plan
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to penalized losses that don't pay men and women the same salary. they campaign press release explains for every 1% wage gap or work of equal value they will be fined 1% of their profit. >> in america today women for the same work, for the equal work on average make $0.80 on the dollar. >> she is hoping to become the first female president as mayor pete campaigns to be the first openly gay president. he decided to come out of the closet in south bend. >> do think hard for what it would mean for my political future because we didn't know. it's not like you could do a poll if you could know that mayor pete would be gay would you vote for him? [laughter] >> while buttigieg got a standing ovation at the end,
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they think they have heard from folks here in manchester is it is still a long way till primary day. >> mike: peter doocy, thank you. pete put a jazz is defending his decision to appear on fox news despite the fact that some of his candidates candidates are refusing to do so. >> i think a lot of people to enter this network. there are a lot of americans who can't blame if they are ignoring our message because they will never hear it. if we don't go on and talk about it. whether it is going to the viewership or fox news or whether geographically it's going to places where democrats haven't been seen much. >> president trump tweets "hard to believe fox news is wasting airtime on mayor pete." they are losing to the wrong side. they got dumped from the democrats and they want in, let's get more on buttigieg, the president and some of the other
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hot topics. brit hume joins us this evening. what are your thoughts on how he did in last night last night's town hall? >> i think pete buttigieg is the most impressive by far candidate in terms of raw political talent at the field and he may be the most impressive candidate i've seen since the emergence of barack obama. he has as fluid as he can be and he seems to have something to say about every issue. he seems comfortable on the big stage. he is articulate. he is even humorous. he stakes out positions that are outside the mainstream on a number of issues, preparations, as far as i can tell from what he said last night there is no moment before birth when he wouldn't support a woman's right to an abortion and that is a position not widely held in this country. abortion in some instances is accepted but not that position. there are other positions as well. in terms of being comfortable with himself and fast on his
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feet and i think of the debates it will be interesting to see how he stacks up. it'll be interesting to see how joe biden, older, much more experienced compares to him if they are on the same stage. >> needless to say we have a massive audience and not all vote in one direction so an opportunity for him to reach a lot of people. >> he is not well known for obvious reasons, the mayor in south bend, indiana. it makes sense for him to go wherever he can to get exposure. if you look at that audience last night, the audience of the hall was a very pro-buttigieg audience and i'm quite confident that an awful lot of democrats to attend as well. it makes perfect sense for them to do without. it doesn't never make sense for a politician to shun a whole segment of an audience politics is about addition and not subtraction. refusing to go here or there is subtraction. it is never made any sense.
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>> mike: you have michigan now calling for impeachment, what are your thoughts? >> he speaks for himself. this was a professional maverick, he was a ron paul supporter. he gave john boehner that. this is very much there. it would be one thing if he was the republican live he broke rank could be expected to followed by other republicans but i see no sign of that. >> mike: he is probably giving to mccarthy some of his gray hair. up next we will go live to oklahoma city as more severe weather targets the plans. here's what some of our affiliates are covering tonight. fox x and birmingham, alabama, with the arrest of a man killing one police officer and wounding two others near campus. authorities have been searching for the 29-year-old who they said was armed and wearing camouflage body armor and a helmet with a say open fire on officers responding to a
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domestic disturbance. fox five any work as the county executive asks president trump for foreign travelers to prove they have immunized against measles. that has been the epicenter in the northeast. this is a live look at atlanta from fox five, the big story their ability and our technology investor telling graduating seniors that he will pay off their student loans. commencement speeds speaker wia grant to about $40 million in student debt at the all-male historically black college in atlanta. that estimates live look outside of the beltway from "special report." "special report." we will be right ♪ what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens.
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$26.5 billion takeover of the rival sprint. the commission chairman says he agreed to back the deal because the two companies have promised the government steps that would enable internet access in rural areas and up rollout 5g to the next generation of mobile networks. stocks were off on the dow lost 84 and the s&p 500 fell 19. nasdaq dropped 114. this is a live picture from oklahoma from a storm chaser. this is severe weather season. the southern plains region, tornado alley is experiencing severe weather outbreaks of their more storms on the forecast for tonight. steve harrigan is in oklahoma city this evening. >> the residence population 1200 had no warning that a tornado was bearing down on them saturday morning. >> the roof that was it.
3:18 pm
it was gone. everything was gone. once above 111 miles an hour, overturned trucks, demolished houses. >> he was out walking around and his wife was still stuck in the house. she was standing up through a window that collapsed on her bed. >> the true storm chaser had a close call in nebraska. >> slow down! a tornado passed directly over him, somehow all he lost was his hat. may is traditionally a peak tornado season, more than 40 were reported over the weekend but not extreme conditions could lead to potentially devastating tornadoes in northwest texas and oklahoma on monday and tuesday. across the region schools are shut down, military aircraft's are being evacuated and families are preparing their shelters. but go i have my kids and they know where to take shelter. we are ready.
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we don't to go to the bathrooms. >> the weather experts are protecting the possibility of long track tornadoes, deadly storms that stay on the ground. tornadoes could possibly mike also produced a dress flooding and hail the size of baseballs. right now we are getting life pictures from a storm chaser and oklahoma not far from where i'm standing in the first funnel cloud as on the ground. the first of what could be an outbreak of tornadoes. the real concern here is that these will be long track tornadoes. they are powerful and they stay on the ground for a long time and potentially devastating. when you hear all the predictions on what could happen to the next 24 hours it is rarely that you got so many weather experts agree on how devastating the storms could be. the challenge is, most of the worst could come overnight when people are their most vulnerable. >> mike: those visuals are
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powerful. many thanks. up next how the feds are fighting back against one county in the northwest trying to make things very difficult for immigration agents. beyond our borders tonight, the palestinian prime minister says any peace plan that ignores their aspirations is doomed to fail. the comments, head of an american-led peace conference expected to take place in late june and the tiny gulf states. states. the ukraine tv star who decisively won the election last month quickly dissolved the country's parliament moments after he was sworn in today. he won a 73% of the vote and the election will be held in two months to choose a new parliament. the eiffel tower was closed to visitors as a man climbed almost to the top and refused to come down for several hours. members of a firefighter unit eventually persuaded the men to surrender, authorities are not
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in a country built on fostering innovation. here, th like a way to fight cancer by arming a patient's own t-cells... and a new therapy that gives the blind a working gene so they can see again. because it's not just about the next breakthrough... it's all the ones after that. ♪ >> mike: u.s. customs and border protection's as a 16-year-old teenager died today at a station in south texas. the agency says it apprehended the teenager in the rio grande
3:25 pm
valley on may 13th a week ago. they said the teenager was found unresponsive during a welfare check. she has a fifth micro childhood die in custody since december. president trump is denying reports to flight migrants from the border to florida and other places to ease overcrowding. the president called it false reporting. they are pushing back hard tonight on a county in washington state try to essentially kick immigration agents out of its airports. dan springer shows us tonight from seattle. >> the airport in seattle had been used by immigration and customs enforcement to deport a 34,000 illegal immigrants over the last decade. county executive dow constantine issued an order pressuring companies to stop servicing the flights or use their contracts with the county. the federation for american immigration reform called hud an all out war. >> this is to get to a new
3:26 pm
level. sanctuary policies say the local jurisdictions will not cooperate with i.c.e. here he is taking this a step farther. this crosses the line probably into obstruction of justice. >> in washington state the detainees are to having to drive all the way to yeah, three hours instead of 40 minutes. the official says state and local efforts, boarding operations serve to create additional security concerns about significant delays and cost to u.s. taxpayers. >> the local bureaucrats have decided that they can unilaterally just decide what our nations laws are what we will comply with and what we will not. >> the transportation department sent them a letter saying federal law prohibits the enforcement of every such directive. >> the director of the airport manager refused to comment, their actions could at the very least cost of the county millions of dollars in federal
3:27 pm
funds. this airport has received $21 million in grants over the last seven years. one stipulation, you can't bend a federal use no matter what you think of i.c.e. >> mike: chicago has a new mayor tonight. they have big plans, the senior correspondent mike tobin tells us chicago seems to have the same big problems don't matter who was mayor. >> i stand here today inaugurated, chicago's first black woman openly gay mary. >> she set herself apart from her predecessor by meeting with president trump's advisors. >> it is important for us locally and nationally to figure out where we have common points of intersection. not to avoid a conversation. >> i have said from day one this is a trumpet free zone. >> the handling of a video
3:28 pm
showing a police officer shooting a young black man showed widespread demonstrations during his term, violence flirted with police complaining the city leaders had a bent of the parent gunfire and the parts of town is still part of every warm night, the people living there don't tell plays with the gunmen are. >> after eight years with emmanuel, this is at a all-time low. he put safety as a top item on her agenda. >> we must reverse the exodus by creating the reality in every neighborhood. public safety must not be a commodity that is only available to the wealthy. >> she promises to forge a partnership with communities and police and she will need to achieve that goal. with an underfunded patch of the applications could total $376 million. in a town that has become
3:29 pm
synonymous with corruption the new mayor says integrity is a key item on her agenda, she says in her first day she would eliminate some of the key powers of privilege chicago enjoys which critics say fuel decryption. back to you. >> mike: thank you. up next, mark levin on the american media. ♪ ohhhhhhh! i ordered it for everyone. [laughing] (dad vo) we got the biggest subaru to help bring our family together. i'm just resting my eyes. (dad vo) even though we're generations apart. what a day. i just love those kids. (avo) presenting the all-new three-row subaru ascent. wave to grandma, everybody. (avo) love is now bigger than ever.
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♪ >> mike: many of you know and enjoy the work of mark levin, he has a popular radio show with his own programs on sunday night. he has a new book about the role of the media in their country. he spoke recently with my colleague bret baier. >> breaking news, -- >> from cable tv alert. >> he tried to collude. from instant alerts on your smart form, phone, americans are
3:34 pm
bombarded with information every day. in a new book called on freedom of the press, host of life, liberty and mark levin, he delves into the history of the american press and his take on its current state. >> freedom of the press was included because this country wouldn't exist but for the early patriot press. for the newspapers, there wouldn't have been an american revolution on there with debate in america. >> over the decades he argues the press evolved in cycles. >> you had a period when newspapers started to align themselves with one party or another, one cause or another and they did so transparently. yet this paper is today, the arkansas democrat, they are obviously allied with someone, the arizona republic. they turn of the last century we have the turn of the progressive era, they decide, we need to professionalize all of this.
3:35 pm
the way we will professionalize all of this is a relative handful of elites need to decide what the news is, interpret the news and reveal it to the american people because the american people are either too busy or too stupid to understand what is going on. what happened to the 50's or the 60s, that took a turn by embracing progressivism and mostly the democratic democraty agenda. by bracing circle activism. you can just report the news or be objective, whatever that is. if you need to be on a mission, a moral mission. you do to push an agenda. we have a party press, not a party press with republicans and democrats and the green party, we have a party press in this country that represents the democratic party. "the new york times" routes with an anonymous op-ed, what's that? that was news for four or five days. the late historian was a story
3:36 pm
and at the university of chicago, back in 1961 he called it what it is, the president calls it fake news. he called it pseudo-events. >> what would you say to critics who would say, they are reporters out there that are bringing forward stories that would not -- we would not know had they not done the reporting? the critics who say the president sometimes calls fake news a story that he just doesn't like. >> i'm sorry to upset all the media folks out there will be president accuses them of fake news. what you look at the history of presidents of the media this president has been tainted, incredibly passive. back when john adams the founder was president, he put in place this act and he started shutting down newspapers and locking up journalists. do know who else did? abraham lincoln during the civil war. 300 newspapers were shut down
3:37 pm
and he gave the authority to the secretary of war. it would monitor the telegraph system where all the information was coming and going. people might say that was for the civil war. i will give you will gerbil said, he had a dues addition in which she put journalists in prison and shut down newspapers. give you another one, franklin roosevelt, when he came into the office the fcc, the license has worked two year terms and he made them a six month term. he put one of his political hacks and job. he stepped to the irs on the owner of the inquirer and his wife stick to the irs on the new service. i could go on with john kennedy. >> you are saying in contrast? >> donald trump has done none of the stuff! look at obama. >> you never hurt me threatened
3:38 pm
to shut them down or call them enemies of the people. >> obama's take to the fbi on your dues agency and james rose james rosen. on 20 reporters from the associated press. threatening to put them in prison, when it comes to abuse of power this president has been really quite easy going on the press. >> fake news. all of those people back there we call them the fake news. such fake news. it is fake and corrupt. we have to live with that. >> they may not like him what he is saying verbally but he has not use the government like many past presidents did. >> i always start about the start of fox news. >> welcome. rupert murdoch came forward with this network, thought to be a niche business and it turned out that was half the country who had a problem with the way news
3:39 pm
was being covered. objective news, do you think it has lost? >> objective newest is the goal, 1600 on the s.a.t. is a goal. being as wonderful as human being as you can, if it is not the goal that obviously you will get close to that. i am arguing for the vast majority of newsrooms that is not the objective. more and more opinion is being dressed up as news and you more and more news anchors we you can't tell if they are opinion anchors or if there news anchors and this is a grave danger. back to 1942 there was a big study dulled by the media about the media and the great blank alarm they set off was, make sure you separate news from opinion. you could have both but you need to separate them. the free press exist for people like free speech. it's an supposed to inform the people in these various platforms they will disappear or
3:40 pm
they won't matter. new technology, new platforms will replace them, things we can think of. >> as we get ready to head into another election season, what do you think of the role of the press? >> i think it has a lot of power even though it's often wrong. the media didn't want trump to what in the first place. they lost and 2016, there might be enough americans who say no to it. i want your audience and the nation to understand, these men and women in the media or our flesh and blood. they are not more noble than the rest of us. they are not smarter than the rest of us. i'm trying to have a national discussion. not much with the media but with my fellow citizens about our history and our first amendment and our freedom of the press. what we need to do about it. >> the book is "unfreedom of the
3:41 pm
press." >> mike: he will be able to see that interview in its entirety on her website. the panel in late 2020 democrats and republicans call for the president's impeachment. ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> as i understand they are doing that for a future presidents that i think it's very important precedent the attorneys say that that i do it not for me, they are doing that for the office of the president. we are talking about the future. >> if he doesn't testify it is time to open an impeachment inquiry. >> mike: that was president trump to pennsylvania for a rally talking about the latest back and forth between the white house and the congress over don mcgann, the former white house counsel writing a letter to chairman jerrold nadler of the house committee saying, the department of justice had advised me that he is absolutely immune from compelled congressional testimony with respect to matters occurring under his service. because of this constitutional
3:46 pm
immunity and to protect the prerogatives of the office of the presidency, he has directed him not to appear at the committee scheduled hearing on tuesday may 21st in other words, tomorrow. let's bring in our panel. byron york of the warrantor examiner. susan page, "usa today" and katie pavlich, they news editor at town hall. what are your thoughts on the latest? >> the statement was clearly more political than the doj memo that they released about the 15 pages that they did from lisa proved that they are ready for a long term court battle over this specific issue with jerry nadler the chairman of the committee wanting to call correct staff members to the president to testify. the white house empathized again today that don mcgann testified for 30 hours and pointed out they turned over 1.4 million
3:47 pm
documents and their friendliness as, we will not give jerry nadler and review of the investigation. based on what the memo stated under different administrations, republicans and democrats citing the clinton administration of the nixon administration, they are looking at this from a broader perspective and arguing this is not just about this administration but the previous senior advisors have been protective by the president this doj has set in not being forced to comply with the subpoenas because it's a direct advisor to the president >> mike: we heard from the leadership team and to use the word impeachment. what are your thoughts? >> they trump administration is building a line of argument that was used by the obama administration and there are some mixed history on this under the george w. bush administration. there was a court decision that said he would have to go comply with the subpoena and appear
3:48 pm
before a congressional panel but they are in line. this is part of a broad effort by the trump administration to defy congressional investigations on every front and that is enormously frustrating and it does feel the desire by some house democrats to move forward with impeachment. >> mike: what of those france is trying to get the president's tax returns. take a lesson. >> we disagree with that ruling. it is crazy because you look at it, this never happened to any other president. they are trying to get a redo, what we used to call in school a do over and if you look, we had no collusion, we had no obstruction, no nothing. >> mike: being from new jersey i am used to the term and do over. what are your thoughts on trying to get don mcgann to the health
3:49 pm
of the financial records? >> the financial records from his accounting firm and i think he was going to lose that. they didn't have a strong argument, congress doesn't have a purpose in getting this information and the judge i think it is not going to tell congress what its purpose is. on the dog began think i think it is different. i think the white house is on solid ground here. they did cite events from the george w. bush of administration and from obama these are cases i think it which they really don't want to go to court. i don't think they want a decision, both sides with congress of the white house. especially in the bush case, the congress subpoenaed harriet miers was a white house counsel and karl rove in 2007. they did that for two years, finally they agreed to go talk, but with extreme limitations.
3:50 pm
only on the subject that was at hand which was the firing of a lot of u.s. attorneys and they would not talk about any conversation they had had with the president. don mcgann goes under those conditions the democrats will be very unhappy. >> mike: you have the president going to pennsylvania tonight and 20 plus democrats running for president. >> people don't really care about this issue. people in new hampshire and iowa and michigan and wisconsin, democrats are trying to take back voters, russia and president trumps tax returns which he didn't release are not at the top of their list. back in washington that has helpful to democrats or running for president for democrats on the hill to be subpoenaing information to try to embarrass the president to make him look like he has not complying with the subpoenas like he is hiding something. that will be politically helpful
3:51 pm
to them when it comes to a general election for them to do the research. >> mike: what are your thoughts? >> i agree with you that this isn't on the top of voters minds. they say health care and registration, but among the strongest activist i do care about holding the president accountable and about being able to investigate and doing the oversight that republicans declined to do during the first two years of his 10-year period that creates i think some risk for democratic leaders because how do they manage that desire to investigate the president against the knowledge that the issues are something else? >> mike: some fresh reaction from don mcgann's attorney saying that he will respect the presidents instruction about not testifying tomorrow. what about the politics? >> this will go on.
3:52 pm
i think this lack of interest among the motors and we have godly mueller report, there is a lot of information and it hasn't seemed to change a lot of minds. the democrats are pretty open about this, they realize that most people didn't dig into the mueller report, there is some arcane legal argument and they would like to create a simple tv show out of bed and have a dramatic witness, testified in front of congress and may be they can get some interesting personal information and it could be a show that people actually attach themselves to. that is why they want him to testify so badly and they would certainly like to get robert mueller as well. that is one of the reasons why the white house as resisting. he cooperated entirely with the criminal proceeding, 30 hours of testimony, tons of pages of material. the white house does not want to let them create this tv show. >> mike: then there is the
3:53 pm
michigan congressman, he has a tendency to heads with his leadership calling for impeachment now, a twitter back and forth between himself and president trump over impeachment. what are your thoughts on this? >> republicans are known for being in lockstep which is a good thing. when it comes to justin amash but has passed position on civil liberties, i find it quite interesting that he took the position of impeachment went there so much evidence of the other side of the situation of the fbi and properly using the justice department and the dnc and the clinton campaign to go after a political opponent with the federal government. we talked about the potential of the fisa abuse so after reading the report i think a lot of people are saying, we have come to a very different collusion
3:54 pm
but he is entitled to his opinion and certainly president trump has that opinion about it as well. >> mike: nancy pelosi told us that they need some bipartisanship in the senate to go anywhere with impeachment. >> her standard has been a patient go forward if there is not bipartisan support. justin amash does not surprise that. he speaks only for himself. there is one way he could create big problems and that is if he runs as a libertarian nominee for a president and he says that is a possibility. we know that he comes from a key state that third party candidates do not have to get a lot of votes to affect the outcome and that matter in michigan. >> this could be a crack in the damp, something that would built into something much bigger and that does not appear to be happening at all and of course the bigger issues as a senate and bit romney for goodness' sakes said he did not agree
3:55 pm
with justin amash here. we did not seek any progress for democrats in the senate on this. >> mike: thank you very much. when we come back come by special graduation surprise. ♪ the right gear... matters. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger, it's the right gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger. the only adventure gear built ford tough. my gums are irritated. i don't have to worry about that, do i? harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line. crest gum detoxify, voted product of the year. it works below the gum line to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria
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♪ >> mike: morehouse college graduates are not the only ones who had a nice surprise. she graduated on saturday during a ceremony at madison square garden when she was called with the stage, her husband the army specialist came out to surprise her. the couple had not seen each other in six months. >> i don't have any words to express how i feel. he means the world to me.
4:00 pm
the world, literally the world. >> mike: we thank him for the service and we congratulate her on her work. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: great stuff, thank you. you are looking live in pennsylvania, president trump landing at the hangar they are just moments ago. we expect him to take the stage in a few minutes. one of the ones that have sealed the deal and 2016. the economy is very strong in pennsylvania, but keep in mind he is 65 miles west of scranton, the hometown of joe biden. he leads by 11 points there. i am martha maccallum and this is "the story." and moments karl rove, geraldo rivera on the state of the 2020 race tonight, but
4:01 pm
first breaking