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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 22, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the ufo festival in pine bush, and another step forward to finding out if the truth is out there. tucker? >> tucker: thanks a lot, brett. we are out of time tonight. back tomorrow, the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink.. sean hannity right here. >> sean: tucker, good to see you. welcome to "hannity." tonight we have a ton of breaking news. in the course of the next hour, you will hear from congressman devin nunes, he's breaking news. congressman mark meadows, he smwill break news. senator lindsey graham will break news. lara trump will join us, sara carter, much more. before all of that, we. begin with breaking news from "the hill"'s john solomon, investigative reporter. hours ago, he made a very important legal filing in his very ownwn name demanding the release of records surrounding the carter page fisa application and the three subsequent renewals. solomon is now on a mission to determine how an american citizen was spied on by our federal government with a
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warrant that was based on phony, campaign, russian lies, op research, oh, and paid for by the leader of the opposition party right before an election. in the motion, solomon writes the following, "the fbi, the doj,th and any other governmentl agencies should welcome public disclosure of findings of attorney misconduct so they can be addressed. and so proper procedures can be put in place so that it such misconduct never happens again." i said it before, i'll say it again, we are now witnessing, we are now fully exposing the single biggest abuse of power corruption scandal, it is unraveling before our eyes each and every night. we are getting closer every day. joining us now, we begin with this. we will get back to my monologue. investigative reporter, i think the executive vice president of "the hill"? some big title. >> i am, yes. >> sean: john solomon is with us.
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let's go deep into this. this is important. >> sure. with my good friend, kevin todd at the southeastern legal foundation, a public interest law firm, we filed a motion today with the fisa court, foreign intelligence surveillancece court, and what we're saying to the judges, listen, we know you have an important job. most of this needs to remain secret, we are not looking to intrude on that, but there is enough in the public domain to raise questions about the conduct of the fbi and the justice department before your court, and we are asking that if you have had findings, or if you know of evidence of wrongdoing, or if you have taken some form of action against doj or fbi officials, could you let us and the public know? really, i'm just a figure of thi public asking the courts to do that. there is precedent for this. if you remember, one of the early times i came on your show to talk about the fisa court, it was in the spring of 2017. at that moment, the fisa court had made a rare public ruling, and it disclosed that the obama justice department, the same justice department that prepared this first fisa, that had engaged in misconduct, illegal
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searches of americans' phone records in the nsa database. ate court said that day, the justice department, the same justice department that had james comey, loretta lynch, all of the players on this fisas warrant, suffered from an institutional lack of candor. basically accused them of lying. there is precedent to do this. we hope the court will find this filing that the southeasterns legal foundation helped me with worthy of releasing some information. >> sean: i want to stay on your lawsuit. this is very important. we will have the ig report on fisa abuse. i think the evidence, so overwhelming, so incontrovertible, so many contradictions. notice, mccabe says, no dossier, no fisa application. no fisa warrant. james comey, he signs the first one, verified. three months later, president-elect in trump tower, saying it is not verified, and it is salacious. but more importantly, carter page was, well, spied on in a
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couple of ways. stefan halper, who went after carter page, george papadopoulos, sam clovis, and now we have a blonde bombshell flirting with papadopoulos. they not only spied on carter page, it gave them the door into all things trump world. trump campaign, and transition, trump presidency. correct? >>p yes. anyone who says it was targeted narrowly at carter page doesn't understand how a fisa warrant works and why we need to monitor a fit once you get access to this, you get access to historical phone records, able to insert people like informants posing as other people, agents that might pretend they are a turkish college assistant, as in the case of george papadopoulos, to extract or trick you into giving up information. it's a very powerful tool. listen, fighting spies, capturing terrorists, is hard work. we don't want to take that from the fbi. but in this case, we now know the evidence that was used was highly flawed. it is not a normal counterintelligence investigation. >> sean: james comey said f recently he signed that first
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fisa application. he says, oh, no, the fbi doesn't spy. was signing the fisa application, was that spying? did the fbi approve the blonde bombshell and stefan halper? is that spying? >> we believe so. a real spy that i have talked to says what the fbi did in this case is spying, and let's get over using the term -- let's be honest, the first step to getting right is using the honest t terms. then disclosing the facts, then fixing the problem. i hope this court action tonight is the first step trying to create a remedy for the country. >> sean: all right, john solomon, great reporting and a lott more coming. thank you. r now the deep state, they are clearly in panic mode, but also tonight, so too are there best friends in the democratic party. for nearly three years, pelosi, schumer, their radical base, they have relied on nothingos other than lies, conspiracy theories, the politics of destruction. they have been on a mission, and that is to take down a duly elected president, president trump, at all cause.
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now, they have no plan to improve the economy, none. none to improve the lives of the forgotten men and women, the people of this country that make the country great. no solution for immigration. no vision for more peace around the world. instead, three long years, one big lie, conspiracy theory, a roswell, new mexico, level conspiracy. but now the gig is up. we have four separate investigations that have all cleared president trump of the spurious charges leveled against him and his campaign. no collusion, fact. no obstruction, fact. now with the collusion hoax dead and buried, and absolutely zero record of accomplishment from anybody in the democratic party, well, democrats are now grasping at straws, and now, oh, let's go to a fifth investigation, maybe we will make it an impeachment threat. over what? unspecified, phantom crimes, that they can't evenen seem to describe. they are literally demanding
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what would be a fifth separate investigation into trump and russia. rage, hatred, psychosis, now govern this new radical, extreme, democratic socialist party. today, right before an important infrastructure meeting planned at the white house, nancy pelosi, she had plenty of time to continue the lying and recklessly accuse the president of a cover-up. by the way, while you watch this, think, a cover-up of what? >> would you believe that it's important to follow the facts? we would believe that no one is above the law, including thehe president of the united states. we believe the president of the united states is engaged in a cover-up. >> sean: okay, accusing the president of covering up a crime that never happened. covering up exactly what, speaker pelosi? what is the president of the united states covering up? investigations from the fbi, bob mueller, house intel committee,
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bipartisan senate panel, on the same russia collusion lie, all cleared the president. yet speaker pelosi -- by the way, she is only speaker in name only. she has to now capitulate to a radical base led by the real speaker of the house, and that of course, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and her friends in the radical left. pelosi, of course, now acting on the insane dictates, yes, given by freshman congresswomen. to bash our commander in chief, just minutes before what was supposed to be a bipartisan, important meeting on infrastructure. at the white house, the president is done. two and a half years, cooperation, no executive privilege, encouraged everyone to testify. 1.5 million documents, even answered mueller's questions. he's done. he is not going to be a punching bag day in and day out. today, the president rightly fought back in a huge way. he should do it, he did do it, and according to reports, the president walked right into his
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meeting with pelosi and schumer, called them out for their unethical conduct, and ended the meeting, and walked into the rose garden, where he delivered these pretty powerful remarks. take a look. >> the whole thing with russia was a hoax. as it relates to the trump administration and myself, it was a total, horrible thing that happened to our country. then i have nancy pelosi go out and say that the president of the united states engaged in a cover-up. now, we have had a house investigation. we have senate investigations. we have investigations likega nobody has ever had before. we did nothing wrong. i walked into the room, and i told senator schumer, speaker pelosi, i want to do infrastructure.en i want to do it more than you want to do it. i would be really good at that. that is what i do. but you know what?
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you can't do it under the circumstances. so get these phony investigations over with. >> sean: yeah, it is beyond sad. it is frankly pathetic, these phony investigations, sick conspiracy theories, that is all this democratic radical socialist party has. pelosi, she has been speaker now for nearly six months. they've accomplished nothing. she turned down a compromise on daca, compromise for dreamers, she refused to address the crisis at the border, said building walls are immoral. she wasn't saying that in obama's second term. she blocked any attempt to address the failures that everybody pays more, lost their doctor, and by the way, don't have any choices anymore. obamacare, she and her fellow democrats, they played a zero role in what is now the best economy we have seen in decades. it is roaring. america is energy independent, democrats, no role. millions of new jobs created, no role whatsoever.
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1.7 million jobs available, more than people on unemployment. securing the border, no role whatso trade deal, nothing. they have done nothing. she can't even show up to a bipartisan infrastructure meeting without launching a vila attack against the president first? this is not pelosi's first rodeo, though. she knows her impeachmentot fantasy is bad politics, it won't work, and she is completely and utterly controlled by the radical socialist base and her party. as i said, speaker pelosi in name only. pelosi doesn't appease ocasio-cortez, congresswoman omar, and others, she knows she is out of leadership. that is why after today's white house meeting, pelosi doubled down on dumb and these unfounded attacks against the president, and said she would pray for him. >> wasn't really respectful of the congress and the white house working together. he just took a pass.
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in any event, i pray for the president of the united states. and i pray for the united states of america. the fact is, in plain sight, in the public domain, this president is obstructing justice, and he is engaged in a cover-up. and that could be an impeachable offense. >> sean: that's the leader? wow. all right, on twitter, the president, a special message for pelosi. writing, "democratic leadership is tearing the u.s. apart but i will continue to set records for the american people. nancy, thank you for your prayers. i know you truly mean it." kind of cracked me up. democrats, their friends in the media mob, three long years trying to con you, the american people. make no doubt, they lied to you. they lied the entire time. this is no longer the partyuy of joe lieberman, even a tip o'neill, strong liberal, massachusetts. instead, it is now the party of radical socialists, liars,
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con artists, and conspiracy theorists. that is who they are. that is all they own. where are the solutions for the american people? appropriately enough, their one time savior, michael avenatti, is once again in serious legal trouble today. yes, he was charged with stealing money from stormy, stormy, stormy, stormy's book deal. he's also facing separate extortion charges on 36 other federal indictments of perjury, theft, fraud. for months, by the way, avenatti was begging to come on this program. over and over again. and we never gave him a serious platform. he never deserved it. we've looked at him, and said, frankly, we saw through him from the get-go. this channel literally called out his fraud over and over again. by the way, we still give him the presumption of innocence, something he never gave justice kavanaugh. but this wasn't the case on other networks. for over a year, the media mob worshiped at the altar of avenatti.
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giving him hours and hours of airtime, to spew his fraudulent, unchecked accusations. they were giddy about every interview. remember this? >> i'm joined now by stormy daniels' lawyer, michael avenatti. thanks for making time. >> stormy daniels lawyer, michael avenatti. michael, thank you very much for joining us. >> the attorney for y stephanie clifford, a.k.a., stormy daniels. mr. avenatti, welcome to "meet the press." >> michael avenatti, thanks for being on the show.w. i appreciate it. >> michael, thank you for being here this morning. >> michael avenatti joins me >> let's bring in michael avenatti. >> stormy daniels' attorney, of course.. michael, welcome. >> here to discuss, stormy daniels' attorney michael avenatti. >> let's get reaction from stormy m daniels' attorney, michael avenatti. go. [laughter] >> sean: [fake laugh] go! the same people who promoted the
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avenatti and his claims are the same ones who pushed russian lies and conspiracy theories against the president, every minute, second, hour of every day. the same people calling for the impeachment over phantom crimes, the same i-believers. protecting hillary from real obstruction, real intent, real undermine crime. the media mob's reckless bias has never been more palpable than today. it is clear now more than ever, as we have said in '07 and beyond, journalism in america, it is dead, it is buried. we will have a lot more coming up throughout the hour. as i said, we have a lot m of guests coming up tonight. breaking news, we have a big story to cover. the house ranking intelligence committee member devin nunes, in a letter to president trump, the congressmen, he is now urging president trump to discussde hillary's dirty, russian, bought-and-paid-for dossier with his britishla counterpart, writing, "i respect request that you ask prime minister may about the british government's knowledge of the steele dossier and whether the british government took any unilateral actions based on information provided by
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steele at the request of any u.s. departments." in other words, it appears the ranking members of the house intel committee has reason to believe the british government may have also used the dirty, russian, phony, lying dossier hillary paid for as a basis to spy on a political campaign. so tonight, the question remains: did they coordinate with our own american intel agencies to spy on an american citizen, working for the trump campaign, maybe trying to get them to circumvent american laws and do things that they would never be allowed to do? justca a question. joining us now with more, about his letter to president trump, ranking member of the house intel committee, congressman nunes. congressmen, let's talk about the letter, and is there any possibility, in your mind, andib if so, how strong, that there might have been people in our intelligence community, not rank and file, that perhaps outsourced what would be illegal intelligence gathering to our allies?
10:17 pm
random countries like great britain, australia, maybe italy? >> well, i think we can be short about one thing, and that is that on foreign soil, someone is running operations against trump campaign people. now we don't know if that was our government, if it was the british government, or if it was some type of firm of some kind that was doing it. but i think it is definitely a fact, sean, at least on british soil, possibly on italian soil, there were activities going on that we need to get to the bottom of. and look, it has been veryat frustrating because we have been asking these questions, and we are not getting them from places like the fbi. so, as you probably know, the president is getting ready to head to london here in a couple of weeks to spend time with the queen. i spent a lot of time with intelligence officials from the u.k., and so look, i think we
10:18 pm
need to get some answers here. >> sean: congressman, we now know, and it is getting deeper every day. we know that in closed-door testimony, bruce ohr warned everybody, in august of 2016, about the dossier being unverified, about hillary paying for it, about steele hating donald trump. we also know ten days before the first fisa application was filed, signed by jim comey, that in fact, upper echelon -- again, not rank and file fbi people. they were all warned, department of justice people, warned. in fact, steele had a political agenda, he had an election day deadline. we also know that in fact spies were sent in vis-a-vis stefan halper. for carter page, s papadopoulos, sam clovis. on top of the spying, basically through the fisa warrant into all things trump. what else are we going to find out? >> well, i know this much about christopher steele, and his
10:19 pm
dossier. i've read plenty of intelligence reports, i've met with plenty of british officials that are in intelligence, not only in the u.k., but here and abroad. they have been very valuable, allies to us. they are not idiots, sean. there is no possible way that british intelligence folks read the christopher steele dossier and didn't just laugh, okay? r so i actually believe that mueller knows that the mueller dossier team knew that the brits actually i think did give us some warning. but we can't get that information. i think there are things that mueller knew about, i think the brits probably did raise concernsns about steele's credibility to the new administration. but of course, we can't get those documents. it's what we continue to try to get. hopefully, it is what the u.s. attorney out of connecticut is going to get to the bottom of. >> sean: is this a true statement, that with all of the
10:20 pm
warnings ahead of time, that the fisa applications, your memo, the graham memo, bulk of information unverified, clinton bought-and-paid-for, they lied by omission, and they lied straight up, saying it was verified, but we know it is an unverifiable document.t. now we know that steele doesn't stand behind it. this was a premeditated conspiracy to commit fraud on a fisa court. do you believe that as i do? >> we made a criminal referral that there was a conspiracy to fraud the fisa court. we also made one that there was also conspiracy to manipulate intelligence. you had on john solomon earlier. he has filed a request with the court. the easiest way to clean this up, and the quickest way, would be for the fisa court itself, for the fifth, the secret court, to come out and take action against all of the top level people, the department of justice and the fbi, who
10:21 pm
fraudulently produced information to the court. because if not, if the courts doesn't do this, it is -- we are going to run all through all of this between ig and the u.s. attorney, the work that we continue to have to do, and look, at the end of the day, it is not going to be believable that we should have a secret court in this country if they can't take action to enforce people that deliberately lie to them. >> sean: do you believe robert mueller has something to answer for when it comes to when did he know that there was no collusion? a, b, if you have time for old tax returns, loan applications, taxi medallions, morning raids with guns drawn at 4:00 a.m. with unarmed people, 30 people doing it, and he didn't get town the dossier? literally, "the new york times" suggested it was disinformation. >> he knew the day he walked in the door, he knew the day he walked in the door that there
10:22 pm
was no evidence of collusion. but the mueller dossier as we talked about the last few weeks, people actually read it closely, they are going to find, this is an absolute joke. he made up most of the information in his report based off of news stories. you haveto circular reporting, where you have leaks fromha the clinton campaign, leaks from fbi, runs in a new story, and lo and behold, after $40 million, what you have? a news story regurgitated to the american public. >> sean: your five buckets are revealed, what will the average american think? >> well, i think they will say someone needs to be held accountable for their actions. no american would want to be treated the way that many americans were treated in thise country, especially the president of the united states. >> sean: devin nunes, congressman from california, thank t you. when we come back, we have a lot morere breaking news. senator lindsey graham will weigh in on the democrats's impeachment hysteria. also tonight, congressman mark meadows, he is leading this effort. i also, lara trump, and much more. stay with us, busy night.on ♪ t and much more. stay with us, busy night. ♪ when we started our business
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10:28 pm
>> sean: here now with the reaction is the senate judiciary committee chairman, senator lindsey graham of the great state of south carolina. sir, how are you? good to see you. >> good, thank you. >> sean: all right, it is clear p nancy pelosi is speakern name only. it is clear this is what the media mob and the radical democrats are doing. no solutions for the american people. a great pollster said to me today, that combination of the green new deal and impeachment after four separate exonerations, that is not going to work out well, politically. >> i don't think so. i think medicare for all means medicare for nobody. their radical agenda and desire to destroy trump campaign got to remember this. two years, mueller looked at trump. $25 million, 40 fbi agents, 19 lawyers, 2800 subpoenas, and they find no collusion with the russians. the democrats will not take n mueller as the final word. here is what is going to happend i don't think you can get the democratic nomination for president without advocating for the impeachment of donald trump. i don't think you're going to be
10:29 pm
able to survive in the democratic party without a primary if you don't call for trump's impeachment. here's what i think is going to happen. the public is going to kick the democrats out of power and reelect the president, if he stays focused on doing the job for the american people. >> sean: there's a lot of talk, mueller doesn't want to come in.n. you commented on it. if he wants to come on, you said, fine. i know democrats, that is still their dream, but their questions, i think you and jim jordan and mark meadows might have, that are a little different. why did he know there was no collusion with russia? important question. he had time for taxi medallions and loan applications, everything else, why didn't he investigate the dossier? yty did he only hire democratic donors? why did he hire one of his people who happened to be a lawyer for hillary clinton's foundation? why did he hire andrew weissmann, licensed to lie, in sidney powell's book, he once withheld exculpatory evidence, most atrocious record,
10:30 pm
enron accounting and merrill executives, 9-0 he lost in the supreme court? would you like the answer to ?those questions? because i would. >> yeah, i would ask them, did you find any collusion between the trump campaign and russia? did president trump do anything to stop you from doing your job, is what i would ask him. the answer is no, trump did not collude with the we know for sure he didn't. we now know that trump gave 1.4 million documents to the special counsel. everybody around the president testified for hours.ts the bottom line is the democrats want an outcome, the mueller report did not give them the outcome they wanted. they'rehe going to keep going until they get the outcome they want. and here's what is going to happen. if the president focuses on infrastructure, keeping the country safe, he is going to win. nancy pelosi and that crowd is going to get kicked out of office. >> sean: is there a justifiable reason withfi that broad mandate that mueller had? it was broad, took him way off course. how does he then justify the main part of the mandate, which
10:31 pm
is russian interference, and ignore the hillary dirty dossier from russia? >> to be honest with you, sean, that wasn't his job. his job was to find out did candidate trump collude with the russians. did our president, when he was running for office, win the election because the russianssi helpeded him? >> sean: wait a minute, though. he has the authority to expand out, senator. >> but he didn't. that is what barr is going to do, that is what horowitz is going to do. you can say it anyway you like, but here's the bottom line: after two years of a political rectal exam, nobody has been looked at more than trump. they found nothing, but the answer for the democrats is trump has got to go. they will not beat him at the ballot box. if they try to impeach him, they are going to ensure his reelection. i want the american people to know that bob mueller did his job, looked at trump every way you can look at trump, and he found nothing. this is just political revenge. it is going to blow up in their face, and i can't wait until 2020.
10:32 pm
>> sean: well said. senator graham, we will see you again soon. thank you so much for being with us. when we come back, congressman jim jordan says democrats are launching what is a coordinated effort to take down a duly elected president. we will ask mark meadows from north carolina. later, michael avenatti indicted on new charges, related to stormy, stormy, stormy -- wow, i wonder how fake news cnn and conspiracy tv msnbc feel, he is their favorite guest. what if he gets convicted? what are they going to do? straight ahead. ♪ just one free hearing test at
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♪ ♪ >> sean: also developing tonight, congressman jim jordan, ohio, warning of a "coordinated
10:37 pm
effort" to undermine the president, citing secret memos among democratic lawmakers. let's look at this. >> senator, i think they've already started, they just won't formally declare it. there are secret memos between the various chairmen on how they will coordinate their attack on the president. they are basically contracts, you are going to do this, we will share certain information, coordinated effort to take down the president. tonight joining us with all of the big breaking news, freedom caucus chairman, congressman mark meadows, north carolina north carolina. fox news contributor, investigative reporter, sara carter. congressman, between your comments that you made about what is coming and jim's comments about the raging democratic colleagues of yours, it's interesting, where do you think this plays out? how do you think it plays out? > jim is exactly right. what they do by the democrats on capitol hill, is they have actually got this deal where they will break one bit of news,
10:38 pm
go after the president, and a different committee -- i tell you, and there is not aa single committee you can be in that is serious about legislative work, serious about going after this president. it doesn't matter what the facts are. i went by a couple of them earlier today, and all they wanted to do is talk about the president obstructing. i can tell you, i've spoke to the president. he is willing to do a transportation deal. he is low willing to lower prescription drug prices, yet we have the democrats that are only seriousra about one thing: coordinating an attack on this opresident. >> sean: congressman, thisna would now -- fbi investigation, house intel committee investigation, bipartisan senate committee investigation, the mueller report. this would now be number five. and by the way, as all of these closed door transcripts come out, i would, kudos to you andnd jim jordan. you guys asked all the right questions, and you were tough as
10:39 pm
nails behind the scenes. the only thing i resent as you did not give me this information. and i've known you and i'm friends with you. >> [laughs] well, you've got to get to the right time to release some of the stuff. it's about a search for the truth, sean. there is information coming that will curl your hair. i can tell you, the reason why it is so visceral, the response from the democrats is so visceral right now, is because they know, they've seen documents -- adam schiff has seeney documents that he knows will actually put the finger pointing back at him and his democratic colleagues, not the president of the united states. >> sean: congressman, we do have proof of russia collusion. that is the adam cowardly schiff. on tape with a russian huckster. my guy is going with the russian -- do you have compromising material? naked trump, naked trump. >> the democrats coordinated with just about everybody but one critical group, the american people.
10:40 pm
they forgot the american people who actually went and voted for donald trump. >> sean: we talked, sara,ed about five buckets. you now see we are at the precipice. we expect within a week or so that we are going to have a first 1 of 5 buckets, that being, of course, transcripts, if not a tape, exculpatory evidence, all of the warnings right in front of them about the dirty dossier, and they used it anyway. >> that's right. so once they release that information, which is so vitally important, the american people will understand what is going on here. carter page and george papadopoulos, apparently both of them told stefan halper, who was spying on them for the fbi, that they were in no way, sean,n involved with the russians, and they had no idea what stefan halper was trying to tell them about. so once that information comes out, once we get the gang of eight binder, once the full fisa disclosures are out there, it will start to put the pieces together for the american
10:41 pm
people. most importantly, i think what devin nunes did today in his letter to the president is going to reveal extraordinary information. i know i spoke tonight to several sources in the u.s. intelligence community that said there would be no way that mi5, british mi5, british mi6, senior executives, the directors of those agencies, would know about this dossier and not share that information with john brennan. there is going to be a lot more information coming out about what did brennan know? what did comey know? what did clapper know? how did foreign intelligence play a role in what happened with our u.s. -- >> sean: we know comey lied. >> the fbi probe into the campaign. >> sean: october, he said it is verified, signed the first fisa warrant. december, trump tower, said it is unverified. which is it, jim? also, the attorney general says you lied under oath under obama.
10:42 pm
congressman, i've got to go back to this. you said the information will curl your hair. i've got pretty straight hair. how does -- why does my hair become curly? >> well, i think what happens, every time -- and sara was just talking about what may be coming in some of this, but when we talk about spying on a trump associate, what i'm talking about is spying in the sense that the american people believe what spying is, that means secretly recording, taking down notes, making sure that they do covert operations -- >> sean: did jim comey spy? >> well, you know, he actually -- he was aware of improper things that were being done, certainly. >> sean: all right. and how soon can we expect -- last question, exit question. sara, we will start with you. >> i think within weeks we are going to get information, and as it comes on, it will be an avalanche of information for the american people. i think they will be very disturbed at what they learn. >> sean: mark?
10:43 pm
>> we are talking about days, not weeks. very soon, very soon. >> sean: you know, i resent the hell out of it, you didn't tell me. i asked a lot. kind of over the target, i need more, i need specifics to report to my audience. good to see you both. all right, when we come back, liberal lunacy reaching new lows democratic senator hirono now bragging, she spoke to eighth graders about abortion. eighth graders? lara trump will join us. also, michael avenatti indictedo on brand-new charges related to stormy, stormy, stormy. looks like he is in serious legal trouble. straight ahead. ♪ stormy. looks like he is in serious (male announcer) get amazing hot buys on the gear you need only at bass pro shops and cabela's. like berkley trilene xl or xt monofilament line buy one get one free. and bass pro freestyle spinning combos for under $30.
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10:48 pm
democrats, they are ramping up their far left, late-term abortion agenda, even bragging about how they are getting teenagers on board. really? take a look. >> eighth graders from a public school in hawaii, and i told them i wasas coming to a rally n front of the supreme court, and asked the girls, how many of you girls think that government should be telling us women when and if we want to have babies? not a single one of them raised their hands. how many of you boys think this government should be telling girls and women when and if we are going to have babies? and not a single one of them raised their hands. >> sean: eighth graders? joining us now with reaction, senior advisor for the trump 2020 reelect, lara trump is with us. lara, good to see you. >> hello, sean, thanks forme having me on. >> sean: glad you are here. by the way, you broke the news, it's public, you are about to
10:49 pm
have baby number 2, congrats to you and eric. >> thank you. >> sean: i live in new york. it's a liberal state. new york city, 9 to 1. registered democrats. i'm a registered conservative, not a republican actually. every one of the people that i know that are pro-choice, they hear about, first they will deliver their baby, we'll make the baby comfortable, and then we'll let that mother decide, or the other, and by the house of y commons member, oh, yes, we would support -- our legislation would support abortion even inring the birthing process. >> it is so appalling. to hear what we just heard there from mazie hirono in hawaii, whatever happened to teaching kids responsibility? instead of let's jump to an abortion, let's teach them about the sanctity of life. i wonder if she mentioned to them that not too many years earlier under the democrats' new policies, a lot of them probably
10:50 pm
wouldn't be here because they are advocating, to your point, for 40 week abortions and infanticide. it is absolutely crazy what we see happening in this country when it comes to this stuff. they have gone so far overboard. the average person in this country, i do not think, supports this kind of thinking, and what they are proposing with these crazy, crazy, late-term abortion laws. it is really sad to see. by the way, as you pointed out, i am pregnant, and in a couple of months, i am going to have a baby. this kind of thing to me is sickening, and i really can't wrap my mind around it at all. >> sean: it really is hard, all of the people that i know are pro-choice, they are shocked. they find this so repugnant. and they make a very distinct difference, even though we might have a difference of when life begins. but if you look at everything that is happening, yoube stand back, big picture, between the new green deal and the out-of-control rage and the
10:51 pm
desire for a fifth investigation now after four conclusions, no collusion, you've got to sit back.'v you are in the reelect campaign. people want to keep digging that hole, i'm like, can you get another shovel? would you like me to get some people to help? >> [laughs] i always say -- i don't know who gave the democrats thet shovel, but let them keep digging. the really sad thing here, sean, if for one second people wanted to stop playing political games and actually do something for the people of this country and work with our president, who has said he wants to fix infrastructure, healthct ca, otmigration, all broken systems that do not work for the people of this country, we would have them done by now. or we would have them done in about ten seconds. this president of all presidents when it comes to infrastructure, hete is a master builder. that is what he w has done his whole life. but instead, nancy and chuck and their whole team of people on the democrats side, are more interested in playing political games than doing what is right for the people of this country.
10:52 pm
it is really sad to see, because i always think about how much could be accomplished if they worked together. to this president's credit, by the way, look at where we are and what we have accomplished, despite the mueller investigation, despite the obstruction, despite the constantes attacks that he receives every single day. but you do tend to think aboutut what could be possible if we could all just get along. >> sean: you know, when you look at the economy, you can think of it, i can't, a single thing the democrats have done to help the president achieve one economic record after another. by the way, the people that have benefited the most, the people that were disproportionately, negatively impacted by biden-obama policies. because i can't really think b , and i will never -- p the reagan reelect was simple, are you, is the country, better off than you were four years ago? and by every measure, i can't think of any example, except a
10:53 pm
big states, we can't deduct -- we don't get the special deduction of high income tax states that took away money from all of the states that don't have high taxes. >> yeah, this president has delivered on everything he said he would, sean. and with zero help from the democrats. remember, they voted against the tax cuts which saved, on average, about $1500 per family in this country this tax season. they have fought against him att every turn, every single thing. he wants to do. deregulation, when it comes to anything possible, they go against him. if he says up, they say down. the good news is, he still getso things done, and it works so welcome for the people of this country. they feel it every single day, and i agree with you, they're going to come out and vote for him because their lives, come november 2020, are going to be better than they were before donald trump took office. >> sean: last quick question, 20 seconds, would you think it's the democratic nomination, or do you care?
10:54 pm
>> we don't care, because we know this president is going to win. he has actually done things and produced results for the people of this country, instead of just a lot of talk on the other side. i wish i knew. if i had a magic ball and i could look into it, i wish i w knew. but i would like to see thosed debates. i think they will be very interesting and very telling. >> sean: i think they will be interesting. all right, lara trump. again, congratulations to you and eric. thanks for being with us. when we come back, things keep a going from bad to worse for the media's favorite guest, michael avenatti. more charges today. trace gallagher, full report straight ahead. ♪ avenatti my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life.
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i'm so hungry. (photographers) look here!hers) candace! charlie! candace, starkist creations come in over 20 flavors-- right: chicken, salmon, or tuna like my favorite! just tear, eat... mmm-- and go! starkist tuna, chicken, and salmon creations. bravo! >> sean: all right, "villain of the day." yes, he is back, michael avenatti. a lot more legal trouble tonight. trace gallagher live from the t west coast newsroom. a lot of issues. trace? >> yeah, sean, stormy daniels is now the sixth client of michael avenatti that federal prosecutors say he defrauded.
10:59 pm
this time accused of stealing part of her advance on her book "full disclosure." a grand jury says avenatti emailed a letter complete with a forged signature to her book agency, instructing them to wirr $300,000 into an account controlled by avenatti. "far from zealously representing his client, avenatti as alleged engage in outright deception and theft." he knew the charges were coming because before the indictment he tweeted "no money for miss daniels were ever mishandled. she received millions of dollars of legal services and we spent huge sums and expenses. she directly paid only $100 ford all that she received. i look forward to a jury hearing the evidence." avenatti also accused of extorting nike and stealing millions in settlement money from other clients to fund his lavish lifestyle. the daniels case alone could send him to prison for 69 years. all of the cases, he is looking at 404 years behind bars. >> sean: trace gallagher thank you.
11:00 pm
we are going to do something he would not do for justice kavanaugh, with those phonyor charges by his "client." we will give him due process presumption of innocence. we will never be the media mob. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled laura ingraham. hi. >> laura: hannity, have you ever had a shoulder problem? i'm talking about my shoulder problem onset with jim jordan. have you ever had a shoulder problem, mixed martial artist that you are? >> sean: my back is out. if you want to answer, yeah i've had rotator issues. i hit hard, i train every day. and my hip is out, too. great day. >> laura: this is exciting. this is what it has come to. >> sean: wait, i want to show you something. this has been on my back the whole show. >> laura: i was in an mri machine today, one of those coffin ones. >> sean: the worst. feel better. >> laura: hannity, i didn't know you had an ice pack, that's fantastic.