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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  May 23, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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country. >> my uncle gordon lied about >> it's important. i want to give information as we his age like so many young men to jim the navy and fight in read this up. secretary robert wilkie, thanks world war ii after pearl harbor. >> god bless us. for being here. thanks for your family service. >> amen. we're back here at noon eastern >> we're part of the same time. here's harris. family. >> harris: we are. and a bigger family, as >> harris: let's begin with a fox news alert. americans. >> thank you. the hot feud is not over. >> harris: if you have a veteran sp attacks on the president or family member of a veteran or even a friend of one or someone of the united states and as this drama is playing out on capitol currently serving and they need help, please reach out. you can call the crisis hotline hill, some of president trump's financial records have been handed over to house democrats. any time day or night. you're wat that number is at the bottom of i'm harris faulkner. speaker pelosi has escalated her war of words during her weekly news conference saying she hopes the screen. his family and staff perform an all calls will be answered in under 10 second. intervention with the president bill right back. for the sake of the country. [music playing] (vo) this is jerry. when asked at that same news jerry has a membership to this gym, conference if she would consider not provoking things by using but he's not using it. and he has subscriptions to a music service he doesn't listen phrases like "cover-up", she
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to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch. invoked the constitution. >> that was not a reason that he this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff did that yesterday. that was an excuse for him to do he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower that. with all due respect to your in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. question, i do not intend not to honor my oath of office nor do this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. my colleagues in the house of oh look, there they are. representatives to protect and defend the constitution and (team member) this is wells fargo. again a question of the american people understanding that what he's doing is an assault on the dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. ♪ my skin... it was embarrassing. constitution of the united states. >> harris: then the top my joints... they hurt. republican in the house, you saw the pain and swelling. it live on fox news said speaker the tenderness. the psoriasis. i had to find something that worked on all of this. pelosi, what she did yesterday was irresponsible. watch. i found cosentyx. >> the idea as a speaker of the now, watch me. united states congress would real people with active psoriatic arthritis walk out and claim something are getting real relief with cosentyx. that was not true, right before it's a different kind of targeted biologic. she walks to meet with the cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain president, to me that is of psoriatic arthritis. irresponsible. >> harris: now fox news can it even helps stop further joint damage. confirm that wells fargo and don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. t.d. bank have handed over before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. subpoenaed documents to the
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an increased risk of infections house financial services and lowered ability to fight them may occur. committee. what is seen as another victory tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms. for house democrats saying they if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, have to conduct oversight. or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. chief white house correspondent serious allergic reactions may occur. john roberts from the north i got real relief. lawn. john? >> good afternoon. you're right. the feud between the president i got clearer skin and feel better. and the democratic congressional now, watch me. leadership is at a new high get real relief after nancy pelosi charged the with cosentyx. president was participating in a cover-up and later on in the afternoon doubled down saying not only is he participating in a cover-up but he's publicly trying to obstruct justice. that may be impeachable. the president walked out on infrastructure yesterday after telling nancy pelosi and chuck schumer that they could not get anything done, the three of them, as long as these investigations were going on. it was also a sharp exchange after the president left between nancy pelosi and kellyanne conway when kellyanne conway was
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thinking when she asked about infrastructure. listen here. >> she said i talk to the president. i don't talk to staff. she's the sixth rich member of congress. she treats me like i'm her maid or makeup artist or pilot. i'm not. i said to her, how very pro woman of you, per usual. she's not very pro woman. she pro some woman. >> at the same time this is going on, democrats are intensifying their investigations and gotten a few wins. two federal judges have ruled in favor of financial information from the trump organization's accounting firm and deutsche bank. we learned that wells fargo and t.d. bank have turned over information. so democrats are beginning to get some of the paper that they
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were looking for. we'll see where that goes. now, as to whether or not anything can get done in congress over the next little while, there are a lot of big items out there. there's the u.s. canada mexico trade agreement. a debt ceiling coming up, a budget by the end of september. sources on capitol hill and here at the white house think a lot of that stuff will still get done. tempers will calm town. the big ticket items like infrastructure, there's likely no way that that will get done before the election. certainly the president's new merit-based immigration situation has no hope before november 3 of next year. this tweet just came out from lindsey graham, too. i want to share it. he says "i disagree with what the house of representatives is doing. i thought mueller was the final word. i can understand how the president feels. it's never enough." so the president with support from lindsey who has been a strong supporter of his and disagrees from time to time. >> you won't have a story that
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>> harris: before he wasn't. he's had a journey on that. isn't real. you want to believe there's all i would add to what you were this unease in our caucus. saying in terms of immigration. that's not the truth. we have respect for diversity of i don't know if this latest go opinion in our caucus. around has anything to do with why congress won't move on i say our diversity is our strength. our unity is our power and we immigration. interesting. >> they're not going to move on have unity in our caucus. immigration. the only way the president will >> harris: speaker nancy pelosi get his merit based immigration pushing back against speculation as her caucus is divided as she plan through is republicans take back the house, the senate and tries to keep her members in maintain control of the white line. how long can she fend off the house as well. even then it's dicey. >> didn't get done when they had impeachment wave? that. good to see you. michael is here. thank you. maria cantwell and lisa booth. marsha blackburn of tennessee sits on the judiciary committee. michael, i'll start with you. seems to be there's some real good to see you. >> you too, harris. pressure on nancy pelosi. >> harris: i want to talk about how does she keep it at bay and that legislative agenda that john and i were going back and so no impeachment? forth on and how you get things >> sure. her caucus and the president done on capitol hill given all wants to be impeached and her -- of the mean spiritedness that >> harris: why do you say that? why does she say it? has gone on. >> he talks about it every day. i don't know if you caught it, >> harris: he doesn't say that. but the speaker of the house >> yesterday he called it the i went as far as to say the united states president, you need an word. she thought it was the
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infrastructure, not impeachment. intervention. he talks about it every day. >> i have to tell you, i was >> harris: lisa? talking to one of my democrat friends in tennessee earlier >> for all the talk of impeachment, the hill has the today. whip count at 32. she said i wish nancy pelosi would start to act like an you go through the congressional districts. adult. the partisan makeup. that is what we need, to calm almost all of them are in heavily democratic districts. things down and to say the they're representing their districts. not a lot of members in the american people expect us to get things done. they're focused on what we're moderate districts calling for impeachment. going to continue to do with the reason being, they know growing this economy with they're vulnerable. bettering their lives. republicans are targeting quite frankly, they're not interested in the d.c. story of districts that president trump win and entirely possible to the day. they are interested in the story flip the house in 2020. of their lives. you know, mueller was supposed >> harris: is this victory on to be the definitive word and impeachment? the senior whip was on with me was there conspiracy or yesterday. debbie dingell. she wouldn't answer my question. collusion. and now that's not enough. more than once, i asked can you they're going back for more. it boils down to this, harris. tell me the vote count? they lost that election in 2016. you know they all you know. they know if impeachment can pass. >> most of the senior leadership the american people elected
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donald j. trump to be president went through it in the 90s and southern border. it's a political suicide. we're going to make certain that your lives are better. >> harris: newt gingrich will we're going to open opportunity. tell you. he's fulfilling his promises. the americans are not there. there's 20 republican senators we're putting judges on the that would have to vote to impeach the president. federal bench. not one has stepped forward that is what people want to see saying they're willing to do that. done. why would you go through it? they're astounded with what they >> harris: when you hear see happening in the u.s. house democrats say the president wants this. why would he want it? of representatives. >> i think it would help him >> harris: you know, there's criticism today for the politically. it makes -- >> harris: to go after him? president that maybe taking a >> yeah, it's going to put those different road yesterday might have gotten us to infrastructure districts that i mentioned in play even more so for 2020. and bipartisanship down the road on a host of issues. the difference between 2018 and 2020 is president trump will be given how nasty it has gotten in on the ballot. like less than 24 hours, do you so those trump districts are a lot easier to flip with president trump on the ballot. think that criticism is fair? >> i think when i look at what >> harris: i'll be right back with both of you. president trump and the trump stay close. family has had to bear, the accusations, the plundering into their lives, it's -- it far
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exceeds anything that we have ever seen. energy! harris, just think about it like this. how would people have responded had that been the way republicans treated president obama or president clinton or whoo-hoo! president carter? great-tasting ensure. how would that have been? with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. what we did is work together ensure, for strength and energy. even though there was disagreement. i was not in congress. but look at what happened when you had bill clinton working with republicans. they did welfare reform. people forgot about some of this, the reaching across the aisle. my hope is that what you're going to see in the house is that they're going to find ways but allstate actually helps you drive safely... to work in a bipartisan way like with drivewise. many of us are doing in the it lets you know when you go too fast... senate even today. >> harris: i know a lot of ...and brake too hard. people hope that that is true. with feedback to help you drive safer. the legislative to-do list has a lot to do with the trade deal giving you the power to actually lower your cost. with mexico and canada and
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raising the debt ceiling, which unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. secretary mnuchin has to do by the end of the summer. i want to move on. mitch mcconnell says the senate are you in good hands? won't adjourn now for the memorial day holiday without voting to fund communities hit hard by natural disaster. when you look at what's going on in jefferson city, missouri right now with the storms and people that perished in that state. the senate has plans to vote perhaps as soon as today on a long-awaited disaster relief bill. money for the border wall we're told is holding us up. what is happening? >> they are still negotiating this. nothing has come from the house. i know that leader mcconnell is working to get a package. our hearts should just go out and our prayers for those impacted those the natural disasters that have taken place.
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it requires the house presents a product, the senate be able to vote on a product. those be merged. at this point, i know the house goes out today. i don't know what the posture is or how they're planning to proceed. >> harris: should you take the border wall out of it to get it to pass in the senate? >> when you talk to those men and women working on the border, our dhs commissioner, ice commissioner, they will tell you they are in a desperate situation. they're being overrun right now. i understand there's going to be tsa agents headed to the border to help with the humanitarian efforts that are there. the border and the drugs that the cartels are utilizing this. they trade in drugs and people. they are trading in pushing as many people as they can for the gangs, the labor trafficking, the sex trafficking rings and
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they're pushing as many drugs that they can into areas where the border patrol just cannot get to those areas because they're dealing with so many people at the reception centers. >> harris: i can tell you the national border patrol council has said that they lost control of the border. senator blackburn, thank you. >> thank you. >> harris: let's talk about the devastation and the hope that they can get disaster relief for >> dana: on the daily briefing on the ground in jefferson city, people there in terms of dollars, this is missouri that missouri, where there's lots of damage from a powerful tornado you're looking at right now. a "violent tornado" ripped overnight. local reaction from those who lived through it. plus numbers on the active through parts of jefferson city yesterday. officials are saying there are investigations involving suspected terrorists in the no reports of missing people in the city, but first responders united states and where do will be making door-to-door americans stand on democrats checks just in case. we're learning three people have moving forward with impeachment? we have that. died near golden city in the we'll talk ab that next. southwestern part of the state. several others injured after >> harris: all right. severe storms hit other parts of next on the file here, we were missouri. this storm system is vicious. talking about the fact that
10:12 am
matt finn on the story in nancy pelosi is trying to lead her team away from peach -- jefferson city. matt? >> harris, we're off of highway 54, not far from the capitol building. impeachment. she said she needs an one of the hardest hit. you'd can see that unfortunately intervention. it's so disrespectful. a lot of people have lost their >> it's disrespectful not to homes. honor subpoenas from congress. apartments, obliterated, cars >> harris: the president is not mangled, trees launched into the alone in doing that. area and power lines down. it's happened in the past. >> the courts now ruled twice police say a violent tornado that congress request for touched down here around 11:40 p.m. subpoenas are lawful. neighbors said they heard the two of the three branches think he should turn over documents. sirens, had a fewin to take shelter. calls were received for those that were trapped. 20 people transferred to local hospitals. crews going door-to-door. >> harris: lisa? >> democrats what they've done firemen with axes. they say they're going to this entire time is try to continue to do that all day create an illusion of wrong long. not long area, here's missouri's governor and a storm survivor. doing. >> harris: what is the crime and the cover-up? >> if there's nothing to >> thank goodness there's plenty cover-up, send in mueller. of people to warn people to take >> harris: they're not crimes. >> that's obstruction. safety and a lot of people did. not answering a subpoena of we're fortunate we didn't have congress. >> oh, stop. any more injuries or fatalities. president trump and his team were active par teticipants in
10:13 am
>> i'm living or dying. you have to survive. mueller investigation turning over millions of documents. you can't say i love you enough don mcgahn sat for questioning until you're gone. see the ladies come out. for 30 hours. i yell, are you okay? mueller came to the question there was no collusion. that was democrats best bet of pray to god everybody is okay. trying to credibly move forward >> the governor said there were with impeachment. state buildings that were damaged. the government asking all they don't have credibility. nonessential employees to stay home. nancy pelosi knows it's dumb unfortunately this area is not clinically. >> harris: last words for both ott out of the woods. there's more tornadoes and of you. good to see you. thank you. i'll be right back. you're headed down the highway when the guy in flooding expected. the missouri river that cuts through this city is expected to crest at nine feet above the flood level. harris? >> it's the season. it will continue as you pointed out. that young man hit the nail on the head. you can't say i love you enough. you don't know when time is running out. powerful. thanks, matt. fox news alert. pentagon officials set to present plans today at the white house to send up to 10,000 additional troops to the middle east in response to potential threats from iran.
10:14 am
national security correspondent jennifer griffin live at thement gone with the latest. jennifer? >> we're hearing that number could be as high as 10,000 troops as top pentagon officials head to the white house for a national security meeting. patrick shanahan will be there. the secretary state spoke on "fox and friends" this morning. >> we're evaluating the risks, making sure we have it right. this is an important mission. we have 40 years of terror coming out of iran. the president is determined to change the course of that regime. >> officials say any increase in u.s. forces in the region could include a cruise missile submarine like u.s.s. florida seen here in march in greece where the u.s. navy stores missiles. florida is able to firing over 50 tomahawk cruise missiles.
10:15 am
submarines could move into the persian gulf undetected while subjemerg submerged. if they opt for more soldiers, a typical brigade consists of 4,000 troops. some are kept on alert for rapid deployment in the u.s. with b-52 bombers and doug dozens of jets the region, others could be called upon to pep. many lawmakers are concerned that the u.s. is provoking iran into a conflict, by pulling out of the nuclear agreement and imposing an embargo on iranian oil. other officials are needed to signal to iran not to use their proxy forces to strike the u.s. >> harris: i want to bring in lieutenant daniel davis, a military expert at defense priorities.
10:16 am
great to see you today. i've been reading notes. the thing that stands out, you want a smaller footprint in the middle east. you don't agree with this build-up. why? >> absolutely. one overwhelming point that we need to all understand is that iran does not pose a threat to the united states that we can't handle with our standard military. the only thing we gain by sending more troops is it ratchets up tensions and increases the chance of an accident could spawn a war. i can just tell you, i fought twice in that region and if we thought a war with iraq was bad, it would be nothing compared to what would happen if we went to war with iran. >> harris: colonel davis, i don't think anybody would think it would be easier. i know what some of their weaponry looks like. however, and i want to ask this, i know you've been there and you thought iran had specificity in its recent threats. we knew our u.s. embassy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere.
10:17 am
baghdad and we had to protect assets. we put 100,000 tons of diplomacy you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. in the water and in the region. >> we don't need it. they know we have overwhelming you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. capability if they did anything. how mature of them! just our normal force package for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual would be enough to overwhelm won't raise their rates because what they did. these comments about what iran their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. is going to do. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ if you look deeper to what's been reported, if they're attacked, they'll do these things and attack here and use forces over there with proxies and all that. none of that needs to happen as long as we don't launch an >> harris: thanks for watching. attack of our own, which is here's dana. unnecessary. it's not necessary for our security and the other big thing >> dana: the daily briefing to recognize is it's all about starts now. three big stories. first, democrats in the white balance of power, especially in house totally disconnected over investigations into the iran. president and everyone will go they're balanced off by israel, to their corners for the next several days as congress set to saudi arabia and several others. head home for the holiday it's not like they have a free weekend. plus, new information on the reign. >> harris: i want to scoot in number of terror investigations another question here. the fbi is handling and it's in you said the best thing that the thousands. president trump could do at this plus, top u.s. officials
10:18 am
point is to pull out of iraq and concerned about the man dubbed the american taliban, released from prison today. syria. that syria component is one he the man who killed rob o'neil looked at and his critics were joins me. harsh. why do you say that? >> yes, they were. hello, everyone. i was on your show -- i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." >> harris: you were supporting the president. >> that's what he should have been doing. i wish he would follow-through with it. he said it twice and they're first b n still there. all they do is pose a threat to be attacked. there's no security interests that they're there defending. those people that are there, they don't have the ability to attack the united states. they're stuck in syria. all we do is take more risk and risk of more soldiers being killed. >> harris: syria just got more complicated if we can confirm that they used chemical weapons on their people. around and around we go. thanks for being with me today. >> my pleasure. thanks. >> harris: let's keep this topic on the military. fleet week has kicked off in new york. look at that, a live picture. wow! nearly 3,000 members of the navy, marines, coast guard and
10:19 am
others, all the forces, really, will be visiting the city over the next few days. tourists will get a first hand look at the ney shall ships. i believe that's the tippy top of the intrepid. just minutes from now, i'll be talking live with secretary robert wilkey. he leads the vet trans affairs, more than 380,000 people. we'll talk about what's being down to help our veterans, particularly those suffering from ptsd. first, ice is detaining more people than ever. before long, the southern border as migrants increasingly overwhelm detention centers. we just heard senator blackburn talking about this. what the department of defense is planning to do to alleviate that overflow. stay close. [ "done melody" plays ] ♪
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>> harris: the man known as the american taliban was released from federal prison. it happened despite concerns that say that john walker lindh could be a violent extremist. mike tobin in terre haute, indiana. he was released early, no? >> early in the morning. john walker lindh left undercover of night. one of the restrictions is that he's restricted from possessing an internet device like a phone. the father of the cia operative that was killed in that prison uprising in afghanistan shortly after interviewing lindh asked rhetorically, do you really think he won't be able to borrow a cell phone from a jihadist but did? there's evidence that he looked
10:25 am
at radical messages while in prison. the concern now is there's less control. >> as i understand it, he's still threatening the united states of america and committed to the jihad that he committed to kill an american officer. this is deeply troubling. >> a former attorney for lindh says his supervision and parole will be handled out of northern virginia and expected to arrive soon. a supervised release is three years. harris? >> harris: thanks, mike. ice is currently holding in detention more than 52,000 migrants across america. this as the pentagon approved a request to build temporary tent facilities to house and care for thousands of asylum seekers in arizona and texas. authorities are also preparing to reopen a holding facility in south texas which was closed because of a flu outbreak.
10:26 am
joining me now, former acting director of ice and fox news contributor. i have said it time and time again. if you don't know what isodose, you should. tom? >> yeah, i've been doing this for three decades. ice's detention is the highest i've seen in my career. it's imperative what you said about dod building facilities. it's critical that they do this. a family unit, we got court orders that you can only detain for so long and release them. the uac sees children. you have the trafficking acted of 2008 says that we have to turn them over in 72 hours. adult males and females, if we fail to detain them until they see a judge, you will lose the border. if we have to start releasing a adult males and females because ice has run out of beds, we will lose the border. that's been the biggest population of illegal immigration.
10:27 am
they see that, when they see there's no consequence, they won't even be detained, that's when we lose the border and you'll so see a surge of all sorts of chaos on the border. >> harris: outside of the facts it give me chills. who is saying it now is consistent. i interviewed leadership and the national border patrol council. his word are that we have lost control of the border for now. laying out the same things that you said. i'm hearing a drum beat from different areas of those people tasked with protecting the border. >> look, as i said, i've done this three decades. i started in border patrol, worked in investigations that smuggled people. i'm scared. i wake up, watch the videos and i'm thinking the president of the united states is the only one doing anything about this. him and his administration. he's taken executive actions. he declared a national
10:28 am
emergency. even dod, tsa, more ice to the border. he's done everything he can. he put an immigration bill on the take. democratic leadership in congress hasn't offered up one idea. it's like they're sitting on the sidelines watching the parade go by. they have not offered up one thing to this administration. but they'll argue and blame the border patrol deaths to children. i said months ago, more children will die because congress is not acting to close the loop holes that entice these people to make the journey. >> harris: i know you have, tom. when people hear you say that, what more can we do? you have 2,000 to 4,000 job openings, as much as 7,000 in the border patrol. they cannot detain people and the situation gets worse. democrats have cover. they got it from a former secretary under barack obama and dhs, jeh johnson when he was echoing weeks ago the same thing that you're talking about. >> i respect jeh johnson.
10:29 am
i worked with him in the last surge in 2014 and 15. we built family detention center. we built facilities to hold facility, is so-called cages that the dems refer to. they were built under the secretary. congress said yeah, you have a problem there we're going to give you the resources, let you build facilities. the numbers are twice and much and they're saying manufactured crisis. they said there wasn't a caravan. it's a manufactured crisis. again, this is more about resisting this president and not helping him secure the border. their resistance and hate for this president has taken over their responsibility to secure our nation and take their job seriously. shame on them. we need to call out for this. >> tom hohmann, thank you for being with us today. >> thanks for having me. >> service members arriving in new york city for fleet week. ahead, i'll be joins by robert wilkey to talk about a break
10:30 am
through in healthcare for veterans coming in days. this is the couple who wanted to get away
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> harris: thousands of the navy, marine and coast guard arriving for fleet week. as we honor the men and women that paid the ultimate sacrifice serving our nation. joining me now, robert wilkey, secretary of veterans affairs. thank you for coming by. and your time in new york. this time is so important. you've got memorial day and fleet week going on. an opportunity to connect with the troops who are serving now. i want to ask you, july 23, 2018 when you were confirmed by the senate and with only nine votes in the highly politicized nature that we're in right now against
10:35 am
you, so you had upwards of 80 for you, that's bipartisan support, what were the first things that you knew you had to focus on? >> first things i had to focus on is calming the institution down. it had suffered from bad leadership. these a bipartisan comment. the second thing i had to do is make sure that as we approach our veteran population that we make sure that they are at the center. their needs are at the center of what we do and not the concerns of the institution. i think we've headed backwards at the v.a. for many years. making the veterans the center of what we do changes the trajectory of the organization. >> harris: it's interesting. i did some deep dive on the one topic that was so toxic with deaths at the center of it for the v.a. and those that are extraordinary wait times that
10:36 am
our men and women were suffering from, upwards of 40 people that died waiting, languishing, waiting for medical care. that's the generation, if you will, with the v.a. that you inherited. you have 9.12 million total enrollees in the v.a. healthcare system. it is huge, enormous. how did you drill down on that topic? i'll point to one example. you take a look at not just the distance that a veteran has to travel to a v.a. hospital but the time it took in the urban areas. you really got specific. >> the first thing i did is change out the leadership in the v.a. you and i grew up in the same world. our fathers were army officers. they commanded in your case, your father's case, aviators. mine, artillerymen. i put in place the people that understand the culture and know the language of service, which is absolutely important. because those nine million that we serve come from a world that the rest of the country doesn't understand. the second thing that we did is we had a president that allowed
10:37 am
me to go to the office of management and budget without having to offer budget cuts. the budget i presented to the congress this year is the larger in the history. $220 billion. he also allowed me to change out leadership in the v.a. centers. if someone wasn't walking the post, getting to know the people that work for her or him or getting to know those veterans, they had to leave. as a result, the journal of the american medical association this year said our waiting times are as good or better as any in the private sector. it was a result of us putting people in place that had that sympathetic history with those that wear the uniform. i think that is the foundation for all. >> harris: i thank you for sharing the nexus of growing up brat, as i like to put it. let's talk about the mission
10:38 am
act. part of what you're discussing is about to really become a physical thing on june 6. and you have done something extraordinary, a lot of people can't do it. you brought congress together on an issue in the mission act. what changes, how does life get better for those that seek medical help at the v.a. hospital? >> in the past as you pointed out, the wait times were astronomical. we have in this country veterans that sometimes have to travel 300, 400 miles round trip to go to a v.a. they're passing up doctors, community hospitals along the way. here in the heart of america's city, new york, it may be a short distance to a v. a facility as the crow flies but may take two hours to get there. so what we're doing is saying to those veterans, if we cannot provide you a service in a timely manner and you live a certain distance away from the v.a., we're going to give you the option to go to the private sector what made the original
10:39 am
choice act that senator mccain passed several years ago not work is that we didn't have in place a way to pay the private sector providers, the small town community care hospitals. we've changed that. we let the contracts out so that on june 6 when we start, it will be a new day when it comes to all of those partners that work together for veterans health. >> harris: you sound very optimistic about that. it's huge to deliver care for nine million people. >> i hope it's another day at v.a. on june 6. >> harris: how about that? i want to talk about something that is burgeoning right now and get to the heart of it. first of all, i want your take, i read what you have written, why are we seeing more suicides? not among veterans only but active duty now. >> active duty and reserve and guard. every day we lose 20 veterans. one on the active duty side, two to three on the guard and reserve side. most of those that take their
10:40 am
lives have never deployed. the other group within that 20 are folks from your father's era and my father's era. vietnam veterans. the problem started with lyndon johnson. you hit on it. we have to have a conversation about life. when i testified last in front of the senate, i pointed out that day "the new york times" and "the washington post" had written a piece about a small town in utah where eight high school students from this one small high school had taken their lives in the same day. what we need that conversation to focus on is particularly mental health. we're not even at the sputnik stage in this country when it comes to getting our arms around that. that's the key. >> harris: operation resiliency is something that i'm learning more about. in terms of having a mission, a precise plan to knock out the rise and suicide prevention. >> as the president of the
10:41 am
president's task force, i'm able to bring together not only the entire government, but create a whole health approach to suicide prevention. to helping people save their lives. one of the things that we're doing at v.a. is that we have same-day mental health service. the other thing we're doing, harris, if you come to us -- >> harris: that is huge, by the way. i don't mean to cut in there, but that is huge across the board. whether it's military or not. that is a -- that should be a litmus for what we talk about. >> it is. for the whole country. >> harris: same-day service for mental health. >> in manhattan at the bronx, their hospitals and checking up on that and they have same-day mental health services. for those that come to us now, since october, we have screamed 900,000 veterans for mental health issues and suicide issues. of those 900,000, 3,000 we're following now. nothing connects them all.
10:42 am
the most recent in cleveland, a veteran in his 60s took his life on our property. he was facing disfigurement of cancer surgery, the loss of an eye and vocal cords. he said i'm doing this here because i know you're going to take care of my mother.close at.
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