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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 23, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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saying that i'll be happy to work with him on infrastructure, trade and other issues when the extremely stable genius starts acting more presidential. the way we go. "the five" is now. >> hello. i'm dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." round two of the escalading feud with president trump and nancy pelosi over claims of a cover-up and possible impeachment. the speaker, not backing away after saying the president may be breaking the law. >> while he tries to say it's because i said cover-up, we've been saying cover-up for a while. what really got to him is these court cases and the fact that the house democratic caucus is not on a path to impeachment. that's where he wants us to be.
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i pray for the president of the united states. >> i wish his family or his administration or the staff would have an intervention nor the benefit of the country. >> you concerned about his well-be something. >> i am and the well-being of the united states of america. >> dana: president trump firing back with personal tax against pelosi and calling on aides to dispute her claims that he threw a temper tantrum. >> it's a do-nothing congress. the democrats have done nothing in the house, done absolutely nothing. they tonight get -- other than investigate. they want to investigate. she said i walked into the room next door yesterday and walked in and started screaming and yelling. just the opposite. just the opposite. because i know that they will always say that, even if it didn't happen because this happened once before, i walked out, i was so calm. you had the group, crying chuck, crazy nancy. i tell you what, i've been watching her and i have been watching her for a long period
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of time. she's not the same person. she's lost it. >> mr. president, why did you raise your voice? >> we had the meeting -- hi, sarah. were you at the meeting? come forward. what was my tone? >> very calm. this was definitely not angry or ranting. very calm and straight forward. >> dana: greg, it's like they're trying to find each other's achilles heel. he's trying to say oh, she's lost it because she's getting up there. >> i have to say, i wake up every morning and thank god i'm alive to see this. if you were born in another era and not while trump was president, you're missing one of the most entertaining in eras.
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he's like a one-man celebrity roast. what side would you rather be on? >> you don't pick sides. >> not at all. we have one side which is concrete achievement, but it's -- but it comes the blunt, you know, total craziness. or being on the side of nancy which is no achievements at all and waging a political attack all the time. being on the attack side is so much easier. being a trump supporter, watching what he does is more fun. it's fun and there's achievements. how can you do wrong? >> dana: she says that the president is frustrated because, jesse, the house is not moving towards impeachment and that's what he wants. morning jo talked about that. i have sounds. >> he wants to be impeached so
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badly so the senate can then say he's not going to be convicted, can acquit him. he loves to be victimized as nancy pelosi said yesterday. oh, poor baby. >> dana: so they think the president wants to be impeached, but he's saying if you don't impeach or get rid of this, we can do other things. >> trace: he doesn't want to be impeached, this is reverse psychology from nancy and chuck. they know that -- they know the democrats want to impeach. nancy doesn't want it to happen. so they have to make it seem like trump wants it. oh, we don't want to do what trump wants. when bill clinton was impeached, his numbers went up big time because people understood the pain he went through and sided with someone that lied about sex. and they overreached. trump can do the same moves if he declassifieds the fisa applications and all the investigations are done and proves that the democrats
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planted evidence and set this all up. he will look like the victim and the american people will see that this was a set-up job from the beginning. everything that happened yesterday with nancy pelosi was spun into a big lie by the media. she was forced into saying that this was a cover-up because her caucus is out of control and she needed to say something. it blew up the meeting. now she's not delivered on border security and infrastructure. it's her caucus out of control. it's her that has not delivered for the american people and actually her caucus trying to obstruct the investigation into the witch hunt. think about it honestly for a second, juan. why would president trump participate in another attempt to impeach him? it didn't work the first time. he was framed. not guilty. they want to retry him? double jeopardy. why would you walk into that trap? after you were cleared, after you were found not guilty.
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the democrats are saying we can't impeach him and he's fighting back hard. doesn't make sense. >> am i allowed to respond? >> yes. >> i don't know where to start. first of all, they have not tried to impeach him yet. >> that's what it was -- >> you said there was a first time. >> that was the attempt. >> i see. and secondly, guess what? it's the courts saying that in fact the congress has a legitimate standing as an equal branch of government to have -- >> so let the courts decide. >> they're saying. give the documents, the financial -- >> it will work its way through the courts. >> and just to dana's larger point. nancy pelosi is one of the few national politicians who has trump's number. she is giving him his medicine in large doses. it seems when she says the family needs to intervene and i'm praying for the president, these things sting.
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it's like trump high school a genius of stinging nicknames, nancy has a genius of saying you're a little bit uncertain, you're wobbling and you need help -- >> so we scripted it as personal attacks but when she does it it's not? >> does anybody believe that nancy pelosi is praying for the well-being of president trump? i think that her prayers didn't work. >> she's praying for us, the american people under that president. >> no, she said she was praying for the president. >> i can't believe what you said about the media. i was reading the papers this morning. i thought wow. i know conservatives say this liberal media is so anti-trump. they bought trump's story that in fact pelosi had started this -- >> she did. >> nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, everybody said, there's been an investigation going on all along. and they met with each other. but now oh, he was so upset by
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what the nancy said. >> cover up? >> first of all, i'm not clear on why we had a special counsel investigation if congress is just going to redo the investigation and waste a bunch of more money to come to a different or same conclusion. probably the same conclusion because they don't have the same number of resources that a special counsel does. getting back to the issues that the president was talking about today in terms of trade and china. chuck schumer agrees with president trump on china. he's one of the people backing him up and saying we know there's pain, this is very difficult for the middle of the country. but china is cheating and we agree with the president. there's something long-term there. the replacement to nafta is another one. the democratic base likes the union work. they like the infrastructure spending. trump keeps coming to them with plans, publicly in these press conferences and you can drag them out because it's an event of something else and he's offering it to everyone to see
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and democrats are not willing to do that. >> dana: andpelosi has an excuse saying we can't get anything done because president trump wouldn't work it with us. they figure out a way to blame him. >> remember, the republicans had congress for two years. both houses. >> and everybody blames them. >> it's the democrats. >> what is interesting about the impeachment argument, the impeachment argument that morning blow said, he want impeachment but so does he so let's not give it to him. same as the board. but because he wants a strong border, we're not going to do it. they're infants. they're not adults. >> it's like how you treat children. figure out a way oh, they tried to reverse psychology but everyone -- we're all adults. we're following along. >> i'm barely one. >> you reach. you got there.
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when you're not, you pay for data one gig at a time. use a little, pay a little. use a lot, just switch to unlimited. get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy. call, visit or click today. >> the creep known as the american taliban is out of jail. three years early due to good behavior. yeah, he turned over a new leaf. all the time he was behind bars, he didn't behead anyone. that's the thing about jail, it's hard to act like a taliban killer. how does one get points for a path that is forced on you? who knows what the loser would
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have done if he wasn't in jail? in 2015, the traitor endorsed violence to create a caliphate. he knew what isis was doing? every other day they dropped a video about something to be burned alive or drowned. while innocent people were killed, he cheered. that's what you call a monster, a now monster free to roam. up like mike spann murdered after interrogating this punk in afghanistan. this could have ended differently. treason was once punishable by death. but we're better than that now. we're more enlightened. so prepare for the second wave of media analysis. he will be the -- no, actually, he was a political prisoner. they will line up to get the first interview. and then a speaking engagement at columbia, a book deal.
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or maybe a interview with seth meyers. america is the land of second chances even for scum that don't deserve a first. so what is the deal with early behavior, katie? i don't get it. shouldn't early behavior be tested on what you do when you're given a chance? >> people that take up arms against u.s. troops shouldn't be given the option to have good behavior. when he was in prison, he was still advocating for jihad, still translating violent messages. now they're saying he's going to be let out and given three years of surveilled release and he won't have any access to kind of communications or whatever, which is bogus. how you going to prevent him with communicating from anybody? to your point about treason, this is the exact definition. whoever owing allegiance to the united states giving enemies aid is treason.
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that's no longer on the table. it's a very disturbing trend, whether it's bowe bergdahl or this guy. unfortunately you're right. he will be under the cover of rolling stone any day now. >> i imagine they pay a lot of money to protect him. >> you mean after he's out? >> right. people -- no? >> i don't know. i'm making that face because i don't know. >> how dare you not know? we prepare for this show. >> some people do. i prepared another point. >> let's go for the other point. >> there's 112 more of these folks that werected of terrorism or terrorism related support. we're all going to face this because we have the shorter sentences. in the u.k. if you're convicted of supporting terrorist, it's a 40-year minimum. life or 40 years. somebody like this wouldn't have gotten out quickly.
2:18 pm
watching the videos. wow, it feels like yesterday. >> yeah. as we get older, time goes faster. that seems like a year ago. we're all getting up there, dana. >> can i say this? it's not like his ideology has changed. he went from al-quaida to isis. what does that mean? >> i don't know if that is parallel. jes jesse, he went through the process. we're all about due process. >> i am. >> so should we change the process? >> for traitors? >> no. they should have charged him harder when they had a chance. the guy is johnnie walker, a great name in america, johnnie walker. this is what he does? he goes and fights with the taliban? a waste of potential. think about it. there's democrats on the left that want to lock up trump but they want this guy going free. how sick is that?
2:19 pm
think about the word traitor, this is a great opportunity to find out what a real traitor is. they call trump a traitor, this guy is the real traitor. you're right. look what he did. the u.s. government has documents that said he was talking with other radicals in prison. he had not been reformed, he never renounced his ideology and he continues to advocate for global jihad. so we have that. i'm sure he will get beat up at some bar when he gets out on whatever it is. >> he doesn't drink. >> we should started talking about what this is all about, afghanistan. we're still in afghanistan. what is the goal in afghanistan. we spent a fortune there. are we accomplishing the mission there? we need a lot of money to rebuild this place. >> the key is that you emphasize -- >> i prepared one point. >> he was carrying a rifle, grenades. hits goal was to kill americans. he wasn't --
2:20 pm
>> and had knowledge of the prison uprising. >> exactly. >> i know you don't want to hear from me. i want to pipe up. i think he's a reprehensible character. i will say, he did his time. you can't say we don't like him. >> we can say that. >> no, you said you don't like the fact that he's espouses positions i haves you don't like. we have first amendment -- >> that's why they'll surveil him. >> they can. for three years he will be under surveillance. my point to you is, when you look at the record,nine out of the ten counts were dropped. he was never convicted of treason. that's not a charge that he was convicted of. he was convicted of violating an executive order that said no aid to the taliban. that's all he was convicted of. so he served his time. so to my mind, you know, if you
2:21 pm
want to be angry at somebody, go talk to the prosecutors. as far as this young man is concerned, i think he's an american, there's about 60 other people in the next five years that have been convicted on terrorist charges that will be released. how do we deal with that? >> you made that point earlier. >> i'm excited. looking for ward to his book deal, where he will be teaching. brown? yale? >> brown or columbia. >> yeah. something like that. >> deep breath. find your happy place. up next, a video of the media looking like total fools. over their michael avenatti obsession. thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go.
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>> one of america's worst lawyers going down the way he came in. he claims president trump. he says it's political revenge that has trump's fingerprints all over it. avenatti facing multiple federal charges and 400 years in prison. the liberal media looking like fools after putting avenatti on tv 254 teams in the year leading up to this. a quick look back. >> he's donald trump's worst nightmare. >> joining sus-michael avenatti. >> michael avenatti. >> michael avenatti is saving the country. >> you're something of a folks hero now. >> i owe michael avenatti an apology. i say enough already. i've seen you everywhere. what do you have left to say? you have a lot to say. >> we think you guys are the tip
2:27 pm
of the spear that will take down donald trump. >> let's get into his head, michael avenatti. >> oh. >> a lot of room. >> what makes him say, do you think, that he believes that trump is responsible? >> i think he's about 28 days away from an insanity defense. really, it's bizarre. look at all of the evidence. >> there's no strategy behind that? >> is donald trump responsible for the fact that he defrauded the client that was disabled? >> years before the trump presidency. >> no. the doj has very good lawyers who looked at, this the media did not. >> has the media said anything? >> oh, man. it's pathetic how quiet they are. stephanie should address -- she called him brother. isn't that sweet? he's a scum. they embrace him. you know why? it's the his credit.
2:28 pm
he showed how easy it is to commandeer the media. what were their weaknesses? to ruin trump and kavanaugh. he jumped on the horse and rode it to cnn's guest heap. but they should -- they have a responsibility to address the mistakes. i have done that. when i make a mistake -- jesse, you do it almost every day. >> never. >> i had a good point. he said trump had his finger prints all over it from a republican close to trump. there's no republican going to talk to avenatti. he's a full grown liar and he's getting 400 years. he's not the taliban. [laughter] >> to your point about owning up to mistakes. let's say to someone that i have -- let's say sebastian gorka. let's say sebastian gorka was hit with multiple felony
2:29 pm
charges. i'm using this as an analogy. he's been on my show multiple times. don't you think i would take a moment to address the fact that sebastian gorka when had been on my show for hours that was involved in something -- >> maybe use a made-up name. >> and i have no idea that he broke a law. >> don't you think the media needs to take ownership of this? >> i'm not confident you would do the same. >> yes. >> but it wasn't just cnn. anna navarro on the view was saying he was the holy spirit, saving the country. and they said it's trump's fault. whether there's a strategy there. if he says it's trump fault, the media will jump on it. >> and rallies the media. >> and who else is delusional, smollett.
2:30 pm
there you go. >> juan? >> i'm still surprised that all of you blaming the media. i think every media in america thought this was a salacious case where he was representing a porn star that -- >> that he stole from. >> a man that turned out to be president and had an affair with her and turns out there was a pay-off and a check signed by the president of the united states. if your a journalist and you don't cover that, you're negligent. >> that's why you fell for avenatti. >> hang on. >> but so absolutely covered that. but that doesn't mean that you say he's next to jesus or he is your brother or that he's going to be a savior. you're the lawyer for the person -- >> he's the lawyer and he gets on tv. the check shows up. the check is signed by donald trump. gee, i think some of the evidence did show up. >> that's why they fell for him. they love that story. they fell for him. >> you're saying they're anti-trump. that's why. i don't care who the president
2:31 pm
was. bill clinton and monica lewinsky, stormy daniels, donald trump, that's what happened. it's not wrong to say put avenatti on tv. >> he wasn't vetted. >> how do you vet a later? >> it's news worse think that he represented stormy daniels, but media made him a celebrity expert lawyer and tried to destroy kavanaugh's life by gang rape and then referred for lying on both sides of the political aisle. so just stop with the case about stormy daniels, which sure, newsworthy but extended to smear the supreme court nominee with no evidence. now they're not apologizing -- >> katie, we didn't know at the time -- >> there was no evidence for what he said. >> it was obvious. >> he was leaving a trail of dysfunction wherever he went.
2:32 pm
everybody knew it. >> he was arrested during that time. remember? >> i'm saying, he was on tv and he was a member -- i don't know if he's still a member of the bar. >> he got kicked out of his law firm. >> you guys wanted to discredit -- >> we don't have to discredit him. >> it's the media's job -- you're doing it retroactively. >> to your point, we deserve credit for calling out avenatti, what was happening. especially tucker carlson who called him the creepy porn later. he got -- tucker deserves a pat on the bat and everybody at cnn should say what they did wrong. that wasn't very nice. >> sebastian, i apologize. all right? up next, mountains of trash and rat infested streets. how liberal policies are devastating america's biggest city. ♪
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♪ >> it's no secret that left's policies are running america's major cities to the ground. check out the latest examples. sky high piles of rotting trash in los angeles. the uncollected garbage raising public concerns. it got cleaned up after media reports. rats are taking over here in new york city. the problem is so bat, there's a 38% spike in complaints. so greg, i'm not sure which is worse? the poop in san francisco or the rats in san francisco. >> with we have one less rat in new york. avenatti. >> yeah. de blasio. >> in liberal cities, leftest cities, they spent billions and
2:38 pm
they can't clean the streets or fill pot holes or plows. the conservatives provide the means. they put the waste in wasteland. i mean, if this happened when public government advocated the responsibility in dealing with behavior. you can do drugs on the street, harass tourists. what it's about, actually having the moral authority to say these people have mental health problems. they need to be taken off the street and put somewhere. get them well. a lot of these people are mentally ill. there's a lot of people -- i have to talk about, this i live where there's an't -- a lot of junkies and hustlers. they don't have $600 or $800. it's not about housing. it's about government letting it
2:39 pm
happen. >> jesse, the governor of california gave a speech this woke about trying to solve this homeless crisis saying it's a national problem. but it's pretty limited to a number of these big cities that have allowed for lots of illegal immigration to come in and resources to be used and they can't take care of the people that have been living there on the streets for years. >> so a state like california should be a liberal yutopia. they have super majorities, democrats, billions in taxes revenues. smart workers. they should be able to spend the money wisely and have great public services for everybody. so why haven't they performed? here's my reasons. they don't have an honest local press. >> no water's world. >> nobody to chase them and humiliate them. they have no competition. there's no republican party for voters to choose from and get new blood in there. the corruption is so ram pant.
2:40 pm
they don't want up to set the gravy train. they spend all of their tax dollars buying off public and political supporters with pork and not distributing it evenly. and then they don't use police departments aggressively. greg says you can use police departments in a smart way to clean up misdemeanor actions. they have this politically correct mentality that permeates everything. you can't criminalize behavior. it allows junkies the run would, homeless people to run wild. nobody wants to be the bad guy. nobody wants to come in and get tough and clean stuff up and knock heads together and constitutionalize people and clean up the streets. >> and certain types of behavior -- >> wrong. >> judgemental. >> and not permitted here. so juan, what is your take on this? how do you solve the problem? >> doesn't matter if you're a
2:41 pm
democrat or a republican. big cities are hard to imagine. people like richard daly, frank rizzo, they were republicans that -- >> not now. >> you know, greg says oh, they let people defecate on the streets. they harass the tourists. you try that in new york. try that in d.c. >> i have. >> chicago or san francisco. you'll find out the power of the police, the business community. you'll be in jail. >> dana: >> it's constant in l.a. >> i think when you look at new york city -- by the way, with the exception of katie, all of these people live in new york city. yeah. new york city -- i think they suffered a small decline in population the last year. people arguing about it. the big trend is that from 2010 to 2018, 2.7% increase in the population in new york. 9% increase in the population in san francisco. 5.2% increase in l.a.
2:42 pm
in other words, people are me having to big cities and oftentimes the homelessness is a result of the fact that with more genderification, housing prices go up and lots of people get pushed out. some of them sadly like you said mental issues. some of them for just a matter of money, income equality -- >> juan, that might be a small portion. but the people ending up the streets are not being pushed out of homes and apartments. they come here -- it's amazing how it happens when the weather is nice. then they go to the shelters. >> look at seattle, san francisco. they have large homeless populations. you're right. they try to be empathetic. they're not about the -- >> i'm not saying beat up bums. >> make it quick. the cities are attractive places to live. one of the reasons is the
2:43 pm
traffic is so bad. people would rather sacrifice having a yard and live in the city because there's the great restaurants and there's a problem with long term planning for all of us getting around. that's why we need a infrastructure plan. sanitation is basic. health and safety is basic. law and order is basic. watch local elections. it will come down to this. this is how you have the -- who runs the palestinian area. they say we'll pick up the trash and they got elected. >> and they got elected for years now. another topic. up next, why we could learn more about why ufos exist. ♪ these letters used to mean something. letters earned in backwoods,
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♪ >> we could soon learn more about ufos. the pentagon has admitted that they do investigate reports of alien space craft sightings. this comes after the recent release of videos like this one from 2015 showing a u.s. navy's
2:48 pm
pilot strange encounter. >> oh, my gosh, dude. >> so jesse, they have new guidelines so people can report. there will be follow ups. i thought if i was the pentagon, i would go to jesse. he spent a lots of time hanging out in ufo conventions. >> i have. they're all trump supporters. >> not to me. >> if i was an alien, i buzz around, i'm leaving. they're all crazy. i'd say i'm going to a different galaxy. give earth a couple hundred years to chill out. that's why nobody has made contact. >> what were you say something. >> earth is going away in 12 years. >> yeah. that's right. >> so katie, i grew up with
2:49 pm
ufos. >> real or fake ones? >> i never saw any. until now, it's called unidentifiable aerial phenomenon. so it's a uap. >> that's too confusing. it's a ufo. unidentified flying object. i don't know. like i -- who knows. right? the universe is a big place. i'm not willing to rule it out. >> i'll rule it out. >> go, dana, go. >> this is a total waste of time. let bezos. i don't think there's ufos. >> i think there are. >> i'm a space nerd. think there are. >> how dare you? >> i thought you would back me up. >> i'm with you on the ufos. why would the dramatic decline with camera phones?
2:50 pm
nobody has a picture of ufos. the reason for that is because we're a relatively young civilization. all of those other civilizations are old and extinct. they developed computers and then they developed artificial intelligence. the artificial intelligence took over and crushed the meat puppets like us -- >> and the robots killed the people -- >> every planet is like a humming orb of metal. they can't communicate with us. we're a billion years behind -- >> tell me about the other civilizations. >> it's in his podcast. >> they could have been like us. they're ahead. we're the last guy in the race. they have crossed the finish line. they created artificial intelligence. it destroyed them. it wasn't personal. they just decided to pave over their orbs and now it's a big metal orb.
2:51 pm
>> they're going to destroy us all. >> the other theory? section 51 -- >> area 51. >> a lot of americans think the government has been hiding in. >> yeah, americans -- everybody like to think of conspiracy theories because they're fun. >> the government is not that organized. >> did you ever asked president bush? >> i did. he said he wouldn't tell me. >> oh, the first thing that you asked w. >> let me see the files. >> classified. highly. >> if i were you, i wouldn't look up. one more thing, that's up next on "the five." ♪ geico makes it easy to get help when you need it. with licensed agents available 24/7. it's not just easy. it's having-a-walrus-in-goal easy! roooaaaar! it's a walrus! ridiculous! yes! nice save, big guy! good job duncan! way to go!
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2:56 pm
provided some encouragement. >> let me see what you got, what you got, [laughter] he will never forget that male l lady. >> juan: for baseball fans, number 42 means hank aaron, reggie jackson but here's a number 44 at the plate. [cheers and applause] the 44th president barack obama during a visit to the washington nationals youth academy, he impressed not only with that double but he also was a hit throwing the football. you will note the kids who are applauding the guy who caught the ball, not the former
2:57 pm
president. he had some kind word for the kids telling he was expecting great words, these young baseball fans will never forget. >> you know what's better than being president? being a former president. >> greg: i want to get to that point, skip the presidency. >> dana: if you want to play with some kids in the park, we can figure it out. >> greg: i'm piggybacking on the last segment, we are one step closer to extinction. check out this new robot, it's partnering with ford. this is how your products are going to be delivered when the van shows up, a robot is going to be walking. it has a memory and it will remember who ate it up and crush your brain like a soggy grape. see how slow he is? i'm always interested in the
2:58 pm
homes they use in the commercials. >> jesse: i think teenagers are going to push these devices over. >> juan: it left a package there for a pirate? >> dana: for demonstration purposes only. >> jesse: some doppelgaengers news, everyone says i look like david schwimmer from friends so we have a new doppelgaenger we would like to announce, it involves greg gutfeld. famed actor richard erdman, this guy sent me this the other day. he was a star appearing in perry mason, hogan's heroes, and alfred hitchcock movies. this was a 1951 movie cry dange danger. i think he looks exactly like you, what do you think? >> dana: it's not bad. >> greg: i don't know.
2:59 pm
does david schwimmer get crap for looking like you? >> juan: you don't look goofy. >> greg: i look more like that dude from the insurance commercial. >> katie: it's wedding season so there are wedding crashers but this is a story of a photographer taking a photo of a couple when a photobombing moose walks by and got in the back of their shot. they look a little bit scared because moose can be aggressive but the photographer made it a goal to get the moose in the shot, they were excited and terrified but they ended up watching her cross and they got the shot. >> greg: it looks like the moose of honor. >> juan: moose are huge!
3:00 pm
>> katie: things you learn on "the five," did you know that? moose are huge. >> bret: this is a fox news alert, we begin with some high-level insults in the nation's capital and real questions for the way forward legislatively. nancy pelosi says the president is upset because they are not pursuing it saying he would like to see impeachment politically. the speaker also reiterated three times that she is praying for president trump and which is his people or his family would stage an intervention. the president called her crazy saying she has lost it and she is a mess, adding that he is an extremely stable genius and in the middle of all of that, some big things happen today.


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