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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 24, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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the minnesota intercollegiate athletic conference giving the university of st. thomas in st. >> just a shame. i am just disgusted. paul the boot. heather: the same memorial was vandalized in october. hope the surveillance video can identify a suspect. the conference commissioner says it would have collapsed in a year if this action didn't occur. st. thomas's vice president and a man determined to finish his drink without letting cops get in his way. surveillance footage showing athletic director is upset about it saying the outcome is sad and them and taking a few more steps as offices confront him. disappointing. the crazy thing about this is st. thomas helped create this conference in 1920 but it is the not clear why he was wanted by police. enjoy your memorial day weekend whatever you are doing and biggest school, they won 6 remember our men and women who football championships since 2010. serve the country. "fox and friends first" continues right now. are they being punished for being too good? a lot of people in social media think so. jeremy says if you can't beat them kick them out of the league it is friday, may 24th, so you don't have to, problem solved. unraveling the russia probe. donald trump gives word to the lynn signing and saying guess classified documents related to there is real hope that the nfl spying on his campaign. will take the patriots out. boston following these rules rob: democrats say the president is engaged in the cover-up. who has a something to hide? live in washington. needs to get kicked out of everything. this is motivation. jillian: you've got to be the best.
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jillian: agents being overrun with no relief in sight and there is one thing our homeland security chief says we need right now to stop it. carley: i don't know a single female the doesn't complain about the temperature being too rob: congress has their bags packed ready for another cold and we are on to something. >> we can relate to this study, vacation so what now? memorial day recall. the battle over the thermostat, jillian: you will want to check stake before you throw them on the grill this weekend. men say their too called the "fox and friends first" women say they are too hot but continues right now. that is study found cold office temperatures could be affecting a woman's brain, their cognition and focus ability. the study found men perform better in warmer temperatures or colder temperatures and women ♪ she said she said perform better in warmer ♪ city on fire ♪ she said she said temperatures because offices are ♪ city on fire on the cold side. ♪ like 1 million lighters you understand that study would find if it were warmer. ♪ she sets the city on fire jesse says if only someone would invent a covering humans could ♪ rob: it is that time of year for the concert. place on their bodies. very very true.
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jillian: the all-american summer concert series kicks off today, first of the season. make sense we are hearing gavin degraw. jillian: we can't come in here in snow suits. carley: amelia says this is why i keep a sweater at work and gloves in the quilt. rob: if you're in the area on vacation check it out. you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. rob: the sound of 85 °. jillian: it took a while to find jillian: we begin with this. the russia proved gets the green light, william barr getting the temperature of the studio to be happy about, 68 °. rob: many differences between approval to declassify all our genders. documents on surveillance of his 2016 campaign. rob: the white house is the we will be right back. actual, quote, help ensure all-americans learn the truth. my mom washes the dishes... jillian turner joins us with democrats reaction to this. ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, >> reporter: the white house put out a memo from the president to prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. his cabinet authorizing attorney wow, that's clean! cascade platinum. general william barr to declassify information related to a surveillance investigation of the president's 2016 campaign and the origins of the mueller
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probe. the memo directs the intel community to cooperate fully with william barr's investigation in terms he upped noso let's promote ourke summer travel deal the battle between donald trump and the fbi over what he calls on like this: surf's up. earn a fifty-dollar gift card spying on his campaign. when you stay just twice this summer. the white house saying the heads or.. badda book. badda boom. of each department or agency that includes an element of the book now at intelligence community shall provide such assistance and information as the attorney general may request in connection with that review. when crabe stronger...strong, the chairman of the house intel with new nicorette coated ice mint. layered with flavor... it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge. committee reacting to the new memo pretty soon after that last for an amazing taste... night tweeting trump still walls ...that outlasts your craving. the public from learning the new nicorette ice mint. truth about his obstruction of justice, trump and william barr can stride weapon eyes law enforcement and classified information against their political enemies. the cover-up has entered a new in honor of my dad, who was alzheimer's. i decided to make shirts for the walk with custom ink, and dangerous phase. this is an american. and they just came out perfect. the moves likely to even further anger democrats who for the most - [announcer] check out our huge selection of custom apparel for every occasion. part believe william barr's you'll even get free shipping. actions to date have protected get started today at the president at the expense of the constitution. who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome.
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>> what he is doing is an assault on the constitution of ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. the united states. we can walk and chew gum at the same time. - [narrator] custom ink has hundreds of products i hope you can too. and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today at >> reporter: donald trump insists he is not the one who is umost of us don't know how much data we use... ♪ the problem. >> they have unsuccessfully ...but we all know we're paying too much for it. tried to take down the wrong person. look at comey, look at mccabe, enter xfinity mobile. america's best lte with the most wifi hotspots. combined for the first time. when you're near an xfinity hotspot, look at stzrok and his lover, lisa page, talked about the insurance policy in case crooked you're connected to wifi, saving on data. hillary loses and that didn't work out too well for them. when you're not, you pay for data one gig at a time. >> reporter: the new white house use a little, pay a little. use a lot, just switch to unlimited. get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy. memo includes declassification of the fisa warrant that authorize surveillance of former call, visit or click today. trump advisor carter page, surveillance of campaign ♪ ♪ official george papadopoulos and other documents at the heart of at comcast, we didn't build the nation's the russia investigation. largest gig-speed network just to make businesses run faster. meanwhile the president himself heads to japan leaving all of this behind for a few days. we built it to help them go beyond. because beyond risk... welcome to the neighborhood, guys. thank you. jillian: thank you. rob: the news now, a record there is reward. beyond the classroom...
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breaking cost on the southern there is inspiration. border, 400 apprehensions in a ♪ ♪ beyond work and life... who else could he be? that's what i say. there is the moment. single day in just the dell rio (laughing) sector in texas making it the beyond despair... busiest day for border agents there in more than 10 years. there is hope. ♪ ♪ jillian: todd pyro has urgent call to congress to close the stay safe. i love you mom. i love you too, sweetheart. ♪ ♪ family unit loophole. beyond treatment... ♪ ♪ >> reporter: it is a record no one should be celebrating this morning, check out these there is care. say hi to grandma and grandpa. staggering numbers from the border. ♪ ♪ not only 400 apprehensions on beyond technology... monday but also this. in the last seven months, there is human ingenuity. every day, comcast business is helping businesses big and small increased 200% including close go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. to 17,000 people coming in as part of a family unit or unaccompanied child. those groups showing a whopping 750% increase compared to last year. fired up acting dhs secretary told laura ingram congress needs >> if it is summer and it is to act now. >> a sad state of affairs in friday the, then it is the all-american summer concert politics when we have an actual crisis, solutions on the table, clarity on what men and women on
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the border need and that is the series in the plaza. 48th and sixth avenue, behind the it is still going on. kind of thing. to put solutions on the table in on "fox and friends" we are the last 3 weeks, to manage the kicking off the summer concert series with gavin degraw who crisis and children who are coming unaccompanied, it is our will be playing all morning long ring in the festivities. statutory responsibility and human responsibility so we can it is fleet we, marines and keep them in custody. sailors all morning long. that is 70% now. plenty of politics going on also. they may or may not brexit, but we need to address that. >> nancy pelosi and the dems continuing to blame the president. >> the trump administration has put in conditions for border either way teresa may is out in the uk. we will talk about that in the cover-up consuming washington dc. we have guests on all those topics. funding that is totally unacceptable. tom homan, joni ernst, geraldo rivera, lindsey graham, and tammy bruce on the program and i we have not found common ground. can smell the barbecue. we understand our responsibly to protect our border but what they are doing is not right. the summer concert series with >> reporter: this coming as congress heads home for memorial gavin degraw. i hope you will come out. day recess, not expected to return to solve any problems i know you will. if it is friday it is "fox and friends". until june. jillian: see you in a little bit. rob: colors match. a nice recess. i am jealous. you tell me i don't pay attention.
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jillian: breaking news. thanks so much. british prime minister theresa may is expected to resign this morning. we found out she did just redesign. the most populated county in the united states, business travel to alabama. this amid the brexit follow. los angeles county's board of she is meeting with the leader of the conservative party. supervisors facing a 1-year travel ban because of its new she will still be in office when abortion law. board members slamming the law donald trump visits the uk in a as extremist and unconstitutional. couple weeks. frustrated lawmakers are upset colorado's secretary of state over her failure to deliver a brexit deal. this update as we got in a couple seconds ago that she just and acted a similar been on her re-signed. staff last week. new steps to crack down on welfare services to immigrants, we will keep you posted if we donald trump signing a memorandum to enforce a 1996 law get any more information. ms 13 gang member convicted of murdering a man for wearing a peyton manning journey. that forces sponsors of green card holders to reinforce the government for any financial or medical benefits. josé florez in a deli on long island in new york, prosecutors say marked for death after the immigrant may use. wearing the number 18 manning vice president of foreign-policy jersey. he was suspected of being part of heritage foundation joins us in the last hour to weigh in on this. >> we can't have a growing public charge bringing people of a rival gang, he faces life in prison.
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rob: a jail descending its decision to release two ms 13 gang members despite an ice detainer and maryland. in, and critics say don't worry, put them on welfare and able get >> a violation of the fourth a job and pay that back. amendment of the constitution to when we put people on welfare it creates dependence. hold someone without due process and a warrant. rob: 58% of noncitizen households were on one welfare rob: ice seeking custody of program according to census data. these illegal immigrants charged in the murder of a 14-year-old girl last month and a brutal killing. jillian: donald trump announcing they were arrested on separate a $16 billion bailout for farmers with a trade war with charges last year and then china. released by police. >> $16 billion funds will keep cherished farms driving and make ice could have deported these suspects if they had been alerted by police, they were not and they would have been gone clear that no country has veto on america's economic and national security. long before that girl was jillian: the president making brutally killed. the announcement with farmers and ranchers at the white house. a trade agreement with china is the ultimate goal. jillian: in jefferson city, missouri, a violent tornado leaves people digging through the rubble of their destroyed new fears are looming over cyber homes. attacks during upcoming elections. fox news correspondent allison barber tells us actions being taken by both sides of the aisle to prepare. rob: three shelters in jefferson city after several twisters tour across the state. jillian: governor mike carson in >> reporter: the 2016 election
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jasper county where a tornado leveled homes for 22 minutes. is known for many things, meddling is one of the. it ended appear killing three people. russian box, hacking of dnc emails, cyber security or lack rob: janice dean is live with thereof were concerns that. severe weather. experts say they still are in the landscape of cyber security threats are increasing. >> we are into this paer >> it's not hard to convince someone what you call them on your laptop. the next several days wh could see potential for severe >> reporter: in a new scorecard weather across the same areas. storm reports, dozens of them over the last 72 hours in terms researchers found the same trend of tornadoes and hail, damaging they saw prior to the presidential election and dnc email hack. winds stretch as far east as the mid-atlantic. we had a tornado report around the washington dc area yesterday. for the next couple days the the dnc has made significant investments in security since 2016 but the report notes the same areas are going to get hit organizational behavior at managing digital assets lagged behind the are in see. in a statement provided to fox news, the chief security hard including tornadoes from the central us from texas through oklahoma towards missouri across the ohio river valley. we have this pattern that is not officer, and the findings are hygienic and not exploitable. budging. we will see potential for strong to severe storms heading into the memorial day weekend and
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flooding concerns, that is a big story in terms of the fact that the dnc, adding we continue to welcome help from researchers and other organizations to improve security posture of the we have heavy rainfall in the forecast for some of these areas entire system. it made changes as well. getting hit hard by tornadoes and in some cases historic levels of streams and rivers across the arkansas river, >> the committee men and women dealing with historic flooding this weekend and levees possibly breached. giving them security with dhs officials for it professionals. will be following not only today but >> researchers say they could through the weekend. on the good side, fantastic weather for the summer concert series. gavin the garrotte will be here, stand to make some changes, they a beautiful day in new york city. are minor and small us political parties and european political hope you will join us for the all-american concert series in fox square. parties as a whole. reporting in washington dc, i am allison barber, fox news. rob: thanks so much. the family of fallen cia officer jillian: if you're visiting the nation's capital you will see a johnny spann killed at the hands of the american taliban fighters speaking out about his early release. his daughter allison slamming the decision after proof that wall of bright red poppies honoring servicemembers. the wall of honor, 645,000 flowers representing the american men and women who lost
2:11 am
john walker lindh was actively their lives in service since world war i. the second year in a row for the exhibit. it is open to the public today supporting terror groups from inside prison. through sunday. >> if he's doing this behind bars, what can we expect for him while he is free on the streets? justice would have been a life sentence for john walker lindh 18 years ago. that didn't happen. rob: the president said they will keep an eye on this guy. 52 minutes after the hour. stacy abrams says the only way lindh charged with conspiring, for democrats to win elections is through identity politics. >> i would argue identity politics is exactly who we to kill stand in afghanistan, were dropped as part of a plea deal, the president issuing a warning. >> we will be watching him, aren't exactly how we won. watching him closely. >> reporter: abrams didn't win her race in georgia. here is a man who has not given is there an actual strategy hidden somewhere in their? we are sharing your comments next. up his proclamation of terror. ♪ we have to let him out. am i happy about it? not even a little bit. rob: lindh served 20 -- 11 years of his 20 year sentence -- terror related crimes following the september 11th attacks. jillian: wikileaks founder julian assange is facing 18
2:12 am
charges tied to allegations he published classified documents with the help of chelsea manning in 2010. the us has until june 11th for its case for extraditing assange. . it is 11 minutes after the hour. democrats cover up conspiracy theory reaching a fever pitch. >> the cover-up. >> engaged in a cover-up. >> in an effort to cover up. >>'s intention to cover up. jillian: after the classification which one has something to hide? our political panel on deck to debate that. rob: aaron rodgers going viral. the quarterback from beer country is not the best. ♪ people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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-you don't have to buzz in. it's not a question, gary. on march 1, 1810 -- [ ding ] -frédéric chopin. -collapsing in 226 -- [ ding ] -the colossus of rhodes. -[ sighs ] louise dustmann -- [ ding ] -brahms' "lullaby," or "wiegenlied." -when will it end? [ ding ] -not today, ron. ♪ ♪ ♪ no matter what you say ♪ i'm not over you ♪ not over you ♪ damn, girl ♪ you do it well ♪ rob: we got the concert series starting today. we have fleet week so we have a lot of people. jillian: unofficial start of summer. rob: we have memorial day weekend. a lot of things happening. a very busy day. jillian: yeah. rob: democratic candidate stacy abrams making the case >> he tried to say this because for democrats to identity
2:16 am
i said cover-up. we have been saying cover-up for a while. politics. >> i would argue identity politics is exactly how we i wish his family were are and exactly how we want. administration or staff would have an intervention for the good of the country. >> he is a mess. rob: abe branels speaking for the americans progress idea conference in she is not the same person. washington where she falsely she has lost it. claimed that she won georgia's governor's race last year. the democrat saying she won because of identity politics. rob: democrats moving on from collusion and going all in on but shy lost actually that race, that governor's race to republican brian kemp by 55,000 voters. accusations of a cover-up. the president did just ordered jillian: we asked if you the classification of similar probe documents. thought this was the best direction for the democratic would he do that if he had something to hide? joining us to debate this is for party. your comments have been pouring in on social media. alan said go ahead and keep rnc spokesman sheridan. good morning. on, it will only cost you another election and tweeting i really don't care this last week has been really where they go. show them out the door. ugly. that would be perfect. rob: joe says i love it. the looney left just keeps digging their hole deeper and deeper. there you have it. the president the classifying some of these documents trying to look at how this got started, jillian: time for the good, the mueller probe got started. the bad, and the ugly. we start with the good. adam schiff is very upset about a little girl with spine spina a this. why be mad about being more
2:17 am
transparent? >> just as william barr and many other people said certain things need to be classified there are stealing hearts. certain things that need to >> go aubrey. >> that's aubrey running remain classified. the president is the person who is not being transparent. first 50-meter race. the 7-year-old has no he needs to release his financial documents, he needs to feeling below her knees and just started walking last release the other information he year. has been asked for. look at that. rob: that is incredible. professional fighter claims that is transparency but this victory after a vicious president instead has temper knockout in 10 seconds. watch this. tantrums, gets upset and tries >> glove here. retribution which is really unpresidential and said for the start things for damond nation. jackson. >> watch that right hand. >> got him with the flying rob: over the course of two knee. years of the mueller probe he was quite transparent. former russian knocked out >> he tried to obstruct at every challenger with the flying knee. people calling it the knockout of the year. turn. >> finally the ugly. rob: he gave them all the fans are heckling rogers for requested documents, right? >> he tried to obstruct but not keeping up with teammate in a beer-chugging contest. didn't succeed very well and watch this. left the door open to many other issues. [cheers] rob: what do you think of this? ♪ rogers couldn't finesse
2:18 am
>> democrats talking themselves into and impeachment process his beer. that nancy pelosi recognizes is easily slammed three. this is last night's milwaukee playoff game. not best for the democratic party, with press conferences like yesterday where she has a fans not holding back on rodgers. lot of crazy rhetoric and no nfl qb should be able to outchug a lineman but that everything else. was pathetic. another wrote on facebook i don't see how they will stop rodgers may be a two time the train once it starts with the american people are not with mvp but his chugging is so them on this. the media is reinforcing them weak. rob: is he as good at beer for ratings but the overwhelming majority of people do not want chugging as he is in the and impeachment process. playoffs. jillian: burn. we decide our elections at the good afternoon degras ballot and another one coming up kicking off our some concert in. series which starts right now. bye-bye. ♪ ♪ rob: you can tell she doesn't want to go all in on impeachment but all the democrats want to do is find stuff that make me look bad, they don't want to get any work done. are they in a dangerous place? >> i disagree. i think the president is the present talking himself into impeachment. nancy pelosi is doing the right thing by hanging back to a
2:19 am
certain degree. steve: the guy at the piano is gavin degraw. many people pushing for impeachment, some people on the ainsley: there is he in the gray t-shirt doing a sound left have been premature pushing check. steve: he is here two hours for impeachment but the president and his actions are early. start playing shortly. this the is sound check. we're not going to be listening to him as he warms the things pushing more for impeachment and i would say that things up. ainsley: not right now at is not a matter of popularity least. steve: this year our summer and even though the president concert series brought to isn't very popular that is not how this works. congress's parole - >> it was set up in the constitution and however congress defined it so it is a political process. if they allege cover-up which is a very serious charge, you need to start and impeachment process and go through it and see where it leads and if they want to impeachment they should do that and the senate is not going to
2:20 am
come close to convicting. >> it seems the president is daring nancy pelosi to try impeachment. the genesis of this, a lot of finger-pointing from brennan and comey and loretta lynch. appreciate you coming on this morning. heather: some of america's most powerful figures shining shoes, the new yorker unveiling it take on the president's power and social media sounding off. rob: memorial day marks the official start to the summer. stay tuned. ♪ and gliding and steaming and... eating dip. memorial day is coming. so book a place to stay and be a booker at
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♪ sweet summertime jillian: the unofficial start to summer next weekend. memorial day weekend is here. here to show us how patriotic bbq ideas. on the teleprompter this memorial day, thank you for coming on today. i will need 4 of those. >> we will start with burgers. we will make stuffed burgers. >> anything you can do, whatever you want to.
2:25 am
what you do, i am going to show you how it works. i will stuff it with cheese and get creative and do what you want and a cheeseburger here. blue cheese and you would set it together and touch it better than i am right now. the way it comes out is you can see this has been out for a a while and cheese goes inside and it is delicious when you cut into it. rob: it uses out of it. >> instead of having 1 million bottles, all of the condiments in a muffin pan so it is easy to put one thing on the table. so we have burgers for you. these are veggie burgers that
2:26 am
are delicious and you can get them right in the refrigerator section and they are really great. good to have a veggie option. rob: playing out on the lawn. these are chicken sliders. i get these barbecued pork seasonings, just poor that in there and this is apple cider vinegar, brown sugar and ketchup and chicken you have right in there. rob: you are ready to eat. >> what you do is next it up and brown sugar, put it in a slow cooker for 21/2 hours and then take two forks and pull it and it is easy and delicious and now we have lighter coleslaw.
2:27 am
one thing i have here is they came out with coleslaw dressing. what you do is one bag of coleslaw mix and half a bottle of dressing. it is great because it is great flavor but also less calories and fat than others, refreshing drinks, infused water and wine. come on over here. rob: talking to the media. >> it is affordable and then -- rob: we have chocolate. >> all different flavors, different cookies, really easy. >> the hershey bar that says
2:28 am
hershey's. these are delicious. rob: you see this? jillian: all the shortcuts, how easy and quick everything is. >> when you want to make sure things like that, make sure you're putting all the salads and stuff. and all the americana tableware and footwear you can get all of that -- rob: it looks wonderful and we will be right back.
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2:31 am
that it is in the best interests of the country for a new prime minister so i today am announcing i will to resign as leader of the conservative and unionist party on friday, 7 june
2:32 am
so a successor can be chosen. rob: this is a big moment. moment ago british trimester theresa may announced she is stepping down as leader of her conservative party. that follows months of speculation and a lot of criticism over her failure to finalize the brexit deal they have bungled and turned into a mess. he will continue to lead the country until her successor is chosen and that process will likely begin following donald trump's visit to the uk coming on june 3rd. rob: jillian: the classification of documents related to spying on his 2016 campaign. the white house is a will, quote, help ensure that all americans learn the truth but democrat congressman adam schiff calls about attempt to weapon is law enforcement and classified information. rob: in 30 minutes a curfew will
2:33 am
be listed in jefferson city, missouri. there is rubble and debris all over that area after a very violent tornado touched down this week. cleanup starting across the state as twisters tore through several cities. jillian: a battle over the stars and stripes. a north carolina city suing an rv store over a massive american flag. rob: aishah hasnie joins us and the ceo is not backing down. >> reporter: you will go to jail before he takes the flag down. the controversy happening in north carolina. the see filing a lawsuit against camping world for violating a city ordinance but the company got a permit for a 3 x 25 flag but turns out it is actually 45 golan 80. the city find him $50 a day totaling $10,000 retroactively since it went down in october and also filed an injunction to force the company to take the flag down.
2:34 am
if the court grants the injunction he will be in contempt of court which means he has to go to jail but he won't budget. >> we have 14,000 employees and several million customers and i have a fiduciary responsibility to follow their edict as well. everybody is saying we are not taking this flag down. if you go to jail we will visit you. we are not taking the flag down. >> reporter: there is a petition to keep the flag with 200,000 signatures already. we asked you if you think camping world should take the flag down? your response and overwhelming know. dan on twitter says they should leave it up. statesville needs to learn what being patriotic really means. chad on facebook says fly it and fly it proud. and instagram, one user says you should be permitted to honor our country's flag any way and
2:35 am
anywhere you like. >> hard to find a comment that says we need to take it down. maybe they need to change the policy. rob: foxbusiness alert. firing up the grill this memorial day. jillian: the recall you must know about. >> reporter: check those freezers. the usda recalling 62,000 pounds of beef that may be contaminated with e. coli. includes ribeyes, there is a package on april 19th at the aurora packing company in aurora, illinois. check your freezer to see if you have any of this. that is when they found the problem. so far no reports of anyone getting sick but you don't want that to happen this memorial day weekend. jillian: this is where we use the fabulous cliché pack your patience. rob: local news cliché.
2:36 am
>> reporter: pack your patience this weekend. memorial day will be a busy day for travel, aaa estimates 43 million americans will be traveling this weekend. 1.5 million more expected to travel this year than last year. 46 million people will be driving, 3.2 million people will be flying out somewhere. today is going to be the busiest day. avoid leaving in the early afternoon or evening hours. you want to miss those crowds, you are going to run into them regardless. jillian: that the good thing of the overnight shift, you can get to your destination before everyone else leaves. it is 36 minutes after the are. william barr, lindsey graham and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell polishing donald trump's shoes, the latest new yorker cover. rob: carly shimkus talking about the backlash online. ♪
2:37 am
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jillian: welcome back. the new yorker turning heads with a cover depicting the most powerful men in washington polishing the president's shoes. rob: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with the reaction online. carley: this is not the first magazine cover to take a jab at the president and not the last but the most recent and hasn't folks on social media sounding off. one person and instagram says there you go, proof of bias once again. the liberal media attacking and smearing, 90% negative coverage of trump. this social media users saying i would shine his shoes, i would sign schumer's and pelosi's too if they worked with the president to help with his
2:41 am
agenda to prove -- improve the lives of american citizens. that person holding the majority opinion. marist poll found 53% of americans feel democrats should not follow through with impeachment proceedings. rob: there was a lot of pandering to president obama over eight years too and you didn't see these kind of covers. let's talk about the ncaa. kicking a school out because
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