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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  May 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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i'm watters and this is my world. ♪. judge jeanine: hello and welcome to justice. i'm judge jeanine pirro. thank you for being with us on this memorial day weekend. thanks again to making last week's justice number one again all day, all night for all of africa. thank you. a special show tonight dan mangino, hogan from the white house, fox news host, mark levine, corey lewandowski and [inaudible] but first, my open. ♪. judge jeanine: since when does asserting your legal right amount to a cover-up? since when is going to court to settle an unprecedented legal
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issue a cover-up? why does a commander in chief and his family have to automatically grant every demand made by the party that has spent the last two years mocking and deriding him as an illegitimate president and an unrelenting assault on his presidency as they look for any reason to impeach him. this week a clash at the white house in a statement made by house speaker, nancy pelosi. >> would you believe that it's important for to follow the facts and we believe no one is above the law, including the president of the united states i believe the president of the united states engaged in a cover-up. judge jeanine: the president got wind of this and walked into that meeting and stated in no uncertain terms you cannot reinvestigate and legislate. he has had it. we've all had it. he says look, i never assertive
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executive privilege and told all my people to talk and give them $1.4 million and my kids and my family talked. it is over. but the democrats are not satisfied with the two-year investigation by their guy, bob mueller, of the fake russian collusion with more lawyers investigators the search warrants and subpoenas and international reach more than any other special counsel investigation in american history. they literally want a do over of the investigation as if there is any way these democrats without the power to even impanel a grand jury can do a more thorough job than a bob mueller. they envision sitting on their purchase in washington and pontificating as they reinterview people already interviewed. they argue that they have a constitutional duty to investigate.
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>> i think the house should move forward on impeachment proceedings because the mueller report showed clearly you're done exactly the objection of justice that you saw laid out in the articles of impeachment for richard nixon. judge jeanine: bob mueller spent two years with help of every trump hating, hillary loving lawyer he could find, teed up with the benefit of corrupt cardinal comay stating a big dossier and investigation and defrauding the fisa court. and nothing as a result but the dems have a collective breakdown. every democrat from adam schiff to elijah cummings, jerry nadler to maxine waters for conducting hearings to get any dirt it can get in any way they can get it. the president has had it. i don't blame him. every day the man gets up taking income from these halfwits stuck on stupid telling him he did not
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win fair and square but the facts are incontrovertible, he won but they still believe russia helped because russia bought a few facebook ads that do not amount to a hill of beans and affected no, zero, no numbers. so, this pelosi shows up at the white house after about 1.5 hours earlier trashing the president yet again and i asked you how long do you thank you could be called a criminal, traitor, putin loving puppet before you say enough, i have had it. that is what he did. now nancy has a temper tantrum. >> again, i pray for the president of the united states and i wish his family or his administration or staff would have an intervention for the good of the country. judge jeanine: and you say he is crazy?
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heat one. you lost. he's on a mission to change the course that obama and clinton started. we got lowest on appointment in half a century, more people working than ever in the history of this nation. that is right. black, brown, asian, white and what does he get? he's a racist. he destroys the caliphate in the middle east and something obama could not, for the life of him figure out and what does trump get for it? he's a muslim heater. he's protecting americans from unknowns crossing our border including ms 13 gang members who obama would not stop and those who traffic in heroin and pencil and what does he get for it? he's a bigot. when he tries to offer merit-based immigration to protect them american workers and americans at large he is called condescending. before he took office everybody wants the man impeached including good old maxine who sounds like a broken record.
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and nancy, you think he needs an intervention? the man is focused on his work and on the unfair trade deals protecting farmers at the same time and you with your band of loony lefties say this? >> we don't need a divided country when it comes to impeachment but the president needs to stop putting kerosene on the fire but democrats will not have any choice but to move forward because we are not in any shape working together and american people need us to work together. judge jeanine: he's not putting kerosene on the fire. they are. he does not need an intervention, nancy, you need the intervention. maybe the president is right. >> tell you what, i watched her and i have been watching her for a long period of time which is not the same person. she's lost it. judge jeanine: nancy, you have not recovered from the 2016 election and it's driving you
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batty. you want to re- question everybody already been questioned under oath. nancy, i remember rasmus holiday when the president stayed back at the white house during a partial government shutdown waiting to work and deal with you and the dems on the wall while you all were gallivanting in hawaii and puerto rico planning your next junket to afghanistan. because you can't win fair and square your ilk wants to change the rules and get rid of the electoral college and now shift and other and cummings and waters all meet to discuss what more you can do in an effort to continue to keep this man under fire. what none of you seem to know or understand is that no one loves the fight and winning that fight more than donald trump. bottom line, nancy, the man is doing what we elected him to do
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while you have not done a damn thing as you see the hatred and vitriol and obsession to get your truth. nancy, you already got the truth and nancy, you can't handle the truth. knock the hell off, follow his lead and start doing the job were elected to do. that is my open. let me know what you think on my facebook and twitter # judge jeanine. here with reaction to my open and the dems latest attack on the president fox news contribute her and host of the dan bungee no podcast dan. how are you, dan? >> you were on fire in the open. nice work. great job. judge jeanine: enough is enough. these people have to go to work. what has the house done since they've been in power? zero, zilch.
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>> i just got an e-mail before we came on the air from someone deeply connected with the inner workings of capitol hill and e-mail was troubling and said ladies, guys, i want to warn you were on a precipice and the democrats are this close to abandoning western democratic values entirely. this is not from a hyperbolic hysterical source either. very grounded sober person and when i read that i thought he is right. let's think about what happened what you covered in your open. we have an innocent man, president of the states who a human intelligence asset working with the united states intelligent agency spied on his team and we know unmasking's were done on his team and what did the democrats do? instead of apologizing and backing off insane we made a mistake so let's get to the bottom they double down and ask for more investigations after their initial investigation turns up absolutely nothing.
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it is deeply, deeply troubling. judge jeanine: the truth is now that the president is indicated that he is going to release some of the classified by the documents and i will get into that with my next guest you think they be more worried about that but i think they're in trouble. i have to tell you. nancy pelosi tweeted in this back-and-forth when the extremely stable genius starts acting more presidential i'll be happy to work with him on infrastructure, trade and other issues. they don't want to do anything that will make them look good even at the risk of their looking bad. >> yeah, but it is right but not just that and i thank you know this not just that they want to make the look bad but they want to make bush look bad and typically you wanted to make
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reagan look bad so that's nothing new but what is new here is they want to destroy him and his family. they were to jail this guy if they could. judge, they spied on him and then they impound the special counsel based on a hoax and now they want to double down and start investigations because their initial investigation that he did not do anything wrong but think about this. it's a constitutional republic and this is not cuba. this is troubling. judge jeanine: shame of it and we won't know for many more months but i'm dying to know what this fisa court is thinking. nancy pelosi when the president says she's not the same person that we knew before pray for the president and we need an intervention she's been the middle and on one hand trying to keep her people from impeaching because some of the loonies on the left are looking for that and on the other hand she does not want to be embarrassed because she knows she does not
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have the numbers there's no fact that supports an impeachment. >> yeah, the majority of americans are done with this case nancy pelosi has a delicate balancing act when the alc caucus and the moderates in the 31 congressional districts that were trump diskettes. but one more thing, one final point. what is nancy pelosi so worried about about donald trump and the declassification? don't remember susan i sent that e-mail to yourself that obama's national security advisor right after trump got into office saying we did everything by the book so what are you worried about an issue line? jesse: . judge jeanine: i think susan rice has a history of lying but i think that will all come out in my next book or in yours whatever. dan, thanks much. >> thank you, judge. judge jeanine: president trump raising the stakes over the russia witchhunt giving attorney general bill bar sweeping powers
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to invest it for 2016 surveillance of the trump campaign. here now with reaction to that and much more executive vp of the hill, john solomon. what a night to have you on. i'll tell you. first of all president is the classifying and giving bill bar powers so that suggest to me that he is saying to the nsa and cia and dni that i don't want fancy footwork here but you respond to william barr and you tell me. >> you are right on the money, judgment one other agency in there i think has been dragging its feet. fbi. judge jeanine: of course. >> i've heard a lot of tension going on between justice and fbi and if you listen to the great interview that fox news had gone last week with attorney general bar he said the answers i'm getting are inadequate and don't add up. judge jeanine: they don't hang together. >> it's remarkable to hear and
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attorney general say that about the people who are supposed to report him. he backed up his attorney general until the rest of the intelligence committee anyone in the intelligence community you better give the truth to this man or your insubordinate to my commands. very important moment and hopefully it will stop some of the game and ship going on behind the scenes to hide evidence. i broke the story couple the scope the state department memo no one in the oversight committee had been given that an fbi to that memo existed in the state farm and knew it existed but there's a game of keepaway had the president has called the bluff and now it's time to cooperate and get to the truth. judge jeanine: before i show you a chart that i created adam schiff says that while he got the tweet while trump walls the republic from learning the truth about his obstruction of justice trump inspired a weapon eyes law-enforcement classified information and the government has entered a new and dangerous phase. i will tell you talk about
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projecting. these guys what is your reaction to that? >> chairman of the intelligence committee and issued a statement shortly after the president ordered the declassification and empowered general to do this he said it's an unprecedented shifting of the day clarification power from the intelligence community to attorney general does not even understand the law. if the president's power to declassify, not some bureaucracy called the intelligence community does not even understand how the constitution drives or distributes power and so look at some of the things and the like minstrels and musicians because they send out to distract her attention when they're changing a stage act on an outdoor show. a lot of this is stage distractions which will come out. that's the truth. judge jeanine: let me tell you how i see the truth. let's put up this little chart. i call it coming for kobe. the way i see it so far rod
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rosenstein as the negative things about komi implicating him, john brennan, andrew mcca mccabe, james baker, top counsel for the fbi and loretto lynch, all of them would, if i were prosecuting the case i would have all of them testify against komi and komi it seems he was a lawyer and tried cases and u.s. attorney this guy has got to understand that what i have been saying for the last few weeks that the rats are jumping ship to or later they will point and him sooner or later he will point at manaus but komi seems to have the most enemies so far, what does that tell you? >> great job outlining the circular firing squad that's inside the fair secret. i think at the end of the day komi's best defense is i was clueless. that's the best will come away with this and if he's complicit as he is in big trouble and remember with the fisa court where i filed a motion last week
6:17 pm
to try to compel the release of information about this disciplinary action that ignorance is not a defense. you have to go to the court with the truth and can't make excuses when you don't do it. get to correct yourself and there is overwhelming evidence the fbi injustice permit misled the court failed to correct inaccuracies and i believe this coming week you will learn devastating information about how much the fbi knew about the lack of credibility of christopher steele before they went to that court and that will be traveling to james comey and his group of followers in the fbi. judge jeanine: what is interesting, john is that mccabe had the same problem. opportunity deputy director of the fbi and had an opportunity to correct stuff but did not. i think birds of a feather do flock together. until they start pointing at each other. john, so good to have you on. thank you so much. >> thank you. judge jeanine: busy week at the. deputy press secretary is next and has fascinating information. ♪
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♪ ♪. judge jeanine: president trump's battle to secure our southern border continues despite the
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democrats unwillingness to work at the administration. he was more white house deputy press secretary hogan joins us now. hogan, one of the things that we are learning is that there was a recent poll that said something like that either% of americans are tired of the congressional democrats investigating donald trump and then donald trump acted out this week basically said if you want to investigate there will not be any infrastructure, talk about what's going on in washington. >> look, this is an effort by the democrats like the russia collusion witchhunt hoax 2.0 and first of all, they accuse the president of colluding with a foreign power and of treason with no evidence, no proof and now they're coming out and saying he's engaged in a cover-up with no evidence and no proof and not one journalist has said hey, madam speaker, what is the evidence and also if you have this evidence why we have investigations but chose the
6:23 pm
evidence and let's get this thing going. judge jeanine: what is the cover-up? cover-up of what? >> it's open for the public at this do not have to be made public so that the american people could read it but the president wanted this information out there. it's an open book. in fact, even the little one tenth of 1% talking about the unredacted absolutely, the piece that is unredacted that the democrats can go see not one single democrat has availed themselves of that opportunity. judge jeanine: what is amazing is that they have not yet but want to complain. i want to talk about immigration, hogan. the president came out and said look, enough of the stuff what we want is merit-based immigration, not based on family, chain migration, visa lottery and hit the lottery and come here but we want something where people come here based on what they can do in this country and do for us and a family. i remember when i used to swear
6:24 pm
in newly naturalized citizens in happiest days of their lives. they worshiped the ground of america that they were naturalized to become citizens out. what is going on and why are we having so much struggle? >> right now it's random. if by chance that you get into this country. it's not set up to protect the american people were not set up to make america a better place to live and work but we have people draining our economy and the president said listen, we can agree on a couple of things. america's great we want immigrants into this country were not going to reduce the number but we want is to change the construct of the people who come here and base it on merit what they want to do in this country. people all across this globe who would benefit this country so greatly but can't get in because the system is clogged up in the democrats still will not lift a finger. i precede the fact that so many have found religion on the matter and know we have a crisis but they still have nothing to change it. judge jeanine: let's talk about
6:25 pm
the law that 1996 law that nobody talks about. >> shockingly, they have not talked about it much but this is a great move by the president. this law was put into place in 1996 and signed by bill clinton and basically says when an immigrant comes here they get an american citizen sponsor but that sponsor is responsible for the immigrant and if the immigrant goes on to a government program like welfare or takes money from medicaid that american funds are has to repay every dollar that that immigrant uses from the federal government. that has not been enforced in more than 20 years and this president is going to start enforcing it. judge jeanine: but -- okay, everyone who comes here legally get the visa that comes to this country if they go on any of the public services then there sponsor is responsible to pay for whether medicare, disabili disability.
6:26 pm
>> welfare, footsteps, correct. judge jeanine: so if that is the law how can we let 200,000 people in two months, and who i would bet my house don't have more than $20 in their pocket if they even have that. >> again, or back to the point which is democrats will secure the border and won't give us proper funding for screening at the border and obviously, are fighting us on the wall and were literally the process of building more than 120 miles of new, big, massive wall along the border and expect to have 450 miles complete by the end of next year but the media is reporting only 1.7 miles. judge jeanine: why is that? >> they don't want to admit the fact that this president is doing something. judge jeanine: can't you show pictures and say this is what we have done and why not give them the proof? >> it was funny because i was with the president and flew to california and went to calexico and a piece of wall was more than 2 miles. they still don't report it
6:27 pm
accurately. what he's doing on the border, barack obama spent two years diddling around this president done more in eight months and were building massive sections because he cares about protecting the american people and putting forth the resources. judge jeanine: i have an idea. how about i come to the border and will take pictures of the miles of the border, how is that? >> i love to do epidemic and people deserve to see were protecting them. judge jeanine: deal. hogan, thank you so much. >> absolutely. judge jeanine: mark levin takes a break from his new show enjoyed the next. he's really smart. don't miss it. ♪
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>> live from "america's news headquarters". police in france are on a manhunt right now searching for a suspect believed to have left a bomb in a suitcase outside a bakery in [inaudible] on friday.
6:32 pm
explosion left 13 people injured and suspect can be seen on security video leaving a bag in front of that business surely before the blast. most of the victims were tweeted for leg injuries. please are unsure of the motive behind the bombing but they they are treating it as a and attempted homicide. representatives of venezuela government and opposition will head to oslo, norway next week for mediated talks on resolving the nation's political crisis. venezuela has been in political turmoil since opposition leader declared himself interim president calling president niclas maduro's 2018 election a fraud. now back to "justice" with judge jeanine ♪ ♪ judge jeanine: collusion delusion is all the mainstream media they wanted to talk about for two years. they still can't stop talking
6:33 pm
about it. how many more fake narratives will be liberals make up about the present but let's ask my next guest new york times best selling author, host of life liberty and the been right here on fox news and radio host mark levin. author of the brand-new book on freedom of the press, mark, i have your book right here and i started reading it last night and have not finished it but it's interesting that the title of the book on freedom of the press. we talk about a free press isn't our press free anymore? >> well, no it is not. you have the last media press today which is not the same thing as freedom of the press. mass medium press today has a monopolistic ideology which has progressive in the back pocket of the democrat party or vice versa and is involved in social activism. think about this. can you think of a leak to "the new york times" and washington post that has ever helped the president of the united states? i can think of leaks to these newspapers that have helped nancy pelosi but can you think
6:34 pm
of a host or news host on cnn or msnbc whose right or center or i can't think of one and we can go down the list and there's a lot of reasons for this but this includes the fact that you got democrats who work for democrats who are now in the media that you have people coming out of journalism school believe in social activism so they are involved in social activism and reported. in terms of news what is objective news anymore? they debated but don't pursue it and this has changed since last 100 years when they believed they had to push an agenda. judge jeanine: let's talk about the fact there was a time in american history when newspapers were clear about their political allegiance to one party or the other and then we lost that and everyone said no, world objective. when was it that we went into what you and i and i think a lot of my viewers will agree was the mainstream media saying we hate donald trump so let's finish the guy? >> you are right.
6:35 pm
about 1780-1860 we had the party press where political parties had their papers and papers have their political party. at least they were honest. then it changed during the progressive era early on in the 1900s where they devoured our governmental system or economic system with this ideology including the media. then they claim to be objective and professional but what they meant is let's wash everything through the lenses of progressives. now we come to donald trump in the media have pretty much been in the closet about this and then pushing their left-wing agenda and pushing democrats and protecting democrat presidents who have abuse power and use the irs and fbi and they've done all kinds of things in the oval office but now comes donald trump. well, they were campaigning against donald trump and donald trump is running for president and running against the democrats, establishment republicans and the press.
6:36 pm
they can't believe that he won in the camp lead the american people rose up elected this man president of the united states. they never believed he should be president and we never had a peaceful transfer of power from barack obama to this president. they been trying to undermine him and remove him ever since. look at this russian collusion thing. of course there was no russian collusion people come up to me and say why doesn't the press apologize but they're involved and they're not going to apologize. senior level of the fbi has been leaking to the times and their part of the propaganda for the police state activities. judge jeanine: what will happen now that the president has indicated that he will declassify the information on the fisa warrant? >> judge, i have to laugh with the keep talking about how we want all the mueller report. they are 99.9% of the mueller report but they think there's a sentence they missed. they want all this stuff when the president says i will declassify these reports about russia oh my lord, you can't do
6:37 pm
that. can you imagine they'll undermine the fbi and do these things? i would say to the president continue to ignore the media they are not the press they are the modern media press and don't believe in freedom of the press and the american people care about this but this press is trying to take you out you work for the american people keep pressing on. judge jeanine: interesting thing, mark, i'm not so sure the press matters as much as it used to because people are now going to all kinds of sources for their news. mark levin, thank you so much. >> god bless you. judge jeanine: thank you. former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski is next. ♪
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♪ ♪. judge jeanine: democrat led cities are in dire straits. so says a new york times op-ed piece calling the attention to the unlivable condition and many american cities, including none other than san francisco nancy pelosi's hometown. former trump campaign manager, corey lewandowski, joins me with direction and much more. right, corey. there was an unbelievable op-ed piece and it's called america cities are unlivable and blame the wealthy liberals and in this
6:42 pm
article i found it stunning that did you know one out of every 11000 people in san francisco is a billionaire? one out of 11000 is a billionaire? it's like a -- cal 40 california is a poverty ridden streets. they have pcs and needles and homeless people sleeping on the street. are these people crazy or what's going on? >> judge, if you look across america in the 20 most dangerous cities in our country 19 of which have democrat mayors. look at new york city. look at chicago and san francisco this is a disgusting statistic. just last year the san francisco public works seemed 28000 phone calls for human feces in the streets. needles lying in the streets and this used to be a city that had culture and a place the people would want to go to and want to take your family there now you are free to go because needles
6:43 pm
line the streets and human acts went everywhere and you can't imagine judge what has happened to these cities because the democrats have not taken care of these people. look in new york city. 63000 homeless people live the there, diblasio was supposed to come in and build 90 homeless shelters but since he's been america's only built a dozen and the city of chicago, once great city, about 50% of its proper lesion in the last 60 years. they are now praising the fact that there's only been 540 murders this year in chicago which is a 10% drop in this time last year. american cities are falling apart. judge jeanine: corey, what is it about the democrat philosophy that seems to support the breaking down of the city and the crime and dirt and filth? how do you connect that to the democrats? >> because they have no response ability of taking care of
6:44 pm
individuals. when mayor giuliani was the mayor of new york city what did he crackdown on? graffiti, panhandlers, people washing the car windows into care of those people and get credit for it. now the democrats their answer has historic event give us more money, we know what to do with the money but don't know what to do. that is evidence when you travel to the bigger cities in our country it is shameful they have not done a better job because these individuals deserve better. some people there have mental health issues need to be taken care of but the big-city mayors forgotten them that's why more and more americans if you look over the last 50 years have left those big cities and gone to rural america. judge jeanine: it is interesting because when donald trump says what you have to lose to the inner cities a lot of those people, african-americans, have more jobs than they ever have in history of the country as well as hispanics and asians and at some point the everyday man woman has to understand the democrats aren't the answer to your economic problems and
6:45 pm
safety problems. now we've got joe biden running and joe biden he's now saying we have a says we have a full screen on that -- i know president trump likes to take credit for the economy and -- take it down. >> i know president trump likes to take credit for the economy [inaudible] [inaudible]. judge jeanine: when he started running i said to myself not a chance and he was with obama and the economy was in the tank but now he's standing up and saying president trump is benefiting from what barack and i did to the economy but what say you? >> judge, it's revisionist history. obama administration had a new normal one point to and 1.3%
6:46 pm
growth rate where joe biden actually said later on government has failed you and he is right but he served 36 years in the u.s. senate, eight years has a vice president of the united states and is the government and is everything that has been wrong and have failed the american people and you have to look at what the president has been able to do with historic low on appointment, more people working today than ever in history of the country because of the team like regulation because of the tax cuts and because the top told he's taking on our foreign friends and i use that term "-right-double-quote when it comes to trade. this president is bringing american jobs back in manufacturing is coming home. judge jeanine: you got it. corey lewandowski thank you. radio host and author dennis prager is next. don't go away. ♪ now there's scotts thick'r lawn 3-in-1 solution. with a soil improver!
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♪ ♪. judge jeanine: is the 2020 election heats up so does the debate over capitalism versus socialism. it's a frightening prospect for our country. according to a recent poll 42% of americans think socialism would be a good thing for the u.s. that is right. positive view of socialism.
6:51 pm
wow. let's ask mike next host of the dennis prager radio show and founder of dennis prager university and his best selling bible commentary in america the rational bible is now coming out in its latest volume and available everywhere. dennis prager, how was that? >> thank you. [laughter] judge, that was awesome. i tell you. i would hire you. judge jeanine: thanks, never know when i might need a job. [laughter] okay. listen, let's talk about socialism. what is 42% think it's great? my concern is this. i will let you talk but when you get socialism there is no way to extricate yourself from it so let's talk about why americans are interested in it.
6:52 pm
>> the problem with america is it's so successful people don't understand why because we don't teach them. the only thing and the emphasis is on the word only when there's only one economic system that has lifted humanity and i mean the bulk of humanity from poverty and that is capitalism. socialism creates no wealth and only capitalism is created wealth. poverty is the human norm so the only question intelligent people should ask is how has wealth ever been created? not why is there poverty? poverty is like air. it is there but the question is how do we create wealth? capitalism is the only answer but who learned that? who will teach that to kids in schools today given the indoctrination that has supplanted education in our schooling? that is number one. number two, socialism appeals to human nature and the reason is this and this is critical.
6:53 pm
liberty is not what people most yearn for. people most yearn to be taken care of. socialism promises what human nature wants most and we do no not -- we, collectively, i do but most human beings don't yearn for freedom but they yearn to be taken care of. that's a big problem. judge jeanine: but in the end when you have a person like bernie sanders who is, as i understand it, guy is a millionaire -- is he a millionaire? bernie sanders? >> yeah, to the best of our knowledge. what politician isn't? [laughter] what senator isn't a millionaire? judge jeanine: if they did not come in with one they will leave with one. >> exactly. judge jeanine: what makes them think socialism is good for other people? that these young people now in the millennial's living with their parents and not getting the jobs they wanted or for
6:54 pm
whatever reason are saying it is easier to not work so socialism, in their mind, something they will vote for but they are not that stupid to think that somebody will give up their wealth and they will have it and live happy forever. >> you be referring to sanders and other millionaires? they don't think that there. the question you just post what will happen next, that is a concern but the last never asks what are the consequences of my policies and they only ask does it sound morally good to hold that policy and does it increase my power because the left is addicted to power and want more and more government, conservatives want less and less so they want power but we don't want power. that's definitional to our doctors. they don't accept it it's a stage i thinking, the moment you ask what is the effect of
6:55 pm
raising the minimum wage you have become a conservative? judge jeanine: it's amazing as we go forward with think about it bernie sanders for said i'm a democrat socialist and everyone one gasped and here we are four years later and the state that school and young kids are saying that also. >> that's right. judge jeanine: and years ago -- >> and they don't know the consequences. the ignorance among the young generation, i can't play them, they were told they don't know -- i have a video of prager you why don't people hate communism as much is not the is which, by the way, youtube has put on the phyllis. judge jeanine: got to take it back before i lose you, got to take it back. we will have he wanted to talk about the rest. anyway, we'll be right back. these letters used to mean something. letters earned in backwoods,
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hurry in now to the jeep celebration event when didwhen i needed ton? jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. ...and got them back on track. get started at ♪ ♪. judge jeanine: finally, tonight if you have not preordered my new book you need to do that. anyway, thank you for watching. i'm jeanine. advocating for truth, justice and the american way. read gutfeld is next to see you next saturday night. i will be here, will you? ♪
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♪ >> i will be very calm because i don't want them going out to the press and saying i was anything but to call. i was extremely calm, but like i am right now, so calm and you also meet minutes later but i was at a news conference and externally called the narrative was i was screaming and ranting and raving and it was terrible what was my tone yesterday? >> very calm that was my attitude yesterday? >> [inaudible]. president trump: i'm an extremely, stable genius. [laughter] greg: he did not ask me but i think he's calm. [laughter] ♪


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