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tv   Modern Warriors A Memorial Day Special  FOX News  May 26, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the sacrifice of our fallen troops. troops. >> i know how it affected change in the country with my wife,
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kids and how important it is to have gone forward to do that for the red, white and blue. pete: these are modern warriors. thank you for joining us and welcome to bottom modern warriors. and pete and we got a great evening for you from the texas ranch of a man you all know well, navy seal, marcus littrell and his brother, morgan is here as well. thank you for hosting. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you for having us. pete: barely made it past the get gates but -- [inaudible conversations] we shall see. i noticed, chad, we went to fort benning together and in the same platoon and that is infantry
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officer basic core. >> we did but we just not have seen each other. pete: better of the duo. memorial day -- he knows stories. [laughter] >> i do. that's the problem with five memorial day is a special day that this group like all combat vets every day at some level is memorial day, remembering the guys who did not make it back will talk about what this day means as well as the biggest obstacles facing the vets, the enemy was fighting overseas and the threat at the border and touch on controversial topics as well as the state of the va, veterans benefits and about where we are with that in one particular topic something some war fighters are facing when it comes to coming home and being
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accused of war crimes. i want to start with this group there. all of you at some level, whether on the sky or in the ground have pulled triggers and made it tough calls. in the news have been cases recently about navy seal, green beret, first lieutenant who is in prison at leavenworth and the president has mentioned he may pardon one or a few of them coming up and it comes at the same time the american taliban, john walker, is being released in prison three years early and we could start anywhere we want but is not a result of rules of engagement were too restrictive for a long time or as a people at the pentagon second-guessing decisions? when you look at complicated cases what's your first thought? >> it's a little of all of that. we rotate our power every 48 years. people come and go but we have been still fighting this battle and the dad can talk to a son about the same thing. it's been almost 20 plus years where we've had this and it's real important -- this is part
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of our country but don't pass judgment until we have all the evidence and see what happens and then we render that verdict but because of how fast the news cycle is and because people like talking about it everything gets stressed out to us where back in the day we elected politicians to go to dc and do that and argue behind closed doors we do not have to deal with it out here. with eddie lockdown with no windows or -- when you came in your talking about that you said something i never heard before and said something i heard and was exaggerated of what we both talked about but when it comes to a man's life and especially with war putting our brothers and sisters in that reality anyway is tough to pass judgment you were there it's like writing a book about something you think happened and you were not even there. pete: what about the fact that we call these guys were criminals like they've not even had a trial yet, guilty until proven innocent in the court of public opinion.
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>> most how the people doing that have never been in combat in until you go over there and have to make a split second hard decision, me personally, you should not have a vote or say so because nobody -- we get around people at a bar and someone says someone shot me i do this but you've obviously never been shot at because you don't know what you would do. your training takes over and that tunnel vision kicks in and sometimes you don't remember things until a few days or a week later of what transpired because it's in the heat of battle. >> the experience is different for each person. they use words like war criminal. that's reserved for nazi prison camp guards and people in kosovo that murdered a bunch of people. that's were criminals. >> someone that in the heat of combat made a decision it's like police shootings you see why didn't they just shoot the guy in the late but to disarm him or why -- when you are in that
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moment and i'm not a ground guy but everyone i talk to when you are in that moment you can't judge until you are in that position. if the intention of someone i will go out and want to murder innocent civilians that's one thing but if it's a decision made in the heat of combat and if we start put american troops at risk if we think if they think every time they pulled the trigger or make a decision they could go to jail will have commanders not making decisions and it will be devastating. pete: in a couple cases it was a frustration with catch and release program. catch you guys can do csi at the battlefield right there you don't have enough evidence to keep them and in a couple cases they made took extra measures after the fact that are now being scrutinized and is that a big part of the frustration that
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they're letting these guys go? >> it's a dangerous game. we set a precedent of what the system is doing to these guys and labeling were criminals and have half the country goes all in it says there were controls that societal norms are shifted with social media and that's a dangerous game. each individual is completely different. >> i would urge everyone to not do that knee-jerk reaction and go all in because whether we like to believe it or not public perception rises to the level of our politicians and leaders which will weight down on the individual that's been accused in case in point with eddie, you never know. it's a dangerous game. >> i talked to guys like adam fighter pilot and aviators and they are like we are scared to shoot now. why? you are on the ground and calling in buyers and i need this location and i'm not got clearance yet. >> they can change daily, we can change with the new --
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[inaudible] if that word is not disseminated down appropriately and directly who is at fault? >> we need to drop back to the technology time zone and dissemination of the word across the street so dangerous to cross the street and get that word out before something happens and they are fighting on the old rules and guys going to boot camp and are in their and talking about judges and people who know lawyers and theologians who know -- that's what we have to turn into. where a police force that had to go over there and fight for a country that did not have a police force and chasing the game. we learn their name and then they wind up getting set loose and we catch them again. it just keeps going on and on. pete: tell me some of the rules you operated under, rules based on armies we fought in uniforms and also played by some set of rules or almost two decades of fighting an enemy that does not play by the rules at all and if
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anyone of you were captured and noticed more than anyone the price of your life automatically and brutally as possible, are we a moment where we should revisit whether the catch and release program based on how the values we have is the type of thing we can do if we want to win these words connect or does the way we handcuff herself drag out for decades because we don't fight it smack this war turned into on. towers came down from a president standing in the rubble with the flag flying in everyone, new yorkers from california to everyone was like yes, let's go. america has never had the will to stick with what needs to be done. fighting a war nothing pretty about it. if anyone comes and tells you they enjoy going to war, something is wrong. your heart and where your spirit is what takes you over there to do the job that has to be done. it's not because you like it.
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>> this will be a generational fight. it's not just a military response but also the seven, eight -year-old in refugee camps in that part of the area having hope it if they have all the never join al qaeda but if they don't have hope that's briefing ground for recruitment. they are now there's a military component at the moment but there will have to be a long-term component and comes from within islam rejecting us. >> have to identify that it's a holy war. plain and simple. that's exactly what that is when you know that it's the rules you need to follow by but we don't. pete: on the other side of the break will ask those questions are these endless wars and is i.c.e. is ultimately defeated and how long is this long war? will talk about the next, remember check out the extended version of this conversation over at fox nation. i can tell you i got a bit more candid even though we are here. if you are not signed up yet do it now because fox nation is going donating $5 to every new subscription this memorial day
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ambush the team. after an intense gunbattle that killed his teammates and failed rescue mission that led all 16 servicemen aboard his ship dead he was left as the lone survivor. welcome back to modern warriors on this memorial day weekend. they forget, great conversation, we talked about rules of engagement and about the long war and how long will it go on. you have the war in afghanistan and iraq in the resurgence of isis and the defeat devices but it feels like there's always another iteration. check, you study this closely are we a quarter of the way or halfway there or are we winning or losing where are we? >> we are winning. no doubt but currently the numbers are somewhere around 1000 on the eastern side of syria on the iraq border, 300 probably are fighters and the rest are women and children so
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they have been put on their heels but problem is no different from when the taliban and called a cease-fire. all that really is is back at the ball when we played and it's like i'm out of breath. what they are doing is recouping with ammo and food to bring the fight back again. you can't just stop and go okay they are done let's get out and move on because that's not how that works. pete: that's how it seems the mindset of the american people are, are we done yet? >> when they call timeout you can't say it's not, everything down but to resupply in québec and we are winning long as we keep doing that they will show back up because it's a holy war. i don't care what anyone calls it there but that's what they call it. we are going after them and you need to identify that. [inaudible conversations] >> my question is finished against two? we will not get on a battleship and sign a treaty.
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pete: iraq that there's been in the sports of their country but even so if the ideology of the thing we can overcome smack sure, anything can be overcome. it just takes talking. basically war is kicked off when the leaders run out of stuff to talk about. maybe now our generation has been fighting for so long and our kids have had to fight it as well when their generation comes maybe we can look at each other and say we've been killing each other for the song is still in the same spot so let's try something different. >> we talked about that earlier. from when the towers fell in 911 if someone went in and entered the military service post 911 within one year and half of retirement age at this point. think about that from the side of the extremists. their kids were born, they are now old enough to be fighting us. although our kids are affected by people serving the people we know those kids over there are
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brought up in it every day and can't get away from it. pete: army fighting the funding of madras is that religious schools fight poisoning these on kids and telling them jihadist way to go? >> it's deeper than ever if we negotiate with the taliban and it has to be from a position of strength it will never lose on the battlefield. if we negotiate with the taliban and it needs to be we are not going anywhere and if you want out and we want out to but it will be under condition of we are not leaving. if you show your leaving the field. something and be like cool, will sign a peace deal until you're gone and then you look back and say 18 years for what and when were over here i know with my kids i don't teach them hate to hate them all the time and i don't say will kill them and their bad people and need to be -- we don't do that to her children and that's a constant thing over them that we are indoctrinate our soldiers around 18 and before that it's movies and if you're in the military there's the tradition and the good stuff but what's the one
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thing we keep from our kids. >> bad stuff we do. >> because a lot of guys come back in the fact that we had to do and how far we took it when we did it. pete: when you look at hamas, hezbollah, these groups around israel for the kids are trained at the age of five, six to hate jews and christians that will take jerusalem and expel the crusaders, to your point, they use the linkage of holy war with the kids at the beginning and just to be candid we have taken god out of schools and institutions and don't speak that language. >> they don't live in a politically correct society and we do. everybody over here is to get a trophy. everyone here has we told you did really good. over there is more realistic. every day a mortar round missile can come in here so you got to know how to defend yourself. think about that when it comes to kids if they had to square off. the kids have been trained in comments and they were kids. when they grow up there trained
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in all of that regardless whether they go into it or not. hours are not but most families keep the kids as far away from that danger and bad things as humanly possible. if they did had to come face-to-face and could be a problem. >> with the hezbollah issue going after the president is drying up hezbollah. the funds are going away. i was in lebanon and they said hezbollah is losing funding and building the institution of lebanese government where there forces defeated isis in the valley is a asymmetrical way to push back in certain areas. pete: if you want more this conversation that you or download the app. the crisis at the southern border, these guys live here in texas and you want to hear what they have to say about the border, national security and what it means for our sovereignty as a country, don't miss it. we are here in texas and you know they have something to say about it. without the premium pre for a limited time only at your local sam's club
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♪ ♪ this is a fox news alert from "america's news headquarters". president trump just arriving at the imperial palace in tokyo right now. were watching live pictures from japan. he is becoming the first head of state to meet japan's newest emperor who has succeeded his father this month on may 1st. you're watching live pictures
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now of them reading the emperor and the emperor us. either tonight president trump will hold talks with japanese prime minister abe, part of a four-day trip to japan. trade in north korea are expected to be discussed with prime minister abe but the president has cautioned that serious trade negotiations with japan will wait until after parliamentary elections in july. two leaders will also hold a joint news conference at 1:00 a.m. eastern standard time, fox news channel will bring you live right here and once again for watching live pictures as president trump arrived at the imperial palace with first lady, melania trump, meeting with japan's new emperor. he has now began the new era is commanding peace and this is a big, historic moment not only for japan but for president
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trump and the united states and the continued to try to maintain their friendly relationship so let's watch here live together as they have this historic first meeting with the emperor and the emperor us. [background noises]
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[background noises] >> you are watching live from tokyo to the arrival ceremony of president trump and first lady melania trump. they are meeting with the newly ascended emperor there who just ascended to the throne this month. president trump becoming the first foreign leader to meet with the emperor and empress. watching the live ceremony right here. it just started a few moments ago when two couples met for the first time and this is now being called in japan there is an era,
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new era along with every new emperor in this era is called, i believe the, [inaudible] era which is to mean the commanding peace era. it is interesting because that's exactly what kind of relationship the united states and japan have had for the past several years and hope to maintain with this trip in the president will be the guest of honor at a banquet hosted by japan's new emperor and will be with prime minister abe once again he spent time with the prime minister, played a round of golf the other day, watched sumo wrestling with the prime minister and had dinner with first lady melania trump and the prime minister's wife. ♪
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♪ >> you are watching again by the pictures as president trump and first lady melania trump received a very welcome welcome and honorable welcome in tokyo, japan as they arrive at the imperial palace where meeting with japan's new emperor. this is a very special occasion for both countries, more coverage to come later on anything but now go back to regular programming already in progress. >> my husband has ptsd. >> i had never heard poster medic stress. >> i knew something was wrong mac my wife left her e-mail account open and i saw two e-mails to our pastor and said
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amputation of his left leg fleming used to strength and perseverance to redeploy five times after those injuries. become one of the few amputees to have ever redeployed to combat the new the fight. today he relays that message of resilience of a motivational speaker to groups across the country. welcome back to modern warriors the discussion continues in the commercial break at oxidation for more of this expanded conversation. today is the world they are people that confuse it and look to the vets and others when we should be remembering those who have fallen. we will get to that but it's afforded to judge olivier with guys who know about it here. i will be honest, i took heat for making comments that we've got left vets today at some level but disability ratings and conversations have gone higher and that in some places there are bad organizations and others encouraging guys matter what their combat service to get every disability claim and percentage rating they can. we are all for the guys who
5:39 pm
deserve and need it getting everything they deserve and need but is there an open secret that in some ways some guys that come back yet almost as an entitlement? >> nothing to do with the civilian population. what you got burned on it was you started talking about family business outside the family. all of us know who those people are. we know the guys would use it because they're the family but they've created this atmosphere when they can coach you and some of these guys have become a victim of being a victim. you know who they are. >> we fought this war for over 15 years and if you enter into the military you will exit with a disability. almost guaranteed to have poster medic stress, whether in boot camp or even if you did not deploy or if deployed to a combat area but were not in combat will have posttraumatic stress. you can almost bet your bottom
5:40 pm
dollar there's an understanding nowadays that's the case and it's a sad state. i was chatting with officials in dc the conversation came up and what the best way to address all these up text and poster medic stress and how will be combated as an i.c.e. and quit paying for it. they said how many problems will be create and we make the argument nowadays that every english you that you receive in the military is worth money after the fact when is a volunteer program and there's no more draft. you know were still fighting complex and we are at war and you will see nasty things and your body will be damaged, not if but when and that's why they find out. >> there are the kids individuals and i need this want to go to college don't expect the war but if i do and sign up they more than likely well and you need to understand but if you're not okay with that this probably is not the job for you. >> it is armed forces. does it right there.
5:41 pm
>> there is an absolute entitlement in the country these days that i deserve something. >> when i came back from guantánamo bay and i was there for year and had a guy out processing saying if you so much as stub your toe you should file a claim because you could get 10% for that or 20% for that. i think it creates an expectation that can create a victim mindset at some level and that is sums wrong for people to hear but as of that is our job to police that. >> prime example. i always try to spread support veteran owned businesses and i go in and i say your better note but what happened to you. he was the response. it was after work one day i got drunk and fell off the dues and and hit my head and i'm 100% disabled. i said is a guy standing here whose leg has been shot a few times and i saying you're getting more disability than i do and it was your fault and your decision to get drunk and fall off a truck.
5:42 pm
something is wrong with that. pete: can the real issues get tackled because -- >> yeah, eventually but the problem is the easy political solution is to write the check. then you go into campaign on helping veterans and we all want to help veterans. one of the greatest things you learned typically is the value of work and homework makes you feel like a better person. all along, you may not like mowing it but you feel a college but when you tell people don't work and let the government pay you are doing a major disservice to veterans and those who can end up going in finding a job and feeling like a productive member of society. pete: does not issue for phyllis of the purpose? >> that's why we joined up. that is why you join up. it's to fill the sense of purpose and it's frustrating for me because a lot of my wounds you can see so i'm pretty vocal when i see somebody that's abusing the system. i say that's wrong.
5:43 pm
like morgan said they look at you like i deserve it and i went into the military so they should give me something that they give you a paycheck. they probably changed your life for the better. take what the military taught you go out and do good with it. pete: the balance hub recognizing the real challenge of poster medic stress is either victimizing or stigmatizing. you don't want to make them say hey i don't have to work because i got this problem that i can't overcome and you don't want to stigmatize or overcome a stigma by guys be willing to come out and say i need help. >> it's a core value in the military. do the right thing. it's integrity. when no one is looking. do the right thing because at the end of the day you could essentially be screwing someone that really needs the help. >> that's what irritates us. there are guys who are not getting that and the paperwork is jammed up and we all suffered from it. you get beat up and just let
5:44 pm
deployment cycles where you job it but you signed up for that way of life and as you transition to the other one we fill that position with the new memories you are making the basing the cow is a separate essay for not doing something for something not getting done that will drive you crazy. it's possible just not do anything and relax. greatest part about this. it's reconditioning yourself to your new life and they get out the military and think they should go into the [inaudible] but that like the buses on coming in to run the country. >> if you're mad at what were saying right now you're probably a person that needs to look in the mirror. >> veterans inside the pa system or at the end of the world war ii, vietnam, korea in our generation has not entered the pa system because were not old enough it were not age were having problems but that wave when it crashes on the beach will scuttle the va but it's not prepared or set up. ba cannot get out of their own way. pete: is part of the answer to get the veterans to have their
5:45 pm
choice? >> absolutely be five i think winston churchill said americans do nothing right after they tried every thing else. next on modern warriors we talk about why we are really all here this evening. it is memorial day. as war fighters of the 911 generation we discussed what this day means to everyone sitting here on the sport and if you are enjoying the show check out fox nation, extended version, of the stock receive additional footage. go to fox nation .com or download the out. fox nation will get $5 to fold up on her. don't go anywhere. every curve, every innovation, every feeling. a product of mastery. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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♪ ♪. pete: navy seal morgan littrell deployed many times been intense combat. during a training exercise of the coast of virginia beach black hawk helicopter he was riding in crashed. he suffered dramatic medic and brain injuries. his experience seeking treatment for those injuries led him to get a graduate degree in cognitive neuroscience and a passion that continues today for helping veterans improve their quality of life. welcome back to modern warriors. let's get to the heart of this weekend for people.
5:50 pm
for civilians and others opportunity to recognize and teach the next generation of what real rice means. but for guys that have been there in the thick of it lost brothers what do you think about other day like today? >> i think of our generation and it's so small and we know each other and we? funerals are for the backend of your life and you go to more funerals than you do weddings but ours has been reversed. we have a lot to remember and a lot of us doing that we get together and celebrate them every day. that's the cool part but always something to come away and we do that for them but on this day it's cool because the whole country does it. >> i had a younger couple come to me for my tattoos and said want to wish you a happy memorial day and the young lady said we should have a happy and like absolutely. happy memorial day. they died doing exactly what they love it all my teammates
5:51 pm
went out kicking ass for country. they were not have changed a thing. we say the same thing but we just sit here celebrating their life. every day when i get in the shower, or look in my arms i remember every day. memorial day is different for me because not only did i witness that go down and lose some but i know how it affected change in the countries and with my wife and kids and how important it is to have gone forward to do that for the red, white and blue back i want to give a challenge to every patriotic american watching the show. please, go to the lake. please, have your barbecues. have a happy memorial day because there are many women they gave their life so you have the opportunity to do that. all i ask, my challenge, stop at some point in time and give those people thanks for paying the ultimate sacrifice. it did not dawn on me as much as
5:52 pm
it has this year for memorial day because couple weeks ago i was in arlington and walking through section 60 and started counting the headstones of the people i personally knew and got up to 33 headstones and i was like wow, okay. i never thought of it as deeply as that. pete: how would they want to be remembered? >> memorial day is giving the american people permission to throw a party in their name. look up a veteran who died and throw a party in their name. have the greatest time with your family and celebrate. pete: great idea, what, what. [inaudible conversations] >> we all signed up voluntary and new what we were getting into. have a party and to make this a somber occasion. play ac/dc, eat hot dogs and rock out and have a good time because -- [inaudible conversations] >> i'm going to throw a party in
5:53 pm
her honor like you can't even believe. they will be there and show up and guarantee. [laughter] pete: did you think about the fact that, i don't know, in both your cases, anyone's case, one expulsion, one more round, rpg explodes and it's not better veterans day but memorial day. >> i get a constant reminder because i was one of the first deputies to go back over. it's that teammate and camaraderie and missing the person to my right and left and still having the desire to go to that. yeah, every time i take a step it's like okay, this could end up like this on the side or worse. you don't think about that. think about the enemy like a terminator community. they will come back with better parts. that's the mindset that we have an fueled -- younger guys look
5:54 pm
up and say you went back after and i said yeah, that's what you do. it cost us. that's what i wished the american public could understand about the military because they can learn much. the person to your right and left you don't care what color they are or what church they go to what they look like but that the person that brings you home. there are no exclusionary boxes that says i will defend everyone except these people. no, you defend every american. that's what makes this country so great. on memorial day you know drink up, have the time and thank them. pete: do you think washington does enough to hold up the legacy of those in uniform? >> from my perspective, dc does a lot and that's what i love about this country is it does appreciate its warriors and appreciates it all in. we have a president that makes clear everyday his appreciation for the military and so yeah, be happy sad. pete: i like the idea that you
5:55 pm
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♪ ♪. pete: will come back. thank you, gentlemen. for your service, rice, thoughts and company marcus thank you for hosting us out here at the compound in texas. we keep this conversation going with an extended cut of modern warriors on fox nation. stuff we cannot say on tv. if you sign up tonight fox nation will donate $5 to folds of honor is a fantastic group to provide scholarships for the children and families of americans fallen and disabled servicemembers. thank you for joining us this evening, special memorial day, take time in your own way to honor those warriors who paid the ultimate price for our freedom and doesn't matter, big
6:00 pm
way, slowly, pass it to the next generation, collective memory of the price of freedom. may we all live worthy of that cost each and every day. god bless our great country, troops still starting right here at the moment so we can livery and i think the only thing to say is god bless, texas. thanks, guys. ♪. steve: good evening and welcome to the next revolution i misty tilton and this is the home of positive populism where coworker, profamily, pro- community. we bring you more for my confirmation conversation with president trump apart that we cannot squeeze into last week's show. if those of interview with wrestling entrepreneur. tonight i want to start with three letters that just about some up how i have been feeling. i know as i watched with increasing this belief this week the idiotic, infantile, irresponsible index of the democrats in washington and their lackeys in the establishment fake media.


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