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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 27, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> peace and security on the korean peninsula with the u.s.-japan alliance is steadfast and iron clad. heather: good morning to you, monday may 27th and this is "fox & friends first". happening right now at 4:00 a.m. here on the east coast fox news alert for you, breaking overnight, president trump joining forces with japan to curve crisis with north korea, what is on the agenda today as the forked prepares to make history?
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historic flooding. world war ii veteran giving national anthem performance that would make everyone proud an american on memorial day, "fox & friends first" starts right now. thank you so much for starting your memorial day with us. i'm heater childers, today, of course, we honor those who gave
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the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and we want to know what makes you proud to be an american, e-mail us our pictures or send them using facebook, twitter, instagram, however you want to do it, use the #proud america and would be le sharing them throughout the show. ♪ ♪ heather: we begin with the fox news alert for you, steadfast and iron clad, president trump reaffirming the alliance between the u.s. and japan as the leaders to have two countries wrap up some important meetings in tokyo. todd piro live in the studio. the two sides are committed to tackling the biggest issues facing the world today. >> that's right. news conference wrapped up about an hour ago how to deal with north korea. >> in pursuit of peace and security in the korean peninsula, the essence of our approach is peace through
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strength. and this is a strong alliance, indeed, the u.s.-japan alliance is steadfast and iron clad. >> that phrase one of the clear take aways from the meeting, president trump saying he was moved by japanese familyies impacted by abductions be the north korean regime. he supports shinzo abe and not bothered by recent short-range missile testing by north korea, japanese defense will sell japan the biggest fleet of, if 35 stealth fighters of any u.s. ally but security just one of many topics the president and abe discussed. >> the united states supports japan's efforts to improve its defense capabilities, we are currently negotiating a bilateral trade agreement that would benefit both of our
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economies. today i am pleased to confirm that prime minister abe and i have agreed to dramatically expand nation's cooperation in human space exploration. >> as for the trade specifics the two countries are set to be accelerating talks on u.s. tariffs while addressing the 70 billion-dollar trade surplus japan currently holds over the u.s. including investment by japan automakers in u.s. cities. all this coming after president trump became the first world leader to meet the new japanese em pes or since he ascended to the throne earlier this month. the president and emperor naruhito, butter up the u.s. not to impose the tariffs, we will see. heather: beautiful images, thank you so much.
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>> no problem. heather: powerful tornado leaves two people dead, storm touching down 4 minutes that's all it took, west of oklahoma city, this aerial video showing its path completely destroying a hotel and damaging a car dealership and take a look at before and after photos showing the same hotel just rubble in a few minutes. flooded expected in arkansas river, business owners laying down sandbags to protect stores, some people evacuating, much more coming up. rescued hiker who spent 17 days in hawaiian forest is home, amanda eller released from the hospital tapping off story of survival. >> just seeing the power of prayer and the power of love from everybody combined their efforts is incredible.
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it can move mountains. heather: fell in reconvene, survived from eating berries and drinking from waterfalls, helicopter spotted her and lifted her to safety. war fanatic, after he said that the country's recent missile test violated un resolutions, according to north korean state media, foreign ministry spokesperson giving up missile test would be giving up the right to defend. democrats questioning president trump's foreign policy decisions at every turn, the white house press secretary sarah sanders says for 8 years the obama administration did nothing to fix the north korea crisis or iran crisis.
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>> the president watched him and his administration with president obama fail for 8 years, he's come in in 2 and a half and cleaned up a lot of the messes that were left behind, we shouldn't be in the position that we are in to have to deal with north korea at the level we are if they had done their job in the first place and now seen moment after moment that the previous administration did nothing, they failed with iran, they failed with north korea, they failed on trade and we finally have a president that's being tough with these countries, we put tougher sanctions on north korea than the obama administration ever did, but at the same time the president wants to develop that relationship and he wants to actually get something done, he doesn't want to just talk in pretty rhetoric. heather: iraq offering to immediate between u.s. and iran as u.s. tensions school laid in the middle east, iranian minister did not respond to the offer but warn that the country would defend itself against any economic or military aggression.
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the offer coming days after president trump announced 1500 troops will deploy to the middle east to counter iranian threats and japan making that offer too. today vice president mike pence will honor troops for memorial day, heads in virginia for wreath laying ceremony where he's expected to speak. president trump and the first lady visited the cemetery on thursday to place flags at head stones before heading to japan. today he will make memorial day address to troops at uss wasp. supposed to be the final lap by thousands of bikers to honor soldiers missing in action but after more than 30 years rolling thunder was set to end sunday but new hope that the tradition will continue. the president weighs in, so he weighs in on a lot of things. >> yeah, that's true and to twitter. people love this ride, the president is vowing now to keep the memorial day tradition alive
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despite organizers concerns about the cost, rolling thunder began in 1988 with one mission to bring awareness to american soldiers who never came back home and are still missing in action. >> fought for the rights of all of us so we could live the way we do and our government has -- [inaudible] >> leave men and women behind after a war. >> here is a problem, after 3 decades they say the ride has become too expensive, last year's ride cost $200,000, the group declaring this year's ride would be the last. hundreds of thousands of people participated in sunday's ride. i was afraid it was the last one. >> we made it happen and hopefully we will do it again. >> hopefully they will. they might get to, on sunday the president promised the event will return tweeting in part, quote, the great patriots of
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rolling thunder will be coming back to washington, d.c. next year and hopefully many years to come. mueller says he's not sure how the president plans to keep this event alive, he's curious, he's joining live at 8:00 o'clock at this morning to talk about future of rolling thunder and that tweet. everybody wants to know. heather: at least the president is drawing to the attention that they're in trouble and needs help to continue. usually gets things done. >> you never know when there's attention, people might start to pitch in. heather: let's continue with that, it's worthy of continuing. thank you. >> sure. heather: time now 10 minutes after the top of the hour just in time for memorial day congress failed to deliver fix for gold-star families, our next guest's husband was killed an she has questions for lawmakers that you definitely want to
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hear. meet the world war ii vet roan bringing smiles to people's faces one grocery bag at a time. send us pictures of what makes you proud to be american today, world war ii veterans, before we bordered on honor flight a few years, honor flight, world war ii vets to washington, d.c. so they can see the world war ii memorial there. the year that it was unveiled, very special. photo of miguel zamarano showing him reenlisting into the navy back in 1984, thank you very much for your service, we appreciate it and please keep all the pictures coming in, we will continue to share them (danny) let me get this straight.
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after a long day of hard work... have to do more work? (vo) automatically sort your expenses and save over 40 hours a month. (danny) every day you're nearly fried to a crisp, professionally! (vo) you earned it, we're here to make sure you get it. quickbooks. backing you. heather: welcome back to "fox &
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friends first", 14 minutes after the top of the hour, you know gold-star families now getting caught up in the middle of the debate on capitol hill, families of fallen heros were unintentionally hit hard by the 2017 tax law when survivor benefits began getting taxed by up to 5 times the normal rate. that's when congress tried to fix it but the bill got paired with other congressional legislation, as it often happens in the house, here now to react gold star barbara allen. thank you so much for joining us and bringing to everyone's attention. >> i appreciate that you have are sharing story and it's important for us. heather: on memorial day thanks so much for your family's service and your husband, he was 34 year's old when he was killed? >> he deployed in memorial day 20205 so to see it's painfully weekend, the last time i saw him
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and he was killed 10 days later in iraq. heather: leaving behind 4 very young boys at the time. >> yeah, they were, 6, 5, 3 and 1-year-old and it was very, very difficult. heather: this issue obviously as survivor and talking about family benefits directly impacts you and your family. >> yes. heather: first of all, on screen we can bring this up for people at home so they can understand survivor benefit for children taxed up to 37%, the benefits as we told you were unknowingly treated as an estate or trust and taxes soared as much as 5 times this year. >> yes, a lot of families took a very big hit, depends on how your benefits are selected. it's a very complex issue. immediately after your husband is killed when you're still grieving i was literally suicidal when asked to sign paper that is were long-time commitment to an option that resulted in me and my children being eligible for this tax and,
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you know, typically every year i give back a month of the benefits for taxes. and this is a plan that our husband's paid into, paid life insurance policy. heather: next thing that happened in terms of tax relief act, it passed the house, benefits would be treated as earned income, it would be retroactive to 2018 taxes, but passed unanimously in the senate and passed by the house with retirement savings measure added and then the amended bill failed when it went back to the senate, nancy pelosi that added that? >> i was told yesterday that it was nancy pelosi that chose to add that, add to that bill that caused it to not pass again because, you know, to me underhanded. it's sort of using our families as ponds in personal war, you know, and it's upsetting, it's upsetting especially given the time of year, come on already.
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heather: what can can be done? this is going to outrage a lot of people honestly. >> it's very discouraging, so many people, widows especially who have been working for years to take care of one offset, one reduction in our benefits that's having severe impact on us and extremely unfair, broken contract with us and now here comes this one which as you said is is unintentional result and seemed that people were going to move with common sense, here come politics that get in the way and, yeah, some women that were hit with 7 or 8,000 unanticipated tax bill and single parent raising the children, that's a pretty big hit and it just -- heather: what would be the message to the politicians and legislators like nancy pelosi who as you said
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leaves the families and people like you feeling like ponds? >> it would be nice, you know, if we could remind them that these are real people's lives that they are playing with. my husband and so many others served with literally with everything they had, they served our country, they served her, it would be nice if she could serve news the same way and put her, you know, he lost his life to service, what she can do is lose ego. heather: nicely said, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it and we appreciate your sacrifice, thank you so mu. he served our country in world war ii but he's not done serving his community. >> why don't you take breaks? >> i don't want to take a break. i never take a break. it's useless. >> do you think working helps you live longer? >> yes, ma'am.
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going for 100. heather: going to 100, veteran still bagging groceries at his local store up next.
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veteran bennie facido heads to stop and shop grocery every tuesday and thursday and he's become a local celebrity for quick wits and kindness to every single customer. watch this. >> i was a good-looking guy at one time. want these in a bag? >> thank you so much, sir. >> you're welcome. >> take care. be well. >> like wise. >> you're 97 year's old, why do you still work? >> because i enjoy work. i enjoy getting up in the morning. >> do you think working helps you live longer? >> yes, ma'am. i'm going for 100. >> great outlook on things, he loves his job, he loves talking with people, he's a joy to have around. >> nonstop, she doesn't want to stop, he just wants to do his
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job and make everybody happy. >> why don't you take breaks? >> well, i don't want to take a break, i never take a break. i never do. >> why? >> because it's useless. take a break and then come back and work. >> wow, that's you? >> yeah. >> you look like a famous movie star. can you tell me anything about world war ii? >> dangerous, very dangerous. >> did you think you'd make it home? >> no. >> never saw it again? >> never saw it again. >> world war ii vet, so was my dad. >> yeah. >> let me tell you something rough character. [laughter] >> you're a veteran? >> i think i am.
1:26 am
>> korea or vietnam. >> glad you made it home okay. >> you made it home too. >> we both paid it. >> a lot of boys that never came back. >> that's what memorial day is for. >> the men, the men that never came back. >> you're a nice guy. >> no, no. >> you are. i know your secret. >> you don't know my secrets. nice to be with everybody, i don't think how you look, who you are, treat them all alike because the lord says i'm in charge. >> what advice would you give young people today? >> work if you want to work, work as long as you do your job. that's what i do. for that's what he does, officially retired in 1980's but says he has no plans to stop
1:27 am
working any time soon. you heard him say he will make it till 100, i think he will make it past then. he was drafted on a b25 mitchell bomber in army air force as gunner way back then. he was also a barber before he entered the service and took tools and talents with him, look what he did? carved out victory there. we certainly thank you for your service, it was great spending the day with him, bernie, thank you very much. well, the time now is about 27 minutes after the top of the hour, professor, nyu teacher who just got an f for spreading fake news and wait until you hear how he tried to defend himself and then during disaster flooding in oklahoma, rescue group goes above and beyond to save stars and stripes. carley shimkus with more. we are sharing american pictures, this is bernice showing her father in 1944
1:28 am
serving during world war ii and this is barbara showing her uncle charles and then here is this incredible photo shared by larry showing 4 generations of military service, past and present. thank you to all
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there is wisdom in how nature protects and it inspired an all-new toothpaste from burt's bees®. it fights cavities and freshens breath. made with ingredients you can trust. for a smile that's a true force of nature. new burt's bees® toothpaste. heather: welcome back, you're watch watching "fox & friends first". clean-up getting underway today after powerful tornadoes leave two people dead, tornadoes touching down in just 4 minutes, el rino, damaging a car dealership as well. today historic flooding is expected on arkansas river.
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some people already evacuating. president trump wrapping up meetings with japanese prime minister shinzo abe overnight and the two work to go solve key issues like north korea, irand and trade. president trump can soon pardon troops accused of war crimes but presidential hopeful and afghanistan veteran pete buttigieg says that it would slander against our -- or would be slander. live from washington with more on who could be pardoned and when, good morning, ray. >> we will be watching the white house close today if pardons are announced. black water security contractor found guilty of killing unarmed
1:33 am
civilians and marines accused of urinating on taliban fighters. president trump said friday he has not made a decision and admitted it is controversial. >> we teach them how to be great fighters and sometimes when they fight they get treated unfairly, it's very possible that i will let the trials go on and i will make my decisions after the trial. democratic presidential candidate blake berman who served in afghanistan is highly critical of alleged war crimes. >> for a president who has never served and overrule the military justice undermine foundations legal and moral of this country. >> here is a look at president trump's pardons, they include
1:34 am
former maricopa joe arpaio guilty of contempt of court and anesh douza, the president is in japan but previous pardons have been announced through the white house press office so we will be watching closely and keep you updated, heather. heather: all right, ray, thank you so much, we appreciate you joining us so early this morning . but in the meantime we have the story nyu professor facing backlash on twitter for posting fake quote from president trump and kim jong un. carley shimkus 24/7, siriusxm 115 on how he tried to defend himself. it spread from there. >> an example of why you can't always believe what you see on the internet.
1:35 am
now-deleted tweet nyu professor ian gremmer attributed the quote to kim jong smarter, politiciang about it including california congressman ted lou and people started questioning the quote and bremmer admitted to making the whole thing. this is objectively and completely ludicrous quote and kind of plausible especially on twitter where people automatically support whatever political position they have that's the point. that tweet has also been deleted . generating noise, sheet mentality, no fact-checks, just retweets and then deletes, a lot
1:36 am
of blind retweeting going on these days on both sides. his profile says he's nyu professor, you would think that he would only be treating something factual which is why so many people retweeted his quote. ultimately not fair to the president. heather: you would think. let's talk about something important this memorial day, this is important every day, but what's amazing images of rescue group trying to save the american flag. >> from rising flood waters in oklahoma, we just heard central united states is just getting ravaged by tornadoes and flooding but that photo is going viral online. taken by marine corps veteran bow many on social media praising the image, as a veteran it makes us proud for people being patriotic and respectful to the flag. another instagram user says it's what makes america great. heather: another thing that makes america great, veterans.
1:37 am
>> you did such a good job, bagging the groceries, but one day before memorial day a 96-year-old world war ii veteran performed the national anthem at the women's national soccer match and he did so on his harmonica, watch this. ♪ ♪ carley: he's also known as harmonica pete and we thank for his service. heather: 96 year's old but he still has lungs on him. >> that's right. heather: thank you so much, carley. the time now 20 minutes until the top of the hour and president trump calling for an expedited appeal after obama-appointed judge blocks construction of the border wall.
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is judicial activism fueling the border crisis? we will debate up next. (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation?
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(danny) of course you don't because you didn't! your job isn't doing hard work...'s making them do hard work... ...and getting paid for it. (vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. quickbooks. backing you. heather: welcome back president trump calling for expedited appeal after yet another judge halts his border agenda in the courts. we are also learning that the same judge also donated over $20,000 to former president obama's campaign before being appointed. so is the left constant judge shopping turning the border crisis into a constitutional crisis, their debate it republican strategist peter and former consultant for the department of homeland mustafa, thank you for joining us on memorial day, we appreciate it. >> great to be with you. >> so as we begin our discussion let's take a look at the donations specifically involving the judge whose name is haywood
1:42 am
gilliam. $20,000 for barack obama campaign, 4500 for the democratic national committee and about 3100 for burlington llp pac, pac that supports candidates from both parties, contributions total around $29,000, so we will start with you, peter, in terms of what we are calling judicial activism, is this appropriate? >> well, it's entirely inappropriate, remember this isn't the only thing that's happened this week, there's been 3 obama appointed judges who also donated to the obama campaign who have now ruled against the trump administration this week. at the end of the day clear-cut constitutional issues like the judge said, why are these democrats filing cases in places like oakland, like new york, like washington, d.c.? it's not by accident, it's because they have no agenda in
1:43 am
2020, they have to do everything they can to shut down the president and this is what they are going to do. heather: mustafa is this a way to delay border wall? >> i find it ironic we are talking about president taking money meant for congress for army personnel and moving to border wall that méxico is supposed to pay for. butting that aside for a minute, look, the president should have learned this in third grade and we all did which is the power of the purse is with the congress and very clear separation of powers, congress appropriates the money to go to army personnel and the president wants to use it for something else. this is the presidency not the imperial presidency of donald trump and we all have to live under the constitution and president trump is going to need to learn that. heather: peter, what's your answer to that because that's the argument coming from the democratic side that he doesn't have the right to move this money over, who -- >> that's the constitutional argument.
1:44 am
not democratic argument. it's the constitutional argument. >> i think the left -- the left likes to selectively adopt the term constitutional argument, look, in 2007 you had nancy pelosi share a washington post article on her speaker's website basically saying that half of bush's judges were unqualified because they're supposed political connections and now we have another clear constitutional case supposedly according to judge haywood gilliam. at the end of the day, you can cry constitutional foul all you want but if you haven't stood for constitutional principles at all in your politician, why are you coming on here talking about constitution. heather: mustafa, judge shopping around the country to see where they can find a job that will stop something in the process. >> that's a talking point by the trump administration. this is a clear-cut case, the judge wrote a lengthy on what
1:45 am
the law is, you won't have scholars about the case, the trump administration is losing in the courts because it only has political argument and not legal argument and the 3 branches of government that we are under the constitution have to be respected and the president trump and his supporters have to come to the conclusion that we live in the united states of america where we have a constitution and no man is above the law including the president of the united states. heather: all right, well, thank you both for joining us, we appreciate it, as we said, at the beginning the president has asked for expedited appeal, peter, we lost his shot there but thank him as well, mustafa, we appreciate it. have a good day. the time now 15 minutes until the top of the hour and she is 102 year's old and her landlord just abruptly told her to find a new home. but now she's getting some help
1:46 am
from arnold schwarzenegger and many on the left, patriotism being bad or hateful thing but on memorial day we talk about how every american should be a proud american. and more of your proud american pictures, here is a photo of carl johnson who landed on the beaches of normandy and then here is robert kenneth campbell who served in world war ii and then here is a photo of randy showing 97-year-old father who served on the uss arizona, thank you to all of those men and women who serve and to their families
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first" on memorial day, democrats attacking america's past causing greatness into doubt. >> the past that he is promising to return us to was never as great as advertised. >> exactly when did you think america was great? >> we will not make america great again, it was never that great. >> well we are here to weigh in on what why every american should be a proud mean. thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> it's my pleasure to be with you. heather: when you hear things said like that by our country leaders, you know, america was never that great, what do you think? >> well, it's regrettable that people would politicize memorial day, that ought to be a day that brings us together and i hope that the people who are mouthing these kinds of sentiments will think about what they're doing
1:51 am
and how destructive it is and how hurtful to so many people who have given so much for this country, not just among the living but the dead. and that's what those are the ones we remember today. heather: yeah, specifically when it comes to our sacrifices, what are some of the things that come to mind? >> well, of course, our wars, our many wars from -- from the revolutionary war on and those who -- who gave the ultimate in the pursuit of those wars. and our national memories are bound up in those things. a place like arlington national cemetery or gettysburg battlefield, they are sacred because of sacrifices. heather: we spoke with gold-star
1:52 am
wife, i had the opportunity -- >> wonderful. heather: world war ii veteran who is still out there every day doing his thing. it's amazing to me, we are taking a look at images at arlington cemetery that somehow patriotism has become a bad word. >> this is hard for me to understand because patriotism is a natural thing, it's natural to have affection, a biding affection for what is your own and it's natural to want to remember and preserve your associations with others. this is natural to love your parents, it's natural to love your spouse, your -- your kin, naturalness of patriotism ought to be obvious. that doesn't mean ta patriotism is a strictly a visceral thing. we need to rise above visceral patriotism, we need to be critical of our country.
1:53 am
that's the way that we improve, that's the way that we live up to our ideals. heather: right. that's part of what it means to live in america, be an american, you can't disagree with each other when it comes to issues, you knowinger politically, you can have different viewpoints but at the end of the day, we are all american. >> absolutely. and i think that's one of the elements in the people complaining about support our troops and being sort of road slogan, i think there's something healthy in that, understanding that there are people who live their lives for the sake of the country and that whatever arguments we have with one another about policy should stop at the edge of that -- of that commitment, of that memory, those sacrifices. heather: yeah, spend some time with gold-star families or spend time with some of the world war ii veterans might change your mind. thank you so much, we appreciate your joining us wilfred.
1:54 am
>> thank you, great to be here. heather: time now 8 minutes until the top of the hour, he committed the same crime jussie smollett is accused of so why does chicago businessman now have a criminal record while the actor walks scot-free? double standard being called out and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger hopefully kelly clarkson is living by her own words after taking a big tumble on stage. can't see what it is
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what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star.
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heather: we are learning some more how jussie smollett got off in chicago, elderly businessman was arrested and charged with similar crimes but held to completely different standard, pleading guilty for filing false police report after claiming he was carjacked in 2018, admitted guilt to prevent an investigation but still has criminal record, charges were dropped against jussie smollett after he claimed he was beat up in hate crime. actor refused to accept responsibility despite costing the cities $30,000. and arnold schwarzenegger steps in to help woman being evicted from her home. imagine doing to 102-year-old woman who gave back to the community her whole life. heartless, thelmai will be reaching out for help, landlords
1:59 am
you will hear from me to. smith has very few living family members to help her find a new home, horrible. time for the good, the bad and the ugly, first the good, j.j. watt popping the question, professional soccer player, luckiest man in the world, #she said yes. congratulations. now the bad kelly clarkson tripping on her way of singing national anthem, the singer able to recover, though, best part of my day revealing the people that might not know how utterly cool i am. and finally the ugly, fight breaks out between two minor league baseball teams and tim tebow to break it all up, playing peace maker following bench-clearing brawl in -- "fox
2:00 am
& friends first" continues right now, have a great one, see you later. >> pursuit of peace and security on the korean peninsula with the u.s.-japan alliance is steadfast and iron clad. rob: monday may 27th and fox news alert overnight the president reaffirming partnership between the united states and japan as he rounds out his state visit to tokyo. >> trade and security threats remain at the top of the agenda, we are live with what you missed while you were asleep. plus a dishonorable act on weekend meant to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. rob: search for the vandal who is trashed an american legion. and also rolling thunder roars through washington, d.c. and what was supposed to be their final ride. >> how the president is stepping up to make sure their wheels keep on rolling, "fox & friends first" rolls on right now.


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