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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 27, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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below devin's nose where you can go to help out. >> arthel: enjoy the rest of your memorial day holiday and thank you and thank all of you for being such great heros. >> leland: trace is in for shep next. >> on this memorial day, americans are creating a new tribute to thousands of our fallen heros. >> i have 99 friends on that boat that got lost. so emotional. it's a wonderful thing that we did today here. >> and helping the wounded warriors that make it home. face new challenges. we'll talk to a veteran that lost both his legs and the sport that helped him with his recovery. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. that's ahead this hour. we begin with a fox weather alert. a powerful tornado tearing through oklahoma killing two people. it happened in el reno just outside of oklahoma city.
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forecasters say it was an ef-3 tornado with winds up to 165 miles per hour. in just four minutes, it wiped out a motel and mobile home park. on top of that, people that live along the arkansas river are facing historic flooding. the national weather service calling it a dangerous and life threatening situation. the river expected to rise more in coming days. a national guard helicopter crew had to rescue two army corps engineers near fort smith, arkansas. they got stranded while checking out a dam. matt finn is in arkansas. first to jeff paul in el reno, oklahoma. jeff? >> yeah, trace, first it was flooding. now they're dealing with damages from a devastating tornado, an ef-3 as you see over here. a big sign standing up. it came crashing down, smashing
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these pickup trucks. and this tornado nearly took off the entire second floor of this hotel. and beyond that is a mobile home park where two people were killed in this strong tornado. we heard from some of the folks that lived through the storm. they say it happened quick. they didn't have any time. take a look how one person describes this scene. >> i was in a chair. i fell back in it. when we got up, the whole house overturned. >> no way to get out. we had to punch a hole in the wall for our neighbor to get us out. >> as much as we showed the devastation, it's important to point out how fast this community is trying to get back on its feet, a few hours later, the power line was down. you can see it's back up. they have cars back up, running here in the street. again though, it's going to take some time for some of these folks in this community to get back on their feet, a very
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strong community at that, trace. >> yeah, the wreckage behind you is astonishing. the governor was there to see the damage as well, right? >> yeah, the governor was here a few hours ago. he said it was important for him to see it up close. he said the images from tv just don't do it justice. when he got here, he brought his daughter-in-law along so she could see what some of these storms can do to the communities out here in oklahoma. he said the community will lean on each other and will be back on their feet before they know it. during his visit, that's where the two people were killed. he also got a phone call from the president. we caught up with him and asked him how that conversation went. take a listen. >> means a lot that our president is calling. he said he, you know, his thoughts and prayers are with oklahoma. let him know if we need anything. >> now, all 77 counties in
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oklahoma are under a state of emergency. they're expecting more possible flooding in the coming days. trace? >> we're going to talk about that as well, jeff paul live for us in el reno, oklahoma. thanks. continuing our team fox coverage. the arkansas river blasting past flooding records setback in 1945. in one area, it's more than 17 feet past flood stage and still rising. matt finn reporting live from fort smith, which is along the river and on the border with oklahoma. matt? >> yeah, trace. in the northwestern part of the state. you can see here, the raging arkansas river has already flooded many areas here. this farm already taking on a lot of water and farm equipment under water. then to my left here, there is a flood gate that has a minor leak in it. we're told this is not a critical situation but it's obviously a very major concern here. this is leaking a decent amount of water. this is all expected to crest at
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42 1/2 feet in this area, an all-time high. downstream from here where this water is headed near russellville, the army corps says 10,000 bags have been stacked at this hour. the national weather service is warning right now, this will likely be widespread damage with impacts to life and property. >> it's scary. you always here that it's coming, and you don't think it's that bad. but when you see it yourself, it's night and day. it's scary. >> local police say it's a risk management scenario where authorities are forced to flood certain areas to relieve pressure on failing levees. the national guard, the army corps of engineers telling fox news right now this will be historic, unprecedented flooding
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along the arkansas river with all of this flood water expected to make its way town to the capital city of little rock by the end of the week, trace. >> trace: wow. the flooding across the midwest is getting worse, matt. >> yes. we're receiving word there's a mandatory evacuation in coffeeville, kansas. in tulsa, oklahoma, authorities are warning of a dangerous situation along the arkansas river there. the army corps of engineers is increasing the amount of water being released from levee there's, trace. >> trace: thanks, matt finn. live on the ground. the dangerous weather showing no signs of letting up. let's bring in brittany bowyer with the forecast. brittany? >> trace, you're right about that. it's rinse and repeat with the forecast. we've had tornadoes every day since may 16. look at this. already this afternoon, things are getting active here in minnesota and iowa. just looking at some of the
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reports in northern iowa. already reporting a tornado here. law enforcement says they're conducting searches from door-to-door due to the destruction from that tornado. we're under a tornado watch box area here until 9:00 central time tonight. chicago also south bend indiana, champaign, eastern peoria, looking at the threat of intense tornadoes and damaging winds. upwards of 70 miles per hour and hail around two inches in diameter. so here's what we got. clearly rain not helping the situation. we have severe thunderstorms rolling to the chicago metro right now. couple of tornado warnings into southeastern iowa. so this is our threat zone for today. we talked about the midwest. also look at problems back towards the rockies here in colorado, off to nebraska and down to kansas where the storm
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prediction center anticipates putting a tornado watch out here. as we have been mentioning, rinse and repeat. from may 16 until today, already 135 confirmed tornadoes across the country and tragically, there's been lives lost with that. as we continue into today, trace and tuesday and then into wednesday, we can't let our guard down with this southwest. on top of the severe weather threat, you have to watch out for that flooding. we can see an additional eight inches of rain through wednesday, trace. >> just a ton of bad weather. brittany bowyer, thank you. president trump playing down concerns about north korea and saying he agrees with the country's dictator about joe biden. we'll take you to tokyo next. later this hour, prosecutors plan to go after johnson & johnson over the opioid epidemic. [ "done melody" plays ] ♪
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>> trace: president trump taking off from tokyo after meeting with the prime minister and the new emperor. the president making plenty of news from everything on trade to the threat from north korea. john roberts reporting live in what is now early morning in tokyo. john? >> trace, good morning to you. dawn is just breaking here in tokyo. the president will be heading home after a couple more events today. we'll tell you about it. the three big items on the agenda in his bilateral meetings were trade and north korea. a real split on how the president use the short range missiles and shinzo abe and john bolton see the launches. bolton and abe say they're a clear violation of the u.n. security council resolutions.
12:14 pm
president trump is playing down the launches in a tweet and saying they're "small weapons". here's what he said in a news conference this morning in new york time. >> my people think it could have been a violation, as you know. i view it differently. perhaps he wants to get attention. perhaps not. who knows. it doesn't matter. all i know is that there's been no nuclear tests, no ballistic missiles going out no, long range missiles. i think that some day we'll have a deal. i'm not in a rush. tremendous sanctions being on the country of north korea. >> the president is positive that he can get a new trade deal with japan, likely not until august. japan has some elections coming up in july that shinzo abe is
12:15 pm
hoping will strengthen his position and ability to make a deal with the united states. the threat of tariffs on japanese cars really has caught abe's attention. the president optimistic that his tactic of tariffs on chinese goods will yield a new trade relationship with china as well. listen here. >> they want to make a deal. they probably wish they made the deal before they tried to renegotiate it. they would like to make a deal. we're not ready to make a deal. we're taking in tens of billions in tariffs. that number could go up very substantially very easily. i think some time in the future, china and the united states will absolutely have a great trade deal. >> the president will get a chance to talk to xi jinping here in person in japan at the end of next month when the two meet at the g-20 in osaka.
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>> trace: tell us about the president bashing former vice president, joe biden. >> this started march the 19th when the president tweeted and called him just another low i.q. individual. that language was mirrored by kim jong-un. in a tweet over the weekend, president trump quoted that tweet. at the press conference this morning, president trump was asked by a reuter's reporter, jeff mason, whether he was siding with a brutal dictator over a former u.s. vice president. listen to his answer here. >> kim jong-un made a statement that joe biden is a low i.q. individual. he probably is based on his record. i think i agree with him on that. joe biden was a disaster. his administration with president obama, they were basically a disaster when it came to so many things. whether it was economy, military, defend. no matter what it was, they had a lot of problems.
12:17 pm
so i'm not a fan. >> clearly we'll hear more from joe biden as the 2020 election unwinds. the sun is coming up on the president's agenda. he and the first lady will drop by the imperial palace to say good-bye to the emperor. and the president will take a helicopter to the u.s.s. wasp is berthed. the president will meet the crew and he will conduct memorial day ceremony. it is tuesday in japan. it's not memorial day anymore. but it still will be in time to finish out memorial day in the united states. trace? >> trace: john roberts, same travels. thank you. johnson & johnson is known for selling band aids and skin creams. but now they're partly to blame
12:18 pm
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>> trace: witnesses now talking about the moment a shark attacked a man off the coast of hawaii and killed him. the victim was swimming about 60 yards off of the beach in maui when the sharp attacked. one woman told reporters that
12:23 pm
the shark ripped off the guy's left leg below the knee and tore skin from his wrist. >> he looked unconscious when they transferred him. we can see they were trying to do cpr on him. >> the tv stations in northern california report the man was a retired optometrist. he was 65 years old. johnson & johnson is known for their family-friendly image and selling things like baby shampoo. lawyers for oklahoma are about to argue the company is to blame for the state's opioid crisis. the trial set to kickoff tomorrow. it's the first big test of whether states can hold drug makers accountable for the drug epidemic. they are arguing that johnson & johnson targeted children to increase the demand for opioids. but j&j said there's no evidence that their marketing practices led to my opioid related deaths. the company argues that they took steps to help young people
12:24 pm
understand opioid risks. other drug makers have settled their cases in oklahoma,most recently teva pharmaceuticals settled for $85 million without admitting my wrong doing. we have an attorney here that practicing civil litigation in state and federal courts. we talk about 2,000 cases here, this is the precedent setting case. what happens here here will decide what happens down the road. >> this is the first case going to trial where a state is trying to hold a company liable for the epidemic. that's why the world is watching. what happens, what the judge does in this case will frame, will shape what happens to 2,000 other cases moving forward. >> trace: you talked about this being a public nuisance lawsuit. >> so interesting, right? we expect this to be a products liability case. the state is moving under a public nuisance theory of liability, which applies to
12:25 pm
public dangers a business is playing music too loud or dumping waste into the ocean, this is a precedent sending case. >> trace: this is what johnson & johnson's attorneys are saying. they say -- >> trace: so kind of what you're saying there, the argument is well-based. >> the defense is saying you can't extend this doctrine to hold a pharmaceutical liable, this is a bench trial, not a jury trail. >> trace: fascinating. no jury here. >> it is the state that asked for a bench trial. the defense wanted a jury. usually it's the other way around. the state wants a jury because judges are more conservative in awarding damages that is so significant in this case. >> trace: we talked about this earlier. they're accusing johnson & johnson of targeting children.
12:26 pm
the wider point here, oklahoma for years has been pushing this advertising these things and making sure that it was widespread and whatever pain you have they give you a opioid. >> that goes to the point of causation. first they're saying we didn't conduct this type of deceptive advertising. we complied with the fda. even if we did, how do you prove that our advertising killed a particular child or children? it's hard for the state to prove. >> trace: so 2,000 cases. how many settle? >> it depends on what the judge does. that's why this is so huge. if the judge awards a significant amount of damages to the state, likely the other cases will settle. if there's no verdict for the state, the d look, we'll take our chances to trial. there's no precedent holding that we'll be held liable for monetary damages on a public nuisance theory of liability for the opioid epidemic. fascinating. >> trace: it is.
12:27 pm
good to see you. >> thank you. >> trace: strange objects shooting through the skies at speeds that should be impossible. ahead, a new report on ufos that navy pilots said they have seen and the evidence that they have that could prove it. first, one light in the sky that scientists can explain. this video comes from australia. nasa calls it a fireball. one nasa scientist says he thinks this meet i don't remember was about the size of the car but the space agency said it exploded with the force of a small nuclear weapons. we're coming back. ♪ limu emu & doug
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"burger! i want a sugar cookie! i want a bucket of chicken! i want....." "it's the easiest, because it's the cheesiest" kraft. for the win win. >> trace: no human crew could be
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capable of doing. our national security correspondent jennifer griffin reporting live at the pentagon. jennifer? >> trace, you'll remember last month we reported on how the navy was establishing new guidelines for how their pilots report unidentified flying objects or ufos. doing so in the past was considered a career ender. now we're learning more about why that was necessary. this video was provided by the u.s. department of defense and shows the events that navy f-18 hornet pilots practicing before a deployment to the middle east in 2014 and 15 saw repeatedly on their radar, a spinning top that a peed to speed up and slow down, defy gravity and accelerate to hypersonic speeds. this video was taken in a practice mission near jacksonville, florida. the pilots later deployed to the middle east on board the u.s.s. theodore roosevelt. they took part in flight operations targeting isis. when they deployed to the middle
12:33 pm
east, they stopped seeing them. enough pilots were alarmed by the identified objects fearing they could cause a collision that the navy feels like they could study. trace? >> trace: any word on what these objects might be? >> it's notable that the incidents began after the navy installed a new radar system, an upgrade from 80s era radar. system experts have said the phenomena could be linked to a big in the radar that makes them appear on screen. others have suggested they could be enemy spy drones. it's not clear whether they exist at all, but what is clear is the appearance of these objects have spooked enough pilots that the military has to find out how to investigate them. >> amazing. jennifer griffin live. thank you. the gop is apparently ramping up
12:34 pm
efforts to recruit women candidates for the 2020 election. let's bring in melanie a congressional reporter that co-wrote a piece about this. i want to set the table for you, this is kind of the results that we should know about from 2018. in the 2018 mid-term elections, the house of representatives, 102 women elected and 89 were democrats. 13 republicans. on the senate side, 25 women were elected, 17 of them were democrats and eight of them republicans. the bottom line is here, the gop is trying to recruit women but there's not a lot of women really that are in the conference to recruit. is that a fair assessment? >> that's right. the 2018 mid-term elections were a wake-up call for republicans. so after this devastating election that decimated the ranks of females, you did see a number of women step up and said we're going to take this in our
12:35 pm
own hands. we saw lee stefanic launching a super pact. and an wagner is starting an agenda where they can use them in suburban swing districts. it's a challenge getting the women over the finish line. that's the problem that the republicans are facing. >> trace: the gop admits this. saying the democrats are far ahead of us on this. the gop doesn't have a central group to provide training and media training to some of these candidates and stuff like that and how to hire staff. so those are things that need to be worked on. >> that's right. emily's list is a huge organization that is dedicated to electing democratic women. republicans are trying to catch up. yes, there's outside groups. more and more dedicated to getting republican women to run and to get them over the finish line. right now they're focused on getting cash infusions into
12:36 pm
these races. they're providing hiring advice, training. you're hearing some republican women that are frustrated and worried that they're not competing with democrats and lagging far behind their democratic counter parts. >> trace: you wrote about a woman, lee brown. she said i'm going to run. she put her career on hold. ran for congress. you said that she got ghosted by her own party. >> yeah. we are interviewed her for this piece. she said before she ran she got a ton of encouragement. after she did, she said they were ghosted. she lost. came in fourth in the race to the male candidate that did win, dan bishop. but her experience reflects the challenge that republicans are facing. republicans have to be doing more to actually help them run
12:37 pm
these campaigns. a lot of them never ran before. they really felt like they were in the dark. the real test will come in july when there's another north carolina race with joan perry and north carolina three. all eyes are on that. if she loses, it could amplify the gop women problem heading into 2020. >> thanks, melanie. good to see you. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> trace: will, a group that makes artificial coral reefs is using them to create an underwater memorial to thousands of american lives lost in submarines. phil keating has more on that. >> these concrete spheres will bring life to florida's gulf waters and make a permanent living reef memorial. navy veteran phil oropollo served on the u.s.s. scorpion
12:38 pm
before it sank 51 years ago. >> i had 99 friends that got lost. emotional but a wonderful thing that we did. >> for him, this day is a personal honor. to participate in this ocean dedication and deployment of the memorial reef. >> it's a great tribute to the submariners from 1915 that lost their lives. >> when a submarine is lost at sea, it's said to be on eternal patrol. more than 4,000 sailors died in the missions. navy veteran and sonar man, william andrea served on three submarine missions in the 60s. five decades later, he says this
12:39 pm
trip back out on the water touches him emotionally. >> it's a warm feeling in your heart. i was on my first patrol when the thresher went down. i was on a submarine when one was lost. there was 129 men, all hands were lost that day. >> the company, eternal reefs who main business is burying ashes in the reef spears decided to make this permanent tribute to our fallen sailors, nine miles off the coast of sarasota, 45 feet below the service. >> i always think in terms of on memorial day, you take a look at the memorials being decoratedec this is permanent. mother nature will honor them. for us, memorial day weekend is
12:40 pm
always important, this adds to it. >> each artificial reef structure weighs more than 1,000 pounds. in three or four months, the balls come to life with coral hand schools of fish. scuba divers can visit them and honor the veterans for their service and sacrifice under the sea. phil keating, fox news. >> as we honor those that made the ultimate sacrifice, we'll hear from a marine that has found another way to represent america after being seriously injured and losing both legs in afghanistan. that's next. don't tell your mother. dad, it's fine. we have allstate. and with claimrateguard they won't raise your rates just because of a claim. that's why you're my favorite... i know. are you in good hands?
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>> trace: today we honor the men and who sacrificed themselves to protect our freedoms. on memorial day, we remember these fallen heros to bring some perspective to this day. i want to bring in retired marine sergeant josh elliot. he lost both of his legs in afghanistan and several fingers. we talked about this, josh.
12:45 pm
you were talking about what memorial day means to you. i wanted to begin with that. it is quite special. >> that's right, chase. i love memorial day. i love honoring those that who made the ultimate sacrifice in giving their lives. i've had several friends, one very close to me that i lost early on before i was able to depl deploy. it hurt. i remember getting that phone call. it's somber, but it's great that we have this. there's always a difference between the memorial day and veterans day. those of us that are seriously injured like myself and those that served in general, we have that day to do that. today is different. >> trace: i want to talk about you now. a remarkable athlete. you lost both legs and some
12:46 pm
fingers in afghanistan. you talk about intestinal fortitude. you went on to become a member of the para olympic ski team. one of the best mono skiers in the world. talk about how you found this sport. i know you snowboarded. >> yeah, it's amazing what is available to us in this day and age. the technology and recovery and everything else. one of the things that really helped me in that was recreational therapy. balboa naval medical hospital. we talk about the loss and what you've left. what you used to enjoy and what you want to get back into. one of those things that i enjoyed was snowboarding. so i said i want to snowboard again. they sent me to breckenridge, colorado for the hartford ski particular and disabled sports u.s.a. got me out there with a
12:47 pm
instructor. i tried to snowboard again and found i couldn't snowboard like i used to. so they put me in this rig called a mono ski. i learned this is made for me. i had a lot of fun doing that. i guess i like to advocate for the fact that you can't do anything, it's how you do it. i got on the snow and started -- >> trace: you said made for you. you owned this thing. sergeant elliot is the sixth best mono skier in the world. giant slalom is your forte. >> yes. i didn't do as well as i wanted to at the games. i did well in the super combined event. >> trace: you spend a lot:0 time in mammoth now. there's a program up there called the mammoth mountain
12:48 pm
wounded warriors. they have about nine million of 18 million goal. it's a fantastic organization. >> that's what i'm here to talk about. mammoth mountain has a chapter of disabled sports. disabled sports eastern sierras. they were there to help me progress and help me move on into development program and on the national team. the director of that program, kathy laffey has had a vision for what they want to do. they have the land and ready to start building the national wounded warriors center for disabled vets. it's supported by -- >> trace: how important is it for someone like you to have a facility like that? you're talking about -- it's clearly one of these times where it's the depths of depression. how important is that for people? >> it's a time to unplug from
12:49 pm
some of the stresses and other things that we got bombarded with all the time. everything is taken care of. everything is state of the art and accessible. you can go there and work on, whether that is physical, mental or family issue. whatever it is you can go there. there's people to assist with that as well as the whole disabled sierra program. >> trace: sergeant, your a good man. best of luck. his wife is there. >> thanks for having me. >> trace: iran sending a warning to the u.s. another country offering to help work things out. a five-year-old girl missing in utah and police are calling her uncle the primary suspect next. this is the couple who wanted to get away
12:50 pm
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12:54 pm
he made the comments after meeting with iraq's foreign minister that offered to help mediate the crisis between the united states and iran. trey yingst reporting live in jerusalem. trey? >> trace, over the weekend, the country of iraq offered to mediate a peaceful resolution between the united states and iran amid rising tensions. protests across baghdad. iraq's foreign minister announced a desire to find a solution. he said iraq does not believe the economic blockade referring to increasing sanctions in iran. and iran's foreign minister said they're ready for a military confrontation. >> we will defend ourselves,
12:55 pm
whether it's a military one or economic one that would victimize the iranian people. we will face with it strength and resistance. >> with offers of mediation between the united states and iran from both japan and now also iraq, there's questions about whether either side would be open to talks. trace? >> trace: trey, president trump spoke about iran today. >> that's right. speaking monday in tokyo, president trump said he believed iran had the potential for some strong economic development, but he said the development of their nuclear program would get in the way. making the comments alongside shinzo abe. president trump said he knew many iranians and they're great people. he made comments about sanctions that appear to be aimed at the iranian leadership. the press conference comes among news for the united states is preparing for a possible
12:56 pm
conflict with iran. 900 troops are on their way and could raise if iran engages in their nuclear program. >> trace: trey, thank you. police in utah are searching for a missing 5-year-old girl. police say they are uncle is responsible. kristina, tell us more. >> police don't trust her uncle. they interviewed this 21-year-old man. they said he lied to them and has not cooperated. but they say they have good reason to name him as a suspect. >> since the very beginning, we have enough information and evidence that we believe that alex was involved in the disappearance of elizabeth. >> 5-year-old elizabeth shelly was discovered missing from her home 10:00 a.m. saturday. she was last seen sleeping at
12:57 pm
2:00 a.m. tests were done on evidence that traces back to her u.n.c. more than 200 members of law enforcement from a dozen agencies are searching for the little girl right now. they searched all over her neighborhood and nearby towns. her family is desperate for answers. >> it's scary. the worst thing ever. the longer the day goes on, you start thinking the worst. you don't want to, but it's sad. >> authorities caught up with whipple on a rural country road. police say he had drug paraphernalia on him and and outstanding warrant for his arrest on a probation violation. those are the charges he was booked on, a local store clerk said he saw whipple not looking so well after shelly was reported missing. >> dishevelled.
12:58 pm
like he had been on a binge. he was wearing a gray hoodie. underneath that was a suit and tie. something weird. >> police are asking neighbors and business owners to check their surveillance cameras for any suspicious activity. at this point police are not requesting any more civilian volunteers. again, they have more than 200 law enforcement officers already searching for shelly. >> trace: what do we know about the uncle? >> police have good leads. they might get a little more detail on exactly what happened between friday night and saturday morning. >> trace: you always worry because they say the first 48, 72 hours is very key in cases like this. the outcome after that tends not to be so good. a lot of concern for the family. >> so critical. >> trace: thanks, christina. we'll have more on facebook
12:59 pm
live. it's available any time on demand. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. "your world" with next. we'll leave you with a moment from arlington national cemetery earlier today honoring all those that died serving our nation. fallen but not forgotten. ♪ ♪ ♪
1:00 pm
>> americans firing up the grills and kicking off their summer fun. but are shoppers about to get kicked with higher prices from a trade war spoiling that fun? welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto, this is a special memorial day edition of "your world." fox is on top of your money. tariffs on goods coming from china are looming. that has some people worries. to jonathan serrie in atlanta with shoppers. jonathan? >> the latest tariffs affect seafood, aluminum, the cost of beer. there could be no immediate impact on the burgers you're about to grill, the paper plates may be