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tv   Your World Memorial Day Special  FOX News  May 27, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> americans firing up the grills and kicking off their summer fun. but are shoppers about to get kicked with higher prices from a trade war spoiling that fun? welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto, this is a special memorial day edition of "your world." fox is on top of your money. tariffs on goods coming from china are looming. that has some people worries. to jonathan serrie in atlanta with shoppers. jonathan? >> the latest tariffs affect seafood, aluminum, the cost of beer. there could be no immediate impact on the burgers you're about to grill, the paper plates may be more expensive.
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>> from a consumer perspective, the paper products have an impact. so much pulp is made in china. many consumers have seen an increase. >> wal-mart has yet to say which products have seen the most impact from tariffs. they told reporters that we're going to do everything we can to keep prices low. that's who we are. increased tariffs will lead to increases prices for customers. >> i'm sure if price goes up a little bit, i'll worry. right now it's on the back of my mind. >> we're seeing over $10 million this year on the current tariffs that we're having to pay that we can't pass along do you remember to contracts. so it's coming out of our margins. if the tariffs increase, it will be worse. >> the last gentleman works in electronics, which is among the first categories to federal the impacts. >> electronics is the hardest hit. prices will go up 10, 15%.
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in the beginning, the manufacturers in china absorbed that increase. over 8, 9%, they pass them on. >> britt beamer says demand is up for fireworks, suggesting a lot of family get togethers this fourth of july. if america and china cannot resolve their tariff dispute, that could have an impact on back to school sales. >> how is that for sticker shock? in a report from the new york federal reserve saying tariffs will cost the average american family $831 a year. that's real money that could have a real impact on the economy and listen already volatile stock market, especially if shoppers start holding back. let's get reaction from the market pros. michelle, what are we to make of this? >> without question, tariffs are not a good thing. $800 is a lot of money for
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consumers. i'm still in the camp that i think we will get a deal, whether that deal is in june or sometime this year. let's face it. trade wars are not a good thing for economies and nobody wants a trade war. >> no wants a trade war. some are saying we're riding a trade situation that was so unfair for so long that it was long overdue. so the battle is on and could come down to the american consumers saying this is too much. >> it could come down to the american consumer, this is a global situation where you're seeing european allies coalesce around the united states. we've seen the journal reported on it that european companies are very concerned about forced technology transfers as they have picked up over the last two years. that's a big concern. whether we're paying it through tariffs or stolen i.p., we're still paying for whatever china is stealing from us.
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consumers are going to get hit it from especially during back-to-school sales. so overhauling your supply chain and moving that elsewhere will be costly. it will impact consumers. >> there's a lot of things to take from this. part of this is a short term pain that the american people have to feel. it's not just a trade war, this is a defense war. this is a national intelligence war. too long china has expected the world to pay for them to look at the huawei case. that is part of the problem here. the -- china has expected the world to pay them to surveil the world and spy on the world and yet the americans should enable it. you saw big bill go through congress today about increase in the defense budget. a lot of it is centered around china. >> china for a long time dealt with american corporations.
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for american corporations, it's about the bottom line. they were able to sell that to the american people. hey, cheap tvs, who doesn't want a cheap tv in the narrative is changing. people say, well, i want a job before a cheap tv. like the balance has changed. public opinion has changed. it's shocking how many people are backing president trump. this is the only bipartisanship that i see in this country right now on capitol hill. >> without question china is in the wrong here. someone had to do something about it. it could not go on forever. you know, i would love to see jobs come back. what i think you'll see, if in fact china is no longer an option, you'll see other parts of the world like southeast a a asia, latin american that has lower paying workers that they will go to. >> it's already begun. it started happening before this. china's economy has grown so much, kevin, it's not the poor nation that it was when they joined the wto.
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it's hard for them to stop jobs and supply chain from moving on. >> the issue here is they had their initiative where they're being imperialistic. one of the reasons that multinational corporations here in the united states and other democracies, they're facing state-owned enterprises dumping the markets. your state-owned enterprises can go in and undercut companies. >> last week, the president had another bailout for farmers. according to the new york fed, the same report, the average american household was hit $414 because of tariffs. it's a lot of money. but by the same token, if you listen to the headlines, you thought it was more than that,
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more hurtful for the economy. >> let's talk about the supply chains again. you have to ask yourself if you're running a company, do i want to depend on a communist china waging war ago us? the consumer can pay for it now or pay for it later. >> one of the biggest issues facing the consumer today is rising inflation and things that they spend money on. education, prices have gone up. acid inflation has had vis a vis housing. that is the biggest concern on the american consumer's mind. the acid inflation around housing as well as education and not -- >> so painful but you think we'll make it through it? >> i think we will. if you think about the markets, if you don't get a trade war come june, if the markets sell
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off, anymore the camp that i don't think you'll have a trade war much longer. even if you have a trade war, supply chains will catch up and companies will make it work. >> we see an embolden american worker right now, high wages and stronger jobs. thanks very much. after the eating comes the driving. no matter where you're going, get ready for traffic. to fox business network's robert gray. he's in los angeles on what drivers have been dealing with on the roads and at the pump. robert? >> hey, charles. prices have been spiking all spring long at the pump. it's not diminished the appetite for travel. aaa was predicting a record weekend of traffic. they're expecting when the planes, trains and automobiles have been counted, 43 million people have been on the road this weekend or on the airs, the open seas, the rails, taking trips of 50 miles or more.
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3.6% increase. when you take a look at the breakdown, the prediction was 38 million people on the road, which is why there's so much traffic. 2 million when you look at buses, trains or cruises. talking to aaa, they say gasoline prices are higher than they were earlier this year. people are prioritizing this memorial day weekend travel. they might adjust a trip, not go as far or pack a pbj. other folks may be going to the beach instead of disneyland. more free activity instead of spending on their destination. definitely hitting the roads and they say if the economy could stay strong, charles, look out for july fourth weekend. back to you. >> a good problem to have. thanks, robert. you might be planning a family summer road trip. don't plan on your high schooler coming along. they might be too busy working. details on that coming up. medicare for all, college for
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all? basic income for all? some democrats in the 2020 field turning it into a race for who can give away the most. what is better for america? free stuff or the free market? we'll debate it next. . >> medicare for all, single payer program. >> we need to have medicare for all. >> this has to become the next social safety net. so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. e-commerce deliveries to homes i've always been amazed and still going for my best, even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin... i want that too. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. what's next? reeling in a nice one.
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we all want what's best for our parents, so get advice from someone who's done it before. call today and talk to an advisor who knows memory care. you'll be glad you did. >> for african americans, the lowest rate is in 50 plus years, would you give the president any credit for that? >> i give him credit for that. the issue is never a statistic. the issue is are there jobs with a living wage and people living in poverty, are we able to deal with the 1%, 41% of the wealth and three individuals have wealth. you can wealth inequality and have good numbers.
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we're talking about quality of life, just not the statisticati. >> that was professor cornell well giving the president some credit for the economy but giving his case for socialism in america. a gallup poll finds four in ten americans favor socialism. let's ask holly turner and alicia finley. holly, no matter how you dress it up, it's about socialism. for one candidate, medicare for all, maybe college tuition. for me, it's about the issue going into 2020, whether we take a direction, capitalism or embrace socialism. it's disturbing those. those democrat candidates are feeding the american voters a lie. bernie sanders is referring back to sweden. we want to be like sweden.
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are you ready to not have a minimum wage? are you ready to pay 50% tax rates? they're feeding this lie to them. sounds great. in reality, it's not doable. you can't have all of these things. you can't have immigrations policies that democrats want. they're trying to give us anything but in the end we'll be like venezuela. that's not an exaggeration. >> these statements are over the top. democrats are for capitalism. what democrats are for is a progressive form of capitalism that ensures they don't have unregulated markets which led to the great -- >> charles: have you seen the regulation book? we laid every regulation on its side, it would be as tall as the
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tallest sky scraper. >> but they were running rampant. >> and since we've taken them out, we've had a revival. blue collar jobs rising, gdp at 3%. maybe we had too many. maybe we have not too many but not too little. >> right now growth is expected to be less than 2%. >> charles: the first quarter was absolutely amazing. shocked all of the same experts. from the "wall street journal"'s perspective and from the work that you do, what are you seeing? it feels like whether you call it democratic socialism or inclusive capitalism, whatever it is, they're talking about making major changing to capitalism the way we see it in practice in this country right now.
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>> democrat wants to control the needs of production. maybe this isn't venezuelan socialism. they want a 70% marginal rate. wealth tax elizabeth warren has proposed. other taxes on capital gains. this is socialism. most of the regulations that kamala harris has come out, basically controlling pay, rearing equal pay and micro managing. >> you'll be penalized 1% for every difference a woman and man make. here's the flip side. why is it so popular? it seems to me that capitalism, the captains of capitalism have shot themselves in the foot. these corporations that buy back billions of stock while their companies are failing, closing stores, people say how can you buy back billions of stock,
1:18 pm
reward your executives with that stock and fire people at the same time? and say hey, we want to champion this -- people are revolting against that. >> you're right. in addition to that, it's the crony capitalism, that young people say they don't like. this election is a great opportunity for republicans to say we want pure capitolism, free markets. we don't want crony capitalism and we want the executives to be held responsible. if there's not government bailouts available, they'll make better decisions. it will trickle down. the wages are up as you mentioned, this is something that we republicans have to do a better job of explaining this. >> a lot of irresponsible rhetoric in terms of venezuela. we heard about trickle down economics. george bush, the elder, no radical called this trickle down economics, voodoo economics. that's why the economy did worse
1:19 pm
when we saw the massive tax breaks for the rich. >> charles: under the obama administration, when we didn't have one single year anywhere near 3% gdp for the entire year. wages plummeted badly. people say he inherited a mess, too. he was lucky. economics 101. it should have come back historically and didn't. so it's a tough situation. we'll have this conversation more and more. i appreciate you joining us on this memorial day special. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> charles: infrastructure or investigations? president trump tells nancy pelosi you can't have both. so let's call it gridlock on steroids. >> you can go down the investigation track and you can go down the investment track or the track of let's get things done for the american people. [music playing] (michelle) i know what it's like to be in a financially struggling family.
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>> i pray for the president of the united states. i wish his family or his administration or his staff would have an intervention for the good of the country. >> you had the group, crying chuck, crazy nancy. i've been watching her. i have been watching her for a long period of time. she's not the same person. she's lost it. >> charles: put them down as a maybe on each other right now. the battle between president trump and house speaker nancy pelosi continues as a major infrastructure plan has stalled. should voters buckle up for d.c. gridlock with no end in sight? that was a crazy scene wednesday and thursday. it just -- feels like man, if it's going to be like this, wall street says they like gridlock, but this seems to be entirely different. >> on the one hand, both parties
1:24 pm
are usually able to lay down their arms and come to together for bipartisanship. when it comes to regulating things that everybody likes and spending money on things nobody wants. in this case, pelosi is walking in these negotiations that trump has a mental illness and his family needs to stage an intervention. this is not normal negotiating strategy. she's backing herself more into a corner. impeachment could work out for trump. it would fit into a narrative that he's being targeted by democrats. >> charles: it's interesting you say that. by the end of the week, it was brilliant attempt on nancy pelosi's part to really state her case but say trump wants us to impeach him. but the message wasn't to anyone except the democrats that are pushing very hard for this. let's not forget, she came out of a meeting with them that i
1:25 pm
understand that she went to a buzz saw. she came out pretty frazzled. to give them something, she talked about a cover-up. people are saying, what is the crime? what happened to the mueller report? why would you do that ahead of this important infrastructure meeting? >> she's in a difficult position. the majority of the democratic caucus by the numbers are moderates. the blue dog coalition has expanded. the new democratic coalition, which tends to be more center left expanded in 2018. the loudest voices in the room, the ones commanding the media attention are people like rasheeda talib they say impeachment. if pillow say can appease them enough, she will be backed in a corner where she doesn't have her house in control. >> charles: she's had a brilliant career a brilliant politician. she's got to think legacy to agree. you think about tip o'neal,
1:26 pm
ronald reagan. they got some things done. that's happened over and over during the course of history. she's got to be thinking how do i get something done? infrastructure is low hanging fruit. if they can't get this done, there's a problem. >> and washington loves to spend money. it's a gift. you have a republican president that wants to spend and she can't get that done. right now this does not feel like john boehner when he had it with the house freedom caucus, this is what it feels like. >> and do we wait for bar, the i.g. report, some of these other things? maybe see where the courts go with the president's tax records. are they playing out the clock to see where they are legally with these things before maybe coming back to the table and having a serious conversation about this stuff? >> certainly. you know, democrats obviously have a decent amount of subpoena power when it comes to
1:27 pm
investigating trump's campaign activities -- >> but we're talking about the children, the taxes. business events from 20 years ago. >> and they're overstepping. you can't demand records that have nothing to do with campaign activity and allegations of corruption. you can't investigate a person without a crime. >> charles: and it's less popular in public opinion. the mueller report, democrats invested a lot in it. they gave it credibility, money and time. the president cooperated. they gave up a lot. they got a dry hole. i don't know that they will get a do-over. thank you. >> thank you. >> charles: appreciate it. america taking in more than one million legal immigrants last year. president trump wants to keep those numbers up as long as new immigrants are bringing something to the table. we'll talk to a border sheriff that thinks it's a plan that is long overdo. ohhh. ooh ohh here we go,
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we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. >> president trump is not seeing yeah to eye with japanese prime minister with shinzo abe and his own national security adviser over recent north korea missile launches. he sees it as north's way of getting attention, it's a tale of two weather systems on this memorial day weekend. oklahoma's governor toured where two people were killed over the week end. he said it's unbelievable that anybody survived.
1:32 pm
in the south a scorching heat wave takes hold with highs of 100 degrees. the heat will continue through the middle of the week. vice president mike pence spent part of his memorial day at arlington national cemetery paying tribute to fallen members of the u.s. armed forces and thanking their loved ones and acknowledging every day is memorial day. join me for "special report" at 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> charles: coming to america, coming here with something to offer. president trump calling for a merit-based immigration plan. rewarding immigrants with higher levels of skill and education. joining me right now, mark danos. thanks for joining us. sheriff, this idea which canada has had in place for a very long period of time and been arousing success what do you make of it? >> first of all, charles, thanks
1:33 pm
for having me on the show when we remember our heros that paid the ultimate price so we can have this discussion. you know, president trump has offered up many solutions when it comes to border security. one of the 31 border sheriffs in the southwest border and during this crisis and no doubt it's a crisis, this is a plan by our president that provides opportunity, provides merit, which is what we're looking for and an immigration plan. once again, this is a plan that's being shot down by congress. what i don't see is congress say let's talk about that plan to our president. so it's frustrating in one hand, but an opportunity for communities that i represent. we're standing by our president to fix this border crisis. >> charles: i think it was that mall la harris that suggested in america we have this belief that all men and women are created equal. the same thing should be applied to immigrants that come into
1:34 pm
this country. do you see it that way or do you that maybe if we have a more orderly system it will stop these dangerous treks of families where you have children that are going over from central america to here, it can kind of deter that stuff and save a lot of pain and anguish that we've been seeing. >> i said this before, charles. we need order. right now you have the largest crime scene on the southern border. you have fraudulent acts every day. 30% of the children are being sent back to mexico and brought back across by the cartels, which is agreed game, just to bring adults in this country. there's no merit behind that. that's sad. the deaths on the border, the diseases on the border, that federal partners are addressing. we have a serious crisis on this border. i just got back from washington
1:35 pm
d.c. this country is in trouble if we don't secure this border. >> charles: beyond securing the border, the laws seem to go against you traumatically. even once we have the wall completed, if the laws are not changed and people know that all they have to do is get in to the country and get involved in an asylum system where they recede into the shadows of our nation, not having to show up for hearings, that's not going to be a true deterrent, will it? >> no, it's not. our message is distorted right now. the message is come here, say these special words of credible fear and almost -- like 100% is coming in the country. our border security plan, our programs and processes are flawed and it's being exploited by those that want to come in for good and evil reasons that we're ignores, those that want
1:36 pm
to harm americans and harm communities. it's scary. i don't see congress stepping up. this is a frustration by state and local law enforcement. they're not helping us. >> charles: the overwhelming majority of people want to come here want part of the american dream. we don't blame them. that's why we had a million come here legally. we need to control our borders and i don't know think it's unreasonable. thanks for your service. how is this for a summer blockbuster? more teens will be getting out of the house and getting to work! orlando isn't just the theme park capital of the world,
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>> charles: a few report expects teen jobs to rise this year. this is a big development.
1:40 pm
larry can here. >> good to see you, charles. >> charles: why like it when people work and make money. it's deeper than that. >> the economy is good and the job market is great. unemployment numbers are terrific. the big part, we have a willing work force. whoever wants to work ought to be able to. we're lucky that is the case. these teenagers going to work tells me two things. either their parents are teaching them the value of getting a job and having a job or they're learning that exchanging their work for some money is a good idea. just think of what that says for capitalism at a time when definitely capitalism has taken a hit right now. >> charles: i agree 1,000%. i had a summer job every year. i got lucky. made me feel so good to take that money and buy my school clothes, go back.
1:41 pm
it was an achievement. i think it's tougher now, larry. these kids are -- they have the distractions. a lot of them think they should be making more money that will be offered for from the summer jobs. it's a tough situation. >> it is a tough situation. the nice thing is that you learn what you have -- once you have the job, you earn some respect. one of the opportunities here is for kids to learn what it takes to get a job and then what it takes to keep that job, what it takes to keep your boss happy, how to serve customers. all of those things make you a better human being. and i think that is the real value here. plus, the feeling that you have internally. for your self-esteem, that you won't be judged based on how many likes you get on your social media pages but you'll be judged based on how hard you work and rewarded for that work and the freedom that comes from spending that money you earned. >> charles: i know you're a strict personal finance game. are you going to give these
1:42 pm
teenagers the green light to spend all of their money this summ summer? >> i'm a big believer in spend 70%, same 10%, be charitable 10% and save 10%. >> >> charles: we've had had million people drop out of the work force. there's an abundance of jobs. is this is fractured part of the economy that still can't get it together? >> there's always that percentage. jesus said the poor will be with you always. always a percentage of the work force out there that doesn't want to work, doesn't want to play. i think we just have to understand that, not make that big of a deal out of it. the good news that those that do want a job, there's a job available. >> charles: great talking to you. >> great talking to you. >> charles: alexa, read my
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>> charles: from top of the class to one of the crowds, a high school in ohio says that they no longer recognize the valedictorian citing unhealthy competitiveness among students. is this sending the right message? let's can. mike gunzelman and kat timpf. what do you think? >> i was valedictorian of my high school. i worked really hard. i studied through homecoming. it wasn't because nobody invited me. a little bit. but i deserved that title.
1:47 pm
you no what else is competitive? life. winners need to win. >> charles: and if i put off life, i could have come to the homecoming if you weren't studying. >> i loved studying. >> this story made me so angry. i hate this participation trophy mindset that society is becoming that we have to cater these kids or the children. you have to be competitive to continue to grow. it's like people are jealous of people that have become successful. >> why are they targeting the nerds like me? people that play sports get to win games and be the winners there. this is nerdist. >> charles: the nerds all get the revenge in the end. >> always get the girl, get the guy. >> charles: seems like these days, but they don't get any glory in high school. they don't get any now. but imagine later. they'll be another face in the crowd. another smart kid out there
1:48 pm
wishing they could show the world. >> everybody doesn't deserve a trophy, bottom line. >> charles: amazon is working on a voice activated wearable device that can read the emotional state of the person reading it. >> this is creepy. amazon has questionable work practices. documented cases of workers disagreeing how they're being paid. so if i'm miserable and sad, it's oh, you're fired. >> charles: i think of it as the mood ring but on steroids. your bracelet is like hey, cam down, kat. go get coffee. it will tell you how to interact with other people because it's reading your vitals and knowing you're getting pumped up there. >> it interests me. sometimes i i don't know if i fully understand my own feelings. however, i'm worried about the ads. i see you're feeling bad.
1:49 pm
you know you can get doritos delivered to your door with amazon prime? >> amazon is your therapist. >> charles: it's amazing. >> i would say weird and i don't -- i don't think -- i'm already messed up enough. i don't need to be told. >> charles: you think they have a nefarious means. they're not trying to help us out. it's not an old school mood ring. >> there always is. >> charles: you think so, kat? >> i think they're going to try to get to us buy more stuff. >> charles: they'll take it a stuff further. they won't ask you. >> they'll fire you. >> charles: they send it to your house. the next thing, open the door and say i didn't order this. your band will say no, i ordered it for you. you weren't feeling good. last time this pepped you up. i think you'll say okay and sign for it. >> product placement for sure. >> i don't know. i feel like i buy enough things
1:50 pm
on amazon already that i don't need that. >> charles: 88% of college graduates under the age of 30 believe that they'll live well or better than their parents. kat, i hadn't heard this before. this is supposed to be the doomed generation, have less than their parents and less than everybody else. not get that american promise. >> right. well, i'm 30. i have no husband. i have no home. i do have a job and a cat. so i don't know if that is better than what my parents had. >> charles: sounds like you shot up to what your grandmother may have. >> i'm living like a 90-year-old now. so in a way i'm living out my golden years really fast. >> there's more college graduates that are living at home because of college debt and credit card debt. have to get the heck out.
1:51 pm
>> charles: i'm shocked by this. supposed to be the unwritten promise of america that every generation will live better than the prior generation. everybody says it doesn't happen. >> here's the next generation. you're in goods hands. >> i'm a winner, clearly. >> charles: they started demoting the nerds. that's hurting you. >> it is. >> charles: you think maybe this is something that -- i think it gives us hope. millennials have this much confidence. before they didn't have confidence. >> it does to an extent. i'll feel like millennials that are divide. some work hard and strife. and then there's the entitlement ones. everything should be given to us. >> be confident but don't be an idiot. believe in yourself. but maybe if you're 30 and living in your parent's basement, don't have a job, don't tell yourself you're a star all day. you need to work. >> charles: thanks. and new global threats emerge,
1:52 pm
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>> ♪ >> from iran to syria to russia. americans are worried about threats abroad. today we pause to remember those who kept us safe from threats and made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. colonel david hunt, thanks for joining us. >> you are welcome. >> it feels like this memorial day is more special with the threats around the world and perhaps some crosswords. i want your thoughts on what is should mean to all americans. >> today is the day that we
1:56 pm
memoralize and thank the people who died serving this country. today is the day we should understand less than 1% of the nation serves in the military. counting the family it goes up to 10%. we should be thankful that we have men and women who volunteer to serve in this country every day all over the world. today is the day that those who were killed in combat, died serving, are close to our hearts. those who serve we remember every day. today is the day we ask the rest of the nation to remember the fallen. >> what about where we are right now with respect to the military? i think the american public appreciates the military and understands what they have gone through more than any other time in our history and i think that's a good thing.
1:57 pm
>> i disagree. i think it was after 9-11 for 2 to 4 years. i think we forgot. the reason we forgot is because only 1% of us serving. 99% out there with no skin in the game. this is not a political statement or the state of the nation. after 18 years in the war with iraq and afghanistan, we are considered a 4th in iran. it seems like if you really care about these soldiers and understand what combat will do, we have to reticence about thinking about another war. i am not sure the nation appreciates as they were at 9-11 because we were attacked and had people kill. it's gone on so long, i think we have forgotten. we have thousands of soldiers deployed in afghanistan, iraq
1:58 pm
and syria just to mention three. >> those are great points. i have to interject and mention my own father who fought in vietnam, and i never appreciated it until shortly he passed away. that's the first time he shared the horrors he experienced. it explained a lot but didn't wash away a painful childhood. is there something about american not knowing what they go through on the battlefield? i don't think we are educated enough to understand what it means. >> in world war ii you had the draft. korea and vietnam the draft. we had much more participation. the issue for me with 1% only serving, the rest of the nation has no idea. anybody who has been in combat
1:59 pm
doesn't want somebody to understand what combat is like. that's for us to do, but we need more partic pacts -- participation. i understand why your father did not talk about combat. it's too horrific. this is the day that people remember people like your father and my father who died serving our country. >> thank you for your service and for shares your thoughts. thank you very much and happy memorial day. >> same to you. >> that will do it for us on neil cavuto. he will be back tomorrow and catch me tomorrow on the fox
2:00 pm
business network at 2 p.m. eastern where i will try to make you some money. ghent. -- good night. >> ♪ >> ♪ . >> i am greg gutfeld with kennedy, jesse watters, and dana perino. this is "the five." >> ♪ >> ♪ >> you might have noticed it's memorial day. the unofficial kick off to the summer. we have lots of fun in store including our advice for college gradutes. a memorial day edition of supermarket showdown and a look back at our road trip to nashville. lots of questions on social media. >> let's get after


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