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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 29, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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them, the kids were doing their best to understand it all. i don't know if they did. i think they took in some but over time i think they will understand. that i hope they make the same trip someday with their own children. it is the least we can do, those of us who didn't serve in uniform. that all the time we have to make, check my podcast. i posted a new episode with nigel farage. shannon bream and the fox news at night team kick it off. >> we all could do more of that, you can't go wrong. >> have a great show. shannon: abortion is back in the center of the legal universe and the 2020 campaign, supreme court weighing in on abortion with the ruling still sending shockwaves tonight in 2020 candidates like kamala harris say they will do whatever it takes to stop states from passing pro-life laws. severe weather making its way across the midwest into new jersey and new york as reports of damage and injuries begin to pouring. officials say a large and dangerous tornado was spotted outside kansas city. we are tracking the storm have live, stick around. joe biden is back on the campaign trail as he and the
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president act like they are already in general election mode. as they go head to flow from the african-american vote laura trump is here to weigh in. welcome to fox news at night. we begin with tornadoes and warnings across the country from kansas to missouri, new jersey and new york, wild weather, injuries reported, flights delayed. we begin with leland visit with plenty of breaking news that does not sound good. >> reporter: it really doesn't. laguardia airport, jfk airport and once expecting flights, shut everything down because the weather was just that bad but not allowing any planes to take off headed for those airports. think about new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, not states you normally associate with this kind of severe weather, show you how big this outbreak has been, 500 tornadoes over the past
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month or so including this one from kansas earlier today. there are reports of possible injuries from a tornado that was a mile wide at one point and the storm chasers going along with it say these are the most dangerous types of tornadoes because they are wrapped in rain which makes it difficult for people on the ground who have not gotten to shelter to know whether or not the tornado is coming for them. you can see also in kansas there is already initial reports of damage. it takes a couple of hours after the tornadoes go through before we are able to get people on the ground and figure out what has gone on there. there are first responders handout not only in kansas but in pennsylvania and new jersey as well as the country gets ready for yet another day of severe weather tomorrow and it is already been a very rough week. by night in ohio they knew it was bad. >> a mattress and wall on one side. the house came apart all around.
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>> daylight showed a harsh reality. the storms in ohio killed one person and injured more than 130. the twister's 100 for 40 mile-per-hour winds ripped roofs clear off, allowing to view directly down into distraction. joe barber heard the warning from local news, woke his wife and headed into the basement. >> 10 or 15 seconds and then it was over with. >> experts say eating those warning saved countless lives every year. a fact lost on some viewers of the bachelorette who complained about a local weatherman breaking in to their monday
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night tv show. >> this is a dangerous situation. >> two weeks of daily tornadoes the damage goes across america's heartland from colorado through to ohio. in oklahoma every county remains under a state of emergency and it is not just the constant tornadoes, record floodwaters continue to rise in oklahoma and arkansas. >> so many people were already hit by the tornadoes and weren't even cleaned up from that yet until the flooding hit. so really bad for a lot of people. >> is going to get a lot worse. already thunderstorms in the forecast for that area of northern arkansas, southern missouri and oklahoma. that has been so hard hit by flooding. >> we will check back in as we get more information. abortion back in the legal and political spotlight with a major ruling from the supreme court in 2020 candidates promising to crack down on pro-life measures was a busy day. >> reporter: this is a case that could have tested the constitutional right to an abortion established in roe v wade but the supreme court decided to leave those questions for another day. the court can't afford them forever. the supreme court struck a
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compromise on in indiana abortion law, appellate state law requiring fetal remains to be buried or cremated but refused to consider reinstating a law banning abortions based on the fetus's race, sex or disability. those provisions were part of the law signed by mike pence back when he was indiana's governor. today the vice president's press secretary said the vp commends the supreme court for upholding a portion of indiana law and justice thomas's opinion that the court has been jealous in protecting those who say such discrimination in other contexts, give some hope legal protections for dissemination based on sex, race or disability will be extended to unborn americans. the court's opinion was unsigned but tensions between liberal and conservative justices were on full display in the footnotes. justice thomas called justice ginsburg out by name and slammed her, quote, alternative suggestion that regulating the
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disposition of an aborted child's body might impose an undue burden on the mother's right to abort the already aborted child. difficult to understand to say the least. justice ginsburg returned the favor arguing justice thomas's footnote displays more heat than light and corrected his terminology by saying, quote, a woman who exercises her constitutionally protected right to terminate a pregnancy is not a mother. as the debate rages on in the high court the issue is shock to the center of the presidential campaign in several states continue to pass strict antiabortion laws. less then hour ago senator kamala harris announced a plan that would require states trying to restrict abortion laws to obtain federal approval first. >> those laws have to come before my department of justice for a review and approval and until we determine that they are constitutional they will not take effect. >> in missouri, the state's last
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remaining abortion clinic could be forced to close by the end of this week according to planned parenthood. the group is now suing but if it happens missouri would be the first state with an abortion in clinic since roe v wade in 1973. a long time. >> there are so many of these legal battles, states, federal level. we will talk more about that. clarence thomas writing that abortion is an act rife with potential for eugenics manipulation. let's bring in richard fowler and the president's live-action to discuss. i want to read some of this back-and-forth between justice dominant justice ginsburg saying given the potential for abortion to become a tool of eugenics manipulation the court will need to confront the constitutionality of laws like
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indiana's, pages and pages on the history of eugenics and how birth control and abortion were aimed at eradicating people viewed as unfit or should never have been born. it is clear how he feels about this issue and if they take the case will end up putting the decision in june 2020 in front of the presidential election. >> we will have to wait and see. there some hesitation to take up this roe versus wade case. what we have to affirm is a woman's constitutional right to full control of her body and equalizer level of citizenship, very important because beyond giving somebody a right to have an abortion what roe versus wade does is codifies a woman being the same level of citizen as a man because i have full control of my body. for a woman if you overturn roe v wade they have no control which makes them less of a person. >> what she had to say in her
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footnote as well directly addressing justice thomas she said a woman who exercises her constitutionally protected right to terminate a pregnancy is not a, quote, mother. she was not happy about the use of that word. >> it goes to show the blindness from abortion advocates. the reality is she is a mother and there is a human life and you have bodily rights just like men but men can't use their body to inflict harm on somebody else's body and women don't have that right. i don't have a right to harm a body inside my body that is unique and individual and another human life and justice clarence thomas's comments are powerful to pay attention to because he is saying abortion, the history of abortion and planned parenthood has to do with eugenics. the number one killer of blacks today is abortion. it is higher than the combined top 15 reasons blacks die and abortion beats out all of them.
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the black abortion rate is 3 to 5 times higher than it is among whites. this is a history of the long legacy of targeting black women when they are most vulnerable and that is what justice thomas is concerned about and to see the blindness from justice ginsburg not even acknowledging this horrific reality and continuing a fake constitutional right which was an unjust decision by justices and robie wade is said to see. >> here lies the problem. there is a vulnerability that exists for african-american young people but that vulnerability exists when they are out of the womb as well. we work with democrats to ensure mothers have access to prenatal care. will you work with educators to make sure there's access to early childhood public education? this is the fight we talk about each day, people that vote for
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the heartbeat bill voted against expanding medicaid for poor women and poor mothers, voted against early childhood public education. >> the bill passed in alabama a couple weeks ago that was one of the toughest pro-life bills in the country. interesting that next week there was a headline that said alabama sent records for the number of foster parent adopting children. that's always going to be part of the conversation. if you are pro-life are you willing to take the next step when these children are not want or don't have support? >> i return the question to richard. sounds like you agree abortion is discriminating against and disproportionately targeting -- >> i think society discriminates. >> abortion is a lethal tool of discrimination, girls were disproportionately targeted. let's address those but why are we allowing -- care for them afterwords.
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>> in support of -- >> nobody is going to get -- no one is going to be able to hear -- stop for a second. do you think on the question of abortion which the supreme court did not take up today is indiana law which bans on the basis of race, gender or disability. do you have a problem with a prohibition on those? >> it is between a woman and doctor to make the decision. shannon: between race or gender? >> it is between a woman and her doctor to make a determination. it is their decision and how they choose, let's be very clear, allow me to be very clear. what we have seen over and over and over again all across this country in places like mississippi and alabama and georgia, these lawmakers pass heartbeat bills they still have high infant mortality rates and
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doing nothing to solve that. they are not providing access to early childhood. cutting free breakfast. we could go on and on with all the cuts. >> i find it absolutely stunning to hear from people like senator kamala harris and others that the solution is more abortion. abortion alignments for any reason which is what every democrat candidate once and my understanding is richard, you're in support of abortion on demand for any reason. these are killing children. if we care about children before and after birth we should protect their right to exist, their right to live. and i don't support killing them before birth. >> justice thomas and justice ginsburg, you're not going to agree on this tonight but this is most certainly going to be in the court in the next term or so and watch it like a hawk.
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where the former vp announced his education plan including tripling funding for low-income schools and improving school infrastructure. biden also talks about race and what he believes is a climate of exclusion. >> i think the worst thing that happened to the united states of america of latest this division, talking down other people, the idea that all mexicans are, that all -- i could go on and on. >> ms nbc is reporting some texas voters think he is too middle-of-the-road to defeat donald trump and some african-american voters in texas are concerned about joe biden's record. >> he is barack obama's friend. he has the cool black friend. that is all it is. he has a terrible history in the black community and everybody loves him because he is a fluffy
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old guy. >> he is being slammed for the crime bill he helped write 25 years ago that many critics say resulted in mass incarceration especially of young african-american men. of the democratic presidential contenders of gone after biden for the crime bill and so has donald trump. anyone associated with the 1994 crime bill will not have a chance of being elected. in particular african-americans will not be able to vote for you. i on the other hand was responsible for, justice reform which had tremendous support and helped fix the bad 1994 bill. this weekend the president also appeared to have sided with north korean dictator kim jong un's assessment of joe biden. >> rob: 9 a statement that joe biden is a low iq individual, he probably is, based on his record. i think i agree with him on that.
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>> joe biden's, the comments beneath the dignity of the office, quote, to be on foreign soil on memorial day and side repeatedly with a murderous dictator against a fellow american and former vice president speaks for itself. the president says he was sticking up for biden by not agreeing to the worst thing kim jong un calls him. >> see you tomorrow night on the west coast. with the president and former vice president trading barbs over race here is crist are walled's take, trump stokes racial resentment to hinder biden's rise. let's get reaction from senior advisor to trump's 2020 campaign, lara trump joins us tonight. one of the latest things that has cropped up his this decision by the treasury department not to go ahead with harriet tubman on the $20 bill next year. here is was one congresswoman
12:22 am
says, it shows a basic pattern of bias and hate this president and his lackeys are fond of and it is disgusting and disrespectful. the treasury department has that this is about working against counterfeiters, it is a security issue, the president's credits are not buying it. >> of course they are not buying it because their default is always the race card. they desperately want donald trump to be a racist. we see he has done more for the african-american community than the previous president who was the first african-american president actually did. it is about security and nobody is saying it's not going to happen. no one is saying harriet up and will not be on the $20 bill. it will just take a little longer because they want to make sure it is done the right way. it is a 4 step process and one of those steps is to make sure the bills are very secure so until that happens why would we want harriet to been on a $20 bill that could be re-created easily by anybody.
12:23 am
i think this is a little bit of overreaction but not shocking from the democrats. >> you know the president has been pointing out the former vice president has issues that some want to discuss with him about race, on busing, reparations, affirmative action, he says he is the most progressive person running but he has this discussion about the 1994 crime bill which many in the minority community felt was devastating and resulted in mass incarceration and was not a fair piece of legislation. the washington post says the president trying to highlight these things, if trump believes biden would lose the support of black americans in the general election against himself the president is displaying a deep misunderstanding of the black electorate and his relationship with them since he came to occupy the white house. the margin in 2016 was 89% for hillary clinton, 8% of african-americans voting for the president. how does he plan to change their mind? >> i predict this president gets more african americans vote in 2020 than he did in 2016. joe biden doesn't need help for
12:24 am
people not to vote for him. the crime bill disproportionately incarcerated so many black americans, he does have that issue but the issue is again under the obama administration when he was vice president things didn't change for the black community. under donald trump, the lowest unemployment for african americans in the history of this country. we see wages growing up, we see him supporting hbc yous by increasing funding for them and things like the first step act, criminal justice reform that instead of incarcerating more black americans will get more people to stand up jail and change lives in that community, championing opportunity zones that are helping these communities that have been ignored for so long. this president is delivering results when it comes to many things in the african-american community. joe biden didn't do a lot.
12:25 am
maybe that is why they are not going to vote for him. shannon: we will see if they match up head to head. let's turn to foreign policy, the president off a trip to japan where he talked about great ties with the japanese community and emphasized a lot of the good things they are doing together with the military and elsewhere. it is getting a lot of attention, the fact he has been complimentary of kim jong un when it comes to his comments. the president of the united states endorsed a foreign government's nasty insult of america's former vice president and did so when standing next to a top american ally. appalling behavior from the president. the president says itunes down kim jong un's language, doesn't know why anyone is so upset. >> we have seen this president has done something something unprecedented, he has had two
12:26 am
meetings with the leader of north korea to denuclearize the korean peninsula, something no president said was possible. this president has done it. he's an expert negotiator. i'm sure this is part of his strategy in dealing with kim jong un. the alternative would be to bash him and say horrible things about him and we are back to square one. the president is very smart when it comes to negotiating and i assume this is part of his bigger plan and we will wait and see but it is inevitable no matter what he says or does he will get flak for it from the mainstream media. not surprising. heather: he seems to enjoy engaging and responding. great to have you. breaking news tonight on anti-trump dossier author christopher steele and james comey blasts the president and says investigate the investigators.
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>> shannon: back-to-back arraignments for michael heather: back-to-back arraignments with michael avenatti leading the realtors roundup, the attorney pleading not guilty to charges he defrauded stormy daniels out of money for a book deal and is 100% not guilty to trying to extort nike. >> i'm now facing the fight of my life against the ultimate goliath, the trump administration. i intend on fighting these charges and i look forward to a jury verdict in each of these cases. shannon: elijah cummings blaming the political right for false complaints to the irs. his wife's nonprofit violated status by overlapping with
12:32 am
for-profit firm, the statement saying, quote, i'm confident they will be exposed for what they are. a fabricated distraction from the important work being done on behalf of americans. according to the cyber security firm fire i iran launched a network of fake social media accounts in an effort to influence the 2018 midterms. several accounts impersonating politicians and journalists to spread anti-trump and pro-iranian messages. representatives for facebook and twitter say many of those accounts have been removed. we have been telling you about the rough weather. we want to take you live just outside kansas city, there are multiple reports of injuries after a large tornado leaves the path of destruction across the city. shannon o'brien joins us from lynnwood, kansas, with the latest. >> reporter: we are in lynnwood,
12:33 am
kansas, 35 miles outside kansas city. we are off of highway k 32. the highway has been shut down because of a gas leak. we can smell the gas in the air and live power lines littering the highway and with the sun going down in the darkness sitting in it is too dangerous to be in many parts of lynnwood. we are 3 quarters of a mile down k 32 and took video when it was light out today. there is extensive property damage to homes along k 30 summer roofs ripped off of homes, buildings totally destroyed by the tornado that cut a wide swath in lynnwood, kansas from the lawrence area. that tornado was on the ground for more than an hour and had a wide footprint. folks hiding from the tornado described it sounding as if nails were bombarding their home as well as the sound you hear in many tornado events, the seller train coming through. brian terry who lives in direct path of the tornado said he
12:34 am
heard the sirens go off and started running next door to get his neighbors who do not have a basement but the sky was so angry he turned back and got into his basement just minutes before the tornado hit his home tearing off the roof and destroying other buildings and property in the path of the tornado. >> that was the first thing i saw because i came to the basement garage, popped my head around the corner, looked out to the street and that is when i saw a camper upside down across the road. went and told my wife and we hung out a few minutes longer and we both came out and it is what we got. >> tell me about the camper. it was no small camper. >> it was a 30 foot hauler, it weighed 15,000 pounds and the looks of it, looks like a tin can. definitely a strong storm.
12:35 am
>> we are on 206th st. just off of highway k 32. people down the street, some rescue personnel down there and you can see people walking around with flashlights, some of those people live in this area. others are police officers and firefighters checking buildings to make sure nobody is stuck inside those buildings. you can see the extensive damage over here, trying to gather their belongings after this terrible tornado. we are live in kansas, back to you. >> wishing all the best and praying for the folks to put things back together. this is a fox news alert, express by christmas deal, architect of the trump dossier reportedly not cooperating with us attorney, investigate the investigators.
12:36 am
reuters reporting john durham named by william barr to examine the origins of the investigation into candidate trump and his advisers. no treason, no clue, just lies, that is james comey's claiming about the russia probe writing -- isaac wright and kaylee mcinerney joining us next. we had a lot of leftovers...[chuckles] i couldn't have asked for better parents, but like most people they didn't have anyone to teach them the best financial habits. so we changed that. as a financial health coach, i help people every day. i try to put myself in their shoes from my own experience. i connect to them because i've been there. helping families like mine save a little money changes everything. this is personalized guidance. this is wells fargo.
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>> accused james comey of treason. does he expect jim comey to be arrested? >> we will let the attorney general make that determination as he gets to the conclusion of this litigation. >> reporter: it is william barr, not donald trump who will ultimately decide if james comey's actions related to the origins of the russia investigation were treasonous. comey is responding. in an op-ed he said there was no treason, no attempted coup. those are lies and dumb lies at that. democratic strategists isaac wright and national press secretary for donald trump's 2020 campaign kaylee mcinerney, welcome to you both.
12:41 am
i want to read more from that comey peace. he says go ahead, investigate the investigators if you must. when those investigations are over they will find the work was done appropriately and focused only on learning the truth of serious allegations. goes on to say no corruption, treason or attempted coup. that is what a lot of americans want to hear, nothing to hide, go ahead and do the investigation. everybody sees everything, we are all on the same page. >> we should all look for more transparency right now. they feel they have to investigate the investigators i think it is a waste of taxpayer money. i would feel better if it was be eiji on not a partisan like william barr. take the investigation and do it. if something needs to be seen, let's see it. i would take the same attitude about the trump administration to keep stonewalling congress on their investigation. let's all move towards transparency in this situation.
12:42 am
shannon: if you're going to declassify this, why not be more transparent with congressional investigator? comey calls the president a liar and says this is a smart screen for things he has done wrong. >> not the case. we have a 300 page mueller report, a year of fbi investigations, two years of mueller investigation, more than 1.4 million documents turned over. there has unbridled transparency on the part of the president who didn't declare executive privilege during the mueller process. what we have are a lot of facts suggesting jim comey and abridgment of the fbi were engaged in wrongdoing from peter stzrok saying i have to have an insurance policy against the president, the dossier, political contents were concealed in a footnote and not fully aired out, for a fisa warrant, to look into. led to her isaac encourage transparency but i hope democrats will as well. >> i hope you will join inviting
12:43 am
the president to transparency. >> there has been more transparency than ever before. >> he refused to meet with the investing it is, william barr refused to turn over the fool mueller report to congress. >> he has given something, no redactions for leaders to come over. and congressional leaders -- >> let's be transparent right now. let's talk about what is in the report. shannon: michael wolf taking serious claims from the guardian who has seen a copy of his new book, says special counsel robert mueller, the 3 count indictment against donald trump, the findings are, quote, based on internal document given to me by sources close to the office of the special counsel. a rare on the record denial for the special counsel says the
12:44 am
documents you have described do not exist. where do we go from here? >> michael will, self-described is unreliable, journalists saying this guy engaged in works of fiction. another lie from michael wolf, special counsel for rebuking him on this point. where we go in moving forward investigating the investigators, the president hasn't been transparent when 56% of the nation says let's move on from investigating the president who has 500 witnesses, document and so on and so forth. moving on from the fiction of michael wolf, time to focus on jim comey, andrew mccabe, bruce or and the actors at the center of one of the biggest political scandals in modern history. >> you are talking trump's transparency. are you agreeing donald trump will turn over all the material? >> have you been living under a
12:45 am
rock? the mueller investigation - >> you can try to insult and say what you want to say but come on. it is on the news every evening for trump is stonewalling the investigation. shannon: if you don't give me a break, i went you both to have a response to this. the report that the author of the steel dossier reuters is reporting british spy who produce the dossier, alleged link between donald trump and russia will not cooperate with prosecutors, before the investigations of trump and his 2016 election campaign began. >> i am for transparency. wish we could get the same from donald trump. everybody should be transparent about the process. >> including christopher steele? >> yes. i think the dossier is out there. >> you are entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts. as it pertains to christopher steele he wants to run and hide
12:46 am
because he was at the center of the document, violations, a presidential campaign and the heat of it. a very big deal. shannon: i think that is it. great to have you both back. european leaders see the nationalist movement taking their content by storm, frightening and anti-semitic. angela merkel and steve bannon speaking out tonight. >> the rise of nationalism and these leaders put this together so they have a critical mass in european parliament. shannon: next, live, with his analysis. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> there is to this day not a single day care center for jewish children, no school for jewish children that does not need to be guarded by german policeman. shannon: donald trump heading to britain for his official state visit and is european election results are in the german chancellor think there is a lot of work to be done to face up to, quote, dark forces like nationalism, populism and anti-semitism rising across the world.
12:51 am
let's bring in the host of the next revolution, senior advisor to the former british prime minister david cameron, great to have you with us as always. what do you make of this idea that the nationalist, popular stand anti-semitic are being lumped together? is it important to distinguish who is behind what? >> yes. it is offensive to lump them all together is a dark force that must be resisted and fought back. what you've got there is a tiny tiny almost insignificant minority when you look at the overall population, literally neo-nazis who act out those completely reprehensible and unforgivable anti-semitic thoughts and turn them into attacks. everyone condemns them. it is a tiny tiny group whereas what you see across europe is a
12:52 am
larger movement which is entirely appropriate and democratic and part of the mainstream where people are saying either we are fed up with the way immigration has been let go without any kind of control, without any effort to manage it to assimilate numbers of people coming into our country. germany of all places when angela merkel, up to 1 million refugees and other economic migrants from the middle east but people who are sick and tired of the unelected bureaucracy in the eu, the european commission controlling the laws and regulations they live under and can't do anything about that because they don't elect those people and that is the protest you are seeing in the form of populism and to equate that with neo-nazis attacking synagogues is disgusting. shannon: in the us congresswoman omar, one of the most notable
12:53 am
freshman said we need to blow up us foreign-policy because it is not working, said something akin to the green new deal where you start from scratch overhauling everything. she says the perspective and lens that i have is very different from the perspective and lens the drive someone like ted cruz. don't think he is driven by interest of furthering human rights. i think he has a more sinister agenda? what do you think? >> it is so offensive. she is talking about how she has a different perspective as a foreigner. she has got the perspective of a foreign-policy idiot who doesn't understand that actually over the last few decades although it is true that american foreign-policy has got things wrong, involved america in overseas wars that in retrospect could be a mistake, even donald trump says that but the
12:54 am
question, america has been an incredibly powerful force for good in the world by pushing its values forward and backing up those values with the threat of military force and power and to just dismiss all that and say we need to completely rethink it is so ignorant and as someone who comes from another country and been welcomed here like she has a like i have, should have even more respect for the role america has played in the world. not just dismiss it the way she does. heather: there have been calls for her to step down from the house foreign affairs committee. a lot of people question that assignment but it seems she's going to use that platform and rather than backing down comment on the fact that she seems emboldened by us, don't try to shut me down as a woman of color or democrat a refugee, someone trying to do important things. >> i'm not trying to shut her down. or deny her the reality of those
12:55 am
aspects of her background and her story and her personal characteristics. what we are attacking are her ideas and her positions and the policies she espouses and she should expect tough criticism when she says stupid things and to try to dismiss that criticism by calling it racist or sexist is intellectually pathetic. heather: we appreciate your time, thanks for stopping by. are midnight hero gets a chance to walk again. the miraculous story next.
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these letters used to mean something. letters earned in backwoods, high hills, and steep dunes. but somewhere along the way, suvs became pretenders, not pioneers. but you never forgot the difference, and neither did we. there are many suvs, but there's only one legend. hurry in now to the jeep celebration event and get $500 additional bonus cash on select models. ♪ >> shannon: check it out. shannon: logan moore needed a walker for motor skills but his parents were worried their insurance would not cover it so they planned to build a special one on their own but when they went to the cedartown home depot to buy supplies a group of employees that heard about this already had a plan. why logan and his parents did this they built a walker made especially for logan and even
1:00 am
put his name on the front. he is adorable. thank you to the staff at the home depot, you are our heroes tonight. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. i am shannon bream. >> freaking huge tornado! absolutely huge! heather: this is "fox and friends first" happening at 4:00 am on the east coast. terrifying twisters all the way to the east coast. entire homes ripped from their foundations turning neighborhoods into war zones was the extent of the damage is unknown as millions now brace for historic flooding. we are live with the latest that you need to know. border wall battle, crowdfunding of the president's while on


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