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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 31, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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completely trying to manipulate what we talk about before 2020 silencing conservative voices is not just a talking point. it is happening. listen to that. it is unbelievable. dan patrick was on about the ongoing immigration pressures, good for trump and mexico, ed henry is in for shannon bream. take it from here. you look so magisterial tonight. >> i've not heard that word in this context before. we begin with a fox news alert, breaking on the heels of the largest ever apprehension of illegals by border officials donald trump announcing new tariffs on mexico. he is declaring he will gradually increase until mexico does something about the surge of illegal immigrants. on offense over immigration but maybe playing a little defense over robert mueller the president question the puzzle counsel's motives after the out by raising press statement that said we can't prove the
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president is in the innocent, the democrats weighing impeachment proceedings and now the attorney general is speaking out. william barr said they could have reached a decision on whether the president committed a crime. let's go straight to our correspondent trace gallagher, breaking details which are already shaking up the dow futures. >> this is the antipolitical and economically, the trump administration says beginning june 10th the us will impose a 5% tariff on all goods imported from mexico and the tariff won't be lowered until the mexican government takes dramatic action to reduce or eliminate illegal immigrants crossing the border. this is not being framed as a trade battle but an immigration battle and the advisory says if mexico doesn't act fast the tariffs will continue to rise
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until they hit 25% on october 1st. >> crisis at the border is now the crisis at the border is urgent and we are interested in seeing the mexican government react tonight, tomorrow. they know they can do it, we know they can do it. >> the president issued a statement reading, quote, the united states is a great country that can no longer be exploited due to its foolish and irresponsible immigration laws and gop senator lindsey graham offered support quoting if mexico does not do more we will have over 1 million illegal immigrants from central america next year. i don't like tariffs but in this case it is a national security issue and mexico needs to change their behavior. some critics believe this could undermine the passage of the us-mexico canada trade agreement, with the white house or house homeland security committee saying, quote, the president of the united states has of the lack of understanding when it comes to both immigration and basic economics, this is asinine. mexico's top diplomat for north america says, quote, it is disastrous.
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of this threat is carried out it would be extremely serious. the president's move comes after 1000 illegal immigrants apprehended by border agents near el paso, the largest single apprehension of migrants ever, including people from guatemala, el salvador and honduras was border stations are already overwhelmed with the inflexible migrant families and border patrol agents can't secure the border because they are feeding and caring for those families. the washington post reports 1000 unaccompanied migrant children being held in us border facilities are staying beyond their legal time limit. they will be transferred to shelters within 72 hours, the border patrol said the crush of migrants is very limited. >> the new tariffs threat on mexico adding 2 weeks of pain on wall street. you can see down futures at a
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sharply lower open from all three major indices, not just the dow. we are seeing declines accelerate as the night goes on. we will keep an eye on that. let's get to another fox news alert breaking tonight, reports that north korean dictator heather nauert the execution of several top officials in the wake of the failed nuclear summit with donald trump. is kristin fisher with this breaking story. we were there in hanoi covering summit 2.0, little did we know as we fell apart the dictator is pretty upset. >> so many of us were wondering if something like this might happen but it is all about -- not surprising given kim jong un's history but still pretty shocking because this would be like the president of the united states imprisoning his secretary of state and executing his top deputy. that has never happened in this
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country but it shows how high up this purge in north korea really goes to the top two negotiators with the united states in the run-up to the second nuclear summit in vietnam in february, one month later south korean newspaper reports the number 2 was charged with spying for the united states and executed by firing squad an airfield just outside pyongyang. four other foreign ministry officials were also executed. as for the senior negotiator who had been secretary of state, mike pompeo's counterpart at the summit who even visited the white house was reportedly subjected to forced labor and ideological education, the paper reports kim jong un is blaming all of them for the summit's collapsed. remember his translator? she is also reportedly sent a political prison camp for undermining kim jong un's authority by making a mistake while interpreting at the summit. north korea has not confirmed or denied this purge the state
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newspapers said acting like one is reviewing the leader in front of others but dreaming of something else when one turns around as an anti-party, anti-revolutionary act that has run away the moral fidelity towards the leader and such people will not avoid the stern judgment of the revolution. plots between the us and north korea stalled since the vietnam summit and there are no plans to pick them up as of now. relations have even gotten worse, north korea resuming testing and executing a special envoys to the united states. this is all coming from one source in one south korean newspaper. no other news organization can confirm it but the paper has been right in the path and kim jong un has a history of executing those closest to him like his half-brother and his uncle too. >> , poisoning the half-brother, appreciate it. several dozen house democrats have joined the push for
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impeaching donald trump. attorney general william barr is pushing back tonight on robert mueller after he appeared to contradict some of william barr's summary of the russia investigation. >> could have reached a conclusion, to indicted president when he is in office but he could have reached a decision whether there was criminal activity. but he had his reasons for not doing it which he explained. i'm not going to argue about those reasons but when he did make a decision, the deputy attorney general rodriguez and sign and i felt it was necessary for us as the heads of the department to reach that decision. >> very limited cia analyst, welcome to both of you. buck, we have the latest count is 51 house democrats breaking tonight are now saying to nancy
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pelosi we want to see impeachment proceedings move forward at a time when the president said impeachment is a, quote, dirty, filthy, disgusting word. where are we? >> this is what i think the purpose of the mueller press conference was, to revive the issue and put more wind in the sales of the pro impeachment crowd on capitol hill. the democrats all along have been looking for the opportunity despite having a target about how trump has been unethical and terrible but not sure they have enough to impeach him yet. if he were that dire threat they would already know that, they wouldn't be making obvious political calculations whether to do this and mueller in a sense might have done trump a favor. anyone on the fence about whether he was acting like a partisan in this process has been put to rest. he said the report speaks for itself. why is he speaking 6 weeks after
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the report came out to tell us things he didn't need to be told? they couldn't prove he was innocent turning centuries of jurisprudence on its head, that is not the way it is supposed to go, you have resumption of innocence. he said he could have made the call and should have made the call, didn't do it as a tactic to turn this over to congress for impeachment, that is what he wanted and that is what he is getting. >> the speech in the new york post says among other things this was a disgraceful mess by robert mueller. i couldn't exonerate him point is fitting for another reason. since when do prosecutors exonerate people? that is a prosecutor's job. irrefutable physical evidence, prosecutors will say something exculpatory. even in most of these cases usually drop charges on grounds of insufficient evidence, not positive proof of innocence. >> that is dead wrong. they do it every day. what they don't do is publicize it but william barr decided and
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i think with good reason to publicize it. we had an inquiry were justice department rules and constitutional interpretation left an actual judgment of guilt off the table. all that was left to say is we couldn't exonerate. if you look carefully including at the reported is pretty clear the conduct mueller has found is obstruction any day of the week, any court in the land, any other person except the president. finally, this attack on mueller's integrity, fantasyland, nobody knows mueller credits the notion that he is somehow a partisan. >> a lot of republicans don't like donald trump. its exoneration is the standard that would be news to the 3 other doj officials i've spoken to in the last 24 hours to all say this is novel at best and
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unethical is more apt description. >> 100% wrong. >> your explanation -- >> the claimed obstruction is so obvious, it is so obvious why didn't mueller say he broke the law? the reason -- if he picked one of the 10 possible counts then people could repudiate it and say that is a stretch, the doj would have a fight. he didn't want that to be adjudicated, he wanted to go to congress -- two quick points. i don't think you read the report. 84-87, volume 2 will tell you chapter and verse and gave the reasons of the reasons, he was bending over backwards to be fair to trump. >> that is a fantasy. >> he specifically said he could have gone the other way and i agree, for reasons of fairness he didn't go there and yet he left no doubt.
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if you actually read and look, seasoned prosecutors, nonpartisan, it is an overwhelming case for obstruction. >> the president does not think so. >> the president doesn't, i agree with that. >> you will be shocked by what elizabeth warren thinks she can get for america at a low, low cost. >> we can also provide universal, tuition free, technical school, to your college and for your college for everyone. >> the prices are so low they are insane. here to unpack the reality on that and do a little fact checking the. letters earned in backwoods, high hills, and steep dunes. but somewhere along the way, suvs became pretenders, not pioneers. but you never forgot the difference, and neither did we.
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2020 tonight. >> counting down to 2020, it is out here starting with pete buttigieg's brother-in-law accusing his campaign of lying about his family's passed for political gain. it started when the washington post detailed buttigieg's husband left his family home and was rejected by his brothers after coming out as gay. 's brother-in-law says that is not the case, nobody in the family made him leave. he told the washington examiner a mayor from a small city and his husband, a child who grew up with nothing at his parents kicked him out makes a perfect political story for the campaign. to me that is very sad. of that is all you have to stand on you are not fit to be president of the united states. democratic front runner joe biden, his wife, jill biden, says his inappropriate touching is over. >> it took a lot of courage for women to step forward and say
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you are in my space and joe heard that and it won't happen again. he heard what they were saying. >> a list of all the free programs, others with foreign center 2% tax on wealthy americans will fund. >> to sense, we cannot only do that. we can also provide universal tuition free technical school to your college and for your college for everyone. [applause] >> plus universal childcare for every baby 80-5. universal pre-k for every 3-year-old and 4-year-old in this country and raise the wages of every child care worker and free school. >> senator warner is promising all those things if elected president by taxing the wealthy
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by 2%. the chairman of the american conservative union joins us, good to see you. she says she is going to give you these 3 things, unicorns, all kinds of great things, to sense in that soundbite, she meant 2%, all kinds of free things. >> they are so good at the messaging. $0.02 on every dollar which is a 2% increase in your tax rate. this is trillions of dollars over a longer go of time as we tried this under obama. it is called socialism, free birth control, we will make sure healthcare is more affordable. my private insurance rates went from $2000 a month pre-obamacare to $4000 a month post obamacare. socialism never works because in the end when you promise free things to more people they are not industrious to try to make their own changes in their life
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and other people usually in the middle class have to pay those bills so when she talks about all these experiments and expanding socialism where do you start? what if you need a car to get to work? should you get a free car? if you need public transportation wide you have to pay for the bus or the metro for the train. solution -- that means the government runs everything and we're living in the post office held. >> how has been very polite and i see him nodding his head or shaking his head vigorously. what say you? >> don't know where he's going next, we take away medicare and medicaid because that is socialism? what about the highway program the government funded which made america great in the 50s? what is not saying any smarter not say it because it is a very clever program senator warner has put forward. she's only talking about taxing people whose wealth is over $50 million. i don't think either of us are at that level lowers anyone watching this program. is not talking about the obama era tax increases or rolling
12:21 am
back the trump tax cuts but texting the wealthiest of the wealthy and using that money to pay for some programs. >> on the other hand i've got to challenge you because of effects which is seen as a nonpartisan group that is attacking donald trump all the time, they say analysts across the political spectrum said warren makes a lot of assumptions. many parts of her plan raise uncertainty, numbers hard to fact check, could throw her numbers into doubt. you say this will add up. only the richest of the rich. politico fax which is nonpartisan says you are wrong. >> every time somebody proposes a program when running for president the numbers don't always at up but what she is on to is that most americans who run small businesses, people hoping to make more money who don't want to tax increase aren't unaffected by this program. perhaps we can use it for something better than her ideas.
12:22 am
>> elizabeth warren told me on the view that this will all add up. now you're telling me -- >> everybody says that. ever since -- >> george w. bush -- >> ever since the great society by lyndon johnson was put in place as the second chapter to the new deal we have had runaway government spending and what do we know about colleges and universities and all these things she says should be free and all these school loans should be forgiven you know who administers the school loan program? the federal government? do you know who makes her tuition so hard? the federal government, we subsidize every aspect of higher education. we want those prices to come down, joe lunch bucket shouldn't pay for all the research on these college campuses or funding it with all of this financial aid. government is making college
12:23 am
affordability problem worse. it is government impoverishing people with this college debt. why don't we pull that government, don't make it bigger, make it smaller. >> you get the last point. i hear from you and other democrats the media is exaggerating this, the parties not moving too far to the left but john hickenlooper said you have to be careful if you're going to support socialism and go too far to the left. >> the governor is correct and that is where we have to have a rigorous primary debate of the truth will come out, and ultimately we will have a nominee. i don't believe the nominee is going to be the farthest to the left in terms of our candidates. we will have a centrist left-center nominee will have a great chance of taking on donald trump successfully. >> thanks for coming in and
12:24 am
having a civil discussion. another 2020 candidate reports the former democratic candidate for florida governor and former tallahassee mayor and regular was named in a grand jury subpoena. federal investigators demanding documents relating to his political action committee in his 2018 gubernatorial campaign. there had been an fbi campaign. now gillam tells the tampa bay times is ready to assist investigators in their probe. we know the fbi's probing corruption in city hall during the last campaign. he repeatedly denied the investigation had anything to do with him. new details and we will stay on it. from cocaine to pay outs to pulling punches. what new jussie smollett documents show and what it means for jussie smollett, the actor, and the prosecutors who tried to pardon him.
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whoooo. did you know the exact same hotel room... ...can have many different prices? that's why tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites to find the lowest price on the hotel you want. your perfect hotel room for the perfect price! ♪ >> ed: breaking tonight, a chicago police releasing 4 >> chicago police releasing 460 pages of documents related to the investigation into empire
12:29 am
actor jussie smollett's alleged fake hate crime. mark meredith here to tell us what we are learning tonight. >> reporter: newly released records show chicago police were told days after jussie smollett was indicted that the case against him may not go to trial and might be settled with a finance community service. that is one of many new details coming to light after a judge ordered hundreds of police file side to the case to be made public. newly released records show chicago police, jussie smollett only hours after he claimed he was brutally assaulted by two men he claims were am aga supporters, detectives a lot of questions about jussie smollett app store including clothes worn during the attack. detectives asked about the sweater not getting dirty to which he explained they were on the ice and snow. documents released thursday number in the hundreds and go into detail about how detectives came to see jussie smollett not as a victim but as a suspect.
12:30 am
>> news commentators and even presidential candidates waiting on something that was choreographed by an actor. >> reporter: document layout what police knew about two brothers who new jussie smollett and later claimed they were hired to carry out the assault. records show the men were trying not to hurt jussie smollett too much during the attack as they, quote, began hitting him about the body being careful to pull punches and rubbing knuckles in his face trying to bruise him without hurting him too badly. police records revealed text messages jussie smollett send the brothers months before the incident asking about drugs. after investigating the assault claims police determined it was a hoax and charged jussie smollett with disorderly conduct. those charges were later dropped surprising many in the chicago police department and these documents are part of the investigation. police say there's a lot more to come including hours of videos released in the next coming
12:31 am
days. >> a major twist in the case involving eddie gallagher, the decorated navy seal charged with murdering and isis prisoner in iraq. monetary judge -- from pretrial confinement citing interference by prosecutors. the stunning move drew gasps from those in the courtroom in san diego where lawyers getting his case dismissed altogether over prosecutorial misconduct. the judge said freeing gallagher removes the potential for future interference from prosecutors but does not mean he is free from prosecution. the prosecutors charged him with premeditated murder in the death of a teenage islamic state fighter. handed over to the seal team after he was wounded by iraqi armed forces. they claim he stabbed the teen in the neck.
12:32 am
louisiana democratic governor signed a new law banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected which can be as early as six weeks. >> reporter: supporting a bill to restrict abortion goes against the grain of national democrats but louisiana governor john bell edwards explained in a statement in 2015 iran for governor as a pro-life candidate. after serving as the pro-life legislature for eight years. as governor i have been true to my word and my beliefs on this issue. louisiana state house passed the bill 79-23 banning doctors from performing abortions once a heartbeat can be detected. as early as 6 weeks into a pregnancy. it makes no exception for cases involving rape or incest. >> i don't know how we can sit here and think that we could make judgment on someone who has
12:33 am
been violently raped or incest and not only require that they have the baby but require they raise that baby. >> we celebrate freedom in america but i believe my choice ends when another life begins. >> after the bill's passage the aclu of louisiana tweeted we are committed to making sure this brazen attack on the constitutional rights to abortion access never takes effect. the aclu is a familiar player when it comes to opposing state laws attempting to restrict abortion. what is different in the case of louisiana is the ally abortion opponents of found in a democratic governor. >> we begin where in the world, the canadian prime minister bashing mike pence's views on abortion during a meeting in ottawa. justin trudeau says canadians
12:34 am
are concerned about what he called anti-choice laws being passed in america but the vice president says he's proud to be part of a pro-life administration and called the democratic party the party of, quote, infanticide. abortion is legal in canada and often covered. meanwhile saudi oil production rising in may. exports from iran collapsed as a result of tough new sanctions from the united states. reuters news agency services iran exported as much oil is in april. us sanctions causing a decrease in venezuela's oil output. iraqi authorities calling a series of deadly explosions acts of terrorism. officials saying the blast caused by improvised expose of devices killed four and wounded 23. no suspects have been named but some authorities are pointing fingers at isis. cuba grappling with shortages at communist state run stores for government rationing, leading to
12:35 am
long lines. small-market stands were cubans try to go where the lines are too long are seeing their prices soar out of reach for ordinary people. a source of fresh produce costing up to half of some of cuba's monthly salaries. unbelievable. trouble in california. a trash nightmare in downtown la creating a freedom drought for deadly diseases and it has hit la's finest. or it isn't. it's either testing an array of advanced safety systems. or it isn't. it's either the peace of mind of a standard 5-year unlimited mileage warranty. or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned. or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. now through may 31st. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer.
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>> the environment today is different, allowing many diseases to crop up. >> because of the tents and people on the street as a result, they are eating on the streets, homeless people, donating food, when you feed them in the streets, they throw what they don't want into the streets. the rats are carrying flea borne diseases.
12:40 am
ed: typhus, an outstanding report by hillary von, with lapd senior leader dion joseph in march. and lapd officer has contracted the contagious bacteria that causes typhoid fever. a second officer had typhoid like symptoms. the central division is in the heart of skid row in downtown la. the latest troubles are coming from inside the building. a shocking story we will talk about with republican national association lawyer harvey dylan. let's start with you. you are in california. what is going on? >> it is a crisis situation in our cities with a combination of the ninth circuit telling cities they can't move people along and it is okay to live on the streets combined with feckless
12:41 am
politicians who don't want to balance or contain the problem. lapd officers have been issued have your gloves to deal with this situation, coming into contact with human waste and diseases but it isn't enough. we have a problem, a third detective may be suffering these symptoms and we are looking at plague, contagion, a huge problem. rob: it is not the police officer's job to clean up the streets of excrement and other things. they are out to police the streets, to keep all of us safe yet they themselves are getting sick. >> god bless our law enforcement who put themselves on the front lines every day. here is my reality. each of us has a choice. we should look at this from the place of compassion or you can choose to look at the homeless with contempt. i choose compassion. what does that mean?
12:42 am
starting by understanding our homelessness crisis starts from lack of affordable housing. the second reason is domestic violence. who are the homeless? single mothers, children of single mothers, veterans. we need to find ways of innovating, prevention, rapid housing and try to find how to address this problem. it is not something just facing la. congrats to la because there homelessness members of decreased. the biggest decreases come with veterans. >> you are putting your finger on some important issues particularly the homeless issue in general but critics of democratic officials in los angeles have been calling them out for their policies. this is a article from may 27th,
12:43 am
skyhigh piles of trash making downtown la unlivable. leftist mayor garcetti and the leftist city council lack the will or intestinal fortitude for such actions lose their so-called compassion for the homeless prevent any true solution to the problem. perhaps the waste problem in la is poetic justice. the town's movie industry has been polluting the culture for decades. maybe the culture is responding in kind. >> that is a lot of hyperbole. i am sorry, there is nothing compassionate about allowing people to live in squalid medieval conditions on our streets. after the housing issue, i actually walked down the streets every day, i walk to work and it is not the kind of people you're describing. it is people who are mentally ill, using drugs, shooting up and the reason we have a housing shortage is democrats running california. simplistic answers are not the
12:44 am
answer. the politicians have a duty to all the americans who live in these cities, not just the homeless, to actually start killing people. no joke, not an experiment we should be doing with our people. >> perfectly fine for you to go down the road of personal attacks but the reality is affordable housing is a crisis in this country. what i would like to see his expertise dealing with this. it is shocking that the secretary of housing, the leader who is supposed to understand affordable housing issues has no expertise on this. politicians are responsible for dealing with this issue. it should not be politicized or pointing fingers at democrats. >> let's start from a place of compassion in the mental health issue that was brought up, people with mental health should be met with compassion and if
12:45 am
that is why they are homeless we need a solution. >> we have 3 million illegal aliens, if we didn't have those we would have more housing available. >> the immigrant - it is wrong. i am a first-generation american, my parents immigrated here and i'm a proud first-generation american and i'm not going to blame every one of our country's immigrants. ed: everyone needs to come together. thanks for coming on. one of the most operated actresses takes on the liberal hollywood elites for making the case against women. ♪ ♪
12:46 am
♪ ♪ applebee's new loaded fajitas. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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>> ed: going against the hollywood liberal elite, actress ed: meryl streep says we are hurting our boys by using the term toxic masculinity saying women can be toxic too. stephanie hamel, good to see you. what do you think of meryl streep? sometimes i think we hurt our boys by calling something toxic masculinity.
12:50 am
i don't find putting those words together because women can be pretty bleep researching toxic. >> check your toxic masculinity first and then we can talk about it. it is rare that i agree with any of these hollywood folks especially meryl streep. she is normally saying rather crazy things especially when talking about politics but she is right. when we talk about toxic masculinity it is a harmful term to boys and young men. it leads to confusion. in 2019 we need more masculinity in society. i'm tired of holding doors for men. masculinity isn't a bad thing. it is a good thing. there are toxic people and criminals and other things. toxic masculinity is a made up term by feminists and liberals. they like to invent problems. whatever they are trying to fix with this isn't going to be fixed.
12:51 am
ed: do you hold doors open for men? >> i opened doors for everyone. i don't mind doing that for men and women. ed: what do you say about meryl streep? >> i don't agree. she doesn't know what toxic masculinity means when promoting season 2 of her new show. some people believe she doesn't know what it means. it does exist. it is a term which you can label it something else if you like. the term is not hurting men. men commit 90% of crimes in the world. they are one out of four domestic abuse, women domestically abused by men. boys will be boys doesn't fly. ed: we don't want to paint all men with the same brush and say they are all bad. >> of course not. luckily we have given a label to a problem and there is a problem with men's behavior, toxic masculinity is hurting people in
12:52 am
men commit most of the murders. >> i would like to know what the definition of toxic masculinity is. it is always taking one thing to deal with a crime committed by men, violence but the next day hearing about men man spreading on metro and how that makes women feel uncomfortable. what is the definition of toxic masculinity? ed: do you have a definition? >> toxic people, poisonous, dangerous. if you remember the term boys will be boys it has given an excuse to bad behavior. toxic masculinity is likely to the past. >> i disagree with that. affairs toxic masculinity there is toxic femininity and women aren't going to like that. rob: ed: this and to eric swalwell about being a mailman tray gaudi had fun with it. >> why should another white guy
12:53 am
be president? >> a white guy who doesn't see other identities. i do. where there would be gaps in my knowledge or experience i pass the mike to people who do have that experience. i pledged i would ask a woman to serve as vice president. >> it is a sad reflection on our politics that people are apologizing for things over which they have no control at all. most of my fellow citizens reject that and see this as pandering, trying to climb all the way up to 1% in the polling. ed: let me pass the buck to you. >> swalwell needs to pass the mic to other minorities in the democratic field. if you think about it, the democrats who run on identity politics. now men like swalwell lie in their own bed because they've been playing along with that you see him always apologizing for
12:54 am
being a man in america. this is embarrassing. he should be ashamed of himself. he is not going anywhere in this campaign anyway, he is 1%. imagine what world leaders are thinking when they see presidential candidates like this. it makes america look weak. >> with the leader we have right now america looks crazy. we have a guy who wants to be president apologizing, a president who apologizes for nothing is the world is saying this is refreshing. we might have a leader that apologizes in america. what a relief. >> men shouldn't apologize for being men. ed: thanks for coming in. next, a special tribute to a sports agent, the greatest contract in major league baseball history. he did not back up the bank truck, he provided the gift. [music playing] (vo) this is jerry.
12:55 am
jerry has a membership to this gym, but he's not using it. and he has subscriptions to a music service he doesn't listen to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch. this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo.
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>> by the way, a s ed: a shout out to california, home of the man responsible for the greatest baseball contract in history. .scott morris, dennis gilbert who security unique deal for robert bonilla who retired a decade ago, another deferred payment of $1.3 million. the checks keep coming every year until 2035. coming up in a few weeks, go-go gilbert who was fast in the minors always sitting behind home plate in every dodgers game, we grew concerned because we couldn't spot him. i am happy to report he is recovering at home, very charitable guy, to help the guys who don't make that money, gilbert, will go go back to the
1:00 am
ballpark by july 1st. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, my son patrick graduated from high school today. heather: is friday, may 31st. happening at 4:00 on the east coast a fox news alert. crisis game changer. donald trump imposing crippling tariffs on mexico if the surge of illegal immigrants doesn't stop, the move as border patrol arrests 1000 migrants at one time. will mexico finally be forced to act. >> this is the behavior that reminds us how repressive and outrageous this leadership is in north korea. heather: going nuclear the brutal purge from kim jong un's staff after negotiations with donald trump went south.


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