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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 31, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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15% unless the mexicans stop immigrants from coming to the united states from central america. cavuto will have more. "your world" begins now. >> forget the wall. now president trump is trying to slam mexico in the wallet. who is really going to pay? hello, everyone. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." the message from the white house to mexico, tighten up the southern border or your economy could get tight with a dose of tariffs on all mexican goods. that has stocks here feeling very tight today. the dow closing below 25,000 for the first time since january 31. what is the fallout from this? we're all over it. we have kevin corke on what the president is planning. jackie deangelis or why investors and consumers should be worried and the border patrol union chief on why his members are applauding.
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first to kevin at the white house. kevin? >> good to be with you. this great frustration here at the white house. make no mistake, the president is fed up. he's not willing to go from tough talk on illegal immigration to very serious talks about tariffs. let's take you inside the numbers, a tweet from the president tweet, again, assailing the mexican government for passive cooperation from the mass migration. an incursion into our country along the southern border. to the tweet first. he says mexico has taken advantage of the u.s. for decades because of the dems. our immigration laws are bad. mexico makes a fortune from the u.s. have for decades. they can easily fix this problem. time for them to finally do what must be done. what is he talking about, charles? he's talking about tariffs. 5% on all goods coming in from mexico that goes to 25% on october 1 if he were to follow-through with the threat if mexico's government doesn't
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do something. in one single instance this week, more than 1,000 people, charles were apprehended on the southern border, on top of the hundreds of thousands that came here last year and the year before. so the message is clear. mexico has to help the u.s. or they'll pay a very heavy price. >> we're asking mexico to enforce their own laws to help stop the people coming in from central america. we've seen a massive influx of people coming in from that region. they have the ability and the legal authority in which to deal with it. we're asking them to do that. >> as for mexico's president, he has a strong take on this as well. he almost appears to be questioning the validity of national sovereignty. he says president trump says social problems are not resolved with taxes or coercive measures. he says the statue of liberty is not an empty symbol. the slogan america first is a fallacy.
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even until the end of time, justice and universal fraternity will prevail above national borders. wow! on capitol hill, a bitter push back from republicans. joni ernst, from iowa, saying this. it's clear that we need to address the unprecedented flow of immigrants and it's imperative that mexico do their part to stop the stream of these migrants. that being said, livelihoods of iowa farmers and producers are at stake. no word yet, charles, on just when we might hear from the u.s. -- the mexico trade reps that are said to be on their way to washington. kellyanne conway just down the driveway was talking about this. if i get good nuggets, i'll pass them along. happy weekend. >> thanks very much. all that had investors selling big time today and saying may day for the entire month. we're now looking at the first losing month of 2019.
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to jackie deangelis on what has investors running for the exits right now, jackie. >> good afternoon. investors as you can see, not responding well to this new threat from president trump of imposing tariffs on mexican imports to stop migrants from crossing the border. it was a surprise for the markets. they were hoping for the relief with the coming passage of the usmca. but the additional issue could impact millions of goods, products like cars, machinery, fruits, vegetables. really the whole gamut there. the fear and uncertainty was in the markets because of the china threat. now the yield on the market, 2.14%. we saw that dropping. that's because investors are flying for shelter. they want safety. you get it in the ten-year note. today the dow is down 354 points. closed at session lows. also closed under 25,000 for the
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first time since january 31. remember, that is a very key psychological mark for investors. pretty much every stock, almost every stock on the dow was in the red today. oil prices are also in lock step telling the story, too, closing add $53.50. it wasn't long ago that we saw oil trading well over $60. when you have fears about economic growth, oil prices drop because investors worry about demand and the future. some of the sectors that we saw hit hit the hardest, the autos were one of them. companies like g.m., like ford, like toyota, like fiat chrysler. g.m. got hit the hardest. 4% in losses today. this is because these companies import steel and aluminum from mexico. the car part makers, they lieutenant got hit. companies like stone ridge, dana incorporated seeing red as well. for the month, the dow suffering about a 6.5% loss.
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the nasdaq getting hit hard. the s&p 500, 6.5%. this is the worst made that the market has seen in nine years, charles. so since 2010. it was staggering for the losses. >> yeah, pretty good advice. doesn't always work that way. did this time. thanks, jackie. not everyone at the white house is on board with this new immigration plan. president trump's top trade adviser and steve mnuchin were opposed to these potential tariffs on mexico. so is this the right plan at the right time? ed, what do you through? >> i think the president missed a golden opportunity here. he has gone out and met with the people like kim jong-un and developed these personal relationships and tried to get positive results. he could have done that with mexico's president. instead, he decided to implement
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a tax on the american people. if you were a texan, what this 5% tax does, is it raises taxes on texans by 5.35 billion. if it goes to 25%, it will go up to 28% in terms of the tax. very, very punitive to us as americans as opposed to mexico. >> although the mexico pest so got hammered. i think ultimately it will hurt mexico more than us. we don't have to buy these things that come across. >> speak for yourself. i love guacamole. >> we know the president's style is a carrot and stick approach. the stick came first. now kevin corke just mentioned kellyanne conway, there was a question about meeting with mexico. she did say they're on their way. she was also asked will this jeopardize usmca? she said it should not. this goes on parallel tracks. congress could approach this and
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mexico could work on this at the same time and improving the immigration policy, kat. >> i hope that this is just trump doing that thing where he comes out with something really bold and big and kind of scary sounding and it just amounts to rhetoric. tariffs are a tax on the american consumer. i know that he wants mexico to feel the pain, but american consumers will feel the pain. >> i want to push back on that. there's not a single person that says -- this is the way it works. first, the currency is adjusted. the u.s. dollars up up 3%. that almost wipes out the 5%. the exporters take a lower price. if mexico or china sells us something at $10, we don't have customers for it, they sell it at $9. that's why china's economy is getting crushed. the stores take a bite, vendors take a bite. if any store can raise prices
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25%, woolworth would be in business. sears would still be in business. let's go beyond that. that's a fallacy that somehow any business can take any price and raise it 25%. that's a fallacy. if a business could raise prices 3%, normally their stock goes higher. i do want to bring this up. nancy pelosi has a statement. i have to ask you about that. she's saying listen, of course, she mentioned the usmca. she hopes that president will join bipartisan immigration reform. i think that's what everybody wants. what is stopping that? >> it would be nice to get that. the president has agreed and backed out on his own statements five or six times. the challenge with this and with these tariffs even though it may be a carrot and stick, the u.s. consumer is getting the stick now. j.p. morgan called this the make abysmal growth plan -- >> you know we grew 3.2% after a year's tariffs on china.
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but this carrot thing came out on mexico. it's not gone into effect. we're talking about immigration and prices. let's talk about it here. in april, 109,000 illegal immigrants apprehended. many march, 100,000. in february, 76,000. every one of those numbers are up 100% or more year over year. this isn't a crisis that happened with trump's tweet. it's been in effect a long time. let's be honest. isn't this just a better political ploy for democrats that they have made a calculation that as long as this is an issue, it's better for them with voters? >> it's not just an issue for democrats or politicians. we spent $16 billion paying farmers for the hurt we caused them. >> we're talking about immigration -- let's not conflate these things. i'm talking about immigration policy that by the way, unaccompanied children, almost 9,000 in april. the numbers are staggering.
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why aren't the democrats doing anything about this? >> you need the president and the senate to come along. we've had agreements on -- >> hold on. >> multiple times -- >> we've had agreements of eight people. this predates donald trump. because i mean, we've been waiting longer for immigration law than the next "game of thrones" book. here's the problem with what trump is doing. there's an immigration crisis and getting worse. if trump in doing this -- yes, american consumers might buy products elsewhere and it would -- >> neil: we agree this will -- you will create a commit issue in mexico that makes the problem worse. but we know mexico is on the way and hopefully they will mitigate this. >> i don't think it will work. mexico has said they're not going to respond to economic threats. >> they will.
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i think they will. >> if they launch a retaliatory tariff, that could america as well. >> it could. we have a pretty strong economy right now. all we're asking mexico is to do just enforce some immigration rules that you have on the books. i wish we had more time. love you guys. talk soon. meanwhile, democrat adam schiff calling republican as bunch of could you wards for failing to stand up to president trump. what does trey gowdy think of that? gowdy is here. creating the future. so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. e-commerce deliveries to homes ohone day you'll tell yourse grandkids about it. and they'll say, "grandpa just tell us about humpty dumpty". and you'll say, "he broke his pelvis or whatever, now back to my creamy heinz mayonnaise". heinz mayonnaise,
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if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions. decrease alcohol use. use caution driving or operating machinery. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. the most common side effect is nausea. quit smoking "slow turkey." talk to your doctor about chantix. >> charles: investigating the investigators. attorney general bill barr has critics all fired up after launching a probe into how this whole trump russia investigation started. something tells me though, he could care less what his critics have to say. >> any attorney general in this period is going to end up losing a lot of political tcapital.
1:16 pm
i realize that. i thought that's why i should take it on. my stage in life, it doesn't make any difference. >> the end of your career or -- >> i'm at the end of my career. >> it's a reputation that you worked your whole life on. >> yeah, but everyone dies. >> charles: former republican congressman and fox news contributor, trey gowdy. trey, what do you make of this? i have to tell you personally, bill barr has been refreshing and i feel confident and to getting some true closure on all of this. >> yeah, he's a serious legal mind trying to do a legal job in an impossible political environment. i appreciate his willingness to accept this role. there was another friend of mine named john ratcliffe that was up for it. most people will take a long hard look at whether or not they want to submit themselves to the confirmation process and
1:17 pm
secondarily, the unmitigated duplicity and hypocrisy that exists in our current political environment. i'm glad he did it. he's a really good lawyer. but everything that cops out of his mouth is subject to a political analysis. no lawyer can function in that environment. >> charles: you hit the nail on the head. it's polarizing political environment is not going to go away any time soon. you know, while bill barr talks about being at the end of his career, he's at a point right now where he can get something done. otherwise, it's just going to be left out there. it's going to be up to interpretation. even after perhaps the i.g.'s report, his report, everything else. both sides will probably take what they want from this. the american people desperately are seeking closure. >> i think they are. the american people desperately want a department of justice that they have confidence in, even if they may disagree with
1:18 pm
certain institutions. he's a doj guy from way back. he cares about repairing the reputation of that department and the bureau. he's the boss of the bureau in a sense as well. so i'm glad he's there. i think if given the time and the objectivity and an open-minded jury, he can get to the bottom of some of these. half the country at least and certainly half the congress doesn't have any interest in getting to the factual predicate of russia or whether or not the fisa application process was abused. it's an outcome determinative world. if you don't like trump, nothing will change that. if you like trump, nothing will change that. >> charles: so if we find the origins of this russia probe were nefarious to begin with and the complaints voiced from day one are legitimate, then what does -- you're saying that shouldn't have any impact on the way things are? >> i'm saying it won't. >> charles: really?
1:19 pm
>> i don't think so. you've got peter strzok with a historic level of bias who is leading the russia investigation. he said his real concern was that there was no there there. if it would result in impeachment, he wasn't interested. this is the lead fbi agent. i finally found a cop that democrats can defend and support. unfortunately, it was peter strzok. i couldn't believe in that hearing they're defending someone with a historic level of animus and bias. >> charles: listen to this. >> over time i've had senior republicans that will say in hush tones, keep doing what you're doing. but i'm frankly exhausted be i the private misgivings. people need to speak out. [applause] i think there's an epidemic of
1:20 pm
cowardess in the gop. this president doesn't stand for anything the republican part stood for. >> an epidemic of cowardess. what do you think? >> i don't know that any republican worried about him. there's three that he likes. those that voted with democrats, those that lose and nose that die. this is the same adam sheriff that did everything he could to keep you from finding out that hillary clinton had her own server and classified information traversed that server. he did everything he could to make sure you never found that out, charles. the dossier? you wouldn't know about it was up to adam schiff. he went to court to make sure you did not know that the dnc funded christopher steele's work and you wouldn't know about this strzok-page text if it was up to
1:21 pm
adam sheriff. the king of transparency is one of the most overtly partisan charlot charlottens. >> and rand paul clashing with justin amash over calls to impeach the president. we'll have our own libertarian. kennedy is here. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ applebee's new loaded fajitas. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. (danny)ee's new loaded fajitas. after a long day of hard work... have to do more work? (vo) automatically sort your expenses and save over 40 hours a month. (danny) every day you're nearly fried to a crisp, professionally! (vo) you earned it, we're here to make sure you get it.
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1:25 pm
amash. so what is libertarian in its right? let's bring in kennedy. she joins me now. so you're the libertarian. >> yes. >> charles: you get to decide. >> sometimes it's uncomfortable straddling both sides of the casm. >> charles: but there is one. >> and there should be talking about political philosophies. libertarianism is about individual rights and personal responsibility. so i think congressman amash and senator paul are coming at it from two different places. actually they're both right. congressman amash is looking at the report saying if you follow the constitution, there could be impeachable conduct. he's not a fan of the president. he's one of the republicans combative not only with the president but with house leadership of his own party.
1:26 pm
not to mention speaker pelosi. rand paul is right. if you talk about the beginning of the investigation, there's so many outstanding questions. what civil libertarians have been saying a long time, there's a far too great concentration of power that is so attractive for abuse. if you have people that have been used to wielding that power and feeling like they're the good guy protecting us from the bad guys and then they see the candidate is the ultimate bad guy, it's too easy for them to use and abuse that power. rand paul and justin amash have been saying a long time that we have to take a rationale approach to this and scale back some of those tools. >> charles: with that in mind, i'd think representative amash would wait for the i.g. report. bill barr is still doing a lot of investigative work. you talk about the origins of this. people argue hey, if there's no obstruction, which is the main purpose of this two-year forray,
1:27 pm
yeah, the president was on twitter. he didn't make secret his disdain for the process. it wasn't something that he did behind closed doors. how could there been obstruction? >> maybe you didn't rob the bank but you sped and way and got caught for speeding. you could make the case that obstruction happened without a crime. what the president did doesn't amount to a crime. the special counsel is not right not to charge him. i think robert mueller with all of his years experience and with all the money and resources that he had, he could have done a much better job outlining what he thought the president did wrong instead of can't charge him with a crime. if you can't charge him, what is the point of the second part of the investigation in the place place? you have nullified your own premise. >> charles: on that note, i thought it was interesting since there was a second part and they looked into obstruction, nobody
1:28 pm
was charged with obstruction. there was no one else. legally you can't charge the president. it was obvious and you put this many millions of dollars and these many interviews, you couldn't find someone? to your point, mueller punted on this when he should have made form decisions. >> people want to draw paul legals between the clinton impeachment and the nixon investigation and watergate. with watergate, people went to prison. that's how obstruction works. if you're committing conspiracy and perjury, they're serious crimes. it's not a solo sport. is the president unorthodox? does he give into wins? does he shout things? yes. absolutely. i think that is why a lot of people voted for him. does that get him into trouble? yeah, clearly it can be
1:29 pm
problematic for him. that's up to him decide how he comports himself moving forward. >> charles:. trump is not going to change the way he does things. >> and he knows his base wants him to stay the same. >> that's a double edge sword to your point. it propelled him to the white house. on the libertarian side, a few years ago it felt like the libertarianism was gaining a greater foot hold in the gop. has that faded? >> it think it has. any president is the leader of their own party. president trump is a completely didn't kind of republican. he's not a traditional republican. he's not a traditional conservative republican. he's got some limited government instincts, but they're not consistent across the board as you would find with a typical philosophical libertarian. rand paul for quite a while was seen as the frontrunner of the gop pack. that was the post snowden era when we had conversations about
1:30 pm
limiting warrantless government spying. he was leading the charge. he lead the charge against people like gen brennan. is it a different party a different sometime? absolutely. does that mean that a libertarian is not the greatest thing on earth? no, it is. >> charles: final word, kennedy. maybe this is why president trump wants to slam mexico with tariffs. take a look at that. more than 1,000 illegal immigrants crossing the southern border in one day. will the tariffs get mexico to stop the flow? the border patrol chief is next. one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv.
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your business and everyone who counts on you. see how lincoln can help. >> charles: the scene in el paso wednesday where border patrol agents arrest 1,000 illegal immigrants trying to cross the border. that set a record. brandon judd says that this is why we need the president's tariffs on mexico. brandon joins us. thanks, brandon. >> thank you. >> charles: well, the stock market recoiled from the tariffs against mexico. a lot of firms on call street saying it's a mistake. even members of the republican party say it's a mistake.
1:35 pm
you say we're at a drastic place that needs drastic measures? >> absolutely. look, i'm going to use the phrase but i like to put my money where my mouth is. the president is doing exactly that. he understands that the stock market is going to go down for a day, this is deja vu. we saw it with china. it went down but popped back up. the tariffs did not hurt us like everybody said it would. mexico cannot withstand the tariffs. the united states can. if we put this pressure on mexico, illegal immigration will go down. that's 1,000 people that you saw cross the border. that pulled so many of our resources out of the field and it allows the cartels to have access to our border with very little resistance from the border patrol. this is what is taking place and this is why this issue is so important. we can't continue to allow drugs to flow freely into this country, kill united states citizens. we can't continue to allow
1:36 pm
illegalening to flow in and be releases. we have to do something and the president has to do it because congress won't. >> charles: what do you think the president needs to so so that perhaps even the first round of 5% aren't triggered on june 10? what can mexico do immediately? >> it's simple. all they have to do is expand the migrant protection program. allow us to send these individuals that are coming into the united states and asking for asylum, allow us to send them back to mexico and wait their turn in mexico until their asylum hearing comes across. if mexico were to do that, that would drive illegal immigration down exponentially. the fact remains, mexico doesn't want to do that because they want illegal immigration. the amount of money that criminal cartels make on illegal alien smuggling and drug narcotics is a multibillion dollar industry. that money stays mostly in
1:37 pm
mexico and that helps the mexican economy, which is why they have been so reticent in helping the united states in controlling this illegal crisis. >> charles: you're accusing the mexican government of being in bed with drug dealers. >> yeah. we've seen that. look at the el chapo hearing. they came out and said that the former president of mexico was on the take. we know that we're dealing with a corrupt government. that's why mexico is in the position that it is. the united states is a great country because we believe in laws and we try to enforce the laws. mexico does not which is why their economy is where it is and why that country functions the way it does. >> charles: it was suggested earlier and president trump spent a lot of political capital meeting with kim jong-un and met with others and that perhaps the better method to this would have been to meet with mexico's new president, develop a rapport and outreach.
1:38 pm
do you think that was it or is there something with the sense of urgency that precludes that from being an option? >> he's been trying to work with the mexican government for months now to get them to try to help us control this situation. they've done little to nothing. he's been put up against a situation where he has to take drastic measures. if congress is not going to act, if the mexican government is not going to act, the president has to come up with a program and decisions to try to control this problem. we're at a national emergency and we have to do something. 1,000 people in one group crossed. charles, that's triple the size of our previous largest group. we continue to set records. months after month and nobody is doing anything about it. the president is left on his own to -- on his own druthers to do what he needs to do congress has do do their job. mexico has to do their job and the president can do his job. with all three doing it
1:39 pm
together, we can control this situation. >> charles: are you concerned that if this lingers, much like the china trade deal and the tariff goes from 5 to 10 to 15, 25%, they'll have a major impact on mexico's economy and sort of irony there is that they would create more illegal immigration, this time now from central american countries and also from mexicans? >> it's not going to linger. the moment those tariffs kick in, the mexican government has to do something. it will force their hand. they have to do something. i doubt that it would linger. mexico would easily control their southern border. they would easily accept people under the migrant protection program pending their asylum cases. they would have to do something. that's what i would bet. >> charles: i have to jump in here. we have major breaking news. thanks. want to go to catherine herridge. apparently the transcripts have been released, some michael
1:40 pm
flynn documents have been released. catherine herridge is on the phone. apparently this is a voice mail conversation? we going to take a break? we'll take a break and be right back. ♪lean on me, when you're not strong.♪
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>> charles: we have breaking news. new michael flynn documents just released. catherine herridge is on the phone with the latest. catherine? >> charles, thank you. i've just been speaking with john dowd, a former lawyer for president trump. he's confirmed to me that he's the john that is referred to in the voice mail exchange with rob. rob is rob kellner, the lawyer for the former national security adviser, mike flynn. what we see and been released by the court is close to what the special counsel report in the obstruction chapter in the voice mail according to do you do, he says that it was not meant to intimidate.
1:44 pm
it was a longstanding relationship with hellner and he said what people need to understand is that they had what is called a joint defense agreement between flynn and the president's legal team. so there was a broad sharing of information. some of the information would have been sensitive or privileged. he told me that the motivation nor the phone call was to say to flynn's lawyer, if you're going to do a deal, we want a heads-up. because some of this material is sensitive and privileged because of the communications with the president. the other thing i want to say, charles, looking at the order from the judge, my read is he asked for two sets of documents. not only the transcript of the voice mail, which was part of the obstruction volume in the special counsel's report, but more significantly i think the transcripts of phone calls between michael flynn and the russian ambassador, sergei kislyak. it was those phone calls that were the catalyst of the series
1:45 pm
of events and the lies by flynn that led to his termination after the inauguration in 2017. it was the substance of those conversations that were leaked to the media that set the chain of events into motion. based on my reading of the records right now, it does not appear we'll get the kislyak transcripts at least today and i'm not sure how the court will proceed given that action by the government. >> charles: catherine, thanks very much. >> you're welcome. >> charles: more right after this. meantime, national security adviser john bolton is saying that iran was behind those tanker attacks. now he says that he could present that evidence next week to the united nations. what happens next though if he does that? my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed.
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>> charles: national security adviser john bolton says he's seen evidence that iran was behind the oil tanker and pipeline attacks in the gulf. he plans to present it before the u.n. security council next week. where is this going? let's ask fox news senior strategic analyst, general jack keane. thanks for joining us. >> sure. >> charles: we've heard for a while that there was a clear communication with our european allies and why we need it to send the fleet out there, have the show of force. now it appears that john bolton will present that if it is what we think. where do we go from here? >> first of all, these acts were done after the united states had made the announcement that we were going to put some forces back into the region that we had taken out based on credible intelligence. obviously this is a statement that they're making based on evidence that one, they did have
1:50 pm
credible intelligence and number 2, we need to expose the iranians for the malign behavior they're up to. that denied this obviously. they're going after the uae's tankers and the saudi's pipeline. that is an act of war what they're doing here. they have to be called out for it. an international arena like the u.n. is the proper place to do it. what are the iranians up to here? it fills a pattern of aggressiveness that they've had in the region. they dominate lebanon. they're running a water in syria, encroaching on israel from syria and with the rockets and missiles that they provide to hamas and gaza. they toppled the regime. there's certainly heavily involved in that civil war. they undermine all the other countries in the region as well.
1:51 pm
so what the iranians are trying to make with all the push back on them, with this administration has imposed on them -- by the way, charles, no administration has ever pushed iran to the degree that this administration is the doing despite the fact has been doing this for 39 years. they're trying to make a statement to the allies in the region, less to the united states, that look, we're still the major power in this region. despite what the us is trying to do to us, we're not going to try to be deterred. you still have to deal with this major power, iran. that's what they're about. >> charles: you pointed out that these acts are acts of war. yet, there's no chance of us feting ininvolved in a military conflict. there's more and more evidence that the economic sanctions are biting to the point that you have to worry about the internal turmoil in that country. >> the economy has contracted 6%. inflation is up 37%.
1:52 pm
their currency has taken a steep dive. food shortages routine, power outages, rising unrest in the country around the whole country. the elites and the upper class not touched by it. they're well-protected. the middle class and others are beginning to feel the bite. the other thing that is happening, which is good news, their proxies, the hezbollahs, the huthis, they're not getting the resources that they're used to getting because iran does not have it. so we have to continue on the path we're on, charles. the administration i think has called this right. keep the pressure on these guys. remember, job 1 here is to change their behavior in the region, charles and stop this aggressive malign behavior. number 2 is we don't want them to have nuclear weapons. three, the president truly wants them to come back to the negotiation table so we can put
1:53 pm
these issues back on the agenda. >> on the other end, some are saying beware of the saudis. let's not fight their battles when it comes to huthis and yemens. are you concerned about where they are? are they on the same page as us? >> this is about u.s. national interest. it's not about saudi arabia. the iranians began killing news the 80s. they blew up the lebanon embassy, the annex, the marine barracks, the kuwait embassy, blew up the air force barracks in saudi arabia, targeted u.s. soldiers for four years in iraq. a specially designed ied that would penetrate anything. they have been after us for a long time. we're finally pushing back. no democratic or republican administration has ever, ever called on the iranians for what
1:54 pm
they have done to us. we're finally getting to it. >> general jack keane, thanks very much. >> good talking to you, charles. >> hundreds of roads underwater. historic flooding threatens communities in the midwest. an update from arkansas after this. every day, visionaries are creating the future. so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. e-commerce deliveries to homes after my ...i wondered,... is another one around the corner. or could it be different than i thought? i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot...
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car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need. yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. [ limu grunts ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> ♪ >> charles: historic flooding causing a levee breach on the arkansas river prompting a flash flood warning. casey is in conway, arkansas with the latest >> yeah, president trump designed a disaster declaration for 16 counties across arkansas that have been impacted this
1:58 pm
this historic flooding that exacted the whole region. the governor said 500 homes have taken on water and emergency management officials fear the number will go up as the historic flood waters continue rising. it's happy quickly in communities lining the swollen arkansas river, especially those further to the south. as that water makes its way down stream from oklahoma and beyond, farmers have taken a major hit. thousands of acres of fields, of crops have taken on water. even more so after the levee breach which happened overnight in dark nell, arkansas. it's cause for concern since record water levels are putting pressure on the entire flood control system like never before. >> it is difficult to comprehend. when you see it from the air,
1:59 pm
the breath of the flooding. in terms of the arkansas river, we have never seen this before or dealt with it before. there a lot of unknowns. >> every resident we have talked to tell us it's a wait and see kind of mode. the water is coming up fast in some places and slowly in others. like this other 4 feet in 4 days. it's getting closer and closer to homes right behind our camera. this wait and see mode, charles. they hope to dry out and recover from these historic rains and flood. back to you. >> charles: our prayers are with all of the people in that region. thank you very much thank you very much. don't miss cavuto live tomorrow
2:00 pm
john kennedy will join him. have a great night. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> hello. i am dana perino with martha, juan williams, jesse watters and greg gutfeld. it's 5 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five." >> ♪ >> ♪ shut up ♪ about pollices ♪ ain't nothing ♪ but a big ♪ pile of dirty tricks ♪ so shut up ♪ about politics ♪ you bunch left ♪ i bunch right ♪ caught up in the middle of a


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