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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 31, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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still unafraid. my colleague, martha mccallum will continue our breaking news coverage on this day this horrible story. >> martha: absolutely. thank you very much, bret. we are on top of this story working with guests on the scene there so we can bring you the latest development on this story from virginia beach where 11 people lost their lives in a virginia beach municipal building this evening. we understand that the shooter is dead. we are working on people on the scene and we are going to bring you more on this as we go forward today because this is a very sad story and a very developing story this evening. we got to figure out exactly what happened here. there are some reports that it was a person who worked there. people came out saying, you know, shaking their heads in tears saying that they saw people around them that they knew that they had worked with for years and years. so we are going to continue obviously to cover this story and bring you the very latest as we get it in just a moment. ♪
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>> this idea of using trade as a political weapon weapon is not the right thing in the very rough. this policy toward mexico is incredibly stupid. >> martha: everybody up in arms cause see. president trump's tariffs on mexico got some reaction there and also in the markets today which were down on the idea, but is something else also happening that may lead to the ultimate desired affect? that's what all of these bilateral discussions are about in all of these tariff arrangements. so here is what happened. exactly three hours after the president announced a 5% initial tariff hike on the country of mexico, suddenly the mexicans came to the table and said they wanted to talk. the mexican government. they sent a letter to the president that said we are on our way. we are coming to washington right away. that is where this story begins tonight. googood evening, evan, i'm
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martha mccallum, secretary of state mike pompeo and jared kushner speaking to the mexican foreign minister a short time ago before he boarded a plane to washington, d.c. we do not know how all of this mr. play out. it will not be done shortly. i can guarantee you that but the mexican president just said this. >> the use of co-erive measures does not lead to anything good. >> martha: we have seen this before. this is the way the president does things. it's a shake things up process to get the ball rolling to throw the chess board up in the air so to speak and to see if a little bit of push ultimately gets a more favorable deal the president has said many times he believes is not on the right end of this deal with mexico trade. david spunt live at the white house tonight with what is happening there right now. good evening, david. martha, good evening, mexican officials were not kidding when they said right
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away in that letter mexican foreign official on his way right now. that foreign envoy to go ahead and try to speak with some officials here at the white house. we are told he will be landing in washington at some point this evening. presumably going to the embassy. the thing is most of those officials that he would normally meet with out of town. president trump is going to meet with queen elizabeth in london on sunday in a few days, officials are trying to get that meeting suspects possible to persuade the president to change his thinking. i want to go to a tweet from president trump just a few hours ago, about six hours ago. mexico was taking advantage of the united states for decades. because of the dems our immigration laws are bad. mexico makes a fortune from the u.s., have for decades. they can easily fix this problem, time for them to finally do what must be done, martha. 5% on june 10th to 25% by october 1st. quite a big difference there president trump says mexico must take responsibility for the illegal immigrants coming into the united states and pay they will
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until they help stop those border problems. >> we can't continue down the path that we are on. we can't continue to operate as a sovereign country with no borders and without enforcement much our law and mexico needs to enforce their southern border as well mexico's president hit back and said communication is key. >> all conflicts in bilateral relations must be faced and resolved through dialogue, through communication. >> now the white house is hearing some push-back on capitol hill from republicans upset about this plan. those who normally vote with president trump chuck grassley joni ernst against the president's plan. the chamber of commerce coming out against president trump's plan mexicans want to meet with the administration hopefully they say communication is the key. unlike the china situation like we saw unfold a few weeks ago, mexico says they will not retaliate. the president says he will not retaliate the mexican
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foreign minister tweeted out he will be meeting with secretary of state mike pompeo on wednesday. the white house official told me there are no meetings scheduled for this weekend. martha? >> martha: all right. we will see where it goes. david, thank you very much. up next, steve hilton host of the next revolution and season lee fox network correspondent good to see both of you today. when this whole conversation started earlier sewed i was watching fox business this morning and here is what one of the guests said. >> it needs to be done. it's one of those band aids that needs to be pulled off. but what's going to happen is you are going to start to sees a we saw a little bit with the consumer sentiment number the consumer is going to suffer because prices are going to go up. >> martha: susan li, let me start with you. is this something that needs to be done a balance that needs to be righted. >> on edge. exacerbated a strain with the china relationship. the dow four month low. six straight weeks of
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losses. that's the longest losing streak in 8 years. people are literally paying governments to hold their money. this is how scared they're. this is something we haven't seen since 2008. there are reverb rations and there are signals by the way to our trading partners in china as well even if you sign a deal, you might not adhere to it i'm not sure that's a great way to try to get this u.s. china trade deal signed either. >> the other choice is to let it go the way it's always gone, right? >> that's where we are right now. >> that's right. i mean we have got to remember the reason for this there is a real and growing crisis at the southern border. everyone agrees on that now. even the left, congress which should be fixing that crisis is not doing it, why? because the democrats crisis anr to the crisis is let everyone in. of course that's not going to fly. my view is this is a creative and policy-making and we might as well give it a shot.
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argument end in higher prices as well. a lot of tariffs and we have a pressure of prices for consumers. called inflation erges for lower group of american prices rising more than prices are. secondly as john kasich you shouldn't muddle up trade policy with immigration policy. why not? there is no real reason for that just something they say. third thing they say as well this will jeopardize the president from trying to get new nafta the new usmca that's not going to happen anyway. nancy pelosi is basically slow walking that give it a shot. be open-minded and see if it works. >> martha: that's so interesting because a lot of the the criticism when this first came out was you can't put those things together. that's what we have seen. the first president of the mates we have ever had whose background is businessman:
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this is a real estate magnet, okay? so he looks at the world differently and said from the very beginning and i think this is sort of the part of the essential trump doctrine. i am going to put together economic issues. and security issues. and all of it because i don't see how you can really separate them, steve. >> that's exactly right. and it's a perfect example of him doing exactly what he was elected to do, the conventional way of doing it. the classic diplomatic way. that didn't work. it hasn't been working for years. and so he was elected precisely because he was going to shake things up, be a disrupter and do things differently. he is just following through on that we should give him a chance and see what the results, judge him on the results with china. exactly as you said. they are coming to the table now on things like intellectual property theft precisely because of the tariffs. >> martha: susan, where do you think this goes? can it turn out to be economically beneficial to the united states or is it going to be a disaster as we heard in the beginning? >> if he gets a deal.
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we are looking in october at $900 billion worth of goods from china, from mexico that will be tariff. you know who pays though tariffs? the companies do they will pass on costs to the u.s. consumers which powers two thirds of the u.s. economy that might hurt the markets and u.s. economy. >> martha: let me jump in. i have 30 seconds left here. does it encourage companies to bring manufacturing from china and mexico back to the united states? because that's part of the deal. >> it doesn't turn on a dime, unfortunately, martha. >> martha: no of course not, no. >> there is a lag time, obviously. yes they will think about their capital expenditures and where they want to place those factories not going to turn in a few months time. we might have to feet page for a year or. so. >> martha: that would be something to think about whether or not it's beneficial. thank you, guys, great to see you tonight. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: very tough story here that sun folding in rae virginia this evening. at least 11 people have been killed in a mass shooting at a virginia beach municipal building. the suspect is dead. we're going to bring you
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it's all on your schedule. awesome. now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> martha: we are back with this breaking story this evening out of virginia beach. police say that 11 people were killed in a municipal shooting at the municipal center there public records permits all of this kind of thing take place in municipal building in virginia beach. this is a witness at the scene. >> we heard shooting. we heard shooting. but we didn't it was that close. that close like in proximity of the building so i just thank god that they were able to alert us in time because if it had been 10 minutes more, we all would have been outside. so that's what i'm grateful for today.
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>> martha: awful. jeff paul is live tonight in our west coast newsroom with the breaking news looking into all of this. good evening, jeff. >> good evening, martha. yeah, we can now confirm at least 11 dead. six others injured in this shooting. it happened in virginia beach in municipal building just this afternoon with the police chief saying that the shooter was firing, quote, indiscriminate senately at workers. police then returned fire and they're telling us that the suspect is dead. we don't know if that number 11 includes the death of the suspect. but they are also saying that this person, this shooter is a long time employee of the city's public works department and that one of the people shot in the shooting was a police officer, they say though he was saved likely by his bullet resistant vest. we also got a statement from the governor in virginia ralph north testimon northam tha tragic day for virginia beach and entire
4:16 pm
commonwealth he said that on twitters 6:53 p.m. he goes on to say my heart breaks for the victims of this devastating shooting, their families and all who love them. i am on my way to virginia beach now and i will be there within an hour. the mayor in virginia beach calling it one of the city's most devastating days in their history. we have more updates on this as they come in. martha? >> martha: tragedy, jeff prime augering, thank you very much for the update. coming up next, ahead the truth behind an explosive allegation made by michael wolff who is a new york based writer about my interview with brett kavanaugh. ♪ ♪ and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. ♪ i want it that way... i can't believe it. that karl brought his karaoke machine?
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4:21 pm
is getting raked over the coals for what some are calling loose standards when it comes to the facts. here is he is in an interview for the first book which made claims that were vehemently disputed by those directly involved. >> people are questioning it, why not produce the evidence? >> because that's not what -- i'm not in your business. my evidence is the book. read the book. if it makes sense to you, if it strikes -- if it rings true, it is true. >> martha: if it rings true, it is true. and now this push back greeting book two. cnn writes that journalists should treat it with caution. while "the washington post" created a credibility table to track factors undercutting his assertions. and wrote that siege, that's the name of it. is ultimately crippled by three flaws, wolfe's overreliance on a single character, factual errors thamar the author's credibility
4:22 pm
and sourcing so opaque it renders the scoops highly suspicious and unreliable. unable to hear an anchor's question when he was pressed on the accuracy of his reporting that he called it last year. >> i'm not hearing anything. >> mr. wolfe was hearing me before but he is not hearing me. >> i'm not hearing anything. >> it looks like the interview may be over. >> that appears to be the audio coming through the ear piece on mr. wolff's end which suggests he could hear you loud and clear. >> martha: we don't know what happened there he claims he has ironclad sources and doesn't need to do what all reporters do which is to make a basic phone call to check the stories because he says he doesn't do that kind of journalism. here's what he says, i'm talking about those calls where you absolutely know what the response is going to be. they put you in the position in which you are potentially having to negotiate what you
4:23 pm
know. in some curious way, that's what much journalism is about. it's called a negotiated truth, he says. now, i know that his negotiated truth is actually just a lie in at least one case for sure. because it involves an historic interview in which i was directly involved. the "new york times" asked wolff, here's their question, you also write in the book that fox news provided questions ahead of time for its interview with brett kavanaugh during his supreme court nomination fight. did you ask fox for comment? wolff no, but, again, it's a difference between an institutional reporter and a noninstitutional reporter. i don't have to ask the silly questions. "new york times," are they silly if it's a matter of fact in the book? wolff yes, because can you imagine a circumstance under the sun in which fox would come clean on that?
4:24 pm
"new york times," but siege went through a fact-checking period? wolff, of course, and that did not include reaching out wolff i actually believe if you actually know the answer it's not necessary to go through the motions of getting an answer that you are absolutely certain of. that is great. michael wolfff you may not care to know the facts but i do. here they're. i wrote my questions on legal pad the old fashioned way on the way to d.c. in a car. no one from the white house or for that matter from fox weighed in on my interview at all, period. this is a news show. we deal in facts. i have been doing this for 25 years and i have never given anyone my questions prior to an interview. that is the story. that is not negotiated truth. so let's bring in howie kurtz. howie, this is my question for you. how does he get away with this? >> well, in the first book, he made a lot of sensational
4:25 pm
charges against trump that a lot of people wanted to believe were true. in the case of your interview, look, anybody who was watching could see that you pressed brett kavanaugh aggressively repeatedly on all the sexual harassment allegations that were public at that time. and also, that interview which was widely praised across the political spectrum he struggled so much to answer those questions that they completely changed their strategy at the white house and he was much more aggressive, of course, when he got to the senate hearings. >> martha: yeah. i think support of what they wanted to do by putting him out there for an interview was to test him, to have him ask the questions about the specific allegations. her single one of them, even the most salacious allegations that were made by michael avenatti's client which pretty much folded like a cheap tent. so, i think that was part of what they wanted to do. it was right before the hearing. i don't know because, you know, there was no discussion about the nature of our questions when it came to that you know, there is a larger issue here with regard to the robert mueller report that he is also getting a lot of push back on here, how j.
4:26 pm
biggest news mueller had drawn up a draft indictment of president trump which seems even more ludicrous. no legal authority to indict a sitting president. last book as you said got raked over the coals he wrote counted counseling sources boldly untrue or do that dick tore. i don't know what business is he. in sometimes he digs up interesting or salacious facts. when i profiled him nearly 20 years ago people were complaining then that michael wolff had misquoted them. >> martha: "new york times" did a good job pressing him on this when they interviewed him. they said are you a journalist he? said yeah, of course. i mean, you know. but he willfully says he doesn't call anybody and doesn't check out his stuff because god forbid when somebody push back on it when he knows already what happened which we demonstrateside absolutely not true? >> in another interview he
4:27 pm
calls himself barely a journalist. too good to check. if he had checked with you and fox and been knocked down then he might not have had to print it or at least so it was flatly untrue. that called journalism. not certain type not institutional it's just journalism. interesting to note the book sold 4 million copies roundly criticized and see what happens with this one. there is definitely an appear tight out there for fiction version in many ways of something that passes for journalism or for some sort of, you know, in the moment history. i'm not making that charge but that's what it reminds me much. >> martha: it is interesting. we will see where it all goes from here. the publisher henry holt and company, do they have a fact-checking responsibility, would you say, howie? >> absolutely. but many publishers don't
4:28 pm
checkbooks. wolff said he had a couple fact checkers. the notion fact-checkers didn't check this fact because he thought it would be silly. i have taken so many things out of books and news articles over the years because have you got to go to the person whose reputation you are potentially smearing and at least give them their say and make a journalistic judgment, martha. >> martha: howie, thank you very much. good to see you tonight. howie kurtz. >> good to see you as well. >> martha: exclusive interview with the british ambassador of the united states. and are these politicians invited to give college commencement speeches totally missing the point? or do speeches like this inspire you? >> just today before before this graduation ceremony started, we heard from the special counsel robert mueller who said there were multiple systemic efforts to entry iinterfere in our electio. that allegation deserves the attention of every american.
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>> nigel farage is a friend of mine. boris is a friend of mine. they are two very good guys. very interesting people. they are friends of mine but i haven't thought about supporting them. maybe it's not my business to support people, but i have a lot of respect for both of those men. >> martha: interesting. today at the white house the president sort of remaining cautious about going too far in british politics ahead of his state visit to the united kingdom next week. the high stakes trip comes on the heels of somewhat surprising resignation of theresa may as the nation struggles to follow through. on brexit vote. president also expected to head to buckingham palace with the queen there they were last summer. there i spoke with ambassador to the united states for an exclusive interview. i remember the last time you and i spoke we were talking about the fact that it was not a state visit, the last
4:34 pm
time the president went and you said it takes, you know, six months to pull off a real state visit with all of these formal occasions and said it would be either spring or fall so you were right, it is the spring and it is about to get underway. but it comes at a kind of difficult time diplomatically with theresa may on her way out and discussion about who is going to replace her. >> well, you are right, martha, that is quite a turbulent time in british politics. but a state visit invitation from the queen. state banquet on late monday night and lunch with her majesty and members of the royal family talks a number 10 luncheon number 10. a meeting with business leaders. on the commemoration down in portsmouth of the 75th anniversary of the d-day landing. >> about much more
4:35 pm
celebration of britain's relations with the u.s. about politics, i'm sure the prime minister gets along well with the president. they talked a lot during her time in office. but her talks with the president on tuesday and the working lunch, those will still be valuable and important and forward-looking talks agreements reached and forward looking decisions taken one things he will want to talk with theresa may united states has asked its allies ban deep national security concerns about what kind of vulnerability these countries might have by using 5 g technology by huawei. japan and australia have both banned to ban it. why hasn't the uk agreed on that. >> we have not taken a
4:36 pm
decision on 5 g. the government is still considering this. we have had national security council discussion on it. there will be another one, i think before too long work our way through the issues and reach a decision in due course. two points i would like to make one national security will be paramount. and second we don't have equipment on any sensitive communications network at the moment. not on government communication networks. not on military ones. so, we are already in a place where we understand the risks here. and as i say going forward we'll be keeping those in consideration absolutely on top of our concerns as we take that decision. and we are talking, i know, because i see the delegations come through, we are talking extensively to our american friends about their concerns as well. so, those will be taken into account, too.
4:37 pm
>> martha: it will be interesting to see if the president brings it up with the queen and what her thoughts are on this. obviously she will probably not speak publicly on it but maybe they will speak privately about it and of course theresa may as well. just in terms of what u.k. citizens think about brexit. one of them who is quite famous but also a sir is elton john. this is what he said at a conference -- at a concert in verona, italy. i'm sick to death of politicians, especially british politicians. i'm sick to death of brexit. i'm a european, i'm not a stupid colonial english idiot. what do you think about sir elton john says about brexit. >> the film about elton. great fan of his music rocket man last night great film. his views on brexit. the result of the referendum clear win for that the british people are quite divided on this issue.
4:38 pm
and as you look at the recent european parliament elections just a week ago, i think those divisions remain. but the government was committed to and is committed to delivering the outcome of the referendum which was a leave by 16. -- that's what we are trying to do. the problem has been finding a parliamentary majority. not only was the prime minister able to get agreement to her option, her deal. none of the other possibilities were able to get a majority either. so, you know, this will be now for the next prime minister. next prime minister. politically, would it be wise for the president to meet with boris johnson or would that hurt boris johnson given the fact that president trump's approval numbers are quite low in the u.k.? >> look, it's entirely for the president and his advisors to decide who he
4:39 pm
would like to meet during his private time nothing to do with us. 12 at least 13,000 candidates for the prime ministership who have declared their intention to run. the ballot starts shortly after the tenth of june. we will know soon which two candidates go forward to a vote amongst conservative party members in the country. and so it's quite a wide field, it will be unwise to make any assumptions about who is going to come out on top. >> martha: it will be very interesting to see if the president does step into a meeting with boris johnson. is he also close as he said to nigel farage and fascinating to watch this entire meeting as it plays out over the course of this state visit. ambassador darrick thank you very much. good to speak with you tonight, sir. >> good to speak with you, too. >> martha: when we come back
4:40 pm
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♪ >> thousands of moms and dads and grandparents and family members beaming with joy, and that's what they are doing, they are beaming with joy. thank you for raising rock ribbed american patriots? [cheers] >> martha: that was president trump delivering the commencement speech at the u.s. air force academy this week. largely focusing on the nearly 1,000 graduating cadets themselves, he really left politics basically out of the mix in this speech. shake any hands? you can shake one hand, one person. top of the class. you can shake 10, 50 or 100 and you could also stay for 1,000 and i'm staying for 1,000, okay? >> martha: cheers all around for that a little bit of a different feel that we heard from hillary clinton who also spoke at a commencement here in new york city. >> we heard from the special
4:45 pm
counsel robert mueller who said there were multiple systemic efforts to interfere in our election what we have seen from the administration is the complete refusal to condemn a foreign power to attacked our democracy. >> all right. let's see what inspires everybody out there. joining me now mark huckabee former governor of arkansas and richard fowler nationally syndicated talk who he show host. both fox news contributors. great to see you tonight. we hear these addresses. i think the best of them are uplifting and positive about the country and positive about the future. richard, what did you think about the contrast that we saw just in those those two for starters? >> two different settings the president spoke at the academy so he is speaking to our troops while i do agree with the secretary of state. that we do need to work on ensuring our election to make sure that the russians
4:46 pm
never ever ever try to tinker with our democracy again i'm not sure if a college commencement is the right setting for that type of speech. and the reason why i say you this think about two weeks ago where billionaire robert smith spoke at more house college not only inspire the graduates but pay off student loan debt. that speech compared to the news of the day seems a little bit miss placed to me. it's the major issue that building they should be focused on. >> martha: mike huckabee. >> jesus never spoke at the new tevment new beattitude blessed are the brief they shall be invited again. one thing important about commencement address keep it short. number two don't talk about your is talk about the students, their hopes, their dreams. make it about them. it's their graduation. hillary failed yesterday. i thought it was brilliant talked about grandparents
4:47 pm
and talked about america and stood there and shook a thousand hands of those cadets something he will never didn't talk about himself or politics. >> martha: he does like to talk about himself a lot. interesting he didn't at all. here is another part of what he said. play this. >> so today you take the controls, you are going to push it up and chart your course across the sky. keep the wings level and true because your country is sending you on a vital mission to defend america. protect our people, and to pursue our nation's great and glorious destiny. >> martha: richard, would you say that's inspiring or no? >> i think that's definitely inspiring support of the speech. that's what a commencement speaker is supposed to do. the president spoke to these cadets and urged them as their commander-in-chief to go out there and serve our country and protect our democracy. in protecting our democracy hopefully this president will work with people like the democrats in the house
4:48 pm
and democrats in the senate to make sure ensure our election. >> martha: hillary dwelled on mueller i'm not sure how many people in the audience care about it. our experience when you go out there in the country and this was was new york city. not something that people are that focused on and also goes back to the sour grapes of why she didn't win and all of that which i'm not sure people are that -- really want to dig down deep on that with her at that moment in their lives when they're looking forward. but, you know, it is -- you know, on the issue of -- interesting to watch hillary up there governor huckabee when we are also starting startg this whole other part of the investigation. maybe the timing was good to get this in before we start learning a little bit more about the origins of all of this with this report. it may be coming out around the corner. >> i wasn't sure if she was talking to graduates or counselor on the couch and reliving and re-litigating the 2016 election. the other thing we have got to remember she kept talking about how we need to be concerned about the
4:49 pm
attempted medaling in our election. whose team was on the field when that was going on? her team was. it was barack obama, it was clapper and brennan and struck and page and comey that's who was running the government. why didn't they deal with it? why didn't they stop it? why didn't they fix it? i wish people would quit blaming donald trump he was a private citizen not the president at that time. >> it's not about blame but how we ensure that future elections never get hacked by the russians never again. >> martha: which is important. >> robert mueller is very clearly the first thing he said out of his statement was the russian also do this again. why don't we work together to make sure we have honorable paper ballots for every single state to make sure that everybody's vote is counted fairly without the possibility of russian intrusion? >> martha: i think that's something we all want to aspire to. i like general mccraven when he said make your bed in the morning. way to start your day. very practical advice, exactly. always got to feel at least
4:50 pm
i made my bed this morning i'm going to go back to it at the end of the day it's all fresh and ready four. richard, thank you very much. great to have you weigh in. governor huckabee always a pleasure to see you as well. thank you. >> thank you. >> martha: revolutionary advances in helping america's heros when they come home. wait until you see what they are using for ptsd that puts the fighter back in the worst day of his life in the field. ♪ what does help for heart failure look like? it looks like george having a busy day. ♪ the beat goes on george has entresto, a heart failure medicine that helps his heart... so he can keep on doing what he loves. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. it helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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4:55 pm
the shooting began. >> i was trying to listen to what happened and be on the phone with 911. we were just hoping that it would be over soon and then we heard the cops kind of yelling up the steps. >> martha: police returned fire and were told the shooter is dead. we have more updates as they come in tonight. that is the story from new york. tucker carlson up next. it's a staggering number but 20 u.s. veterans commit suicide every single day. and that demands our attention there is a new program from the foundation soldier strong dedicated to doing everything they can to help the mental health of our nation's heroes, strong mind is what it is called. it uses revolutionary virtual reality equipment to slowly introduce soldiers back to the battlefieldment mimicking memory to help treat ptsd.
4:56 pm
it's really a revolutionary idea. my next guest is a veteran who credits this work with virtual reality for saving his life. chris merkel joined the marine corps when he was 17. he served as an infantry man for 10 years on active duty. he says after multiple deployments he came home proud of his service but angry. he eventually reached out for mental health at the v.a. and he joins me now with his story. chris, great to have you with us. >> thank you for having me, martha. >> martha: and thank you for your service to this country. you said you came back angry. what was that about? >> just from a life of living to protect and do everything else using that aggression to do our job but that aggression and that instant being able to do our job doesn't do very well when you come home. it doesn't really fit with being in school and around other people and reacting, overreacting to things that really shouldn't bother me. >> martha: right. that transition is so hard after all of that training
4:57 pm
that you went through. talk to me a little bit about virtual reality therapy. how you found it and isn't it scary to go back to the scary place that has lived in you in a hard way? >> that's exactly on point. it is scary to address our worst fears that's the biggest thing with ptsd. stigma mental health. once we get there, we do say i have a problem in saying i have ptsd or i have anger, how do i deal with it? hard to do psycho therapy and say this is my worst day can we talk about it. be immersed in that world which sounds horrible. income that first person in the moment it actually helps when you walk through your narrative. it's so much smoother. >> martha: what were you able to tap into that you weren't able to before with this program? >> seeking help. i was talking about traffic. i thought my family,
4:58 pm
everything else that was bothering me on the surface and not getting to the point i was recommended to try virtual reality. when you are in the virtual reality field reliving it. all of your senses it pulls back that memory and works on everything that was bothering you, what you felt what you saw, you don't just say this is happening 10 years ago i was driving it's i'm feeling. this i'm getting contact. memory right there. this is how you need to react. so reduces that trigger and saying it over and over the narrative style. the very first time did i it they are like walk me through what happened from the beginning of the story to the end. so i walk through a really bad day in iraq and really long day and i saw a lot of different things and did a lot of different things more or less any other veteran. i took the virtual head set off and apologized i'm sorry. a couple times.
4:59 pm
you just talked through something you avoided and never talked about for 10 years. you went through it nine times and so it was so powerful for me to feel i survived that i was able to talk about it. i feel a little bit better and each time a little weight came off literally my soldiers. literally -- my shoulders and face my family and friends. my long-term goal and hopefully we want for everybody else's families as well. >> martha: very brave of you and brave to talk to us. we hope it will help a lot of people. you are a great advocate for it and we thank you so much for being here today chris merkel, good to have you here, sir, thank you for your service. >> thank you, ma'am. >> martha: that is the story on this friday night. join me sunday night remembering d-day a 75th anniversary special and then the story will be live from france next week june 4 to june 6th for the 75th anniversary of d-day we will be surrounded by honorable world war ii heroes and
5:00 pm
remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. don't miss our special coverage from there. we will see you back here in new york monday night. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." just in case you were wondering whether the president was serious about the border crisis. last night he delivered a decisive answer. a surprise move the white house announced that unless mexico halts the flow of illegal immigrants into the united states, the u.s. will, starting on june 10th, impose a 5% tariff on all imports from that country. if the situation doesn't improve going forward, the tariff will rise by 5% a month every month. by october there will be 25% tariff on all goods coming from mexico from after avocadoso automobiles. let's be honest about what that wou


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