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tv   Remembering D- Day A 75th Anniversary Special  FOX News  June 2, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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thank you audience here in dubuque. >> thank you. >> join us next sunday. thank you. >> right there around d-day. >> whole ship with 31 men just lost. >> we were kidding fighting the germans. >> a bad day all around. >> it was a blood bath. >> hitler has reconstructed germany for a war. >> is about brilliance. >> it was planned in an elaborate detail. >> there were germans tries to kill me, we were trying to kill them, simple as that. >> beaches of normandy co were consecrated by the blood of our
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hero. >> everything that everyone did was an act of bravery. when you are in line, you are one person. >> they were about protecting mankind based on those values, that ha has always been the mainstay of how you actually win over evil. ♪ >> it was most monumental military operation in for modern history, d-day june 6, 1944, 75 years later we look back in remembrance on the beaches, triumph, tragedy and brilliant plan that ultimately liberated a
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continent. you will hear stories of some of our heroes and join them as they journey back to normandy. thank you for joining us for, remembering d-day, a 75 anniversary special. ♪ >> it was nothing like the german monopoliry. the capability and leadership of the german military which was first rate. >> they were under orders from hitler, if they encounters any opposition what so ever they were to stop, they encountered no opposition. >> nazi forces laid a plan to seize the rest of europe. >> they got away with it, and staged takeovers of austria and czechoslovakia then poland.
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>> september 3, 1939, glanc frad britain declare war on germany. >> denmark, norway, belgium, the netherlands. >> every leader in europe, who was listening to germany being nazi fid, so to speak. family corrupt and barbaric ideology. did not' to believe that this would dominate europe. >> german forces were able to trap the british and french arms on the coast of dunkirk. the french grand to negotiate. >> in june, 1940, british troops were surrounded and forced to evacuate france at dunkirk. >> they didn't have the ability
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to deal with this modern german army. >> cancer of to was too deep, oe 14, paris fell. >> with france occupied, hitler turned his attention to britain in july 1940. >> the nazi air force, began to bomb the city of london in what was known at the blitz, terrified london residents endured relentless bombardment. >> they didn't have precision bombing, they were carpet bombing the city of london. >> british prime minister churchill rallieded british people to stay strong. >> to stick it out, fight nazi, germany to the bi bitter end. >> france was divided in two parts, in south the free zone, and north occupied france.
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>> they started rounds up the jewish population of paris, in waves, holding them, then most of those people were september to thsent to theconcentration cd elsewhere, many of them to die. >> allies close to the point of no return. >> they didn't react quickly enough in my judgment, to what was happening and push back and frtry to contain germany, in a sense incentivized hitler. >> across the atlantic, the united states was waiting and watching. >> we shall send you in ever increasing numbers, ships, planes, tanks, guns. that is your purpose and our pledge. >> not directly declares war
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u.s. government september sent s and ar till let' -- ar tilliaryo britain. >> president roosevelt and british prime minister churchhill drafted the atlantic charter. >> said that democratic powers of the world should oppose all expansion by force, should not seek accretion of territory on their own, and espouse and encourage and try to defend freedom for all people. >> democracy the west had known for two centuries, hung in the balance, the world needs a saving grace. >> december 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy.
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>> japan attacked pearl harbor, roosevelt went to congress, asked for a declaration of war, he got it is declaration of war against japan. >> in support of japan, germany declared war on united states, december 11, 1941, united states was officially an allied power then. >> roosevelt called for production of 50 thousand aircraft in a year, everyone thought he was crazy, he did it twice, the economy shifted right away from peace-time economy to a war-time economy. >> as home front ramped up for war, so did the soldiers destined to storm the beaches on normandy on d-day. >> i was supporting a mother and father, i was chosen from a regular infantry division, i was
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platoon sergeant. >> i was big shot, i walked down to the draft board, i volunteered to go with 101 airborne, not knowing what was what, i think it was one of the wiseests choices that i made. >> unaware of critical role they would play in one of history's most pivotal battles for world peace. >> you draw the strength to fight for something like that by the will of the people, you know it is evil. it has to be stopped. -what could be better than being a mo-tour?
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>> u.s. did turn the focus on defeating hitler. >> churchill believed only hope england had was to get u.s. in the w war on their side. >> the conference was held in washington d.c., roosevelt, churchill and other top american and british military leaders. >> we want to invade europe as soon as we it, george marshall believed only way to defeat the germans quickly was to force them to a divisive battle. >> operation over lord, over next year and a half they developed a plan. >> they designate a chief of staff, and lieutenant general to fill that war, who does the
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initial planning for operation over lord, stated objective were who land with forces of other allies, destroy the german military, and cause the germans to realize they have to surrender. >> ice e eisenhower was in charf was operation overall commander and chief, and montgomery was in charge of the invasion force once it get into france. >> breaking through germany defenses to occupied europe would be a monumental task. >> in massive quantities from nazi production line. >> despite a nazi advantage. the cont septembe son sep -- cod invasion, haunted hitler. >> that was when he appointed rommel to command that, he
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shifted troops from east to west at that time. >> they were formidable obstacles they put them in water that would deny ships the ability to land, they had mines in the water, the beaches were littered with obstacles. >> almost a solid wall of steel expirsteeland iron and guns. >> this was hitler's atlantic wall. stretched across northern france, and continued up the coast through norway. >> what the allies wanted is to keep those germans dispersed on the coastline, they would not be able to focus their effort in one place. >> the key to ensuring the invasion force would face a
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vulnerable german army, choosing a strategic landing point. >> they picked normandy, the germans expected invasion to come at caillat. -- calais. >> the french region of pas-de-calais was closer to england. >> 5 beaches. and they were spread out among 60 miles of coastline. >> a shrewd point of infiltration. to storm those 5 beaches. >> we'll try to liberate part of it we have to put millions of men through the beach head. >> 11,000 airplanes, 50 thousand vehicles, and 6 thousand ships to include landing craft, never before in the history of military operations has anything
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like that. and never has there been anything since. >> there are three british empire beaches, gold is a british beach, and two american beaches. >> during 1943 and 44, nazis had most effort focused on soviet union in the east, increasing ally chances of victory at normandy. >> allied leaders choreographed the invasion, keeps details classified even from those who would fight on the front lines. >> we knee w knew we would haven invasion. how, where, what, we had no 1 -- conception. >> steps were taken to mislead hitler's army. >> it is about brilliance.
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allies knew they were out numbered, and out gunned. yet they were the invasion force. >> it was operation fortitude in order and south. >> north to invents the army that an invasion would come through norway, and fortitude south to pas-de-calais, the more probable invasion point. >> there were two pieces of a larger decent shi dedon't -- den plan, disierned t designed to me germans did not know where and when they would land. >> they had american ghost armies. >> an american army group headed by general patten. >> they used radio deception, they were representing called first u.s. army group. total fictitious. >> they had spies who were
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double agents convincing the germans these organizations existed. >> each one represented a major military formation, they would send out signals. >> allies covered all basis, not only telecommunications. >> they used physical deception, they built up plat inflatable t, they put them in the area. >> they put in place, on the ground, literally hundreds of planes made out of plywood. >> they put up tents, kept fires burning. >> aircraft came across into scotland where the british army group was in theoriy in -- theory in place, that is what they saw, the germans were convinced it would be an attack in the northern part of europe in norway and sweden, those divisions did not move.
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and also convinced that george papatten would lead an invasion offset from normandy, and that is why those forces never moved either. so that deception was very successful. >> as hitler prepared for what he persevered a pending attack in pas-de-calais. the troops continued to prepare for the rule battle tha real bad take place in norma elizalde. norm normandy. high hills, and steep dunes. but somewhere along the way, suvs became pretenders, not pioneers. but you never forgot the difference, and neither did we. there are many suvs, but there's only one legend. hurry in now to the jeep celebration event and get $500 additional bonus cash on select models.
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>> trump and first lady melania. first couple soon on their way to bridgegat great -- great bria few royal ceremonies that include tea with prince charles and a banquet hosted by the queen. >> prime minister theresa may steps down friday, because of unresolved issues over brexit. >> chaos in venice, italy, an out of control cruise ship rammed a boat full of tourists, slams into the dock, forces some passengers to tour boat to jump 2 the water, 5 people were hurt.
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>> here is what the crash looked like if passengers on board the cruise ship, owner said that vessel had a mechanical problem. >> now back to remembering d-d d-day. all alo along the coast of t britain, the training within on. >> suddenly training on cliffs, on the west coast of england, we started to think, hey, more cliffs? we must have some cliff climbing in our future. >> training was proved invaluable of course. the blue print of d-day used military fight with coordination, the pathfinders and paratroopers would be first to deploy. set to land behind the beaches. >> their mission is to set up
5:26 pm
navigation zones for the armada of aircraft that are coming. >> aircraft that would follow would bring more paratroopers. bombers were set to swoop in and pummel german ar til -- ar tillr -- hub along the coast. while also bringing with them weapons and medical supplies and navigation tools thanos -- an ot of amphibious boats. >> a second wave would come in later more landing craft, they held 30 men, and each one had so
5:27 pm
many rifle men and flame throwers and engineers. >> as a member of 101 air force division victor's training focused on parashooting. >parashootparachuting.>> you sa. will the red light goes on we go to the door, as soon as green light goes on. we jump. >> i got a call, from the general second in command, of 76 division, asking me, how would i like to be first sergeant of ranger company. >> leonard trained to storm the beach by sea. >> we were trained in the states as far a far azam far as -- ampg
5:28 pm
were concerned. >> that was about a year for many of the soldiers, we were fortunate to have that time to prepare. >> the day drew closer, and true process of the mission was revealed. >> little by little they fed us information, they told us, you are out of here. >> mission is, when we landed we had to take the ground, and we had to try to establish a foothold on to france proper. >> they wanted to do it with a full moon. >> it was time for the troops to embark on their journey to the coast of france. >> we went to one of the airfields, few days at a time, we knew what was coming. >> meteorologists told them when the weather was clear it would be awful on the fifth, and ike
5:29 pm
decided he had to postpone it. >> terrible, stormy, rainy, windy. there was a break in the horrible weather. general eisenhower changed it from the fifth to 6, that was his only opportunity. >> they had to have at least about 30 hours leave time for ships to leave all over united kingdom. >> we loaded to trans ports that would take us mor over, we left nightfall. >> rommel left his post. >> he was in germany. >> as young allied troops awaited orders, their leaders knew they were sending money of these young men to certain death, general eisenhower prepared the troops for battle. >> you are about to embark on great crusade, the eyes of the world ar are upon you. >> walked into the plane that
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so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. ♪ the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ because the future only happens with people who really know how to deliver it. >> as the sun went down on fifth of june, roar of engages and buffetting of -- roar of engines and buffetting of wind, filled soldiers's rears. >ears. >> we were in darkness across the night from fifth to six. the night blocked everything out, we didn't have much moon light.
5:35 pm
>> after midnight, without moon light, gliders began landing east of sword beach, pilots relying on their instruments. >> i came aware of earning. early in the morning of d-day, i heard motors, and thousand american aircraft, released too, coming over in waves. >> one of the allies initial objective to seize two bridges to keep german tanks from mounting a counter attack on the coastline, many soldiers landed in expected territory, others missed their landing zone. >> the gliders, they took a terrific beating. >> however 20 minutes past midnight after a number of casualties, three gliders lands in sight of their objective. >> and canal swing bridge, code
5:36 pm
name pegasus was captured by the british. >> navigated by a stop watch, they succeeded in capturing it within 3 minutes. >> ham and jam, the code of the success, operation under lord was underway. >> initially, special trained paratroopers went in, they were called path finders, they carried lights and radio beacons, they set up beamons thebeacons andused by pilots fo, and paratroopers than main paratroopers, they too were widely scattered, it made it hard t to do their job. >> they had obscure lands zones due to low hanging clouds that
5:37 pm
blocked light. some dropped so low their parachutes did not have a chance to open. >> to see trace of bullets coming up, as you get closer to the ground you could hear the ground fire. you went into -- all i know, i landed, laid there a second, and land my hand down my leg to make sure no bone was sticking out, i took my chute off and ran around trying to make contact with people. >> wherever they landed they had to figure out where they were located and their commanders told them go to the nearest objective to that location. that was a brilliant tactic. >> american paratroopers dropped in adjacent to the main road near the town, and ground fighting with german troops
5:38 pm
ignited, as planned at approximately 2:00 a.m., an allied assault from the skies ensued. with bombers targeting german points of defense on the beach to minimize the supply of weaponry aimed at the invading allies. >> this aerial bomb -- bombardment is very focused there no secret now to where we are going. >> more gliders swooped in also struggling to make their landing points. >> comman commander, his gliderd he got killed, the gliders just scattered all over the place. >> after a few hours of fighting. the town became first in france to be liberated it was then time tor the largest part of the invasion. the amphibious assault. >> came over the inte up -- intn
5:39 pm
cominterncom, loudspeakers the boats are going ashore. >> the first of sea borne troops landed on omaha beach. giving troops of the initial bombardment hope. >> it was a mile 1/2 east of where it was supposed to, because the tide coming in created a current that moved landing craft eastward, it was not as heavily defended as they intended. >> we had a three-proanprong mi, find the guns and destroy them, and get out to the coast road, establish a road black s roadbls can't get from out beach to omaha beach, and to destroy all german cu communications. >> groups of landing crafts were
5:40 pm
deployed separately, each with a separate mission. an important german artillery hub on the cliff. >> we pushed button. the rockets up over the cliff, that cliff is hundred feet hig, they pull ropes to get traction to climb the rope, i was first one shot, i didn't know who shot me. >> the lapdin lapd landing at ut smoothly. >> on omaha beach the death toll was much higher. >> soon as germans saw the boats and realized they were landing they opened fire, germans had
5:41 pm
two machine guns, and 42 was probably the best machine gun in the war. >> omaha, it was a matter of getting out of the water, that was the problem. getting on the beach was a problem. getting inland was a problem, and all of this took hours to do. the counter attack enforces in france, right away athey start o mobilize those forces. >> they were doing everything that keep us from landing. >> as death toll continued to climb on the beaches, it seemed as though the allies were no match for the nazi defenses. and i do. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. listen to the doctor. take it seriously. bleech! aww! awww!
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>> by 7:30 a.m., feel marshall rommel who was home in germany, celebrating his wife's birthday starts to make his way back to his headquarters, where his chief of staff informed him that the invasion was underway. >> began with landing of airborne troops in area of mouth of the river. >> in normandy, the assault
5:46 pm
continues, allied soldiers on other beaches come -- fared better compared to troops on omaha who was leaderless and terrified, those who made it pass the bluff huddled atop together. >> you can imagine th the the intimidation takes place their with soldiers, you watch people being mowed down around you, what is graphically happens to their bodies in front of your eyes, you see something you have never seen before in your life, seeing it not just occasionally but all around you. the water is running with blood. and yet you are still trying to move forward. and that is where the courage comes in that is where the training comes. tenacity comes. >> despite his wounds.
5:47 pm
leonard and second rangers made it, but the german guns were nowhere to be found. >> they wer. >> they had to go on a hunt for them, but the cost in lives of his rangers was already so high. >> i landed with 22 guys, i started in the cliffs, i lost half of them. >> around 11:30, conditions started to improve, ships cruised in on the beaches, and blast the german troops at point blank range. >> quickly, stuck grenades in our jackets and ran back, and used the rest of them on the remaining guns. >> the sheer thrust and force of what was taking place overwhelmed that counter attack. one problem they sufficient -- suffered from, it goes back to the deception plan itself, is
5:48 pm
that we held them disperse over 2 thousand miles of coastline. >> early afternoon d-day, the forces that come across utah beach and airborne began to linkup inland, german strong holds were seized. opening route to the main rowd.. >> the natives were very helpful, they would tell you where the german soldiers were at. on the peninsula, the people were tremendous even though a lot may have been in jeopardy. >> able to move in, and get some depth in terms of terrain ownership, now you have. once you do, that you are able to bring in tanks now are building up major capacity. >> late afternoon with rommel at headquarter, hitler issued an
5:49 pm
order, stated, the entire normandy beach head must be cleaned up by no later that night. >> it was too late, they were already firmly established ashore, he believed that war was over, and advised hitler should negotiate a deal with the allies. >> at the end of the day, allies forged behind enemy lines, and field marshall montgomery took control of troops on the ground. >> the groups get together, we felt we had accomplished what we were set there to do. >> two months later august 25, allies took back paris, establishing a foothold on front, from where liberation of western europe would originate. >> after paris, operation moved
5:50 pm
to belgium, then north of france. >> what americans did in landing in normandy was preserve western europe for democracy, had this not happened it possible that germans would have dominated europe to 21st century. >> i think throughout the whole invasion of europe, the american soldier was what one the war. -- what won the war. >> no total casualties on d-day reached i approximately 10,000. >> they were fathers, sons, brothers, husbands, they all had family, as word got back there was enorms on grief over the losses. >> i was asked, did you think of getting killed or being a hero? my answer was, no one ever wanted to get killed. >> i think what we need to take away from that is lesson,
5:51 pm
freedom is not free, it has a very high cost, and people in a democracy have to b to be willio pay that price. >> d-day veterans return to normandy, commemorating the 75 anniversary of th the invasion. i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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♪ ♪ veterans who stormed the beaches on june 6 back in 1944 venture back to the hollow grounds as part of the excursion group called the greatest generation foundation nor bitty experience. they never forgot the tramp or the horse of that day. >> i came back and was very hard
5:56 pm
for me the first time. too many memories, i broke down. in a card. for 70 years i never talked about it. period the first people especially in this part of the country they absolutely love us because we liberated. >> churchill said that the vote helps when the war and i use it to the invasion of normandy in the invasion of france. >> they made numerous trips to and from omaha beach bringing groups of invasion trips to the shore. >> when i dropped off there were 32 men on about three men got off. and they were killed immediately right here. wounded or dead they were crying, mama, mama.
5:57 pm
so sad. >> they took the machine guns away from them because they're afraid of fire and there is no friendly fire only fire was from the germans. >> the germans fired that they claimed the lives of thousands. members of an internal other had to which frank devita and fellow veteran visited the lost brothers at the war cemetery. >> the way i look at it hits me and that's why i'm here until i come back on deeper strikes for these guys, 400,000 people that lost their lives. all over the world in all the world seas and oceans. >> was 18, 19, 20 years old. two british were right there with with us.
5:58 pm
>> i think my generation was better prepared because we were tougher. >> both veterans vowed to ensure the memory of d-day and those who died there will never be forgotten. >> many people were killed, traumatized in the millions of people suffered i was very fortunate and get a message for the rest of the time and i had to make sure that they realized that freedom is not cheap. >> of two people watching over me. jesus and my mom. people died all around me. >> my generation was a generation that went to europe and the pacific can we save the world from the germany and
5:59 pm
japanese and the germans. >> these are my heroes. we survived, these are the heroes. >> since the pivotal moment the allies have established the first beach at an already 75 years have passed. and today we honor our brave. general yne eisenhower's words, these are the high resolve for the tallest for which they die shalloshall live on in their jot the united states women national soccer team on the journey. student for the fox broadcast network at 2:00 p.m. eastern on tuesday june 11 to watch the full feature. thank you for watching. ♪
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>> good evening everyone welcome to "the next revolution", i'm steve hilton and this is a pro-family, pro-community. we have a lot to get to, an exclusive interview with health and human services which is just great. you will be so impressed with him. i promise. and we have the start of a new occasional series which i think you will enjoy. >> an update on the rear collision scandal, get ready to break up the china # again to light. first the main factor scandal. populism is about body a corrupt establishment and boy d


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