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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 3, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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on fisa, it's going be unbelievable. also, we will never be the rage to destroy trump media mob. and thirdly, let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham is standing by from london tonight. where is my invite? >> laura: hannity, they just got tired of you being on all of the foreign triples. they felt bad for me >> sean: next time in london, only one place you got to go eat in picadilly -- >> laura: circus. >> sean: they have a gambling place. but they have a great sports bar and great food. that's where you'll eat tonight. >> laura: fantastic. it's 3:00 in the morning. >> sean: that's the thing. you got to go there, eat, come out. it will be broad daylight when you come out. >> laura: fantastic show tonight. can't wait for the deep state to be completely revealed. you're doing great coverage, thank you so much. this is the ingram angle live from london tonight. this entire week while president
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trump is abroad, we'll be covering every step of this historic journey. and we are your one-stop shop for the pageantry, the politics, and the best analysis. and some protests as well. this will culminate with my exclusive interview with the president this thursday at the anniversary of the d-day invasion in normandy. on tonight's special broadcast, we'll talk exclusively with the leader of the uk brexit party. he stayed up for us in moments. president bush push -- president trump pushed the outgoing pm on the involvement in the phony dossier. will he do it? ben shapiro also here to react to the media and facebook joining forces to destroy the life of an african-american trump supporter. you will not believe this story. the supposed tolerant class reveals itself again.
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and frank lutz is here. raymond arroyo is here. we're jam packed. you want to stay for the entire hour. by the way, the democrat convention in san francisco over the weekend. this was a scene. and a sight to behold. we'll get to all of that and a world war ii vet reminds us why d day was so important. but first, the resistance has a royal hissy feet. that's the focus of tonight's angle. the foggy weather held off and the sun broke through here in london as president trump kicked off the three-day state visit to one of america's oldest and strongest allies. the pomp & circumstance that only the british monarchy can summon is truly a sight to behold. the fact that things went so smoothly clearly irritated the media elite at home and abroad. >> the occasion involves a lot of tradition, interesting for a
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president who i think it's fair to say is anything but traditional. >> so much of any state visit is pomp and ceremony. let's be honest, that's what president trump likes. >> so much is in the picture. it's not insignificant for president trump in many ways you might think, the best bet is to say very little and let the pictures speak for themselves. >> laura: indeed, many anti-trump media elites, they seemed disappointed that the protests today -- we were out and about, were so tiny. >> it will be interesting to see how large the protests are. >> tomorrow the president has a series of events with theresa maye. that's when we expect the protests. >> a whole load of protests planned. that comes tomorrow. >> the proprotests, they expect to be bigger tomorrow. >> the president it seems has avoided seeing protests.
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>> tomorrow, 2ru6trump making another appearance between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. >> laura: tomorrow like christmas for them. today, not so much. of course, the lazies in the lame stream media, they love sucking up to any trump critic on foreign soil. they did the same, remember to reagan in the '80s and bush in the early 2000s. london mayor sadiq khan was cited for writing an op-ed welcoming the president this way. donald trump is one of the most egregious examples of a growing global threat. the far right is on the rise around the world threatening our hard-won rights and freedoms, he wrote. he was a man at the time was an influential member of parliament when the chinese president came to visit london. not a peep from sadiq khan about him. and president xi only has, what,
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about 1 million muslims in interment camps, he oppresses christians and jails dissidents. the 25th anniversary of tiennamen square is today. but trump is the global threat for this guy? oh, my gosh. trump is not just here to have a fancy dinner as he did tonight at bucking hamm palace. he's here to mark the 5th anniversary of the d-day landing and our enduring alliance. >> there are other close allies coming for the commemoration. a state visit, a state banquet costing millions of pounds. i don't think we should be rolling out the red carpet. some of the things that donald trump has done in the last two or three years, londoners find offensive. >> well, when someone strikes him, trump hits back, even when it may be considered a diplomatic no-no to to do so.
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as they land in the uk, the the president tweeted, khan, who by all accounts has done a terrible job as mayor of london, has been nasty to the president of the united states, by far the most important ally of the united kingdom. he's a stone-cold loser that should focus on crime in london, not me. the media and the left feigned total outrage. >> president trump clearly sent that tweet just seconds before air force one touched down at the airport knowing that it would cause an enormous firestorm. >> unless president trump is kept very busy in his visit, he will not stay away from twitter. >> of course, this president is always a great disrupter, he wasted no time disrupting the situation here. >> president of the united states goes to england. and before landing insults and attacks, one of the key lee leaders of that country >> laura: the outgoing foreign secretary under theresa maye hit
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the pettiness and shortsightedness of the opposition party figures here. >> it's totally inappropriate for the labour department to be boycotting this important visit. this is the president of the united states. we're celebrating the d-day landings and we had a million american servicemen stationed in the uk willing to risk their lives for our liberty for democracy for our values. and i think it should be above party politics. i think it's utterly disgraceful. >> jeremy corbin, the labour leader, not only did he not go to the dinner tonight at bucking hamm palace but he's going to take part in the protest. he's joining the anti-trump and i would say in many ways anti-american protests here in britain. classy. england, let's face it. such a beautiful place, a special place for americans for so many reasons, but watching the economy here, the brexit politics, and the turmoil, i have to say it makes me
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appreciate our system of government here in the united states, even with all of the flaws. you know why? because it's responsive compared to the system of government here. much more responsive to the will of the people. think about this. over the past two years, the dominant parties in the uk, including the conservatives, they tried to sweep the concerns of the working class people under the rug. well, how did that work out for them? well, enfeebled theresa maye couldn couldn't get a real brexit done despite the referendum mandate from her people. now she's done. and the brexit party formed two months ago was the top vote getter in british eu elections. the timing of trump's appearance here, with all of the regal traffic could not have come in a better time. it's a reminder of what's possible when leaders heed the call of their people. stood against the tide of
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climate hysteria, burdensome taxes and regulation, and unresponsive, international bureaucracies. he's supporting brexit, not because he wants to meddle in the british people's affairs, but because he knows an independent britain, truly independent, will be a better trading partner with the u.s. and in the end, it will lead to a stronger america, a stronger britain, and a stronger alliance. and i got to tell you, outside of the big cities like london, new york, etc., people liked the fact that trump is micking it up. -- mixing it up. he's refusing to be intimidated by the so-called "experts." they've had enough of the smooth-talking people who screwed things up for the working class people in the first place. and mayor sadiq khan and others, they prefer a docile american president, who nods in agreement when the u.s. is getting the short end of the stick. well, that ain't trump. and those days are not coming
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back any time soon. and there's a lesson for the uk in the world to learn from the trump approach, even though they might not want to admit it. he promised to make america great again. and the country responded. our economy is now the envy of the world. and just look at steel manufacturing, our steel companies were ravaged by chinese dumping practices, but trump fought back and said no more. now many are revived and beginning to thrive again. yet, here in britain, the last major steel company is about to go out of business. think about this. a central nato power will no longer be capable of producing its own steel? no worries, mate. because the experts say it will all work out just fine. well, it will. when you fight back and rebuild your own industries. it may be only june 3, but it feels a lot like july 4 here in england. trump is reminding our cousins
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that a nation that is not truly sovereign and free won't be a nation for long. through strength and broad-based prosperity will only come to a nation that's independent and sovereign. and for those who bristle at trump's brashness, i say get over it. the resistance won't admit it, but he's getting results for the people back home. and if britain rejects the false promise of globalism and listens to their people, they can be great again too. and that's "the angle." joining me now is nigel ferrag, the leader of the brexit party and a fox news contributor. thank you for being with us. >> yeah. >> laura: tonight, at 3:00 a.m. plus here in britain. and nigel is great enough to be here. so why is this trip by president trump matter so much at this moment with everything your country has gone through with this new quest for independent? >> well, we're going through the biggest political crisis that's happened in this country
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arguably in centuries. because what's happened here, we had a referendum back in 2016, the establishment lined up, president obama flew to london. everybody told us, stay part of the european political club. we voted to leave, voted for independence and we've had three years of our government and our parliament trying to stop this from happening. so right now, we have an american president arriving, yeah, sure, some people find him brash. here's the point, an american president who made some promises back in 2016 who is doing his utmost to put those promises in to practice and the contrast of that with the government that made promises that it's denying to the people, so actually his voice at this moment in time is very, very important. and you'll notice, it's a growing respect for the president in this country. sure, there'll be protests and all of the rest of it. but i think the argument here is that the argument that the nations need to be free to be proud. yeah, he's here at a good time.
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>> i want to play something for you. this is from cnn international i was forced to watch in miho tell. there's no fox news here in britain. it's not good. we need it here. this is what max foster said what the president considers himself. watch. >> what is interesting is this call from president trump from the next generation meeting, a formal meeting between his children and princes william and harry. they think at a time here there will be no meeting of that kind here. but it does suggest -- he does see himself as a monarch, able to pass on his power. >> sees himself as a monarch. so this is a -- this is the criticism they could muster of trump. it was an unbelievably smooth visit the first day. beautiful visit. >> yeah. >> laura: but he sees himself as a monarch. >> they're going to say things about him. it doesn't matter. the great thing, what a huge success. bucking hamm palace. the helicopter arriving on the line. the inspection of the queen's guard. it couldn't have gone better. so they're desperate to find something to criticize him for.
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i'll say this. i bet you president trump is going to go to bed tonight thinking, wow, what a day i've just had. and he got to spend time with the queen. he said i've discussed with the royal family and the queen with donald trump. his mother was born in scotland. she had a great reverence to the queen as does trump. think about this, the two of them sitting down together and talking. the two most famous people in the world, sitting down, talking, getting on. saying, look, it's a superb day. i suspect that as today unfolds, it gets a bit more political, you'll see more criticism. >> oh, no. there's going to be protests that turn out. big protests on trafalgar square planned already in the morning tuesday morning. >> jeremy corbin, the leader of the opposition, the man trying to become prime minister didn't just boycott the royal banquet tonight, the state banquet, he, tomorrow, will be addressling the crown. >> laura: he's taking part in an anti-trump, which many people think at this moment with the
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president here on d-day anniversary, becomes morphs into an anti-american protest. >> it is anti-american. and there is a growing strand of anti-americanism in this country. >> laura: is that trump's fault? >> no, it's to do with the european union. those who want to stay with the union criticize and condemn america even the prospect of a new trade deal between our countries get thrown back. oh, it will all be to america's advantage. there's a nasty, growing anti-americanism. but it's confined to the hard left. it's okay. >> laura: it's five minutes outside of london. it's okay. i want to get your response to "the new york times" piece, a quote in it. the special relationship is in worst shape neither side will admit said an, a quote expert at the washington-based brookings institution. it's a think tank. the constitution of brexitberag
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and make it fraught. this could be the tipping point with the problems become much more public. nigel, they're blaming trump for the problems that britain is having with its -- i guess its industry, its working class, wages flat lining, bureaucracy. and -- and even national health -- this is all trump's fault. >> yeah, rough. sadiq khan who's been attacking donald trump today. of course trump responded. he does that. but here we have night crime soaring in london, all forms of crime out of control. he gets on with lop don and worries a bit less about the president. the british steel industry on the verge of closing. we're in a bad place. let's be frank, theresa maye one of the worst we've had. we need a proper conservative leader. and if we get that, we can stop talking about trade deals, we can stop with nato saying to the other european countries, stop paying the 2%.
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stop p-- start paying your way. all they're lacking is the right leader. >> laura: they're freaking out. the president touched the person of the queen. michelle obama touched the person of the queen. it's an american -- we're kind of -- we have a ritual. >> i think the queen can live with that. >> laura: it's fine. the hand shake. they -- they are the most petty people, the media people. nigel, october 31 is the brexit deadline. macrone dealing with the yellow vest protest and the rise of marie la pen. he said that's it, 31st. no delay after that. >> he may say that. he's trying to frighten parliament to say we give up. we surrender. let's stay part of the european union. i thought i was retired. i thought i got brexit. i come back to politics. we just won a national election and the message the clear.
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if the british conservatives do not take us out by october 31, i will then fight the next general election in an attempt to replace them. so, they're on notice. i said if i came back to this, it would be no more mr. nice guy. and i mean it. >> laura: and boris johnson, the president gave him a thumbs up. you're skeptical of him. >> i like boris. he's a huge. -- he's a huge personality. >> if you're taking on the interest of this world in brussels, these are tough guys, these are powerful guys. >> laura: yeah. >> and a british leader has got to say, we are leading on world trade organization terms on the 31 sets --st of october. if that means parliament brings him down and they find a general election, so be it. it will be somebody with extraordinary courage. if not, we see the two party system of labour conservatives almost disappear. >> we've got a straw if anybody
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throws a milk shake at me. i brought a straw. strawberry would be the best. >> we can't even talk about the streets in campaign now. i guess the truth is the guy that threw the milk shake probably got us another million votes. so whoever you are, thank you. >> laura: what's your favorite flavor. >> one that's not on my suit. >> laura: okay. okay. thank you for coming in the morning so early. we really appreciate it. and up next, the story of how the porerr powerful media organization and social media giant set out to destroy the life of the african-american trump supporter. you will not believe this report coming up next with ben shapiro.
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>> the powerful versus the powerless in modern america. the publication called the daily beast, with facebook's help exposed the identity of a man who allegedly uploaded the infamous drunk nancy pelosi video. that's not all they did to him. trace gallagher in the west coast newsroom and has all of the details, trace. >> it was manipulated. it was uploaded by the group, politics watchdog. then a reporter for the liberal
7:24 pm
daily beast posted on twitter, quoting, i went looking for the russian troll behind the drunk pelosi viral video host. he's a forklift operator from the bronx who's been running hard right news outlets on social media for years, also not russian. they called the man shawn brooks making his personal information public. hometown, employment history, social media footprint. even noted he was on probation. shawn brooks admits he's part of the watchdog group, on facebook in capital letters he wrote i did not create the video or post it to the politics watchdog page, saying facebook was taking heat for not taking down the video so they made me the scapegoat which was the final piece for the daily beast to throw me under the bus. brooks is considering a lawsuit and other journalists are slamming the daily beast.
7:25 pm
a li who writes for the new yorker said it's a bad president when a private citizen, particularly someone working a blue collar job has their identity revealed because they made a video of a politician appearing to be drunk. for those supporting the daily beast, glen green wald writes, the justification by a rank closing journalist for having an investigation docked and exposed as a day laborer for a mocking video of nancy pelosi are almost more repugnant than the journalistic bullying itself. david french called the daily beast article, 2000 words of opposition research. laura? >> joining me now, ben shapiro. the special episode to commemora commemorate the anniversary of
7:26 pm
d-day. so, fantastic. so, ben, which action is more troubling here? >> what the daily beast did or that facebook just handed over his name. you have to expect the daily beast to be the daily beast. you have to say no matter if they wish to remain anonymous or posted a youtube video. the fact that facebook handed over the information was truly incredible. my impression if you're posting anonymously, it's not in facebook's purview to start handing out that information to media outlets but i guess that isn't true >> laura: what this is, we have to be clear, this is just one more step toward silencing of opposing voices. we'll focus on the aspect of
7:27 pm
docking someone, someone who hadn't spent any money, a day laborer. we haven't confirmed every detail about him. but the guy doesn't have a lot. so they make him a scapegoat. but this is a warning shot, is it not, ben. they try to go after this program. they go after other programs, go after other websites, demonize them, to silence them. especially when they're beaten in the ratings night after night. but that's what this is all about. >> there's no question. the fact that the media left are intent on destroying all opposition all the way down to some random guy that drives a forklift and posted a funny video of nancy pelosi, it shows how vile and angry the left has become about taking out people who oppose them in any way. i mean this, is just the ultimate example of that. but you mention, obviously, everybody in the conservative media have become a target to the left and the left will go out of its way to destroy anybody for any reason so long as they do this. craig ferguson in the 2000ths put up a video of george w. bush
7:28 pm
calling him drunk. everybody thought it was a silly video. you have a random forklift driver, all hell posted i'm very well looking and revealing the personal details about her life because she had the temerity to post a piece of news that wasn't true. >> if your target is trump or people who support some of his policies, that's okay. you can do anything, say anything. fake hate crimes, you can do whatever you want. i want to play the daily beast, noah shakman, defending this. let's watch. >> there's a profit motive here. that you can put up a lot of videos on facebook, make a quick buck. this guy made $1,000. but, yeah, look. it's not -- it might have been a lot of money for him, i don't think it was pure profit motive, for him, it was ideology, he's a
7:29 pm
big trump supporter. you don't need some sophisticated operation in order to publish fake news or publish a hoax that will grab the country's attention. >> the defenders of free expression, always, always impressed, don't they, ben? >> absolutely. i mean, i'm so glad noah shakman is out there, protecting us all. president trump is the enemy of the people. not a phrase i'm in love with. but i will say when you're the enemy of a forklift driver, it's not a good look. >> laura: thanks so much. two weeks ago, he sent a list of questions for president trump to raise with outgoing prime minutester tereasa maye about the prime minister's involvement in the shoddy steele dossier. trump's here in new england. an update on where trump is set to meet with tereasa may today. remember, it's 3:00 something in the morning in britain, stay with us.
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>> laura: president trump's
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presence here in the uk is significant for another reason. it's going be the first time he will come face-to-face with prime minister theresa may since it was officially revealed that british intel agencies were aware of the flimsy steele dossier before president trump knew. well shortly after that revelation, our next guest submitted a list of questions for president trump to raise in the meeting with may today -- later on today. and a meeting that's going to happen, i think, just in a matter of hours, actually. he's here to give us an update on whether he expects those questions to be posed. the ranking member of the intel committee, devin nunez live from washington tonight. congressman, you spoke to the president. what can you reveal to us tonight just hours before the meeting with the outcoming prime minister? >> the president has been concerned about what the allies in lob don -- london and uk have been doing. one of the things we found out in the course of the investigation is that we believe that the british did inform the
7:35 pm
united states government at some point. we're trying to get our hands on that document. we haven't been able to get it. so, imagine that, if the obama administration was notified about steele's credibility and that was not turned over to the trump administration. the president is aware. he wants the questions answered. i'm not sure he'll bring them up with may. she's on her way out. but the uk intelligence services need well, maybe we need to issue a contempt citation against former white house council, don mcgann. now they're threating that. they're trying to ratchet it up, are they not? short of impeachment. >> they're going to hold -- now
7:36 pm
they're talking about holding the attorney general in contempt next week. this never ends. the russia hoaxers won't go away. i think that's why it shows that they're scared about what the attorney general is doing. they're scared that the -- >> you bet. >> could be a grand jury convened in connecticut. >> congressman, i also want to raise this with you. judicial watch has got its hands on a number of e-mails between peter struck and lisa page. one is troubling. general counsel jim baker described the discussion he had. and he then instructs fbi agents and page and struck are among them, to release investigative material to kendall, quote, expeditio expeditiously, before the election. now, is this just a routine request or given the timing, something else going on here? >> well, that's interesting what
7:37 pm
your folks are looking at. what we're looking at is actually something very similar, but i think what should be more concerning. and that is that supposedly there are four meetings that took place between fbi investigators and the clinton folks. now, remember, every time an fbi investigator meets with someone, they're supposed to put together a 302. right? so it's one of these reports. what we're learning, we don't have it for sure, but what we understand is that there were four meetings with zero, zero reports. now, that would be an irregularity that is -- that i'm not sure we've seen something like that before. >> well, and congressman nunez, another issue we have to touch on is the supreme court determination on the citizenship question in the census. now, this is a controversy that's been brewing for sometime after "the washington post" revealed an alleged memo they say was behind the addition to the citizenship question to the census. the commerce department and the doj said it's false.
7:38 pm
why is it a issue in the first place. >> i have no idea. the whole census is to get information about where people are from. what's your origin, where do you live? how much money do you make? a clear question that has been in some form on the census one way or the other for many, many decades, has been a question about whether or not you're a citizen. i think for those of us who are policy makers here in washington, wouldn't it be good to know whether or not somebody is a citizen or not a citizen? >> laura: congressman, why are they throwing this dust up like wilber ross has a political motive, some guy sent a memo and wilber ross didn't know the guy. it's too in the weeds. why do the democrats not want us to know how many illegal immigrants are in the united states or approximately? >> look, my guess is they want to make sure that all of those people at some point or another count as a voter of some kind. so they -- they count towards
7:39 pm
how many votes a state or a district gets. that could be my only guess. plus, it's all about identity politics, right? they have no issues. i mean, if you watch any of the conventions in san francisco from the -- >> laura: scary. we'll get into that. >> scary stuff. >> laura: great segue. thank you for being with us tonight. coming up, 2020 democratic candidates descended on san francisco to make the pitch to the far left progressives that are running their party. frank is here next to take us through the video and tell us why this was a nightmare. don't go away. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life.
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>> laura: a majority of the 20-20 democrats were in san francisco the past weekend and were seeking to win over the very progressive delegates of the california democratic party convention. but at what cost? here to announce this, pollster, frank lutz. i want to start with this. 14 of the candidates were there. but notably absent was the front-runner, joe biden. and the competitors used the occasion to take not so thinly veiled shots at him throughout. >> some say if we all just calm down. the republicans will come to their senses. but our country is in a time of crisis. the time for small ideas is over.
7:44 pm
>> the riskiest thing we could do is try too hard to play it safe. >> we don't need a crime bill, we need a hope bill. >> there is a debate among presidential candidates who have spoken to you here in this room and those who have chosen for whatever reason not to be in this room. >> frank, do you think biden skipped this? because it allows them to kind of try to outdo each other on the left front. so biden can just look reasonable by comparison? >> if i was advising him, i would have told him to skip this, the senate, the vice president, does not want to be compared to his opponents until he gets to the debate stage. that's only about 23, 24 days from now. so, because the vice president has such a lead, his goal is you don't want to be side-by-side with him. you don't want to be compared with them. you only want to do it when it matters. so i actually think it was a good strategy to skip california. >> i want to give you a sense of what this crowd was like in san francisco. here's what happened when
7:45 pm
candidate john delaney and john hickenlooper tried to offer a little dose of reality. >> if we want >> boo! >> i was re-elected. medicare for all may sound good. but it's actually not good policy nor is it good politics. i'm telling you. i'm telling you. >> laura: frank, it sounds like i was speaking at the democrat convention in california. those guys have no chance in this party. they should both become republicans. >> the problem now for the democrats is that the core -- their base vote -- is so far on the left with these policies, but i want to remind viewers this is a great exercise for them. because they don't realize how
7:46 pm
much the democrats have changed. how much their policies have moved to the left. and on every single issue, the activist can't wait to boo the moderates in the party. this is just like the republicans from 2016, it's just a mirror image on the left. >> and, of course, no confab in san francisco would be complete without san francisco grand nan popping in. that's nancy pelosi. thereon the crowd when she talks trump. >> special counsel mueller warned us there was an attack on our elections. what is the president covering up? this is not about politics this, is about patriotism. we will go where the facts lead us. we will insist on the truth. we will build on an ironclad case to act. >> well, they're screaming impeach, impeach, impeach, frank. >> well, look, this is now the center, the democratic party has
7:47 pm
moved to the left of nancy pelosi. it will be a challenge for them to move back after the election. this makes perfect sense. this is the primary voter, the caucus voter. not surprised if they're that emotional and back passionate. >> laura: had to push through the needles and the human waste on the streets to get to the convention, no doubt. as we look ahead to the 71st anniversary of d-day later this week, we'll introduce you to a world war ii hero who's making sure his story and the legacy of comrades is never forgotten, next. prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> this marks the 71st anniversary of d-day. we'll be in morm norman day dan. you've been talking to some of the world war ii veteran, what did you find? >> before we found the united states in new orleans, i spoke to ben martinez. he signed up to serve in world war ii, he was 72 years old. he served in italy, we talked about how d-day let to the end of the the war and what that meant to him, watch.
7:52 pm
>> i wanted to get in right away at pearl harbor, but i was advised not to. i had -- and everybody said get your degree first and then enlist. so i enlisted in may of '42. got out in the may of '46. >> ben martinez serve in the italian campaign as a medic. he and his team traversed the italian alps while a donkey carried supplies. he still remembers the day he received word that the war was over. >> we were at a little town called ogbow. we were loading up the mule, we were in the alps, we were going to go up higher. we were loading up the mules when the word came down, the war was over. it was complete silence. nobody talked to anybody. i think they all had their own
7:53 pm
thing going on. when i came to, more or less, the first thing i did was went to see the man loading up the mules. and i think i started crying. it's over. you guys don't have to do what you did before. it's over. >> ben martinez came over at the summer of '45. at nearly 100, he volunteers two days a week at the national world war ii museum in new orleans sharing firsthand stories only he can tell and remembering those who were never able to tell their stories. >> laura, that is what we will be doing this week, telling the stories of the civilian heroes who truly saved the world as we know it, their willingness to sacrifice, the commitment to the shared cause is something we
7:54 pm
lost and something i hope to remind the young peep. >> the young people -- >> we know the stories, so compelling to hear. but the young people, i hope, are going to take the most out of this week of commemoration and memories. there are not many left. this will be the last major anniversary to celebrate. i remember reagan did the same -- the boys -- they took the clip. >> yeah. >> laura: and tomorrow, we'll be out on the streets with the protesters. >> today the protesters were thin. there were only a handful outside of buckingham palace. outside of buckingham palace. >> laura: there they are. >> those are the two. it was a thin crowd. tomorrow they expect thousands in trafalgar square. we'll see what turns up. they're here to protest the president. >> laura: i'm bringing my -- strawberry, please. coming up, the president at tonight's state dinner on what truly binds us together -- the united states and great britain.
7:55 pm
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>> laura: as i was watching the visuals of president trump with queen elizabeth and listening to the commemorations ahead of the 75th anniversary of the d-day landing, i was reminded the special relationship the queen has had with so many over the years. here she is back in 1951 a few months before being crowned queen with president truman. here she is with president eisenhower, john f. kennedy, gerald ford. president trump explained the bond of unity between the uk and the u.s. tonight. >> this evening, we thank god for the brave sons of the united kingdom and the united states who defeated the nazis and the nazi regime and liberated millions from tyranny. the bond between our nations was forever seal in that great
8:00 pm
crusade. >> and indeed it was. that's all the time we have tonight. 4:00 a.m. here in england. and don't forget to check out my pod cast, pod cast shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it all from here. ms. shannon. >> shannon: she's working 24 hours a day. thank you for doing it, laura, and being there. fox news alert, breaking news, the president is gearing up for serious business with the outgoing prime minister. his visit is full of pomp and circumstance. but what about protests. dinner and the royal family and all of the themes of the day. plus, robert mueller found no criminal activities surrounding the meeting, but, jared kushner facing tough questions about it. and he's forced to testify. tray gaody joins us to talk about the top questions he has for the former special counsel. later we're taking the poll of the


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