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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  June 4, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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the physical image, the idea of beauty. it puts the zap on your head as long-lasting. >> jessica: i don't have kids. [laughter] that's all i've got. >> melissa: figure, steve hilton. we are back here tomorrow. here's harris. >> harris: fox news alert, president trump taking aim at his critics as he conducts high stakes trade talks in london. you are watching "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. the president and british prime minster theresa may made headlines a couple hours ago at a joint news conference. the president way down in u.k. politics thing breaks it will happen and should happen. also sing the u.s. is committed to a phenomenal trade deal with britain as it gets ready to leave the european union. with breath dolomite on for the present ripped into his critics, calling them a negative force. >> i think people should look to do thinks correctly as oppose to criticize. i really don't like critics as much as i like and respect
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people that get things done. this really is a very big and important alliance. i think people should act positively toward it because it means so much for both countries. they mean so much and it's been so good. >> harris: chief white house correspondent john roberts. i was watching, he was in the room during that news conference. bring us up to speed. >> a beautiful room that was, the court yard. and the significant press conference because it was the last time the president trump and theresa may, who worked fairly closely to give it from a student half years, since president trump took the oval office back in january of 2017, the last time they will ever appear together on the stage as president and prime minister. they were engaged and talks on the highest level of trade, the future of the british u.s. relationship and where that will go in the future. with the president also could not but take a swing at his critics, jeremy corbyn, the opposition leader, , and a sadiq khan, the mayor of london. both of whom are very critical
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of this presidential visit and critical of the british prime minister for hosting the president here. listen to it both of about that. >> you're talking about the mayor of london, is that how you said? well, i think he has been not a very good mayor. he's a negative force, not a positive force. if you look at what he said, he hurts the people of this great country. i don't know jeremy corbyn. i never met him. never spoke to him. he wanted to meet today or tomorrow and i decided that i would not do that. >> i would say boot to the mayor of london and jeremy corbyn, the discussions we have added today are about the future of this most important relationship between the u.s. and the u.k. as a president described it, the greatest alliance the world has seen. >> and the future is very uncertain now. not only in british politics as to who would replace british prime minister theresa may, for what will happen with brexit. it's because she tried three times and failed to get the
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brexit agreement through parliament that she is stepping down as the prime minister. the two leaders to talk about brexit. president trump has said he would like to see a "no deal" brexit occur by the end of october. theresa may thinks there still is a way to do it in conjunction with the european union, and many people in her conservative party also believe it's in the best interest of the u.k. to do it with the agreement of the european union. but here's what both leaders said about brexit earlier. listen here. >> i would say, yeah, i think it will happen and it probably should happen. this is a great, great country and it wants its own identity. it wants to have its own borders. it wants to run its own affairs. >> i still believe, i personally believe, that it is in the best interest of the u.k. to leave the european union with a deal. i remember the president suggested i sue the european union. which we didn't do, we went into negotiations and came out with a good deal. >> that was a suggestion the president had made, and he complained a couple months ago
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that theresa may didn't take his advice and maybe that's the reason why she never got the deal through parliament. the president responding to the prime minister there said, "i would have sued, but i probably would have settled." i also had an opportunity, harris, to ask about the latest with mexico. because mexico has in the last few days really been upping the apprehension of illegal central american migrants in the south of mexico and stepping up their deportations, perhaps in response to the president's threat of opposing tariffs. those tears begin to go into effect on monday. the president says he suspects most tariffs will go into effect even though talks with mexico will get underway in washington tomorrow. the president also saying that republicans would be foolish to try and stop him from imposing those tariffs. there is a move afoot in congress among republicans to block the president from imposing this tariffs. again, he says that would be a foolish move for them to do. >> harris: john roberts, we will get into that. the acting director of ice from
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the president has picked will talk with me about that later. thank you. i want to get now to the man you see on your screen, nile gardiner, who served as an aid to margaret thatcher and is the director of the heritage foundation's margaret thatcher center for freedom. always great to have you on the program, especially today. >> my pleasure. >> harris: you heard john roberts setting of the news from that conference. but it's wider than just what happened in that room today. this has repercussions for the future. talk to me about the relationship between the united states and england as it stands. >> first, i have to say that i think president trump's state visit to the united kingdom has been a great success so far. everything has moved like clockwork. i think president trump has done a terrific job here in london. i have to say, the u.s.-u.k. special relationship really is the most powerful partnership alliance the world has seen. and it's a tremendous force for liberty and for freedom. it is the beating heart of the free world.
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so it's good to see the u.s. president on the ground here in london advancing that relationship. certainly i think that president trump is looking beyond theresa may, who officially resigns on friday this week. we will see a new conservative british per ministry in place by the end of july. so he had a very clear message today on a brexit, on the u.s. u.k. free-trade deal, on several fronts. i think appealing to the next british per minister, sending the message that the united states wants to stand shoulder to shoulder with the united kingdom in advancing brexit and advancing a u.s.-u.k. free trade agreement, as well. >> harris: a couple questions for you -- one, the phrase "special relationship." if people are watching for nuances, see felton and i, who used to work with david cameron back in his day, he and i were talking on the couch in "outnumbered" during one of the commercials. i asked if president obama ever called it a special relationship. according to steve, no. and there was a political break.
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what is that about, and are we back where we were or in a new place at this point? >> the special relationship goes back to the dark days of world war ii when great britain and the united states stood alone with key commonwealth allies fighting against the tyranny of nazi germany. it dates back to those days of churchill and roosevelt. i think it has ebbed and flowed at various stages. but it has endured. i would say right now that you do have a very strong special relationship in place. under barack obama the relationship was significantly weakened. after all, he was a president who was very dismissive of britain. he was also a president who warned britain the head of the referendum of the british people would be at the back of the queue for a free trade deal. president trump's message that britain is out the front of the queue for a free trade agreement, a very different approach. you know how with
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president trump, i think, the most pro-british u.s. president since ronald reagan. i think also that with a new conservative prime minister coming in, likely to be a brexiteer, possibly boris johnson the front runner right now, you are going to have a very strong relationship in place. certainly i think the president is fully committed to advancing the special relationship, and it's absolutely vital, i think, not only to maintain that alliance but also to advance it, to strengthen it. >> harris: i want to step in and get this question in. because the president has been asked about who whom he would e to see step up and take that job. talk to me about a couple of the candidates who we know are on the horizon here. what makes for a good relationship, particularly with the united states and its leadership in great britain in that position? >> i think you have several candidates running for the conservative party leadership who are very strong supporters of the special relationship.
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i think the most prominent candidate certainly is boris johnson, the former mayor of london. also the former foreign secretary. he is someone who has struck a very good relationship with president trump. he is a big admirer of margaret thatcher, winston churchill, someone who i think will certainly work very closely with the united states. other key contenders include the current environment secretary. also the former exit secretary. you have a total of about 12 candidates right now. without a doubt, i think boris johnson is a clear front runner. he also very charismatic figure and a very strong supporter of brexit, including the possibility of a new deal brexit. president trump has strongly backed the idea of a no deal brexit. so we could well see that. october 31st. but i think the future does look bright for the special relationship. >> harris: you said it several
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times, it's interesting to get the history on that special relationship as we move forward. nile gardiner, thank you very much. >> my pleasure, thank you very much. >> harris: this is developing. more people saying no to the democrats and their subpoenas. a date is set. june 11th, for a full houseboat on attorney general william barr, and former white house counsel don mcgahn. will democrats who the majority in the house vote to hold them in contempt of congress for failing to comply with congressional subpoenas related to the mueller report? all of this while republicans are pushing back. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge's live in washington. catherine? >> thank you, harris, and good afternoon. they are singling out former white house counsel don mcgahn and william barr for contempt, which means taking the disputed court. the administration and justice department officials cite executive privilege and congressional overreach for refusing the house subpoenas. this morning on the hill, house
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democrats signal contempt. it may be another step toward impeachment. >> what is clear is that house democrats are united around the principle that we are going to hold this lawless administration accountable. house democrats are united around the principle that no one is above the law, not even the president of the united states. >> at least it's open to having a crew there. investigating a lot of what we are seeing and a lot of what has already transpired in the administration. >> today, new reporting that the white house has told former avenue administration officials hope hicks and annie donaldson, who is not pictured here, not to provide records to the committee. hicks, known executive vice president and chief mutations officer for fox corporation, may have to provide limited cooperation because campaign records are not shielded by executive privilege. republicans said their colleagues should redirect and
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focus on foreign interference in u.s. elections. they say that is proved beyond a reasonable doubt, and indictments were brought by special counsel robert mueller. >> this started about russia. it wasn't about trump. mcgahn testified, documents are given, never claimed executive privilege. it's hard for me to believe the president actually did anything to stop newly from doing his jo job. >> and the house judiciary committee's ranking republican arguing pretty much the same thing in the letter, that neither should focus on the cyber threat in 2020 and stopped, he said, "playing politics" related to impeachment. >> harris: when you read the mueller report, the first 45 pages are all that with the russians did. we aren't talking about that. 2020 will be here in a heartbeat. catherine, thank you very much. former term campaign chairman paul manafort is now headed to a federal data from a federal prison in pennsylvania to new york city's notorious rikers
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island. that could happen as soon as this week, according to a source also tells fox news that manhattan's district attorney requested the transfer after a newark grand jury charged him with a number of crimes including residential mortgage fraud. manafort was sentenced earlier this year to nearly seven years in prison for federal bank and fraud. >> today i'm announcing my plan for clean energy revolution. we are going to invest $1.7 billion in securing our future so that by 2050 the united states will be 100% clean energy economy. with a net zero emissions. by the end of my first term we will have an enforcement mechanism in place to make sure we stay on track to get there. >> harris: 2020 frontrunner joe biden unveiling his climate change plan today, following criticism from congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and others on the far left over his stance on environmental issues. peter doocy following the story
10:14 am
in washington. peter? >> harris, under the part of his plan for the future includes a plan from the past. >> the first thing i would do, day one as president, i would rejoin the paris climate accord, which we, barack and i, took on together. >> they want to get your net zero emissions in the u.s. in 30 years, by 2050 he wants to do that by investing $1.7 trillion in new technology that he thinks could create 10 million new job jobs. he talked to the new hampshire about lining highways with electric car charging stations, using the example set by electric scooters that are everywhere in big cities now. progressives are not all satisfied. the sunrise movement, which supports a green new deal and describes themselves as an army of young people set to stop climate change, writes us on twitter. "while there are lots of good things in the plan, it doesn't hurt a clear course of how biden
10:15 am
would move america off of fossil fuels and towards sustainable energy." something else biden alluded to this afternoon were all the complaints about unwanted touching that consumed the run-up to his campaign announcement, because when one constituent whispered something to biden in the middle of his remarks, he made this crack. >> i want the press to know, she pulled me close. [laughter] i was delighted. [laughter] >> biden repeatedly told the audience today that his plan for addressing climate change is too detailed to discuss too much in that setting. so he kept directing them to his website. harris? >> harris: does that work? oh, we don't know yet. [laughs] >> we asked how a traffic is looking to sour. >> harris: peter doocy, great to have you. thank you. massive flooding that was forecast is now hitting arkansas. a live report from the flood
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even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. >> harris: democrat led house will vote next week on whether to hold attorney general william barr and former white house counsel don mcgahn in contempt of congress. the men failed to cooperate with subpoenas related to the mueller report. democrats also setting their sights on barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross for another reason -- the house oversight committee is threatening to hold them in contempt for their refusal to turn over documents on the trump administration's controversial decision to add a u.s. citizenship question to the 2020 census. joining me now, florida
10:21 am
congressman greg steube, who serves on the oversight committee. so this is right in your lane. congressman, great to have it on the program today. would you please explain why you would go after -- if you are the democrats -- these particular individuals? what did they know that we don't already know? >> well, they are getting as close to the line of impeachment as they can without actually starting impeachment proceedings. instead of focusing on things the american people want us to focus on. the crisis at the border, passing usmca, those are the things they want us to work on. instead they are continuing to investigate and investigate and issue subpoenas. >> harris: so what is accountability going to look like if, in fact, this turns out similar to what we saw with the mueller report, and it doesn't actually -- it's either conclusive on one thing or not conclusive on the other? of the american people, when you poll them, they say they don't want to see this. that's not why they hire democrats or anybody. >> right, it's all political theater for them.
10:22 am
they are wanting william barr to break the law, as the department of justice attorney general of the united states america. he is not complying because he's following the law. it's all political theater to get this narrative out there, because the new investigation didn't go the way they wanted to go, so they will keep dragging on these investigations and subpoenas. >> harris: two things help me want to break the cycle of the talking points that people are in right now. one, congress could change the law with regard to grand jury testimony. and everybody can see everything. is there any world in which that could happen? it would take both bodies. >> and who would want that -- what person would be a part of a grand jury and what person would give testimony knowing -- >> harris: in the future? >> yeah, in the future nobody would do that. >> harris: the other thing has to do, just simply, with moving forward in all of this and what gets missed if you are focused on this. democrats say they can walk and
10:23 am
chew gum at the same time but there are some things coming down the pike. >> you only have a certain amount of time, and each one of these committees. the judiciary isn't even meeting this week and we have an oversight hearing today. we have an oversight hearing tomorrow where we will vote on the subpoenas. so instead of spending time focused on these big issues like the crisis that our border, usmca, the things that these types of committee should be focused on, immigration falls right in the purview of the judiciary committee. instead of focusing on that, this is what we are spending our time on. i think that's not what the american people want us to do. >> harris: you mentioned the word "impeachment" and how it folds in. the refusal to cooperate with investigations has ramped up talk of impeachment among house democrats. in fact, let's hear from representative dan kildee of michigan when he was asked about impeachment. >> this is not something -- i think we have to come to our own conclusions on this. what is increasing. the number of them coming to the conclusion of the president is essentially leaving us no choice but to exercise our
10:24 am
responsibility out of the constitution. that number is growing, and it's because the president is taking us there. >> harris: i'm so confused, because i talked to the same members across the aisle from each other from your house judiciary committee, and people see this like a rorschach. you look at it and say, "no, it's impeachment. no, it's not." what is the way you see it? >> for 22 months this administration has complied and worked with the special prosecutor's office. give them the documents they requested, had people testify to mueller. don mcgahn testified for over 30 hours to mueller's investigative team. when is enough going to be enough for the american people to move on? the investigation found no collusion, which was the whole basis of the investigation to begin with. so now it's, "he obstructed justice." but the department of justice didn't find or charge and for obstruction. they're not getting the answer they want so they will keep investigating. >> harris: you just heard representative guilty say, to paraphrase them down at him, the
10:25 am
drumbeat is growing. they are talking impeachment, first day back. >> when i first got elected to congress, one of the members of the democratic caucus who got elected, shortly after one of the first things she said was, "we are going to impeach the president." so they've talked about it since we got sworn into this congress. it's something that will grow and grow until speaker pelosi left to take action on it. >> harris: interesting. you just got back from the memorial day break and no doubt everyone is hearing from their constituents by the end of the week. we will cover what people are saying. congressman, thank you for joining me. >> thanks for having me. >> harris: new protests as the last remaining abortion provider in one state tries to stay open. the latest in a closely watched court battle there, with passions running high, as you balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy.
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10:30 am
officials from closing the facility, which is missouri's now only remaining abortion provider. the debate heating up after the governor there signed a law banning abortions at eight weeks, including cases of rape or incest. matt finn with the story. >> this intensified and is in the hands of a judge right now. we are awaiting his ruling and we will update you as we get it. what is happening today in st. louis, this judge is set to rule on whether planned parenthood doctors can be forced to testify in court. in response to the state subpoenas regarding allegations of dangerous health violations d parenthood clinic. also the judge is such a rule on whether this entire facility can remain open. the state is not renewing the planned parenthood license, and planned parenthood is suing. missouri's only abortion clinic, the st. louis planned parenthood is, is seeking to have its license approved. during its inspection they found what is considered to be dangerous health violations, at
10:31 am
least one patient had to be rushed to the hospital sometime after an abortion here this clinic. until this clinic is 100% compliant, it's likely to not be renewed. planned parenthood argues its working with the city and agreed with the state's demand to remove trainees from abortions. planned parenthood called this a political hit job because missouri's governor's antiabortion and recently made a law that bans abortions after eight weeks. >> planned parenthood bent over backwards to meet some frankly medically unnecessary and inappropriate requests from the state. but they did it. they made a plan of correction where they said, "okay, you don't want the trainees to be participating in and providing high-quality health care? they will end that practice for now." >> right now, outside of the st. louis clinic, there is a pro-life rally. people are demonstrating, praying, and also talking to
10:32 am
patients as they leave this clinic. >> why is it that it's always about the mom or the woman and nothing is ever said about the freedom that is being taken awa away, and killing a baby? i don't understand. >> if this planned parenthood clinic is forced to stop abortions, misery would be the first state in more than 45 years that ban the procedure. >> harris: matt finn will stay on the story. thank you very much. >> millions of people are flowing to mexico. that's unacceptable. millions and millions of people are coming right through mexico. it's a 2000--mile journey, and they are coming up to our borde border. mexico should step up and stop this onslaught, this invasion into our country. >> harris: the president they're talking about immigration during his state visit to london as "the new york times" is reporting mexico is now cracking down on migrants by stepping up
10:33 am
raids, breaking up caravans, and setting up roadblocks around common routes north. house democrats are set to vote on the bill today that would reportedly provide a pathway to citizenship for some 2.5 million illegal immigrants living in the united states. most of them, doctorate recipients. joining me now, the acting director of immigration and customs enforcement, or ice, mark morgan. where the men the president has picked for that job. tell me the latest from your perspective in terms of what we are dealing with. >> first of all, harris, if i could address what congress is trying to do right now, i am beyond frustrated. we have been pleading with congress to act with meaningful legislation that will end this crisis. they need to address the floor settlement agreement ntp pra, which is catch and release. if they enact that legislation, we will fix 85% of this problem. but they decide not to pass meaningful legislation, instead going to amnesty. that will not do anything to
10:34 am
curb this crisis that we have. it'll actually put fuel on the fire for this christmas. >> harris: is so your task now -- and i think a bit on the job exactly seven days today? >> yes, ma'am. >> harris: so you are brand-new in this position is the acting ice. what you've been around this issue a very long time. talk to me about a pathway to citizenship for two and half million illegals currently living in the u.s., and how that impacts ice. >> any legislation right now is actually going to, like i said, put you on the fire. it's going to act as another layer of incentive for people to come here illegally. that is not what congress should be focusing on right now. they should be focusing on preventing 120,000 illegal immigrants next month. they should stop. right now, hsi -- the only security investigation element of ice, right now, i have deployed about 500 resources to address the child's smuggling, the child recycling issue that
10:35 am
is going on. right now the families entering the southwest border, harris, about 25% of them are fake families. they are renting kids and bringing them across and then bringing the kids back to mexico and recycling them. and this is unbelievable. this is not manufactured. it's real. that's what congress should be fixing, that's what we need to address. >> harris: i'm interested, i read that list of cracking down on migrants by stepping up reads, breaking down caravans. those things they can do. why haven't they done until now? is the president right that when you put money on the table and make them feel pain through tariffs -- including us, by the way, because it hurts everybody -- that that's how you get their attention? >> i'm not an economist, but from the law-enforcement part to my perspective on 100% behind the present on this. mexico -- and for decades that they have been sloping bottom line, they remain on the sidelines for this issue. they have not been true partners in this. the acting secretary,
10:36 am
kevin mcaleenan, put three areas that mexico needs to work on, and he's right. they need to increase their interior enforcement operation, target the transnational organization of cartels, and work with us on asylum. those absolutely need to be done. mexico has not done it and they are not doing it. the reason why is because the cartel's everything and the cartels are a multibillion-dollar industry. they could to sit back and be facilitators and let it go down. they need to be in the game and the president the present is forcing them to do so. >> harris: acting director of ice, mark morgan. you mention congress more than once in all this. democratic caucus vice chair catherine clark is praising her party's immigration bill, the one you take exception to. let's watch. >> i think it's really a cause of celebration for the caucus. it has been 18 years in the making, and today we have the chance to go to the dreamers. today we are going to say to them, "we see you, you matter, you're part of the fabric of
10:37 am
this country, and we are going to acknowledge that." >> harris: your reaction? >> i would say that 30% of young women and children that are making this dangerous track are sexually assaulted. right now, again, the mud security investigation element, ice, estimates 25% of these kids are being smuggled in and recycling being exploited. right now next month we are probably going to have an excess of 125,000 people illegally entering this country. that's the crisis we should be focusing on. in my opinion they are way off and this will do nothing to leave it the crisis. harris, if i could say another thing, too -- one of the key incentives to this whole problem is the fact that once people have entered illegally and they've gone through due process and they receive deportation or removal, they are allowed to see here. i'm committing to you, the american people, for the security and safety of this country, we need to increase interior enforcement of those people who have final orders. >> harris: you are pointing to two things. a lack of detention space and
10:38 am
resources, as you say, for those detention centers, and about century districts. the cities and states in our nation. i hear you. mark morgan, i want to bring you back as the news cooks on this. thank you very much for this tuesday update. and the job, just a week. appreciated. >> thank you. >> harris: vice president mike pence landing in oklahoma last hour to visit areas devastated by flooding from the school and arkansas river. as the river begins to recede in oklahoma, the situation is getting worse and arkansas. high waters moving south, taxing an already strained levee system with even more rain expected this week in the forecast. casey stegall and conway, arkansas, with the update. casey? >> harris, for so many people this has been a real life nightmare for the past two weeks that they have been living. where in this neighborhood called treasure hills and conway, arkansas, and this morning when he drove up we
10:39 am
found brian. this is his house back here. you can see for yourself, looking live, they have a wall of sandbags around the property. because the water goes all the way around, and they also have pumps at work. so he tells us that, believe it or not, the way it looks, they don't have any water inside the home. but if you continue going down his street here, his neighbors -- well, they haven't been so lucky. this is as far as i can go because you can see the water has come up so high the street is totally shut off. but neighbors to the left and to the right, they have homes underwater. brian asked to use a boat to someone lend him just to get from the street where we are back to his house. are you ready for this? he and his wife and their dog just moved into the house three and half weeks go. they are not even fully unpacked.
10:40 am
as if that wasn't enough, they are newlyweds, celebrating their 1-month anniversary just yesterday. but he says their new neighbors have been exceptional, volunteering their time to help secure and protect their new home. >> they are good. it's amazing. we would have lost everything. but we've managed to save it with their help. >> wow. brian says the water has come up an additional 3 inches overnight and he is watching it extremely closely. hoping it doesn't come up anymore. harris? >> harris: amazing, the people you meet as you tell the stories. there's a whole lot of house underwater behind you. casey stegall, we pray for them all. thank you. the world marking 30 years since the massacre in tiananmen
10:41 am
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>> harris: china is accusing our secretary of state, mike pompeo, of smearing its domestic and foreign policies. after secretary pompeo issued a statement today, 30 years after the deadly crackdown on tiananmen square protesters. kitty logan's life force in london with more. they are our secretary of state. >> that's right, but it's kind of tricky diplomatically because china doesn't officially recognize this anniversary. it's usually silent on that. there are reports also from the u.n. that it's silenced dissidents from speaking out about it. it was 30 years ago, june of 1989, that the chinese government crackdown on pro-democracy activists with troops and tanks out on the street. many people were killed,
10:46 am
although china has never acknowledge how many died. today secretary of state mike pompeo praised those protesters, and in the statement he said, "we salute the heroes of the chinese people who briefly stood up 30 years ago in tiananmen square to demand their rights. we urge the chinese government to make a full public accounting of those killed or missing." chinese authorities, if we've been hearing, have accused mike pompeo of attacking their own political system. we weren't happy at all with those comments from him. meanwhile, they've also increased security on the ground in tiananmen square head of the anniversary date. the u.n. is reporting it has reports that the tensions of increased censorship leading up to today's date, and any mention of tiananmen square has been removed from the internet. meanwhile, in hong kong, students have been openly holding a candlelit vigil and a
10:47 am
minute of silence to remember the victims. people there do have freedom to express their political views. there are protests farley and cindy, activists clashing with pro-democracy demonstrators marking the anniversary as well. they have divided china from the rest of the world over tiananmen square, and of course the spat between the u.s. and china over this issue is not uncommon. harris? >> harris: wow. communist china reminding us of it really is as it tries to make history go away by keeping everybody in the world silent. katie, thank you very much. 2020 front runner joe biden revealing his plan to combat climate change a few weeks after congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez criticized his stand on the environment. the power panel weighs in next. ♪ too many people in pain settle for
10:48 am
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. president trump will host a very special dinner in london in less than an hour paid i will get reaction to that and his news conference with our own bret baier and brian kilmeade. plus, could florida lose the congressional seat and millions in funding if the 2020 census asks about citizenship? senator rick scott is on the show today. i will ask him about that. and in ut dallas about that 17 -year-old shark attack victim in our father's background may have
10:52 am
saved her life on the "the daily briefing" ." >> harris: 2020 front runner joe biden unveiled his climate change plan aimed at aimed at donating carbon emissions by 2050. he said it will be paid for by rolling back presidential tax cuts. it comes a few weeks after progressive congress woman alexandria ocasio-cortez took aim at biden on the issue. >> i will be damned if the same politicians who refuse to act than are going to try and come back today and say we need a middle-of-the-road approach to save our lives. that is too much from. [cheers and applause] >> harris: the power panel. dan henninger, "wall street journal" deputy editorial page editor judy miller. adjunct fellow at the institute for policy research. if joe biden wanted to walk down has honored on this issue, it seems like the apparent owners of this issue, like aoc and a few others, wanting to do something specific.
10:53 am
>> right. he has done something specific. many, many pages, even on the internet, and i defy anyone to try and go all the way through it. harris, i think the important thing is that what biden is trying to do, along with elizabeth warren -- who also introduced a plan today, along with jay inslee of washington, who hasn't even more expensive plan -- they want to throw down a marker as if being a democratic issue and something democrats and americans care about. that young americans care about this more than older americans, but this is an issue that resonates with young people. as we can see from aoc's impassioned green dream, as pelosi calls it. a speed when she couldn't even get the name right. [laughter] that was kind of throwing some shade. even some republicans her figuring out that they will need some wording on what is happening with the climate, whether it's immediate or overall, whatever their
10:54 am
perspective is. people like representative matt gaetz of florida. so it is something for people to talk about, but is this a good strategy, dan, for joe biden? >> well, it's a strategy has to pursue because the democratic left -- which is now driven policy inside the democratic party -- at the presidential level, for them, climate change is a religion. >> harris: how did they get that power, by the way? >> that's a question for an entire document tree. how did this little minority, primarily through social media, elevate these issues like climate change? which is so interesting because then you've got people in the house like dick durbin and nancy pelosi pushing back against that, because they are the ones who actually have to spend money on things like medicare for all, infrastructure, and i think in their world climate change comes in may be number three. >> harris: there are democrats i've had don, , on the three program. they say no to medicare for all. you call them the voices in the party, the little minority.
10:55 am
they are becoming at least 25%. i've had dnc leadership tell me that. this is becoming less of a minority member, if you will. >> when are these candidates going to prioritize? trillions of dollars for all these things they're proposing, eventually someone will criticize them and say they are making no sense. >> harris: joe biden is staying out of the fray with all of them. >> i think he is, and the very fact he remains way ahead of the other 20 plus candidates who are seeking that position, as being the democratic nominee, i think that a it attests to the fact of the majority of the parties in the center and that they have one overriding goal, to beat donald trump in 2020. >> harris: let's look at the new cnn poll that shows biden maintaining what judy is talking about, that huge lead. warren and kamala harris kind of back and forth here, and our board isn't big enough to show anybody was less than 5%.
10:56 am
[laughter] actually, it is. >> go ahead. >> look, this is where the party is. it's true that social media, as dan says, wants it to be otherwise. but facts are facts, polls are polls. >> harris: thank you, i'll be right back. ♪ limu emu and doug.
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♪ >> dana: you are "the briefing" starts right now. president trump and theresa may celebrating the special relationship in a news conference this morning. trump also sang it would be foolish for senate republicans to not go along with imposing tariffs on mexican goods. rick scott about that. joe bided unveiled a $5 trillion climate plan, so who will pay for that? i'm a dana perino ssp 21. ♪ first our country's friendship with united kingdom on full display across the pond. president trump and theresa may addressing a wide r


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