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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 4, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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the way and made history. not only a win for the country, but a win for the world. >> brian, thank you for staying with us. we'll be keeping on this shot here. dana perino. now shep. >> shepard: dana, thanks very much. the first lady with a smile that a second ago was ear-to-ear and she and the president of the united states are set to host this dinner coming up now for charles and camilla and honored guests. wore waiting for the next moments to come. here's what's about to happen. the next thing that will happen, they'll allow a pool camera inside to give us a shot of the state dinner. we'll let you see that as well. we're expecting charles and camilla will come in just a moment. they'll let the cameras in to win fieldhouse here so we can hear from president trump and others soon. earlier today, the president had a news conference with theresa may and he talked about a big
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issue here at home. tariffs. the president said it was be foolish for gop lawmakers to try to block his plan to put taxes on all products from mexico. the tariffs set to kick in next week unless mexico does more. unspecified more to stop migrants heading to the u.s. border. critics say the taxes would hurt american consumers and businesses when the cost of goods goes up. if republicans vote to override president trump on this, it would be one of the party's strongest acts of opposition. mike emanuel reporting live from capitol hill. first john roberts who is traveling with the president and live in london. we wait for this event to begin. john, good evening. >> shep, good evening to you. we'll keep one eye going on what's going on at windfield house as we tell you about what happened earlier today. i had the opportunity to ask president trump a question about the mexico issue for the first time since mexican officials
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started saying publicly, really appealing to president trump that they have been doing more to apprehend central american migrants in southern mexico illegally and deport them from the country. the president though seemed unimpressed with this when i put the question to him saying that mexico has not done enough to avoid the tariffs which would be imposed monday at 5%. back to you. apparently there's an arrival. >> shepard: it appears prince charles and duchess camilla are here. we'll listen in to hear the greetings and the rest.
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>> shepard: now waiting to see if they'll speak. it's not scheduled. you never know. and a look inside before the dinner that the president and first lady are hosting. the president saying thank you very much. in they go. john roberts, the reviews largely have been glowing for all of this. the president hitting the right notes according to observer there's in great britain and of course here across the states. >> yeah, other than the critics of the president, like the opposition leader jeremy corbyn and the mayor sadiq khan, many people here in britain, this
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state visit has gone very well. i mean, the dinner the queen had yesterday and all of the pomp and ceremony involved with the president and the first lady being at buckingham palace was quite extraordinairextraordinar. only the third time that something like that has happened. it happened with president bush and president bush in 2003. it's a very high honor reserved for a small group of presidents. the general consensus is that things have gone very well in terms of this state visit. the meetings today with prime minister theresa may went very well. in addition to all of that, the two sides sat down, they talked about trade. we will get into brexit in just a couple minutes. there's real hope here that the united states and britain will have a trade deal in place for when the u.k. pulls out of brexit. let's talk about what we talked about at the top here. this is the president looking at what's going on in mexico and
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what mexican officials are saying in terms of trying to apprehend more central american migrants and the president deporting them. the president says it's not enough and tariffs will go into place on monday. listen to what the president said. >> i don't think they'll do that. if they do that, it's foolish. nothing more important than borders. i've had tremendous republican support. mexico called. they're going to meet wednesday. secretary pompeo will be at the meeting along with a few others that are very good at this. we'll see if we can do something. it's more likely that the tariffs go on and we'll probably be talking during the time the tariffs are on and they'll be paid. >> the president also took aim at republicans that might try to block him from imposing the tariffs. the president said he thinks it would be foolish if they did that. the democratic side, senator
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chuck schumer said he believes the president is bluffing. listen here. >> i have a feeling that this one just popped into his head. it's clear that lots of people in the administration didn't agree. i believe that he will back off when faced with the opposition among business, among his own republicans. when he sees when a dumb move he's made. >> the president believes that mexico can change this quickly if they made a decision to do that, shep. >> shepard: john, you mentioned the british planned exit from the european union and the work to get a plan together on that matter. >> yeah, this is what eventually led to the down fall of theresa may, that is stepping down as prime minister friday, the day after the president leaves europe after commemorating the 75th anniversary of d-day in normandy. she tried three times. didn't get it through parliament even though she did get a deal
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with the e.u. leaves a lot of political uncertainty as to what the way forward will be. the president has urged whomever replaces theresa may to go with a no deal hard brexit by the end of october. one of the deal that could replace theresa may, conservative politicians have suggested we have to have a deal with the e.u. and let's delay the brexit through 2020. both the president and theresa may believe that brexit eventually will happen. it's interesting the president pointed out a couple months ago, theresa may did not take his advice, which was to sue the european union. this is a great, great country. they want their own identity. they want their own borders. >> i believe it's in the best interest of the u.k. to leave the european union with a deal.
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the president suggested that i sue the european union. we didn't do. we went through negotiations and came out with a good deal. >> a lot of political turmoil going on in britain right now. with theresa may stepping down friday, the conservative party has to choose a new leader. a lot of jockeying over who that person will be. will that government be able to -- might there be elections called later in 2019 and how could those go. if there's a hard brexit, might that create more economic and political turmoil? right now a lot of things are up in the air right now, shep. nobody is sure at the moment where they're doing to land. >> shepard: all right. john roberts live in london. we're expecting video inside the state dinner and potentially at least some words from inside there. when that happens, we'll take you there. first, dave lawler from axios. good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> shepard: do we have a sense
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for how this is playing in britain and beyond? >> trump gave them a headline. he said this is the greatest partnership ever. there was a lot of nervousness that this would be an i'm -- embarrassment for theresa may. and there was the protests. there was worry that it would overshadow everything. if you're in downing street, you're happy with the way it's going. trump has been complimentary of theresa may. he's interacted well with the royal family. this is certainly perhaps a good outcome for theresa may and downing street. >> shepard: watching the video of the protesters there. it was yesterday that we reported that organizers of the protests suggested there might be as many as 250,000 people on the streets. that has not happened.
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not even close. there was a little rain this morning. that being said, the protests did not happen the way they thought they would. as far as how everybody seems to be getting along publicly, out so i of sadiq khan, the major of london, i mean, i don't know what more you can ask for. given the past especially with theresa may and the president. >> right. exactly. as you mentioned, the protests, we've been expecting the protests ever since this visit was announced. there was weeks of build-up to the protests. they haven't been quite as massive as the organizers had hoped and the people in the media expected. president trump has said he didn't see any big protests at all. it's all fake news. obviously they are happening, but the scale is smaller. like you said, his interactions with theresa may have been cordial. trump has said she deserves credit for the way she's handled things the last few months.
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obviously she's going out on a low note again having made brexit. while arriving during a political crisis, you can see the meetings devolving into just a spectacle and it hasn't quite worked out that way. i'm sure theresa may will be breathing a sigh of relief. >> shepard: she and her country and her party have a lot of work ahead even after she's no longer in charge come friday. dave, good to see you. thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> shepard: taking a break early today because we know what's coming up. we're going to have a look inside this dinner coming up in just a minute. we'll have more on the president's back and forth with his own party on capitol hill about taxes on mexican goods coming into the united states, whether or not members in hits own party get out in front of that. the president's warning. there's a slew of news and our reporting continues on this tuesday afternoon. why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us.
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>> shepard: breaking news. this is arrival of president trump and the first lady greeting the prince and the duchess there for this dinner, which is about to happen or just beginning inside. we're waiting for the pool camera to be allowed inside in just a moment when we expect to see what is happening in there and potentially hear from people inside. winfield house is where they're holding this. certainly all eyes are there. that's in london's regent park. the president and the first lady have taken up temporary residence there and hosting the prince and the duchess this afternoon or this evening. it's 16 minutes past 8:00 british summertime. at the same time, there's back and forth with president and his own party in washington. the president is saying if mexico doesn't do more, nothing
12:17 pm
more specific than that, to stop migrants from getting in the united states, he's going to begin with tariffs right away. the republicans are pushing back on this and senator rand paul quoted as saying a short time ago that the senate may have a veto proof majority to stop the tariffs. so there's a back and forth that is happening now. mike emanuel with details on that. he's live. hi, mike. >> good afternoon. it's an awkward time for a lot of republicans on capitol hill. mitch mcconnell a short time ago was pretty blunt saying there's not much support among senate republicans for tariffs. >> what i'm telling you. we're hoping that doesn't happen. we appreciate the opportunity. we spent our entire lunch talking to representatives from the white house about this issue. uno the mexican delegation is here. apparently the talks a going well. >> this comes on the context of
12:18 pm
senate democrats are watching to see how republicans handle this issue. chuck schumer predicted the president will cave. when one senate republican said 5% might not be the end of the world, dick durbin fired back. >> it's negligible unless it's your company that will have to shut down. there will be an impact on the price of goods coming forth between the united states and mexico that will raise prices on consumers, cost american jobs and frankly it's going to hurt my farmers to be blunt with you. >> ahead of a huge meeting with top trump officials, mexico's foreign minister is due here to meet later this hour with nancy pelosi. mike? >> thank you. the white house sending out more orders for former government employees to ignore subpoenas from the house judiciary committee investigating president trump. this time the chief of staff,
12:19 pm
mick mulvaney is ininstructing annie donaldson and hope hicks not the cooperate with the judiciary committee. hope hicks is now communications officer for fox corporation. so far hicks has reportedly agree to turn over documents from her time with the trump campaign, but no word on whether either will comply with the committee's directive which includes a request for testimony on capitol hill. if they don't, will they be held in contempt of congress? the committee chairman, jerry nadler says, i assume so. catherine herridge reporting live from washington. catherine? >> shep, according to a new two-page letter to the house judiciary committee, the house council has directed two former aides not to provide records until the committee and justice
12:20 pm
department's agreement over sensitive material is complete. annie donaldson and hope hicks have been told not to produce documents. house republicans say it's about process, not about obstructing oversight. house republicans are ramping up william barr and don mcgahn. justice officials cite congressional privilege. in a letter it says -- >> earlier today the political divide was clear. >> what is clear is that house democrats are united around the principles that we're going to
12:21 pm
hold this lawless administration accountable. house democrats are united around the principle that no one is above the law. >> i think it's very difficult of how you can obstruct something that never happened. if you have no collusion, how can you have obstruction? because you can't obstruct something that didn't take place. >> a contempt vote is scheduled for a week today. a lot can happen in seven days, shep. >> shepard: thanks, catherine herridge. live on the hill. thanks so much. we're waiting the president and the first lady along with their guests in london this evening. we're expecting to have a look around inside their dinner in just a moment. first, a young couple from texas went to fiji on a dream vacation when they started feeling sick. first, they complained their hands were numb and eventually they died. health officials say they still don't know what killed the couple. details of that investigation coming up. ♪
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aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. >> shepard: more from the president and his trip in just a moment. first, a mysterious illness killed a young couple from texas during their tropical vacation. david and michelle paul. the families say they were physically fit. one day before they left the island, the couple realized something was wrong. they eventually checked themselves into a hospital but never recovered. doctors say they still don't know exactly what killed them. david lee miller reporting live in the fox newsroom. david lee? >> shepard, the texas that couple in fiji had been in the country three days before they became seriously ill. the symptoms including vomiting
12:27 pm
and numb hands. 35-year-old michelle paul died may 25 and three days later her husband, 38-year-old david, succomed to the same illness. the media said the couple visit australia and new zealand before going to fiji. they were thought to be perfectly healthy. the u.s. embassy in fiji released a statement. part of it reads -- >> the world health organization warned of a surge of cases of influenza in fiji that affect young adults. the who says the illness in fiji
12:28 pm
has killed four pregnant women. five locals that had district contact with david and michelle paul have been taken to a local hospital for observation. the couple leaves behind a 2-year-old son and david's daughter from a previous marriage. all authorities in fiji will say is that the couple died because of an illness. shepard? >> shepard: thank you, david lee. police are investigating the disappearance of a mother of five from connecticut. the police searched on a garbage facility about 70 miles from where she went missing in hartford, connecticut where investigators say they found jennifer dulos blood on clothing and sponges in a trash can. video show as man that looks like her husband dumping garbage bags in different locations. yesterday the husband and his girlfriend went to court on charges of evidence tampering and hindering the prosecution.
12:29 pm
according to court documents, dulos and her husband have been in a bitter divorce and custody battle the past two years. court papers quote her as saying she was terrified for her family's safety. laura ingle rolling from connecticut. laura? >> shep, state and local investigators have been searching all kinds of areas around the state of connecticut and now we know with the release of the arrest warrants yesterday what they have been after. much of the evidence came from the house here behind me, this is where jennifer dulos has been living with her five children. investigators say they found human blood in the garage and evidence someone tried to cover a crime. k-9 units were seen sifting through trash in hartford. police would not confirm if they were in connecticut and looking for the dulos case but they said they were working on an
12:30 pm
investigation. we learned police believe that jennifer dulos was the victim of a violent physical assault and two people matching the descriptions of her estranged husband and girlfriend were seen on surveillance footage the day of jennifer's disappearance in 30 locations in hartford trying trash away over a four-mile stretch. some of the items recovered have blood and some of them tested positive for jennifer dulos' blood. dulos and her husband were living in the husband that he shared with his wife. that's been the subject of many searches. police say neither one are cooperating. michelle made her $500,000 bond yesterday. she was released with a gps tracking device on her leg and
12:31 pm
fotis dulos is behind bars. >> and jennifer's mother just filed for custody of the kids. >> yes, her mother gloria farmer that is in new york city and taking care of her five grandchildren since her daughter went missing asking the judge to be awarded custody on a temporary basis. the children that the home lived in is under police guard, this is where police are asking local residents to check cameras that might have captured vehicular activities. we've been speaking with locals around here that are shaken about this. talking to children that went to school with the five dulos kids. >> shepard: thanks, laura. we're constituent waiting for the diner in london. we'll take you there as it happens and we have access. first, lawmakers revealing a list of hundreds of nursing homes across america with very
12:32 pm
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>> shepard: just past the bottom of the hour. battling anxiety with barrel rolls in the sky. coming up, the former navy seal coping with civilian life by going to the extreme. tom brady tipping off tiny town. trying to trademark a town that has a baseball team up in arms. and congress calling out the worst nursing home in all of america. now you can didn't out if your loved one's home is on the list. trace gallagher reporting on the top story at the bottom of the hour. trace? >> there's a short list of eight 0 nursing homes that have been warned for violating health, safety and sanitary codes. the nursing homes are getting
12:37 pm
help to improve. there's 400 other homes that also should have been flagged for violations, but because of a shortage of inspectors, the government has kept the conditions under wraps. now bob casey and gop senator pat toomey has had a the list public. the violations we're talking about include a georgia nursing home resident that was able to climb out her window and later found on train tracks with the train approaching or a facility in hawaii infested with cockroaches and ants climbing on residents. in illinois, a resident was unable to get medical treatment, so he finally called 911 himself, but he tied on the way to the hospital. if you want to find out which homes are in violation, go to
12:38 pm >> shepard: trace what are we hearing from them? >> we contacted an association that represented 13,500 nursing homes across the country. they said they fully support making information transparent. a lot of this information was already out there if you knew where the look. the association said it's important to look at facilities when making decisions. we recommend take several steps, not looking at one measure. we should note 1.3 million americans are living in 15,700 nursing homes in this country. only 3% of those nursing homes are in violation. that still means thousands of older americans are neglected in some capacity. the trump administration has asked congress to increase funding for more inspectors. we don't know how much money or how that money would be
12:39 pm
distributed. shep? >> trace gallagher live. thank you. secretary of state mike pompeo in a heated exchange with the government of china. he slammed the country for refusing to acknowledge the tiananmen square massacre. the chinese embassy accusing secretary pompeo of making the statement out of prejudice and arrogance. 40 years ago today, the chinese military opened fire on pro democrat demonstrators. this iconic image show as young man staring down a line of chinese tanks. today the number of people killed is unknown. it's estimated to be hundreds or even thousands. citizens murdered by the government. the chinese government blocks access to any information about tiananmen square online and in cable tv reports today, all subject matter related to tiananmen square goes dark. rich edson live with more.
12:40 pm
pompeo calling for a full public accounting of that day. >> and he said beginning so would be the communist party's willingness to respect rights. that's not the case. the secretary says over the decades that followed, the united states hoped that china's integration into the international system would lead to a more open tolerant society. those hopes have been dashed. china's one-party state tolerates no dissent and abuses human rights when they serve their interests. secretary pompeo specifically referenced china's representation of the muslim majority with surveillance detention and political reeducation. on capitol hill today, in front of a congressional commission a survivor and student organizer of those protests from 30 years ago spoke about his experience. >> on june 4, 1989, the chinese communist party sent in troops
12:41 pm
to massacre the people that they represented. they crushed all dissent. >> he says disappointingly world leaders returned to beijing to get access to their immense consumer market. shep? >> shepard: this is a serious matter for the chinese. they want to it go away and issued quite a response. >> the u.s. and china have their differences, this is a strong response by those standards. china's foreign ministry said secretary pompeo's statement made vicious accusations. they've been lecturing other countries and interfering in their internal affairs and human rights while turning the blind eye to the affairs in the u.s. china says they're on the right path and the u.s. should mind their own business. >> shepard: rich edson live.
12:42 pm
remember the shooting in parkland? the florida department of law enforcement has arrested a former sheriff's deputy over that deadly school shooting in parkland, florida. investigators report today that the former deputy scott peterson did nothing to mitigate the stoneman douglas high school that killed 17. the police commissioner said, and i'm quoting now there can be no excuse for his complete inaction and no question that his inaction cost lives. there was an investigation by the florida department of law enforcement and now out with this statement. the fdle showed that peterson did nothing to mitigate it. the statement has just been released. agents interviewed 184 witnesses and reviewed countless hours of videos. they wrote 212 investigative reports totalling 800 hours on
12:43 pm
this case to determine the actions of this deputy. they have concluded today he did nothing. up to 20 percent of iraq and afghanistan war veterans suffer from ptsd in any given year. that's according to the department of veterans affairs. that can make their transition back to civilian life more difficult. a navy seal has had a passion through extreme sports and now using his military training to carve out a new path. kristina partsinevelos shows us one veteran's story. >> for most people, therapy is on a couch. for brandon webb, it's his epson. he was a navy seal sniper. for many war veterans, returning home from the military means coping with post traumatic
12:44 pm
industries disorder. webb found and outlet. >> it's very therapeutic. you're forced to con sen trade on one thing. you can't think about anything else. it's a mind eraser. >> stunt flying isn't his own escape. webb and a group of friends took a helicopter to a dangerous region in the alps. webb is constantly seeking out the next adrenaline high. webb has found his return to civilian life easier and utilized his experiences to successfully launch several businesses. >> i've been able to create this cool content company that we montetize with commerce. >> and one of them is crape club. it's basically navy seal in a box. >> so can i get my therapy
12:45 pm
session with you then? >> of course. i don't charge that much. >> taking to the skies over manhattan, webb didn't disappoint. he did a 360 loop-to-loop off the coast of manhattan followed by a close look at the statue of liberty. he said this therapy is not for everybody. it just works for him. >> it's my way of getting into entrepreneurship and aviation and flying and taking what i learned in military. for me, it's a positive way to deal with my own transition. >> so luckily for brandon webb, he found solace in the world of aviation and turn it into a successful business. a lot of veterans find it difficult to return back to normal life, this is a positive story, shep. >> shepard: thanks, kristina partsinevelos. waiting now as we have been the last 45 minutes. can we show them the picture of the pool waiting? this is the life of the pool.
12:46 pm
you wait, wait, wait and then they let you know. they haven't let you in because the timing is up to them. anyway, the president is hosting the royals today, the first and the first lady. we're expecting that they want you to have a look. there for we'll let you have that look. the president is hosting the event, this is the first picture. the president is hosting the event. the british are not. the president is staying at this house here. he's hosting the event for him. they're serving american stuff. i'll tell you about that when it begins. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?!
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bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. >> shepard: walking your way towards 10,000 steps a day? you can sit down. 10,000 steps. insane these people. a new study out of harvard says less is more. the study says for older women especially, taking just 5,000 steps is linked to a decrease risk of dying. according to the same doctors, the benefits might peak at 7,500 steps. anything more than that will be
12:51 pm
the law of diminishing return steps in. take the elevator, you earned it. new york could be the first state to ban cat declawing. supporters say the procedure is cruel. veterinarians say there's certain cases where it should be allowed. rick leventhal with more. >> no law is purrfect. >> oh, my goodness. >> that's -- no law is purrfect. >> shepard: move on. >> this would be ground breaking. >> shepard: it would be. >> some cities ban declawing including los angeles and stran. new york would be the first statute to you lawsuit it. the paw project has been leading the charge to end what critics call cruel and barbaric. the declawing could cost lasting
12:52 pm
pain, force felines to change their gait and less likely to use their litter boxes. >> a lot of people that engage in declawing cats don't realize how barbaric it is. >> the bill has passed a senate and now on to the assembly. if the bill passes, the governor will sign it. i used to cover wars. now i'm covering cats. >> shepard: you know what? cruelty to animals is bad. >> this is this cruel? >> shepard: it's not for me to judge. if the state of new york says you can't do it, you can't do it. cat lovers except those that have had their face clawed off will think it's a good idea. some vets think you can do it. some people can be harmed with
12:53 pm
cat scratches. >> shepard: i got a cat after 9-11. he almost clawed my eyes out. gave it away -- >> he scratch or bit me once. i almost threw him out the window. >> shepard: you're talking vets and i'm talking mets. the mets fans have one more thing to add to their list of disappointments. some asking the united states patent office to deny tom brady's request to trademark tom the terrific. they said that should be reserved for tomorrow seaver, not the new england quarterback. some of the mets faithful are planning a protest at a bar in new york city. >> if it's at a bar, it's not really a bar. >> shepard: sounds like an activity.
12:54 pm
>> tom seaver had it first. let's face it. >> the pool cams are going in. we've been waiting this. i figure now it's happening, i should talk about it. this is live. you're looking live london. we've been telling you about this dinner at win fieldhouse. that's where the trumps have been staying on their trip for this big shin dig. tonight the president and mrs. trump are hosting this event for the prince and duchess. there's a whole list of people including some americans secretary mnuchin, ambassador bolton and mick mulvaney and others, tony blair. and trump family. there's the chandelier. i can tell you what they're having for dinner. one item of note is the wine. think about the wine.
12:55 pm
heritage tomatoes with fresh garden basel. cheese and tomatoes. >> i don't eat tomatoes. >> you're not invited. there's that. with that course, they'll have an iron horse chardonnay. iron horse is a vineyard in sonoma. so a california winery. it's family owned and a private estate. it's in green valley in so mono -- sonoma. there's a fillet of beef. i had to look this up. celeriac and carrots. so those sound delicious. an iron horse pino noir. i looked it up. wine spector rates it an 81 and it's $95 a bottle. that's the main course. they're introducing people. the camera is not allowed this
12:56 pm
but they're doing introducing. for dessert, summer berries, an iron horse brute reserve. iron horse, your commercial was free today. let's listen. [applause] in come the cameras. very nice timing. this is the pool stray. let's look and see. i can tell you the order of seating. >> meghan markle there? >> careful, rick. the first lady will be setting next to the duchess or cornwall and theresa may's husband, mr. may. president trump will be sitting between the prince of wales and prime minister theresa may. so let's and listen together.
12:57 pm
>> shepard: they call this technology live u. essentially what it does, it transmits a television signal with audio through internet technology rather than having to have a satellite truck out there every now and then when the internet signal is rough or when you're in a highly secure zone like a place where a president of the united states and royals might be, live u doesn't work perfectly, which is why you see the camera break up. here's another camera in the same room. when you have two, you might as well use them. we may have a couple of words
12:58 pm
spoken. there's the president, the first lady. you might have since next to the prince is sarah sanders. a position of great honor in that spot. looks like they have given them a spray and now we'll exit them out the door. sometimes the press will like the children. see and be seen but not heard. that's sort of what has happened. yesterday was the state dinner what is tonight's purpose? this dinner is for what specifically? >> right. the royals hosted trump last night at buckingham palace, this is an opportunity for trump to return the favor. he's the host for this evening. the queen is being represented by her son, prince charles. it's a chance for the u.s. to get into the pomp and circumstance game as well as the
12:59 pm
britts have done so well throughout the visit. >> shepard: and an opportunity in a more casual setting. yesterday's -- everything seems to be formal when the royals are around. today more casual than the previous event. >> right. we're expecting 60 guests for tonight's dinner. it's casual perhaps by the standards of the royal family, a slightly dialled back affair than what we saw last night. >> shepard: when you see members of the press wearing coats and ties, the eng guys, all the rest, you know there's a dress code. cavuto will pick this up. great news on wall street, i want to take you there for the closing bell. a live look at the big board now. the dow is up more than 500 points. all 30 of dow industrials are in the green today. the s&p is up, the nasdaq is up. so what is the reason?
1:00 pm
the reason is that the fed is suggested that if these trade troubles go on and tariffs are put in place, interest rates may go down and the markets are loving that. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> neil: all right. the royal dinner going open right now as we speak. the winfield house. the residents of the american ambassador to great britain. the president exchanging the courtesy that the britts supported him, but with a dinner of his own top host the key british players. there's a possibility in a little bit that we could hear from individuals, maybe the president a little later in the dinner. the pool spray that they like to call the room is done. of course, the feast is open. the fee was on at the corner of wall and broad. see what i did there? the feast was on. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. let's talk about stocks. let's talk about the president. what is going on over here is some t