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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 4, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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suggested that if these trade troubles go on and tariffs are put in place, interest rates may go down and the markets are loving that. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> neil: all right. the royal dinner going open right now as we speak. the winfield house. the residents of the american ambassador to great britain. the president exchanging the courtesy that the britts supported him, but with a dinner of his own top host the key british players. there's a possibility in a little bit that we could hear from individuals, maybe the president a little later in the dinner. the pool spray that they like to call the room is done. of course, the feast is open. the fee was on at the corner of wall and broad. see what i did there? the feast was on. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. let's talk about stocks. let's talk about the president. what is going on over here is something that was really reflected of what was going on
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over there. the president not backing down on his trade fight with mexico now amid tensions that are still high with china. those two were linked by the federal reserve. the chairman, jerome powell saying the central back is prepared to protect the economy if things get worse on the trade front. if things slow down, the markets pounced on that as a sign that the fed has the president's back and has our back just in case things slide. the do you up 511 points. the nasdaq, which had entered a correction territory, down about 10% or a little more from the highs coming back today. we have got a lot going on here. we have fox team coverage with john roberts in london where the president is not letting mexico off the hook. we have susan li on a fed chief that doesn't want to be on the hook. we begin with john. hi, john. >> good evening to you, neil.
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the stock market didn't seem to care a lot about what the president said regarding mexico. we should point out, one of the guests at that dinner in winfield house has an early flight tomorrow morns, secretary state mike pompeo will be leaving at first light to head back to the united states. he will be leading negotiations with the mexican delegation in washington d.c. to see if they do something, willing to do something more to stop central american migrants from moving through mexico wards the u.s. border. the president today unimpressed with recent claims that they have stepped up apprehensions and deportations of central american migrants in mexico. illegally. the president suggesting the tariffs scheduled to go into effect on monday at 5% are going to go into effect. the president also dismissing some talk among some republicans in congress that they may move to block those tariffs before they go into effect. listen to what the the president
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said earlier today. >> i don't think they'll do that. i think if they do, it's foolish. there's nothing more important than borders. i've had tremendous republican support. mexico called. they want to meet wednesday. secretary pompeo will be at the meeting with a few others that are very good at this. we're going to see if we can do something. i think it's more likely that the tariffs go on and will probably be talking during the time that the tariffs are on and they'd be paid. >> one of the big issues that was going on in talks between the united states and britain, particularly this morning when the president was sitting down with theresa may is britain's plans to use huawei equipment canadian in china as part of the 5g system. originally britain wanted to use huawei equipment in the 5g core. because basically they're selling it for pennies on the dollar against equipment from other countries. there's a reason for that many
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american officials believe. china wants to go into the 5g systems because everything that flows there there can be sucked out and send back to china. i'm told by national security officials that they convinced huawei not to use huawei in the core. britain not wanting to upset china and still use huawei equipment. the president suggesting at the press conference with theresa may earlier today that they do have an agreement on huawei. he wouldn't say exact le what it was. listen here. >> we're going to have absolutely an agreement on huawei and everything else. we have an incredible intelligence relationship. we will be able to work out any differences. we did discuss it. i see absolutely no limitations. we've never had limitations. this is a truly great ally and partner and we'll have no problem with that. >> british officials suggest that there's some sort of agreement. they didn't want to talk about the details before it goes to parliament. the president was suggesting
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that if britain wants to use 5g equipment from huawei in their systems, that that might upset the apple cart in terms of intelligence sharing with the united states. that's clearly something britain doesn't what want the broach. >> neil: you might hear this back and forth on trade, issues with the mexicans and the chinese and the slow downs could follow. why would stock rise in that environment? because the federal reserve says it has everybody's back in case that does happen. susan li on that. hi, susan. >> you're right, neil. so the federal reserve providing cover today telling the markets if trade wars hurt economic growth, we can adjust and cut interest rates. that sent the stock market to rally mode. wall street prices in a near certainty that interest rates will be cut, close to 100%. the probability at 97%. big tech names were the drags yesterday on concerns they will
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be broken up or investigated over antitrust concerns. coming back for amazon, google, parent of alphabet, netflix and microsoft. when the heavy stocks move, they take the markets with them. we have the mexican foreign minister and economic minister in washington d.c. they're meeting with nancy pelosi. that i have threatened to retaliate if president trump goes through with the tariffs that come through. president trump said this morning the london press conference that tariffs will likely go up. will that impact the u.s. economy, that depends on how long tariffs stay on and how high they get. neil? >> neil: with the dow surge today, 511 points, that is the best performance of the year nor the dow on this after getting just clubbed on concerns about trade. so what are we really looking at here? let's get the read from george,
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we also have jackie deangelis. jackie, a weird reaction. you can understand, yeah, if rates come down, that will weather this. obviously the fed is prepared for something. >> the fed changed the game today, neil. basically coming out and telling president trump that he has their back. a rate cut is in the cards. that is something that investors wanted to hear. they thought it was on the table but didn't get the language from the fed that they wanted to hear. today that's what they got. so nothing has changed. the president said come monday, the 5% tariffs on mexico will probably go into place. the market feels more confident that there's support for economic growth and that jerome powell will do the right thing. he made two mistakes. basically there was a communication mistake last year. he corrected that. correcting the policy mistake would be implementing a cut. >> neil: the president
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criticized the rate hike. it's interesting. they said it was more than was needed. the latest talk is we could unwind two of the hikes that we've seen since the former federal reserve chief beforehand. now i'm wondering where this goes. you could also interpret from that that the fed is worried. >> the fed has to cut. they went a bridge too far in december. they had to roll it back. powell stuck his foot in his mouth that he's doing to play the chinese save face and spread it out. >> neil: that telegraphs how mortgage rates could be. >> there notice alternative to stocks. bonds are no alternative. >> neil: on the trade front, we're getting talk that the u.s. and mexico are looking to hold talks on this very issue, the better of $300 million of
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mexican imports with a 5% tariff. they'll be chaired by the vice president wednesday. how does this sort out? >> market watchers have said the mexicans have come here to make a deal. they're willing and open. they don't want to see these tariffs go into place even if the 5% does. president trump threatened it could be 25% by october. so the feeling is the mexicans have come to the negotiating, table, ready, willing and able much more so than china. >> all right. we forget that a lot of these increases that we would likely see with the tariffs on mexico would be immediate. they literally go from country to table in this case or grocery store. so we would feel that 5% hike. but we would feel it more if it was more of a hike. >> absolutely. in texans, with are found of mexico.
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you don't fight a two-front war at one time. i'm like to see us get the mexican distraction off the table and get to china. >> neil: do you worry it could jeopardize how we go about f future trade relations? we have a deal. something that rob portman was concerned. he's worried. take a look. no, i apologize. one of the things he raised is this notion that you are jeopardizes a deal that you fought hard to get. now he's worried that this could leave some muddy waters. you agree? >> the president is fearless and reckless and ad hoc. that's a dangerous way to go about your business. that's what senator portman is getting at. we need to tighten up the process and methodical about u.s. policy. it's too reflective and knee
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jerk. >> i was looking at a lot of u.s. companies that were concerned about china and move their operations to mexico. guadalajara was a popular location. >> it's an irony. the market said we made progress with the usmca and now another tariff here that is not related to trade per se. it's related to the border and related to immigration. let me give you an example. if the tariffs on mexico went up to 25% by october and a 25% tariffs, for automakers, they'll suffer. they're bringing in the steel and the aluminum. so a car made here, for example, could be almost $2,000 higher. a car imported from one of those places could be almost $5,000 higher. so there's going to be an impact on the consumer on american companies. somebody will have to figure out who will absorb it and how to pass it along. with powell stepping up today,
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the market took a sigh of relief. i need to see more one day of a rally to believe it. >> neil: guys, thanks much. you have google, facebook, amazon apple being targeted by the united states government. at first i thought it was the europeans pouncing on these guys. it's us pouncing on these guys after this. hopes you drive safe. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? you get more than yourfree, you get everything you need for
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judge napolitano on all of that. >> it's very unusual for the government to announce an investigation, an anti trust investigation before it starts one. usually it starts quietly and looking at public documents. for some reason, this justice department with a pro business president is doing something that even the obama justice department never did, which is basically say to those four tech giants, are you guys so big that you can't be trusted and it's time for us, the government, to regulate you? what are they looking for? probably looking for predatory behavior that is behavior that elbows out competition. so charging different price levels, punishing a customer because the customer also sells to somebody that doesn't sell through you. all of that is potentially antitrust activity. providing the bottom line for
1:17 pm
the consumer is hurt. there's predatory activity. if they're pricing themselves so low that their competition dies but the consumer benefits from that by getting the same service as a lesser cost, the government won't get involved. the only time they don't have to prove the consumer is harmed is price fixing. if there's an agreement to fix prices. these four didn't compete against each other. they're in different fields. don't think price fixing is the goal here. >> i know when the government went after netscape. netscape is gone. it was market forces that made it go long gone, not government scrutiny. i'm wondering if the markets can't correct what they're talking about or is the fear they have to address this because they'll get so big for their britches --
1:18 pm
>> here's the government's argument. i don't necessarily buy it. you're so big and so powerful that the barrierses to entry, the cost to compete with you is a mess. >> that was the amazon argument. >> correct. >> neil: small retailers go out of business -- >> correct. >> neil: if the solution is break it up, who determines that? >> unless they agree to it, a federal judge. i can't imagine that that there will be a trial in this case. normally they end up with both sides claiming a victory. the justice department will get something, there will be a spin off or something like that and the amazon and facebook and google will say see, they didn't touch us, we're basically the same. guess who wins? this is for stuart varney, the lawyers win. you're talking about millions in legal fees of the course of many years of investigation.
1:19 pm
>> neil: a lot of those working the hill in the last year or so, making sure they're funneling money to those in power to get their case known more. >> it is surprising that a conservative republican businessman, pro business president, it is his justice department doing this. if we talked about this three years ago, i wouldn't be surprised at all. i'm surprised. i'm also surprised that they sent so many signals out before they -- >> neil: that is weird. >> they like to catch people unawares. everybody is aware of it. >> neil: say this and we have to go. the breakup at at&t started under the reagan administration and the ftc. not that he had any district role in it. things can start under weird conditions. >> and you never know. it spawned a revolution. cell phones that used to be a
1:20 pm
brick. >> i'm too young to remember that. thanks, judge. hillary clinton is warning 2020 democrats they could lose the white house to hacking, that it could happen again. former dnc chair donna brazile said that history could be repeating itself. repeating what? after this. and doug. what do all these people have in common, limu? [ guttural grunt ] exactly. nothing! they're completely different people. that's why they make customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need. yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. [ limu grunts ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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i'm not even done yet. wow. business tv. cloud apps and support. comcast business goes beyond at&t. start with internet and voice for just $59.90 a month. it's everything a small business owner needs. comcast business. beyond fast. >> neil: hillary clinton would be president right now if it wasn't for russia it seems to be what she's implying as the former first lady warns 2020 democrats, this week to be on the lookout for hacking again. sure seems to be what the former dnc, now fox news contributor, donna brazile is saying. take a look. you said that russia is the
1:24 pm
reason that hillary clinton isn't president. in other words, are you saying that donald trump is an illegitimate president? >> i'm saying that russia played a role in 2016 and i say while there's other factors that led to secretary clinton falling short of the 270 electoral votes, yes, i do believe that russia was a major factor and the debacle in 2016. >> neil: you said russia is the reason why she was denied the white house. don't you think that fuels an impression if it wasn't for russia, donald trump would have never gotten to the white house? >> before he deleted the tweet he put out about russia's hope, the russians sought to help donald trump and defeat hillary clinton. there's other factors that led to secretary clinton not getting 270 electoral votes. i push back on those that don't believe that the interference
1:25 pm
caused havoc and created chaos. a foreign country that sought to influence the elections, they should have been reported. i became chair of the democratic party for the second time in my life, interim chair as a result of the hacking. it's time we put our constitution ahead of partisan politics. >> neil: i agree. we should both parties on what happens. the russians will likely try it again. you -- >> some other nations -- >> neil: you were a powerful personal in the democratic party. you're saying if it wasn't for russia, hillary clinton would be in the white house. this addresses nothing about her lousy campaign or her refusal to go to these states. >> i don't need you to interpret what i said. i said -- >> neil: no. no. i'm quoting you.
1:26 pm
donna, you said russia is the reason that hillary clinton is not president. >> i believe that russia one of a major factor-wise why she's not in the white house. there's other factors as well. unfortunately some people take it different. >> neil: so you're saying now that regardless of your concerns about russia or anything, do you -- i talk to some democrats on this show that do not think that donald trump is a legitimate elected president. it's amazing to me. do you believe that? >> neil, let me say something. i've worked on a lot of campaigns. i accept the fact that donald trump is the president of the united states. it not litigating what happened in 2016. if we don't work to protect our elections, we'll have another 2016. you shouldn't have more than 100
1:27 pm
contacts with a hostile foreign nation because you want to get the dirt. if you want dirt, go to home depot and lowe's and buy it by the 40-pound bag. don't utilize that information to sow discord and create chaos and false political narratives that i believe hurt hillary clinton's ability to get a message up. >> neil: like donna or not, she's a contributor here. that's great. she did say if it wasn't for russia, hillary clinton would be in the white house. many democrats harbor that view that president trump is not the duly elected president. they won't let go of, this it's time to debate this after this. of all time. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $399/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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1:32 pm
of you are always kind with the "cavuto live" show. how many times have we had -- a lot of times i'll ask democrats do you think donald trump is the duly elected legitimate president of the united states. with the exception of eric swallow, they bounce around it. what to you make of that? >> i think whenever you're doing through something tough, it's always easier to blame somebody else. i think that people do that all the time in all areas of life. we certainly saw hillary clinton do that and the democrats do that. this are so many other reasons that you could -- if you looked at yourself why you would have lost an election. hillary was a terrible candidate. people wanted to shake things up. you can explain it so many ways that i feel like blaming russia is a cop-out. people use cop-outs all the time. i'm not completely shocked by
1:33 pm
this. but it's a cop out. >> neil: the line was that russia is the reason that hillary clinton isn't president. kathy, do you think that is not true? >> russia interfered with our elections. that was in the mueller report. >> no doubt. >> neil: did it change the outcome? >> we'll never know. >> neil: for god's sake. >> three million people voted for hillary clinton. >> neil: that is not my question. no matter how you feel about the president, god knows many -- >> also he was elected -- >> neil: the -- did the russians affect the electoral college? yes or no. >> noel what do you think? >> we have two different
1:34 pm
americas. we have many that believe the election:stolen and you have an america that believes for once that their needs have been heard, the working class men and women, the union voters. so you have these two divisions and they don't seem to be coming together. i think the narrative coming from the people that feel like the election was stolen are never going to get in and accept trump. >> neil: i think you can't let go of this and question the legitimacy of this president, that's not helping anyone, is it? >> no, it's hurting actually. it's hurting because if you don't acknowledge your mistakes, you can never learn from them. >> we're talking about president trump acknowledging mistakes? he does ant apologize -- >> neil: we're going off to topic. no matter how you feel about it, you cannot just recognize him with his electoral college vote win as the legitimate
1:35 pm
president -- >> he doesn't act presidential. >> we're not asking what you think about his hair or a -- it's a very specific issue. >> and the russians interfered and it would be so -- >> neil: so without the russians -- you said hillary clinton won the popular vote. but our system is the electoral vote, p.s. so if he won in the system that counted, the electoral vote, we don't campaign differently based on popular vote, can you acknowledge that the russians didn't affect that or do you think they did? >> it was proven. it was proven. >> neil: maybe she should have gone to states -- >> three million -- >> neil: you never answer my question. maybe she should have gone to pennsylvania and other crucial battleground states. >> at the end of the day, more people wanted her to be
1:36 pm
president -- >> neil: the system is the electoral vote. >> that's america. everybody believes their vote counts. >> neil: if it flipped around, donald trump loses the electoral vote and wins the popular vote, would you let it go? >> i would. >> neil: you wouldn't. >> you have to look at how desperate hillary was. bernie sanders. look what the democratic party did -- >> neil: you're going off topic. fair and balanced. stop it. what i just think is it's two plus years after this, people still pointing the finger, if it wasn't for the russians he wouldn't have got there. he won fair and square. i find it -- >> he keeps talking about the election -- >> neil: you can't let go. he won. maybe you beat him in 2020 -- >> he knows he stole it.
1:37 pm
that's why he brings it up. >> winning means a lot. i did win the spelling bee. >> i didn't win mine. >> neil: i think you all have issues that needed a dressing. thanks very much. i think we got to money on, folks. the more we go back in the past -- time to move on. more after this. sir, you're a broker. what do you charge for online equity trades? uh, i'll look into it. (phone rings) lisa jones! lisa: (on phone) hey carl, what are you charging me for online equity trades? (nervous chuckle) lisa: and do i get my fees back if i'm not happy? like a satisfaction guarantee? ugh. schwab! lisa: oh right, i'm calling schwab. thanks, carl! wait, lisa! lisa... are you getting low costs backed by a satisfaction guarantee? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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that led to the ride ♪ which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. ♪ flights, hotels, cars, activities, vacation rentals. expedia. everything you need to go. >> joe spent a lot of time in china and with xi jinping president he knows more about china -- >> neil: you agree with the sentiment that it's not a competition? >> clearly it's competition. there's no question there's competition. >> neil: you think he misspoke? >> he knows his competition is china. that's not an issue. >> neil: max is a close personal friend of the former vice
1:41 pm
president. he thinks that the vice president was just misunderstood. that essentially china, despite the vice president arguing that it was not a competition for us and joe biden knows that. i was confused. i want to get the read from gordon chang. i think that was the ambassador's way of trying to walk back what could be one of the more significant verbal miscues from the former vice president, that china is not competition for us. what did you make of that? >> that comment from vice president biden was indefensible. china is competition. one would say we'll prevail in this competition. one could say we're better. to say it's no competition at
1:42 pm
all is just clearly afactual. this is going to be an important issue. people will talking about his sons investments in china and the rest. put that aside. that comment alone is going to be and one we'll hear during the campaign if he ends up being the nominee. >> shepard: there's no doubt looking at the economic numbers and how all of a sudden it's amassed to be the world's second largest economic power. they rig the trading system to the degree this president wants to address that whether you agree with his approach or not. to say that it's not a competition, i don't know thats is something that will come back to bite him. that will come up. >> china is a multifaceted challenge to us. their threat is important.
1:43 pm
we're in a people's war in the united states, they say. we have to understand the consequences of that. we americans don't think very much of propaganda because we have a legitimate government. when you have an illegitimate government like china, propaganda is critical. >> neil: let me ask you about the other things that the chinese are saying that don't jive with what they're doing. they're ramping up their own chip industry, which seems to be bruising for the possibility that they won't be dealing with ours and warning citizens against traveling to the u.s. what do you make of that? >> you know, the travel warning is irrational from a economic point of view. they're the smaller economy. much smaller. they claim 13.82 trillion. that's probably exaggerated. we had about 20.5 trillion of gdp. they're the far weaker economy because we're in reality growing
1:44 pm
faster than they are and we're not trade dependent like they are. for them to say that is irrational. unless you view it in a context of political problems inside of beijing, where that makes sense and we need to start to understand what's going on with xi jinping and the senior leadership. because it's looking really scary dangerous when they say things like that that really are not in china's interests. >> neil: we'll see what happens. gordon change. great reads on the threats of china. thanks, gordon. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: meantime, should the government be taking care of all of your college loans and responsibilities? there is a company way to fix this after this. you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen?
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>> universal, public, technical communicate, community college and four-year college for every kid in america. >> free community college. >> debt-free college. >> we should make public colleges and universities tuition-free. >> sounds good. you would have to foot the bill for that. there is a private industry way toed a dress this. doesn't walmart know? we have scott martin here from wall street. explain what walmart wants to do. >> it's an interesting one, neil. what i like about what they want to do versus what we heard in the sound there, there's investment being made here in the worker. they will help folks, kids, especially out of high school with sat prep and college debt. instead of handing out $100,000
1:49 pm
to every baby born in this country or in new jersey that needs to go to college, you have to do something to get that reward. you have to perform in your job for walmart to help you out. so therefore there's more of a measurable, tangible return that one will get to get on this lay-off that they're going to give versus giving folks money and say hey, do what you will with it. >> neil: this dollar day plan, there's other features to it. they pay a dollar a day and something that goes forward to that 30,000 to $70,000 for tuition. the approach is start early and often, we have your back. they're bearing that and not the u.s. government. >> correct. i think what they do, neil, you have a kid or guy or gal in high school that starts out at walmart as an entry level employee, minimum wage, which bernie sanders going after
1:50 pm
walmart about minimum wage changes needing to happen. but you start out as an entry level employee. you're getting cooling. you're getting saturday test prep. in theory, you improve your mental capacity. the theory as its worked over walmart's history, those folks rise. being walmart, the largest employer over 100 million people. so you have an entry level with these kids that you're going to help them pay for will help them rise in the company and make more of themselves provided that they stay at work there. >> neil: i was reading something. with $4 prescription drug plans and the like, walmart has done more to address medical and drug related inflations that almost any company on the planet. but having said that, i'm not here as a pro or anti-walmart person but there are private industry solutions to a lot of this that would not rely on the
1:51 pm
u.s. government making it happen. >> that's true. let's face it. as a publicly-traded shareholder, based employer as walmart is, they look at the books. they actually have the xs and 0s and the profit and loss that they take into consideration when they have to do this unlike the government that i know is trying to help peep and trying to do the right thing. when you have the lender of the last resort, you and me and the folks and home and the money comes in no matter what, maybe you're not so careful with that money. i guarantee you walmart is and that's why they're making the investments in their people, the prescription drug things because they know it's going to pay off in a reward and return and that's why there's an important development. >> neil: yeah, it is an alternative. thanks, scott. great catching up with you. >> see ya. >> neil: you think the president is having problems with the mexicans with the latest tariffs against mexico. you should see the grease he's getting from many in his own
1:52 pm
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pico looks like the statute he is using to invoke these tariffs has never been used before, probably would end up with a goatee or in congress and that has a bad thing. let's not go through that process again. we are devoted once and it is approved the president on the national emergency and he then vetoed that and it was not overridden. why go through that again? >> neil: he vows as do quite a few other senators, rand paul, a host of others that this will not play out well. all of the sudden using trade as the lever to go after what the president argues, probably rightfully argues that. we arty have a trade deal with mexico and they are concerned of the president will ruin the odds of getting that thing, ultimately ratified. i am wondering how big of a
1:56 pm
tempest in the teapot this is? speak of this is donald trump and this is the way he does things. he negotiates hard and strong and we look at it like it's a game of chicken and it terrifies all of us. we are looking at what he is doing and looking at the impact. what ends up happening is that he puts it on the table only to take it off the table and we are all reacting. what should the g.o.p. do? the tariffs are not in our best interest and we look at what might be happening, they say it will cost them $15 million. we look at jeeps come all kinds of things. there will be a huge impact. i don't know if it'll become an issue because when you look at what the president does -- >> neil: so it won't come to that? >> i think the lawmakers have to say they oppose this because if it does go through they'll have to go on record and say we did oppose this because it will have a huge impact on the american consumer. >> neil: we have a deal with
1:57 pm
the mexicans of the canadians, the canadians if they will go through with the ratification process. this is a big monkey wrench here and that is the concerned on my concern. is it theater to get with the president wants after all? he finance minister was here, we are learning tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. at the white house. the vice president is overseeing them so maybe they get what they want. >> let's hope they get what they want because in the end this could be a disaster for the american consumer and we have seen the president do this kind of thing. he puts crazy things out there that we are all terrified of and in the end it's not what happens. hopefully we end up with a win-win for everybody, but who knows? they will have to go on record and say don't do it. >> neil: how was the trade unfolding? his numbers have ticked up. i know this is a day by day kind of thing. he has undisputed loyalty among
1:58 pm
republican voters, so what is your sense now especially today of the federal reserve's, we have your back. this really slows things down. that is my impression. what do you think? >> i think the president is much stronger than everyone likes to say out there. i've seen all kind of the media coverage, he is weaker, he has not. i don't think that any democrat that is running right now could beat him today. >> neil: really? who would have the best chance? everybody talks about joe biden. >> a person that what win is the person you can't keep your eyes off of. you are so enamored you have to know more about them. joe biden does not do that for them and donald trump does. we can't help but look and focus on the reactor to him. we are not reacting to joe biden. he is a terrible candidate when he runs. it's very sad. he's a likable guy the most of the time, he puts those green new deal out there for example
1:59 pm
on his messaging is terrible, boring, , and makes me want to snore. >> neil: that is because you are anti-green new deals? >> that could be a messaging land mine. talking about the green part, talk about the jobs and the economic benefits and that is not what they are doing. >> neil: they are not pleased with this plan. >> they are all running against each other right now. >> neil: normally a strong economy would benefit the incumbent. no one can debate the strength of this economy. he is not doing that well. don't get me wrong, what is holding it back? >> all the other stuff. people can't help -- you can't separate the person from the policy, the personality from the problems. people have problems with his personality even if they are feeling that -- it's almost like they are having trouble giving him credit.
2:00 pm
i can say i feel better about the economy -- >> neil: as we weird. great seeing you again. that big powwow with the minister, all that is slated for tomorrow. here comes the "the five." ♪ >> dana: am dana perino with juan williams, lawrence jones and greg gutfeld. this is "the five" ." president trump continuing his visit to to the u.k. today hava great rapport with prime minister may and here he is sharing a lighthearted moment about he might have approached brexit. >> that is okay. i would have sued and settled, but you never know. she is probably a better negotiator than i am. she has got it in a sense. the deal was teed up. it


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