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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 4, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the rest of us from them i should say. speed through - we are out of time. it is always great to see you. back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. the sworn >> the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. good night from washington guess who is next, sean hannity. >> sean: michael is right. here is this group and you would think paul manafort is being treated like one of the worst terrorists but now they will put him rikers island in isolation. and the people will not be happy unless he dies in prison. pretty sick. so great reporting. >> tucker: thanks. >> sean: welcome to "hannity," busy news night tonight the investigation into the russia witch hunt is ramping up in a big way because developing tonight it appears now in the coming weeks, christopher steele will reportedly be interviewed by u.s. officials. this is a big deal, a massive development, and this is part of what we have been waiting for.
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you, we, the american people, we will now get and we deserve the answers from christopher steele, the heart of the biggest abuse of power scandal in american political history. the guy who literally put together the bought and paid for dossier with russian lives and he could blow the entire investigation into the deep state wide open. but as we all know by now, he was the former's five from great britain. paid for by the clinton campaign, the dnc. remember they funneled money, filtered it through a law firm and then they hired fusion gps in the research firm to take up russian dirt on donald trump. simultaneously, of course, compensated by the fbi. at the same time. this salacious lying material which according to "the new york times" was likely russian disinformation. the entire time. and thank christopher steele later testified under perjury that the dossier was
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unverifiable and he had no idea any of it, any of it was true. now, he was only 50/50 on whether or not the intel was at all reliable. we know payments also for multiple sources for the same russian dossier full of lies. get this, while he was being paid by the dnc and hillary clinton and comey's fpi, guess else, working the putin olive garden being paid for him for the same lying information. this happened at the height of the 2016 election. christopher steele was able to literally disseminate his unverifiable russian lies, not only the highest levels of our government, the fbi, cia and nsa, obama's doj and creepy sleepy joe biden but at the very same time, this information was selectively leaked. through news media. the trumpet hating media mob and
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many outlets in the country. and in fact disseminated information, why? to help hillary win the election. in other words, to point out false russian lies so that hillary would win in 2016. now, how robert mueller ignored this russian disinformation, but he had time for loan applications commit taxi medallions and tax violations as tucker was just talking about, that raises a lot of questions about mueller's priorities. but as a result, he ignited the lifts russian hysteria and gave the deep state a vehicle to weaponize this country's most powerful tools of intelligence that we entrust to them to protect us. any would turn on the american people and they were turned on the presidential candidacy known as donald trump. and all of his allies. james comey use deals dirty dossier, remember he signed the first application and the boca
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vamp -- information from the unverified dossier against donald trump to secure the prize of warrant a backdoor into spying on the entire trump campaign and later the -- trump transition team and call me direct at international spying campaign using informants undercover agents and even blone bombshell to monitor three different trump campaign aid aids, and of course george papadopoulos. nsa director and john brennan, they allegedly promoted the dossier inside and outside of the u.s. government. klapper is accused of leaking steele salacious material, fake news cnn. despite all of this hillary clinton lost an electoral landslide. now, by the way, she has a lot to answer for herself. when did she know it? john sullivan writes, never before until 2016 have the
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apparatus of a u.s. presidential candidate managed to the weight of the fbi, u.s. intelligence community on a rifle nominee during an election and by using a foreign fed, uncorrupted political opposition research document. and i want to get back to this monologue in a minute but first joining us with more details on the discovery as the hills investigative reporter john solomon. john, this goes deeper but the question is, why steele is now agreeing to talk? >> john: well, listen he may have some blame to lay at the feet of others. he was working for other people, hillary clinton and the law firm. and for clients. he might want to talk about what they were doing and what he knew, how he represented the information to the fbi and try to clear his name in some way. at the end of the day, this is one step towards a much bigger person who needs to be questioned. that is hillary clinton.
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as i wrote this morning, hillary clinton has for the last 18 months escaped any scrutiny from congress and from the american media. hasn't been asked any of the questions, when did you know, who did you know, did you know steele was going to the fbi? did you know your lawyer was going to give this information? she escaped the scrutiny and it's remarkable. it's been 18 months that hillary clinton had funded the dossier and right after that, the senate judiciary committee with documents and answers but she's never answered. she summed her notes to the senate. we need to get answers i know how high up in the clinton campaign this entire conspiracy was known and executed it. christopher steele can start us on that path but hillary clinton are ultimately have to answer the questions. >> sean: i think she has to but again these are the same people that rigged the trump was loathsome and hillary they decided 100000000-0 and of
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course, oh, struck and page laughing that loretta lynch put the fix and on the investigation to begin with and never me -- never mind the tarmac meeting and exoneration of being written may 2016, and not interviewed until july 2nd, but exonerated by comey july 25th, 2016. what do we know when that particular case? they never looked at real evidence and all popular regular procedure in the fbi was cast aside. they didn't tape it, they didn't record it, there is no three oh two's and she was allowed to bring in a witness and one other person to give her comfort while the fbi was supposedly interrogating her. >> john: that is right. listen in one day jerry nadler issued 80 subpoenas but the clinton campaign, or to mrs. quentin, you can see the difference in justice even in the way the republicans and the democrats on the house house have treated investigations at some point you need compel
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answers to get to the truth. >> sean: thank you, and move on and now, multiple investigations under wacom attorney general barr is working hard for the government bureaucracy to fix this mess and those who tried to rig the russian peer action. -- those who would try to rake with russian lies a presidential election. those that try to budget an end seeing -- and seat unduly elected president. the same for house democrats clearly more interested in the political circus designed to smear the president all in advance of the 2020 election.
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there you have house judiciary committee jerry nadler set to cold john dean of watergate fame to testify in the mueller report. john dean, the star and witness in richard nixon's watergate scandal. that was 47 years ago. he has absolutely nothing, zero, to offer as it relates to the mueller report. or frankly, any of the issues at hand here. nothing. he has no expertise on russian election hacking. but dean only now works for fake news cnn as a professional trump haider. 24/7, hate, rage psychosis. jerry nadler figures o nobody more perfect let's roll him out for another trump ground of trump bashing even though he has no relevance to the case and by the wacom if you are like most americans and you don't watch fake news cnn or conspiracy cnn -- msnbc. the great knowledge, the great
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objective analysis of jerry nadler star witness and what he will bring to capitol hill and the circus he has thrown over there. take a look. >> trump is showing the style. trump is nixon on steroids and stilts. if i had to channel little richard nixon come i think he would tell this president he is going to far. this is the sort of stuff -- this is what an autocrat does. he is thinking like putin would think. >> sean: so why would jerry nadler promote an obviously angry, washed up far left extreme leftist cnn hack to perform in front of his partisan circus? and tell shift, adam schiff to lie through his tea per usual and the cowardly adam ship called william barr the second most dangerous man in the country. really? take a look. and so we find ourselves i think
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for the first time with an attorney general who really is the president's defense leader and spokesperson. and who is quite at it. and has the veneer of respectability to camouflage what he's doing. he is not the sophist that giuliani is but much more dangerous. and i think he is the second most dangerous man in the country for that reason. >> sean: most dangerous place in the country is being between the cowardly adam ship or a microphone or a camera because he's obsessed with seeing himsed hearing himself. it is this kind of baseless vitriol and nothing new because for years the cowardly adam schiff promoting lie after lie, trump russia conspiracy theories over and over again. he has lied more than any other single member of congress which says a lot about him. we have invited him for a full hour on this tv show.
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i have offered him three hours complete on my radio program, 616 stations so he can defend his reckless rhetoric, four hours of air time with me. i have a dossier on everything he has ever said. like all these other lying democrats, he refuses to come on because schiff is not only a coward but he's a liar and he knows he's a liar. instead of defending himself he will double down on certain lies that get more absurd every day. maybe he will invite fellow conspiracy theorist rachel maddow to the hill. two biggest layers in the country together in one place at last. cnn taunting can testify and has nothing to offer anything at this point as possible but of course, rachel maddow can use the publicity because her ratings as well cnn ratings have taken a dive since lies in conspiracy theories two plus years have been exposed. now that the american people no longer trust and bc chief
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conspiracists theorist. by the way, tom brokaw -- tom brokaw, are you part of this? take a look. we are about to find out the new president of our country will do what he wants. >> we haven't had to reckon with the possibility have someone has ascended to the presidency of the united states to serve the interest of another country rather than our own. what is the corrective to that? how do you remedy that? these are no longer hypothetical questions. this is where we are. the presidency is effectively a russian up just like negative 5t now. what would happen if russia killed the power in fargo today? >> sean: anyway, sadly rachel maddow dilution is not uncommon in so-called mainstream media. in other words 99% of the media that spent two years lying again
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people, smearing, lying, conspiracy theories, fake news, you name it, they dominate coverage on the three networks. "washington post," "new york times," cnn, msnbc and any other basic outlet out there. of course, they are merely doing the democratic party's bidding as they work in unison, and they are only but it is an extension of all democratic socialist. that is why the media has ramped up impeachment hysteria after mueller's nine minute public diatribe disaster last week which resulted in a complete detraction and complete clarification hours later. those nine and a half minutes contradicted everything he had been saying up to that point. in the end, as i have been saying, mueller is done and the mueller investigation is over, finished confirmed by the attorney general. the president is guilty of the rope crimes. there was no collusion. no conspiracy with russia. and there was none, zero,
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obstruction of justice. but the media, they can't help themselves after two years of lying, perhaps they have convinced themselves they are lies in conspiracy theories are true. they are still begging for impeachment. for what reason? they cannot offer one. take a look. >> mounting pressure and close to call for impeachment after robert mueller breaks his two-year silence. if the house leadership doesn't hear the hearings now, it will be hard to see them doing it in the months ahead. again, now or never. >> we seem to be moving to a place impeachment may be inevitable, but the dam seems to be breaking wide open. what he is saying congress has a job to do. >> almost a jeopardy question the way robert mueller put it yesterday. there is a process other than the criminal justice system to charge the sitting president. what is the answer? the answer is impeachment. >> sean: so you have the media mob, democrats deep state elites all want the same thing, get rid of donald trump and they think
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their problems go away. they want to remove duly elected president of the united states based on a hoax that they impart created and perpetrated on the american people. they think they know better than us, we the american people. smelly walmart people are redeemable deplorable's and people that cling to god, bibles, religion and guns. we hold them accountable and fight for justice because the future of this country is at stake and that is not hyperbole. joining us now former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia joe digenova and former deputy assistant attorney emma fox news contributor sara carter, but joe we will begin with you. where we are today because i think the steele announcement you will start talking could blow this part of it wide open. >> joe: he's obviously made a strategic decision because he will be interviewed by john durham. it is not the inspector general from the department of justice who will talk to him because he
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doesn't have any reason to talk to mr. haro wits. he will talk to john durham and his people. so obviously some sort of deal that has been worked out. this is great news. but according to some reports, there are limitations on the testimony. i can't believe that durham would agree to limitations. but this is what is important. he has to tell the truth to durham because even though his testimony will be given overseas, he can be indicted in the united states if he lies to durham. i assume he will tell the truth because this is the big, this is the big casino now. what he will prove is that the fbi light into fisa warrants and lied to congress and they lie to everybody about what they knew about steele's behavior. the walls are beginning to close in on the fbi fraudsters. >> sean: okay, we talk sarah let about an avalanche cascading down but only a small part. by the way what is taking michael horowitz, 700 people
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working for him but when do we get the pfizer report finished and completed or is it possible that he's completed it and handed it over to the attorney general and we don't know. victorious i know but why victoria? >> i think he's running into difficulty to get documents from chris ray of the fbi. so that will prolong his inquiry. that is about what he can do an inquiry. he can't subpoena anybody and he can't indict anybody. >> sean: he can make criminal referrals, can he not? >> sara: he absolutely can. i think victoria is right on the money. he is having difficulty. we know that he does have 700 investigators, but remember, sean michael horowitz is not just focused on the russian investigation although that is the main investigation his teams working on. they are working on a variety of investigations. so this is taking up the bulk of his time. every day, we get something new
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or at least i do in my email box from the inspector general on other issues they are working on. as for christopher steele, i think what is so significant here, is that he probably worked out an immunity deal before coming here before making any statements to investigators or to the prosecutor whether that be john durham or somebody else that they have in mind. so think about that. if he did cut an immunity deal, that means he probably has a lot to say. >> sean: but the thing is, he's already been question on all of them. when push came to shove, joe, he had to tell the truth about the dossier, he ran from it, otherwise, he would be held on perjury charge. his answer was clear that he never verified it. he had no idea if any of it was true 50/50 raw intelligence but meanwhile the fbi paying him, he'll repaying him and dnc paying him all for the same lies. and it did get disseminated by the likes of watt, brennan,
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clapper and who else may have pushed that propaganda out to the american media that just gullible and hungry for anything that hurt donald trump. >> joe: there is no doubt that steele in his deposition and the london libel case filed against him made it clear that he had not verified the information in the dossier. that it was all unverified. that he couldn't vouch for it, and therefore, it is pretty obvious that he probably told the same thing to the fbi. and that the fbi knew that it was merely a cover piece for them to use to try to get carter page and papadopoulos and michael flynn and everybody else. listen, make no mistake about it. the fbi at the james comey level and senior department of justice under obama engaged in a criminal conspiracy against the president trump while he was a candidate, while he was president-elect and while he was
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president. that is why john durham wants to talk to him. because there was a criminal conspiracy led by senior fbi officials. and i just hope all of them, mccabe, james comey, all of them baker, just keep talking publicly. just keep talking. >> sean: that is the single most asked question i get. if you are not held accountable, we don't have a constitutional republic. we don't have anything called justice. >> joe: i could not agree with you more. >> victoria: sean i would like to make a little point about steele and that is all we have heard again and again he is a credible person a credible source. i practice law as an assistant u.s. attorney for five years and this is fourth amendment law. you don't care if a cop tells you something is a good person incredible. you care who the cop got the information from, and that wasn't where the flaw in the fbi
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proceeded to. >> sean: sarah, go ahead. >> sara: it shows the flow many reports coming out of the media that basically lifted up steele to try to make him appear as though he was credible. those were the only sources of information that we got were from the media that was trying to perpetuate the stories. >> sean: great work all three of you, phenomenal. appreciate your insight. this is just beginning to open up. fascinating. only amount of time before sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe biden had to go to the far left to his party but wait until you hear what he did. we will give you a full report and mayor pete, he cannot name one living republican he respects, not one, we are not kidding. many monologue next. ♪ -♪ just like any other family ♪ the house, kids, they're living the dream ♪ ♪ and here comes the wacky new maid ♪
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♪ >> sean: tonight, anyone would have thought sleepy, creepy joe biden was the moderate savior of the democratic party well, you can cross him off your list. because biden is pandering more than ever to the new extreme radical far left socialists and his party. in other words, a touch of the democratic party unveiling his own plan for an economy killing claimant agenda and fueling more doomsday hysteria. by the way, down payment of $1.7 trillion, your tax dollars over ten years. let's take a look at this insanity. >> to give me more hope for the future then my grandchildren to challenge expectations. they see breakthroughs in technology we cannot yet imagine. the older they get the chance they get to feel the potential. we take drastic action right now to address the climate disaster facing the nation and our world. more severe storms and droughts,
6:28 pm
rising sea levels, warming temperatures, shrinking snow cover and ice sheets, it's already happening. science tells us that how we act the next 12 years will determine the fair livability of our planet. >> sean: now, biden plan would involve spending trillions of dollars to try to achieve net zero omissions by the year 2050 and to promote environmental justice. what does that mean? remember, just weeks ago congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, the real speaker of the house, pelosi speaker and name only called out biden accusing him of not being radical enough for the new unhinged democrats. so ask yourself, why didn't biden push anything this drastic while he was in the white house in the biden/obama administration? why now all of a sudden, 12 years later, ten years later does biden sound like alexandria ocasio-cortez? i think the answer is obvious
6:29 pm
because sleepy, creepy, crazy uncle joe does not have core values. and he knows he is vulnerable to the attacks from this extreme wing in his party? so -- clearly anything to get elected to make nice with the new claimant coal that runs the democratic party and even plagiarizing his own campaign plan. because beyond the bad policy but the campaign is under fire tonight for apparently stealing the exact identical passages from other claimant documents. now, biden's camp is trying to downplay it claiming it was just a multiple citation errors. but of course, plagiarism is nothing new from biden. because the scandal back in 1988 torpedo that years white house bid where he literally copied word for word a speech by british labour party leader at t the time neil kenneth. so biden fake moral outrage over this over and over again, his
6:30 pm
path shows he will do whatever it takes to win and election. remember younger joe biden even attacked his opponent over his age. kind of ironic considering his biggest up on it now may be the young, media darling with a worse track record of any politician in the country. and that would be good, old mayor pete buttigieg who is ramping up his own brand of climate. let's look at his nuttiness. >> so what can we do? we deftly have to have carbon price and call it what you want, we need to do it to get our economy to be closer to carbon neutral. we might be able to break down some of the resistance, especially rule america beginning to realize. because of this extreme weather where i live is making it hard to see where it is worth planning soil this year, some of the fields soil loved after extreme weather. >> sean: we sent our chemist to south bend, indiana and they are not happy with what mayor pete is doing there. and by the way, which living
6:31 pm
republican he was asked he respects and this is how he responded. >> name some of your public figures, republicans for your respect. living republican's. [laughter] i will give you a few seconds. >> such a great answer if it wasn't living. i have a better one for you. >> teddy roosevelt. >> why? he is from indiana. he was put country before party. >> and going into world war ii, wonderful. >> sean: a real man who wants to be president so let me be clear. we should want a cleaner planet. we should be good stewards of the gifts god gave us and take care of our environment, but this is not about any of that. this is about literally putting people out of work, raising taxes, nationalizing industry, more specifically the energy industry. telling people how much meat they can eat and if and when they are ever allowed to fly a
6:32 pm
plane and combustion engine and taking the lifeblood of every economy in the world oil and gas and literally stopping a lender of the guise of a green revolution. that doesn't have the technology to accomplish anything near what they want to accomplish. it's not about building a better future for you and your grandkids. it's about giving you less control over your life and guaranteeing poverty for every american. in the process, they get to smear republicans every second, every minute, every hour of every day. it's not just two and four years anymore. the democratic smear machine is running full bore 24/7 every single hour of every single day, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, islamophobic xenophobic, dirty air and water even though they breathe the air and drink the water. they want to kill children and throw your grandmother over a cliff. i know, we get it all the time. it's all about a big dumpster
6:33 pm
fire of democratic destruction with a group of radicals set on achieving power at all cost. all fueled by rage and hate of psychosis and harassment and hysteria and false reporting. but you know better. to fall for this bait and switch that they have. by the way, we are here to give you a front row seat to a living insanity and madness you can't make this stuff up. with reaction republican -- republican matt gaetz and author of the book a lot like me larry elder, let's start with you congressman gaetz. okay, so we have more plagiarism from sleepy, creepy, crazy uncle joe, more. >> matt: we can get a new unit nickname and call him plagiarizing joe biden. look, joe biden brecht foreign leaders were calling to ask him to run for president and that we know why. the biden plan would unilaterally disarm the american economy, exporting carbon-based jobs to emerging economies where they will not put off their own
6:34 pm
prosperity for a generation for any environmental concern. now, i do believe the climate is changing. i believe the humans have an impact on it but the right approach is the one taken by president trump to stand up for america innovation by putting tariffs on the chinese when they still property and hollow out american businesses. i think that has far more to do with the ultimate environmental consequence, protecting the american innovator than trying to regulate her way through this challenge with a plan that joe biden didn't even write. his staffers took him off of the media reports and the websites. >> sean: they stole the whole thing. >> matt: is in it such a signal of where the biden campaign is? i was watching that video, sean, i might use it to put myself to sleep because it was so boring. >> sean: larry for the first time because of the president's deregulation, for the first time in 75 years, we are energy independent and for the first time in 75 years a net exporter of energy. that means we don't have to get
6:35 pm
on our hands and knees and begged countries that hate us that artificially control the price of the white blood of the economy. it also means we help produce russia and we can get our energy over to the allies in western europe, guess what, we will bring putin and his house to regime. that cost elect to its knees. in the meantime, we will raise the standard of living of every american because even trump drivers for energy companies are being trained to make a deed that -- $80,000 to $100,000 and that starting pay with no overtime. >> larry: and joe biden's problem is the economy is doing well under donald trump. we hit 3% gdp growth during the obama years and not one year 3% gdp growth, the president to reside or recover without 3% gdp growth. but biden has lots of problems. a 40 year track record and defend the vote. >> sean: he's got a lot of
6:36 pm
issues. do you follow? i think you are excited. >> larry: the number one problem joe biden has, sean, he's not full of rage. but aoc's and other democrats. he's not. he commented dick cheney is a decent man. that will be joe biden's biggest problem. he's not full of asinine rage that most of the democrats are. and he will not apologize for that. >> sean: joe biden is tired. he doesn't have the energy for this. he -- they don't want him out there. >> larry: he's not angry enough. >> sean: it's not his personality. he had to entry -- endorsed the green new deal to have his name in the same paragraph as new. >> sean: the last word matt. >> matt: joe biden comes out in favor of reparation, the over/under in reparations? >> sean: matt. >> matt: just a matter of time. this is old tired candidate with
6:37 pm
old tire ideas, carbon copy and paste these because there is no inspiration behind the biden campaign. i hope he's the democrats nominate because donald trump will trounce him in election. >> sean: facing over 90 years behind bars, remember that school shooting, parkland school? he stayed outside, why? trace gallagher a full report, dan bongino and geraldo react.
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♪ >> sean: former broward county deputy scott peterson has been charged today for his inaction during the deadly parkland school shooting last year. fox news correspondent trace gallagher is life in the west coast newsroom with the very latest, trace. >> trace: sean, most of the
6:42 pm
parkland school shootings was on the first and third floors of building 1200. former broward county sheriff scott peaster -- scott peterson is not facing charges on the first floor because there was not time to intervene. but he is charged what happened on the third floor where many believed he could have saved lives, including laura who lost her daughter alyssa. watch. he needs to go to jail, and he needs to serve a life time in prison for not coming in that day and taking down that threat. and that led to the death of our loved ones. >> trace: peterson claims he took cover outside the school because he didn't know where the shots were coming from, but his radio calls contradict that. listen. > trace: 1200 building and
6:43 pm
peterson made two more coals identified shots coming from the 1200 building and told other law enforcement to stay away. peterson's lawyer said prevents a police officer from being charged for actions he failed to take and says the only one responsible is the alleged shooter. nicholas cruise. sean. >> sean: trace gallagher here with reaction former secret service fox contributor dan bongino, for -- fox correspondent geraldo rivera. dan, i have a hard time with this because well might have a family full of law enforcement. i mean, this is what they do. this is what they train for and frankly it's like 9/11. these guys are racing down and these guys go up against all logical common sense knowing the dangers. i don't get it. i don't understand it. it's not the cops that i know. but then i think 90 years in jail? >> geraldo: i know you have a
6:44 pm
lot of family members and law enforcement. i met quite a bit of them in florida. you know, i think the reason this case punches us in the gut and we haven't been a police officer, the city policing and the federal side of law enforcement is because of what you just said. it just so doesn't marry up with our personal experience, with the law enforcement most of us know. we all have a neighbor, friend, family member, mom, dad who are police officers and engaged in situations maybe not this deadly, but in dangerous situations who have acted in the exact opposite manner. and i think that is why this case has such profound national interest. wyatt punches everybody in the gut. it doesn't marry up with what we are used to sing at all. >> sean: geraldo we know that heroes of 9/11. we know what they did that day. that is the cops we know. >> geraldo: you know, sean, i feel absolute rage at the
6:45 pm
shooter, the teenage shooter, the psycho kid who killed 17 of his classmates and teachers and wounded 17 others. that is rage. but i feel absolute discuss over the actions of this deputy, scott peterson. he was a yellow bellied coward. there is no getting away from that. we advocate on this program that be an armed good guy and every place with children where they are gathered every single school. >> sean: and douglas school, they did it right. they had this guy who was armed. he saw what happened. he heard, he knew, he knew. what did he do? he ran away. it is clear. listen to it. there can be no excuse, complete inaction and no question his inaction cost lives. imagine, he ran away. sean, it is something so sickening to me. now, does he go to jail the rest of his life? i don't know about that.
6:46 pm
he should be shamed. he should be exiled. he should be held at arm's length by society for the discuss and repulsion that we have of this person. there are dead children because of this deputies absolute coward and us. no one knows how they respond in combat or situations. >> sean: this is what they train for. this is why they usually become cops. >> geraldo: i feel he's definitely criminally responsible and he deserves whatever is coming his way. >> sean: it is just sad. i mean, how many lives may be, would have, but we should have retired police with terry at every school now. this is not a question. we have to protect these kids. thank you both. when we come back, we already knew the left is not like chick-fil-a and i love chick-fil-a but some researchers are upset about dodgeball? dodgeball?
6:47 pm
dr. gina loudon cuts the roof next as we continue. you might take something for your heart... or joints.
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♪ >> sean: lunacy has reached new lows. today there are reports canadian researchers claiming they game dodgeball is a tool of oppression. dodgeball? and that is not all. tonight texas ag ken paxton is suing over the lip discrimination against chick-fil-a all surrounding the food chain's exclusion from the san antonio airport in a debate more trump 2020 advisory board member chino cloud an end magazine publisher crazy liberal cathy areu. i say that affectionately.
6:52 pm
dr. gina, i love dodgeball, love dodgeball. it is a red bulk made is rubbery and it doesn't hurt. why is dodgeball now under attack? >> gina: because honestly this so much of this sean falls into the brainwashing that is happening to our children in favor of socialism. this is sort of competitive sport and it teaches you about falling down and getting back up. unfortunately for the regressive left, science does not prove out the theory that this damages children but in fact the coddling we have done the last couple of decades have damaged our children and increase the rates of anxiety, increased depression and sean, 70% increase in women suicide. since 2011. >> sean: so everybody gets a trophy. kathy, i think you love that idea. >> cathy: dodgeball is not helping but it's cultural domination.
6:53 pm
and so people with other cultures and our culture found that they don't understand dodgeball. i understand why someone sean hannity would win at dodgeball and live it so much. >> sean: i was great at it. and if i played against you and dr. gina loudon, it would go right for you. >> cathy: i don't know what that means. on cuban and i never played dodgeball. i didn't understand it. >> sean: what do you mean you don't understand it? you take the ball and throw it and try to get the personnel. >> cathy: i've never heard of it. i'm sorry. >> gina: free society, people are not afraid to compete and we have to teach kids to fall down and get back up back up. >> cathy: what? >> sean: exactly. >> gina: but if you deprive them of that, you teach them stand in line for a handout and guess where that results in? socialism. that is precisely where they are going. >> cathy: it's not by america but we use our minds and not our big bodies and strength. >> gina: some sort of
6:54 pm
athletic -- >> sean: i used to throw it ardent by the way i enjoy getting everybody out. and you want to give every kid a trophy. no more winners, no more keeping scores, no losers, we are all people. we keep score, that's okay? >> cathy: soccer, baseball, they were a beautiful sports, football, dodgeball, these things are barbaric. >> sean: cathy, you need to play dodgeball. >> cathy: i will not play. >> sean: you need to play dodgeball and i will put my money on the doctor. >> cathy: i don't know what that is. >> sean: maybe you can read and figure it out. all right, i love chick-fil-a. >> cathy: i bet you do. >> sean: they don't open one day a week because of their values. you don't want to buy chick-fil-a, don't buy chick-fil-a but don't discriminate because they have religious views you don't like. >> gina: sean, the irony here
6:55 pm
is that chick-fil-a, the ceo dan cathy, he actually keynoted inequality conference this year. i don't know what their problem is, but this is clearly religious bigotry. it cannot be tolerated. as soon as we start to tolerate religious bigotry, it will carry over in every realm of society and continue to punish people who believe this. >> sean: you don't have to buy it, cathy. i will eat twice as much. >> cathy: i will wait chick-fil-a. before i understood why i was boycotting it. but a relationship of making it a religious company that sells chicken sandwiches. what is wrong with religion, cathy? >> cathy: nothing is wrong with religion but it is a consequence if you bring it into your businesses. brand religions, cannot bring into your your business. >> sean: the "villain of the day" coming up.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
s. >> london mayor saddiq khan, now the pathetic mayor of london slammed the president's policies. but today at the press conference, our president fired up. take a listen. >> he's not been a great mayor from what i understand. a poor job, crime is up. a lot of problems. and i don't think he should be criticizing a representative of
7:00 pm
the united states that can do so much good for the united kingdom. >> their best allies. we'll never be the hate, rage, destroy media mob. and let not your heart be troubled. why the news continues. laura ingraham again in london tonight. what time is it there. >> 3:00 a.m. we're just starting to party here. it's really fun. >> did you go to picadilly circus and the sports bar within the casino? loop yeah, i had plenty of time to do that. i was trying to figure out, was it time to eat? >> after the show. it's the only place open. >> sean, i had to hang out with the protesters. i had to hang out. there might be been dancing and drumming done. >> you're the one that punctured. >> that would have been smart. i think trump should embrace the trump baby balloon. he loves trump and