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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 4, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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the united states that can do so much good for the united kingdom. >> their best allies. we'll never be the hate, rage, destroy media mob. and let not your heart be troubled. why the news continues. laura ingraham again in london tonight. what time is it there. >> 3:00 a.m. we're just starting to party here. it's really fun. >> did you go to picadilly circus and the sports bar within the casino? loop yeah, i had plenty of time to do that. i was trying to figure out, was it time to eat? >> after the show. it's the only place open. >> sean, i had to hang out with the protesters. i had to hang out. there might be been dancing and drumming done. >> you're the one that punctured. >> that would have been smart. i think trump should embrace the trump baby balloon. he loves trump and babies, trump
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baby. he's totally positive. they should adopt it and they'll start flying it. that's my theory. >> have a great time in london. try the sports bar after the show. we'll head there. picadilly circle. >> okay, thanks so much. i'm laura ingraham, this is the ingraham angle live here from london tonight or this morning. day two of president trump's visit here. protesters took to the streets and so did raymond arroyo and myself. footage of what we found? oh, boy. plus, my follow-up interview with the brexit nigel berage. no word on how many pints were drunk. the latest stunt, a surprise mueller report witness. plus, is it time to break up facebook? oh, yeah. house minority leader kevin mccarthy is here on the latest congressional and doj antitrust investigations and the 2020
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democrat fanatics that were stepping over each other to release their plan on one of the most preeminent climate skeptics of the world. he'll be here to push back. but, first, the fading truth of tiennamen square. that's the focus of tonight's angle. today is the 20th anniversary of a massacre at china's tiennamen square. hundreds, maybe thousands were killed. >> the regime refused to cede an inch no, dissent would be tolerated. this was a brutal show of force by the communist state, and the next three decades it would blend authoritarian rule with state-run capitalism. elizabeth palmer returned to beijing to show us how the chinese regime has scrubbed the
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history of tiananmen square from the popular memory. >> the square has been completely scrubbed of anything that might recall the events of 1989. >> it happened in this state? >> in fact, the government has so successfully written them out of history that random people we asked didn't even recognize the most famous tiananmen picture. >> is the -- in which country? >> disturbing. true to form. chinese authorities detain e ed elizabeth palmer and her group after it aired. it's the suppression of the media, suppression of free expression, and imperative to scrub history. imagine our surprise when covering the anti-trump protest in london to come across a sizable contingent of
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communists. were they aware of the carnage brought by china, cuba, russia? much of it continuing today? >> you're carrying a communist flag. is that a concern? in the sense that trump is against socialist, communists. >> that the communists have a checkered history when it comes to human rights and religious rights and democracy. >> you think? >> yeah, i do. i'm a south african. >> you support what's happening in china? the religious rights, the freedom of the people to protest? >> bless his heart. completely uninformed. i love it. he's like, i'm a south african.
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it is curious on the anniversary of tiennamen square, how unconcerned they are on the ongoing atrocities happen right now on the communist regimes. why are they marching against china and the murderous record of that country. the ongoing hidout human rights and environmental disasters they brought. the communist and the socialists use the freedom to protest amazingly today to identify trump as the global threat. >> why has trump offended. >> who hadn't trump offended. >> i think trump is horrible and a big threat to the world. >> trying to stand up to racism. why do you say that? >> because he is closing our borders to people of color. >> he has the lowest unemployment rate for african-americans, more higher wages for african-americans than any other president. >> so he says. >> well, the records tell us. statistics tell us that.
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>> well, defamation and complete ignorance aside, i guess communists, and the other cohorts that are marching there, they don't really change their stripes at all. they still despise political reform movements. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] start with a [ bleep ] >> laura: those were the trump supporters. that's how they were treated by the anti-trump, supposedly pro freedom protesters at trafalgar square. it was a sight to behold. and that's the angle. all right, joining me now, freddie gray, editor of spectator usa and john taylor, lord taylor of warwick. he's the first black conservative member elected to the parliament since the 14th century. all right, great to see both of you here tonight. did you know there were so many
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congressmen, lord taylor, communists, excuse me, in the uk? it was amazing. i counted, i think, eight hammer and sickle flags. they were fast marches. i'd rather keep up with them. they were speedy. >> 50 i query if they were genuine communists. a communist would not tolerate that kind of protest which was embarrassing. we need to plant seeds, not weeds to strengthen the relationship between britain and america. they were planting weeds. the leader of the free world in london, treat him with respect. i'm embarrassed. trump should not have been treated like that. i apologize to you, laura, formally with british etiquette. >> i mean, you think of britain, you think manners are going to teach us all the proper manners and proper etiquette. it's always been the great model, i think, for us back in the states, british manners. most of the people were fine. they were just kind of silly,
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floating their stupid balloon. trump on the toilet. lots of f trump t-shirts. the little kids were walking around. that seems to me -- >> it's crude. these were vulgar. >> they think trump is vulgar. >> it 's the funny thing, isn't it? we know we're expecting this brash and rude president. and so far, he's behaved impeccably. he's been a model of politeness. and there's a large number of britains that have been extremely rude to him. i would like to say, this is a minority you saw today. >> laura: it was much smaller than they expected. they were saying that the reason they didn't have the 250,000 they were predicting. >> they had to be at work. >> laura: they said it was a working tuesday. oh, what is that. oh, it's working tuesday. that's the reason we only had, they say 75,000. there was no way 75,000. maybe 10,000. >> and a bit of rain. as if we've never had rain in london before. >> laura: the rain came and we were all -- we had umbrellas. we were walking with our coats
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on. but they were dispersing, a little rain. >> we have a population of 65 million. put that in context. >> laura: when you see the spat that started all of this with khan and president trump, the media really grabbed on to that. they thought that would define this visit. i agree with freddie, this has been an incredibly successful visit, i think. the queen was of course, as always, the stalwart. seen it all. i bet she doesn't care with what the protesters were doing or saying. but i think it went off spectacular lay. ly. she's hosted hundreds of state visits. she knows what she's doing. what they wanted was the pictures with the queen at buckingham palace. he didn't care about pseudocommunists. >> he showed up in trafalgar square and addressed the
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protest. >> he ranted. didn't address. >> laura: he's the labour leader. wants to be the prime minister, let's watch. >> that's not the way to do it. >> i say to our visitors who have arrived this week, think on, please, about a world that is one of peace and disarmament, is one of recognizing the values of all people. is a world that defeats racism, defeats misogyny, defeats the religious hatred that have been sealed by the far right in politics, in britain, in europe, and the united states. >> so you know what i think? corbin just defeated himself. if he's serious about being prime minister, it's not the way to do it, to rant in the street in front of a few protesters. he should have been at the state dinner meeting the queen and meeting the president, the president of the united states of america. that's where he should have been. >> as the president tried gloriously to say, corbin did
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try to meet him, he's rebutted. but he confirmed that did happen. he's trying to start a dialogue with the president. and he started the dialogue for terrorist groups. >> yeah, the chinese premier. the saudi arabians. >> laura: i think the british press has been surprisingly positive in the coverage of trump's visit. our queen is against evil in a word-perfect polished delivery, trump honored the sacrifice of the d-day vets. president trump recalled a newspaper cutting of the monarch and a young princess repairing the military truck as part of the war effort. the son said this, treasure and trump to tribute the great, great queen to inspire us. freddy, maybe the protest went just a bit too far.
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they've labeled them every "ist," every negative, every pejorative you can imagine. and i got the sense of the brits i met, most were outside of london, but some people that were watching the protests seemed a little uncomfortable about what was unfolding. >> we brits are suckers for flattery. trump is a good flatterer. and we like it when people talk about how great the queen is. he did a lot of favors to himself in the last couple of days in brit tape. >> the protests helped trump. it was embarrassing and childish. >> laura: what happens when we settle out on the conservative party leadership now that theresa may is out on friday. >> she'll stay in office, not in power. a caretaker prime minister. >> laura: going to be -- >> one of 11. >> boris johnson. trump with a these saw are yous.
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thesaurus. it's a strong favorite. >> it will be someone who believes in brexit. >> laura: will have to deliver brexit. by october 31, if there's not brexit in the uk, all bets are off, correct? >> correct. >> we could just leave anyway without a deal? it's possible to leave without a deal. >> no deal. that's what he's saying, right? >> exactly. we don't pay the 39 billion pounds. great day >> laura: isn't it time for independence again? >> we seem to be gravitating towards boris johnson meaning gravitate towards independence. >> laura: thank you for being up here. so late for you, so early. the sun comes up at 4:00 in the morning here so -- one of the most striking things that we discovered today is how disconnected the youth are, not only from history, but even from the present. instead, they've been led to believe that president trump is the only thing worth opposing.
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>> can i ask you why you're here today. >> against trump, misogyny, racism, hatred of working class people. >> where are you from? >> lon oh london. >> in america, working class supports him. >> i think they're duped -- >> that's the majority of women voted against trump in the general election in the united states. the majority of people of color, basically. we're standing in solidarity to them. >> why are you here today? >> trump is a very dangerous man. >> in what way. >> somebody who is so much of a racist and a misogynist should be given so much power. >> why do you think he's racist? >> because he is not wanting immigration. and he said some awful things about foreign people. >> why did you come out tonight? >> because i don't agree with donald trump. >> in what way?
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>> in the way that he is very racist and bigoted and as an american, i just don't approve. i don't think that he represents american values. >> any hesitation on your part protesting the u.s. president abroad as an american? >> not at all. no hesitation. not at all. >> none of the folks we came across, americans or even brits, seem to really grasp the historic importance of this moment. the shared alliance that brought the axis and saved europe 75 years ago in normandy. the next guest spent decades in the uk and knows the significance, of course, of this historic time. retired brigadier general justin hedges joins me now. thank you so much for your service. thank you for staying up with us. what does this week mean to you, your special forces service, your strong bond ongoing with
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the british military. >> d day is a time that represents the shared sacrifice between the uk and u.s. personnel. for me in the modern era having served very closely with the u.s. servicemen, men and women in a whole variety of challenging scenarios, i think we can remember the service and sacrifice, but also does give us an opportunity to remember that today still people in the field, men and women of all services and agency that are working to protect us. >> you served in afghanistan, correct? what other theaters did you serve in? >> iraq, other operations, different parts of the world. >> hmm. here's what president trump, general, said today about america's special bond with the uk. >> the bonds of friendship forged here and sealed in blood on those hallowed beaches will endure forever. our special relationship is
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grounded in common history, values, customs, culture, language, and laws. our people believe in freedom and independence as a sacred birthright and cherished inheritance worth defending at any cost. >> laura: the size of the british military today, 135,000. >> 135,000 regs, yes. >> laura: we say thing in the united states, a very small percentage of our population serves in uniform. many people don't even know anyone who serves currently in uniform. what about the need for young people today to be taught both by their parents and by schools, public school, private schools, about the cost of freedom, general? >> yeah, i think that's very important. i think my observation would be i've got children that are young and in the school system. that all sorts of schools takes time and effort to educate. >> laura: are they doing enough. you're being diplomatic.
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i would say the schools oftentimes are doing a terrible job of teaching our young people the cost of freedom. >> yeah, i think maybe they could do more. but i think there's a bit about parents leadership as well. as you say, not many people serve in uniform today as they did a while ago. but i think the key remembrance is the armistice in november when we celebrate. but this event will be a fantastic opportunity for young people to learn and reflect on that sacrifice. >> laura: what did you think about it this week with the president it in town? >> i think it's fantastic. i think he's the leader of the free world. i think the -- they align at every level, and i've seen it militarily between the uk and the u.s., it's absolutely vital to the world stability and security. we don't always get everything right, but in the last 75 years, you know, the world has, by in large, avoided a major conflict.
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and we've worked together in many parts to try and secure people, not just our own people. but people in many parts of the world from trouble and from -- and bad actors. >> how important is it for britain to hold on to its independence and sovereignty as a nation. >> i think we always want to exercise our own decisions of the deployment of military force. i can't see that changing in any political circumstance. >> laura: britain was so lucky to have you in its service for so many years. and amazing. and we -- we have a chance to meet so many former military over the past few days. it's interesting to hear some of your commentary about what they saw on the streets today. it was refreshing. thank you so much for your service, general. thank you for being here tonight or this morning. coming up, the crazy on the streets of thereon -- london to the crazies. the crazies. why the dems' latest stun my experience with usaa
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[ doorbell ] [ slap ] your nails! xfinity home... cameras. xfinity home... disarm the system. door's open. morning... welcome to the neighborhood. do you like my work? secure your home with x1 voice control. and have professional monitoring backing you up with xfinity home. demo at an xfinity store, call or go online today. >> john jr. would be indicted, do you agree with that? >> he's got jeopardy.
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kushner, i would be surprised if he's not indicted. >> they wanted the help they could get wherever they could get it. it's clear they got a lot from the russians. >> impeachment purposes would fall in parallel with nixon. >> the house is going to have little choice the way this is going other than to start impeachment. >> laura: that's the man democrats chose to make their case for them. well, politico reporting that the house judiciary committee democrats are preparing to call the, quote, watergate star witness and former nixon white house counsel to testify about the mueller report. this is an all-out effort to get some pr i guess and lead up to the possible impeachment of presumptuous. or maybe they should just, you know, start their own reality show. the chair of the house freedom caucus. . and saul wisenberg, a fox news contributor. congressman, i did an "angle" months ago called stunts versus substance, okay? this is a really lame stunt and
11:25 pm
it seems like it's a joke, except it's not. what do they hope to accomplish in this? >> well, it is a stunt, laura. and i think probably the interesting thing here they have to reach out 45 years to find someone who's willing to go on all of the talking shows to say how bad the president is. and here's what we've got -- the reason he's coming is the last convicted felon is in jail. so, this is beyond belief to have, you know, mr. dean come in and have a commentator for them. the president is serious about reducing the cost of drugs and securing our borders, nadler is not worried about getting to the truth. >> they should get woodward and bernstein and levitate some out
11:26 pm
of the grave. it's a farce on top of a stunt on top of a joke. it's like a -- it's like a trifecta of idiocy. >> i think they should bring him in. he's a nice enough fellow but not that smart of a guy. with proper questioning, those congressmen can point out the very real differences between the unmitigated criminal obstruction that john dean was the architect of and what the president is accused of. don't forget, dean was the architect of the watergate cover-up. he suborned perjury. he helped to arrange the payment of hush money. he sat in on interviews of white house personnel by earl sill better, the federal prosecutor in dc and knew those people were lying and encouraging them to lie. so, i would love to have somebody with some historical knowledge and legal cross-examination skills question mr. dean.
11:27 pm
>> saul is right. if you look at the difference in this case versus the one that john dean was in, i mean, for one, we had a special prosecutor that was actually fired. mueller actually finished his investigation. so, it will be interesting. >> okay. all right. after that walk down memory lane with him, also there's a dispute tonight, congressman, about, i guess a record request by house judiciary dems to former white house comes director, hope hicks, who is the executive vice president and chief coms officer for fox and former mcgann secretary annie donaldson. so republican greg collin said the white house never directed the two to refrain from cooperating. but the white house counsel sent a letter to nadler revealing nick mull way knee requested the two not produce any documents. >> so whatever the story is here, the white house is well within its rights is it not, to
11:28 pm
instruct the former staff to withhold documents, am i right about that? >> you have to make a distinction between executive privilege, which for the most part applies to a document request which could be litigated. and the absolute immunity, presidential immunity, that a president enjoys or thinks he enjoys to have his president appear before congress. be aware. i asked you a question. what do obama and clinton and bush and trump all have in common? they all claimed this privilege, all administrations going back 20 years. it's based on the separation of powers. it's different than executive privilege. and the theory is, the president can't order a senator or a congressman to come over to the white house. and congress can't order the president to come over there. these aides, if they're senior enough, hicks, hopefully, is
11:29 pm
senior enough is his alter ego. the supreme court in 1972 said the speech or debate clause which senators and congressmen enjoy extends to their aides because they're alter egos. >> laura: harassment. this is harassment. you laid it out beautifully, this is harassment pure and simple. but speaking of harassment, i've got to raise this other issue. a source close to paul mana, congressman meadows, is telling fox news that manafort is transferred from a minute william security facility in pennsylvania to new york city's notorious riker's island? this is -- this is just wild. but it comes at the request of the liberal new york city d.a., cyrus vance. congressman, what is this here? >> listen, when you have the liberals going all in to punish
11:30 pm
the president and everything and everyone around him, why should we be surprised. you know, listen, paul manafort is not an endangerment to the american people and to suggest that he should be transferred to this maximum security prison. i mean, it's just ridiculous. but here's the interesting thing. we all get down to this and look at the truth of the matter, the fact is that the president is doing the best work across the pond as we say right now, the important work. that's what the american people are focused on. that's what they should be focused on, instead of the circus that's happening over here a few blocks from here. >> riker's island for paul manafort. that tells you all you need to know. saul, real quick. you're almost out of time. kushner has agreed to meet with investigators here in london in the coming weeks. how significant is that? about his work with the fbi? >> not very. he's over here. he's not subject to any compulsory process. so, assuming he does meet, i
11:31 pm
would -- he's a person of very little credibility now, about as much as michael cohen. so i don't think it means much of anything. >> congressman meadows, do you agree with that? >> i do. i want him to come over. we know so much over here. he doesn't have that much credibility. saul's right. he needs to be here in front of congress. >> okay, guys, thank you so much. and up next, the president is threatening to hike tariffs on mexico. they don't start controlling the migrants coming up. but will congress actually support him. tim
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>> apple to big? >> i don't think. i think with size, scrutiny is fair. no one is going to come to the conclusion that apple is a monopoly. >> laura: we reported extensively on big tech's efforts to silence conservative voices. the powerful house judiciary
11:36 pm
committee just announced it's launching a bipartisan probe in competition in big tech. this move comes after the doj reportedly is preparing an investigation to whether google broke any antitrust laws. here now to talk about this, house minority leader, kevin mccarthy, of course, from california. congressman, who should be worried here? >> i think big tech should be worried. i think google should be worried. this is not the first time they're looking at them. in 2012, the ftc looked at google and found that there were anti-competitive behavior. found they used their monopoly in harming other individuals. and then they were allowed to solve that themselves. now we're going to look back to that. you have to understand, laura, 90% of all searches go through google. and if you are on the second page that comes up, 95% of the people drop off. they have extreme amount of power. in the past, they read all of the g mail accounts.
11:37 pm
did they tell you that in the privacy? they own youtube as well. facebook owns instagram. they control so much of the data which. and they've use lite -- utilized that to keep other companies down. >> would you be in favor of treating companies like google the way we treat utility companies, they exist in part for a public trust so they have to be treated as such? >> i don't like utilities. nothing grows, when you get a utility, you create a monopoly for them, no one can compete. i like a world that you can compete. what we found in 2012 is what they were using with travel, what they were using to get to yelp. they were keeping them down. are other search engines allowed to go forward? remember what google did to the california republicans two weeks before the elections. if you search california republican party, they said our ideology was naziism >> laura: i remember that one, that was clever. >> not the party of lincoln. >> laura: yeah, that was clever.
11:38 pm
your freshmen colleagues are priding themselves, at least the democrats, of being very tolerant. and we're finding that they can dish it out, but they have little trouble taking it. alexandria ocazio cortez is blocking "the daily caller" on twitter and omar said this. >> i am frustrated every single time i hear people speaking about their faith and pushing that on to other people. those that talk about their faith and want to push policies because of their faith are the ones that simply are caught with the hypocrisy of not living it out in their personal lives. >> the daily caller has ways of following aoc on twitter. i don't think blocking them does much. this is kind of wild.
11:39 pm
>> this is wild. do they understand what country we're living in, religious freedom. here we are on the 30th anniversary of tiananmen square where thousands are mufrded a e murdered. they're sitting there, a million people craving to have freedom, the freedom of speech and others. the tanks rolled in. today china is less free than it was then. what are we hearing? the same talk inside of the house of representatives? we believe in religious freedom and the ability to go forward. those who claim tolerance seem to be the most intolerant individuals i found. >> congressmen, we were saying that today when we were mingling with the protesters, what would be courageous is they tried to float like a baby president xi. float him and see how long that lasts. >> you can't even find tiananmen square if you're in china. they've taken it off. >> i did that on the angle. this is all scrubbing history. we have an anti-history movement in the united states that wants
11:40 pm
to scrub history, rip down markers, not have more debate, circumscribe debate. the anti-freedom forces in the united states are on the left. for all of their characterization of conservatives, they want to limit speech of conservatives. we get back to the tech companies. i think congress has the responsibility to step in if indeed it looks like they're trying to meddle by limiting debate and speech in the big platforms. >> remember what we did in the last congress, withe brought in the ceo of facebook, the ceo of twitter and google. that's what we found. as much power as these companies have, they know everything about you in the process. but they utilize that to try to influence elections that we found later. remember the day after the election when they were all crying in the process. it's trying to help the other people to turn out to vote. >> laura: trump over in the
11:41 pm
house like the senate is toying with with the mexican tariffs. >> they support this president. while you're about to have a meeting, the secretary of state, mike pompeo is meeting with mexico tomorrow. we want to solve this crisis at the border. why wouldn't you help them be as strong as they can be. stand up with them. if you know what, if you give the president the strongest hand, you'll never end up with tariffs and we'll have a border that is secure >> laura: thank you for joining us tonight. it's climate day for the 2020 democrats, grab your
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not even our competitor's best battery can match the power of energizer. because energizer ultimate lithium is the longest lasting aa battery in the world. [confetti cannon popping]
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energizer. backed by science. matched by no one. >> laura: within hours, 2020 de mks s biden and warren dropped pricey climate plans. how much will they lost and how practical is any of this. climate realist, the president of the copenhagen consensus think tank. all right, bjorn, thank you for being here tonight. i want to take you through a number of things that we've been hearing today and in the past from some of the candidates. now, first, the apocalyptic time line. >> we're running out of time to make change. >> this is a an existential issue. >> the next 12 years will determine the very livability of our planet. >> laura: now, is the timeline that dire?
11:46 pm
we heard 12 years originally. people tried to backtrack on it. we seem to be back to 12 years. is there a timeline, bjorn? >> no. laura, look. global warming is a real problem, but it's being sold as this existential crisis and people say we only have 12 years or whatever the number is. but the reality is, even if we don't do anything about global warming, the u.n. climate panel tells us by the end of the century, the impact is equivalent to losing 2% to 4% of our incomes. that's the effect of a major recession over the next, what, 81 years. that's a problem. by no means the end of the world. but, no, it has no basis in the climate panel research. >> laura: okay. next up is the price tag, though. all of these plans including the two released today cost in the trillions, yes, with a t. >> announcing the most ambitious climate plan in the history of
11:47 pm
the united states, that means mobilizing $5 trillion. >> going to invest $1.7 trillion in securing our future. >> laura: now, you say that this is -- in a lot of ways is what wasted or misallocated money? why? >> what you have to remember, we're promising $5 trillion. that's over 10 years. so, yeah, it might only sound like a lot of money. but the real the i is if you want to get to where most of these people are talking about, namely cutting carbon emissions to net zero by mid century, the cost is going to be much greater. the costs show that the business is at least $1 trillion a year. and more likely, we just saw new zealand who did a study on that promise and found it would cost them 16% the gdp if they do everything right or the equivalent of $5 trillion a year in 2050. >> bjorn, thank you so much. we appreciate your joining us
11:48 pm
tonight. and coming up, he met with president trump today about the importance of brexit. an ingram angle follow-up, i grab
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>> welcome back to the ingram angle. today we visit in a local pub with nigel. >> i just walked into a pub. look i walk in a pub and look what you run into. >> the reputation is true. >> exactly. >> today we were among some of the protesters, several thousand people, maybe 10,000 people in trafalgar square. there were communist, socialists, and people who are just anti-trump in the most vehement way. they were anti-trump, anti-brexit, anti-nigel. >> pleased to be in that. if my name wasn't there, i would be so upset. you talk about protesters. they're who i call the usual suspects. they are the people -- are they including my meetings, of course, but among them, more significantly was one jeremy corbin. so here's the guy who could be the next british prime minister after the next election. after attending a state banquet at buckingham palace, he's at trafalgar square, 70 years old,
11:53 pm
almost like a left wing student politician. he just does not look like a prime minister in the eyes of people. so i welcome they'll lose in a big way. >> laura: you see the president with theresa may today, outgoing prime minister. is that realistic given the flux that we're in. >> completely realist inge. i have to say i'm tired of conversation. should we talk about a trade deal, i think it's time to act. i think it's time we form a committee of industrialist men and women. americans do the same. why don't we work on this. >> for people in the united states who don't quite understand it, it's very different from our own. could you form a coalition, a brexit party, only started two months ago with the conservative party. it had a terrible showing in the eu national elections next week. >> a lot of permations there. one is that the conservative
11:54 pm
party continues to fail on brexit and you can see the death of a party. these things happen. more realistically, they'll get a leader with a little bit more courage. >> laura: who is it? >> it could be -- boris talks a big game. but often doesn't deliver. >> laura: boris johnson? >> he's a great personality. people know him. we have to see who emerges out of this. the great battle of the west. globalism versus nationalism. that's the debate going on. the issue of our times and the epicenter is here in london right now. i can tell you, having been 25 -- you know this, i spent 25 years fighting for this. i am absolutely certain that british public opinion is with us. the british middle class haven't quite woken up to it. but i'm going make sure they do. >> laura: flash forward -- joe biden somehow wins the nomination, he wins the nomination but he ends up winning the presidency. what would that mean to the
11:55 pm
globalist influence in europe. they'd be thrilled, would they not be, to go back to business as usual. >> we're on the right track. but, i feel that if brexit was to fail, that would be the likelihood of biden winning more likely. and we are going to win. >> laura: thank you for being here today. >> thank you very much. >> laura: cheers. >> cheers. >> laura: always fun talking to nigel, especially here in london. historic times. and up next, more fun from our time crashing the trump protests. you don't want to miss this one.
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since you're heading off to school, i got you this brita. dad... i just got a zerowater. but we've always used brita. it's two stage-filter... doesn't compare to zerowater's 5-stage. this meter shows how much stuff, or dissolved solids, gets left behind. our tap water is 220. brita? 110... seriously? but zerowater- let me guess. zero? yup, that's how i know it is the purest-tasting water. i need to find the receipt for that. oh yeah, you do. >> the trump baby balloon head a bit of a problem today. >> the trump baby balloon had a problem today. >> that is a disgrace. it is a national disgrace. the president of the united states is the best president ever, shame on you.
12:00 am
>> my exclusive interview with donald trump this thursday. don't forget check my new podcast, shannon bream and the fox news at night team we are heading to normandy at 4:00 in the morning. >> it is a hallowed ground kind of place. see you tomorrow night. we begin with a fox news alert. the so-called good guy with a gun. florida deputies confront the parkland gunman, doesn't work and down and 17 killed. how much time he could face behind bars and how survivors are reacting to the news. chad program tracked on mexico's foreign minister on capitol hill as donald trump is closer to imposing tariffs on a country.


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