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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 5, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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sacrifice so all of those buried behind me, we give an on-going tribute to them with our dedication to country, each other and the cause of freedom. shannon bream and fox news @ night team take it all from here. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to fox news @ night. i am shannon bream in washington. president trump refusing budge on his tariffs threat to mexico. he said not enough progress was made as vice-president pence wraps up meetings with the mexico prime minister. candidates are slamming joe biden tonight on his position and will he have to support
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taxpayer payment of abortions to win? and a working lunch tomorrow after the 75th anniversary of d-day. edhenry covering the tariff talks. >> breaking tonight we may see the early signs of a possible victory for the president. because mexican officials seem to be responding. tonight they are negotiating on the president's terms and not theirs. after high level talks at the white house with the vice-president and secretary of state and mexican foreign minister told reporters they didn't discuss the tariffs that are controversial. he admitted the sole focus was on immigration and what mexico is proposeing to do to crackdown more on migrants from central
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america. the president pushed in tweets. if no agreement is reached tariffs at the 5% level begin monday with monthly increases. while the president insists he is serious about moving forward on these tariffs. the question is if it doesn't have to be implemented next week if he can get mexico to promise to do more. >> shannon: and eye popping numbers from the border. how do they exact the talks? >> it makes the president's point. the border patrol is reporting a 32% spike in illegal apprehensions at the southern border in play. more than 100,000 illegal immigrants taken into custody. the biggest monthly total of apprehensions in 13 years.
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border patrol officials warn their holding cells are bursting at the seams. >> we are in a full-blown emergency and the system is broken. >> this on-going crisis placed a tremendous strain on our limited resources and effectiveness. to address these unprecedented number of unaccompanied children, 60% of our agency are pulled away from law enforcement. >> that stand in stark contrast to democrats saying this was a manufactured crisis. even former obama officials are admitting it's a crisis. >> shannon: we talk to senator lindsey graham last night. >> if they pass a bill to block the tariffs, they may get a
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group to override a presidential veto. they are seeing whether they can. top democrats are skeptical that republicans will follow-through. the president is making his case for why the tariffs will hurt mexico more. >> what we have heard again and again over the last few months is they oppose a particular policy and then they fold. i have been watching how, for example, republican senators bob and weave even over the question whether a tariff is a tax. it has been republican orthodoxy since the days when the earth cooled that a tariff was a tax. >> they have to step up. if they don't, tariffs will go on. if they go high, companies will move back into the united states. it's very simple. >> we saw this play out with mexico on the new nasty deal.
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-- nasty deal. he has to get a victory. >> shannon: thanks. good to have you. more movement tonight on a major story with the front runner in the democratic presidential yays. -- race. confirming he supports one law that pro-choice advocates are vowing to repeal. david tell us about the hyde amendment. >> i have one quick question for you. that is will you commit to abolishing the hyde amendment which hurts poor women and women of color? >> yes. >> joe biden in south carolina asked about repealing the hyde amendment by a member of the
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american civil libertiesune. hyde knickses federal funding for abortion. >> if this court overruled roe v.wade, i would push to make it legislative. >> the aclu tweeted about his exchange using the # rights for all. pro-choice advocates are upset with biden's stance. >> that's troubling. >> following his pledge to keep the hyde amendment in place gave the issue new found attention on the campaign trail. >> i will repeal the hyde
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amendment and make sure every woman has healthcare including abortion. >> 9 state legislatures passed restricted abortion measures and all signed into law by republican governors except louisiana. >> he said, no. we will love this baby no matter what. >> that's a democrat in a 2015 campaign ad. >> governor edwards is getting push back from democrats in louisiana the same ones that propelled him to office but appears to be safe as louisiana is red and he is pro-life. >> shannon: former vice-president joe biden under fire from the left flank of his party. molly hemmingway will discuss. we have someone on the other side of this argument. we have technical trouble. we will tackle this together
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tonight. this is an interesting conversation. biden's campaign said he misunderstood the question asking about the hyde amendment. he supports it but other swhere roe v.wade is threatened, the hyde amendment could be in play for him? the far left of his party is about getting rid of hyde. how does he navigate this? >> there are 2 issues, getting the democratic nomination and running in the general election where the hyde amendment is popular. the hyde amendment said it's one thing for abortion to be legal to end a human life, but it's another thing to force people to pay for that against their conscience. you are seeing debates about whether people should be forced to pay for things to fund violence in the womb or medical people should be vorceed to violate their conscious by
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participating in abortion. -- this is the debate in the democratic party. just decades ago the democratic party was home for pro-lifers. they supported abortion but would like it to be rare. now someone who thinks people should not be forced to pay for violence in the womb, that's the new radical position for the democrats. >> shannon: biden has been pro-life. decades ago, it was a different time then. the reporting is he opposed exceptions to the hyde amendment for rape and incest which is different than anybody else who is running right now. a poll done by politico and harvard. should u.s. taxpayers dollars be used to pay for abortion?
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the atlantic wrote by emphasizing his fight for the soul of the nation, over and above the social issues, biden is beth he -- betting he can appeal the majority of voters. is he looking ahead to the rest of the country? >> that's the strategy. and joe biden used to identify as someone who was pro-life. while many people in the media and in the conversation tend to support radical abortion laws and think abortion should not have no regulation even through 9 months of pregnancy or even if the baby survives, no medical care should be provided. the united states is more in the north korea and china camp on our abortion laws than american
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people will like. it's a smart play if he is able to get through the democratic primary. it's a difficult thing because there is a litmus test and people are concerned he is not far left enough. >> shannon: your comment. the president of the pro-life america said we would never support someone who supports the hyde amendment. do you see any progressive pro-choice groups withholding endorsement? >> joe biden is still radical in his support for abortion rights. they would have a hard time justifying not supporting him, but they want someone more out there than joe biden is right now. >> shannon: we will see. thanks for joining us. our other top story.
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president trump joins world leaders to commemorate the 75th anniversary of d-day. feeling direct questions about his lack of military service. kristin. >> president trump will help commemorate the anniversary of d-day. he was on the other side where many troops embarked from. this moment 75 years ago they were preparing for the largest sea born invasion in history. >> almighty god, our sons, pride of our nation, this day, have set up on a mighty endeavor. >> president trump reading the player that president roosevelt delivered on d-day, a day many historians consider the most important day in the 20th century. >> faith in each other and faith in our united crusade.
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>> your will be done, amen. >> several world war ii veterans listened to the president's prayer before being thanked by the queen. >> it is with humility and pleasure on behalf of the entire country, indeed the whole free world, that i say to you all, thank you. >> even marked president trump's final stop. tonight he is in ireland where he held a press conference with the country's prime minister. he was asked about brexit and north korea and he left the door open with a 3rd summit with kim jong-un despite a new warning from pyongyang urging the united states to change the course of its negotiations before it's too
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late. >> it's been going pretty well because there hasn't been testing of anything major and no nuclear testing. >> reporters in the press conference did not ask questions about iran. but a british journalist did. >> there is always a chance. do i want to? no, but there is always a chance. >> as the president prepares to commemorate one of the bleedest days of world war ii. he is talking about conflict in iran. >> shannon: senator elizabeth warren said we may have a challenge ahead greater than world war ii. >> this environmental problem may be the biggest challenge yet. >> shannon: brit hume will weigh in on headline grabbing statements from 2020 contenders next. low battery sound.
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>> ♪ >> shannon: >> american faced huge chrchlgs before. -- challenges before. world war ii. put a man on the moon. this environmental problem bearing down on us may be the biggest challenge yet. >> our workers are 3 times as productive as works in asia. so, what are we worried about? >> shannon: joe biden telling a long story about china without mentioning the massacre. and democratic candidate elizabeth warren claimed climate change may be a bigger threat
8:20 pm
than the powers in world war ii. let's bring in brit hume for reaction. let's start first with the former vice-president talking about why are we worried? an analyst said that's naive or trying to be provocative. >> what would he like to be done differently? i would not quibble with the argument that the american workers are more productive but the chinese workers work for nothing compared to what americans get. that gives an advantage to china. they also cheat. they steal technology. they cheat on trade agreements. what is he getting at here?
8:21 pm
yes, our workers may be more productive overall, but that doesn't get us anywhere to solve the problem that china poses. it's a threat in this century. no doubt about it. >> shannon: he hasn't been on the campaign trail as much as the others. people speculate it's better for him to stay home because he stirs up controversy every time he talks. >> did you notice in his voice? i like joe biden but he is prone to say almost anything. he's always been a gaffe machine and blurts things out and has to straighten them out later. it may be a good strategy to keep him off the trail. he may be staying off the trail for more reasons. they don't know what he will
8:22 pm
say. >> shannon: somebody taking aim at him is senator elizabeth warren. she talks about the fact the challenges of world war ii, this climate change issue may be are of a challenge. susana said warren is wrong to compare this to world war ii. >> we don't have anything like the consensus this nation had about nazi germany which took a while to be forged. we had an anti-war movement before world war ii that was powerful. and president roosevelt delayed our entry into world war ii to deal with that. finally the japanese attacked pearl harbor and germany declared war on the united states and it became a moment of true national unity. we don't have that on the issue of climate change. and elizabeth warren whipping it
8:23 pm
up with doomsday scenarios that are not necessarily credible. this is pie in the sky stuff. a trillion dollars program that put burden american businesses and vasts amount of government spending and new and higher taxes to pay for it. i don't think that will fly in this atmosphere. i don't think you will win back voters in the democratic party who voted for donald trump by promoting these ideas. >> shannon: it's popular among most candidates. the new york mayor bill de blasio running. he was talking about the rise in hate crimes. he said i think it's the right wing-movement.
8:24 pm
the threat is very much from the right. he got push back from democrats and republicans. >> he did. and police officials in new york are have not seen evidence of that. he appears to be talking through his hat. >> shannon: he stood by it. >> what do you do with a guy like that? he is struggling and low in the polls and trying to mount a run for president. that won't get him anywhere. >> shannon: he riles up people and new york has a crime issue. great to have you with us. we have the jussie smollett 9-11 call and 3 american tourists dead within days of visiting the same tropical resort. what we are learning about the mystery next. 24/7. it's not just easy. it's having-a-walrus-in-goal easy!
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9-11 call related to jussie smollett alleged hate crime. it was made by his manager 20 minutes after the alleged incident. listen for yourself. >> [inaudible]. he said he went to subway. and some guys jumped him or something like that. i just want to report it. >> you can't make the report for him. did he want to make a report? >> yeah, he will make the report. >> does your friend need an ambulance? >> [inaudible]. >> they put a noose around his neck. [bleep]. sorry for saying it like that. >> shannon: smollett's manager said the actor did not want to call himself. chicago police are standing by their possession that the hate crime was faked.
8:30 pm
the abortion debate heating up not only about the issue but the terms of mainstream media is using to describe it and they are gushing over the new season of the hand maid's tale about a take on the trump era. trace gallagher is tracking all of this tonight. >> where women are oppressed is synonymous with the trump administration. feminists use the show to bash religious conservatives and abc is applauding its perceived power. >> you see for halloween and protests people wearing the same outfits worn on the show. >> it's an honor. those are our work clothes am
8:31 pm
that's what we put on when we do our job. >> and nbc's today show compared it to doing a guest shot on the good father ii. >> it's incredible and a little too resonant culturely. it's an amazing place to be. >> cnn used the handmaid's tale to bash donald trump. amy schumer said she can no longer watch the show. but this show is lacking viewers. the heart beat bills passed by several states. meaning abortion is illegal when a doctor detects a heart beat.
8:32 pm
the "new york times" changed that to embryonic pulsing. the only female doctor serving in the house apparently disagrees with john hopkin's te terminology. saying republicans say a heart beat is a person and calls the heart beat bills a gimmick. >> shannon: the courts will iron that out eventually. thank you very much. a surprising move. high-profile progressives are rallying behind former trump campaign manager paul manafort. convicted behind bars and facing more charges. manafort may be sent to solitary confine on riker's island. alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeted this:
8:33 pm
and sean king said manafort should not go there. it's important to be consistent regardless of the prison. in the dominican republic 3 americans died at the same hotel within days of each other. fox news correspondent jackie has more from new york. >> one moment taking pictures: she took a self-ie and the next moment in extreme pain. >> relatives are searching for answers after the deaths of 3 american tourist at the same hotel in the dominican republic. a pennsylvania woman collapsed and died may 25th. >> she got a drink from the mini-bar. a soda mixed with one of the small bottles of alcohol. suddenly she called out to dan and he came right over.
8:34 pm
she was unable to breathe. he collapsed. >> may 30th, a maryland couple found dead in their room. local police say there was no sign of violence. the dominican republic is investigating and say all 3 autopsy have the same cause of death. fluid in the lungs. this comes just a week after a delaware woman claimed she was brutally assaulted at a different resort in the dominican republic. >> he was beating me and kicking me in the head. i just remember the pain that radiated. >> the u.s. state department should a travel advisor for the dominican republic back in april. urging tourists to be cautious. >> shannon: 2020 hopeful bernie sanders blasted the wall street company and the owners. some conservatives are joining the melee against the retail
8:35 pm
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otezla. show more of you. >> shannon: senator bernie sanders taking his socialism to the home of one of america's great capitalists success stories. facing off against the wal-mart ceo. investigate him to stump for minimum wage increases. >> one might think that a family worth 175-billion dollars would be able to pay its employees a living wage. you can't way rent. you can't get healthcare. you can't feed your kids or put gas in the car on $11 an hour. >> we moved up our starting wages in the united states by 50% in the last 4 years. we continue to adjust up on a market by market basis to recruit and retain the talent we need to run a good business.
8:40 pm
>> shannon: the wal-mart ceo cited salary and hourly wage increases and paid out bonuses to workers last year. and 67% of promotions went to women and 45% to migrants. are president trump and bernie sanders closer on this issue than it appears. let's discuss. great to have you both with us. you heard from the senator. one of his tweets: he said i will say it again. it's outrageous that this family makes more in 1 minute than a wal-mart worker makes in a year. did wal-mart want to pay $15 an
8:41 pm
hour? they said we need to increase the federal minimum wage but maybe they have different reasons. >> it's interesting. the wal-mart ceo endorsed the idea of congress raising the minimum wage. what he is doing it trying to put pressure on his competitors, especially smaller businesses that can't afford it. wal-mart they have a lot of money. they can pay people more. what is interesting about bernie sanders doing this -- i love it when the millionaire socialists point fingers at other people for being rich. if bernie sanders want to help the wages of working americans, help the president with reducing immigration. nothing depresses wages like millions of illegals undercutting the price of labor across the country. bernie sanders needs it look in the mirror too. wal-mart, the largest employer in the united states.
8:42 pm
thousands and thousand of their employeesor food stamps. it's not easy to defend them as a paragone of corporate virtue. when wal-mart says anything you have to look at what is behind this? they are the distribution agent of china in this country. if you do the china test, go to wal-mart and pick up anything, it's going to say made in china. >> shannon: leslie, president trump is about the american worker. you have folks coming at wal-mart from the left about getting this product from china off the shelves and use more more than companies. people say to senator bernie sanders you are a millionaire and have 3 houses.
8:43 pm
why are you leading this conversation? >> i have been saying and said that when i supported hillary clinton in 2016. give him credit for. this bernie sanders sounded radical talking about medicare for all. i like the fact he is standingoud of the workers. -- outside. 2 years ago wal-mart employees had food drives. there are people working at wal-mart trying to feed their families and put food on the table. they have to get assistance. that's just not right especially when income inequality is such a big issue as we saw in not just the mid-terms elections but where democrats took over seats in red districts. this is not a socialist issue.
8:44 pm
it's an issue of fairness to americans who feel the people at the top are not paying their fair share and the people at the bottom are getting a raw deal. >> shannon: a minimum wage of $15, which some american companies have gone to voluntary. seattle was a pilot place where they did this. in a "washington post" article in june 2017 they cited a side by economists, a credible news study. they said it was bad news for liberals. some employers can't afford that and let workers go. >> well, what people forget about with the federal minimum wage, states vary from place to
8:45 pm
place. cost-of-living is more expensive in seattle than mississippi. thinking the federal government can fix everything is a mistake. you need to let states handle this and apply laws and regulations to what makes. >> shannon: come back. we will keep talking about it. thank you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: remembering d-day. we head to the scene of the historic mission with the veterans who served there and are returning. this is the ocean. just listen. (vo) there's so much we want to show her. we needed a car that would last long enough to see it all. (avo) subaru outback.
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>> shannon: remembering d-day. june 6 marks 75 years. greg talks with a veteran from north carolina returning to the scene of the most historic battle for the first time. >> the normandy town filled with history buffs marking the 75th anniversary of d-day. 160,000 americans and others were involved in landings along the french coast line on the morning of june 6, 1944. a few hours before 24,000 u.s. paratrooper dropped behind german enemy lines to clear the way facing intense gunfire.
8:50 pm
one of those, 19-year-old eugene. >> it was awful. we had 10 more minutes of flight. maybe 12. >> anti-aircraft fire? >> and machine gunfire. we're saying let's get the hell out of this plane. >> now 94 and living in north carolina, this is his first time returning to normandy. reluctant to relive the memories. but he recalls well his unit's first run in with the german foes. >> the colonel said let this machine gun open up. we blasted them and killed about 150 of them i guess. >> 150? >> there was a battalion. >> his unit suffered its losses. the normandy american cemetery has the graves of 9400
8:51 pm
americans. he thinks of them. >> people might think we are heroes, but the heroes stayed here in the graves. >> all in the graves? >> those are the heroes. >> he went on to serve 37 months in the military and earned a bronze star medal. thursday president trump will honor him and all who fought in the epic d-day battle. >> shannon: true heroes. thank you. for days after the operation on the beach 75 years ago, americans back home waited for word of what happened. that is until world war ii correspondent sent in dispatches. joining me the director at the university of chicago and a person who wrote about his critical role. great to you have with us tonight. >> thanks for having me.
8:52 pm
>> shannon: he was well known to americans and wrote all over the country. his writing changed. it became more realistic when he was forced to be there on the front lines and send back accurate reports so the american people would know what was going on. it was a critical lifeline to the front lines? >> right. when he landed in north africa in 1942, his reporting focussed on the grim relates of life at the front. he got the men's stories and where they were from. he gave this look at what it was like to be in a combat zone. that was something that the american people back home really had little idea about. they came to see pyle as a trusted person. by the time he gets to france and the day after d-day, he's been in combat since the winter of 1942. he sees these landings, omaha
8:53 pm
beach and the after effects of the battle. instead of the hometown hero story, he strolled along the beach and takes note of all of the destruction and the waste that he sees. it was a way to bring the reality of the battle home to the american people without having to go into the gory details. >> shannon: there may have been worries about the writing being rejected, but it seemed like his writing was more popular. the american people experienced it through his eyes. this is from the first piece. he wrote we took that beach and accomplished our landing with every disadvantage on ours.
8:54 pm
we call it a miracle that our men got on at all or were able to stay on. >> yes. that was something that struck me when i was reading his reporting. it was this honest assessment this should not have worked. the landings were audacious and complicated. there was no guarantee they would work. this was our one shot at it. when pyle land on the beach on the day after, and he looks at just what it took, all of the men and all of the material and the planing to get on to those beaches and to really just overwhelm the german defenders. they were in a much better position than we were obviously coming on to the beaches. it was through sheer numbers that we were able to do it. that's something he wanted the american people to realize. the losses were great. they were going to continue to be great. but that the benefits of
8:55 pm
fighting were going to outweigh the costs. >> shannon: that's an amazing place to go and hallowed ground. pyle's reporting was so important and your piece was fantastic and we will tweet out the link. thank you very much. we will go behind bars for tonight's midnight hero next. ito take care of anyct messy situations.. and put irritation in its place.
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not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ >> shannon: inside texas' largest maximum security prison, there are men so dangerous and violent they spent 23 hours a day confined to their cells. but in the midst of that captivity and darkness, an incredible event has transpired. campus pastor told fox news 19 men were recently baptized there in a special service paired five of the men apparently confirmed active gang and cartel members from opposing sides were
9:00 pm
brought into the gymnasium, and because of the danger, they were shackled hand and foot around the waist. they were baptized, each in the same water paired they are all heroes are stepping forward. most watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." back when he was a star on msnbc, and cnn was touting his presidential candidacy, this show is warning people about the creepy porn lawyer. now his crimes have been disposed that he could be disbarred. the lawyer that was pushing that effort will join us with those details. but first tonight, let's begin with a thought experiment. t what if the republican leadership in washington had bothered to learn the lessons of the 2016 election? what if they cared enough to do that? what if they had understood anda embraced the economic nationalism that was at the heart of donald trump's


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