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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  June 6, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> melissa: we want to thank jon summers for being here on the couch. what do you, do you like it? >> jon: i love coming here and hanging out with you all. >> melissa: say hi to her son. >> jon: he's been taking ipad videos. [laughs] >> melissa: here's harris. >> harris: we begin with a crisis at our southern border of mexico, a focal point as high-stakes meetings are continuing right now in washington, d.c. this is just days before the president's tariffs on mexico or acetic again, that happens monday. let's go "outnumbered overtime" now. and harris faulkner. breaking news, u.s. and mexican officials meeting again today to try and reach a deal on tariffs before they go into effect. this, as we are getting alarming numbers from the border with mexico. border agents making nearly 144,000 apprehensions and arrests in the month of may. customs and border protection officials calling it a full-blown emergency. mexico's president saying he is confident the two sides can reach a deal.
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while president trump says the talks are going "great," he warns the tariffs could still happen. >> we were having a great talk with mexico. we will see what happens. but something pretty dramatic could happen. we've told mexico the tariffs go on. and i mean it, too. and i'm very happy with it. the united states is the paper a piggy bank. they are not taking the money so easy anymore. it's a lot different. >> harris: rich edson net with more from the state department. those numbers are eye-popping. >> they are, harris. they were discussing more schedule discussions this afternoon with the mexican foreign minister. he just left the state department and says he will return later today. he says he thinks the talks are advancing and he might come back to talk about a few more points with u.s. officials here. they are trying to reach an agreement on migrants that are showing up at the southern u.s. border. the president says without a deal the u.s. is going to head
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to mexico on all mexican imports with tariffs starting on monday. there is bipartisan concern and opposition to the idea of more tariffs, though the president says republicans need to get on board with the strategy. >> when you are the piggy bank that everybody steals and robs from and they deceive you and -- like they've been doing for 25 years, tariffs are a beautiful thing. it's a beautiful word, if you know how to use them properly. republicans should love what i'm doing. >> but isn't this congress' fault for not passing a silent reform? >> yes. >> so why does it seem -- >> they are letting millions of people walking through the country, and they should let anybody walk up through the country. >> vice president mike pence was involved in white house meetings yesterday. he says it was a good discussion. the u.s. is grateful for mexico's proposals, though referencing the president, penn says the sides have not made nearly enough progress. the white house also points to recently-released statistics from u.s. customs and border
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protection. officials say they are branded or turned away more than 144,000 at the southern border last month alone. numbers, they say, they have not seen more than a dozen years. more than 11,000 unaccompanied children. the officials say these migrants are primarily through central america traveling to mexico and the way to the united states. mexican officials have highlighted the recent efforts, including boosting security of our southern border, the one with guatemala. these tariffs, if they do go to a fact, will start at 5% on all mexican ports monday. with the potential rising at 25%. >> harris: rejects and with the very latest from the state apartment on breaking news off the top. we will come back to this later in the afternoon. thank you. want to get to this. we will slow things down for both dominic a moment out of respect. on the 75th anniversary of the d-day invasion, their hosting a burial of world war ii veteran carl mann.
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he died on march 30th. he was 96. mann was from indiana and he was among the troops who stormed omaha beach on d-day during the amphibious landings at normandy. throughout his years of military service, we are told, as a member of the u.s. third army, mann was awarded seven bronze stars and three purple hearts. arlington national cemetery now, on this thursday. 75 years ago, the d-day invasio invasion. carl mann was there. let's take a moment to watch.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, welcome once again to arlington national cemetery. where for over 150 years our men have been honored. falling warriors. these solid grounds --
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>> harris: this scene played out thousands of times, arlington national cemetery. a member of the group of americans now, the generation called the greatest. and we are losing them almost 400 a day, due to an unstoppable force -- aging. carl mann among them, we happen to be able to bring this to you live and wanted to show you. in the words of ronald reagan, on the 40th anniversary -- so, 35 years ago -- he said, "these are the men, the champions who helped free a continent. these are heroes who helped end a war." president ronald reagan, june 6th, 1984. and now, 75 years later after the invasion, we are grateful for their sacrifice. and from here, on our home soil, to overseas. earlier today, president trump president trump and other world leaders gathered at the beaches of normandy to mark the 75th
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anniversary of the d-day invasion. a day many historians consider to be the single most important day of the 20th century. president trump giving a stirring tribute to the allied fighters who helped turn the tide of world war ii. >> those who fought here won a future for the nation. they won the survival of our civilization. and they showed us the way to love, cherish, and defend our way of life for many centuries to come. you are the pride of our nation. you are the glory of our republic. and we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. >> harris: john roberts, live at the normandy american cemetery in france with more on today's ceremony. john? >> harris, good evening to you, from the american cemetery here. one of the things you are really
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struck with in commemorating this 75th anniversary of d-day is that these were young men. some of them just out of basic training. 18, 19 years old, who went briefly into the fight here because -- they say when you talk to them, "we didn't have a choice, because of what was going on in europe." and the pacific theater with japan. this wasn't just some more in some far-off country, this was an existential threat to europe. to britain, to the united states of america. these young men, soldiers, marines and the pacific theater, going briefly into battle knowing full well that there was a good chance -- particularly with this invasion here -- they were never going to return home. on the beaches of omaha, which are just a couple hundred yards behind me, behind the cemetery, 2400 people died in the opening assault. president trump today remarked on the remarkable bravery that those men showed in the face of,
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really, walking through the gates of hell. the president also saying this really reaffirmed the unbreakable bonds between the united states and france. listen here. >> our bond is unbreakable. from across the earth, americans are drawn to this place as though it were a part of our very soul. we come not only because of what they did here -- we come because of who they were. >> who they were. and there are some 9400 war did here at the american cemetery. a special honored today to some of the survivors who made it today, as he penned on them the order of the knights of the legion of honor. it is the highest distinction that the country of france has two offer. there are five people who receive that from macron today.
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macron also saying france will forever be indebted to the united states for preserving its freedom. listen here. >> translator: on behalf of my country, on behalf of france, i bow down before their bravery. i bow down before the immense sacrifice of the 37,000 killed, the 19,000 reported missing, who died as heroes. i bow down to our veterans, and i say thank you. >> and, harris, you came into this with that moving ceremony, that moving funeral at arlington national cemetery. the youngest of these world war ii veterans now, these veterans of d-day, are in the early 90s. which is why we are losing them so quickly. the last time i was here was in 2004 with president george bush for the 60th anniversary of the d-day invasion. there were 4 million world war ii veterans who were still alive back then. today there are fewer than
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500,000. harris? >> harris: john roberts, thank you very much. for more, i want to bring in republican senator tom cotton, member of the intelligence and armed services. senator cotton is also a veteran of our military. the army's 101st airborne division, and a bronze star recipient. also, the author of the book, "sacred duty: a soldiers tour at arlington cemetery." i first want to get your perspective. we had no way of knowing we would be able to drop in and see a funeral. we will just take everybody back, just moments ago. senator cotton, you have been there when this has happened, and you have history and perspective on arlington cemetery. you have written a book. your words are so important for us to get at this moment. >> harris, what's happening right now and arlington is one of the 1300 funerals that happen every hour, on the hour, from 9:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon, to include
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1:00. also known as 1300 hours, and military time. those videos you seen today, first the burial service for carl mann at arlington. second, the president's variant sanding remarks in normandy, it's a good reminder we will never forget the service and the sacrifice of those men who lay down their lives. >> harris: we are hearing taps. let's take a moment. ♪ ["taps"]
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>> harris: arlington national cemetery. in just his first few words, senator tom cotton has told us -- and some of you, reminded you -- of what this 1:00 p.m. eastern hour, 1300, means. senator cotton, you may end up repeating yourself just a bit, but the importance of the hour. let's begin with that. >> those funerals happen every hour on the hour of the arlington national cemetery for the old guard every day. they can be young heroes or just lay down their life in iraq or afghanistan, but it can also be old veterans like carl mann who earned seven bronze stars. i think that funeral service at arlington, just as much is the large international ceremony at normandie, is a reminder that all of her veterans -- and today's soldiers as well -- that we will never forget and we will always honor your service and your sacrifice. whether you fall on the battlefield or to the ravages of father time. >> harris: you were talking previous to us taking a moment for taps, and we are watching the flag be folded.
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as a military brat, we learned this on base. i remember learning to do this as a child. this is really, really moving on this particular 75th anniversary. senator cotton, as you look forward, what can you tell us as americans in general about the importance of this generation? we are losing them now. >> we are losing world war ii veterans, harris. almost 400 per day, as you said. there may not be any more celebrations at normandy in the future with world war ii veterans like we saw today. i hope that's not the case. i hope many of them will continue to do return for years to come. but what we saw today at normandy, also what we are seeing right now at arlington national cemetery, as a reminder to all americans but especially those who served and those who are serving now, that our nation is grateful to them and that we will always remember their service and their sacrifice. that's with the old guard does every single day at our national cemetery. >> harris: i want to remind our viewers how you know that.
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we are seeing a little bit of satellite breakup there, but you have written a book, "sacred duty," and talking about the old guard there at arlington cemetery. tell us more. >> i served at arlington for about 16 months in between my tours in iraq and afghanistan, the scenes that you've seen today, i participated in those probably 400 funerals or more during those hearing those mournful notes, taps, watching the caskem for the flag before they presented to me or one of my fellow officers to present to the next of kin. every single funeral, whether it was someone like carl mann who served long ago and earned seven bronze stars, or someone who serves just a few days earlier, and fill in iraq or afghanistan. we aim to make every single action perfect so we can give the family and that fallen hero that last perfect image of honor. >> harris: senator tom cotton, thank you very much. the timing of this was auspicious for those of us who are witnesses to this day in
10:16 am
history. thank you for being on the program. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: coming up, on this 75th anniversary of the d-day invasion, i will have the honor speaking with a very special guest. he was just 20 years old when he landed on the shores of normandy on d-day. omaha beach, in fact. faced with the dim task of being part of the unit, the six oh seven. they are duty was to bury fellow soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice in that epic battle that changed the course of history. he will recall that day, 75 years later. the story, coming up. iand i don't add up the years. but what i do count on... is staying happy and healthy. so, i add protein, vitamins and minerals to my diet with boost®. boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential
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>> harris: fox news alert, politico supporting nancy pelosi told top democrats, including judiciary chairman jerry nadler, that she doesn't want to impeach president trump. she wants to see him in prison, after seeing him defeated at the ballot box. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. mike? >> harris, good afternoon. the context is more house democrats want to go forward with impeachment, so speaker nancy pelosi is trying to hold them off by saying they should defeat him at the ballot box and then they can go forward and prosecute president trump. several well-placed sources say pelosi regularly says things in closed-door meetings with democrats, like that they should go down and arrest that man, so she is trying to look strong while not going toward impeachment. the speaker was asked to normandy about the issue of impeachment. >> again, with all due respect to your question, i'm not here to talk about impeachment. but i do say on the subject of our veterans we always strive to work in a bipartisan way.
10:22 am
this is not a departure from what we said is the standard. wherever we can we try to be as nonpartisan as possible. but as a comfort to veterans. >> in this meeting with pelosi tuesday night word chairman jerrold nadler, adam schiff, elijah cummings, richard neal, and eliot engel. a spokeswoman for the speaker telling fox, "they agreed to keep all options on the table and continue to move forward with the hearing and legislative strategy as early as next week to address the president's corruption and abuses of power uncovered in the report, but it has led to awkward questions like this one." >> are you, mr. chairman, feeling any pressure from your members to at least open and impeachment inquiry? >> well, the question -- let me put it this way, it may come to that. >> at least 59 house democrats are now publicly supporting impeachment, but pelosi is
10:23 am
worried it could backfire and lead to the president being reelected and potentially democrats losing the house. harris? >> harris: mike emanuel, thank you very much. i want to bring in democratic commerce menorrhagia krishnamoorthi of illinois, member of the oversight committee. good to see you today. i will admit it's awkward to act about impeachment general medieval economic a choice in the given moment. i want to start off with representative kevin mccarthy and immediately get your reaction, because he chides speaker pelosi for talking about prison while she is there. watch. >> i hope she has a different moment. she sat on one end, we had four different ladies who worked building airplanes during world war ii, and the knee on the other side along with republicans and democrats. at that moment, we weren't about party, we are about country. i'll be take that back to washington. not wanting to put somebody in jail but put americans first. >> harris: congressman?
10:24 am
>> today, on the 75th anniversary of d-day, i have to say i prefer not to see any american president in jail. we really do have to come together. we have to act as a check and balance on the executive branch. i think the american people support that. at the same time afterward to give her to get things done. i think that's the best way to honor the memory of those who served on d-day and to serve currently in our armed forces. >> harris: you know, as we look forward with what you are tasked with on capitol hill, there were so much criticism. i'm sure you heard on the memorial day break with some of your constituents, that there is a reason why congress gets a low approval rating even when they are put in one party over the other in a majority in the midterm. there is high expectation to get things done. where would you put your ability to get health care fixes? to get the immigration crisis -- a full-blown crisis on our border -- repaired? >> i think we have no choice but
10:25 am
to deliver on these and other pocketbook priorities, including trying to lower the cost of prescription drugs or giving people access to higher education opportunities. i have worked with republicans successfully on getting access to better career, technical, and vocational opportunities in america. and i continue to look forward to working with republicans on these and other issues. >> harris: you know, for people who may not have seen you on this program before, they should not be surprised -- you do have a modest tone. but the tone you are striking today with what you said was very powerful. this is not a day to call for any sitting american president's imprisonment. this is a day to work together. do you think that can spread like contagion on capitol hill? would you sneeze on a couple folks? >> [laughs] i have to say, we have to make sure that this type of feeling spreads. when you see that cemetery --
10:26 am
the arlington cemetery funeral that you played just a few moments ago, you can't help but be moved by the solemnity of that occasion. and the fact that we have to dispense with red or blue, we have to talk about red, white, and blue today. and every day. we have to put country over party at all times. >> harris: hearing anybody from any party say that is always impressive, any day of the week, specifically this one. i know you were watching with senator cotton. that is, again, across the political aisle. a hopefulness today. we got a big job on our southern border, so i hope you guys can talk about it. democrats and republicans. maybe host a summit. i will buy the potato chips, whatever it takes. >> [laughs] >> harris: congressman, thank you for being with me. >> thank you. one last thing i want to say, i thought both nancy pelosi and president trump said very
10:27 am
eloquent and beautiful words on the occasion of d-day's anniversary today. that is a hopeful start for where we can agree and move forward. >> harris: all right. thank you, congressman. >> thank you. >> harris: next, he was just 20 years old when he landed in normandy on omaha beach. the d-day invasion. he had trained for it. assigned to a unit that would dig the graves for thousands of soldiers. now, a man from california, vito mastrangelo, will join me live to describe that epic battle 75 years later. as we pay tribute to the heroes who helped liberate france and change the course of the histo. >> the beaches of normandy were consecrated by the blood of our heroes. over a stretch of 60 miles, the battles raged. omaha beach took its place with gettysburg and valley forge in our history. in ensure max protein...
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>> harris: the timing of this is unreal. at least one cadet has died in a crash involving a tactical vehicle at the u.s. military academy at west point today. 20 other cadets were hurt, as well as two soldiers. they were brought to nearby hospitals for treatment and officials say it happened earlier this morning during a training exercise. we are now awaiting an update from west point officials and new york state police. when the news conference happens, we will take you there. ♪ >> more powerful than the strength of american arms was the strength of american hearts. these men ran through the fires of hell, moved by a force that
10:33 am
no weapon could destroy. >> harris: that was president trump honoring the heroes of d-day in a moving ceremony today marking the 75th anniversary of the battle in normandy, france. fox news talked with two of the u.s. veterans who flew in with the president's team for today is remembrance. greg palkot is in normandy with the story. greg, what an honor for you. >> what an honor for me, what an honor for them. we are here, harris, at utah beach. it was one of the two main fronts for americans during this epic d-day battle, just down the coast of where we are his omaha beach. casualties, as we know, were in the thousands. it's at omaha beach where the normandy american cemetery is. that was the one attended by the president and french president macron. marking the anniversary. some 60 american d-day vets. president trump called them -- here's a quote -- "among the
10:34 am
greatest americans who will ever live." one of those honored, floyd wingfield. he stormed ashore here. he told us he was scared as a rabbit, but he wanted to help get rid of adolf hitler. take a listen. >> somebody had to do something. because old hitler needed to be brought down. he needed to be brought down. >> another vet honor, 95-year-old vince corsini. he landed at omaha beach. he acted briefly under fire. we asked him what he wants to be remembered as. >> i don't consider myself a hero. i was scared most of the time. i had to act like i was brave. >> were brave. >> it was just an act.
10:35 am
>> [laughs] dress and act. to a man, harris, these d-day vets were humble. they were gracious and were and are dedicated to country, to their fellow soldiers, to family, and yes, by the way, they help save the world. back to you. >> harris: all right. greg palkot, thank you very much. we cherish every story by these d-day survivors. each with a piece of the puzzle that he heard greg talking about, to change the world. somewhere part of a unit called the 607th. the graves or discretion company. they had a real duty. among them, 20-year-old man who became a leader in that unit -- vito mastrangelo. vito ran off a landing craft on omaha beach and jumped into a trench with others trying to live through the incoming fire from the enemy aiming at the beach. vito's duty as part of the 607th west to clear the beach of
10:36 am
bodies as new american and allied troops landed in waves on the day. a warning now -- the next picture shows the grim realities of war. within hours, vito and his tiny unit of just 25 men had collected the bodies of nearly 500 men. in the next two years, staff sergeant mastrangelo had buried 70,000. vito mastrangelo, thank you for being with me now. we have spoken on the phone, but this is the first time i've gotten to see you. >> thank you. >> harris: as you stepped onto the beach at omaha, what happened in the first few seconds? take us back. >> i just about drowned. >> harris: you just about drowned? >> yes. and i compose myself, it was low
10:37 am
tide, the beach was quite a few yards from the landing craft, and my 25 men were not scheduled to be landed on d-day but scheduled for the next day. d-day, we did find an empty german trench and we hunkered down in that trench overnight. in all my wet clothing and everything. the next day we started our collection, because the incoming new troops didn't see what was on the beach. i'm sorry to say, i admired my service and everything, and i will never forget those young
10:38 am
men that died. i'm 95 years old now, and i haven't forgotten those boys. not one day in my life. [voice breaking] >> harris: it's amazing. as you say, you weren't scheduled to be there on d-day. as it was, things changed from your training. i mean, very little of it on that first day went the way that you had trained for. am i right about that? >> you are correct. you are absolutely correct. when we landed on that beach, it was just total chaos. yes, it was that way. we never got to our correct position that night, and we were supposed to reach a designated
10:39 am
spot but we never got there for a week after that. we were pinned down on the beach by a sniper. >> harris: wow. >> finally, after three or four days, they sent a group of men up there to kill that person. and from there we moved up above the bluff and started our job that we were trained for. >> harris: so, vito, i want our audience to understand -- if they don't know about the 607th, the unit you were in -- you had trained for that state side. they sent you to denver, colorado, and they had a group of youth that had to witness an autopsy. and you were one of the few that could get through that. they wanted you to see what it was like to died by drowning. so some of the pictures that our viewers are seeing now was your work.
10:40 am
the culmination of what you learned through that process on the beach. how did you know that that was a job you could handle? >> well, i didn't. in fact, i didn't know what it meant at the time. i didn't really know what i was getting into. but they said, "who survives this training, you will be in grave registration." i, as a buck private, they told me i survived it after seeing these operations that we had to listen to or see that a few days. well, at the time, $20 to me at that time was a lot of money in '44. so i was always thinking about that. i survived --
10:41 am
>> harris: so they give you a little bit of money to be able to take on that extra responsibility and that different role. >> yes. >> harris: i want to specifically ask you. you and i talked on the phone a little bit, you said you don't want to get into the gruesome details but sometimes you want to share them. you were on the beach as some of the paratroopers were coming in, and you shared with me what you saw when their parachutes wouldn't open. the task that you had, vito, was so incredibly important and hug huge. >> very. very important. i talked to a lot of veterans, and they keep telling me how to stand whatever you had to do it was just a job, and things were different. in real battle, we saw here in the states. it's completely different. but i survived it, i finally had
10:42 am
25 good men, and that's what we did. like i said, the second day we started picking up these people that had passed away or been shot, and we had to bury them on the beach temporarily until we got up on the bluffs. >> harris: wow. so some of these men were buried more than once. i knew your brother, bert, he perished in world war ii as well. so your family saw the service of two sons. we thank you very much, vito. thank you, and god bless you. >> thank you, ma'am. thank you very much. bye-bye. >> harris: bye-bye. vito is in a category of americans all their own, as we know. his generation is leaving us through an unstoppable fact of life -- the aging process.
10:43 am
the u.s. apartment to veterans affairs says 16 million americans served in world war i world war ii. we lose 348 of them every day. in their 90s and 100s, we are blessed with fewer than a half-million among us. god bless them, god bless america. i'll be right back. i felt i couldn't be at my best wifor my family. c, in only 8 weeks with mavyret, i was cured and left those doubts behind.
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>> harris: fresh evidence that we have a plastic problem. a new report finds plastic deep down along the ocean floor, leading to some concerns now about the food that we eat and how that might mix in. jonathan hunt to live in malibu, california. jonathan? >> harris, one of the scientists involved in this new study told me that should be a "wake-up call" for the world. the bombshell report released just a few hours ago revealing that plastics pollution is far more widespread than even the most informed experts had feared. scientists studied the waters of
10:48 am
monterey bay, northern california, and what they found horrified then. micro plastic, tiny, broken up pieces of plastic everywhere, from the surface to the seabed, about half a mile down. those plastics are being eaten by small sea creatures, eat and interned by fish, and then likely turning up on our dinner plates. what are the solutions? corporations, government, and scientists in partnership can work on the big picture, the scientists say. but on the most basic level, it starts with us. here is dr. kyle van out >> of the silver lining to this work is that 40% of the plastic polymers that we found from a material called pvc, which is used in many single-use beverage and food containers. this is a problem we can solve. we simply don't have to use single-use plastic.
10:49 am
>> but the authors of this study say, harris, if an area previously considered pristine like monterey bay is already swamped by plastic, then it's highly likely that pretty much every single area of every single one of the world's oceans is already littered by plastic pollution. harris? >> harris: jonathan hunt, thank you very much. 2020 candidates, democrat joe biden, catching major flack from some in his own party by his position on an abortion amendment. is he in trouble? the power panel next. i switched to miralax for my constipation.
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. on "the daily briefing," what's happening at mexico's southern border that may be a sign the countries working to meet u.s. demands to avoid a tariff on its imports. plus, we update you on the flood threat along three rising rivers in the midwest. we will hear from the mayor of one town that may see its worst flooding since 1993. and the health and human services secretary addresses overcrowding at migrant facilities near the border and the measles crisis. we will see you at 2:00. >> harris: is former vice president joe biden in trouble over his stands on an abortion amendment? some 2020 contenders, including elizabeth warren, are going after him on that. the amendment bands using federal money for a certain abortion services. worth mentioning, though, she actually voted for the amendment
10:54 am
when it was included in the big spending bill. with the exception of senator bernie sanders, many of the others in similar situations have voted for it, as well. rick unger, syndicated radio host of "the rick unger show," james freeman, "wall street journal" editorial page editor. how do you go after somebody when you yourself voted for it? >> is a problem, isn't it? they won't get very much mileage out of that for just that reason. most people won't know they voted for bills that had the amendment and it. >> harris: because they don't read the bill. >> of course. wait for biden to strike back and say, "why you come after me? you did it, too." >> harris: i want to write take so long, james. we set out on their issues with aoc and a few others. go ahead. >> the reason so many have voted for it is until 5 minutes ago this was a perfectly reasonable moderate democratic position, to say, "i may support abortion but i don't want to make you pay for it." the party, or the demands of this primary, have been pushing
10:55 am
them all so far lift that this is now become some kind of problem for biden if he is not an absolutist on abortion. >> harrcis: because they don't >> harris: is this democrats also getting on the record about this issue? we've seen several states with legislation now, like missouri and others, that it's really different from work left on them to be. >> james makes a great point but i don't think is being pushed as far to the left as it might suggest. it's very early. we still have to wait and see what the impact is going to be on joe biden for taking that position yesterday. my bet is he will lose a point or two, maybe three, but it will be dramatic. >> harris: gentlemen, we had a lot of breaking news. you know the 75th anniversary that today is. so i appreciate her patients. think of her being here. i'll be back. e complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy.
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>> harris: what a day. so glad that you are spending part of it with fox news. it's an honor to serve you on the 75th anniversary of the
11:00 am
d-day invasion. 16 million americans world war ii heroes. here's dana. >> dana: your daily briefing starts now. with four days to go, no deal to avoid new tariffs on goods from mexico, but there is a sign the country is responding to the president's demands. plus, i'll speak with the mayor of this town in illinois that may see the worst flooding in three decades, as the mississippi river is about to crest. we take you back to normandy for the tribute to survivors and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice 75 years ago. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing opinion high stake talks resume in the nation's capital as u.s. and mexican officials try to reach an agreement to see what mexico will do to deal with migrants as tariffs are set


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