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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  June 7, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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you can see in the stock market. they are gone. it's all about the amazon world. the big names will make it, but the small ones are getting crushed. >> melissa: they are either buying their clothes online from the same store from amazon. enter going to start. it's an interesting point. back here on monday. here's julie. >> julie: fox news alert, time is running out for mexico to convince president trump it should avoid punishing tariffs by doing more to address the crisis of the southern border. welcome to "outnumbered overtime," everyone. i'm julie banderas. happy friday. i mentor harris faulkner today. you got three days to go into the trump administration hits mexico with new tariffs, which could spike to 25% by the fall. unless the country does more to healthy unprecedented flow of central american migrants to the southern border. in the past 24 hours, both sides -- republicans and democrats -- have signaled optimism about their talks amid reports mexico offered to send 6,000 troops to its border with guatemala.
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also they promised to overhaul its asylum process. that has not raised hopes a deal could be made. but -- and it's a big but -- the u.s. negotiating team led by vice president mike pence, by the way, since there is a long way to go. mark sure it is the vice president's of staff. listen to this. >> we were encouraged on wednesday that they came to the table with some initial suggestions. but i do think it was wholly insufficient with a pot on the table at that point. vice president pence and secretary pompeo put a few other suggestions for them to consider, and yesterday came back, very open to those organizations. so we are very encouraged where the negotiations are going. but frankly they're still a long way to go. >> julie: of course, any decision ultimately will be made by president trump, could declare a new national emergency to implement these tariffs. the president departed europe earlier today to return him to the white house, and that's where we find rich edson. high-stakes negotiations. this is minute-by-minute we are
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watching this. >> good afternoon, julie. the white house says the of administration is still on track to impose those tariffs on mexican imports starting on monday. when negotiations are in washington as the mexican foreign minister, marcelo ebrard, arrives at the state permit this money for another round of discussions with american officials. the term administration says the two sides have made progress during these discussions over the past couple days. >> the president has all the options on the table, but the talks have been very collegial, amicable, and my briefing on them has been that there has been a lot of progress where our technical experts who have taken a deep dive into at the mexicans can do to help get out in front of the border problem, that the mexicans have agreed to do a lot of those. >> if the term administration wants to prevent migrants from crossing through mexico and arriving at the u.s. border. they say those who are at branded are primarily from guatemala, honduras, and
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el salvador. mexico's president has said he is optimistic they can avoid these tariffs and that the tariffs are counterproductive in addressing migration. mexican government says they have deployed 600 national guard members to southeastern mexico. president trump returns to the white house this afternoon from his trip to europe. it's his decision whether to also move forward with these tariffs. the white house says it's unclear if negotiations will continue beyond today, and of the president will receive updates from his team as he travels home. if these tariffs take effect on monday they will start at 5% but there is a potentially could go all the way up to 25% if this drags on. julie? >> julie: rich edson, thank you. adam kinsinger sits on the house foreign affairs committee. he was recently deployed to the southern border is part of his air national guard unit. you have seen firsthand the humanitarian crisis that sits at the border. thousands of immigrants, but not, and most important income of the children being used as pawns to get these illegals in.
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it's about time mexico do something. is this what it's going to take? 5% tariffs? what you think? >> you're right. and the president's right, noting with the issue is. people come the democrats, will try and hit on the infrastructure available to house children. let cb of 10,000 wood beds, there'll be 11,000 children that come up, et cetera. the issue is real. the issue is a problem with an absolute national emergency. the thing we have to be realistic about his we have a hard time controlling. mexico, which has a lot of struggles, they can in essence make a border impenetrable. that would be unrealistic. there are things they can and probably physically can't do, so have to figure out a partner with them on this. where i get concerned -- and have the president is successful, 100% -- but i'm concerned with opening the trade for it with mexico because they represent a huge agricultural district that has been very patient and very supportive of the fight against china. this could be another basically left hook to their face. that's where if it actually gets to this they would be some
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difficulty. >> julie: there's been concerns about the tariffs affecting a new north american trade deal. here is the president saying he's not worried about that, in an interview with laura ingraham. let's listen. >> i'm not worried about it. they need us. we don't need them. they need us. they still 32% of our car business with nafta, the stupidest thing. one of the truly stupid deals of our time. they still 32,000 -- they have 30% of our car business. >> they are an important ally of the united states, though. how do you define ally? >> it's one of our most important trading partners. >> fine. and if they sent in $500 billion worth of drugs. we will never do that kind of trade. >> julie: the president, when he campaigned to become president, he talked about how he would be tough on trade. obviously he was talking about time at the time. when it came to mexico he promised a wall. he promised mexico would pay for it, they have not done such a thing. mexico is also not done thing about stopping all those immigrants from coming. this is a step you have to admit, and by them sending their troops to the border of
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guatemala and finally taking some responsibility, these tariffs in fact that it not been imposed yet are working already. >> like i said, i hope they work. if you make the decision money to implement them, even by the time congress reacts, it's a number of months before that can even happen. so there will be an impact. like i said, i hope he is successful on this. where i get worried about is if we get -- like, we have been in it with china for them a number of months. look at what it does to the agricultural and the trade communities. frankly the only thing is if mexico's economy takes a big hi hit, it's even less ability to give the cartels more power, which is my biggest concern. i hope the president is successful in this. it's an honor and absolute national emergency. it's human rights crisis. for the democrats to say we are not going to secure the border, i think that's actually very inhumane in and of itself because it's encouraging people to take a very dangerous journey. >> julie: the democrats have maintained, oddly enough, that this would be too expensive.
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that's in the argument from day one. they didn't want the wall where the money for immigration reform because it would cost too much money. at what cost? what dollar sign that you put on the lives of children? understand that they are children from other countries. nonetheless, their children. the mentoring crisis needs to be taken serially. democrats haven't come up with any kind of plan and they're never going to as long as they are in control. basically we won't see anything until the next election. 5% tariffs. you think it's enough or too much? >> 5%, i think they'll send a very strong warning shot. your point also, i will say this -- the democrats tried to negotiate in the omnibus less beds were towed in. that's what people don't get. less detaining facilities and they are being disingenuous in this. if they come to the table and say, "look, want to work with the president," i think we will make positive steps. that they have made it -- and that's why they are driving motive and some of this. >> julie: congressman, thank you very much. >> any time.
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>> i think she's a disgrace. i actually don't think she is a talented person. i have tried to be nice to her because i would have liked to have gotten some deals done. she is incapable of doing deals. she's a nasty, vindictive, horrible person. >> julie: president trump blessing his frenemy, house speaker nancy pelosi. did you watch it? 's first public comments about pelosi after she reportedly told democrats in a coaster meeting on tuesday that she would rather see the president in prison then impeached. all this as questions loom about what can be done in washington. what can get done in washington? where air force one is heading after taking off from ireland this morning. a short time ago, the president tweeting this -- "nervous nancy pelosi is a disgrace to herself and her family for having made such a disgusting statement, especially since i was with foreign leaders overseas. there is no evidence for such a thing to have been said. nervous nancy and dems are getting zero work done in congress and have no intention of doing anything other than
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going on a fishing expedition to see if they can find anything on me, both illegal and unprecedented in u.s. history. there was no collusion. investigate investigators. go to work on drug price reductions and infrastructure." kevin cork his life in limerick, ireland. he's been watching it from there. hi, kevin. >> great to be with you, julie. even amid the commemorations on the celebrations of the warriors who have fought so valiantly, more than 75 years ago on d-day, that fateful day, the invasion of normandy, as you can imagine, criticism back home. political strife traveling at the speed of sound. the president, as you pointed out, reacting very strongly to the comments made by the speaker of the house who told fellow democrats that she would rather see the leader of her own country -- the president -- in prison rather than impeached. here's what the president said about that in that conversation you mentioned with laura ingraham. >> vicious statement. while i'm overseas. if i made any statement about anybody, it would be, "why did
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he do that while he's overseas?" she is a terrible person. i will tell you, her name, it's nervous nancy. because she is a nervous wreck. i think they are in big trouble, because when you look at the kind of crimes that were committed -- i don't need any more evidence, and i guess from what i'm hearing there's a lot of evidence coming in. >> the president talking about the fact that democrats were ultimately frustrated by the outcome of the mueller report and are now concerned about the genesis of the investigation, which could be revealed fairly soon thanks to a number of ig reports. so the issue then, julie, is this. with the leaders of the respective parties bickering, will get done for the american people? genocides come together, for example, to tackle the border crisis, infrastructure, and trade? the speaker says yes. >> i'm not here to talk about impeachment, but i do say that on the subject of our veterans we always strive to work in a bipartisan way. so this is nothing -- it's not a
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departure from what we said is the standard. wherever we can, we tried to be as bipartisan, nonpartisan as possible. that's a comfort to veterans. >> a lot of people would argue that's just a case of political feudalism happening over there in washington. the focus here on veterans, that won't be the case as we now make a hard shift to trade and the border. we will see how it turns out as the president makes his way back to washington. julie, for now, back to you. >> julie: let's bring in josh kraushaar, politics editor for the national journal. what is this go from here? >> not any productive direction. and we none of that donald trump has a nickname for speaker pelosi. it's "nervous nancy." i think it's notable that he avoided giving the speaker a nickname. he held out hope that there could be some kind bipartisan deal for a long, long time. given that a lot of democrats are now calling for the presidents impeachment or holding hearings for impeachment, and given that
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pelosi has been more motivated by her own base, the relationship between the two is extremely poor and the prospect of any real legislative compromise taking place is as remote as ever. >> julie: that's what i'm fearing, and i think you just read my mind. if this is actually what's going on now, it almost makes it impossible for the president and house democrats to bring together at all. nancy pelosi has made it very clear that she is not going to be working with the president after comments like that. >> it's in a situation for both sides. plus he needs to hold the house to win back the presidency, and she needs to ten to the needs of the more moderate members and her caucus. they need to talk about how they are going to improve the bottom line of a whole lot of americans, talking about impeachment, getting into these food fights with president trump doesn't do her own bottom line any good. i don't think it helps the president to speak and attack the speaker on foreign soil, either, in front of the graves in normandie. i don't think it was a good look for the president either, getting to his very personal attack against the speaker. so i think a lot of the public
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loses out. there is a real desire for compromise, bipartisanship. he talked about trade, immigration, but neither side seems to be able to find any middle ground on those issues. >> julie: bob mueller, the one and only time he came out he said in a letter that charging the present with a crime was not an option we could consider. talking, in fact, about the fact that you cannot indict a sitting president. he also said that if we had confidence that the president clearly did commit a crime, we would have said that. and that they concluded that they would not reach a determination one way or the other about whether the president did commit a crime. with all that said, the democrats were waiting on bated breath for this report to come out. so they were dying for mueller to give them one result that they didn't give it they wanted. now pelosi is saying she wants us to the president in jail. last i checked, you need to commit a crime in order to go behind bars. it just almost seems as if the democratic party led by pelosi is sort of grabbing at straws here. what's next? she didn't want to come out and
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say "impeachment." a lot of people are wondering where she sat on this. it seems like this is quite desperate. >> mueller's comment didn't change the political patient a matter what you think of the merits. you look at the national polls, only about 40% at most supported any kind of in impeachment hearing. that's the dilemma for pelosi, that mueller hasn't really changed the political equation. it doesn't look like he wants to come in front of congress for hearings. so as long as we are in that stalemate, democrats are in a tough bind and how to deal with the base and the middle of the country. >> julie: do you think pelosi was out-of-bounds? is that the kind of thing they say? how do you think the president should react to it? do you like the way he reacted to it? should you rise above it, or does he continue to hit back? which is more of his m.o. >> alyssa shortly ramped up rhetoric whereas trump went on function were incremented every hearted. usually don't have to present when he's abroad, usually you
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don't have these physical food fights over seeps. but she did it privately, he leaked out, and mentioned that having to take some hits for that. >> julie: josh kraushaar, thank you, great to see you. st. louis bracing for extreme flooding this weekend as though the national weather service warns of saturday. homes are already underwater and being patrolled for looters treated flooding also wreaking havoc for weeks from indiana to ohio and oklahoma and arkansas, and even down to louisiana were flash floods there in baton rouge are blamed for one death. an american warship nearly colliding with a russian destroyer, now each side accusing the other of reckless behavior. we will have a live report coming up. startling story, coming out of there. plus, as house democrats launch a new effort to enforce their congressional subpoenas, the justice department is now ramping up its investigation into the origins of the russia probe. yep, we will talk about it with
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10:21 am
white house counsel don mcgahn in contempt of congress. this resolution would allow house democrats to pursue civil contempt, which means they can go to federal court to enforce its subpoenas. but the administration in dustin's apartment officials have acted prematurely, issuing subpoenas in days after month-long investigations that stalled. they also acknowledge the request was overly broad, including grantor information that the attorney general cannot provide by law without court approval. finally they say some communications specifically are still shielded by executive privilege. if house democrats get the votes they need on a civil contempt procedure on tuesday, a former justice department official told fox news that this can really be a weeks if not months-long process taking them right up to the 2020 election, julie. >> julie: we are learning also, catherine, more about the first weeks of the investigation into the investigators. that's what we want to know about. >> sources within the dresses
10:22 am
apartment have now confirmed to fox news that u.s. attorney john durham has been meeting with attorney general william barr oe occasions in recent weeks that a federal review of the generous of us of the russia probe. separately, they told fox news that he is "very dialed in and asking all the right questions about surveillance abuse in 2016, and how a surveillance warrant was obtained for credit page." last night the ranking republican of house intelligence me said the more it relied heavily on the dossier and not multiple intelligent sourcing. >> on the fisa application especially, you heard comey call it a mosaic. people need to see what's there, because i think they would cringe if they knew of the government was willing to do to its citizens. >> before the midterm elections, republicans who control house committees, key committees at that time, tried to tee up what they believed to be potential
10:23 am
targets for future investigation. the point of the conflict and testimony that glenn simpson, the cofounder of fusion gps, the firm behind the dossier. bruce orr, justice department official, over the handling of the dossier. and then there's his wife, nellie orr, who worked with fusion gps. as you remember, last month mark meadows made a criminal referral for nelly or on what's considered to be discrepancies. that could be a violation for all of them, of 1,001. that's an automatic five years for lying to federal investigators, julie. >> julie: catherine herridge, thank you so much. let's not bring in the top republican on the house judiciary committee, representative doug collins of georgia. thank you, congressman, for talking to us. is it smart for democrats to avoid contempt and use the court system is a way to compel barr and began to testify before congress? >> they are not really doing that, they just wanted to be called that and they what the american people to see how chaotic they are becoming a washing in the sea, and they are
10:24 am
passionate to get this presiden. they are just high-stepping the process, not wanting to be as transparent. this is -- i think it's interesting that they don't want people to know that this is what they are doing, because most people do not want to see impeachment. they don't want to see this continue on. they've accepted the report. and we move forward. but they don't want to do that, and they want to hide from the american people about that. >> julie: a way to react to maisie hirano, who says that the president continues to obstruct. listen to this. >> there comes a time where we need to do the appropriate and right thing. i think this is that time. even now, the president is continuing to try and obstruct whatever the house is doing to shed light on what happened during the 2016 elections, and thereafter. his obstructive activities are continuing a pace. >> julie: the president is continuing to obstruct. your thoughts? >> my thoughts are they will
10:25 am
continue to accuse them of crimes, not in the hypothetical. there are actually he committed crimes. those are things you can't say, probably from a centered perspective as well. but that's what they want to put into the american people's minds. they want the american people to continue to hear coming out the president did something they didn't do. they don't care if they are right or if they have the facts on their side. in fact, they don't have the facts on their side. they are just so blinded by rage at what's going on with this administration that there willing to make false accusations pair that's where the breakdown in honesty with congress has got to get better, because this -- they need to be working on immigration and trade deals, and what the american people need. not this continual attack on the president. >> julie: it'll come out soon. michael horowitz, inspector general, he's expected to drop his review of possible fines a piece by the fbi. it could happen this is this month. should they be worried about what's inside a report on possible fines abuse? >> if i was out there is much as they were trying to accuse the
10:26 am
president, making these grand statements, this is the same budget set a soon as miller comes in they would have impeachment because you will find everything. they didn't find what they wanted us another switch gears. one thing they need to be scared of is the corrupt cabal of peter strzok him lisa page, james comey. they won't look into what they did. >> julie: i think the fbi -- and i said this last hour -- has something to worry about. their credibility is at stake and it's going to come out for everyone to hear. what will come of barr's investigation into the origins of the russian investigation? will these probes into the origins are democrats, or the people to continue pursuing president trump, their favorite hobby? >> their favorite hobby is going to find a lot harder to do. i think they are going to come back and people will see, why did we get to start with? it'll become his obsession with top leadership, and this is something that can't be forgotten. i don't want to blanket the entire fbi or even the entire doj with the wrongdoings of some very wrong-minded, corrupt individuals who decided on their
10:27 am
own that they were going to take things into their own hands. so when we look at this, i think there is a reason. because the democrats have gotten way over their skis and promising their rabid base who doesn't like the president that they were going to do these things. at the same time they much rather would focus on this because they have no legislation agenda. we seen five and have months of absolute nothing but pandering to the left base, so now they are having that as a problem, and also the problem of their whole house of cards on with the president did coming apart, as well. when we look back, most of us talking about this in the republican side were being shown true there was a problem at the start of this investigation. >> julie: congressman doug collins of georgia, thank you very much. have a great weekend. try not to think about this for a couple days, shall you? >> [laughs] i would love to. take care. >> julie: big develops across the pond as today marks the last day theresa may is officially prime minister of the united kingdom. so who will be the next leader of one of our closest allies, and what it all means for impossible bricks that deal? ♪
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>> julie: the u.s. and russian navy's trading blame after an apparent near collision of two worship. both sides are claiming their ships were forced to perform emergency maneuvers to avoid a crash. it is the second time this week the u.s. navy has accused russian forces of dangerous maneuvers. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more. jennifer? >> julie, the latest incident took place in the philippines sea while a helicopter was landing on the flight deck of the u.s. navy warship. this video provided by the navy shows the russian destroyed within yards of the american guided missile cruiser. the uss chancellorsville. both ships armed with missiles and large naval guns. as she sailed past the american crusade today come in what u.s. officials are describing as a highly dangerous maneuver, russian sailors can be seen sunbathing on the flight deck mocking their american adversaries, and acting defense secretary patrick shanahan had tough words for the russians on the steps of the pentagon.
10:33 am
>> we will have military conversations with the russians, and of course we will reproach them. >> the russian government says it has launched a formal protest over the incident and disputes the u.s. navy's version of events, including which body of water of the ships were and when the near collision took place. "the uss chancellorsville has crossed the court of the russian destroyer in the south china sea. the district had to perform urgent maneuvers to evade a possible collision." russia has been stepping up its harassment of the u.s. navy. tuesday, a russian fighter jet buzzed a reconnaissance plane in the eastern mediterranean near syria. the navy says its plane was flying in international airspace during the 28 minute encounter. as western nation celebrated the day, russian president vladimir putin hosted the chinese leader in moscow thursday. pugin was snubbed by western leaders and not invited to attend the day locations in
10:34 am
normandy. these latest encounters are not-so-subtle reminders not to forget about moscow. julie? >> julie: thank you very much, jennifer griffin. for more on this, retired army colonel chris gibson, a purple heart recipient and former congress in. jennifer highlighted the fact that this is happening way too often, and a very little amount of time. in just three days, this is the second time the u.s. navy has accused russian forces are dangerous maneuvers. there was a russian fighter jet that flew dangerously close to reconnaissance aircraft in the mediterranean, know this. tell me this is no coincidence. >> is not a coincidence. putin is challenging trump of the united states of america. he has change the strategic calculus. he has helped rebuild the military. he is asserting our priorities across the world, with trade, with britain-sharing, and also with priorities such as south china sea freedom of navigation, monroe doctrine in venezuela,
10:35 am
and if you are putin you are looking at this and saying, "i've got to disrupt this." because this trajectory is good for the united states, but not good for russia. >> julie: putin is playing with power. he is trying to overpower our president. he's also playing with fire. because there is no reason why two warships should come anywhere near each other. as you can see the weather, it is clear as day. there was no excuse. putin is obviously behind us and trying to push president trump buttons yet again. how involved is putin in these near miss collisions, and what she did united states to do this? >> he provides guidance on the front end. he wants to be provocative. he's hoping to change this trajectory. how does he do that? if you can somehow show that president trump is bluffing, and the russians -- they watch our politics. they saw what senator schumer said about president trump recently. they want to see if you will be found to be both income and if you will make a mistake. will he make a strategic miscarriage elation?
10:36 am
that's what he's doing these provocative maneuvers. i think what we have to do here is -- really, this is all about deterrence. we have to have capability and will, demonstrate our resolve in the middle east, and continue to communicate what is acceptable. >> julie: what is unacceptable as countries like russia and iran trying to have their way with the united states. i want to throw up general frank mckenzie on iran. "cumulatively, this is called them to step back and recalculate the course they apparently were on. i hesitate to say that deterrence has been established. we continue to see possible imminent threats." >> i would go into greater detail of this, in chapter one of my book, "rally point. close it with regard to deterrence , any potential adversary has to come to their own conclusion that what they are pursuing is not in their interest, but because the costs outweigh the benefits. what general mckenzie is doing here is making sure that we have the capabilities -- because deterrence is really about
10:37 am
capability and will, and they have to be synchronized. the audio has equal video. so what's happening here is he wants to get the proper posture in the middle east so that iran and russia can draw the right conclusion, which is that if they tried to do something aggressive, and they provoke an incidence, they will take action. it will end of that they will lose. >> julie: iran sits back and recalculates after making preparations for an apparent attack against u.s. forces in the gulf region. it is too early, obviously come at you can see that the threat is gone. but i want to talk about how grievous what you believe this is. >> it's a very serious threat. they have the capability to strike our assets, to cause casualties, american casualties. i want to be clear that if they do that it's going to end very badly for them. we have overmatched capability. but it is very serious because we take every human life, every service member's life, we hold that deer. so we are going to protect our
10:38 am
interest and our service member members. >> julie: lieutenant colonel chris gibson. thank you for talking to us. >> good to be with you. >> julie: fox news alert, theresa may, formally stepping down as leader of the conservative party today. she is still serving as per mr. for the next few weeks, but every -- that happens as they pick a new leader. her resignation comes after her bricks at proposal failed to pass in parliament. the potential successor has vowed to negotiate the deal. something the e.u. says is a nonstarter. benjamin hall has more of that from london. hi you, benjamin. >> hi, julie. she made this decision to be sicko, but she wanted to wait until the state visit was finished, dd commemorations over, before stepping down formally. those events are now done on the president has left the u.k., and now what is like you to be very bitter race to succeed her can begin. 11 candidates have so far publicly said that they will seek to replace her, and over the next six weeks there will be
10:39 am
a series of votes by conservative mps only as they whittle down the candidates until just two remain. then, the roughly 120,000 conservative party members will pick the winner from those two. it was, as he pointed out, but exit -- which ultimately defeated teresa mae. and it will be bricks at front and center in this campaign. all of the front runner support what's called a hard bricks it. that is a clean break from the e.u. many have indicated they will try and renegotiate the divorce deal with the e.u. or leave without a deal. meanwhile, nigel faraj, leading figure in the bricks at camp and a friend of president trump's, visited downing street today to request a role in the upcoming investigations. up until now, he's been largely ignored by the major parties. but after a resounding win in european elections, he now holds considerable influence ahead. president trump was here earlier in the week and made it clear he would work with whoever was the next prime minister. judging by the way he has been talking so positively about the
10:40 am
accident future trade deals, it's likely would favor a bricks that here. and the name everyone is talking about at the moment is boris johnson. we will find out in about six weeks. >> julie: thank you very much. we are just over one hour away from the opening match in the women's world cup, the u.s. looking to defend its title in its first match. it's against thailand on tuesday. host nation france will be kicking off action today against south korea, and you can watch the entire month long tournament on fox and fox sports 1 starting this afternoon, 3:00 p.m. eastern. the dow reacting positively to the latest job numbers for the month of may. take a look at that, of 305 points. will this ease fears over trade and tariff showdowns with china and mexico? that's next. ♪ ♪ limu emu and doug.
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10:45 am
california state history, seniors at paradise high school took to the football field to graduate. most of the town was destroyed in what is called the camp fire. about 900 of the school's 980 students lost their homes. nonetheless, the high school itself sustained minimal damage and continued on with its graduation. what a celebration. hundreds of volunteers worked on getting that football field ready so the seniors could graduate on their home campus. good for them. congratulations to all. the new u.s. jobs report for the month of may is out today. employers adding 75,000 jobs last month. that is slower growth than what we saw back in march and april, but unemployment held steady for the second month in a row. that's good news. the dow reacting to this, 304, 305. we've teetered. but nonetheless. is the dow up because investigators -- investors think the feds are going to be lowering rates and that's the confidence level? >> this is bad news translated as good news, so you give the
10:46 am
headline numbers for the jobs report. 75,000. that was less than half of what we are expecting to be created. so we are seeing the economy slowed down, which is not creating. want to force treatments of drop ins, but not as much as we have been creating. you have to remember this data was compiled before the threat from mexican import tariffs. those go into effect on monday. if you have an economy that is slowing and you get hit by tariffs, you're sending the message to the fed that there could be a problem here. "you might want to cut interest rates." hence the pot for the market today. you were just showing the full screen of wages. a lot of folks are saying that when you dig into these reports, beyond the headline number, whether it's good or bad. are people making more money? $27.83 is the average hourly wage, that's more than a 3% gain on the year. but a lot of economists say you want to see more than that. and if consumers aren't confident about things, no matter what they are making,
10:47 am
they won't spend money. consumer spending drives economic growth. >> julie: what do you think the reason is for not as many jobs being added? march and april had a better result. nonetheless, wall street is wrecking positively. but there is a little bit of a concern. >> if you look at the services sector, they create the bulk of jobs. still adding jobs, to 33,000 last month. but typically we see more. that could be indicative of the slow down as a result of the china trade threat. also, retail. retail lot 7600 jobs last month. so that's consumer spending. >> julie: we are also heading into summer, that's not necessarily when people hire. >> and the weather patron notice and flooding her that's on the jobs report. and the numbers to get -- >> julie: lauren, great to see. have a great weekend. >> you come as well. >> julie: joe biden reversing his support for a rule banning most federal funding for abortion. so what do we make of the former vice president's sudden shift? his flip-flop, if you will? our panel weighs in on the next.
10:48 am
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. on "the daily briefing," the former head of the small business administration, linda mcmahon, on how looming tariffs on mexico will hit many factors at home. but they have broken the 2020 fuel into four tears to prove who is unlikely to make it to the first dnc debate. he will tell us. we also look at the events from the day after d-day, and i give
10:52 am
you a glimpse into my family history and my grandparents service in world war ii. see you at the top of the hour. >> for many years as u.s. senator, i have -- supported the hyde amendment like many others have. because there was sufficient monies and circumstances, when we were able to exercise that right, women of color, poor women, women are not able to have access, and it was not under attack as it was now. as it is now. circumstances have changed. >> julie: 2020 candidate joe biden now reversing course saying he no longer supports the hyde amendment. it's a congressional ban on federal funding for most abortions. this just days after his campaign reaffirmed his support for it, after intense criticism from some of his democratic rivals and liberal women's groups. let's bring in our power panel, lisa boothe. fox news contributor and fellow,
10:53 am
and enter once he, former senior advisor to hunter clinton campaign's of carolina and founder of blueprint strategy. >> quite the intro! [laughter] 's be what it was wednesday that biden's camp was saying they were supporting it. now they're saying they don't. i understand he is pro-choice. that is not what this is about. nonetheless, the flip-flopping at this stage, when it comes to democratic voters and women. >> i think it breaks his credit ability on the authenticity factor. that was who he could achilles' heel in 2016, the lack of authenticity. people didn't believe her or trust or, any core beliefs. i think joe biden faces that seems puny. it makes him look weak kneed and inauthentic. it was just the other day that dana bash was saying, "look, i've heard expressly that this is his core conviction. this is the belief that he has held for 40 something years. all it took was a day of bashing from the left for him to capitulate and give up one of
10:54 am
his allegedly core beliefs. so in that instance, what else we capitulate on? what else are not his core beliefs? i think this is going to vastly damage him. >> his team put out a statement saying to this point, which is very key. candidates have the ability to evolve on issues. that's what we've seen -- >> in a day's time? >> let me tell you what the breaking point was for this, i think. the fact that his senior advisor, a dear friend of mine, simone sanders, an african-american female who is a hyde amendment -- it cuts deeply into that publishing. poor and african-american females. she went to him and said, "this is a problem for people who look like me and have this same thinking and understanding as me." in the democratic primary where african-american women will largely decide to our nominee is, i commend him for taking a position and sticking to it to this point. lisa, you said it's not authentic, but people appreciate and value the fact that he is
10:55 am
taking a position and here he is. >> still makes me when he's not just a candidate, he's the former vice president. chameleon politics. that's what i call this. they are going to change the color depending on their base. so he is now, as the party has changed since he was left in office, it's gone so far left. >> but you can argue the country has changed. it wasn't too long ago -- not to get off topic, but it wasn't too long ago that you are part didn't agree with the whole support of the lgbt cumulative . in other countries change -- >> julie: you're making a lot of excuses and he made my point this is political. he said he's listening to african-american female voters. granted, you're basically just saying that he capitulated because of political reasons. >> no, no, no -- >> julie: lisa, enough. [laughter] they are going to hook my neck. thank you very much. we will be right back, stay there. maximum absorbency, beautiful colors and an improved fit for a sleek design and personal style. life's better when you're in it. be there with depend®.
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>> aren't you happy it's friday? have a great weekend. "the daily briefing" starts right now with dana perino.
11:00 am
>> dana: three big stories we're following. first, some towns already flooded by the rising mississippi river are preparing for it to crest tomorrow as several states face new flash flood warnings. insight on who may not make the cut for the first dnc debate. following the memorable ceremonies in normandy yesterday, we bring you back to france, where the world is reminded what happened right after d-day. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." but first the showdown with mexico over the border crisis coming to a head. president trump tweeting a short time ago, if we are able to make the deal with mexico and there's a good chance that we will, they will begin purchasing farm and agriculture products at very high levels starting immediately. if we are unable to make the deal, mexico will begin paying tariffs at the 5% level


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