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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  June 9, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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you. [cheers and applause] greg: thank you, pete! thank you, tom! thank you, kat. tyrus! studio audience. i'm greg next, he will give you the news here on the fox news channel. >> president trump and negotiators have struck a deal over terrorist on mexican imports that were scheduled to go into effect monday. this is to stop the flow of asylum-seekers crossing the border into the u.s. good evening i'm jon scott, this is the fox report. they release new details on the steps mexico will take including the deployment of the mexican national guard and a crackdown on human traffickers, the agreement refuses a showdown between the president and senate republicans who largely opposed the tariffs idea but lawmakers say this is just the first step toward fixing the crisis of the border.
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>> there is a humanitarian crisis of the border. we are calling on our democratic colleagues to help step up and fund border security, from the agent, fund beds as necessary, we need cooperation to make sure that happens grade the president has asked for a very long time, we as congress need to step up and provide him with the tools necessary so we don't have to face terrorists. >> we begin with boxing coverage, steve harrigan is in tijuana and david spock at the white house. >> president trump is back at the white house today, he spent most of the day coughing at his club in northern virginia, this is his first full day back in the united states after spending several days in the united kingdom, france and ireland, but he spent most of the day on twitter with his plan. the first tweet he was thinking mexican is visuals, saying he like to think the president of mexico. with all the many representatives of the united
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states and mexico for working so long and hard to get our agreement on immigration completed. here are some of the highlights of the plan, the mexican president is to to deploy 6000 troops to the southern border, allow migrants to seek asylum to be sent to mexico, give migrants a chance to work and get an education, the agreement says mexico must stop human trafficking. last night mexico's ambassador to the united states and other officials announced a new policy and important when for the triple ministration. >> the united states and mexico are working with regional and international partners to build a more secure central america. reviewed though no policy is allowing those seeking asylum to stay mexico nothing it states, treasury secretary steve mnuchin said if mexico does not hold up to the end of the bargain you expected tariffs to go into effect. members of the democratic leadership critical of the tactics with mexico and nancy
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pelosi putting out a statement, dress and temper tantrums are no way to negotiate foreign policy. also chuck schumer sarcastically tweeting, now that the problem is solved, i'm sure we will be hearing anymore about it in the future. but not all democrats are criticizing the plan. >> this seems to work out, mexico should be part of any agreement that we have, mexico should be helping, mexico should be part of the process. reporter: he also said mexico has agreed to buy large quantities of agricultural products, speaking of tariffs, the mexican tariffs response we going to an effect on monday but china has felt real tariffs, those went into effect last month. president trump in chinese president xi jinping jumping said to me at the end of the month for the g20. you can bet that conversation will take place when it comes to tariffs between china and the united states.
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back to you. jon: thank you so much. the deal with mexico comes as u.s. portable to officers encounter a record number of undocumented immigrants. more than 144,000 migrants pouring into the u.s. inmate alone, levels not seen in more than a decade. the mexican president is looking to call attention to the crisis with a rally in tijuana. that is where we find steve harrigan. reporter: right now we can hear the band playing, we can hear people setting up chairs, they are two hours out from president lopez. originally it was going to be a political rally in a fierce rally but over the past 24 hours we have seen a dramatic mood change, just one day ago, many mexicans were worried about potential economic chaos. jon: it appears we have a difficulty with a live report from steve in tijuana we will reestablish our connection and
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get back to him in just a few minutes. >> the vice president really had a terrible week, when i say terrible it is not catastrophic, he can recover, i support the fact that he has changed his position, but i do believe this should give the biting campaign early warning that they need to study themselves. >> democratic president joe biden running into speedbump this week. it prevents federal funds from being used to pay for abortion except in very specific cases. the former vice president has reversed saying he can no longer supported. this comes as nearly 20 democratic hopefuls hit the campaign trail in iowa for the opening caucus is only 240 days away. mark is live in washington one more. reporter: 2020 democratic presidents are barnstorming io iowa, the first 2020 contest will be held the next year.
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we have seen bernie sanders, wido.several 2020 candidates hae been speaking out, promising to do more to advance gay-rights. >> i will make sure that this country does not just tolerate or respect our differences that we fully embrace him as a foundation to her strength and success in security. >> pete buttigieg spoke today about gay-rights and he said as a gay man himself is live to see the it is getting major attention on the 2020 trip. >> i think those of us within the lgbtq community armies. epidemic career when you are out or had a politics, you cannot have both, seen with the military. things are changing quickly. we have a long way to go. this sheet of repressed that the
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camping stuff is growing significantly from six people to 85 people. they are still hiring. bernie sanders is also an iowa this weekend with his campaign says he'll be back in d.c. next week to deliver a speech of socialism. the campaign said on wednesday the senator will deliver on what his support of democratic socialist policies could be key to democrats winning in 2020. most national polls have standard sitting at second place trailing joe biden. joe biden will be and i will on tuesday days after he decided to reverse his position on the high amendment which bans federal dollars from going to most abortions, he says he no longer supports a policy after previously backing up. >> i cannot justify leaving millions of women without access to the care that they need and the ability to exercise the constitutional protector great. if i believe healthcare is a right as ideal i can no longer support an amendment that makes
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it right dependent. [cheering] >> he is going to be holding multiple stops in iowa he will not be alone, president trump is expected to hold different events in iowa, of course he will not be the same little be in the state at the same time. >> thank you. house democrats remain divided on moving forward with impeachment proceedings, the feud between president trump and nancy pelosi girls. policy reportedly telling senior democrats she wants to see president trump in prison. meantime the president calling policy a nasty indicative horrible person, emmanuel cleaver says president trump should be grateful to have policy as house speaker. >> the president ought to have an appreciation for nancy pelosi because she is only thing standing in the way of a full-scale move toward impeachment. how many people would've thought
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that a san francisco liberal would've been pushing back on impeachment of the president of donald trump. >> 60 members of the house say they want to begin between proceedings including michigan republican. officials in arkansas and omaha are investigating mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of two former state senators from the two states. their bodies were found within two days of each other, jeff is fully destroyed from the west coast newsroom. reporter: condolences are now pouring in for the former state senators who were both found dead this past week. the governor of arkansas treated a statement saying i am both stunned and saddened by the former state senator linda cullen smith, she was a good person who served in the public arena with passion and conviction. she was found dead tuesday while the cause of death is still under investigation her press secretary told reporters she had
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been shot, it took a few days for investigators to confirm the death in the randolph county sheriff explain why and how the investigation will move forward. >> the condition of the body for any immediate positive edification, our judicial district circuit don't enter judge has issued an order sealing the documents in statements ordered or obtained by the police during this investigation. >> property records indicate it was owned by colin smith and her husband retired circuit judge, the two divorced last october and were set to be in court dividing the properties. meanwhile oklahoma they found the former state senator jonathan nicole dennis at his home from a gunshot wood. this is on wednesday, he served as a state senator from within a decade starting in the year 2000, the state senator who represents the district says calling him the most brilliant
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political legal mind in the a coma state legislator that he worked tersely as a senator in years on staff to help guide the state forward. both shootings are under investigation. jon: thank you very much. acting defense secretary patrick shanahan says the u.s. will file against russia after one of the destroyers nearly crashed into an american worship in the sea. reporter: this is just the latest confrontation that we have seen between the u.s. and russian military, in this instance the video is dramatic in the u.s. navy clearly think it helps make their case. this video was taken on board the u.s. guided missile crew in the philippine sea showing the russian destroyer approaching and becoming alarmingly close, i one point he could even see russian sailors sunbathing on deck. the navy said they have to take evasive action in the acting
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u.s. defense secretary is not to please. >> will help military conversations with the russians. >> that refers to a formal protest, russia blamed the united states for this, the russian embassy in the u.s. to do this. uss chancellor has cost of course for the russian destroyer in the south china sea, the destroyer had to perform urgent maneuvers to invade a possible collision, russia is launching a protest against the u.s. this is not an isolated incident. according to the u.s. navy a russian fighter jet harassed that u.s. navy was over the eastern med and international your space. some see in this confrontation that russia response to president trump aggressive foreign policy is not a coincidence. >> putin is challenging trump in the united states of america and
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if you're putin, you're looking at this insane i have to disrupt this, this trajectory for the united states is not good for us. no one was injured in either of those, but anytime you have aircraft or ships operating in this proximity is a great deal of risk. >> thank you. more from exclusive investigative series into the human trafficking epidemic later on tonight. first tourist on edge and authorities after three suspicious deaths the same resort of the popular caribbean island, the latest on the investigation the best simple salad ever? heart-healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts.
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jon: entering the rails in boston leaving ten people injured, 150 people were on board when the green line subway train went off the tracks. they do evacuate the passengers on foot, not word on what caused the crash investigation is underway. in the past are president trump has declared a major disaster the state of arkansas to request as a state struggles with historic flooding along the arizona river, this is areas like a similar situation with
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the mississippi and missouri river near record levels. >> with so much water there's 300 roads underwater, the real transportation system. in a lot of areas of the state, it's tough on the economy and state and when you look at these people about their homes and business insane backdrop for the connector business, has a huge effect on our economy and state, everybody just trained to fight to try to to write. >> the are heading into the summer travel season. mysterious deaths of the americans in dominican republic where the economy is driven by tourism.
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>> the health agency reportedly doing test at the hotel following the string of death and questions from others who later came forward with similar accounts of illness. after three tours died within five days at two adjacent hotel properties. according to her family a 41 euro pennsylvania woman collapsed and died after having a drink from the minibar may 25, 5 days later hotel employee found and engaged marilyn couple dead in a hotel room after the mr. hotel check-in time. all three had internal bleeding, fluid in the lungs and enlarged heart, now the families are raising questions about their 2018th death at the same resort chain. she said she also had a drink from the minibar rate before she died at the putin, location and david harrison's widow said it's no quinn students that her husband's cause of death is the same as a three tours last month. family members want answers. >> we are promised within three
2:20 am
months that what we see the toxicology report, to the state almost a year we've got nothing. >> a number of people complained about following ill at the property in the past year end half, they told busby news that a nightmare vacation with a mysterious illness in january 2018th, the colorado couple save and became violently ill from what they be leave with pesticide poisoning, a broken woman claimed she did a soda that tasted like bleach and meet her mouth played and last month a new york man said he spent two days in the icu was sudden dangerously high blood pressure during the stay at the resort. >> tripadvisor has his suspended reviews of the property due to concert but jamaican authorities believe the deaths are unrelated. [speaking in foreign language] >> i've never had to give a press conference exist to clarify nothing, it tells you that it's coincidence, circumstantial fact that has occurred. [sobbing]
2:21 am
death quality reports are still pending in the state department says it is monitoring investigation. >> that's a strange bunch of coincidences. jon: thank you jackie. the homeless population in los angeles surgeons by 60% as residents and county board members urge to take action, growing health and sanitation issues, here are the details. >> it's unsanitary around her, especially with the people using the bathroom, no one picks up after themselves. >> syringes, human waste, los angeles becoming a dumpster says los angeles times even the police station at skidrow is infested with rats. >> it's totally disgusting, we want them to cleaned up immediately and make sure all the toxins away from their families. they are being treated for typhoid fever and five other
2:22 am
show symptoms. >> other officers who interact with the homeless are battling an outbreak of staph infections and hepatitis. if a police officer sick i will make sure that it's a plumbing or something else. >> eric garcetti is taking the heat to handle the city's 55 homeless shelter construction behind schedule and over budget period. home ascribed a 50% says lapd. >> they approved a billion dollars in spending to help the homeless in our residents even in the most liberal areas are suing to stop construction of new shelters. residents are fighting back using their phones even though areas do get cleanup the homeless eventually return. in los angeles fox news. >> for the 60 deaths across 14 states are now being linked to serial killer samuel little, that's according to a texas prosecutor that says the murder
2:23 am
may be the most prolific and your sister. the 79-year-old who is in poor health continues to cooperate with investigators her questioning him in prison about cold cases dating back to the 1970s, last week he was charged with the deaths of two women in 1984 in 1991. >> a new proposal calls for demolishing columbine high school in building a new high school near the site of the deadly shooting in 1999, craig jon scott is a survivor of the horrific incident and he says the proposal makes sense. >> i can see where the school district is coming from, i think it's been a safety concern that they've had since day one the place has a lot of meaning but there's current that is going there now and they don't want to have to deal with strangers coming onto the campus that are curious, i think most people that visit columbine which i met a lot of them over the years do
2:24 am
it out of respect and honor but there are crazy people out there they get attracted to sites like this and still a running school. so i understand both sides of the situation. >> students and teacher were killed in the columbine shooting 20 years ago, more than 20 others were wounded. >> the reaction to president trump immigration deal with mexico. mexico. why our next guest said t♪ smarter, faster, better. businesses that spend more time picking the right partner will reap the rewards. at ram commercial, we consider every detail for our promaster and promaster city work vans. because like you, we know it's the little things that make the biggest difference. that's how you go from surviving... to thriving.
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2:29 am
cooperating with osprey. >> from republicans on capitol hill after president trump announces an 11th hour deal with mexico. i am jon scott and this is the fox report, approaching the bottom of the hour and if you just joining us, u.s. holding often tariffs that were set to go on monday as mexico agreed to ramp up its efforts to stop illegal immigration. senior political reporter and federal politics for integrity. he was a high-stakes gamble that the president was playing, how do you assess the results? >> it was a gamble, huge gamble, one that even republicans and donald trump's own party were aghast that and fearful it was going to have a massive effect on business and the economy on the united states for the 25% escalating here. it's also situation where donald trump made one most republicans
2:30 am
feel he won but by the same virtue as of the end of the story, at the beginning of the story will a lot and entered and we simply just do not have answers to questions ultimately is mexico going to hold up to its end of the bargain as far as a trouble ministration concert, is donald trump going to tweet something that will antagonize. make no mistake about it. >> let's take a look at some of the key points, mexico has agreed to send 6000 troops to polices on border, it has agreed to send and allow migrants seeking asylum can be sent back to mexico it'll get migrants in that country and some of the smuggling organizations that
2:31 am
profit, it all sounds like a great idea and great deal lodges say the devil is in the details. i think there's one particular issue that everyone should keep their eyes close and, it's the issue of people who are trying to seek asylum were not going to be granted passage into the united states to stay for a long period of time but are expected to say on the mexican side of the border. how long they say is really going to be dependent to a large degree and how fast the united states can process the claims. they will be there mexico, they are not going away, the claims are going to be genuine and suffer the united states has to investigate them, they are waiting there weeks or months or even longer and we have potentially tens of thousands of people who are in that situation, you could have a real situation on the mexican side, second back over into the united states i if people are finally saying, we will cross illegally anyway and do it regardless of our asylum status and it can be a very, very dicey situation
2:32 am
based on ultimately will mexico in the united states are going to do. >> you say tens of thousands, we reported there's 144,000 asylum-seekers. >> just picked up in the month of may. that amounts to close to 2 million a year, is that number went to dry up because of this agreement? >> it could grow larger. what happens in central america, we have several countries, guatemala, el salvador, honduras that are disastrous, where governments are better unable to run the country, often times we have people who are in states of incredible desperation and willing to risk everything themselves as individuals and families to get the heck out of the and that's exactly what they're doing. of course you can strike deals and politicians can come to agreement leading up to countries to a handshake
2:33 am
agreement whereas were talking about it they feel good about it, but for having those conversations three months from now it could be a different conversation based on the realities that we see in central america. >> one politician who has sarcastically responded to the announcement of this deal, chuck schumer the majority leader minority leader in the u.s. senate says this is a historic night, president trump has announced he has cut a deal to greatly reduce or eliminate illegal immigration coming from mexico and into the united states, now that that problem is solved i'm sure we won't hear any more about it in the future. given the numbers we've been talking about, senator schumer might want to take a little bit more serious, we will be hearing about this a lot going forward, in various forms, we have not talked about the border wall and what donald trump wants to do about that and going at a pace slower than he would like, donald trump campaign tweeted out fundraising that was set
2:34 am
forth in urging his supporters to donate to the 2020 campaign, immigration making them think about it again will be a massive issue, major issue in the 2020 campaign and regardless of what they say with time again and now and ultimately in 2020. p1 it doesn't seem to be much in congress to do anything about it marsha blackburn talks about it. to change his policy gives positive and now congress needs to do its job, change the asylum statue that are on the books and give the border patrol what they need to do for the job. they need more manpower, they have to have agents on the ground, they do need the boardwalk, they need technology. >> it does not seem there's an upside in congress to take this
2:35 am
on. >> there is not, even under the best of circumstances, talking about a comprehensive immigration reform or taking major chunks of immigration and trying to do something about it legislatively is incredibly difficult. here we are going into the presidential election of the president and republicans and democrats are at each other's throat about a whole variety of issues not the least of trade which is apportioned in a major portion of what just happened with the agreement between the united states and mexico, there is absolutely no way, 99.9% chance there's going to be nothing done in congress in a significant faction in the perceivable feature. >> senator for republican integrity. thank you. president trump merit-based plan could have a labor shortage, the latest on that from houston. the construction industry is booming on the texas gold coast.
2:36 am
>> whether that's large industrial projects or big housing project, basically you name it. from the associated builders and contractors says the demand for more work means there's a demand for more workers. nationwide therefore hundred 40000 approximate open construction jobs, one week to fill the gap could be on the immigration plant and the proposed increase into the united states from 12% to 57%. >> we will need to get workers from foreign countries to build this project. >> josé garza does not agree. >> is not a policy that is rooted or based in economic reality of the industry but based -- quite frankly the notions about immigration policies. >> he says as many as half of the construction workers in the lone star state are undocumented. building foundations to roofs
2:37 am
and everything in between he says the president's proposal would hurt more than help. >> even more of the significant portion by undocumented labor there still shortages in the workforce up and down the sector and we have the shortage because industry has failed to invest in the workforce. >> it is currently not a bill but the president is likely to use the campaign issue as he gears up for the 2020 reelection site. in houston fox news. >> for more on all this tune into fox news sunday, brett bear has an exclusive interview and that is tomorrow at two and 7:0n fox news channel london police arrested for suspect an alleged attack and robbery of lesbian couple on a bus. happy more than a week after the couple, 29-year-old american and 28-year-old from a roadway said the attacker tried to force them
2:38 am
to kiss. here's what one of those women said happen next. >> after i realized that one of them was throwing coins as to the interns around and adjust, after he did not stop frequent i got up out of my seat and walked back to where he was sitting a fight broke out and i don't know how we got from fighting on the top of the bus down to the lower deck but in that timeframe they took my phone, her bag and ran off the bus. >> the two women were treated at a nearby hospital for cuts and bruises and police say the suspects are between the ages of 15 and 18 years old. the trouble ministration is reportedly rejecting u.s. embassy request to fly the rainbow pride flag on official poles during the month of june, is a braille, germany and brazil are among those who have the
2:39 am
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and strengthen the bonds you share. it's only $59 at give it to dad for father's day. jon: over the past several weeks of enjoying the as we of the human trafficking and law enforcement is responded to it. we explore and often overlooked aspect of dark trade, young boys who fall victim to traffickers, we taken exclusive look of a florida home for those who broken the cycle of human trafficking due to the sensitive
2:44 am
nave under nature of this report viewer discretion is advised. >> and a five euro boy that is been sold for that broke my heart. >> a former general manager for the los angeles dodgers cofounded the united states institute against human trafficking after mission trip to thailand. >> house 2009, i started getting the public to see what was going on in the united states and i realized maybe there is a bigger problem for boys that no one is talking about. >> an estimated 40 million people across the globe are the victims of human trafficking each year. many are forced into sexual slavery at a young age. while attention is brought to the female victims and survivors most of the public is unaware that boys, some as young as ten years old are also forced into the dark world of trafficking. >> there being raped, 15, 20 times a day, by men, disgusting men they don't have any idea who they are. in a motel, and a home, they can
2:45 am
be anywhere in the country but it's all the same. >> certainly there's a tremendous number of girls been sold, but if we look at one particular study funded by the department of justice, that study identifies an estimated 36% of kids that are trafficked or boys. as we travel the country we cannot find any services for boys. >> he cofounded the institute with malone and explains how underserved the subset of victims is in the united states and how the organization is turning sides on helping the male survivors of traffic. >> two years ago we open and porta the very first boy seafoam, the seafoam is for young boys that even trafficked from the age of ten, 17 every child in the extremes is that they have had is very, very different. especially when it comes to the boys. >> fox news was given unprecedented access to the way home opened in 2017 with institute in a remote location
2:46 am
and porta. the home is the first in the u.s. and currently the only one of its kind in operation. because the work done at this home is so delicate we are not showing the survivors currently staying there. >> one thing i'll tell you, over the last two years we worked with boys, 15, 16, 17 years old, that are been predominately who we work with up until several weeks ago we got the first phone call about a tendril boy. that particular tendril boy, he and his mom are trafficked by the father. , his father. >> they try to help the young men adjust to post trafficking life and provide a sense of normalcy within the home. >> most of them, all of them are going to public schools, some of them have cell phones that they can check-in and checkout, some have social media access, xbox, internet, some monitored of course but what we are really doing is trying to give them the most normal environment possible because really, it is a
2:47 am
recognition that these are just kids, these are just teenagers. >> he adds that young survivors of human trafficking both male and female do not usually become well-adjusted once they reach adulthood. >> the either to hold the services, you know how to get the services and their stock. he says the u.s. cannot afford any longer to turn a blind eye to the trafficking of young boys and girls. >> yet to meet a woman or boy girl that says it was my dream to be brave a bunch of times a day. >> only join you for the fourth installment in our investigation. next week we dive into advocates who curb human trafficking across the country and try to help heal the victims who managed to escape the terrible cycle. if you or somebody you know is carbon sex trafficking contact the center for missing and exploited children at 1800 the lost or cyber tip of its kind lexus ux
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jon: happy birthday to queen elizabeth the second who celebrates 93rd with the annual trip in the color.
2:52 am
in london, her majesty being joined by the rowe family and thousands of spectators, here is the party from london. >> this is the queen's official birthday, as a colorful ceremony known as tripping of the color, it's a traditional display of pageantry. and thousands came out in the sunshine to washer. in formal dresses, the band playing all senior rodeos with an attendant including prince charles, prince williams and his young son. some hold back in carriages, prince harry and his wife megan made the journey to buckingham palace and it's megan's first public appearance from giving birth a month ago a baby son archie was not at the ceremony. the royal family gathered together at buckingham palace. the three young children of william and catherine waiting
2:53 am
for the crowds as a first public event for the 1-year-old son we, the queen is now 93 years old and she shows no sign at all of slowing down, this week she's been busy with the d-day commemoration. >> police in england coming to the rescue of extruded piglet after he found himself back on a road he was running around your junction and coventry for being crowned by officers. they dumped him all over after the classic character oliver twist, he was given a ride to the spca where he is now being cared for. >> a new episode of "watters world" is coming up tonight a p.m. eastern here's jesse with the previous. >> two exclusives, the man who the media docs for putting out the drunk pelosi video is here and the leader of the street pride parade, tonight on
2:54 am
"watters world". >> thinking. dynamic additions to the smithsonian museum of natural history. look at the newly unveiled exhibit coming up. exhibit coming up. ♪ hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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talk to your doctor about chantix. jon: traffic start for european teams has a women's world cup kicks into high gear, france man scored four times in yesterday's open match but germany only needed one goal to be china in the first game.
2:57 am
meanwhile trauma between spain and south africa, the wrath awarded spain a penalty kick in a tie game with less than ten minutes to play, they knocked it home and added another for 31 victory. norway capped off with a three win over nigeria, they scored all three in the first half and never look back. of course you can watch all the action on fox and fox sports one as attunement continues in the united states over the match and in thailand on tuesday. the final leg of the triple crown's or winston taking him the belmont stakes in elmont new york, she finished outside the top three kentucky derby winner country house did not participate in the streets. the raptors are one win away from the beatific ship, this after the team pulled off the second straight world victory over the defending champion golden state warriors friday, one of 592.
2:58 am
the raptors overcame a sluggish start with the seriously, he led the with 36 points, game five is monday night. >> raptors to t rex's at the smithsonian of natural history, it unveiled a dinosaur exhibit with the deep time displayed has a five-year $110 million renovation with a fully assembled 38-foot long trec skeleton, the exhibit offers a modern approach to presentation of more than 700 fossils with the exhibit starting in the present and moving backwards through time. that is how fox reports the that is how fox reports the
2:59 am
[national anthem]
3:00 am
♪ ♪ that's a blast from the past. >> yeah, welcome, everyone. >> i brought earth wind and fire here to the couch. this is a big day. you've got me and ed. the government is here to help you. >> i'm trying to figure out how to corrupt the news division today. i tawkd talked about a disco ba. i don't think i've b


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