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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 9, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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a lot to talk about today, joe biden, the president, d-day. even in the summertime the news does not slow down. i will be here next sunday. >>. eric: president trump firing back or front page new york times report on the just enough deal with mexico. the u.s. and china are holding the first high-level trade talks since the negotiations installed last month. hello everyone welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters". i'm eric shawn. arthel: hello eric and tell everyone i'm arthel neville. the new york times reported that mexico agreed to take border action last december, months before president trump recently threatened new terrace. but this morning the present tweeting that the u.s. had been
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seeking changes for a long time. but that nothing was official until mexico signed the new agreement friday. meantime, treasury secretary steve mnuchin meeting with a top official in japan earlier today. republican senator thom tillis telling maria bartiromo that china should pay attention to how president trump handled trade with mexico. >> if i'm china, i'm worried about the progress we're making with mexico, the passage of the usnca. getting it together and work allows a present to take the same soda strategy to china. he's proven mexico and canada that if we give him maybe even some or in orthodox options for negotiating trade agreements then america wins and is good for american workers. >> had to break it all down, david spunt live at the white house. hi david. >> hi arthel hope you're doing well. the president will head to japan in a few weeks to meet
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with the chinese president, xi jinping. they'll talk about the tariffs that were implemented last month. we'll see if the deal can be made there but back to the mexican deal that threat of tariffs. the president heavily touting going into her this morning saying that mexico really did a good job here. several months ago, the deal announced late friday it includes mexico deployed 6000 troops to the southern border with guatemala. migrants will wait in mexico for the asylum process to play out instead of waiting in united states. but it was something to trump administration really pushed for. mexico offer migrants jobs, healthcare and education. while taking action against human smuggling and trafficking operations. the new york times is reporting that officials from the six in mexico met back in march agreeing to terms including
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miss wilson in the national guard to the border. the present tweet we been trying to get some of the border actions for a long time as have other administrations but not able to get them or get them in full until our signed agreement with mexico. the presidents team backing him up. here's an occlusive interview with acting secretary, tony mcaleenan this morning on "fox news sunday". >> all of it is new. her commitments before from mexico. to do more in the southern border for the last time they deployed down there it's about four or 500 officers. this is more than tenfold commitment to increase security, that is where people entering from guatemala and southern mexico. >> yesterday on the border, in tijuana the mexican president held a political rally it was supposed be an event that will go to dissuade the united states from imposing terrace but it turned into somewhat of a celebration that happened yesterday afternoon in tijuana, the mexican government also spinning this to make this look like they are celebrating the deal with the united states.
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arthel: as optimism is in place, which is mexico, what if they don't hold up their end of the bargain? >> president trump also taking to twitter today saying that tariffs are a possibility if mexico does not go forward with their part of the deal. however, he said he is not concerned and he does not believe that will happen. arthel: david spunt, live at the white house, thank you. eric: he is mexico deal ends as president trump said to me with chinese president xi jinping, the g 20 summit later this month. how will the agreement with the mexican government impact the talks in beijing? journey is now -- he served a top national security for several presidents. -- what do you think the hunters in beijing are taking
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from the agreement with mexico city? >> all concerned the one lesson they are taking is that they have to repackage old commitments and they can get concessions from the administration. there is a dispute as he reported, as to how much of what mexico has now committed was previously committed. and so, there is a real concern with the integrity of the position that the united states takes. and if you're going to turn the disruption of trade relations with mexico and the description of the supply chain system in north america, you really have to get concessions and i should point out that this is a real issue now because as you know, eric, the number migrants coming across the border is the highest ever. and the wall that the president campaigned on has not been built. really, there is a fence in which this is coming out of weakness and not strength and i
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think that we have to be very careful from always negotiating with chinese from the position of strength. >> and the chinese certainly have trouble, steve mnuchin, the treasury secretary has reported, meeting in beijing now. here's what he tweeted. he met with the head of the people's republic of china. have china he basically said they're having good negotiations. you've been on the inside, you been at the high levels, what goes into this leading up to the g 21 the president will meet with xi jinping? do you think will have an agreement then? >> a lot goes into it. you do not just go and show up and bring it. a lot of work was in and you cannot just resolve trade issues and security nuclear issues while you're sitting there with another head of state. and you know that is where you saw francis, failure, the hanoi summit between president trump and his north korean counterpart, kim. that summit meeting failed.
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there was very little preparatory work that went into it. the two heads of state showed up and it lasted an hour to together and then came went back to north korea. eric: kim certainly did not get what he wanted. and speaking of kim and china, they are not putting the arm and him come this comes as theirs a story that the group you represent, critics saying that the justice department of the united states of america basically working hand-in-hand with north korea reported on this before.because your client, while two of them, you present a human rights activist, leader of the free north korea group and christopher -- a former u.s. marine, there he is serving iraq, he's in jail right on los angeles. in court this last week trying to get him up he was going on with the case? >> you, you said as it is, is remarkable, the department of justice executing arrest warrants against u.s. persons
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and including american heroes like christopher who served in themarines. served in falluja, based on north korean criminal complaint and the inherently unreliable accounts of north korean government officials. you know, they said the one thing happened in the embassy in madrid in february, our clients and frankly all of the photographic evidence suggests that it did not happen. christopher and adrian have a long history of assisting defectors from north korea, reach freedom. that is what they were doing in madrid. they were in the embassy there for five hours. in connection with a defection event. the defection event went bad. the spanish police surrounded the embassy. and after our clients were forced to flee, the north
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korean government officials made up exactly the lie that they needed to make up to protect themselves. which is that they were assaulted. >> on the basis of that, our drg-- doj is abiding, what happens if they get extradited? >> their lives are in jeopardy. there is no question north korean regime routinely murders those who oppose it. this is the first serious threat, first opposition movement that has arisen against the cam dictatorship. since it took power at the end of world war ii. and you know, these people will be in harms way. we already know that they are in harm's way. and the way we know that frankly, is because the fbi told them that. after this incident in madrid. the north korean regime routinely assassinates political opponents. we know that the brother of kim was murdered in kuala lumpur
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airport. this is their practice. >> and that group got him out for your concern is if there extradited the north koreans can kill him? >> absolutely and that is what the fbi has told him. >> this with the washington times says quote - the justice department is working in concert with north korea to persecute the leading anti- resistance group as unbelievable as it sounds north korea released a statement calling for the immediate release of christopher and the end of the pursuit of adrian. they work on behalf of their freedom must continue. what are you calling on people to do in order to basically help them? >> present trumpet secretary state pompeo can stop this. i want to say that this is
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pursuant to the treaty, they can stop her from happening. what your viewer should do to stop this travesty and to protect american heroes, or fight against tyranny, make their voice heard. the way they can do that is to communicate their views to the president and his secretary of state, there supporters of -- for provide information, how americans can make their voices heard, and i will tweet those out at the conclusion of your program. >> thank you, lee wolowsky. the website is on the screen. if anyone wants more information. we will keep up with the case, keep up with your clients and the fight against kim jong-un. thank you.>> thank you, eric. arthel: nearly 20 presidential candidates will be giving rapidfire campaign pitches to
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iowa, democrats say. was being touted as the biggest event yet in the 2020 election cycle. molly hindenburg has details from washington. reporter: hi arthel! this with a colored political cattle call. democratic hopefuls will take the stage in cedar rapids iowa this afternoon. one by one for five minutes and make their case to 1400 democrats at the iowa democratic hall of fame dinner. the candidates are each trying to show off their message and the support they have in iowa. they are hoping to come out of the event with momentum. heading into a busy summer of campaigning. >> we have been incredibly strong volunteer network in iowa. we just did several town meetings justly, large turnouts. the issues we are talking about, the fact of the working class of the country is sick and tired of working long hours for low wages. write about what their kids
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will have, worried about climate change, where the almost all new income and wealth is going to the top one percent, those issues that will resonate in iowa, those issues that will resonate all over the country. >> you will see that narrow down over time. i'm clearly on the debate stage and expect to be there in the fall.i think that will give opportunity to voters in iowa. and across the country to really narrow it down. >> for vice president joe biden who's been leading the polls of democratic candidates will not be at the hall of fame dinner today. he will campaign iowa on tuesday. joe biden made headlines last week fred rivers in his decade-long opposition to taxpayer dollars funding abortions. he's not okay with federal funding for abortions. fellow democratic candidate beto o'rourke says he's quote - always known when he stopped on the issue of abortion. and when asked if there is room for a democratic candidate who could be pro-life, he says this. >> it is very hard for me to believe that we could ever produce a nominee who would not
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believe in a woman's right to choose. >> event today is also a fundraiser for the iowa democratic party. tickets are $75 for general admission and go up to $10,000 for a vip table. the iowa caucuses are set for february 3 2020. arthel? arthel: thank you very much. let's bring in now, donna brazil, former interim d&c chair and fox news contributor. good to have you and the family. >> thank you, wonderful to be here. arthel: thank you. i want to start where molly just ended. that is at the hyde amendment. as we know, i do not want to -- this does not pay for abortions unless it's in the case of incest or rape. the former vp supported this for decades up until last wednesday. then on thursday, he flipped you know or changed position on
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that, the hyde amendment. what is your take on this, donna? >> i think first of all the vice president is not consistent with the democratic party platform. on page 37 of our 2016 platform it calls for repeal on the hyde amendment in large part because poor women, often women that do not have access to resources are penalized when they have to make that reproductive health choice. i think he came down on the right side of the issue. unfortunately, people see it as being inconsistent or changing his mind when he decided to run for president for the third time. arthel: okay so, you kind of are okay with this? >> well, i support the democratic party platform on the issue. and you know, there is an old saying, it's always the right time to do something, there's no time to do something right -- there's no wrong time to do something right. he decided to change his position. arthel: all right, we will take that point and roll on.
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we'll take a look now at the cnn des moines register poll that is out today asking likely democratic 2020 iowa caucus participants, the question, which one of the following democrats would be your first choice for president in the lead by a point is joe biden with 24 percent, followed by senator sanders and warren with 16 and 15 percent respectively. indiana may pete buttigieg with 14 percent and senator kamala harris with seven percent. back to joe biden, listen, does he have to walk a tighter political tightrope because he is seen as the candidate who could beat president trump? >> well, he is a leader in the party. he is a leader in the country. people know him and perhaps some of it is name recognition, the other is of course, people believe that he is the best candidate to take on president trump.i would become too comfortable with my lead at this point as you well know.
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the voters will get a chance look at the candidates, size them up, not just over television but they size them up in person. they get a chance to actually meet them, talk to them and while a small percentage will vote virtually the majority of them who stand up on that cold winter night on february 3, 2020 will be able to say, i met joe biden or matt bernie sanders, matt, harris or elizabeth warren, pete buttigieg. they want to know these candidates, they want to know the policy positions but they want to know them personal. arthel: the small percentage being temper simply listen donna, is senator elizabeth warren like that firecracker that you fought you know a shoe shoe. then you grab and it pops up in your hand. >> she is the candidate, you know she's like spring. you thought she went dormant, she announced and then he did not really get enough of her. he did not see her come from -- now she's blossoming and
9:18 am
blooming, the ability to connect i think she's one of the most formidable candidates in the race as you well know, it is still too early to grant anyone the winner of this long and very interesting primary that we have no the democratic side. >> you know, senator warren is there in iowa. what specifically do you think? i know they want to touch and feel but what are iowans looking for in terms of policy and message and who has the best chance of gaining more traction this weekend? >> you know, this is going to be a very important event. back in 2008 this was one of the moments when you saw barack obama, the candidate, he did not really break onto the fall. during the summer months, you get a lot of what i call the regular caucus goers. the people understand the process, who understand what it's like to stand up, they will look at the candidates and decide they will stick with the candidates, the candidate that they like, the first or second choice but i do believe there
9:19 am
is a small percentage on a shopping spree. they will look for somebody else and they will say i did not know this guy had that much fight i did not know this woman, i did not know this person. it is a combination of policy, personality but at the end of the day, they all want someone who can heal the country and can bring the country together and take on donald trump in november 2020. arthel: and you know when you are shopping and someone else's looking at a pair shoes next to that you did not see at first, then you say wait a minute, i like those shoes too! it doesn't matter the impression people are making and what they are pointing out in iowa. two quick points before we go, donna. first of all, the first democratic debate june 26 and 27. then again july 30 and 31. who will make the cut in the first debate and helmet make or break your run? >> well, these debates are crucial. the entire country is a chance
9:20 am
look at the democratic field. the first debate will be held in miami, 20 candidates up to date have qualified. for the first debate. at the end of this month, as you all know the cutoff is on june 12. i still believe there's a chance of maybe one more because there are two ways to qualify. your standing in the polls as well as your ability to have 65,000 unique donors and in 20 states. i still think there's a chance for the fact that 20 of the 23 have qualified thus far, is impressive.arthel: okay we'll get chance to hear them. finally, how crucial are delegates in this election? and how do even become one? >> as you well know, this is not just a race for the presidency. it is a race for order to win if you accumulate delegates. i am an at-large delegate but have no vote on the first ballot because i am known as an
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brazile, she's a former box contributed, before the break we are talking about delegates and i went to ask you, what is the likelihood that delegates will determine the democratic nominee at the convention next july and had he become. >> first of all encourage everybody to becom go to the democratic website, go to the page with state parties, sign up in your state, sure you're registered in both, make sure that you understand the delegate selection roles, is on the website so if you're a registered voter in the state of arizona, sign up, you'll see all the activities, you will see when the candidates are coming to your state as well he can find out how to run as a delegate. later this month were going to prove all the state plans and it's really easy to sign the candidate and know all the deadlines so you can actually be prepared and qualified to run.
9:26 am
>> their chance that the delicate will decide on the democratic nominee at the convention? >> i hope so, right now it requires the winning candidate to have 200164 delegates, that may change, based on the calendar. whether we decide to reward those states that are going later in the period because of those who have gone early as inches emerge there. this is a very interesting process, i've been a delegate for number of cycles, i look forward to seeing the delegate and milwaukee next year. it is important to go on a shopping spree and find a candidate that you like and connect with the campaign sue can be involved in this process print. >> donna brazile, new orleans home girl, thank you donna.
9:27 am
we will miss them. thank you donna. >> thank you. >> now on foreign affairs, u.s. fighter jet training mission from the a room like a battle group off the southern coast of iran doing over international waters. the drill is set to establish the visible military presence. nato has concerns that tyrone could be planning some possible attack on her forces in the region. here's the latest developers. >> amid increased sanction against iranian regime and the continued tension between the united states and iran, leadership today from the iran regime called on european countries to normalize trade practices with the islamic republic speaking today, they warned consequences for european countries that did not seek common economic ground with iran. after nuclear deal last year they have imposed heavy sanctions on a variety of running sectors.
9:28 am
looking for the country to look to other countries for relief. reporter: mr. trump is announced that he is building an economic world against ordinary people. this policy must stop. the only solution is stopping the policy of economic war read the comments that the united states maintains is a large military presence in the persian gulf with the aircraft carrier strike group of warships and warplanes pray this is after numerous attacks by iranian western oil and for structure over the past month. new over the weekend images were released showing your defense system built by the iranian. the minister claims a new system can track and destroy cell targets at around 30 miles away. as united states continues to pressure iran economically and militarily the u.s. ally in japanese prime minister will visit around they do this week for three days a meeting.
9:29 am
they will post a unique opportunity for the japanese to try to find a solution amidst the rising tension between united states and iran and this comes after the visit with president trump. they do seem open to the idea. eric: thank you so much. back here at home, washington bracing for busy week, house democrats are expected to hold a can tempo against the attorney general. this is the justice department, released previously unseen documents of the origin russian probe. will we find out more on how it started? it's not just easy. it's having-a-walrus-in-goal easy! roooaaaar! it's a walrus! ridiculous! yes! nice save, big guy! good job duncan! way to go! [chanting]
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9:34 am
christopher dossier was not credible and they did a rush to make sure that they could to rehome, that will come out because of the cover up the happen within certain rounds at the fbi. eric: that was republic congressman, who is on the news is money. the new justice department document expected to shu shed me light on the origins of the russian investigation. this comes as democrats and house plan and new pairing to the russian probe as well as an expected contempo against attorney general william barr and former white house counsel don began let's bring in former d.o.j. counsel and former chief counsel and senior advisor for the senate foreign relations committee. you've explained to this. it could be the result of holding the two officials in contempt. >> obviously that is going to run its course over a long . . . they have to go to federal court and try to force the contempts of subpoenas. i will be a challenge, you saw what we happened we did try to
9:35 am
do that. it just got results here. in the last few month. this could be months, weeks, year long process. not a lot legal he politically obviously an important step for democrats to take. of course they're not going forward on impeachment proceedings and unclear why this matters because her not wanting to move forward on the thing that they could do if they wanted to which is impeachment. >> nancy pelosi putting up the brick wall on that one. she said she wants president trump in jail. and it's not worth impeachment. >> she has got the process in place in the constitutional responsibility and she believes that the president did something improper, illegal, she has all the authority in the constitution to take the proceedings and go forward, she cannot put him in jail, she can conduct impeachment proceedings and she's unwilling to do that. the answer of the senate won't act on the president
9:36 am
accountable, no answer she believes she has a constitutional responsibility to do so she should take it on and do that. you think the democrats will eventually looked impeachment. >> it would be surprising unless something new comes out only because the president is very effective undermining arguments for the investigation and the running scared. the thing about it, if they wanted to conduct impeachment, they have all the evidence that they say they need. they are the ones that are playing insanely of obstruction. that's their and see what happens, even in the senate, at least you can say you did your part, it's no excuse to ignore your duty and say it's too hard at the senate. >> meanwhile, more information coming out of the origins of the russian probe d.o.j. documents. a lot of controversy about that. what do you think will come out of ig, michael horses and desiccation in the special counsel investigation about the whole thing starting in the first phase? >> obviously we have very
9:37 am
capable of the same guy who investigated the lead cover up of the cia tapes of the interrogation, the same prosecutor is now in charge of the investigation about what happened with fisa and have michael horowitz who is deeply concerned about michael comey and the clayton investigation, you have fairly independent investigations, we will find out. there was a lot of basis for the carter page fisa orders as well as the other investigations that took place. without the field dossier. it's important to look at this and figure out if something is inappropriate as we know they're usually problematic the idea that it was fundamentally flawed or corrupted is not accurate and will find out and see what horowitz and they say with their investigation. eric: some say it was pulled completely at legitimate investigation and suspicions that there was russian interference with the report that trump campaign official is meeting with known russian
9:38 am
intelligence operatives in the sort of thing. another hand, if you listen to the page in george papadopoulos, basically they were set up, here's carter page when he was speaking. >> what we had here on the mueller report was half the story. there are so many specific details related to what actually happened it's fun to advance the democrats narrative and try to push forward with the ridiculous concept of impeachment. we will have to wait and see but i think the more information the better. >> you think is carter page said mueller respondent. >> and bob boler under mueller he has been for a long time. in the idea the bubble is not trained to do the independent desiccation is ridiculous. frankly, we see that mueller was very careful about drawing the lines and about what his job was even though there's a lot of
9:39 am
criticism and democrat a child, the fact of the matter is probably does very careful jumper we could disagree with what comes out of that and have a debate. but it's harder suggested that he was baited into this. he went to russia to give a speech out of school and met with known officers, seniors of the russian government, if you're doing that you should be under surveillance by the u.s. government. >> he would say his argument is i don't know there was intelligence people. >> finally lost point in a lot of glasses, how comes mueller did not go further. his mandate was to look into russian interference. but why did he not go into the origins of this and questions are surrounded. >> i think if he had done that, he certain cutter, if the investigators, it's good that we have an independent special counsel, john durham his credibility is impeachable michael horowitz who is had a long history of incredible best
9:40 am
addition, the ticket independent look saint will see what happens, we'll figure it out and if there are things that need to be made, they should be made but we should not let the other by the overall credibility of the foreign intelligence system which is had the better part of three decades. eric: a lot of people looking for the reports and the results of the investigations it was good to see you. thank you. arthel: mexico spread is the say he was reluctant for terms and goods appropriate to do so as mexico and the u.s. cannot reach a deal on border security, he led a rally yesterday to celebrate the new agreement. in president trump dropping his planned tariffs. steve harrigan is live in tijuana with more. really a big turnaround in the mood among politicians in the last 24 hours. that rally interior wanted yesterday led by the mexican president had really all the traffic of a campaign rally, national television crowd of
9:41 am
thousands of supporters. the president made the point that mexico has won a victory and kept dignity intact by avoiding tariffs on mexican exports despite the fact that mexico is making significant concessions. >> we celebrate the important agreement yesterday because it was a difficult situation. very awkward doing the tariffs to some products of the u.s. the same measures, commercial restrictions similar to the ones that would be imposed on mexican experts. reporter: starting on monday mexico will send 6000 national guard troops to the southern border with guatemala to prevent or manage migrants from train to come north. that is a move that the u.s. customers special our healing as an excellent start to this problem. >> if they do what they promised to do with this agreement it is a game changer and we will see this issue reduced.
9:42 am
>> also expanded will be the remain in mexico problem. under that best program will keep migrants in mexico while the asylum claims are being determined in the u.s., that's a process was often can take months. >> thank you very much for that report live in tijuana mexico. we go to venezuela where thousands of people across the border into columbia yesterday, they went there to buy food and medicine after disputed venezuelan president nicolas maduro to open the border that has been shut down for the past four months the flood of people securing items that had been unavailable into venezuela amid political tomorrow again maduro and juan guaido. eric: a drastic measure in california, republic safety, however, major motility company is taking proactive approaches in those areas that are at risk for extreme wildfires, that is
9:43 am
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arthel: major utilities company shutting off service to prevent fires. pg&e alerting its customers and three northern california customers as a proactive power cut to help reduce the risk of wildfires. live in los angeles with those details. reporter: thousands of residents from yuba city are without electricity as a power company begins exercising what it is calling public safety power shut off. the first round started on saturday and as the weather got hot, dry and windy those conditions make the area extremely vulnerable for wild fires. the so-called sand fire burning in yellow county scorched 1800 acres so far with your containment. the power shut off comes a month after state authorities blamed pg&e wind damage transition lifers parking the deadliest most constructive fire and calvin history. listen to how those who lost
9:48 am
electricity or reacting. >> were kinda comforted by the fact that they're doing that because when you look at the data in the number of fires that have been started by pg&e equipment we feel a lot better if they show the power of. reporter: some customers oppose the power shut off especially those who rely on power for medical reasons or to run businesses. there are also other wildfires burning in the country arizona the so-called mountain fire has burned more than 7200 acres and is 20% contained. many campers and folks who used nearby bartlett have been forced to evacuate. >> it was very tough for us to get any sort of containment we don't want the public of the endangered suggest completely stay away from the lake area if you have plans. >> one other fire we are
9:49 am
tracking is burning in washington state that is being called the highway 243 and that is burned nearly 19000 acres in grant county in the north central part of the state, fire officials say it is now 50% contained, firefighters across the country bracing for what can be a busy and destructive wildfire season as temperatures warm up. eric: in california tenure, the 9/11 victim fund is about to run dry, lawmakers of both parties are presented a fund calling the colleagues in washington to act. >> none of us can never forget what happened to 9/11, none of us can forget the heroism that day in tremendous heroism to the recovery. the rescue, the constant working to find remains.
9:50 am
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>> the 9/11 victim compensation. new york city firefighters because of that addin heading to capitol hill for critical vote for the first responders asked suffering from exposure to the fumes and spoke at ground zero. live at the 9/11 memorial on the site of the world trade center and lawmakers held a news conference calling for action.
9:54 am
reporter: hi eric, lawmakers announced new numbers on the total deaths and illnesses related to toxins at ground zero. ahead of that hearing tuesday over the funding for the victim compensation fund. right now the fund doesn't have enough money to cover current or projected claims, there are currently more than 2000 confirmed cancers linked to toxins read by near firefighters and more than 9000 cancer conditions outside of the department including first responders and civilians. people who file claims will forfeit very first of this year are facing a 50% emit cut to the depleted fund can last through 2020 expiration date. claims after february 21 are facing a 70% cut in claims are still coming in, firefighters gave an emotional testimony as to why securing money is important. >> my messages, practice what you preach. you talk the talk coming to the walk. in 9/11 and every elected official is tweeting out never
9:55 am
forget, i'm asking you to back that up. >> although 405 critters died on 9/11, at least 393 more have died since. the never forget heroes act allow claims to be filed until 2089 and would require that those reduced payments based on insufficient funding would get the money they should've received, lawmakers today acknowledge that it can put into the major says this is a new york issue not a national one and a big hurdle would be diverting money that is allocated somewhere else. the new york representative said they will continue to push. >> every person that dies from 9/11 related illnesses is another of al qaeda's attack. >> its pathetic wrath this point have to keep coming down here and asking to come down to washington, knock on doors and convince people. there should not be any convincing.
9:56 am
they have 250 cosponsors including 40 republicans and they will helpin hoping it will. eric: we will never forget and we'll be right back. what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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and finds for every home, and every style, at every price. that's what you get when you've got wayfair. so shop now! arthel: reminded the women's world cup underway in france with the u.s. looking to defend the u.s. title. the team is in group f and will pay the first match of thailand
10:00 am
and tuesday before taking on chile in sweden next week. the final takes place july 7 and you can watch all the action the entire month on fox and foxworth one. eric: go usa. arthel: back in for hope you can join us. ♪ >> president trump on twitter with adela mexico to avoid tariffs and strengthen border security. let's hear the new questions about what exactly from the mexicans and if it will make a difference? it all comes as a certainty of the crazy deal of china as a president cures up with a meeting with chinese president needed this month at the q20 meeting in japan and just about a few minutes with the secretary of treasury about what might happen and leland and i molly.


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