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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  June 9, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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you. [cheers and applause] greg: thank you, pete! thank you, tom! thank you, kat. tyrus! studio audience. i'm greg >> president trump defenses dea. good evening i'm jon scott. this is the fox report. jon: the president says additional details on immigration deal will be released at appropriate time as as acting chief of homeland security states mexico is pledging unprecedented majors to help stand the search of illegal immigrants at both nation borders prayed all of this play now is the focus shifts to stall tree docs with china. >> the biggest message is not to mexico but to china, the
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president is clearly willing to use tariffs and actually the president believes tariffs are significant positive economic tool and lots of people in the country believe that, a suburb in my view but always been the president's views so he is consistently willing to use but he is always said should be part of our arsenal. >> live at the white house with more. >> president trump is back at the white house tonight after an afternoon of golf he has said nothing on camera about the trade deal with mexico but he has been promoting heavily with twitter over the past few days. is a new report saying that mexico's agree to take action when it comes to agree to take action. let's look at the key point to the plan. this plan specifically calls for 6000 troops, mexico says it will deploy to the southern border with guatemala. migrants will wait mexico for
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the asylum process to play out instead of waiting in the united states, something the trumper ministration pushed for mexico will take action against human smuggling, trafficking and operations. they met back in march in miami agreeing to terms which included next consistently the national guard to protect its border. that report getting heavy pushback from the president who said parts of the deal are new and could not go through until everything was signed a few days ago. homeland security kevin mcaleenan backs up his boss on fox news sunday this morning. >> people can disagree with attached fix and i still came to the table with roll proposals, we have agreement if they implement will be affected. >> this is video of tijuana mexico a rally held by mexico president that celebrated the deal with the united states. it was supposed to be an effort to convince the trumper ministration tobacco from the
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tariffs but it turned into somewhat of a celebration, somewhat of a party. not everyone is celebrating the deposit is negotiating tactics with mexico. let's listen. >> using this issue as a political prop to visit political agenda. >> we need to work with other countries to lift up the poorest people around the world. yes we do. but trump's erratic threat and trade policies are not the way to go. reporter: president trump tweedy that those tariffs can be imposed on mexico if they don't follow through with their part of the deal that will not happen. in the tariffs talk goes to china, they will be meeting the president at the g20 summit in japan in just a few weeks. we will have to watch sue happens there. jon: thank you. house democrats kicking off a new wave. the latest post by the judiciary committee shared by the new york democrat jerry nadler.
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the first hearing begins tomorrow the testimony from former nixon white house counsel john dean, one of the prosecutors who put dean in prison for his role in the watergate scandal since he does not see the point of him coming to testify. >> he has no relevant information and as i said, i put on as a lawyer expert witnesses and what is the expert on obstruction? that's laughable. that is backwards to anything. they should call witnesses who have firsthand knowledge of what happened and have the privilege like cory lewandowski or chris christie, not john dean for 25 years ago. i don't get it. jon: mark meredith has more from washington. reporter: he will be one of four people to testify before the house judiciary committee on monday and house democrats say the hearing will be focused on lessons from the will report. rhode island congressman david cicilline says monday's hearing
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is about justice. not politics. this is about defending the constitution in the rule of law, not just about this president it's about future presidents and how the regard the responsible these and office. the american people expect to hold them accountable to follow wherever they lead us in the impeachment question will be decided by the facts. >> house republicans say monday hearing is nothing but a stop. republican congressman spoke on sunday morning features and saying it special counsel robert mueller or his investigators eventually do testify, there will be plenty to ask about. from my perspective, it's a one-sided report that does not give the privilege of a cross-examination, so if they come they need to be prepared to be cross-examined with the facts which would obtain a very different picture, this week the house is also likely to vote on a resolution holding the attorney general in contempt of congress, on tuesday the house will be expected to consider the measure and democrats on the
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judiciary committee are demanding more from bill bar turnover the full unredacted miller report but bar so far has refused after president trump executive privilege. there also going to hold on beginning at contempt as well. jon: thank you. the race to the first presidential contest, the iowa caucus is now less than eight months away. today nearly 20 presidential candidates are getting rapidfire campaign pitches to iowa democrats and the kickoff. this as recent polls show former vice president joe biden lead. here are the details on that from washington. >> 19 of the democratic candidates are taking the stage today. each one gives five minutes to take his or her case to 1400 of the democratic faithful's in cedar rapids, iowa. the democratic contenders will
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become out of the events with momentum heading into a busy summer of campaigning. here's what they said today. >> we will put an end to the ugliness that comes from this demonstration. let me be frank with you for a moment. while we are all united in the need to defeat trump. >> made the case for america. make the case for our america in america, where healthcare is a right not a privilege. america were teachers are paid their value. in america where women have the right to make decisions about their own body. in america, where somebody has to work only one job to put food on the table and a roof over their head.
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>> according to the latest cnn des moines register poll taken last week, joe biden is leading the pack at 24% that is down from 32% in the spool back in december following biting, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, people but attributed pr or work is one of the candidates at 2% down from 11% in this poll in december and here is his take on what that means. >> i don't know that the one from the caucuses in iowa that these polls really indicate what her prospects are. if i relied on polls in any race that i run i never would've been able to serve in the united states congress. we never would've take on ted cruz. >> joe biden is not attending the iowa democratic hall of fame dinner today saying he had a prior family commitment. he will campaign in iowa on tuesday and that's only his
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second visit announcing his official run for president. this is a fundraiser for the iowa democratic party, tickets are $75 for general admission and went up to $10000 for the vip table. the iowa caucuses are set for february 3, 2020. jon: thank you molly. you have a situation where i do not want to see perpetual warfare in that region. we have been in afghanistan, the longest work in history. if the war in iraq was his exhaust into disaster the war in iraq will be even worse. bernie sanders were warning about excluding tension between the u.s. and around. u.s. fighter jet set training mission over u.s. international waters off iran southern coast. the drill is meant to deter tehran from possible attack in the region. here's the latest from the mideast bureau.
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>> sanctions against the iranian regime and tension between the united states and around. they called on europe to try to normalize trade relations with the islamic for republic. >> iranian foreign minister warned consequences of european countries who did not seek common economic ground with iran. after withdrawing from the around the last year the trip and penetration has imposed sanctions forcing iran to look to other countries for relief. >> trump is announced he is going through an economic war. against ordinary people. this policy must stop. the only solution is stopping the policy of economic war. >> they come as the united states maintains a large military presence in the persian gulf. the aircraft carrier strike crew consisting of worship and warping. this is after numerous attacks on western oil happened of the
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past month. also new over the weekend images were released showing an air defense system developed in iraq the defense ministry sure said it can attack at 30 miles away. they continued to pressure i run economically and militarily. his visit will present a unique opportunity for the japanese pretension of iran. it does come after his visit last month. so far they've appear over to this idea. >> thanks so much. the 9/11 victims compensation plan is running out of money per congress is preparing to step in with plans for a hearing this week on a bill covering those diagnosed with 9/11 related illnesses. your congresswoman alexandra ocasio-cortez says it is important to take care of the euros of the day.
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>> the people who gave their lives, time, health for others, they define heroism for others. in that spirit we have a responsibility to say for heroes him an active heroism we will be for you there, now, tomorrow no matter what. no matter what. [applause] jon: new york city with more. reporter: lawmakers announce new thus in illnesses to toxins of ground zero. congressional hearing on tuesday over funding for the 9/11 victims compensation fund. the fund does not have enough money to carry projected claims. there 2000 confirmed cancers linked to the toxins lea breed n by the new york firefighters and 9000 cancer conditions outside the department including first responders and civilians. people who file claims before they bring first are facing a 50% payment cut for the depleted
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fund can last for the 2020 expiration date and claims from after the date are facing a 70% cut. the claims are still coming in. firefighters gave emotional testimony as to why curing the money is so important. >> were messages, practice what you preach, do the work. you talk the talk, do the walk. 9/11, every elected official is tweeting out never forget, i'm asking you to back that up. >> 403 firefighters and police died on 9/11 and 393 more have died sense. that is ten fewer than on the day of the attack. they never forget the heroes act that claims to be filed until 20 t9 and require that those had reduced payments based on insufficient funding get the money that they should've received. lawmakers today acknowledged components of the major say it's a new york issue and not a national one. a big hurdle would be diverting money already allocated someone else. the newark representative said
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they will continue to push. >> i am sorry we have to be here again today and i'm sorry that we had to be in this area so many times in the past on this issue. >> this is an issue that should not be republican, democratic, regional, 49 of the 50 states have people working here at ground zero during the recovery effort. >> the hearing is tuesday had the house judiciary committee and that has more than 250 cosponsors including 40 republicans, they help it will pass before august. jon: thank you. one person is dead and several others injured after high winds because the crane to collapse on a building in downtown dallas. details on that in a look at the forecasts coming up. ♪ oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?!
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mno kidding.rd. but moving your internet and tv? that's easy.
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easy?! easy? easy. because now xfinity lets you transfer your service online in just about a minute with a few simple steps. really? really. that was easy. yup. plus, with two-hour appointment windows, it's all on your schedule. awesome. now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. jon: at least one person is dead after severe thunderstorms caused a crane to collapse in downtown dallas. it toppled over onto an occupied apartment building. a large gas alongside the structure before hitting a nearby parking garage. the spokesperson calling the incident a tragic first. >> i don't recall ever responded will to one words fallen on an occupied building much less than
3:19 pm
occupied five story high-rise. jon: six of the people were injured into critically. we will continue to follow the story and bring you new information as it becomes available. president trump approves and major disaster declaration for arkansas after historic flooding along the arkansas river the several communities underwater, evacuated homeowners returning to devastation as they begin the daunting process of rebuilding. here's report from the city. >> residents have begun making their way by vote to see what's left of their homes following historic flooding. >> this is the first time i've been over here in a while. i am hoping windows which is sundering no good.
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>> the house of a retired firefighter is completely underwater. >> i lost my wife about a year end half ago and we built this house, everything was like she wanted it, i will probably tear down as bad as i hate to. >> communities also felt significant impact from the floodwater as arkansas river reached record high. >> we had flooding in the past but not of this magnitude in these levels. were talking about reaching well above 51 feet it's devastating to have 70 people displaced. >> some residents only had time to grab a few belongings before evacuating. >> of two sets of shorts into shirts. that's about it. >> there shifting their focus to moving forward with cleanup efforts. >> i'm in the accepting stage of what is going on it's got a
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pickup and go on from here. >> some of the houses behind me are completely submerged in water and authorities say it could take months until residents can start settling back in. in arkansas, tim brown fox news. >> too much water to the danger of fire, wildfire season fast approaching western states preparations are underway to limit sources of ignition. pacific gas & electric has turned off the lights to more than 1500 homes in vulnerable northern california areas. live in los angeles. >> there is been a heavy amount of late-season rain in california and that is creating a lot of visitation. as it warms up and drazen, all of the new growth is more risk for wildfires, the power company under pressure to do more for wildfires is engineering blackouts, the first round started on saturday as the weather turned hot and windy. prime condition for welfare the one burning in yellow county.
3:22 pm
the sand fire escorts 1800 acres so far with their containment. the power company in the shut off found just a month after the equipment sparked the deadliest most attractive fire in california history. the campfire which burned in as california is on the minds of many who find themselves staring down wildfires. >> amazing home, i see the smoke and it's terrible thinking that is so close. i think about her disaster. >> some customers oppose apart shut off especially those who rely on power to run businesses or for medical purposes. it's also about other wildfires burning out west in arizona, the amount for hesburgh when the 7400 acres in a down to 50% contained. campers and folks who use the nearby lake have been forced to
3:23 pm
evacuate and that's impacting businesses. >> so far i think today, yesterday and today and tomorrow we have to refund about six or $7000 of book member refunds. plus lost revenue from the start in the restaurant. it's probably about $20000 hit. comes with the territory, not something i look forward to any can't plan for because you do not know. reporter: one of the fire were monitoring is burning in valencia california, that's 40 miles north of l.a. in the evacuation of the six flags magic mountain amusement park. it's a brush fire compared to the other first, it's pushing a lot of smoke in and around the amusement park. firefighters across the country everything for what could be another busy and destructive wildfire season. jon: scary times. thank you. we are checking the weather all across the country, a neurologist joins us with the latest on conditions. >> john let's pick off where we
3:24 pm
left off with the fire report, excessive heat warnings for a portion of california going to southern california as well into portions of arizona. along with high when concerns throughout portions of mexico new mexico. even going to monday the tenth defined heat, likely to occur in up the ante as a problem with the fires. let's talk about the storms in texas, causing the problem and the injury, looking at severe thunderstorm watch in effect from austin down towards dimarco in san antonio to this evening. a cluster of strong storms and moving steadily at about 30 for most power. still with the potential of forming hail. we are to have a history of an engine half diameter hell, hail. from georgia, south carolina, north carolina, he see the flashing that is a flash flood warning and western portions of
3:25 pm
north carolina and we are looking at the chance of rain reaching all the way up toward the ohio valley region, want to think of all these rivers, illinois arkansas with the mississippi river at the bottom. we're looking at big problems, he see all the red dots, we have major flooding occurring right now all the way to the arkansas, throughout the lower mississippi valley region, the problem is for monday, looking for another size of heavy rain, it's going to go from atlanta all the way up to the pittsburgh, urban and flash flooding and debris flow throughout the appellations and travel disruptions anywhere east of the mississippi. jon: a lot of areas that do not need more water. thank you very much. it has been a rough week for joe biden, a former vice president committing a string of missteps on the computer.
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which could need hospitalization; skin problems; and severe bone joint, or muscle pain. are you ready? ask your doctor how prolia® can help strengthen your bones. jon: i am jon scott and this is the fox report at the bottom of the hour and if you're just tuning, joe biden is looking to maintain his lead in iowa as a new poll shows potential challengers gaining ground in the contest. the pulley number to another blow for tough week for biden. to skip the company democratic convention. allegation of plagiarism and on the hyde amendment that restricts federal funding for abortion. joining us now is joe simonson. i want to take a look at the numbers from the new des moines register poll that shows joe biden at 24% but bernie sanders in elizabeth warren
3:31 pm
statistically tied at about 15 or 16% in people to judge right behind them up 14%. what is happened to joe biden insurmountable lead? i think a lot of voters in the primary state like ohio and new hampshire are asking where is joe biden. if you like his campaign schedule over the past, especially in april, he is held about half of the amount of public events in his rivals. he is only going to iowa since the second time since announcing this week. your see the democratic field that all the other candidates are aggressively campaigning in the early primary states and finally seeing the benefits of the pre- >> is this a case where he is like jump bush among the republicans lost him around, thought to be the front runner and everybody presumed he be the eventual nominee and because of all the shooting inside, handed up not getting the nomination. >> i think that comparison,
3:32 pm
biden is focused on early fundraising in jeb bush raised hundreds of millions of dollars early on in his campaign providing sticking to close wealthy fiber under private fundraisers. the other 2020 candidates are nurse into nervously waiting for it to jump in. now he's been in for couple months the readings are checking in. jon: elizabeth warren is out every week with some new policy proposal. what are we hearing from joe biden? >> that is an interesting question. he is been rely on policy specifics. it seems like his campaign is trying to write out his recognition, his old boss barack obama remains a pretty popular former president and extremely popular among democrats. right now, not wanting to get to specific compulsive but the problem is, the hyde amendment issue is he is not briefed or
3:33 pm
considered what his real position is on abortion he will have a gap in other candidates will jump on that. >> you mentioned barack obama in yesterday joe biden tweeted this message, happy best friends day my friend barack obama and then there is this picture of a friendship bracelet with their names on it. it is been suggested that he is trying to phone a friend, is accurate? >> if you listen to his campaign speech in the state he is visited so far, he leads on his relationship with obama, it's awkward because obama will not endorse him. it's an awkward walk that he is doing right now. at any opportunity he is telling voters, barack obama, that president you really like he kinda wants me too be president even if you won't say. >> do you think he swayed a lot of books with a friendship bracelet. >> i don't know about that bracelet in particular but he will have to leave on what voters no, that he works for
3:34 pm
obama. jon: in the meantime, an early rising star, that out o that 00. every single woman should be able to make her own decisions about her own body. it is very hard for me too believe that we could ever produce and nominee would not believe in a woman's right to choose. >> he says he is not in favor of the haida moment, is that why the former vice president joe biden came out and said, i don't like the haida moment either? >> for better or for worse, and harkens back to the air compromising in congress where we will not restrict abortion that much but we can agree that taxpayer funds should not go to that, that's where joe biden comes from. it's his experience other than being nice president is being in
3:35 pm
the senate and he's in an awkward position to stick with what he voted for. what he support. nowadays the democratic party has moved to the left on the issue of abortion and he cannot be the only candidate running clearly not the front runner and be totally off-base of what democratic party voters want. >> the democratic industries? >> i think joe biden is closest to that. he's going to have to find himself changing his path position on a lot of things. it will come across as transparent to a lot of voters. jon: washington examiner, we have a lot of race to cover you. thank you joe. despite media blitz and book tour this year, the presidential bid, the former starbucks ceo has been put on hold. dan springer explains. >> he would've been running for president has gone as dark as an espresso roast at starbucks. coffee magnets seem to be
3:36 pm
everywhere after seeing this in late january. >> i'm searcy thinking of running for president. his book tour included a town hall on fox news channel, he said if he did run it would be as an independent. immediately he was vilified by many on the left who said he would hand president trump a second term. he was done right protesters. he did push back against the spoiler tag same voters nida centric in the race to give moderates a party an option. but then he went silent. the last public event was april 16 in arizona. the tweet stopped in the last phase for god was april 232 days before the biting announced he is running. within days he seemed to pull back pre- >> if joe biden were to emerge as the nominee and not a bloodied nominee and more of a moderate democrat, i think howard would think twice about
3:37 pm
it. she now says he is laying lo low because he's recovering from back surgery. no appearance is scheduled. a leader says there's still time. >> i think he has an ample opportunity if you were to step forward to make his case. particularly because there's twentysomething democratic candidates and that soaking up most of the oxygen. reporter: they think schultz will not run because he failed to tell voters what he would do as president. >> i think it's fairly improbable because the start was so unfortunately prepared and ill presented. reporter: he did in the twitter dry spell with the tweet this week honoring d-day veterans. he said he will decide by late spring early summer that could get pushed back to see who among democrats has momentum heading into 2020. dan springer, fox news. >> the u.s. southern border at the breaking point.
3:38 pm
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♪ let's groove tonight. ask your doctor about toujeo. >> the u.s. border patrol agents say they are overwhelmed at the southern border ice director announcing the agency has released a number of migrants claiming to be families since in december and this practiced in. >> i think illustrates once again exactly the crisis that we face. do not forget, the 200,000 family members, that is what ice release. because border patrol is overwhelmed, ice is overwhelmed, hhs is overwhelmed, the border patrol in the last few months has been releasing families at themselves. the 200,000 number is actually
3:43 pm
larger. >> meanwhile the backlog for family units is more than 900,000 as they work to accelerate these claims as fast as possible. steve harrigan is in tijuana mexico with the latest. >> there's been a dramatic mood change in tijuana over the past 48 hours, once this country was thinking about potential economic collapse or catastrophe if the tariffs went through now with the agreement on tariffs the mexican president is praising the mexican negotiators and also says is absolutely paramount to maintain close relations with the united states. >> here in tijuana we say to the american people that will not allow injuries to and we are able to collaborate with the u.s. on every subject especially facing the concerns with respect to the increase in u.s.
3:44 pm
>> as part of the deal, mexico has agreed as early as monday to begin sending 6000 national guard to the southern border with guatemala, the border about 600 miles long, u.s. customs and border patrol officials have praised the move as an excellent one. >> they sent the national guard to the southern border. they take law enforcement officials and increase their interdiction along checkpoints from the northern part of the country to our border. they help us secure the mexico u.s. border and then they help us with asylum, if they do what they promise to do with this agreement, it is a gift or game changer and will see this issue reduced. >> an additional feature of the deal, migrants who have applied for asylum in the u.s. will remain in mexico, there asylum cases are working through the u.s. courts that could take months and could also mean tens of thousands of migrants along northern mexican cities, we will see how the patient's last for the mexicans when it begins to
3:45 pm
happen. >> we will have plenty more on all of this coming up on "fox news sunday", guest host has an exclusive interview with acting home and security kevin mcaleenan, that is coming up in 15 minutes from now, 7:00 p.m. eastern on fox news channel. venezuela where thousands of people cross the border into columbia yesterday in order to buy food, medicine and basic supplies. this comes after disputed venezuela president nicolas maduro reopened the border that was shut down performance. the flood of people looking to obtain items that have been unavailable in venezuela the political turmoil between maduro and opposition leader juan guaido. asea protesters say hundreds of thousands of people flood the streets of hong kong, the driving force behind the massive demonstration next. d you, uh, make me a burger?
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we like drip coffee, layovers- -and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying on fancy technology for help. snail mail! we were invited to a y2k party... uh, didn't that happen, like, 20 years ago? oh, look, karolyn, we've got a mathematician on our hands! check it out! now you can schedule a callback or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. jon: hundreds of thousands of protesters arched through the streets of hong kong to the extradition bill. the massive demonstration coming days before hong kong government plan to bring the bill to the full legislator in a bid to win approval by the end of the month. the bill would allow people to be extradited to china with a
3:50 pm
face trials. police estimated the crowd at 240,000 but organizers say within a million took part. >> american tech companies warning against going through with the ban on chinese huawei, as a recent concern over chinese made products and the potential threat to national security. here are the reports. >> you may not heard about the new front and ongoing cyber work with china. if you take a train to work, chances are you daily commute is in the crosshairs. chinese owned companies called the rrc, it is that a brainstorm of capitol hill over national security. lawmakers are concerned that u.s. subway cars are vulnerable to hacking remote control operation. >> and they, centers and other
3:51 pm
devices that are connected to the internet. in those sensors could be used by the chinese government as a way to spy on americans. >> they are to make train cars across the u.s. from l.a. to chicago there eating on make a contrast of the u.s. capital in the big apple. lawmakers in those states are ringing an alarm bell. given what we know about how cyber warfare works, the department is checking any proposals trying to see rrc of the system. the company is working on next generation railcars to include wi-fi and advanced training system relying on chinese technology but it's one of several chinese companies with security concerns. there currently working to be and all products from huawei. tenant is moving away from the u.s. and setting its eyes on
3:52 pm
russia. president putin entry meet face-to-face early today. they ensue it is reached its highest level in history. >> between russia and china are developing stably in moma at their peak. both sides supported to the print. >> they continue to warn about the danger of chinese companies overuse of structure. like the next concerns. russia and china trade relationships are soaring. the team has $100 billion over the last year alone. in washington, julian turner, fox news. jon: some last second drama between italy and estrella at the woman's will cup, it was a tight game deep into the stoppage time, the italians pulled a header out of their hat just before the rest blew the final whistle. leading them to a 21 victory. meanwhile easy win over jamaica.
3:53 pm
she knocked home all of the goals leading to the three victory in a regional rivalry goes in to the last match of the day. they both opened to go lead by halftime and a comeback effort came up short for 21 final score. of course you can watch the action on fox and fox sports one as the tournament continues including the united states opening match against thailand on tuesday. jimmy carter is back in sunday school. he returned to teach a popular class and how he is feeling after his hip or present surgery. ♪ they won't raise your rates just because of a claim. that's why you're my favorite... i know. are you in good hands?
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. >> a california company honoring those from d-day which made combat patches for troops back then is still making most of them now has a special offer to relatives of our brave veterans and families. reporter: honor and courage and sacrifice those who serve patches it represents a brotherhood and a link to those who came before. >> he was wounded, down. >> with the second airborne on
3:58 pm
d-day. >> they were there then they are not there anymore they saw somebody - - somebody stuff. >> nine patches among them the first army, to core five divisions and one battalion. the ss i is made to precise government specs. 9082 stitches for the first infantry 4200. on the fourth infantry patch exactly two weeks apart detailed and wrought with meaning the 29th infantry represents both sides of the civil war and the 82nd airborne aa means all-american depicting soldiers from all states but then the seventh core deactivated those patches no longer available. they design their own insignia that changed with the us institute when standardized it
3:59 pm
in 60 now they are all designed in virginia and made in the us and evolve over time now the armed forces prefer subdued colors fashion embroidery offers replicas to the families of us forces that stormed normandy. >> it's our way to give back for those who fight for our country if you have a loved one who fought go to to find out how to get a patch foxnews. >> jimmy carter teaching sunday school today the 94 -year-old was at the baptist church in georgia after hip replacement surgery last month. the 39th president thank everybody for their prayers and well wishes he broke his
4:00 pm
hip three weeks ago preparing to go turkey hunting. that is how fox reports this sunday june 9. thank you for joining us this evening for guy will be away next weekend but i will be back after that. . >> and for chris wallace president trump backs off mexico and the two countries announce a deal on migrants. >> faced with a 5 percent tax on goods to the us agreed to help reduce the flow off migrants from central america we will discuss the agreement if mexico can hold up its end of the bargain with acting homeland secretary michael laney. >> there is no support of my conference for terrace. >> we will ask r j


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