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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 10, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> jesse: greg can pump his own gas. >> greg: i have somebody do that for me. lou dobbs. set your d.v.r. "special report" is up next. >> bret: lou dobbs pumps your gas? >> greg: yes. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. we will have an extended interview with vice president pence shortly. first breaking news. a helicopter pilot died this afternoon when his chopper made a hard landing on the roof of a manhattan skyscraper. the initial report of an aircraft into a building -- immediately brought back horrifying memories of 9/11, but authorities say this time it appears to be an accident not an effort to cause harm. there was no one else on that chopper and there are no reports of injuries to people in the tower which is not far from rockefeller center and times square.
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correspondent brian llenas is on the scene. >> we are on seventh avenue in the middle of midtown new york blocks away from times square. behind me is where the private helicopter crashed at the very top of this 54-story building. the pilot is dead, but remarkably there are no other injuries tonight. at 1:43 this afternoon the first 911 call came from inside the 750-foot tall axa equitable building. witnesses report hearing an engine noise before feeling a shake. minutes later an emergency announcement ordered an immediate evacuation of the building. >> i was doing what i was supposed to do and i felt the building shake. there was a big shake. i thought something was wrong with the elevator. then i seen everybody coming down in all of the elevators. big, packed elevators. 20-30 people in one elevator. >> the helicopter was in the air for 11 minutes before it veered into restricted air space in
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manhattan crashing into the roof. new images of the crash scene. the new york city fire department put out the fire within minutes and stopped the fuel from leaking. the nypd said the private hoorpt took off from the 34 hth street heliport on the east river headed to its its home airport in linden, new jersey. all aircraft flying in the area must be cleared by the la guardia airport control tower. we do not know if this helicopter received prior clearance. we do not know the cause of this crash but there was heavy rain at the time. new york governor andrew cuomo said that when first reports came of an aircraft hitting a building every new yorker experienced some level of ptds remembering 9/11. >> bret: several top democrats say president trump created a crisis and is now taking credit for solving it. the president insists his agreement with mexico to curb
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the migrant flow in exchange for not imposing tariffs is a legitimate win for him and for both countries. correspondent kevin cork is at the white house with the latest. >> it was all done because of the tariffs and because of the relationship we have with mexico. it's sad that when you think of it mexico is doing more for the united states as of now than congress, and specifically than the democrats. >> it was much less a victory lap than it was a partial win with a warning with president trump claiming that a deal to enhance border security with mexico was proceeding as planned including a "fully signed and documented part of the immigration and security deal" to be revealed in the not too distant future pending approval by mexican lawmakers that if approval is not forthcoming tariffs will be reinstated. >> we talked about it for months and months and they wouldn't get there, and we said if you don't get there we're going to have to charge you hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes, and we
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would have been just fine. >> the latest agreement would expedite a program called the migration protection protocol which sends people wanting in the u.s. to mexico to wait the process. >> diplomacy at its finest, the president doing precisely what he said he would do. this isn't the end of the road. we have a lot of work to do. >> has there been a tariff threat payoff to speak of? to hear the mexican government tell it the answer is now, its foreign minister saying that despite the assertion there is no secret or pending deal on the books. as for mexico's troop surge along its southern border, previously planned, not new new and there is no plan to criminalize migration through the border. >> mexico would never do that and much legsz this government. just because someone wants to move doesn't make them a criminal. >> a split verdict on capitol hill with new york senator chuck
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schumer kalg the president's border brevado a border redux, the game show president strikes again. while ron johnson. >> he used tariffs as leverage in this situation brilliantly. >> the president saved his harshest criticism for china who he says will make a new trade deal with the u.s. despite its widespread currency manipulation used to salve the sting of massive tariffs by the u.s. what china is effectively doing is creating an uneven playing field with the manipulation. he criticized the fed saying the unwillingness to lower rates is destructive. bret. >> bret: the mexico tariff deal did spark the douf to its sixth straight winning day with a 78-point game. the s&p 500 was up 13. the inside finished ahead 81 today.
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in america's election headquarters tonight the headline for sunday's big iowa democratic party hall of fame dinner was not who was there but who was not. frontrunner joe biden was the only major candidate on the democratic side to skip the iowa candidates' cattle call, not his first party event he's missed in recent weeks. biden is being mocked for playing off his b.f.f. bona fiedz with his old boss. here correspondent peter doocy. >> i asked president obama not to endorse. >> he has the friendship bracelet which earned an i roll from david axelrod who quoted. "this is a joke, right?" >> when i saw the mr. am for today i thought the same thing you did which is this. joe biden must really not like
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to travel. >> biden attended his granddaughter's high school graduation and skipped an event with iowa activists which opened him up to veiled attacks by members at the hall of fame event. >> i understand there are well intentioned democrats and candidates who believe that the best way forward is a middle-ground strategy. in my view, that approach is not just bad public policy, but it is a failed political strategy. >> biden has been campaigning on a pitch to restore certain policies that have changed under trump but a pledge not to go back has helped mayor pete surge. >> we're not going to win by playing it safe or promising a return to normal. we are where we are because normal broke. >> candidates aren't contrasting policy proposals with the former v.p. but also fund-raising strategies. >> i'm not spending my time with
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high-dollar donors and with corporate lobbyists. i'm spending my time with you. >> joe biden is spending his time with high-dollar donors tonight at a private fundraiser in washington, d.c. before flying out to iowa for face time with caucus goers who just saw just about everybody else running for president. bret. >> bret: as i said earlier, earlier this day i spoke with mike pence in his office at next to the white house. i asked about details of the deal with mexico. >> i was in the negotiations wednesday. they initially offered to move thousands of national guard to their southern border but before the end of the day, before the end of the week, 6,000 mexican national guard to their southern border. they'll be doing check points throughout new mexico to determine people's immigration status as they move through their country. and most notably of all mexico
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has agreed to take back all of the people from central america who have come into our country, applied for asylum and have them remain in mexico while we consider their asylum requests. these are things mexico had never agreed to do before. they're doing them now and it is all the result of president trump's strong and decisive leadership, but the truth of the matter is we need congress now to step up. mexico has done more to address the crisis on our southern border than congress has and it is time for congress to step up. to provide the resources. it's time to work with this administration and reform our asylum laws. close the loopholes that human traffickers are using to entice people to take the long and dangerous journey north. that's what's going to be necessary. but the steps mexico have taken represent a decisive step toward securing our border, and we're grateful. >> bret: mr. vice president,
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your critics say a lot of this was in the works, in the pipeline and maybe that the troop numbers are increased but that former homeland security secretary kirsjen nielsen testified aliens trying to gain the citizen is system to get into our country illegally will no longer be able to get into the united states where many skip their court dates. they will await for an immigration court decision in mexico. which is what you are saying they agreed to. >> there is has been talk about mexico securing their southern border and there was talk as secretary nielsen testified about a remain-in-mexico program, but when we sat down last week mexico had only agreed to three ports of entry being used for us to return people to mexico. only 300 people a day were going back to remain in mexico.
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once we fully implement the agreement that president trump secured, we'll have several thousand people that we'll be able to return to mexico where they will remain while their asylum application is being processed. >> bret: the president hinted that there is something else pending. is there something else to be announced? >> there is, bret. the president's focus here is on outcomes. we don't want to reach an agreement and then simply implement that and focus on process. the president's obobjective is to reduce the number of people coming into our country illegally but if all of this doesn't work the president has made it clear. within 90 days, we have a backstop. >> bret: >> bret: mexico did not agree, is that in the offing? is it a possibility? or are you disappointed that that didn't happen? >> we're not disappointed in
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this agreement. we've also reached an agreement with guatemala to reform our laws to essentially say that if people are looking for asylum that they ought to be willing to apply for asylum in the first safe country in which they arrive but we'll only move on to that if it's necessary. the president seems encouraged that china is going to come back to the table. >> bret: i wanted to ask specifically about -- he indicated this an answer to a question that huawei may be a chess piece in larger trade talks suggesting it could be a part of the negotiations. is huawei a national security threat to the united states? or is it kind of a piece in a larger trade negotiation? >> the position of theuss of america is that huawei, which the communist party of china, and their government have complete access to all of the data that they collect.
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represents a fundamental compromise of our national security and of the national security of our allies, and we'll continue to stand firm in that regard. i think what the president is communicating is that all of these issues are open for discussion but as he's made clear to president xi and as we look forward to the summit coming up in japan things have to change and it's not just a matter that china is half of our international trade deficit. it's well beyond that. it's the way china has conducted themselves. the theft of intellectual property. of what we call the structural issues. protecting private property. basically the international rules that have governed international trade for generations. the united states is going to continue to stand firm on that. this president has imposed $250 billion in tariffs on china at this point. we believe we're in a very strong position. the president believes we could
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more than double that but we hope for better. >> bret: you see the disconnect. either it's a national security threat or it is going to be one of the big issues on the take talked about with china. isn't it one or the other? >> we believe it is a fundamental national security threat and we've said that to our allies consistently. the president wants to get people to the table. we're willing to talk about everything but he's always going to put the interests of america first and american security first. >> bret: along that line the president was on cnbc today. critics have said that the tariffs are kind of a blunt instrument to use in trade overall. one of those critics, traditional republican ally, u.s. chamber of commerce. the president said this. >> i'm a member of the u.s. chamber. maybe i'll have to rethink that because when you look at it the chamber is probably more for the company and the people that are its members more so than the country. >> bret: do you agree with that?
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>> i understand the business community doesn't like tariffs. but we would have no deal with mexico if the president hadn't announced 5% tariffs that were set to take effect today. whether it be with china, whether it be with other countries around the world, this president has been willing to use the economic power of the strongest economy in the history of the world, using access to our market in the form of tariffs to put american jobs and american workers first. and i couldn't be more proud to stand with him as he does that. >> bret: last thing. former vice president joe biden is going to be in iowa tomorrow as is president trump. the former vice president got grief from democrats from saying that you are a pretty good guy. what do you think of joe biden? >> look, having been vice president for more than two years, i respect all 47 of my predecessors and their
3:16 pm
contributions to the nation. but i've got to tell you, to see the way joe biden has been spun around on a number of issues, whether it be his opinion of me, whether it be his longstanding support for the hyde amendment and opposing public funding of abortion, whether it be a broad range of issues, i have to tell you, whether he's the democrat nominee or any of the rest of them are, i think the president and i are ready to take any one of them on, and so as you see the former vice president change his positions on issues just about every other day and you see the rest of the crowd dashing to the left i think the american people are going to continue to be strong to this president's consistent, commonsense conservative leadership and i couldn't be more proud to stand with him. >> bret: mr. vice president, we appreciate the time. >> thank you, bret. >> bret: up next the justice department and house democrats strike a deal over the mueller
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their review of the special counsel's findings with a plast of the president of presidential scandals, >> the house judiciary committee's chairman said the deal guarantee access to records about alleged obstruction by president trump. >> we reached agreement to review some of the under underlying the mueller report including interview notes. >> the democrats wanted testimony from former white house counsel don mcgahn who was directed not to cooperate citing executive privilege. returning to the traditional accommodation process. nadler said a resolution allowing democrats to sue in civil court is still moving ahead. >> it is my expectation that as a result of this authorization mr. mcgahn will testify here
3:22 pm
before lawn. >> republicans said the democrats' decision to call nixon white house counsel john dean and two other witnesses with no direct knowledge of the russia probe abuse congressional rules and lacked credibility. >> this committee is hearing from the 1970's and they want their star witness back. i believe they have the godfather here today. >> mr. mcgahn represents not donald trump but the office of the president and i think he owes that office his testimony before this committee. >> several hours into the testimony president trump weighed in. >> john's been a loser for a long time. we know that. i think he was disbarred special he went to prison. other than that he's doing a great job. >> while republicans characterize this week's hearing as mock impeachment or impeachment light. >> if anyone other than a president >> the united states committed this conduct he would be under indictment today for multiple acts of obstruction of justice. >> the president occupies a unique position in our
3:23 pm
constitutional structure and that some laws apply differently to him and some don't apply at all. at least when there has been no clear statement by congress that the law should apply to him. >> unless there is a last-minute hitch, the resolution will be ready for a full house vote tomorrow afternoon and will not strictly a contempt resolution it will allow democrats to sue to force subpoenas for the attorney general and former white house counsel, bret. >> bret: there are now four reported deaths of american tourists at the same resort in the dominican republic. the government is downplaying talk of a connection. this latest case involved 67-year-old robert wallace who was staying the hard rock hotel. his wife says wallace fell ill and died shortly after drinking scotch from the minibar. that death happened about a month before three other americans died. at least two of them also reportly had drinks in the room
3:24 pm
before becoming sick. also tonight former boston red sox baseball star david ortiz was ambushed by a gunman at a bar in santo domingo. ortiz is from the dominican republic. doctors removed ortiz's gall bladder and part of his intestine. later this fran ortiz left the hospital and is now headed to boston. a highly controversial legislative measure in hong kong that would allow criminal suspects to be extradited to mainland china has forced the former colony to its biggest political crisis in year. hundreds of thousands of people were in the streets sunday and stretched into today. up next why congress wants to slow down president trump's plan to sell advanced weapons to one of the country's most strategic allies. ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go.
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>> bret: congress is trying to put the brakes on president trump's effort it is to accelerate the u.s. friendship with saudi arabia and keep iran in check. correspondent gillian turner says the first step is slowing down the process of selling sophisticated arms to the saudis. >> we're selling them weapons we know they're going to turn around and use to kill civilians in yemen. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are at a breaking
3:29 pm
point over president trump's saudi arabia policy. teaming up with their political epts to twist his arm. today democratic senator chris murphy and republican todd young introducn resolution meant to force a vote on arm sales and they say it change how the united states does business with the kingdom. congress's battle with president trump has raged for months since the crown prince was implicated in the murder of kashoggi. a time when some senators think the kingdom shouldn't have any u.s. weapons assistance at all. >> saudi arabia is a totalitarian, despotic, murderous regime. they are not our friends. >> they worry any weapons sold to the kingdom will be used in the ongoing civil war in yemen
3:30 pm
but experts say this deal isn't about yemen. >> many of the president's political anniversary >> the president agrees. >> saudi arabia has been a great ally. >> saudi arabia's military has conducted regular strikes in yemen resulting in thousands of civilian casualties and prompting the u.n. to call it the world's worst humanitarian crisis. >> bret: meantime iran's foreign minister is saying his country will finish any war started against iran. the latest sharp rhetoric between the islamic republic and the u.s. in the wake of sanction over its nuclear program. >> iran's uranium production rate is increasing, that
3:31 pm
according to the united nations's atomic watchdog. >> i am worried about increasing tensions. >> the participating parties in the joint comprehensive plan of action were jppoa face a july 7 deadline to find a way for the regime to get around sanctions. a u.s. carrier strike group being deployed to the persian gulf, there is concern that economic disagreements could escalate to military action. as the u.s. conducted military maneuvers in the region, images were released by iran over the weekend showing a new air defense system developed by the country. iran's defense minister claims the system can destroy stealth targets at around 30 miles an hour. iranian foreign minister said his country would not start a war but would destroy anyone who tried to invade iran. speaking alongside the foreign minister, he called out the
3:32 pm
united states for "economic war" saying the u.s. cannot expect to stay safe after reimposing sanctions on iran and pulling out of the nuclear deal. >> the united states has declared economic war against the islamic republic. this war presents a real danger to the world the and international order. >> in a briefing today, state department spokesperson morgan ortagus said it's important for the international community to hold iran accountable and that the u.s. would not support any pavement mechanism that goes around sanctions. >> bret: up next the panel on the trade deal and the vice president's interview. here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are doing. the california state legislature approved a plan to give some low-income adults living in the country illegally health benefits paid for by california taxpayers. republicans say taxing legal residents who do not have health insurance to pay for the plan is
3:33 pm
unfair. fox 5 inlet it. the c.d.c. says it -- fox 5 in atlanta. the worst outbreak of measles since 1992. and this is a live look at dallas from our affiliate fox 4. one of the big stories there tonight one person was killed after a claine collapsed onto an apartment building near downtown dallas sunday afternoon during severe weather. it's believed strong winds estimated at up to 80 miles per hour caused that crane to fall. one woman was killed in the collapse and five others were injured. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. (door bell rings) it's open! hey. this is amazing. with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, are you okay? even when i was there, i never knew when my symptoms would keep us apart. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira can help get, and keep uc under control when other medications haven't worked well enough.
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♪ but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? >> it was all done because of the tariffs and because of the relationship that we have with mexico. i spoke with the president yesterday. we had a great conversation the other day and i think you're going to see some real action.
3:38 pm
>> after very intense negotiations, we agreed on two measures. one of ours, and one of theirs, and we agreed upon a deadline to do things and see who was in the right. the mexican national guard is going to cover the entire national territory in the southern border that is not derived from the agreement with the united states. that was already established. >> bret: president trump today and the mexican foreign minister talking about the same thing in different ways. the deal with mexico and what came out of the weekend after friday's negotiations. we'll start there with our panel. senior political analyst brit hume. a.b. stoddard, associate editor at real clear politics and. and charlie hurt. brit. >> mexico has clearly agreed to accelerate things and make them larger than they were before and that is in response to the threat of tariffs. it's in mexico's interests to
3:39 pm
play this down and say we were going to do this anyway and in trump's interest to say it's a huge deal and i extracted it from them, but he's made headway, i don't think there is any doubt about that. >> here is the vice president from earlier in the show. >> i was in the negotiations wednesday. they initially offered to move thousands of national guard to their southern border. but before the end of the day, before the end of the week, 6,000 mexican national guard to their southern bord. >> reporting that these countless hours were nothing, that they amounted to a waste of time, i can tell you that the team at the state department believes that this is an important set of understandings. >> bret: a.b., how does this play on the hill? >> the problem is people don't feel comfortable with the outcome. the president threatened the tariffs again today. the reason is that the third safe country -- this asylum provision that the administration wanted and did
3:40 pm
not get from the mexican government is not yet -- it's in play potentially for the future but it's not in place as part of the agreement. president trump has told us in a tweet and then in his comments that it is. but it is not. they'll revisit this in 45 days. republicans are very concerned that the tariff threat can come back. the reason is that in 45 days without this asylum agreement the mexicans have said maybe we'll put it in if things aren't going well enough but they don't have it now so there is definitely the potential as the president says, these measures weren't strong enough. the crossings are too high. too many of them. and threatens tariffs again. people don't feel that the new nafta still solidly on track after this and that it's a real deal that gets rid of the tariffs. >> bret: then there is the question about the asylum law and the administration -- you saw the vice president. the president. others calling for congress to change the asylum laws when it deals with central americans.
3:41 pm
>> clearly, obviously what we have seen over the past several months and years has been an uptick of migrants using our legal system against us, using our asylum laws against us in order to get across the border and endanger a lot of children in the process, which is another reason why i think that the whole thing is so important, but the idea that the remain in mexico part of the asylum deal, that's a big deal. that handles a whole lot of the problem of at least not just releasing people into the country, but there is so much attention on whether or not it was trump's threat of tariffs that brought about this deal. the bottom line is donald trump made a promise to do something on the border, to do something like this, he's the first politician to successfully win an election on these promises, he's keeping his promises and he has been willing to sort of think outside of the box to try
3:42 pm
to achieve a real fix that congress has ignored for 40 years. >> bret: the president is threatening more tariffs on china. here he is on squawk box this morning. >> as president she doesn't come will that mean the tariffs on china for the additional $300 billion in goods go on immediately? >> he's for china. i'm for the u.s. we're going to have our differences. i think the differences can be worked out. >> bret: there seems to be the growing confidence in the president the way he talks about it that somehow china is going to move. there isn't yet indication from the chinese that that is happening. >> he's got the fat in the fire on several fronts and the striking thing is the degree to which tariffs or other economic sanctions are in play, what he's counting on to resolve this issue with china which is about trade, what he's counting on to get his deal on nuclear disarmament with north korea. it's often said of him that he's a warmonger and he's going to
3:43 pm
get us into this war or that war, he's going to go to war with iran -- another place, by the way, where economic sanctions are in place. classically sanctions are what you go to when you're trying to solve something without going to are wa, without military action. he's doing this in all kind of places. there is a reason why he calls himself tariff man. it's not at all clear he would get the deal with china he would like. it would be a feather in his cap if he did. similarly with north korea. we've got a year and a half to an election. it could go either way. >> bret: there was concern about the business community that the tave power, that the ability to affect trade in this way should somehow be clawed back by congress. do you sense that on capitol hill? >> after the mid term elections the republicans became much more vocal about this and this tariff threat rattled them. you heard it from senator truck
3:44 pm
grassley. chairman of the finance committee. the minute this was made, he said this is a misuse of tariff authority and it runs counter to congressional intent. >> they mean with the support of the business community to stay on offense with the president about this because as i said they're not comforted since what they heard friday night that the tariff threat is not coming back. >> what strikes me about this is i understand the desire -- they may even be right about this but what are they going to do are they going to court? are they going to pass a bill that he would sign that would claw back their authority? i don't think so. if there is a bill and he doesn't -- he vetoes it, i don't see them being able to override that. do you? >> they don't have their numbers but you can see the evolution from after the mid term elections to now.
3:45 pm
the government shutdown. the threat to close the border. the national emergency declaration and now a threat of tariffs against mexico that they know is returning. they're more fired up about this. they might not have veto override numbers but they intend to do something. they want to keep their senate majority. several are running for reelections if he threats. >> bret: if the mexico situation works out, if clinea comes back to the table, if iran, i don't know, somehow negotiates, if you start seeing things on the positive side from cheese efforts. does it change the dynamic? >> that's why this whole debate about whether it was the threat of tariffs that brought about this deal in mexico i think is moronic is the fact that are you kidding? the past two years all donald trump has talked about is using tariffs. he loves tariffs. he wants to use them to get everything solved. the idea that the mexican government wasn't aware that was in the offing is absurd.
3:46 pm
>> bret: back with the panel. a lot happening on capitol hill today. after a quick break. p and techy that have made the rx the leading luxury suv of all time. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $399/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. we're on the move. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. terminix. defenders of home.
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3:50 pm
richard nixon. >> mr. yates, i appreciate you were not born at this time this happened. >> we sit today in this hearing with the ghost of christmas past because the chairman of the committee has gone to the speaker of the house and sought permission to open an impeachment inquiry but she has said no, you are functionally here as a prop because they can't impeach president trump. >> bret: republicans fired up about the witness being called. john dean. former nixon white house counsel. a big figure in watergate as you remember. in that same committee room years and years and years ago. the president didn't like it either. can't believe they are bringing in john dean, the disgraced nixon white house counsel who is a paid cnn contributor. no collusion. no obstruction. the democrats want a do-over which they'll never get. a.b., there were moments in which he basically made the case that don mcgahn should testify -- white house counsel currently
3:51 pm
but obviously doesn't have any direct knowledge of the russian probe per se. >> no, what they're doing because they have no witnesses, they have no don mcgahn, no bob mooirl, they have no people to give testimony to educate the public through the television coverage of it so today they have lawyers talking about how the mueller report does make a case on obstruction and as those thousands former federal prosecutors have attested to in the letter that everyone keeps citing but there was a helicopter crash and no one watched the hearing on cable news. >> bret: that might not be the only reason. >> the point is it didn't get the coverage they expected it to get so they're back at ground zero because they don't have any way to narrate this when the public has not read the report, members of congress have not read the report and the speaker doesn't want to proceed with an official impeachment --
3:52 pm
>> remember who has been called to testify. first we had michael cohen as a star witness. today, although it didn't get much attention we had john dean. remember who john dean was. john dean was the architect of the watergate cover-up. he was disbarred. convicted of obstruction of justice. and did time. who is going to be next for the house impeachment horde? whitey bulger, perhaps? they could bring him in, maybe. this is amazing. john dean really was at the heart of the whole thing and he turned state's evidence to save his neck and that this guy would be brought in as some kind of authority because he admits he wasn't a fact witness so why exactly was he there? i guess it's to lend some watergate patina, to this thing but i was astonished that they would do that. >> bret: here is the chairman, and the ranking member on the committee. >> the country cannot hope to
3:53 pm
understand the russian government's attack on our democratic system if we do not also investigate who stood to benefit from that attack and the extent to which the trump campaign may have welcomed it. >> if we were attacked as the chairman just said then the priority should be to go to the battlefield on the attack where we were attacked on and not run by the sideshow to hear from the commentators. >> bret: the question, charlie, is that we can't determine whether they're going to actually get mcgahn or mueller as of yet. they don't even seem to know. >> let's be clear that i don't think either one of them is going to testify to anything that hasn't already been included in the mueller report. what they're trying to do -- this is a nonimpeachment impeachment. they know that nancy pelosi knows that impeachment is a political loser. she's not going to proceed with it. the case of russia collusion fell apart. their only hope is obstruction. the idea that you are going to
3:54 pm
prove that a president in his duties carrying out the duties of the president somehow is obstruction i will never wrap my brain around that one. you take a day like today where we can debate about whether the mexico deal is going to work or not or what caused it but you have the president dealing with something like trying to resolve the issue on the border with mexico by getting mexico involved and policing their much shorter, manageable border at their south as opposed to our much larger border at our south, you juxtapose those things, the house carrying on the way they're carrying-on with their nonimpeachment, impeachment, and resolving an issue that the house has failed to fix for 40 years. it's not good for anybody in washington. >> bret: the lert to chairman nadler saying the -- >> bret: the letter of to chairman nadler of the structure. that's going to be a big deal,
3:55 pm
a.b., to hout matter started. >> all of our intelligence agencies and bob mueller have told us how the russians attacked us in that elekdz and will again and no one is interested. congressman collins pretended we should focus on that. >> we don't need congress to focus on that. >> the intelligence branch won't. >> a.b., the intelligence branch is. the intelligence agencies are -- >> to this program. there is not a person in charge. there is not a plan. >> bret: homeland security secretary acting, he said there is a plan. we'll have to see how extensive and what it is and obviously that is the issue. >> they haven't shared it. >> bret: when we come back, going above and beyond the call of duty. every day, visionaries are creating the future. ♪ so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work.
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has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. all with guaranteed great taste. and now try new boost® >> bret: finally tonight setting the bar. when the state trooper brett
4:00 pm
marshall arrived at his daughter's gymnastics practice the coach proposed pull-up competition, and florida firefighters spotted an elderly man struggling one has electric wheelchair broke down as one of the rookie firefighters pushed that meant all the way home. that is it for "specia report." fair, balanced, unafraid. >> martha: good to see you. >> comparing nixon to any future administration, would you say there is a future administration that committed war crimes as far as obstruction? >> i would say the trump administration is in fast competition. >> martha: tonight it's 1973 and watergate all over again on capitol hill. john dean becker testifying after all these years at the invitation of jerry nadler,.as a