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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 10, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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to you? admit it it happens far too often. a lot of flights last weekend i can confirm that was no one on the staff's feet. don't forget my podcast. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here. miss shannon. you have dealt with a long delay yesterday. i saw your tweet. >> shannon: oh! you know what, we landed at 3:30 a.m. it's good to be home. we made it. >> laura: how many hours was it? i was tracking your tweets last night. >> shannon: at the six hour mark, we ran out of m&ms and that's when things got really tough. first world problems. >> laura: if shannon gets impatient, it's got to be a bad situation. you never lose your patience. >> shannon: we made it. >> laura: have a great show. >> shannon: we begin with a fox news alert. a truce between house democrats in the trump justice department over the mueller report. now it comes as democrats are kicking off a new round of
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hearings starting with a blast from the past of presidential scandal. and bring new details about the investigation into the investigators. we've got an update for you. catherine herridge is standing by. we'll examine president trump's deal with mexico over immigration. did his tariffs threat force mexico to act or is that president claiming credit for problem democrats that he created. ruth bader ginsburg actually praising president trump's newest justice? plenty of people on the left are not happy about it. we'll explain. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin tonight with chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge on the democrats newest plans to investigate the president as the justice department tells us clearly exactly what's going on with its investigation into the investigators. >> the house judiciary committee's democratic chairman said the justice department deal guaranteeing access to more special counsel records.
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alleged obstruction by president trump. >> we have reached an agreement to review the evidence underlying the mueller report. including interview notes, first-hand accounts of misconduct and other cortical evidence. >> democrats want testimony from former white house counsel don mcgahn who was directed by the administration not to cooperate. citing executive privilege which protect presidential committee case. the justice department said it was "please the committee set aside its contempt resolution, returning to the traditional culmination process." nadler said a resolution allowing democrats to sue in civil court is still moving ahead. >> it's my expectation that as a result of this authorization, mr. mcgahn will testify before long. >> republicans said the democrats decision to called john dean and two other witnesses with no direct knowledge of the russian probe abuse congressional rules and lacked court ability. >> this committee is now hearing from the 70s and they want their star witness back. i believe that they have the godfather here today.
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>> mr. mcgahn represents not donald trump by the office of the president. i think he owes the office his testimony before this committee. >> several hours into the testimony, president trump weighed in. >> john has been a loser for a long time. we know that. he was disbarred and he went to prison. other than that, he's doing a great job. >> republicans characterize the hearing about a mock impeachment, witnesses took aim at the administration. >> if anyone other than a president of the united states committed this conduct, he would be under indictment today for multiple acts of obstruction of justice. >> the president occupies a unique position in our constitutional structure, and that some laws applied overtly to him and some don't apply at all. at least when there has been no clear statement by congress that the law should apply to him. >> unless there's a last-minute hitch, the resolution will be ready for a full house vote tomorrow afternoon. while not strictly a contempt
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resolution, it will allow democrats to sue to enforce subpoenas for the attorney general and former white house counsel. shannon. >> shannon: catherine herridge, thank you very much. they had justice department has promising a broad multifaceted review into the origins of the russian investigation. as a house judiciary committee was holding its mueller report hearing today, no mueller there, the doj informed chairman jerry nadler "the attorney general look forward to obtaining a better understanding of the critical period leading up to the 2016 presidential election." it would be most prudent to draw upon the lessons learned. let's discuss today's devout meds with former chief counsel for the house judiciary committee and rnc committee woman, harmeet dhillon. great to have you with us tonight. i want to read more of the letter from the assistant attorney general. he says the review is broad in scope, talking about the u.s. attorney durham looking into
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these things and is intended to illuminate open questions regarding the activities of u.s. and foreign intelligence services as well as nongovernmental organizations and individuals. who should be worried? >> democrats should be worried who are in the obama administration and any democrats who participated in what's clearly a vast conspiracy to overturn the results of the 2016 election even before the election occurred. also high-ranking employees of the department of justice, at the fbi who engaged in this conspiracy. misuse surveillance powers american citizens and generally betray their oats and i think they should be scared because mr. durham has been given spaced he is serious and i think heads. >> shannon: you're not the only one who thinks so. congressman mark meadows said this yesterday on fox. >> bill barr is serious about
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making sure that we reset and reestablish the reputation of the fbi and the department of justice. i can tell you that unless someone actually goes to jail, most people will think accountability didn't happen. i believe he is on the documents i've seen that crimes were committed and people need to go to jail. >> shannon: do you think anyone's going to jail over this, the origins of the investigation? >> i doubt it. 17 intelligence agencies agreed that the russians approached members of the trump administration. there was legitimate counterintelligence investigation. the fisa warrants, they were exercising, four different republican judges in the fisa court. three times they were pursued by trump, the trump justice department. i tend to doubt it but i'm all for letting the facts get out on the table. as you pointed out, durham is investigating it. the inspector general is investigating. let's get the facts on the table. let's get trump's tax records
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and bank records and accounting records on the table. let's get everything out in public. i don't begin to think it should be holding back anything from either side. i don't like we've heard this investigating the investigators only times when the republican-controlled congress. it always amounts to nothing. i think the bigger picture here is that barr is very smart to be engaging in some kind of confidence with the judiciary committee. during the impeachment proceedings with ken starr, we got all the material from ken starr. we do have the fight. >> shannon: there was a different statute then. we can't compare apples to oranges. >> it's a different statute. i think when congress asked for information, congress has a right to get the information. i think all the president is on that side. >> shannon: you know about the different statutes and they were passed because the democrats didn't like how much information was flooded in the system one ken starr was under obligation to do it. here's the thing is that bill barr did not have to release the information. you know that and he said he
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wanted to over release information. looks like he has. >> absolutely. julian did a great job if using a bunch of different issues in different statutes in different periods of time. it's not the spanish inquisition. it's the united states system of justice where there is due process and the bill of rights and the separation of powers. we heard members of congress and the intro make nonsensical arguments about how don mcgahn and others have a duty to testify on behalf of the office of the president. it's the opposite. because the president has the duty to protect the office of the president, he's instructed the top advisors not to testify. they just think every prior president has done. >> i think you have the nerve to suggest that i'm confusing statutes. without pointing them out and you're wrong. under the bush administration when the white house staff was subpoenaed, the courts ruled the white house had to appear.
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if there is a question of executive privilege they would have to invoke it on a question by question basis. the precedent goes to 1977. in every instance, the courts have ruled that congress has the right to get the information. i don't know what you're talking about, me confusing statutes and precedent. i think you're the one that's confusing statutes and preceden precedent. it's not the statutes and governments. >> shannon: we could agree it's headed for the courts. it's already there and that's probably where there will be hammered out. come back. it won't be over soon. good to have you. fox news confirming republican congressman justin amash quitting the committee. he publicly stated he thinks president trump committed impeachable offenses. he's walking away from that
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freedom caucus. president trump defends his immigration and tariff deal with mexico mind accusations of grandstanding and threatening to go on offense again, against china. correspondent david spunt is following the development. good evening, david. >> last month it was china and mexico are now back to china. the president is set to meet president xi jinping at the g20. he's ramping up the pressure. >> the trade war between the united states and china appears ready to intensify. >> we have the option to raise it another 300 billion in 25%. >> president trump says it's possible he will consider slapping more tariffs on china if his counterpart, president xi jinping, fails to show up to the g20 summit in japan at the end of this month. >> i learn not to be insulted. i think president xi of china, great relationship with him. i think he'll be there. >> the president hopes to talk tariffs. >> we don't have a deal if we don't make a deal, then will be
8:11 pm
raising the tariffs, meaning putting the tariffs on -- we've only taxed 35 to 40% of what they send in. they have another 60% and that will be taxed. >> talked with china, so white house and mexican officials were able to strike a deal to stop tariffs from hitting our neighbors to the south, key part of the agreement is to keep mexican seeking asylum in mexico while the application process plays out. back in the united states, a chamber of commerce executive criticized president trump. >> the weaponization of tariffs, the increase of threats on our economy, on our farmers, our manufacturers, our consumers is going to hurt our country. >> vice president mike pence in an exclusive interview with bret baier responded to overall criticism from the chamber. >> i agree that president trump is for the country. the interests of the american people. i understand the business
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community doesn't like tariffs but we would have no deal with mexico if the president hadn't announced 5% tariffs set to take effect today. >> those tariffs could still become a reality for mexico if the country does not live up to its end of the bargain. the president tweeted yesterday: "tariffs are profitable," but he doesn't think he will have to impose them on mexico. we'll see what happens. >> shannon: will be watching closely. thank you. joe biden signing off at a fund-raiser. polling numbers show the race is getting tighter. he missed a key event over the weekend and his rivals the opportunity to send a message. >> i'm not spending my time with high dollar donors. and with corporate lobbyists. >> shannon: millionaire progressive activist tom steyer also turning the screws on democrats like eric swalwell for not launching impeachment and doing it now.
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>> shannon: joe biden adding to his campaign coffers at a private fund-raiser in washington. the former vice president undisturbed by criticism from his fellow democratic candidates, taking aim and his absence from sunday's first major events on the iowa election calendar. >> any comments on your iowa poll numbers? >> pretty good. >> any plans to dr. president trump in iowa? >> talk about him. >> shannon: fox team coverage. trace gallagher is taking a look at the progressive's plans pull the democratic party for the left. peter doocy kicks us off. >> joe biden doesn't have
8:18 pm
president obama's endorsement. >> i asked president obama not to endorse. >> he has president obama's friendship bracelet which he used it to celebrate veterans day and earned an eye roll from their former strategist, david axelrod, who tweeted "this is a joke, right?" the former vp schedule is another punch line. >> i thought the same thing you did which is: joe biden must really not like to travel. >> biden attended his granddaughters high school graduation and skipped an event and iowa. >> i understand there are some well intentioned democrats and candidates who believe that the best way forward is a middle ground strategy. in my view, that approach is not just bad public policy, but it is a failed political strategy.
8:19 pm
>> biden has been campaigning on a pitch to resource and policies that have changed under crump but a pledge not to go back has helped mayor pete buttigieg surge. >> were not going to win by playing it safe. promising a return to normal. we are where we are because normal broke. >> candidates are just contrasting policy proposals but also their fund-raising strategies. >> i'm not spending my time with high dollar donors and with corporate lobbyists. i'm spending my time with you. >> joe biden spent time with high dollar donors at a private fund-raiser here in washington, d.c., before heading to iowa for face time with caucus goers. >> shannon: was a busy weekend. thank you, peter doocy. eight months out from the iowa caucuses in the 2020 questions about the front runner are as numerous as the crowded field he's facing. one of the big questions of how far the progressive wing will try to poll the democratic party
8:20 pm
to the left. trace gallagher on the case. good evening. >> when you look at the harris poll for axios and hbo it finds that foreign ten americans say they would prefer living in a socialistic country over a capitalistic country. the number is especially high among women 18 to 54 and the definition of socialism includes universal health care, free college, a living wage, and control of the economy, private property and the media. it's good news for democratic socialists like bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez. in fact, aoc is reportedly among the democratic party's most coveted endorsements come up there with the clintons and obama's. top democrats tell axios and hbo they expect ocasio-cortez may eventually mount a near primary challenge to either senate minority leader chuck schumer or kirsten gillibrand. aoc's goal is to trip transition
8:21 pm
democrats to party unified around progressive policies. it's notable that ocasio-cortez tends to struggle in statewide polling. but if the push for socialism is -- how about the push for impeachment? democrats'. they should get the impeachment ball rolling "constituents in moderate and liberal districts are urging their lawmakers to hold the president accountable for his actions but pelosi won't budge. she and her allies insist impeachment is unnecessary, unpopular, and divisive. those democrats who support pelosi may have their political feet to the fire. liberal activist and billionaire tom steyer needs to impeach campaign says it will target a dozen house districts with the goal of removing or influencing numbers who do not yet support impeaching the president,
8:22 pm
including democratic presidential hopeful eric swalwell, house majority whip jim clyburn, and house oversight chair elijah cummings. tom steyer plans to spend $360,000 on billboards, digital ads and events he hopes will stir the impeachment pot. >> shannon: he has been stirring it. thank you. great to see you. the fight for the solo democratic party heating up as the front runner skips the major campaign event in iowa for good reason. his rivals sharpen their knives and stepped up their attacks on the former vice president. let's talk about the new democratic drama with political consultant and fox news contributor. let's put up the poll numbers. the newest one from "the des moines register" very accurate with polling and looking at the democratic caucus scores and people who show up. biden still with the healthy lead but the rings are closing. you have the second-tier.
8:23 pm
taking up a lot of oxygen from other candidates. what do you think it says that the lead with biden is closing? >> we should always have the caveat that it's still very early. i think the reason biden is avoiding getting into the fray with these candidates is x-acto you're talking about. he is seeing his lead shrink and he would like to preserve his anointed status as the early favorite. of course it's also important to remember that in recent elections, it's been a very unstable electorate. in recent elections, the person who always seems to be anointed to get the next nomination in the next presidency gets toppled. we saw it in 2008 with hillary clinton. we saw it again in 2016 with hillary clinton. and on the republican side we side with donald trump.
8:24 pm
joe biden has good reason to be concerned right now. >> shannon: i want to put up these tweets. national best friends day, international best friends day. this cute tweet joe biden put out. the friendship bracelets. david axelrod who was a key senior advisor and campaign strategist for obama retweets and says it's a joke, right? what is going on? >> i don't know. who does that at 77 years old. it was embarrassing. the panelist also said he believes joe biden is concerned. is he really concerned? when you mix up a friendship bracelet and flip-flopping on the hyde amendment in addition to not attending campaign event events. it really does send a message. it will be detrimental to
8:25 pm
democrats. >> shannon: charlie you outlined the idea of the anointed status and people, it rubs them the wrong way. i want to play something from meghan mccain. it gets to the idea of changing position on the hyde amendment because she talks about i thought he had kind of a lane, more centrist, more moderate. the flip-flop is she thinks going to cost him with the more centrist, moderate voters. >> he is alienating the lane that i think is the easiest way to beat president trump in your alienating a lot of moderates, especially pro-lifers like me, this is kind of a shot fired. >> shannon: what do you make of that? he has been an outlier on a number of issues. now it seems like he's going to stick with the litmus tests and join everybody else in the far left. >> for the longest time, joe biden was a rank-and-file democrat in washington. 40-some years where he believed in boarders. he believed in not forcing
8:26 pm
taxpayers to pay for government funded abortions. and for him to switch and throw his entire record away and now embrace this new crazy agenda that we are seeing from the progressive left of the democratic party, i think it says something. i think meghan mccain is right about this. i think it's going to be difficult for them to reposition and win in a general election. the other thing is it shows how far off base i think the progressive democrats are taking the party. they are not going to win back those voters they lost to donald trump in 2016. if they are embracing these crazy or ideas. >> shannon: what do you make of that assessment? >> it's not even that. it shows about your character and consistency. he supported the hyde amendment as long as i've been alive, for over 40 years. one minute you think one way and then because now all of a sudden
8:27 pm
the media has told you dig them different. his spokespeople were off message last week. the cochair said something different than the campaign spokesperson. it was a mess. the campaign is not organized well. they are not on message. will be detrimental not only to joe biden and his legacy but to democrats as a whole. i think there's a lot they need to clean up. i see warren making huge jump after the debate. >> shannon: she is definitely surging. we'll keep an eye on it. the debates are a couple weeks away now. think you both very much. coordinating their outfits. nicely done. we have some news on another front, another american tourist dead in the dominican republic. an update on baseball legend david ortiz covering from surgery after being shot there. california set to become the first date in the country to offer full health benefits to illegal immigrants. will it work? more next.
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>> shannon: a fourth reported death of an american tourist at the same resort and lead to and republic. former boston red sox logger david ortiz, shot at a bar over the weekend. ellison barber is following the breaking news for us. >> i don't want this to get brushed under the rug. i don't want to see happen to anyone else. >> from mid-april until late may, four american citizens died while staying at resorts in the dominican republic, two reportedly had drinks from their hotel many bar shortly before dying and relatives of two other americans have now come forward claiming their loved ones died under similar circumstances last year. in a statement provided to fox news, hard rock hotel and casino punta cana said operational protocols were followed to ensure the safety of our guests and that they will be monitoring the facts as they unfold. bahia principe says there's no evidence to suggest violence or
8:33 pm
any correlation between the deaths at their resort. they say the cause of death was a heart attack and she had a history of heart conditions. the three autopsies list similar causes of death but so far, local authorities in the u.s. embassy said they have not found any connection between them. u.s. officials say the fbi is assisting with toxicology tests. tourism officials maintain their country safe. the deaths have caused some tourist to question their travel plans. news of a high-profile shooting isn't easing those concerns. >> the events of last night shook our red sox family to its core. >> officials say a gunman ambushed baseball legend david ortiz when he was at a bar at his home country on sunday night. >> it's a very difficult moment as a father. >> he says his son is stable and in intensive care. he will recover.
8:34 pm
the beloved player known to many a big papi was airlifted out of the dominican republic and flown to boston for treatment. ortiz became a u.s. citizen in 2008. the state department says they are aware of reports a u.s. citizen was shot in the to make and republic they couldn't comment. ortiz is in boston. >> shannon: stephen thank you v. headlines tonight from the "los angeles times." $339,000 for a restroom. l.a. politicians balk at the cost of toilets for homeless people. advocates for the homeless pushing los angeles to provide restrooms for the homeless along skid row. city officials estimate providing toilets and showers for every homeless encampment in need would cost more than $57 million a year. as l.a. struggles to find a way to pay for the homeless problem, new budget agreement in california allows young adults living in the country illegally to be eligible for some of the
8:35 pm
state health care programs. here's chief correspondent jonathan hunt with details. >> if the budget is approved by the june 15 deadline, it will make california the first state in the country to allow some undocumented immigrants to sign up for state-funded health benefits. governor gavin newsom has been pushing the idea since taking office and it will go into effect on january 1st next year if the final approval is won this month. here is who will be eligible for health care coverage. undocumented immigrants between the ages of 19 and 25. that's about 90,000 people. the cost to california taxpayers: $98 million. older undocumented immigrants will not get coverage, and that has left some advocacy groups disappointed. >> we do hope ultimately to get a place where california can cover the entire undocumented
8:36 pm
population. certainly we were disappointed not to see the 30,000 seniors get covered. >> california lawmakers say they expanded coverage because of what they call an extraordinary state budget surplus. governor newsom argued giving coverage to the entire undocumented publisher would've cost in an untenable $.4 billion. newsom hailed the budget as a good deal for the state, sing "the budget adopted by the conference committee is balanced, creates historic reserves, and expands budget resiliency." interestingly the budget according to documents released last night is stockpiling billions of dollars in anticipation of an economic downturn which is an interesting prediction from those who hold the purse strings here in the countries most populous state. >> shannon: thank you very much.
8:37 pm
time for where the world. kicking off in canada where prison officials are reportedly considering letting inmates shoot up with heroin. federal prison in the canadian province of alberta is reportedly ready to begin the first supervised drug injection site for prisoners. the vatican rejecting the idea people can choose or change their gender's and insisting on the complementarity of men and women to make babies. the document was immediately denounced by lgbt catholics as contributing to bigotry and violence. pope francis has argued cannot choose their gender. farmers in sardinia complaining about locusts that are swarming the italian island and destroying farmland. local newspapers describes it as a carpet of locusts of almost biblical proportions. farmers are asking authorities for help. supreme court justice kavanaugh
8:38 pm
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it's geico easy. oh, duncan. stay up. no sleepies. >> shannon: brett kavanaugh being praised by fellow justice ruth bader ginsburg. she gave the junior justice credit for keeping a promise from his contentious confirmation hearings, bringing on a all-female group of law clerks. not everyone agrees he should be getting a pat on the back. let's discuss. good to see you guys. let me read what justice ginsburg said. she said justice kavanaugh made history by bringing on board and all-female locker crew thanks to his selections the court has this term for the first time more women than men serving as law clerks. keeping that promise. >> he deserves a little bit of credit for it. it's nice when you can find a few graduates of ultra-elite law schools who have clerked for
8:43 pm
ultra-elite judges. like all of the clerks. almost all the clerks. i think it's nice he did this. i think we remember supreme court justice not for their clerks. i'm less interested in who he's hiring and more interested in whether he's going to apply the law fairly to everyone. >> shannon: i think we agree that should be the way going to assess her justice. above the, writing the headline is i don't give a flying thing how many women law clerks brett kavanaugh harris. she goes on to write it doesn't matter how many women he surrounds himself with. it can't make me forget the testimony of christine blasey ford. i don't know if his clerks don't believe dr. forker don't care but neither makes me happy. >> there are a lot of women who thought there was a lot of things that didn't add up about christine blasey ford's story. some women clerks were the ones
8:44 pm
supporting him during the confirmation process. this is something, his record as an appellate judge and his lifelong support of women in law is one of the things we've seen. when you've got someone who spent a decade on the bench, there aren't a lot of surprises. they go onto the supreme court. during the same things that we saw from his tenure on the d.c. circuit. he's following the law and he's also one of the leaders and supporting women from the bench. that's why you have one of the most prolific arguers, which justice ginsburg also said we don't have enough of. she said i think he is someone we can trust to apply the law fairly and that's what we've been seeing so far. >> shannon: there have been a couple things he's done that conservatives have not been thrilled about. he has deftly shown an independent streak on a couple
8:45 pm
important cases. >> he showed an independent streak on a couple small cases and that's because most of what we've gotten this term has been small cases. we are waiting on the big cases. i like to judge people by their record. i think brett kavanaugh does not have much of a record on the supreme court, and so have made back in a month and i'll tell you more. >> shannon: that's true. the end of june, that's when we get the big remaining cases and we were talking about the ones we have to get. you clerked for justice thomas. he has raised some eyebrows over a couple decisions. >> it happens more than people realize. we had a case justice ginsburg sided with the conservatives recently. big cases it often does split along predictable cases and in many cases it doesn't. we have seen is so far on the bench kavanaugh has been what we
8:46 pm
expected. he has a long track record. that was one of the things it was so great about president trump's list. you could assess their records, look at what they were doing. i thought it was interesting. the liberals are starting to come up with lists. they are publishing. ian, i don't know if you would call on them to say let's be as transparent as president trump was. the americans should know what kind of judges there are less you think they they are too extreme. >> shannon: it helps us do our job because when the list is out there, we can dig around on qualifications and records. do you think it goes public? >> potential supreme court nominees. most people already know was on the list who are the sort of people. ask any kid on the harvard law review. the judges who will likely become justices. they can tell you. it's one of those things where
8:47 pm
you would be nice if they make it. make my life easier. it's not actually that much of a secret. >> shannon: i will see you out there. how these new justices are going to perform. thanks for coming in. tariffs are emerging as president trump's weapon of choice in trade negotiations. is it working? we'll debate next. the cells in your body... in harmony. like you, they get hungry. feed them... ...with new centrum® multigummies® specially crafted for men and women 50 and over. so you're ready for anything. centrum®. feed your cells today. you know those butterflies aren't actually in the room?
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>> shannon: trade tariff/immigration deal with mexico is done. whether presidential candidates are impressed or not, tariffs are the tip of the spear in the trade war with china prevents separate fact from fiction. great to have you both with us. i want to read something from "the new york times" ," quoting scott kennedy. he specializes in chinese economic study. he says "this is extremely delicate because the trump administration, through its brinksmanship tactics, has destabilized the entire relationship." is that how you see it? >> there's no question there's been destabilization but i think the question is was it time for destabilization?
8:52 pm
are we had a point a relationship where what was needed was the president to come in and say were going to do things differently. frankly, the chinese have not been playing by the rules for many years and so i do think there's some brinkmanship here. i think there is some possibility this could go south but fundamentally the idea of president trump challenging the chinese on these questions of how they conduct their economic policy makes sense. >> shannon: a spokesman for china's ministry of foreign affairs quoted as saying "we do not want a trade war but we are not afraid of fighting one if the u.s. is ready to have equal consultations, our doors wide open. but if it in stands on escalating trade friction, we will respond with resolution and perseverance." >> china start of this trade war at least 30 years ago. president trump is going to bring it to an end. they've been cheating. they've been stealing our trade secrets, military secrets. they have been dumping goods in our markets below the cost of production, driving our
8:53 pm
industries into bankruptcy and extinction. that's a trade war. they have been pursuing war by economic means against america. president trump is the first person, the first president to recognize that had to do something about it. by doing something about it, i mean not outsource enforcement to the toothless world trade organization which has proven incapable of enforcing its own rules. under the world trade organization rules, china gets to declare itself to be a developing nation. it's the world's second-largest by some measures, the world's largest economy. they call themselves a developing nation and are able to therefore erect sky high tariffs against america while we drop our tariffs against chinese imports. that's absolutely ridiculous. president trump is proper and correct and smart and calling a halt to this hoax, the china developing nation rapport hoax.
8:54 pm
>> shannon: we talked about president xi visiting with president putin and critics say the president, our president being tough on china is driving a wedge and leaving room for china and russia to become bffs. >> the chinese and russians already had common cause, regardless of what president trump was or was not going to do. the notion that somehow we created an opportunity for the chinese and russians to get along his fiction because those two governments have always seen a lot of similarity, frankly a lot of the authoritarian behavior we are seeing in china now is consistent with what we've seen the pugin regime in russia. i don't think it's gotten worse. i think that a question is what we are doing in the region and i think the president needs to be careful because there are relationships in the region that arguably have been destabilized because we haven't paid enough attention to them because we been off according kim jong un
8:55 pm
and north korea. i think there's questions about whether the overall strategy and the asia-pacific is the right one. in terms of china and russia, i don't see a lot of credence to the argument that somehow the president's behavior or activity is driving china to russia when in fact that's something they were probably going to be doing already. >> shannon: all right, thank you both. great to have you. the midnight hero is next. the first living recipient of the medal of honor for the iraq four. -- iraq war. shaving has been difficult for me. i have very sensitive skin, and i get ingrowing hairs.
8:56 pm
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9:00 pm
first living veteran of the iraq war to receive the medal of honor in a white house ceremony. you, your squad, you are our midnight heroes. glad you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the news out of theuc dominican republic getting worse by the americans in danger there. now an american baseball legendn is in the hospital tonight. even fox's own news crew came under attack. this show was on the ground for an investigation. a live report minutes g away. first, you probably didn't read about it but it looks like the president's brinksmanship with mexico worked. he was going to impose tariffs until mexico joins us to fight illegal immigrants.


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