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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 10, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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troubled, is next. go ahead. i know exactly what you're going to say. go ahead. >> laura: we were watching your show tonight. it was hilarious. and i thought at one point you were referencing me. you said something -- you tripped over your words. but -- >> sean: bleach pitting. it slipped out. what do you want to do? i fly without a net four hours a day. give me a break. >> laura: i'm going to blow my makeup. i was laughing so hard. that's going to be a trending term >> sean: struggles. >> laura: i do that all the time. come on. >> sean: did you ever hear of a bleach pit before? bleach biding, bleach -- whatever. everyone knew what i meant. >> i'm sorry. it was -- i'm mad that i didn't think of it first. because that is like the best slip of the tongue ever. but i love it. so i needed a laugh. you gave me a good laugh.
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>> you know what? cable, you have to i want the blessings of howard stern. he can say whatever he wants and get away with it. how come we can't do that? >> hannity, look, i never make a mistake. >> sean: by the way, great shows last week. >> laura: thank you, sean. >> sean: i appreciate the camaraderie. i'm glad i can be a source of humor for my friends. >> laura: we were crying. you had a great show. >> sean: i was like -- just keep going, woops. >> laura: got it going on twitter right now, #, please, let's go. i'll talk to you later. we have a serious show to do here. this is the ingraham angle back in washington tonight in our time zone. thanks for watching all of our adventures last week. and a story you will not see anywhere else. hundreds of illegal immigrants from african countries are now pouring into san antonio, texas.
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did you hear about this? it's not reported anymore in a cbs local affiliate and a few websites. how did they get there. that's a long journey. who is signing off to the relocation to this particular spot. where do they go next? and are there any broader health concerns being ignored. the answers you'll get here in moments. the democrat latest impeachment ga gambit, drag john dean of watergate up to capitol hill to scare the whole country. jim jordan is here to expose the farce. and why is there a war on the cross? crucifixes? it may seem farfetched but some recent examples are going to shock you. two muslim reformists are here to tell us about it. raffle reeve will respond to joe biden's hypocrisy over federal funding of abortion. but, first, states of immigration crisis. that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> tonight we're going to tell
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you about two different illegal immigration stories from two different states. both demonstrate how politicians are putting americans' health an well being at risk. now, this is not hyperbole. the ramifications if this is not addressed, are very serious, perhaps deadly serious. first in california, a sanctuary state, we get a glimpse of what type of america we have to look forward to if democrats take back the white house in 2020. scarce resources are being lavished on the growing number of illegal immigrants in that state while the situation gets more dire by the day for california's homeless population. now, it's so bad that normally sanguine people like dr. drew pence i can, an l.a. resident himself, are issuing themselves dire warnings. >> tuberculosis is explodinexpl rodent born -- we're the only
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city in the country that doesn't have a rodent control program. sanitation has broken down. we had a typhus outbreak last summer and we will this summer. i'm hearing that bubonic plague is likely, already here. the entire population is at risk. >> we're the populations. >> it will be -- >> laura: but the politicians care about people. >> they're negligent. disgustingly negligent. it was like, i thought, do they want the people on the streets to die? they don't care if they all die. is that where we are right now? >> laura: beyond negligent. and in april, kaiser health news reported that death in the homeless population just in los angeles county alone, jumped 76% in the past five years. more than 900 died last year alone. now, how can this be allowed to happen? when millions of illegals in the state enjoy not only legal sanctuary, but also the right to apply for things like in-state
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tuition, driver's licenses, and state-funded, of course, health care for their children. then over the weekend, we learn that california has gone from sanctuary state for dreamers to just being a sucker state for americans. a just-announced state budget deal will now give health care benefits to many adult illegals too. those between the ages of 19 and 25 will now be eligible for california's medicaid program known as medica ashg-- medi-cal. >> every person should have access to affordable health care. judges and politicians may turn back our progress. we will never waiver in our pursuit of guaranteed health care for all californians. >> he said they'd do it. they're doing it. the price tag is estimated to be $98 million a annually. think the homeless people,
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including homeless vets may be able to use that money? the democrats did the math, the real cost is probably, i don't know, double or triple. remember what they estimated the ill-fated bullet train would cost and how they're going to pay for that? well, how are they going to pay for this, be i the way, taxing citizens who don't have health insurance. in other words, reviving the penalty of obama care. remember that? now even liberals in the state of california appear to be at a breaking point. a few months back, senior and performer cher who considers bashing trump a moral imperative said i understand helping struggling immigrants, but my city, los angeles, isn't taking care of its own. what about the 50,000 plus citizens who live on the streets? people who live below the poverty line and hungry. if my state can't take care of its own, many are vets, how can it take care of more? i never thought i would agree
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with cher, but i agree with cher. most of the reporting on california's new giveaway to illegals is framed this way, i love it. framed -- as the golden state sending a message to the trump administration, or california's effort to distance itself from trump. but the better framing, the more accurate framing would be, california with the high tax, homelessness problem, and where illegal aliens are treated better than poor veterans is giving america a blueprint of how not to proceed policiwise. yet, despite this disastrous state of affair, democrats are rushing to embrace these california values. >> i think that anyone who is in a situation where they're in need of health care, regardless of whether they're undocumented or documented, we have an
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obligation to give health care. we need more clinics around the country. >> i am opposed to any policy that would deny in our country any human being access to public safety, public education, or public health, period. >> that's not all. bernie sanders would also guarantee the health care cost of everyone residing in the u.s. illegal or not. so, just to review, if spending hundreds of millions of dollars on health care over the years for illegal immigrants requires eliminating funds that could be used to assist american citizens living in california, focus on california, those people in need, so be it. that's what you have to do. and by the way, california is not alone. in the state of texas, they're suffering from a lack of congressional leadership. while the president struggles to deal with an overrun border, congress is trying to block his every effort, refusing to reform asylum laws to protect our
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citizens. now, did you know that in the month of may, border patrol apparently are applying for asylum. and being deposited in san antonio. now, this could clearly be a public health concern. why? well, according to reuters, the number of cases of ebola in eastern congress has passed 2,000, government figures showed, as the rate of new cases tripled and containment efforts faltered in the remote unstable region. the city of san antonio got back to the ingraham hour tonight and said for them, ebola they don't believe is a concern. why? the incubation period is 21 days
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for that disease they say and that they believe these folks have been outside of their country for six to seven months. i don't know. why would we put that to chance and i'm not sure we're tracking the travel patterns of everybody coming into the country. but they're telling us don't worry tonight, it's okay. and under current law, these asylum speak eeekers must be pr and released. last week, they sent out an urgent message for french speakers to help to translate for the congolese families now housed in a city-run shelter. one wonder where is's the concern for the health of the san antonio citizenry and the citizens across the united states and who's going to translate their concerns to federal officials. why is no one questioning the pressure this will place on communities across the country
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that are now obligated to house, education, and feed people from other continents. we may see incapable in some cases of caring for our own citizens. that's the angle. joining me now is lieutenant governor of texas dan patrick and jerry robinette, former special i.c.e. agent in charge of san antonio, texas. now, dan, i was shocked when i got back from this trip to normandy, i got back. i started to read the local cbs reports in san antonio. about the figures of people. we think hondurans and some mexicans. i noticed we're in del rio, i talked to border patrol folks there, they said these are people from other than the normal countries coming in, including africans. they were doing 50,000 things. i didn't focus on it. now we know 500 and more coming
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from one -- the capital of -- in the congo, kenash, i believe. has san antonio been ready for this? are they ready for this? how is this happening with very little coverage in the national media? >> no one is ready for this. our border patrol being overwhelmed as you knew when you came to del rio a few months ago. and, laura, i feel like a voice in the wilderness. i've been saying this for year, for years, the disease that comes in, people from all over the world, coming from south america, coming from china, coming from africa. talk about it last week and the last time i was with you, all over the world. you have to ask yourself, how do they get here. how is this facilitated that the poor people are able to get on a flight, get to south america, and led to san antonio. it's an international, transnational drug cartel bringing people to this country. they're bringing duds, --
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disease, a lack of education, tremendous needs on our taxpayers, laura, something else that's clear to me, you said about the 500 that have been apprehended, asked for asylum, there is also hundreds more dropped off on the street corners. every one we catch, i know you have someone with i.c.e. with us tonight, maybe you can verify that. we get maybe one out of three, one out of four, one out of five. last month, 104,000 apprehended. 3,000 or 4,000 more came in. what california is doing to medical. where does this end? i tell you where it ends? totally undermining our country, bankrupting our states and federal government, destroying our democracy. worried about my children, grandchildren, and everyone watching that understand that the democrats, the actions by the democrats in way are no less than treason. they're selling out our country. it's one of the few americans
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that stood with the president and said the tariffs are a last resort. we're in a powerful tool. >> laura: we're in an emergency situation. >> and we're in an emergency situation. you do whatever you need to do. the president was right. we have to have mexico help us stopping this. it's their south border. >> laura: with ear going to -- we're going to get to the tariff thing. the president had no choice and he did what was necessary to help to protect this country. when no one else will do it on the federal level or has the guts to do it. jerry, i have to get your response to this. san antonio's assistant city manager, dr. colleen bridgetor also revealed this to this local cbs station, quote, the plan was 350 of them, these are the congolese folks, would travel from san antonio to portland, portland, maine. but when we reached out to portland, maine, they said, please, don't send us anymore, we're stretched way beyond our capacity. so we're working with them, the migrants now, to identify other cities throughout the united
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states where they can go and begin their asylum-seeking process. now, jerry, in your time with i.c.e., did you ever see anything like this? >> not -- actually not. it has gotten -- it has overwhelmed our resources. our capabilities. it's like what's next? it's -- the agency officers along the border, they're -- they're drinking out of a fire hose right now. they're barely keeping up with their responsibilities. you have a lot of resources that are being dedicated to address with what you're seeing today. my biggest concern is what sacrifice. what is it that we're not doing we should be doing because of all of the attention and resources that are being diverted to deal with this influx. that's what bothers me. and the amount of money that we're spending. >> laura: oh, the money -- the money to this regular taxpayers,
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and, stan, you touched on this with the now california providing health care to adults, 19 to 25 years of age, that's just -- that's also a shock. but the transformation politically of the country is what absolutely -- done a lot of this on his show. i've been talking about this for years. that's what they want to do to texas. if they can sprinkle people out to other parts of the country and set up -- like countries within the country. they've done it in parts of minnesota. we'll get to that later. they'll want to do it in maine. again, maine is really stretched with a lot of the refugees they have there. but this is the goal, is it not? it's sending out to rural -- to rural america as well. >> look, this is -- this is the goal of the democrats to take over the country. the policies don't work. they have to bring people in the country who are uneducated what america stands for, what capitalism is all about. what responsibility is all about. there's good people trying to get here.
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i got it. but we cannot absorb all of the people in the planet. they've gone from medi-cal to holy cow in california. 19 to 35 will expand to the 30-year-olds and it will expand from $100 million to $4 billion. they're going to tax american citizens to give people who come here health care illegally. the democrats will play this out as long as they can. one day, long-term plan, they'll get these people to register to vote. they're going to register, they think, for them. and it is going to change the face of the country. that's why -- this is a long-drawnout plan. >> laura: and that's why legal immigration is so important. you have the time to assimilate people in to the country instead of -- >> they don't want that, laura. >> laura: no, they don't want to take these poor people and like dump them into one part of the country where they're going to be speaking their own native language with the entire community. and it's harder for them to assimilate in those circumstances oftentimes. you brought up the issue and the
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ingraham angle spoke with cynthia brim, the chairman of the republican party of bexar county. she provided some alarming information. that the san antonio city council gave $100,000 to catholic charities reaching out to illegal aliens for food, clothing, medical attention, and bus fares for them. the city council has exhausted its budget for 2019. so, it looks like some of these third party groups that get, you know, $100 million in the federal government every year, catholic charities get it. they're the ones that are left to do the triage on the street. >> they're overwhelmed. yeah, i want jerry to get on this. >> look, you can imagine this problem in san antonio. can you imagine this problem in del rio for some of our other voter towns. thank god san antonio is probably a little more capable of providing whatever services they're going to provide at this
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point. but, i mean, this is something that's playing on every day along the border. these border towns are -- >> laura: yeah, but we've got to -- people have got to understand this. this is not about the border town play. they're affected, of course. this is about the country. this is about -- this is not just about the border town. they come from the border town. i witnessed it with my own eyes. they're dropped on buses, dan knows, they're set -- points unknown. and a lot of these communities are not even told they're arriving. guys, thank you so much tonight, and today the democrats kicked off another impeachment spectacle conjuring up the ghost of watergate past on the hill. jim jordan on the committee. he's here, next. hey! i'm bill slowsky jr.,
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i live on my own now! i've got xfinity, because i like to live life in the fast lane. unlike my parents.
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you rambling about xfinity again? you're so cute when you get excited... anyways... i've got their app right here, i can troubleshoot. i can schedule a time for them to call me back, it's great! you have our number programmed in? ya i don't even know your phone anymore... excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. >> memorial day for david hamberg, speaker pelosi and i had a chance to discuss impeachment. mr. dean, who wrote that? >> i did. >> have we been too long to giving don a moniker. deadbeat don. please comment. mr. dean, who wrote that? >> i assume that was mine. >> it was yours. trump's massive cover-up of his criminal behavior as potus he's incapable of accomplishing anything. you know who wrote that? >> i suspect that was me again.
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>> laura: he should have said that was "i" but that's grammatical stuff. jerry nadler called lessons from the mueller report, presidential obstruction and other crimes. throughout this spectacle, dean reveals himself as nothing more than a bias member of the anti-trump resistance. we knew that. before the hearing began, he appeared on his new cnn home and admitted he wouldn't be establishing anything new or relevant. >> i'm not a fact witness. but i hope i can give them some context. and show them how strikingly like watergate, what we're seeing now and what we're seeing in the mueller report is. >> what the heck is the point of this entire exercise on capitol hill. here now, the man you just saw exposed john dean, jim jordan, the membership committee and former deputy assistant general,
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let's start with you. glad you department do a contest for it. now could the dems think this is going to advance any narrative. this was a pr stunt. i'm surprised they didn't try to levitate other people from the watergate era out of the grave. but what did they accomplish? >> i don't know if they accomplished anything. but this is our patern. the first witness, the first big announced witness was michael cohen. he lied to congress. no surprise, he lied again, seven times. they bring in john dean to talk about obstruction of justice. john dean pled guilty to the obstruction of justice. so this is just their pattern and all about them trying to get the president. never forget the key chairman in the house have memorandum of understanding, contracts they've written among themselves. i'm going to do a, b, c, and d this, is the coordinated effort to get the president. mous, michael cohen, john dean, all of this is the stuff they're
11:26 pm
going to do. and they won't call it impeachment. that's what it is. the american people know it's wrong. >> john, dean was on cnn tonight again trying to draw pathetic parallels to watergate. why is he wrong? >> if you want an expert on how to commit obstruction of justice and commit illegal campaign checks, they brought the expert in to the guy who pled guilty to it. nothing to do with president trump. they're going to call bill clinton next when they call the impeachment hearings as the first witness. president trump compared to the nixon administration and watergate, trump made all of the officials available. did not exercise executive privilege against special documents available. if you wanted to draw a contrast between watergate and the mueller report, you couldn't have done better than bring john dean to testify. >> yeah, he looked like mr.
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greenjeans from the captain kangaroo era. mr. green jeans is here. he was i think referencing you tonight. he was on cnn and others who are criticizing his appearance, congressman, let's watch. >> were you taken aback by some of the personal attacks by republicans. did you expect the hearing to be contentious as it was? >> i did, actually. i know the players, i've watched them before. i watched them badger hillary clinton. they're all flame throwers. >> i don't see the flame thrower. >> i don't badger. i brought the facts. she wanted to blame the tragedy of benghazi on a video. we knew that was wrong when she talked about that. the president was falsely accused. >> what's the curiosity. why would someone like john dean be concerned about that. >> falsely accused. then the democrats -- bob mueller does the investigation, no collusion, no indictment on
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the obstruction charge and the democrats want to say, let's keep looking at that versus the false accusation that started the whole thing. so to me, that's the big problem here. and, again, john dean, here's the other connection with michael cohen, john dean was giving advice to lanny davis, michael cohen's lawyer, the night before. the night before michael cohen was supposed to testify, john dean is on cnn and he tells erin burnett on that show, i told lanny davis, tell your client, tell michael cohen not to give the pel to the republicans, actually obstruct the investigation of the oversight economy. mr. wu is right. he's an expert on obstruction. he was advising michael cohen to do that when he came to testify four months ago. he followed his advice and he also lied. >> becoming the resistance media. this is cnn. james earl jones, where does he go to get the voiceover back. in a letter to the house committees today, steven boyd
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offered more details on bar rec's investigation to the surveillance against the trump campaign, describing it as broad in scope and multi-facetted. talking about durham, the u.s. attorney in connecticut. how significant is that language, john? >> i think it's tremendously significant. this is not going to be just one review of a single fisa application. let me point out, congressman jordan has done great work in bringing to light a lot of these shenanigans that were going on at the start of the investigation. but i'm not surprised attorney general barr is going to conduct a broad investigation. i hate to say it, more in the justice department, the more we learn about how this thing is starting to get worse and the worse it's going to get, it's an obligation or a duty of the attorney general to make sure that this never happens again. something like the steele dossier could set us off on a two-year mole hunt to try to tear down the constitution. >> going to ask about justice
11:30 pm
amash is stepping down? >> we had a nice long meeting. the board of the freedom caucus, the chairman will be talking about that. we disagree with the assessment of the entire impeachment. those two will be talking about the situation tomorrow. >> do you have a lot of friends that think like him? >> we don't. but he's wrong. we said that. >> he's setting about to try to destroy this presidency under false pretenses. >> totally wrong, totally disagree with his assessment. >> we made that clear. >> going to run for the nomination? >> i don't think so, i hope not. we want president trump to get re-elected. that's what we want. >> laura: thank you, gentlemen. a frightening story about christian persecution and the war against the christ. and biden's reversal on federal funds for abortion. ralph reed, also up.
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>> laura: religious hate is out of control. now there's a war on the cross. christians are being attacked, physically assaulted for wearing crosses. like this one i have on right now. now these attacks are especially brazen across europe. according to the italian press, and author raymond ibrahim, a muslim migrant in rome was arrest in april for homicide after he stabbed a man for wearing a massive bronze cross vandalized two churches. in germany, in the alps and bavaria alone, 200 churches were attacked and crosses broken. now, this, of course, is ten weeks after the sri lanka church bombings where 290 people ended up being killed which no one has been talking about pretty much at all anymore. for more, i'm joined by the co-founder of the muslim reform movement and author of "standing alone," and with me, dr. conta
11:36 pm
amethod, the leader of foreign relations. islam phobia shouldn't be tolerated. but -- often times. how important is it for the reform movement to highlight these types of cases, especially in the middle east we see the persecution of christians in europe. >> it's not islam-aphobia. they're heinous, criminal, and they're prosecuted in europe. we know christians are the most globally dispersed and purse cuted people in the world. sri lanka, one in three acts on christians is lethal in asia. this is unacceptable. it's islam that reveres jesus, that sees the gospel as a holy book of god, and the most
11:37 pm
mentioned and revered woman is the mother of jesus, the virgin mary in the koran. the muslims are acting beyond the bounds of faith as well as the restrictions of democracy. >> it seems like we talk about this a lot. but when the sri lankan bombings happened ten weeks ago, i thought, this is really going to spark a reawakening, a real conversation. maybe four or five days of coverage. but then it's like it never happened. >> oh, yeah. there's an acknowledgment of this issue. and you know, i look at your cross and i see a beautiful symbol. i see a symbol of compassion, of jesus, a beautiful human being. and i know that in christianity, jesus has a place of beautify occasion. >> love. >> well, love. >> love beyond anything else. you're curious why is the cross under attack. >> laura: yes, why? >> it's because this koran that i have right here.
11:38 pm
in the first chapter, the last sentence that we have, we say that we have to stay on this straight path. what the saudi interpretation and now governments like qatar and turkey have added is we have to stay on the straight path and not depart from it like the jews and the christians have done. because they say that thinking of jesus as the son of god is like policyism -- polythesism. and that is ultimately worse than murder, they say. that's why you have this attack on the symbol. >> laura: so there's a warping of the interpretation by the wahabist. is that how you see it, objectifying the slaughter of christians in the middle east, you've seen it in iraq and syria and pakistan and other countries throughout the middle east? >> that kind of interpretation, which is completely -- i'm a muslim child who is educated in a christian school.
11:39 pm
my parents are in their 80s and they had a christian education. so that is not the teaching of islam. it's also asking for muslims to take actions into their own hands and persecute for someone's belief when islam says everyone has a right a free will, a right to reject islam, to reject the truth of god in any way. so these muslims are acting beyond the bounds. now, there are some bright spots in the muslim majority world. in a few days, i will be back in iraq, back with the kurds in kurdistan who are rebuilding churches that were destroyed by isis. they are kurdish communities who welcomed 13 donated virgin mary statues that are going to be put on the rebuilt churches. you mentioned qatar, qatar was the first gulf state to have built a catholic church with 15,000 people -- >> laura: that's encouraging. but my friend who just got back from mosul said that -- i mean,
11:40 pm
the problem -- >> i'm going shortly. >> laura: you're going you. have to come on right when you come back. i'm telling you, my friends were there saying they can't -- there are no christians, few christians that are there. >> let me tell you, after the siege and they're in kurdistan, which is now hosting more minorities, homes to where they have survived genocide. >> laura: they've always been our friends. >> we celebrate easter together. we both condemn the persecution of christians >> laura: out of time. >> we have to have our come to jesus moment. because we have a problem. i went and visited one of the last christian families living in bethlehem because they feel under attack. >> laura: awful. >> we have to acknowledge, we have an intolerance problem. we have to stop with interface, that's peace and love and we love everyone. we need to do that. >> laura: we need to go. this is a conversation we're not
11:41 pm
going to stop having. t does.f people say it doe we care about this issue across the globe. you're fantastic. we got to go. we're going to go to black here. up next, democratic front-runner joe biden caves to pressure from the left on abortion. ralph reed is here in a moment to tell us why biden may have surrendered a majority of american voters to donald trump.
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>> as the democratic party
11:45 pm
shifts further to the left on social issues like abortion, so does the leading cabbed date, joe bide -- candidate, joe biden. late last week, he flip-flopped on the hyde amendment that bans using federal funds like medicaid for abortion. >> for many years as u.s. senator, i have -- i supported the hyde amendment like many others have. but circumstances have changed. and i've been struggling with the problems that hyde now presents. i can't justify leaving millions of women without access to the care they need. >> but for those of you keeping count, that's the third time biden has flip-flopped on the issue in just the last two months. here with me to discuss, chairman of the faith and freedom coalition. ralph? does biden even realize how much this is going to hurt him politically given the recent polls that are out? >> i don't know that he does, laura. you know this, is a position that he's held for 42 years. as a u.s. senator, vice president, three-time presidential candidate, he's
11:46 pm
consistently steadfastly and unapologetically said that even as abortion was legal that he didn't believe that devout, faithful, roman catholic, evangelicals, and other pro life americans should be forced to subsidize it with their tax dollars. that's been the post row consensus in this country. over two generations and seven presidential administrations. to be clear, no administration since rojas ever done what he's proposing and he flip-flopped and folded like a cheap suit after only 24 hours of criticism from the pro abortion lobby and left wing activists on twitter and it raises him to question, is there anything he won't say or do to win this nomination? >> they used to call john kerry the flip-flopper. he's going rival kerry on this category. people on the left and even some republican types, media types, they're all going after biden, just watch.
11:47 pm
>> biden's best day was the campaign launch. right now he's giving me jeb bush acid reflux. >> i have always known the thought on this issue. >> a flip-flop, a flip, flop, flip, never a good thing in politics and raises questions about his own performance. >> laura: don't you get the sense that the fix is in for biden. i'm getting that slow roll feeling. ralph, that -- that this is ultimately not going to end well for him. people think he's a shoo-in for the nomination. i'm not so sure. >> i'm going to -- i'm going to let them figure out who their nominee is. i'm not in the prediction business, but, laura, i'll tell you this, you go back and look at how hillary clinton flip-flopped on her support for the iraq war, on the support for the tpp, the pacific trade agreement, which she said was the gold standard, and then changed her position entirely. >> laura: yeah. >> on the crime bill, which biden also supported and he's
11:48 pm
beginning to flip-flop on, it raises the question of someone who lacks core beliefs. >> laura: he can't do it. >> it will hurt him in the general. >> laura: you can't do it. you can't be so play tent about it. thanks so much. trump exposes the chamber of commerce accusing him of weaponizing tariffs. maybe they've weaponized globalization. an ingraham angle investigation, next. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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>> it all started on cnbc early this morning when the head of the international affairs of the u.s. chamber of commerce went on air to deliver a message to president trump. >> the weaponization of tariffs, the increase of threats on our economy, on our farmers, our manufacturers, our consumers, is going to hurt our country. it also creates uncertainty, bill, with our trading partners. >> well, that claim, by the chamber of commerce illicited a response from the president who call in a short time later. >> i just want to say to the united states chamber of commerce -- if we didn't have tariffs, we wouldn't have made a deal with mexico without tariffs, we would be captive to every country. >> i'm a member of the u.s. chamber. maybe i'll have to rethink that. because when you look at it, the
11:53 pm
chamber is probably more for the companies and the people that are members than they are for our country. >> laura: oh, yeah. i wrote that about 20 years ago in one of my books. it's ridiculous. the president was exactly right. and that last line of his is the most important as it reveals a sad truth. today's chamber of commerce is more interested in the bottom line than in helping blue collar americans. first, as the chief add v-- advocacy group, it represents 80% of the fortune 100 companies, and command, of course, a platoon of lobbyists, they ensure corporations turn a profit by any means necessary and some of the policies they advocate have really hurt working americans, like offshoring production to china, and destroying much of american manufacturing. and the chamber has a second goal -- bring in as much cheap labor into the united states as possible. keep wages as low as possible.
11:54 pm
just six weeks ago, chamber tom donohue sat down with "the washington post" to affirm that the chamber advocates protecting the dreamers from deportation and expanding the rates of legal immigration and the fundmental issue is that the united states of america is out of people. translation, corporations do not want, once again, to raise wages. so, we want to flood the country with more workers to keep wages down, stagnant, and meanwhile, profits sky high. now, look, there's nothing wrong with representing big business. but is it worth selling out the future of the country, especially to a communist country to do it. president trump has rightfully and forcefully called the chamber out. and instead of attempting to figure out why they're a man without a country, their respots is summed up perfectly by the headline. the u.s. chamber wants to disentangle the brand from the gop. it hopes to rebuild "the center."
11:55 pm
here's my message for the chamber tonight. there's no middle ground when your own citizens are being sold out for a buck. empowering china and overburdening the united states with millions of illegals, not only bad for american business in the long term, but it's ruin nows to the american people. in the short term. tonight's last bite is next.
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>> laura: it's time for the last bite. >> time for the last bite. a 4-year-old rodney small was on his way home from disney world when he schooled a woman on proper plane etiquette. i love this. >> around me.
12:00 am
>> brutal honesty. how many times is that happened to you? a lot of flights last week, i can confirm those were no one in the ingram angle's staff's feet. the fox news at night team, take it all from here. ms. shannon. you have dealt with a long delay. i saw your tweet. shannon: it is always good to be home. we made it. >> how many hours was it? always tracking your tweets last night. shannon: we ran out of eminems and that is when things got tough. >> if shannon gets impatient it has to be bad because she never loses patience. have a great show. shannon: fox news alert, a truce between house democrats and the um


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