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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  June 11, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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i will do a pavement dive. [laughter] >> andy: i feel much safer. >> melissa: we want to teed up for harris, the president will be out any second. we've got a preview of what he's about to say and it's quite fiery. don't go away, here's harris. >> harris: let's do that breaking news. president trump hitting hard against joe biden ahead of their show done and i would today. "outnumbered overtime" now, i'm harris faulkner. president trump preemptively taking aim at the democratic front runner before campaigning in the hawkeye state. questioning biden's ability to take on the role of commander in chief as the former vp prepares to mount his own criticism in this critical swing states. chief white house correspondent john roberts is live at the white house. we will have a quick condo. some spicy words already to set us off. >> look at what's going on today, harris. he would think it's already down to the general election in a two-person race, because joe biden in a speech later on today -- which we've got an advance of the comments of what he will see in the speech -- he
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really takes on president trump as if they are running head-to-head in the general election. and today on the south lawn, as the president was leaving for iowa himself where he will give a speech on renewable energies and give a campaign style event tonight, asked the question, joe biden is going to see in the speech that you and your policies represent an accidental threat to this nation. and the president just went off on biden. calling him basically 1% joe, not mentally very strong, wait until you hear the comments. this is a back and forth that you would not expect some 17 months out before the election. some very spicy video just ahead for you. i don't want to give away too much, harris, you need to hear it for yourself. >> harris: even if we say from our own mouths, i would rather run against joe biden than anybody. i think he is the weakest mentally and i like to run against people who are weak mentally." even if we say we don't have his
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tone and tenor. as you said in your own words, he went off on joe biden. we already know from notes ahead of joe biden's visit to iowa, which got rescheduled because of a granddaughters graduation, of the enough scheduled on the same day as the president of the united states. but, you know, we report the facts. when you look at what joe biden is expected to say and how many times he says the president's name, my goodness, it is on. >> president trump noted that, saying, "if you're going to say my name 75 times or however many times it is, no you got a problem that can only be good for president trump." he's been criticized to some degree for being kind of running on the anti-trump message as opposed to the what's good about the democratic party and what would be good about a democratic president. so he is certainly still following that particular playbook today, and probably in a stronger way than we've ever
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seen before. the president made some other news on the departure, as well. i asked him whether or not the united states has an agreement with mexico to become what's called a "safe third country" for asylum-seekers. the president would not confirm that but he did pull from his pocket a folded up piece of paper that he said was the agreement that the united states struck with mexico last week. late friday evening. president trump saying he wasn't going to divulge the contents of the letter. he wanted mexico to do it first. he also suggested later on that if mexico does some pretty concrete significant steps in lowering the number of migrants that come up through mexico to the u.s. border, that may be the won't have to use the agreement that he's got with mexico. it certainly wouldn't -- yeah, a couple of developers on that front. >> harris: even if we say that, it's different coming from him. i'm going to further this and on mexico because you're talking about it. i'm going to let mexico to the announcement at the right time.
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>> correct, that would be the announcement. i'm told by sources in the administration that on friday night there was at the very least a verbal agreement for mexico to become what's known as a "safe third country," which means migrants who came up through mexico from central america would be able to try and claim asylum in the united states and mexico. but if they went all the way to the u.s. border, across into the united states, they would not be able to claim asylum. so that would mean that central american migrants could claim asylum either in their country of origin or in mexico. but not the united states. i'm told, for political reasons, mexico does not want to talk about that right now. he wants to talk more about sending 6,000 members of its national guard to the border with honduras and wants to talk about other steps it's taking, because it may be politically difficult or unpalatable for mexico to say, "yes, we are going to become a safe third country for asylum-seekers." so united states is got that in their back pocket right now.
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they do insist, at least officials that i've spoken to, that they did reach that agreement on friday. >> harris: all right, we are inside of about a minute warning. i do want to add this, because we want to let people know what the president is going to do. he is going to tour the southwest iowa renewable energy in council bluffs, iowa after landing, and that's the first of two events that he is partaking in today. he delivers remarks at the republican party of iowa annual dinner in west des moines tonight, as well. just looking ahead to all of this, and this is an opportunity for joe biden to see something that maybe he hasn't seen up close, although in different parts of the state, but he hasn't seen it on a same-day schedule. and that is rally the voters and the base, president trump. that's a very different person than you might think would see for more of a distance. as we await the president to talk, just seconds from now, i want to give you a few seconds
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to sum up what that means. >> what's interesting to me is that biden's camp released his remarks in advance. that typically doesn't happen very often, and i think the reason is they wanted to get it out there so the president knew what he was running into. but he gets punched, he punches back any punches back hard. >> harris: no doubt, we will watch them do that right now. the president of the united states outside the white house. >> president trump: this is a big group, by any standard. this is like the academy awards used to be before they went political. now nobody cares. her great honor to be with you. we are doing very well. mexico is doing a great job of the border, really helping us. we want the democrats to help us, as much as mexico. we will have no problem at the border. we will clean it up very quickl quickly. but the agreement with mexico has been great, they have been working very hard. we are doing very well together. a good relationship. yes? >> reporter: [in the state]
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well, i heard biden, who is a loser -- joe never got more than 1%, except oh obama to come off the trash heap. nice feeling. it looks like his friends from the left are going to overtake and pretty soon. but i heard his whole campaign is to hit trump. you look at what the obama administration did in terms of the military, in terms of security, in terms of other nations, in terms of almost everything, much of it now, fortunately for everybody here, has been overturned. but look, when a man has to mention my name 76 times in a speech, that means he's in trouble. i have to tell you, he's a different guy. he looks different then he used two, he acts different than he used to, he is even slower than he used to be. so i don't know. but when he mentions my name that many times, i guess i should be complemented complim.
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>> reporter: [indistinct] >> president trump: who? i never do. my poll numbers are great. by the way, we've gotten fantastic numbers. they cannot with a 50 percent, and the amazing thing is all i do is get hit by this phony witch hunt. although they don't mention russia anymore because there was no collusion. so now they want to try and say, "well, did he construct dominic obstruct ?" the crime was by the democrats. they committed, in my opinion, many times. time will tell what happens there. the crime was by the democrats. my poll numbers have been very, very good. we are starting, really, next week. it's got to be something very special, we're starting in orlando, florida. [indistinct question] excuse me? no, i would rather run against -- i would rather run
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against biden than anybody. i think he's the weakest mentally. i like running against people who are weak mentally. i think he is the weakest appear. the other ones have much more energy. i don't agree with her policies, but i -- i call him 1% joe, because until obama came along he did very well. but i don't bring him out. the best thing that ever happened to the farmers is me. we gave $16 billion to the farmers to make up for the deficit with china. we gave them $16 billion. we don't give it to them, they earn it because they are patriots. we give them ethanol at 15, which nobody was ever going to do. which biden didn't do in eight years as vice president. the farmers are my best friend. nobody has treated the farmers better than donald trump. >> reporter: [indistinct question]
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>> president trump: that is the agreement that everybody says they don't have. no, because i'm going to let mexico to the announcement at the right time. mexico, they want to go through. here's the agreement, it's a simple agreement. this is one page. this is one page of a very long and very good agreement for both mexico and the united states. without the tariffs, we would have had nothing. we had nothing to cope weeks ago. mexico told us, absolutely -- i don't know where the times got the story, but i think they probably got it for somebody who works here and said how well they were doing. for a long time, for many years, people tried to get what we got in a period of a couple of days. and they couldn't get it. but the difference, they couldn't get it. mexico, we are getting along with them great. marcello and the president and all of them are getting on great. they started a very strong action.
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they're moving right down, 6,000 soldiers, to their seven border. who ever heard of? do you think we had that two weeks ago? two weeks ago i will tell you what we had -- we had nothing. the reason we had nothing is because mexico felt they didn't have to give us anything. i don't blame them. but this is actually ultimately going to be good for mexico, too. and it's good for the relationship of mexico with us. so here is your thing, they all say, "he doesn't --" i give you my word, insight here, and i would love to do it. but you will stop it, you will analyze it. every single letter, you will see. but in here is the agreement. >> reporter: [indistinct question] >> president trump: look, nancy is a mess. the democratic party is a mess. they are doing everything they can to win the election in 2020. they are guilty of many crimes. many, many crimes, what they've done.
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they are guilty of many, many crimes. and hopefully in a short period of time that will be seen. they should never have done what they've done, and all they do is waste time on these investigations where there is no obstruction, no collusion, no nothing. and in the meantime they can't get a border deal done. they can't do anything. we need, in addition to the great deal with mexico, we need them to work on illegal immigration, on lower drug prices, on infrastructure, and they are not doing anything. they have come to a halt. >> reporter: mr. president, they say you can't be trusted, sir. how do you react to them saying you can't be trusted? >> reporter: [indistinct question] >> president trump: i don't want to say, but you can just figure it out yourself. right here. and the reason is mexico wants to handle -- that would have to go through their legislative
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body. a lot of people heard they agreed to it. a lot of people are saying that. good luck, okay? i'm not going to say one way or the other, but i will tell you, right here is the story. i don't like it when newspapers write fake news or when reporters, like you, do fake news. i don't like that. so right here is the agreement. very simple. it's right here. and in here is everything you want to talk about. >> reporter: [indistinct question] >> president trump: joe biden thought that china was not a competitor of ours. joe biden is a dummy. joe biden thought china was not a competitor. china made $500 billion over a short period of time against
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obama, biden, and for many, many years, in all fairness to them. china is a major competitor, and right now china wants to make a deal very badly. it's me right now that is holding up the deal. and we are going to either do a great deal with china, or we are not doing a deal at all. right now china is paying us billions and billions of dollars. they never gave us $0.10, and china ate our country alive during obama and biden. they ate us alive. and then biden has some sort of relationship financially, or his son, with china? tell me about that. because china ate the united states alive economically, and it's a shame. >> reporter: mr. president, how do you respond to the democrats saying -- >> president trump: policy attacked me. she was here, she made a horrible statement that i'm sure she wished she didn't make. she made a horrible statement
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while i was with the queen of england, while i was with the president of france, and you are not supposed to do that. okay? but the ones that committed the crimes are the democrats and others. >> reporter: immigrants from venezuela deserve asylum in the u.s. -- >> president trump: we are looking at that and we are very much involved with the venezuela crisis. it's a horrible thing, horrible situation. it's been brewing for many years. it really started in the biden obama administration, but it's been brewing for a long time. so we are looking at that very strongly. >> reporter: [indistinct question] >> president trump: my relationship with president xi of china is a very good one. one of the people i really like, i get along with him. he is representing china. i'm representing the united states of america.
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we are doing very well. we are taking it billions of billions of dollars. companies are leaving china right now coming here because they don't want to pay the tariffs, and they are going to other countries. i can tell you china would like to make a deal very badly. they are getting hurt very badly by the tariffs, because companies can't pay the tariffs so they are leaving china. and the other thing you have to remember about china is that china will subsidize companies so our taxpayer is not paying for very much of it. a report came out, they are paying for very little food. but what is stewing is creating a fair playing field, which we have never had with china since the wto, the world trade organization. >> reporter: [indistinct question] >> president trump: we expect to meet president xi at the g20. have a very good relationship. look, we had a deal with china and then they went back on the
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deal. they said, "we don't want to have four major points," so we changed it. but we had a deal with china. unless they go back to that deal i have no interest. right now we are taking in billions and billions of dollars. i have created something, what we've done in the last two and a half years, we have picked up $14 trillion in net worth of the united states, and china has gone down probably by $20 trillion. there is a tremendous gap. when i came in, that gap was very close. >> reporter: [indistinct question] >> president trump: well, i love iowa. i've gotten along great. i won i would buy a lot. the last time, usually republicans would not win it by that much. i won by a lot. i have a great relationship with the farmers, have a great relationship with everybody. i mean, i awoke, i think it's going to be something that we win very easily.
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i think we will win back. i saw a fig poll, a suppression poll in pennsylvania. i even saw one in texas. they are suppression, fig polls prayed like the fake media, of which there are many here. they are fig polls. we will win texas by a lot, we will win i will buy a lot, i would say every -- i think we will do very well. we have steel companies opening up that for 40 years didn't open up, now they are opening up steel companies. i think you're doing very well. [ i just received a beautiful letter from kim jong un i think the relationship is very well, but i appreciated the letter. i saw the information about the cia with respect to his brother, or half-brother. i would tell him that would not happen under my auspices, that's for sure. i wouldn't let that happen under my auspices. but i just received a beautiful
10:19 am
letter from kim jong un. i can't show you the letter, obviously, but it was very personal, very warm, very nice letter. i appreciate it. i will say it again -- i think north korea has tremendous potential. and he will be there. i think north korea, under his leadership -- but north korea, because of what it represents, the people are great, the land is great, the location is incredible between russia, china, and south korea. i think north korea has tremendous potential. and the one that feels that more than anybody's kim jong un. he gets it. he totally gets it. i don't know, haven't heard about that. i would, but i want to get it further examined. in the meanwhile, no nuclear testing, no major missile testi, nothing like when i first got here. when i first got here, it was a bad mess. we have a very good relationship together. now i can confirm it's because of the letter i got yesterday.
10:20 am
i think something will happen that is going to be very positive. in the meantime, we have our hostages back, the remains keep coming back, we have a relationship. >> reporter: [indistinct question] >> president trump: i don't know anything about that. i know that the relationship is such that that wouldn't happen under my auspices. i don't know about that. nobody knows. >> reporter: [indistinct question] >> president trump: quiet. quiet, go ahead. up a little higher? >> reporter: they say the border wouldn't be as bad if congress had passed the 2013 immigration bill. >> president trump: congress has to get their act together. they have to pass immigration
10:21 am
laws, they have to get -- as far as i'm concerned, the most important thing is to get one of the loopholes. because you have loopholes and asylum problems that they could deal with in 15 minutes if they wanted to. the democrats in congress are causing this country tremendous drug problems, tremendous security problems, and they have to get together and work out asylum and the loopholes. it would take literally 15 minutes, it's so simple. >> reporter: [indistinct question] >> president trump: what we are going to do is sit down at some point with the democrats, work it all out. it is a quick negotiation. and they know i'm right. they just don't want to do it politically. they want to have open borders and open borders mean crime. really, it means crime, it means drugs. so we get 90% of our drugs coming in through the southern border. which i think everybody pretty much agrees to. hundreds of billions of dollars, we could close it up so easily. we took a big step with mexico
10:22 am
over the last three days. this is an even bigger step. but we took a big step with mexico. the democrats have to sit down with us and we have to work something out very easily on asylum and on loopholes. >> reporter: any plan or thought about another meeting with kim jong un? >> president trump: it could happen but i want to bring it further down the line. in the meantime, he has kept his word. there is no nuclear testing, there is no large long-range missiles going up, the only thing he sent upward short-term, short range. it was just a test of short range. it's a whole different deal. he has kept his word to me, that's very important. again, the letter you sent was a beautiful letter, it was a very warm letter. a very nice thing. and i don't say that out of naivete. i say that was a very nice letter.
10:23 am
>> reporter: the agreement in your pocket, windows that go into effect? >> president trump: this will go into effect, and it's my option. not mexico's, but it will go into effect when mexico tells me it's okay to release it. if they bring the numbers way down, we won't have to use it. if they bring the numbers way down, we won't have to. but this is my option. it goes into effect when i wanted to, but i have a lot of respect for the president of mexico. i have a lot of respect for the people we dealt with. so i don't want to do that. they have to go back to congress to get that approved, but it goes down -- listen -- it goes down, it goes into effect at my option. but i wouldn't do that. i want a deal with them. >> reporter: [indistinct question] >> president trump: well, i have a defense secretary. i have come it's done.
10:24 am
i put it out. it's done from the standpoint of the nomination. wait, wait -- pat shanahan was nominated two weeks ago. i put it out officially. now he has to go through the process. he is now going through it. that will make a determination. i think kevin is doing a great job right now, but we will make a determination. we have an acting, we will make a determination. but i think kevin is doing a very good job. >> reporter: are you hoping about future dialogue in iran? >> president trump: i hope it will work out with iran. because of the sanctions and other things, it is a much different country than when i came here. when i came here they were all over the place causing terror and problems. there are not doing that right now, and i think they respect the united states right now much more than they ever have. so iran has got a lot of problems and i would like to help them with those problems. we will see what happens. but they have tremendous
10:25 am
inflation, their money is worthless, you can't buy a loaf of bread. a lot of problems in iran. it's a lot different than it was two and a half years ago. big things were sanctioned but i think the biggest thing in the most important was when i terminated the iran nuclear deal. which was an incompetent deal. thank you all, i will see you in iowa. >> reporter: mr. president, could you weigh in -- >> harris: the president of the united states taking questions there on the lawn outside the white house as he boarded marine one, and that was taped playback from our crew on the ground. so he's already on the plane. he first boarded marine one, then air force one. he is set to take off -- to land at the air force base in nebraska, and then drive to southwest iowa, renewable energy the first of his two events in iowa. council bluffs, they are and tonight a dinner in west des moines. he's having a lot of opportunity
10:26 am
there, to take questions of media. they were shattered. some of them we couldn't hear, but we definitely hear the president, and some highlights from that. i want to first get a democrats perspective from everything that has just gone on there. because he took some real shots at joe biden. donna brazile is with me. former dnc interim chair and a fox news contributor. donna, you and i were taking notes. what do your notes say about joe biden and his potential as a front runner against a man who has the bully pulpit and uses that of every opportunity? >> [laughs] we don't have to wait until the fourth of july to see the fireworks. we've already experienced the fireworks. joe biden's starting in what i call the eastern, the southeastern quadrant of iowa. he is in a place with the democrats lost in 2016, but joe biden and barack obama won that part of the state back in
10:27 am
2012. so i think the vice president today has three major goals. one, he is coming back into a state he is very familiar with. but he needs to talk about the big issues. agriculture, tariffs, climate change. people want to know where the vice president stands on these issues. i know he's going to take on president trump. for that and the president has already responded. >> harris: he expected to say his name 44 times. joe biden, speaking of the president saying 44 times. i want to move through some things quickly because these are the issues that you say are the fireworks. i call it just the spiciness ahead of 2020. so the president today going after joe biden and saying that he is weak and mentally weak. and that he likes to take on people who are mentally weak. this is about to get nasty. we already know from joe biden's early remarks today, you were taking notes on that, as well. >> yeah, well -- >> harris: i thought he said he would do that. >> he said he would get in the
10:28 am
mud, but if somebody has already been tossing deer that you, you have to make sure it doesn't blind you to the real issues. we know that when the president was in japan, and the murderous dictator of north korea said that joe biden was a low iq individual, that the president basically said, "absolutely." when he was on foreign soil. i'm not going to get into -- >> harris: that's not what he said. >> but the insults happen. that's part of the political playbook. here's what i think joe biden needs to do in order to get those six electoral votes. yes ago out there and go out there often. but he also has to remind people that he has a plan for the future, not just the past. >> harris: we can revisit the words that were set by kim jong un, a dictator, and the president another day. but he misquoted the president, let's move on. >> then what did he say? >> harris: he didn't say what a dictator had said. let's move on to the six electoral votes. on the small venue that joe biden will do.
10:29 am
he missed two big occasions with the democratic party that's running 23 other people right now. i know we had a granddaughter graduating, there was always a good reason. he was in ohio when the democratic convention was going on in california. my question is, is he hurting himself by not getting fueled or reaching the challenges of the pack before he goes against the incumbent? historically it's very hard to beat an incumbent, particularly one with a good economy. >> i think president trump is vulnerable and he understands that. that's where he's also going back to iowa. that means 49% of the people looking for an alternative. but joe biden has to show up in iowa and new hampshire. all the early states. because if you are going to not only maintain your status as a front runner but build support and expand support, you have to show up. >> harris: is he really the front runner? has poll numbers are going down. he had a couple of gaffes last
10:30 am
week, one was a flip-flop over the hyde amendment, part of a spending bill. you know you've got to get your story straight because that's going to come up again. so where is he now and why doesn't he take on some of these other democrats? can you imagine what the debates are going to look like, and he hasn't been anywhere near getting sharpened by your own party members. >> every candidate has their own strategy just like every -- >> harris: is this a smart one? >> i think his strategy is to focus on donald trump and to be the electable candidate. that may change once the debate starts. >> harris: inevitability didn't work for hillary clinton. he's putting himself out there. before i let you go, you lead the party twice at the dnc predifferent years. will the dnc get involved with joe biden and say, "hey, go here, you're getting hit on over the hugging, ">> that's not the role of the party. when you have the counties of the stage, that's not the role of the party. the role of the parties tell about all the candidates, from
10:31 am
the courthouse to the white house. let me say this about joe biden -- are known him for a long time. joe biden is a good, credible candidate, but he needs understand there are a lot of other candidates who are anxious to become the front runner this -- >> harris: who do you think has a headline? >> i'm falling in love with all of them. like most democrats, i'm on a shopping spree. >> harris: it's not about love. who has the chance to take on the president? you don't have to love him. >> it's too early. i'm on a shopping spree. i'm putting a little bit of this and that in my bag. >> harris: why is elizabeth warren coming up? >> people are hearing her ideas. innovation and they believe that she also has a credible chance of beating donald trump. >> harris: all right. donna brazile, thank you very much. >> always a pleasure. >> harris: likewise. just moments from now, former vice president biden is said to speak in iowa, where he could respond to trump calling him weak mentally. the power panel slides in next. stay close. ctly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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>> harris: and the president, as you know, we just showed you, on his way to iowa for a couple of events there. was given basically a spontaneous and very lengthy about 20 minutes or so on the white house lawn before boarding marine one. news conference, it felt like. questions shouted, and he would take the questions. so now, can be here a little bit? okay, let's watch. >> i would rather run against biden than anybody. i think he is the weakest mentally. i like running against people who are weak mentally. i think joe is the weakest appear. the other ones have much more energy. i don't agree with her policies, but i think joe is a man who -- i call him 1% joe because until obama came along he didn't do very well. but i don't bring them up. >> harris: so two nicknames now. sleepy, and 1% joe. let's bring in deadening anger, "wall street journal" w editor.
10:37 am
judy miller, pulitzer prize-winning journalist and author. both are fox news contributor's. why is he going after entry been this way? weakest mentally? >> i think the president as his role as bully-in-chief come as a "new york times" columnist called him, is trying out themes. vulnerabilities. he's trying out a number of insults to biden to get under his skin, to see what works. he doesn't know yet. he doesn't have a really effective slogan for joe biden. >> harris: he doesn't know because we haven't seen much of joe biden. he missed the california democratic convention. he has missed those big occasions recently and he says, for good reasons. but when you miss those you don't give the other side point to calculate you, i would suppose. is that strategy, dan? >> i think is a strategy, they are trying to get the rest of the candidates at arm's length. but gosh, harris, look what's happening today. you got joe biden in iowa
10:38 am
followed by donald trump and i would. got donald trump sitting there insulting joe biden. this is like the stare down before a heavyweight boxing the two heavy weights. i think it's very -- >> harris: he had to take something off his schedule to make that happen. it wasn't a private event the present was going to. it's just -- we knew iowa was coming on the schedule. >> the president is going to come out there and elevate joe biden. biden is going to attack him in his speech now, and you know the president is going to -- >> harris: what you mean, elevates? he is a front runner 24 people and is pulling numbers are coming down. why is that happening? >> they are coming down because he is so high up. 37% of democratic primary voters say they support joe biden. he can only lose at this point. so what he is concentrating on is raising money, attacking donald trump as if he were already but nominee, and going r the president issue by issue. and, by the way, harris, gaffe
10:39 am
avoidance. because we all know that joe biden is prone to gaffes. >> he's not avoiding them, though. with the hyde amendment, this is something that turned out to be, "well, does he support federal funding or does he not?" he actually has skidded his way to a cultural talking point that republicans across the country are winning on. >> i think there was a big mistake. he is trying to come at lisa's campaign says, there are more centrist moderate democrats out there than the media lets on. he is supposed to be appealing to them. when he's under pressure on something like the hyde amendment, is pandering to left. it's a bad sign for wisconsin see if he's going to stick with the argument that he's appealing to the center. >> harris: the most shows him beating president trump by six points in the state. this was taken at the end of march. a lot has happened since then. so the numbers are coming down, and the polling that shows overall. you talk about the 37%. i'm going to ask my team if we can try and find the poll which
10:40 am
showed 24%. and bernie sanders also coming down, too. elizabeth warren doubling at 14%. what are your thoughts? >> i think right now he is the front runner. he knows he has everything to lose. this is a very calculated campaign that, from the beginning, has gone after trump with all of the force that he can. he is not running against the other candidates until he absolutely has to. and we will begin to see that in june with the debate. do not underestimate joe biden on that debate stage. >> harris: kamala harris, people are saying that as a former prosecutor she might take some bread off his plate. >> i think she would be in wonderful number two is how they are looking at it. >> harris: i want to ask you about this lingo that is being used back and forth today. our voters really paying much attention to some of the name-calling? by the way, you say the president started it. joe biden have a lot to say this to a couple of hours ago. so before the two of them were on the ground and ready to go,
10:41 am
we already knew that joe biden would speak the president's name 44 times. and i'm going to guess it's not like in the hallmark fashion, "i love you." >> the media to a great extent defense was going on out there. but the end of the day, it'll be that he's in a smack down with donald trump. >> harris: don't put it on us! we don't need the hyperbole. we just report the facts. you don't need any of that! >> but it's the nature of our business now. it goes with what is out front, and he will ensure by the end of the day that joe biden is the foremost thing in his mind. because he's going to get up there on that stage in iowa and attacked joe biden. and the biden people are going to love it because he's talking about their candidate, not the other 22 candidates. speed when he can't skip those debates, i would imagine. >> and he's not going to. but you are going to have today a split screen. biden versus trump. and that is just, as dan says, what both of them want. >> harris: i'm going to scoot to a quick commercial break as we await to see whether he actually will call the
10:42 am
president's name 44 times. stay with me. ♪ ♪
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>> joe biden is a dummy. joe biden thought china was not a competitor. china made $500 billion over a short period of time against obama, biden, and for many, many years, in all fairness to them. >> harris: tennessee senator marsha blackburn sets on the senate judiciary committee. i want to bring her in right away as we are watching vice president, former vice president joe biden, at his first event in iowa. and waiting for the president to get to iowa for his two events. that was the president moments ago. senator, thank you for being with me. i'm talking about china. a key point as we wait for some sort of a trade deal to be made. can you talk to me about the difference in these two men? joe biden has put himself out there as the footmen are of the democrats were running for 2020. all 24 of them.
10:47 am
in the president taking him on over china. >> well, and i'm so pleased the president is taking him on over china, because china has been a thorn in our side, if you will, when it comes to trade policies. harris, if you were to go with me, into all of our rural areas in tennessee, and talk to those farmers, they would look at you and say, "let me tell you something right now, we are going to stand with the president, try to resolve this china issue once and for all." and they want a fair market price. they want free trade. they want fair trade. they want trade. they do not want aid. donald trump gets that. harris, you have talked to him time and again. you know this. he understands that you've got to be a tough negotiator with these guys. and that's what he's doing with china. i'm glad that he is being very firm when it comes to huawei and
10:48 am
some of these entities that steal our intellectual property, that do not abide by rules for technology transfer. i think he's got it right. he does understand it, and obviously the previous administration will believe some of the things china was telling them, and will not hold them accountable. >> harris: it's interesting, because we have reported on times when china has said it would do one thing i didn't actually do that. last time i spoke with the president in the white house asked him whether or not china would capitulate if things get dicey enough for them economically. he said he wouldn't call it that. we actually have to reach a deal, that deals with that theft of intellectual property. that isn't just enough to do trade members. you got to take a look at this tree that's been there. we are watching joe biden's the left, and he is at an event where there are 85 seats. so this is a small event and i iowa. typically sam, a way to reach
10:49 am
voters in the southeastern part of the state while the president heads to council bluffs for his first renewable energy there. my question for you with regard to china, when the president says "joe biden and the rest have gotten it wrong," what does he mean specifically by calling him a dummy in this regard? and i know the language will get tough going head. but he was specific. >> [laughs] it will get tough. ask anyone you meet. are you better off today than you were eight years ago? the answer you are going to get is, "yes, i am." and that is what people want. they've gotten a raise, they are making more money, their kids have jobs, we are looking for markets to expand, which is what our agriculture community wants. our innovators want a level playing field around the globe. ask people that. they will tell you, yes, they
10:50 am
are. they don't want to go back to the days where we've got 2% gdp growth. that we can push it up and maybe had four or 5%. donald trump is right on these issues. the steps that they made on tax reform, read on those issues. the works were doing in the senate, the commerce committee and judiciary committee. we are right on those issues. we are going to keep pushing forward. one real quickly, he talked about receiving a beautiful letter from kim jong un in north korea. another meeting could happen, but overall he has kept his word to me. i'm no coating the president prayed her last quick thought? >> i think that if you were to look at a new axis of evil, you have china, north korea, iran, and russia. and that axis of evil. ronald reagan's trust and verify. i think that's a whole lot of
10:51 am
verifying that has got to be done on the front and when it comes to dealing with north korea. >> harris: senator marsha blackburn of the great state of sanity. thank you for joining me as the news is breaking today. between the president and the front runner for the democrats. stay with me. "i am here." aim to say that more with aimovig. a preventive treatment for migraine in adults that reduces the number of monthly migraine days. for some, that number can be cut in half or more. don't take aimovig if you're allergic to it. allergic reactions like rash or swelling can happen hours to days after use. common side effects include injection site reactions and constipation. aim to be there more. talk to your doctor about aimovig. that's ensure max protein, with high protein and 1 gram sugar. it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein.
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>> harris: he started off by calling the president "my friend president trump." now joe biden is talking about china and iowa. watch. [applause] >> you know, i think the president has made the wrong choices almost all along the line. the devastating flooding here, and in iowa overall, and throughout the region. and yet, president trump denies there's any such thing as climate change. it would be funny if it weren't so damaging and so serious. and what about health care, trying to have the justice department declared the affordable act unconstitutional? he saw how china taking people's health care work so well in 2018 2018, in the off year elections. did you find a republican who didn't sign for health care? i didn't, yet they were trying like the devil to eliminate the affordable care act. how did you deal with your child
10:56 am
who has a pre-existing condition and can't afford the insurance? how do you keep your child on your health care policy if they are struggling to find work? how do you deal with all the things we are trying to fix on the entire health care system? you are a nice town here in ottumwa, 25,000 people. they want to cut medicare, as well. how long will you be able to maintain your community hospitals here? how long a second going to last? president trump things that wall street and the superrich built this country. they didn't build a country. the middle class built this country. the unions built the middle class. that's how we got to where we are. [applause] folks -- we've got to build an economy that rewards work, not just wealth.
10:57 am
we've got to return the dignity of work. i think the president is literally an existential threat to america for three reasons. one, he is a genuine threat to our core values. if you wondered about that, remember what happened in charlottesville. i never thought i would see that happen in my lifetime again. you have people climbing out of the fields, and out from under rocks, carrying torches. contorted faces, chanting the same anti-semitic bile that was chanted in europe and germany in the 30 dominic '30s curing flags accompanied by the ku klux klan. decent people who said, "not in my city." when he was asked to comment, he said, "there were very fine people in both groups."
10:58 am
no president of the united states, democrat or republican, as ever, ever said something like that. never. around the world, around the world, but most importantly, as a response by her children. our children are listening. our idea that we give credit. look, folks. america is built on basic core values. decency, honor, leaving no one behind. realizing that there are things be given you and america. that we have to get together and cooperate. that this is a guy who does everything to separate and frighten people. it's about fear and loathing. it's about him calling people names the way he calls them. no president has done something like that, for god sake. it's bizarre, and it's damaging. i think he's genuinely a threat to our core values and effort to our standing in the world.
10:59 am
on the d-day ceremonies, the d-day ceremonies, it was astounding to me that he was treating attacks on everybody. from the mayor of london to bette midler. he found time to go after bette midler, for god's sake. in the middle of the d-day sake. for real. not a joke. and instead of repairing about relationships, he has continued to damage them. think about it. no president of the united states has ever done that, since we broke the transatlantic alliance, never threatened to leave nato. never gone after our allies, from vladimir putin to kim jong un, calling them my friends, poking his finger in the eyes of our allies. what's going on here? this is really dangerous stuff.
11:00 am
and it's not easy. he's a threat in my view, a threat to our core values. and folks, the fact of the matter is that for years of donald trump will be viewed as an aberration in american history and throughout the world. we are not only the most powerful nation, we have let the world not by example for power, but by the power of our example. that's why the rest of the world follows us. because of our values, who we are. decency, honor. it is being absolutely trashed around the world. look, the idea that i believe, if you had asked me this five years ago, i would have told you you are crazy. i think he is a a genuine threat to american democracy. how democracies die. none of


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