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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 12, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> we've arrived at that moment. >> do you have a sense of jealousy i'm heading to pebble beach? >> enjoy yourself. >> we shall. >> join us on t.v. >> absolutely. >> we'll be back tomorrow morning, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> we begin with an alert, new reaction to preview of potential general election match up or showdown. as president trump and democratic front-runner joe biden rip into each other during a campaign series of events in iowa yesterday. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here is dagen mcdowell, fox news contributor, lisa boothe, fox and friends julian and get ready, former new mexico governor and former 2008 democratic presidential candidate bill richardson. the gov is in the house. >> thank you.
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>> harris: we have a lot to get to, can't wait to get your opinion on biden. president trump and joe bide n yesterday while continuing to ignore the crowded primary field of democrats, he's competing with. >> donald trump and i are both in town today, but i hope trump's presence here is maybe clarifying moment for us all. >> if he's in the white house for eight years, he will forever change and alter the character of this nation. i really mean it. this is beyond the issues. i believe that trump poses a fundamental threat to america. >> president trump yesterday said he'd like to run against the former vp, calling him weak mentally and saying biden reminds him of his last opponent. >> pres. trump: he makes his stance in iowa once every two
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weeks and mentions my name 74 times in one sentence. that reminds me of crooked hillary, she did did the same thing. it came time to vote, they all said, you know, she doesn't like trump very much, what else does she stand for? same thing happening with sleepy joe, he's a sleepy guy. >> harris: the nicknames. new quinnipiac poll shows biden topping president trump by 13 points nationally, but white house counselor kellyanne conway says it's like deja vu when it comes to the polling. >> the polls were done by the same people who got 2016 so backward and never saw the trump presidency coming. we kept having the candidates, trump and pence, go to swing states and president obama carried twice 50% of the vote and hillary clinton could never get 50% of the vote. yet, in the state they elected republican for senate and/or
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governor. that was the plan. >> harris: what was interesting, you might have asked, why is he warning everybody else, when you see how he matches up with president trump, maybe his team is looking at the numbers. >> yes, what is encouraging for biden, doing well in critical states like ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin, florida, where we, the democrats, need the win. i think it is smart for biden not to attack his opponents. he's way ahead, he wants to project statesmanship, reconciliation, i think it is a smart strategy. the problem is if the voters in iowa and new hampshire, first primary want new generational leader, younger leader, it is still too early, seven months away, the first vote. >> before we open to the couch, you are the only person who has run for president. >> but i didn't do too well. >> harris: you had to fight for what you believed in, the fight
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is different now. most of it tends to be in the mud, not just this race, it is politics. biden will try to stay above the fray, pair friesing you. do nicknames tend to stick for whatever reason? >> well, i think it is smart to run a general election race at this stage, the president easily provokes anyone with his insults. he does. i think biden right now is sitting on a comfortable lead, but he can't take the race for granted. he has to work hard, he has to show up as much as he can. i think his sailability, his experience and electability. poll of 13 points is significant, i wouldn't dismiss the poll. >> harris: what is interesting about the governor saying, you got to show up. joe biden and his own party is taking criticism for missing a couple big events for the democratic candidacy, not that
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reasons were not formidable. granddaughter's graduation and so forth. >> he will have to show up and be on stage for those, let's not make the same mistake we did in 2016 by looking at the guide what will happen with the outcome. we don't have an election that is based off the popular vote, we have an election based off electoral college, that was mistake made in 2016. to get to general election, joe biden has to win the democratic primary, that is not certain. he is up because of name i.d. and perceived electability. we see the lead flipping in iowa, i wouldn't be certain joe biden is gunning to be democratic nominee and there was a reason why obama's team pushed him out of the 2016 election and david axelrod is openly --
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>> harris: i have to break in. president of the republic of poland and his wife, arriving and you see the president and the first lady there to greet them. they will have later on bilateral meeting with the president of the republic of poland. for right now, what we're waiting for is an announcement on troops in poland today and not sure what part of the day that will come, if it will come closer to the beginning as they enter the white house now after taking the traditional photograph outside. we're watching for that, among other news, as well, with the president. as it happens, we will bring it to you. i want to come back to the governor for just a second. you have written an op ed based on your 2008 run. i was picking your brain on that. you say they need to carve out policy niche, who is doing it right that you see so far? >> elizabeth warren is gaining in the polls because she has
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detailed policy position, policy one. that is what you want to do. i think biden already has that because he was vice president and served well. but i think it is good to be known for having positive positions, not just anti-trump positions. having an economic message on wages, on people wanting to get advanced economically and national security. i think those will be the key issues. >> harris: i know dagen craft coherent economic message is the next thing the governor is saying they should do. my question is, who has all of this? the same time, have you to come up with a marketing strategy that can go point to point with somebody who tweets a lot. >> dagen: on the economy, you can correct me if i'm wrong, bernie sanders, democratic socialism and elizabeth warren is right up there with him with policies like wealth confiskagz,
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that is where biden can push back, that is a reason he's leading by 15.5 percentage points because he looks like the best person right now to take on the kind of soviet duo of bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and take on president trump at the same time. shouldn't we expect something on healthcare from vice president biden? that is the number one issue that people want the government to fix, based on this recent nbc "wall street journal" poll. >> you know i'm moderate in the democratic party, kind of endangered species. >> good we've got you on the couch. >> i do think, if i'm talking about healthcare and i'm vice president biden, i would say, let's fix obamacare. medicare for all issues like minimum wage, free college, you have to explain how you'll pay for that. even though i think bernie
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sanders and by the way, the american people are close to sanders on those issues, on medicare for all, on minimum wage, on free college tuition, not just democratic voters. so, you know, what i would not do is, i hate this class war fare bridge. i think we have to think about people making more money, wages going up, the industrial midwest finding ways to get out of some of the -- i think president's unfortunate trade issue on farm issue. >> and if biden is to stay on top of the poll, people are excited to hear more detail. that is part of the problem, yes, you hear the polls and what they are saying, he has to do more explaining and people are starting to realize it is time for that. >> that is right. we have seven months to go. it is eternity before the first vote is cast and the first caucus in iowa and new hampsh e hampshire. it will change.
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i don't think iowa and new hampshire is the decisive primary. you have nevada moving up, a lot of minority voters. south carolina. >> you would have stayed in longer? >> i ran out of money. >> harris: you do need cash. >> dagen: you do. >> i wanted to stay until nevada because there was hispanic population there, i ran out of cash. >> dagen: we'll talk about that and move to the next topic. i like watching biden and trump fight with each other. very entertaining, but i don't know if that helps you pick. >> doesn't it get old, though? >> dagen: we will continue to talk about this. >> i know, true. >> waldorf. two weeks away from the first democratic debate and 2020 candidates are scrambling to meet requirements to qualify by midnight. so far, 20 of the 23 democratic contenders have met one of the two required thresholds.
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another poll is said to come out today, candidates required to have 65,000 unique donors or 1% in three dnc approved polls. that leaves montana governor bull sdlt ock, seth molten and wayne methum at risk of not making the cut. the d.n.c. has handled criticism over this large field of candidates, some saying too many candidates will be on the stage, others saying d.n.c. should not excludeanybody. the perfect person to ask, man in the center seat, chairman of the democratic national convention, ran for the nomination himself. are there too many folks in it? why in the heck are all these people trying to run for a nomination that, you know, if you live in the real world, they know they are not going to get it? >> well, first, the d.n.c. had a really tough choice, although i would have done it differently. i think to put quotas if
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fundraising and quotas on poll numbers, you just don't want to do that. i would have had more debates with more candidates. >> how about more networks? >> yeah. >> i have advised democratic candidates that don't like your network to appear on your network. you guys have a lot of viewers. >> harris: we have the most viewers, the best viewers. >> if i'm the d.n.c., candidates like montana governor, bullock, seth moulton, legitimate candidates, they started late and may not get in. >> if it is three, five, 10, whatever the case may be, why make an exception at the beginning? you have rules in place and you should follow the rules. i'm a rule follower. >> harris: i think partly because of what dagen said, if i could be so bold, it is because, i have to be bold to quote
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dagen, she says it better than anybody. if you are going to at this point, what is difference between 21, 22, 23 -- they will fall out anyway. when they get next level of threshold, you won't need to talk about this. >> dagen: but why. >> it doesn't matter. >> harris: why not let them in now? >> it doesn't matter, look at the three candidates, they don't have a following. the reason the d.n.c. took heat in 2016, it was bernie sanders, who six days after announcing candidacy announced one million supporters that signed up to work for the campaign. the d.n.c. faced scrutiny because bernie sanders had a following. until they get the cold shoulder from the d.n.c., it is not a big deal. >> do you think the public trust the d.n.c.? >> there is skepticism among the party fateful there was toward
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hillary clinton. the d.n.c., i think has a good chairman, tom perez, we've had victories in elections, that is the important thing lately. on this quotaa system, i would have done it differently. when i ran in 2008, there was seven candidates, we had, i don't know, maybe 20 debates. we all would appear. toward the end, only quota was only had four candidates appear in new hampshire, top four in iowa and i made it as the fourth, but then i was fourth again in new hampshire, i had to get out because i ran out of resources. >> dagen: i'm waiting to watch these people who are at the 1% or below threshold in the debate belch up craziness. >> harris: you will get it. >> you want to get noticed. as long as you don't make a fool of yourself, you want to have a debate moment on an issue, just something -- >> harris: if you are joe biden, you don't want to have a debate.
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>> making a fool of yourself, that ship has sailed for a lot of candidates. >> you know, you are going to see interesting strategies because you can't just expect an eye on new hampshire to compete with candidates that have run there before and have resources. you got to do something new. >> harris: well said. we have more to cover coming up. you hang tight. buckle up. >> harris: u.s. women's soccer team meantime with blowout victory last night over thailand, igniting new debate over equal pay with 2020 democrats weighing into the conversation. too much celebrating? we'll debate that, plus president trump touting his relationship with north korean leader kim jong-un yesterday. bill richardson, governor, former ambassador, visited north korea several times and helped secure release of american hostages. his take on these developments. >> in the meantime, no nuclear
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testing, no major missile testing, nothing like when i first got here. when i first got here, it was a bad mess. ok everyone!
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9:21 am
letter he received from north korean leader kim jong-un. the president's last summit with kim in vietnam ended abruptly without an agreement. since then, north korea launched short-range missiles and talks have appeared to stall. last night 2020 democratic contender buttigieg mocked the president for corspopd -- correspondence with the north korean dictator. watch. >> you will not see me exchanging love letters with a brutal dictator who starves his own people. work to create conditions that will make it possible to welcome north korea into the international community. until we can change the president dynamic, until there are good faith and verifiable reversal in north korea nuclear program, sanctions must remain in place. >> harris: joe biden also is going after the president on this. watch. >> and he embraces kim jong-un,
9:22 am
who is a damn thug and murderer. i was pleased to know that his alliance with kim jong-un, he and kim jong-un thought that maybe i shouldn't be president. >> harris: so this is kind of going around in circles in the sense nothing has really changed. i know the president says the missile firing, the launches weren't a violation and that was him trying to get attention, kim jong-un and his people. but the point is, we're talking about a possible meeting, the president said he would be open to it. >> well, harris, last time i was on your program, i praised the president for reaching out to kim jong-un, things stabilized, we started negotiating. i wish he wouldn't say things praising kim jong-un. also in another exchange, he said he wouldn't spy on kim jong-un, which i think is a big mistake. now where are we now? i think we need to not have a
9:23 am
summit until the president's team, state department, the negotiator, establish a negotiating parameter that we don't have, in exchange for north korea, taking strong steps to denuclearize, i think it is important that some sanctions be lifted, but keep the rest, i think that is the compromise. we're not heading that way and the president just undermines his negotiators by praising kim jong-un. >> i will jump in, too, i don't like the warm and fuzzy between president trump and kim jong-un at least in the way president trump is speaking about him. you heard him talk about a warm, nice letter, if in the end it ends up working, i will admit i'm saying this and it is wrong. for now, i don't see how we benefit by that language. not saying what he's doing is wrong, saying the language -- >> dagen: can i interject and ask the governor, talk all day long about what the president should and shouldn't say and the
9:24 am
way he expresses himself, none of it matters, however, how does kim jong-un and the regime in north korea, how would they interpret this language? you might know better than anybody. >> i've negotiated with them, they are totally unpredictable. they say things that are set off to alarm the international community. >> harris: but they are not true in some cases. >> many times, but he did fire two missiles, short-range, the president contradicted john bolton, they were violations of u.n. resolutions. kim jong-un, he had a terrible setback in hanoi and needed to come back with sanctions relief. he didn't look good in front of his people and the international community. so i think kim jong-un, if we play him right, will want to make a deal. but i think the president, as you've said, overdoing the praise and undermining his
9:25 am
negotiators who are good, this steven began guy is very good. doesn't help. do not give them another summit unless kim jong-un makes concessions. >> lisa, before we go. >> lisa: he said fire and fury and received criticism in that conversation, as well. i have theory president trump is right job for national security threat because pentagon said we are turning from counter terrorism efforts and terrorism effort to actors like north korea, russia, china, big from national security standpoint. when dealing with bullies, you need someone who projects strength, that is president trump. the tomahawk missiles, he says he will do something, pulling out of paris climate accord, pulling out of iran deal, he doll it, we are better off with president trump than president obama who drew red marks. >> harris: question in terms of
9:26 am
a beautiful letter and a series of letters that we have heard about with this president. this is not an anomaly, because i remember former president obama and his letters with ahmedenajad, how is that difference from this? that is just previous to the iran deal we backed out of. >> president trump does it more in praising kim jong-un, saying he's a wonderful leader, his buddy, he shouldn't do that. i disagree a little bit, the president, when it comes to russia, he coddles putin. >> he's announcing more troops to poland, though? >> i don't know. >> energy export to poland, as well. >> maybe the policy, if the polish leader gets some troops, they are scared of russia. >> sanctioning of russia and diplomats, eshgs pelli ingpelli
9:27 am
expelling of -- >> we have to respect him, potlish president. the president's rhetoric sometimes does not match actions, that is not good, people listen to the president of the united states, he makes policy. >> don't actions also send a mess annual? >> well, yeah. >> more than rhetoric. >> what action on russia? i wish he was tougher on russia on election meddling and other issues on syria. instead, they have lovy-dovey summits. >> sanctions, ramping up and the list goes on how president trump has been strong against russia. >> harris: what is interesting, what you are saying in terms of hanoi, something the president got credit for, getting up and walking away from a deal that was not happening. the president is talking inside the oval office and we'll bring you the videotape as soon as we get it. i had just told you moments ago, the president of the republic of poland and his wife are here
9:28 am
inside the white house, inside the oval now, the two presidents of our country and theirs are talking, polish troops that america is set to dedicate today and announce and china and a number of other topics. we want to bring that to you right away. this is a big news day, a country the president has talked about looking forward to forging relationships and so on and so forth. we are following that as it happens. meanwhile, congress being called out over the victims compensation fund during an emotional -- did you see this? comedian jon stewart laid into lawmakers not in attendance, now lawmakers are taking action today, the latest news ahead. >> sorry if i sound angry and undiplomatic, but i'm angry and you should be, too, and they're all angry, as well. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely...
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>> harris: breaking news now, awaiting the videotape from inside the oval office. the president is meeting with the president of poland. we talked to you earlier about troop movement from germany to poland, promise the president had made and announcement coming now. how many troops are you talking about, he said to the reporter, talking about 2000 moved from germany. poland is living up to commitments, germany is 1%, should be 2%, haven't finalized anything, the facility would be world-class. that is all i need for it to be named fort trump. this will be much better when you hear it coming out of his mouth, we're getting the notes and without the intimation, you are getting the information. he was also asked about expected meeting with president xi of china at g20, the president said that is what he expects. we're doing well with china. joined today is former governor richardson of new mexico, i'm
9:34 am
curious to get your point of view on the idea of moving troops and what that communicates to you. >> well, i wish the president would say and maybe he will, that one of the reasons is buttress poland with respect to russia, not digging germany for paying 1%. i think germany deserves to pay more, obviously, but that is what i want to hear. i want to hear, you are good ally, poland, we're friends, we'll move troops, big reason is russia, that is what i would like to hear. >> jillian? >> i completely agree, i don't have much else to add. >> of course that is the reason to push back on russia, we've seen him be aggressive with energy export to poled, direct response to russia and trying to put pressure on, as well, we will see a lot of action from the administration, being tough on russia. wish i could say same about the
9:35 am
previous administration who didn't do a lot about russia until president trump won the election and placed sanction on russia, in my opinion, to tie president trump's hands politically. >> i don't think anyone was saying it is not about russia, you are saying you want to hear the president say this is about russia, versus about the 1%. >> i want him to say it is a foreign policy national security reason, nato, poland is a good member. >> harris: in the notes that have come out, the president is asked about russia, threat to poland and europe and he said, i hope not. >> he should say yes. >> okay, question to you, sir. is russia going to perceive this as challenge to them? is that the way putin will read this from -- >> 2000 troops, you know, it is not sizeable number. but no, the russians won't like it. >> exactly. >> i wish the president would say -- he says he hopes. >> fair. >> i agree with that. >> money and energy security, i
9:36 am
asked about this in the break. we are the world's largest oil producer right now and the fact we are gaining energy independence and have control over price and global amount of oil we are producing gives us play over russia and play over nations that hate us that we used to have to rely on for oil supply or they had control over cost of energy in the united states. >> you are correct there, when i was energy secretary, we were not in this position, opec, saudi arabia, arab countries controlled oil supply and oil prices. today, because we have enormous amounts of natural gas, oil, and i'm a supporter of fracking with positive regulation, we don't have to worry about that, well, we do, but we have potential to export our energy to poland, to eastern europe, to germany. natural gas, where russia has led -- that's good.
9:37 am
i want us to do more on energy. >> crossover more with the president. we started this hour with you saying you are a rare moderate in the democratic party. he spent the day in council bluff and several places yesterday, one place was renewable energy plant. it is interesting because i hear some -- i wonder whether or not if you were on the hill, there would be go back and forth and that is to not just compliment you, i hear the same thing coming out of your mouth. >> well, my hope, three areas where maybe there is potential cooperation, building infrastructure is one. two, privacy by some big tech giants, that is another. >> harris: the president talked about that. >> well, third, the third issue i think there is potential, national security issue like maybe eventually support for our north korea policy, although the president is not there yet, he's not defined what he wants.
9:38 am
>> harris: i get that. next time i'll ask the border, i have to go to commercial >> harris: in a few minutes. the president of the united states is in with the president of poland, talking about moving from germany to poland and you heard us talking about russia and the threat there, there is so much more to get to and when we get that videotape we will play it live for you. stay here on "outnumbered." maria ramirez?
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9:43 am
helped create a government that made progress in protecting working families. today, second decade of 21st century, must take up unfinished business of the new deal and carry to completion, unfinished business of the democratic party and division we must accomplish. the rnc wasting no time to krit siechl sanders calling him socialist who wants to double your taxes so the government can take over your healthcare. the sanders is expected to target president trump and republicans in a speech saying they love what he calls corporate socialism, it benefit approximates only the wealthiest americans. so governor, i will start with you. the if you can, can you differentiate for me, difference between a socialist and a democratic socialist? >> i wish you hadn't had this segment because you know i'm a moderate. >> we won't boo you. >> good to know. >> look. i wish that bernie wouldn't use the word socialism, but what
9:44 am
he's advocating, most americans want to see. medicare for all, minimum wage $15, free college tuition. now what bernie needs to do is how am i going to pay for this, i don't know if he'll do that. you know what he's doing technically with democratic voters and more progressives than moderates. i may the only one left, he's getting progressive wing of the party to back him and i think it is a tactical move that has taken positions before. he has a huge following, especially young people. you can't dismiss him. you can't dismiss him in general election, either. i wish he wouldn't use socialist label. the >> people are asked, you like medicare for all? i like medicare for all, until you tell them that 180 million people in this country get health insurance from their employer would lose that health insurance. here is what they do, erg, the car stops all of a sudden.
9:45 am
i think, if you talk about fdr, and the safety net in this country, the hospital trust fund in medicare as exists today is going broke in about seven years, in 2026, and it will be, cover about 89 cents on the dollar of benefits. why not fix that first before you try and basically create government healthcare for everybody? >> well, what i mention was, i think the best option. would be to say, we're going to lower premiums on obamacare. we need to fix obamacare, that is what i would do. obamacare, 30 million people, got health insurance, didn't have it, it was his main legacy. i would brag about it, medicare for all, i mean, you are right, i'm not disputing what you said. i think there is factual issues about the trust fund that i would dispute. >> i copy that -- i just copied
9:46 am
that. the recent medicare trust fund -- >> all right, we're inside about a minute warning from going to the white house. i want to ask you real quickly, governor, about this, why is it that guys like john delaney, who got in first, with 24 people, i think he'll be on the debate stage. why moderates don't do better on issues. he says no to medicare for all. other democrats may say it, you say progressives are outnumbering you at this point. >> well, joe biden is probably going to support obamacare with fixes and he's doing well. >> he's not saying that, though. >> eventually in the first debates or maybe he would if he had five minutes, it won't come out. policy positions will be scrutinized. i think this is where governor bullock and cory booker are going to -- >> 1% or less in some cases. let's move to the oval office, the president of the united
9:47 am
states is meeting with the president of poland and they have covered a number of topics and now q&a session to show you just moments ago with reporters. let's watch together. >> pres. trump: that is a legal matter. i think when you have a census and you are not allowed to talk about whether or not somebody is a citizen or not, that doesn't sound so good to me. the can you imagine, send out census and you are not allowed to say whether or not a person is an american citizen. in poland, they are either polish or not, right? i don't want to get you into this battle, but it's ridiculous. i think it's -- i think it is totally ridiculous we would have a census without asking, but the supreme court is going to be ruling on it soon. i think when the census goes out, you should find out and you have the right to ask whether or not somebody is a citizen of the united states. yes, ma'am? >> mr. president, [indiscernible] -- >> pres. trump: we're talking
9:48 am
about it, that is one reason we are here, a lot of money will be spent on a military facility, a great one, good location in poland and will be spread over an area, one primary facility, see how it works out talking about it. [indiscernible] -- poland and to euro europe? >> pres. trump: i hope not, i tell you what, we are with everybody. i hope not. russia will treat poland with respect, like the rest of the world. poland has built up a great country. they get hurt, unfortunately, too often, right? too often. they in the middle of everything, when bad things happen, it seems poland is the first one that is in there and it is unfortunate. no, i hope russia and poland and germany and everybody will get along, that is what i want, i want everybody to get along. >> reaction to demonstrations in
9:49 am
hong kong, is china overplaying the hand? >> massive demonstration, i look today, that is a million people. a lot of times people talk about, 2000 people, it was really t1000 or 200, i see it al the time. look at this demonstration, they said a million people, that was a million people, as big a demonstration as i've ever seen, hope it works out for china and hong kong. >> are they sending a message to china with demonstrations? >> pres. trump: i don't know what they are sending, that is demonstration they are having, i understand the reason for the demonstration, i'm sure they will work it out. i hope they will work it out with china. >> mr. president, would you be able to -- [indiscernible]. >> pres. trump: say it. we're going to be discussing a lot of those elements today.
9:50 am
no because we have great internal polling, there were fake polls released by somebody that is -- it is ridiculous. we are winning in every single state that we polled. we're winning in texas very big, in ohio very big, in florida very big. the they were fake polls that were either put out by the corrupt media, much of the media in this country is corrupt. i have to tell you that, mr. president. some of it is excellent, some is very bad. those are fake numbers. you know when you will see that, on election day, on election day, you will see. same thing, i had the same thing for a long period of time in 2016. i was getting terrible poll numbers and i didn't see it because i'd have tremendous grounds and my opponent almost nobody. i said, i think we'll win the state of michigan, we did. i think we'll win the state of wisconsin, pennsylvania, ohio, we won them all. now i have the same stuff.
9:51 am
they are giving out phony calls. no. these are polls that we have that nobody saw. we do little polling because i'm not a huge believer in polling. you go out and you fight and don't really need polls, you need ideas, more than polls. but we have some internal polling, very little, unbelievably strong. the strongest i've ever been is exactly today. >> no, they are not advisors, it is fake news, you don't understand what i'm saying. those advisors don't exist, they don't exist. it is made up by the newspapers. it is fake news. go ahead. >> mr. president [indiscernible] next few years? >> pres. trump: i think what the democrats are trying to do, they know they are going to lose the election, they will give this a shot. they will just everyday be doing more and more after, after, i don't know if you have this mr.
9:52 am
president, people are out of control, only way they think they can win the election, we'll see what happens. some point, the mueller report spoke, they were very disappointed. it said no collusion and no obstruction and no nothing. we actually rebuffed your friends from russia, that we actually pushed them back, rebuffed them. so the democrats were very unhappy with the mueller report, now they are trying to do a do-over or redo and we're not doing that, we gave them everything. we were the most transparent presidency in history. we gave them everything. you and i, we've had the conversation before, never been anybody so transparent, gave them 1.5 million documents, we gave them hundreds of people. i gave them lawyers, i didn't have to give, i didn't have to give them everybody, we gave them everybody. people that didn't like donald trump, 18 trump haters, 18
9:53 am
democrats, they were trump haters and they were supporters in some cases of hillary clinton, they made the decision and bob mueller, no fan of donald trump, i'm no fan of his, bob mueller came up with a report that said no collusion and by the way, led to no obstruction. now the democrats want to try to win an election, they keep it going. i think the american public will not stand for it. i tell you what the democrats should be doing, working on the border, they should be working on drug pricing and should be working on infrastructure, where we could get that done very quickly, they don't have any time to do anything, i think it is going to be tremendous day, year and a half now until the election, i think tremendous day for us. >> [indiscernible] at the g20 and can you update the agreement you eluded to? >> pres. trump: we expect to have a meeting with president xi, doing well with respect to
9:54 am
china, taking in billions and billions of dollars, we have never taken in before. the tariffs are very strong, 25% of 250 billion and tremendous money is flowing into the treasury. china subsidizing the companies, our people are not paying for it. if you look, our people are not paying for it. china subsidizing that so it continues to work. the trouble for china, companies are leaving china, they don't want to pay the tariffs. i have a feeling we will make a deal with china. i don't believe china wants to continue the problem they caused themselves because we had a deal done, almost i would say all of the tough points were negotiated. they were negotiated and they were agreed to and everything was finished and then china told us they can't agree to things they already agreed on. all right, that is okay. i said, that is okay. we'll put tariffs on, 25% on
9:55 am
$250 billion. now we have another $325 billion left and we don't make a deal, we'll put a tariff on that, too and the united states is making more money than they've made ever, ever before from china. i'd like to make a deal, we'll see what happens. i can tell you, as much as i'd like to, china wishes they had that deal to do over again. you can't renegotiate a deal. we had a deal that was done and they wanted to renegotiate. you can't do that. [question indiscernible] -- >> pres. trump: i think i will, we haven't picked a date, i will. i had an incredible time, that speech was special from the standpoint of the people of poland and i know it was considered a very important speech. you people gave me high marks on that speech. i could say it, but i don't want to say it, some people said it was the best speech ever made by
9:56 am
a president in europe. i did not say that, i'm quoting other people. but it was a great, it was a great day. the folks treated us so great, i won't forget it. won't forget our trip to poland, tremendous, special people. >>-- in poland. >> pres. trump: quiet, quiet. >> how concerned are you about democracy in poland and will that be -- >> pres. trump: i'm not concerned, i know the president very well. i know the people and leadership very well. poland is doing so well and they know they do backslide, they won't be doing well like they are doing now. they have probably never done better economically. like united states, the u.s. has never done better economically than they are doing now. they don't want to backslide. they won't backslide. theyey us a lot of money, they have to do well. we have to make sure they do well. we're very, very happy with
9:57 am
poland. you may want to say something about that. >> there is no problem with democracy in poland. everything is excellent. >> pres. trump: that is what i hear. okay. >> president trump? >> pres. trump: yes. [indiscernible] -- >> pres. trump: this would be certainly a statement that the u.s. would be making. i don't talk about permanence or nonpermanence, a statement the u.s. is making. steve, go ahead. >> how many troops are you talking about? >> pres. trump: talking about 2000 troops, we would be taking them out of germany or moving from another location, no additional troops, moving from another location. we have 52,000 troops in germany and germany is not living up to what they are supposed to be doing with nato.
9:58 am
and poland is. thank you very much. poland is paying the max, the max will be raised. i raised over $100 billion last year from countries that were not paying and it wasn't fair to the united states. so we put -- they put up over $100 billion more. as you know, germany is 1%, they should be 2%. they are not getting there fast. we have 52,000 troops in germany. we've had them there for a long, long time. so we'd be probably moving a certain number of troops to poland if we agree to do it. poland will build a phenomenal facility in a very good location. >> you are not totally convinced you want to do this. >> pres. trump: we haven't totally made a decision, no. we haven't finalized everything. the facility itself would be world-class. >> would you say -- >> pres. trump: well, that is up to them, i have nothing to do with naming it for trump.
9:59 am
that is all i need for trump. you people would have a field day with that, right? that is up to them, name it whatever they want. >> thank you for allowing questions. >> pres. trump: thank you. >>-- brilliant. >> pres. trump: thank you. did everybody hear that? no. thank you. >> any comment about -- >> pres. trump: so energy is tremendous asset that we have. since i'm president, we became the largest energy producer in the world and we now are shipping a lot of energy offshore and to different countries. vietnam made tremendous purchase of coal from west virginia, all forms of energy, and within a year, especially certain pipelines built, it won't even be close, will be double what other countries are. used to be saudi arabia and russia, now united states, saudi arabia and russia, made tremendous strides.
10:00 am
poland buying a lot of lng. it will buy billions dollars worth of lng from us and we appreciate that. >> common initiative to presidents. >> pres. trump: right. >> mr. president, you plans to -- pipeline from germany to russia? >> pres. trump: well, we're looking at it. people have a right to do what they want to do. it is something i've been looking at and i'm the one that brought up the pipeline problem. you have russia giving a tremendous percentage of energy, you know, this gas is going into germany. how can you do that? we're protecting germany from russia and russia is getting billions and billions of dollars of money from germany. i brought up the problem. with that being said, i hope they get along, but russia is paying 1%, as i said, not paying 2%. theyd


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