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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  June 13, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> thanks to our great audience for being here. we have another live audience july 18th. the president will be on the show tomorrow. see you then, everybody. >> sandra: breaking news on multiple stories out of the dominican republic at this hour. we're now learning that a seventh american has died at a hotel there under suspicious circumstances as we get new video of the ambush on baseball legend david ortiz. good morning, welcome to "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> hello, i'm eric sean in for bill hemmer. take a look at what police released. a stunning new surveillance video showing a gunman approaching ortiz from behind and shooting him at nearly point blank range. >> sandra: police arrested the alleged shaoert and five others believed to be involved saying they were offered thousands of dollars to kill the former red
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sox star. here is what local officials on the ground said yesterday. >> in this process we're able to obtain the weapon used to shoot david, buried in the residence. >> yes, another american jonathan cochrane has mysteriously died in an island hotel that happened in april. >> sandra: steve harrigan live in the dominican republic with the latest on all this that is happening and we're learning more this morning. good morning. >> two major stories that keep getting worse for the dominican republic. first on the suspects. police say they have six including the alleged shooter of boston red sox star david ortiz and also recovered the weapon used in that shooting saying as many as four suspects may still be at large. this has been a high-profile case for the dominican republic. many people here see the red sox slugger as a national hero. the attorney general has vowed
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that justice will be done. >> the dominican government, police and justice department recognize the symbolism david ortiz is and that the case be solved completely. >> police say it is clear it was no robbery. it was an assassination attempt. the six admitted they were paid roughly $7,800 to kill ortiz. who ordered the hit and why? police aren't anything about that. as far as the attack goes, one gunman got off the back of the motorcycle. entered the bar where ortiz had his back to him. the gunman fired a single shot that entered ortiz's back and exited through his stomach. his condition now is in intensive care, two surgeries.
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his wife said he has been able to sit up and take a few steps. not life threatening at this point. the other story that continues to dog the dominican republic and threat en tourism, a seventh, more questions raised by a seventh american dying mysteriously. jonathan corcoran. brother of the star barbara corcoran. the death happened in april listed as a heart attack. no evidence to be fair presented it is anything other than a heart attack. because of this story, any family who has lost someone in the dominican republic in the past 12 months is beginning to raise questions about what might have happened here. eric and sandra, back to you. >> sandra: thank you. >> breaking news out of the middle east this morning. brand-new reaction from the white house and u.s. navy after several warships assisted a pair of oil tankers the latest that were attacked right near
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the strategic strait of hormuz. we're live at the pentagon with the latest developments. >> the attacks come amidst increasing tensions between the u.s. and iran. today japan's prime minister is in tehran to try to calm down the escalating rhetoric. both tankers were carrying japanese petroleum product when they were attacked. mike pompeo and john bolton are at the pentagon this morning for a pre-scheduled meeting with the chairman of the joint chiefs in the secured planning room known as the tank. the two oil tankers were daijd outside the straight t of hormuz. both near the strait when the explosion occurred. 44 sailors had to be rescued at sea. they had just left ports in saudi arabia and united arab emirates en route to asia. the distress calls came eight minutes apart to the fifth fleet. we're aware of the reported
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attack on shipping vessels in the gulf of oman. we received two separate distress calls at 6:12 a.m. local time and 7:00 a.m. a second one. navy ships in the area are rendering assistance. a guided missile destroyer part of the lincoln strike group is in the vicinity and rescued 21 sailors. u.s.s. abraham lincoln had just completed a port visit to -- the head of american forces in the region was recently in the middle east warning of an unspecified imminent threat from iran and proxies. iranian media said they rescued some sailors and were taken to a port in iran. just a month after four oil tankers were attacked by mines that the pentagon blamed on iran. >> bill: i'll be talking to general jack keane's about
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iran's suspected hand in all this. >> sandra: president trump saying he would be willing to listen if a foreign government offered him dirt on a political opponent. in a new interview the president telling abc news there is nothing wrong with listening and he would not necessarily contact the f.b.i. democrats seizing on those comments to ramp up calls for impeachment. >> i think maybe you do both. you might want to listen. there is nothing wrong with listening. if somebody called, from a country, norway, we have information on your opponent. oh, i think i would want to hear it. >> you want that kind of interference in our election? >> it's not interference. if i thought there was something wrong i would go maybe to the f.b.i. if i thought there was something wrong. >> sandra: jason chaffetz is former congressman and fox news contributor. so willing to listen. how did that sit with you when you heard the president say that in this new interview?
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>> you need to listen to what he said first. he said he would do both. inform the f.b.i. and he would listen. if it was wrong he would escalate it to the f.b.i. this fake outrage from the left and the media is just part of a pattern here. you remember it was hillary clinton's husband the former president, president clinton, who i think it was 11 times took more than 500,000 for a speech, 11 times, while secretary clinton was the acting secretary of state and presumably a candidate for the presidency of the united states. there was no outrage on that. they were expecting -- tairking $500,000 out of russia, for instance, and other countries. come on. they are faking the idea that they are exasperated by the president's answer. of course he can listen. >> sandra: republicans are seizing on the criticism from the left this morning to point out that hypocrisy.
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but when the president specifically said -- i'll read his words directly. if i thought there was something wrong i would go maybe to the f.b.i. if i thought there was something wrong. how did that sit with you? >> i think the president -- first he said he would do both, then he said that. i think it's just fine. remember, that's markedly different than what hillary clinton did by pro-actively spending millions of dollars overseas to engage somebody, a foreign national, to dig up dirt on her opponent. the president isn't suggesting that he would proactively do that. if somebody approached him. every single campaign i know of would listen to that material first, they absolutely would. >> sandra: presidential candidates joe biden and elizabeth warren took issue with that. he said he is welcoming foreign interference in our elections. this is a threat to our national security an american president should not aid and
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abet those who want to undermine democracy. a foreign government attacked our government elections to help trump and he obstructed the investigation. now he said he would do it all over again. time to impeach donald trump. before i move on you can see the left is using this as an opportunity to further call for impeachment of this president. >> for the president to say he would listen they are going to impeach him for that? i'm tired of the impeachment talk. if they'll impeach him, go ahead and do it. look at the mueller report. it exonerates the president. if they keep talking about that and we'll keep reminding that mueller found nothing on the president. >> sandra: the breaking news is coming as a surprise to those involved. the house intelligence committee has just subpoenaed rick gates and michael flynn. of course, rick gates the
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deputy campaign manager for trump and former white house national security advisor michael flynn. they want documents and testimony, jason. this is just coming out and fox news has already been able to get reaction from rick gates. he says he did not know about this subpoena and is now getting in touch with his lawyers. >> well, adam schiff is involved in a propaganda campaign. he wants this pattern, this drip if you will that the obama -- the trump administration and its cohorts are non-responsive. what adam schiff is asking for in this subpoena is something they don't have, which are the documents. the documents are no longer in their possession. for instance, with mr. flynn he doesn't have these materials anymore. so they are with the administration. it's a pattern of the democrats asking, seeking and subpoenaing documents that these people don't have. >> sandra: you know, when you mentioned adam schiff the
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chairman of that committee wrote in this announcement or this statement where they revealed that they have been subpoenaed he said they did fully cooperate with the mueller probe but so far have refused to cooperate fully with congress. so we'll see where that goes. this is the president's latest tweet on all of this. unrelated to russia, russia, russia. house committee now plays the seldom used contempt card on our great a.g. and secretary of commerce. this time on the census going back to all the news happening yesterday. dems play a much tougher game than the republicans did when they had the house majority. republicans will remember and of course they voted yesterday the oversight committee to hold a.g. barr and wilbur ross in contempt. all surrounding the census question. final thoughts on all that. tough to keep track of it all coming out of these committees, jason. >> i remember because i was the
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chairman. you had one entangled as the i.t. specialist for hillary clinton. we issued subpoenas for his presence to come before the committee and he didn't show up and he had an immunity agreement. for the democrats to take on this new role is just terrible. >> sandra: a lot more on the show coming up on all this. great to see you and thank you. we'll have more reaction from the white house in the next hour. deputy press secretary hogan gidley will be our headliner and join us at 10:30 a.m. eastern. >> a very different morning. a massive protest turns violent in memphis. the mayor saying two dozen police officers were injured as protestors threw rocks, destroyed cars and even spit at them. we'll tell you what prompted all of this. a live report is just ahead plus this. >> president trump: i think they really have to make a deal. a lot of companies are leaving china. >> do you have a deadline for
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imposing? >> my deadline is what's up here. we'll figure out the deadline. >> sandra: president trump weighing in on the trade war with china saying he will take his arguments directly to president xi later this month. rick scott is here with warning on the situation. >> if you heard when bernie sanders said about the socialism pitch. why he thinks americans would be delighted, he claims, to pay higher taxes for. we'll tell you what and bring the latest straight ahead here on "america's newsroom." >> i do understand that i and other progressives will face massive attacks from those who attempt to use the word socialism as a slur. i have faced and overcome these attacks for decades.
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the u.s. navy coming to assistance of a pair of oil tankers that were just attacked near the strategic strait of hormuz. let's bring in general jack keane, chairman of the institute for the study of war and fox news senior strategic analyst. good morning. four tankers were hit last month by these drones. do you suspect the hidden hand of tehran in these continuing attacks? >> most definitely. there is no history of any of the other gulf states attacking tankers in the strait of hormuz. the history belongs to iran through the irgs, the guard corp, and the houthis out of yemen who are proxies for the iranians. this is the history. and clearly what's the strategy here? the iranians are trying to put pressure on the allies and international communities for
6:18 am
the u.s. to ease off on the economic sanctions that we have imposed on iran because they are clearly biting and having significant adverse impact. they want pressure put on the united states saying the united states is really causing this crisis through their sanctions. get them to ease off. that's where the iranians -- that's the hand they're trying to play. >> eric: they're trying to squeeze us and our european allies and others and arab allies because of the price of oil because its plummeted and their economy is in dire straits. >> absolutely. these sanctions are the worse sanctions that have ever been imposed on iran given also 39 years of terrible malign behavior. the second thing right now. their currency is devalued, inflation 37%. unemployment is rising. food shortages. power outrajs. civil unrest growing.
6:19 am
what's happening here from a u.s. perspective is they'll take a look at this and make a judgment whether we have to begin escorting tankers through the straits of hormuz to protect them. we did that in 2015. we did it in 87. but we did it in 2015 for a week. the iranians had seized an oil tanker for a week or two and we escorted tankers through there. clearly the military command is assessing the situation. i think we would also talk to our coalition allies about joining that so it's not just the u.s. effort. but based on the threat it's likely we may have to do that. >> eric: what's so brazen about this they apparently did when abe was sitting meeting with the supreme leader. the president talking about iranian behavior and how he hopes it changes. >> president trump: iran is not the same country. when i became president iran was a terror all over the world.
6:20 am
they had just made this horrible deal for the united states, the iran nuclear deal. i became president. terminated the deal and iran is in chaos. >> eric: what will it take for that hard line terroristic regime to change? >> more pressure. it has to bite more on them. they haven't changed their malign aggressive behavior. there are less resources providing to the proxies and it's them running the war in lebanon and civil war, running the war in yemen as well. so that already is a significant improvement over where we are. we have to continue to max pressure campaign for sure here. it is absolutely critical. the other thing is that it's reported that the two tankers that were damaged were heading to japan and meanwhile prime minister abe is in the tehran
6:21 am
negotiating with rouhani. >> eric: that's unbelievable. talk about a slap in the face, general keane, thank you for your insight. it will take a lot to try to change iranian behavior but the sanctions are having a bite. good to see you. sandra. >> sandra: there is a big hearing happening now house intelligence committee as we speak after the deep fake altered footage of mark zuckerberg goes viral. this snapshot of the facebook ceo is just the latest in a string of fake videos that are getting doctored and put out on the internet. what experts are worried about and why. the first sentence handed down in the college admissions scandal. we'll tell you what happened to a former stanford sailing coach. >> stanford is a place that i love. i have brought a cloud over stanford and for that i'm deeply ashamed. to look at me now,
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>> eric: stanford's university former sailing coach avoiding prison. a judge sentenced him to two dwraoers supervised release despite prosecutors recommending 13 months for him behind bars. here he is yesterday at the hearing. >> i learned much from my mistake and take those lessons forward in my life. this case for me was trying to do what i thought was right for the team. i did not take any money personally. it all went directly to stanford and the sailing team. my actions were wrong, i see that now. but my intentions were to help the team. >> eric: he will also pay a fine. he pleaded guilty to charges arranging bribes. the first of 50 people to be sentenced in the varsity blues scandal.
6:26 am
>> every american regardless of his or her income is entitled to the right to a decent job that pays a living wage. [applause] the right to quality healthcare. [applause] the right to a completed indication. [applause] >> sandra: that was presidential candidate senator bernie sanders touting an economic bill of rights to provide free healthcare and education for all americans. sanders also saying americans would pay higher taxes if those policies were put in place. peter doocy is live in washington peter, why did sanders make this speech at this point in the primary cycle? >> sanders was signaling if republicans would try to define his proposals as strictly socialist, that's okay. >> let me be clear. i do understand that i and other progressives will face
6:27 am
massive attacks from those who attempt to use the word socialism as a slur. but i should also tell you that i have faced and overcome these attacks for decades and i am not the only one. >> he was trying to put socialism in the historical context. sanders argues that democratic socialism has throughout the course of history helps defeat right thing nationalism and believes it's the right prescription for certain economic challenges now. >> and that is the difference between donald trump and me. he believes in corporate socialism for the rich and powerful. i believe in a democratic socialism that works for the working families of this country. >> he did receive standing ovations at different times from the crowd on the campus of george washington university. >> sandra: peter, who just took
6:28 am
a new and direct shot at also presidential candidate joe biden this morning? >> it's beto o'rourke who a few minutes ago plainly said he thinks joe biden is a return to the past. >> you've got to ask yourself where joe biden is on the issues that are most important to you. did he support the war in iraq that forever destabilized the middle east? does he really believe that women of lower income should be able to make their own decisions about their own body and be able to afford healthcare to do that? i supported the hyde amendment. >> it is rare to hear a candidate talk about another candidate. he is trying something new because his poll numbers have plummeted. >> sandra: tonight bret baier and martha maccallum are
6:29 am
hosting a talk with presidential candidate julian castro will be here at 6:30 eastern time today. we'll learn a lot about the candidates and bret and martha will ask the tough questions for sure. >> eric: last night riots broke out on the streets of memphis. two dozen officers were injured as protestors threw rocks and vandalized the city. we'll tell you what started this next. >> sandra: the latest on the immigration deal with mexico. did the president's move on tariffs help our border crisis when the deputy ice director joins us next, we'll ask him. >> they'll send 6,000 national guard. the question will be this. very important question. will the national guard be able to enforce immigration laws? we know when our military go to our southern border they cannot enforce immigration law. ffee, tech, and retirement planning.
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>> eric: 24 memphis police officers were injured when protests turned violent last night. it erupted overnight with protestors throwing rocks, destroying a police car, and even spit at responding officers. so what prompted all this and what happened? jonathan serrie is following it. >> it went down in the phraser community of memphis. a team of u.s. marshalls encountered a suspect wanted for multiple felonies and tried to apprehend him as he was getting into a vehicle. listen. >> while attempting to stop an individual he rammed his vehicle into the officer's vehicle many times before exiting with a weapon. officers fired, striking and killing the individual. >> the tennessee bureau of investigation is called in to conduct an independent probe. the shooting sparked angry
6:34 am
protests that went late into the night. local police and deputies were called in to assist. according to the mayor, 24 officers were injured, six hospital liesed and the mayor says two journalists were injured and vandals damaged multiple police cars, business and fire station. the mayor posted on facebook. the aggression shown toward our officers and deputies tonight was unwarranted. but tammy sauer, who is running for mayor, posted a tweet decrying the marshal-involved shooting. >> every life lost should matter. how many times should it be okay? it can't continue to be. police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. at least three people have been arrested. eric, back to you. >> eric: what a shame. jonathan, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: president trump threatening tougher measures if the deal with mexico doesn't stop the flow of migrants over
6:35 am
our southern border. the president saying mexico is doing its part to help alleviate the crisis. >> president trump: mexico is moving 6,000 troops to their southern border. that's a lot of troops. if mexico does a great job, then you won't have very many people coming up. if they don't, we have phase two. phase two is very tough. but i think they'll do a good job. >> sandra: let's bring in matt albence, the deputy director of ice. matt, want to welcome you to "america's newsroom," the first time we've had you on this program and good to get you here and get your thoughts on what is happening. the deal was made in mexico, the president made some threats on tariffs, mexico came to the table. a deal was announced. is this helping the situation at the border? >> good morning, thanks for having me. if mexico does what they say they're going to do it will be a huge help to what's going on in the border. they're coming from the northern triangle countries but now around the world as we've
6:36 am
seen coming to our border because congress failed to fix the loopholes in our immigration laws we can't detain them and they'll be released into the country. if they can't get to the united states and have to remain in mexico or get stopped in guatemala or someone else in the northern triangle it will change the entire dynamic. >> sandra: i hear a big if. the president said something similar. if mexico does a great job. he said phase two is very tough. what's the likelihood that mexico can follow through on its end of this deal? >> i think the likelihood they can is 100%. whether they will or not that remains to be seen. we're hopeful. >> sandra: we've yet to see how it will play out. you're the number two guy at isaiah. as far as what you're seeing a firsthand account at the border, how would you describe it? >> well, it is a humanitarian crisis, a border security crisis, a public safety crisis. congress has failed to fix the crisis and now as we can see
6:37 am
going through the reprogramming efforts and the 2020 budget they proposed they aren't willing to fundus properly to manage the crisis. without the money and resources and no changes to the laws, this crisis is not going to abate itself. >> sandra: here is kevin mcaleenan. >> i want to make clear this crisis is unlike anything we've ever seen in our border and it in large part is due to the gaps in our immigration laws that are driving it. any of our men and women on the border can tell you dhs facilities are overflowing, resources are stretched thin. >> sandra: time and time again we hear from him, we hear from the head of ice and you now this frustration over the situation at our border, the developing situation there, the worsening of the migrant situation. how confident are you -- i hear you calling on congress that we can come to a solution and get something done to improve the situation at our southern border.
6:38 am
>> unfortunately congress has failed to act. i don't have a lot of confidence they will going forward. the men and women of ice and dhs and cbp will continue to do the best we can to manage this crisis. we need to point out it's not just a border crisis. they aren't staying in the border communities. they're coming into the country and going to communities throughout the country. it's a crisis that is for the whole country, not just the southwest border >> sandra: ronald coleman from health access california is speaking about the plan to cover young illegals, you are talking about the situation in our country as well, but not expanding it to the elderly. this is due to budget concerns because california set to become the first state to extend health benefits to those who live in the usa illegally. let's hear from him first and i'll get your response. >> we do hope ultimately to get to a place where california can ultimately cover the entire
6:39 am
undocumented population but certainly we were disappointed not to see those 30,000 seniors get covered in this cycle. >> sandra: what do you think about something like that? >> well, i couldn't speak to california law. what we've seen throughout this immigration experience is that as long as you continue to incentivize illegal behavior you won't get any less of it. >> sandra: the immigrant policy center called the program a clear step forward. lamented the decision to block the elderly from the plan. a fascinating thing to see play out and great to get your take on this program for the first time. we appreciate you being here and hope you come back. >> thanks for having me. >> eric: the stanley cup final coming down to game seven last night. the st. louis blues notched a 4-1 victory over the bruins and take home the team's first nhl championship. as you can see it was a
6:40 am
dramatic turnaround for the blues. they came into the season for the worst record in the nhl and look at that hoisting the stanley come. fantastic comeback story. >> sandra: very exciting. a first time win for them. >> eric: sorry for boston. always next year. >> sandra: moving on to this. president trump weighing in on the new polls from yesterday showing joe biden and others beating him in the 2020 race. >> president trump: i don't believe those polls. there is no way he beats me in texas. >> your own polls show you are behind right now? >> president trump: no, they show i'm winning everywhere. >> sandra: movement among democrats in one key state. a lot more on all this with our a-team on deck next hour. >> eric: president trump is refusing to put a deadline on trade talks with china. florida senator rick scott is sounding the alarm on beijing's growing influence. there he is waiting for our
6:41 am
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>> sandra: the first lady making rare comments at the white house yesterday. melania trump speaking out about the opioid epidemic in our country. >> it is very important that you open up and ask for help. i always say love yourself more than you love drugs. i will continue to do so through bringing to awareness how dangerous drugs are. >> sandra: those comments in line with her be best campaign focusing on raising awareness about bullying and erasing stigmas associated with drug problems. >> president trump: i think we'll end up making a deal with china. we have a very good relationship although it's a
6:45 am
little testy right now as you would expect. i think they really have to make a deal. >> my original question was do you have a deadline for imposing the -- >> president trump: no, we'll figure out the deadline. >> eric: that's president trump as a news conference at the white house. attending one with his polish counterpart. the president refusing to set a deadline for any trade deal with china before imposing tariffs on another $325 billion worth of chinese goods. what will happen? florida senator rick scott serves on the armed services and homeland security committees and joins us now. the president, by pointing to his head, saying it's in there, do you think he is really keeping the chinese off base? how do they deal with this when they don't know what they're dealing with? >> first i think the president is right trying to get a deal done. i don't believe there will be a deal. i never believed there would be a deal. china has been stealing our technology for decades.
6:46 am
they don't open up their market. they track all their citizens through facial technology but they can't figure out where fentanyl is being produced. chain is not our friend and partner. never be a deal. they negotiate a deal and change their mind. deals like that never happen. when somebody changes their mind in the middle of the deal there is no trust left. there is no deal going to happen. >> eric: they scrapped the deal. >> they don't want to comply. they don't comply with the world trade organization rules. they are a bad actor, not our friend. they are in the south china sea. they are militarizing that area of the world. we have to understand they are our adversary. stop buying anything from china. they are not our friend. >> eric: that's easier said
6:47 am
than done considering the billions of dollars of trade we have. what does the president do when he sits down with president xi at the end of the month. you say a deal can't be worked out. isn't it in their interest to try to get it behind them? >> it doesn't hurt to have a conversation but you have to be realistic. they cannot -- they cannot succeed unless they are cheating. they can't succeed unless they steal technology or open up their markets or compete with american companies. so we will not get a deal. the only thing the president can do is add tariffs so that will happen. i think anything we collect in tariffs we ought to give back to the american public in tax reductions. it will help american companies long term and hopefully impact china stop being a bad actor. >> we've seen the damage to the farmers in the west dealing with soybeans and other crops. you said give the money back.
6:48 am
what if there is such pain in the heartland of this country dealing with the tariffs and that could boomerang on us. >> with regard to our farmers, we have to figure out how we help them compete in the world markets. there other markets. we need to help them with that. it will help our manufacturers because they will be able to better compete. they'll stop them from stealing technology from companies. i think long-term it will pay off. we have to remember if we sit and keep doing the same thing that we've done with the prior administrations an get the same result. china stealing our technology. competing with us. not opening markets. building up a military to compete with us. so we've got -- the president is doing the right thing and has to stand up. i don't see any way of getting a deal done. >> eric: there was an astounding study from the former pentagon officials said china by 2030 could overtake us in the economy and in the
6:49 am
military technology. do you feel with their spreading through latin america, africa and making deals around the globe they're a real competitive and threat to our national security? >> there is no if about it. they are absolutely a threat. they -- what they are doing with their military with profits from the things we buy from them, they are absolutely going to continue to be a bad actor and a worse actor if we don't stop them now. >> eric: the meeting is at the end of the month at the g20. thank you for joining us this morning. >> sandra: hong kong bracing for more violence as protestors take to the streets over a controversial extradition bill. why they are vehemently opposing it. >> eric: investigators now searching a pond in connecticut as they try to find any trace of jennifer dulos. she disappeared almost three weeks ago. we'll have the latest on this heartbreaking case in the next
6:50 am
hour. shaving has been difficult for me. i have very sensitive skin, and i get ingrowing hairs. oh i love it. it's a great razor. it has that 'fence' in the middle. it gives a nice smooth shave.
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>> eric: amanda knox returning to italy today. back in 2007 you may remember that she and a boyfriend were arrested for killing her english roommate. she was convicted appeared later acquitted by an appeals court in 2011. the former exchange student went back to it three speak on a panel about wrongful convictions. >> sandra: hong kong police out in full force. police using tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray against hundreds of thousands of protestors filling the streets over a controversial extradition bill that would allow people accused of crimes there to be tried in mainland
6:54 am
china. benjamin hall is following the story for us from our london bureau. benjamin. >> good morning. things certainly have quieted down today. the issue is not resolved. the bill has been delayed it has not been canceled. things are more quiet on the streets there is a sense there are serious implications still to follow. hong kong's government has suspended meetings while leaders consider their next steps and decide whether to try again to pass this law allowing ex extradition to mainland china. police say they arrested 11 people yesterday on charges such as assaulting police officers and unlawful assembly. hospital officials said they treated 79 people for injuries as of thursday morning. the violence with hong kong's was most severe political crisis since china took control of the island in 1997. they time they promised not to interfere with the hong kong civil liberties and its courts. people are accusing them of
6:55 am
doing just that. the government has not backed down. beijing has condemned the protests but so far has not indicated whether it is planning any harsher measures moving forward and says the police violence was justified because this was considered a riot. in past cases of unrest authorities have waited months or years before rounding up protest leaders. this poses a profound predicament to the government of hong kong and china. president xi in china have made it clear they think hong kong should follow the rules china dictates. a turning point for hong kong and its relationship with the mainland. >> sandra: benjamin, thank you. >> eric: major questions this morning after two more tankers were attacked in the strait of hormuz. what the u.s. navy is saying about the latest incident and democrats responding with more calls for president trump's impeachment after he said he would be open to receiving information on his 2020 rivals from a foreign source.
6:56 am
hogan gidley is our headliner joining us in a half hour from now with new reaction. >> he is yet again open to the idea of working with foreign governments to undermine the integrity of our election system. it is outrageous. hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ i come face-to-face with a lot of behinds. so i know there's a big need for new gas-x maximum strength. it relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort fast. so no one needs to know you've got gas. gas-x.
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>> sandra: fox news alert now. a new focus in the search for that connecticut mother of five missing now for nearly three
7:00 am
weeks. investigators zeroing in on a pond where the family used to waterski. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> eric: good to be with you. i'm eric sean in for bill hemmer. jennifer dulos managed may 24th after dropping off her kids at school. the hunt for clues is intensifying this morning as dive teams comb the pond in the upscale neighborhood in connecticut. >> investigators were at the waterskiing pond yesterday based on several tips received about the area. apparently did not find anything. they were there all day. the 20th day of search efforts to find the missing mother of five that brought together state and local investigators searching homes, parks and waste facility in hartford for any sign of the 50-year-old or any evidence in this case. police in new canaan where she lived say they have received
7:01 am
550 tips and 80 videos submitted by the public in their request for any information. yesterday we saw who we believe to be a family member at jennifer dulos's home collecting personal items. the first time we've seen a family member at the house. they believe jennifer was the victim of a serious physical assault and where they found dna from fotis dulos her husband mixed with jennifer's blood on the faucet. fotis was released on bond tuesday after making an appearance in family court over custody of his five children. they remain with jennifer's mother for now as a judge considers the grandmother's request for temporary custody. fotis dulos's new attorney said his client hasn't been in contact with his girlfriend also arrested on the same charges and out on bond. he said fotis loves her and wants nothing more than to call her but says that's not a move
7:02 am
he will let him make. he is talking with state investigators and taken a polygraph test and denied having any information as to where jennifer dulos is. we'll continue to monitor the situation. >> sandra: the search continues. thank you. >> president trump: i think maybe you do both. i think you might want to listen. there is nothing wrong with listening. if somebody called from a country, norway, we have information on your opponent. oh, i think i would want to hear it. >> you want that kind of interference in our elections? >> it's not interference. they have information. i would take it. if i thought there was something wrong i would go maybe to the f.b.i. >> eric: he said he would want to hear what someone has to say about a foreign rival. calling opposition research a common political practice. rich edson with the latest on this controversy. >> good morning. eric.
7:03 am
the president is defending those comments this morning saying he meets with foreign governments and leaders all the time and that, quote, we talk about everything. should i immediately call the f.b.i. about these calls and meetings? how ridiculous. i would never be trusted again. with that being said, my full answer is rarely played by the fake news media. they purposely leave out the part that matters. in that abc interview he also rejected guidance from the f.b.i. director christopher wray he said any public official or campaign contacted by a foreign official about information that can include the election that the f.b.i. would want to know about that. >> president trump: this is somebody that said we have information on your opponent. oh, let me call the f.b.i. give me a break. life doesn't work that way. >> the f.b.i. director says that's what should aen. >> president trump: the f.b.i. director is wrong. >> house speaker nancy pelosi says the russians attacked our elections and donald trump is giving them the green light to do it again. we can't stand by and just hope
7:04 am
for the best. senate must join the house in passing hr1 to protect our democracy. following the release of the mueller report house democrats continue their investigations into the 2016 election interference by the russian government and yesterday the president's son, donald trump junior spoke again to the senate intelligence committee saying his answers have remained unchanged from the first time, the second time he spoke with them previously. >> eric: thanks so much. >> sandra: thank you, rich. let's bring in "america's newsroom" a-team. jessica tarlov is here a fox news contributor, john bussey from the "wall street journal" and charlie hurt. i know everyone has a lot to say on this. john, why don't you start us off naturally. >> you can't contribute to a campaign if you're a foreign government. there are laws against that. unclear what the president is saying, how much he doesn't want to get into this because he is afraid of delegitimizing the election of 2016 where
7:05 am
there was russian interference spelled out in the mueller report. he is saying if somebody comes along and offers me some information am i going to turn it away? the question is what's the quid pro quo for that. is the foreign government expecting something in return for once that individual is elected? it is a very slippery slope when you are saying your f.b.i. director is wrong. >> sandra: the response on the left has been to further calls for impeachment based on the president's answer in this new interview. obviously there is a different take on the right. what is that? >> first of all if you listen to what he said. he said yeah, i would go to the f.b.i. if there is something wrong. as far as his having a dispute with his own f.b.i. director, this is terrific. this is open government. this is -- i don't know why anybody in the media gets upset about the fact that there is this open discord in the administration. but let's think about what he has come through over the past two or three years. you had democrats paid for
7:06 am
information from foreign governments, used it, and used foreign nationals in an attempt to rig the 2016 election. and then for the past two years they have used that information, the corrupted information, to try to discredit a duly elected president. >> eric: you have the fact the clinton campaign and dnc hired fusion gps. hired a british spy and now you have -- all trying to set him up and plant the stuff. >> i have a low sympathy bar for george papadopoulos in in. as far as the steele dossier hiring consist -- what the president is saying is a direct violation of the criminal code as john pointed out here. it's a big deal.
7:07 am
used the example of norway, patently ridiculous. you talk about places like north korea, china, russia, people who hack us and want to hurt us and want to interfere in our election and playing right into the narrative of impeachment hearings first of all and what came out of mueller. you would welcome information from a foreign hostile power. what don junior did and other members did. >> you are condemning what the clintons did where they sought that information. >> christopher steele is not the russian government. he had his sources delineated in the report. some ended up being true and not being true. >> sandra: the point, this is an opportunity to point out the hypocrisy our own sean hannity walked in like a rock star this morning and he had this to say. >> how can you not be outraged hillary clinton literally empowered a foreign agent who
7:08 am
produced a russian dossier full of russian lies that was used to infiltrate our electoral process? >> that was sean. >> not only was that information used to try to corrupt the 2016 election, but for the past two years. when we know where the information came from and we know it is all bogus, that information has been used to discredit a duly elected president. that's the more astounding part of all. >> sandra: we are learning and john i'll bring you in on this senator lindsey graham has apparently said the president's words were a mistake. we're trying to effort that video for you if there is video of that saying it. that would be the thoughts of lindsey graham. >> the attorney general has said look if an intelligent service from a foreign government comes forward to information it should be reported to the f.b.i. there are grades of this. it's unclear what violates the
7:09 am
criminal code. taking a foreign contribution from russia or norway would be a violation. getting some information from somebody within the government that's a little unclear. there are efforts within the congress to make it very specifically against the law. but it is also a matter of judgment. do you want the president of the united states encouraging other governments to provide him with information going into an election? >> sandra: elizabeth warren tweeted this. the mueller report made it clear a foreign government attacked our 2016 elections to support trump. he obstructed the investigation and now he said he would do it all over again. time to impeach donald trump. elizabeth warren is rising in the polls over bernie sanders. a new poll showing her ahead of sanders in nevada and trailing biden 36 to her 19 with sanders at 13. >> elizabeth warren is surging nou. she is making her case all over the country.
7:10 am
held 90 town halls. she goes into areas that are full of trump supporters to talk about the opioid crisis. she has a plan for that. she has a plan for everything. i think that people are looking at bernie sanders and elizabeth warren as the two progressive rock stars and seeing she is the one that has the real solid plans here. she thought about it and walking the walk and talking the talk for decades here. it is different than what's going on with bernie. we saw him yesterday with the speech about democratic socialism. his policies aren't that different from warren's. they're more thorough, better researched and a better campaigner. people forgot that. she is an awesome campaigner. >> eric: are people hungering for facts or some meat to put on the bones? >> that's right. it's a fight on the left right now. who will delineate the more progressive part or the left leaning part of the democratic party. elizabeth warren is a policy
7:11 am
wonk. she has a lot of plans and proposals and specifics. bernie sanders, a compelling figure to people who support the left part of the party is really more of a rhetoric person. that might now be wearing thin after several years of this. >> eric: can joe biden blunt this? >> he is playing to the center with wanting to acknowledge the importance of the left part of his party. he is not going to take on a candidate like bernie sanders who is arguing some kind of obscure definition of democratic socialism. he won't wander down that road. he will play to the conservative democrats and centrists and independents and frankly to moderate republicans. >> eric: could it come up between biden and warren? a policy wonk and with the experience. could be a match-up. >> a substantive one. >> sandra: you go back to the speech earlier this week. the president and joe biden in
7:12 am
iowa. joe biden ahead of his speech we got his prepared remarks and the headlines were out there that he was going to take on the president in a big way and he gave that speech and rush limbaugh was not impressed. here is rush. >> he didn't meet the expectations. he didn't eviscerate trump. he didn't raise his voice or didn't get passionate. this is not what people want. if you are going to eviscerate trump, you better do it. >> sandra: that was the headline out of that speech. >> it seems like the wind is rushing out of the biden campaign. of course, when you look at people like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. she is sort of bernie sanders in sheep's clothing. bernie kind of comes off as a little angry. and this business as jessica pointed out, constantly talking and embracing the word socialism. it freaks people out. even democrats. elizabeth warren's policies are
7:13 am
the same thing she has the sense not to go and hug the word socialism. >> sandra: does it freak people out. a poll was asked do you think congress should begin to impeach president trump that should lead to his removal from office? 31% said yes, 60% said no. >> nancy pelosi is right with her strategy. she has her finger on the pulse of what's going on in the democratic party right now. jerry nadler further in line now. jeffries, the people she needs to. impeachment is something that will be -- >> sandra: does she have her party in line? >> they are the ones saying we can't afford to have impeachment hearings. the senate will never impeachment. he can fundraise and campaign about it. i'm the duly elected president. haven't done anything wrong. they're coming after me.
7:14 am
>> she is clearly a genius behind the leverage of power but the idea she somehow mainstream is kind of hysterical. >> she is paying attention to where the party is right now. >> sandra: the party is impeachment, right? >> 59 democrats, a minority of house representatives. in 2018 we won 40 seats. 35 of them that we flipped are those moderate democrats. not one of them is for impeachment. the president keeps saying foreign governments, come on in, that's cool. i won't tell the f.b.i. you get more people saying that they would be interested at this. >> to the point of impeachment and that extreme. rush limbaugh is a popular conservative. he has a dog in this hunt. he is pro-trump and he wants to take the air out of bernie sanders' race. he will be critical of it. but you have to ask yourself about sanders's -- biden's race. you have to ask yourself about
7:15 am
biden's strategy on this? how violent does he want to be in the language of anti-trump? how much velocity does he want to have around that when there is an appeal to moderate democrats and moderate republicans and centrists. he will make his position known but is that going to be his singular point? will he constantly be harping on it? probably not. >> biden is up 30 points with independents. trump picked up independents and he is 15% ahead. joe biden is running against the president, not republicans as a whole. >> sandra: we have to leave it there. you did not disappoint, a-team. >> we'll talk about it more in the greenroom. >> sandra: brand-new information and brand-new surveillance video showing the moment attackers tried to shoot and kill david ortiz. what we're learning about the motives of those two suspects plus this. >> we need to stand up, fight for those who are not as
7:16 am
healthy and not as wealthy. >> eric: congress taking on medicare for all. why republicans are branding that socialism. >> sandra: bernie sanders saying americans would gladly pay more taxes to fund his policies. money man charles payne will weigh in next. he has some reaction. >> i and other progressives will face massive attacks for those who attempt to use the word socialism as a slur. but i should also tell you that i have faced and overcome these attacks for decades.
7:17 am
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that was easy. yup. plus, with two-hour appointment windows, it's all on your schedule. awesome. now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> eric: fox news alert. law enforcement source con firj to fox news a second woman has come forward on groping allegations against actor cuba gooding junior. the source wasn't able to tell us when the alleged incident may have happened but confirmed it was at a restaurant in mid town, manhattan. he is expected to turn himself in to police as early as today. new video of the attacked on red sox slugger david ortiz as we're learning more about the shooting in the dominican republic. the alleged gunman and five accomplices are in police
7:21 am
custody. authorities say the men were offered just under $8,000 to carry out the assassination. we're learning two of the suspects could have connection to crimes here in our country. cruz, the alleged gunman is wanted for two robberies in new jersey and another suspect still at large could be linked to a recent shooting that happened in pennsylvania. as for ortiz, he is in intensive care at a hospital in boston and said to be improving. our thoughts for big papi. >> i suspect a lot of people in this country would be delighted to pay more in taxes if they had health -- if they had comprehensive healthcare as a human right. >> sandra: senator bernie sanders defending democratic socialism saying his policies are popular and that americans would have no problem paying more taxes to fund them. joining us money man charles
7:22 am
payne. i'm not sure i have ever heard anybody a fan of higher taxes, charles. he makes that case. >> i haven't either. sometimes you'll see billionaires say that when they're giving all their funds to a charity, not uncle sam. i thought bernie fell flat yesterday. he had the big stage and a chance to reset his campaign. bits and pieces of his platform are being smashed by his rivals. elizabeth warren is rocketing higher. mayor pete is rocketing. it feels like he was really floundering and then today the interesting news. in venezuela they're coming up with new denominations for notes because inflation is so high. they will have a 50,000. 40,000 is equal to $8 in america. that's their minimum wage for a month. think about that as you push socialism that that's what they're doing in that country. >> eric: he is not pushing
7:23 am
venezuelan socialism but using the word and very proud of it. how do you think it will resonate for the non-millionaires and billionaires, the rest of us when he says they'll come to us to pay more taxes. >> nobody wants to pay more taxes, you look at the carnage in the wake of socialism and the deaths. he starts talking about oligarchs, socialism breeds oligarchs, that's what you get in socialist societies. >> sandra: ari fleischer was strong on special report last night and had a similar message on socialism. here he is. >> he said elsewhere in that speech that socialism is for compassion, justice and love. i don't know a nation on earth socialism has achieved those objectives. what socialism has brought to tens of millions is oppression,
7:24 am
injustice and scarcity. that's what socialism delivers. >> when bernie sanders says those things he sounds like a naive college student. it looks good and fair on paper. maybe he spent his honeymoon in t ussr. maybe he believes it so much he is blinded to history and current day events. even though he won't say venezuela he doesn't say negative about venezuela either. >> eric: he defended this on cnn last night. let's listen to what he had to say. >> there is a trade-off. at the end of the day i think most people will believe they will be better off when their kids have educational opportunities without out-of-pocket expenses. when they have healthcare as a human right. when they have affordable housing. when they have decent retirement, security. i think most americans will understand that is a good deal. >> eric: he is hitting the areas of worry for many of of us. >> this goes back to fdr, the
7:25 am
four freedoms. the last freedom i had a problem with, we should be shielded from the freedom of want. when we want to achieve something, want is why we have the internet. want is why we have innovation. want is why families change their lives from generation to generation. he wants like fdr in his speech to take away that and somehow the government to give it to us and maybe we'll pay a few bucks extra. guess what? it's very expensive in the places they have anything akin to this. >> sandra: the house ways and means committee hearing yesterday republicans and democrats went head-to-head on medicare for all. omar said high-quality healthcare, no co-payments, deductibles or cost sharing and to prove tearing in healthcare. republican kevin brady took on
7:26 am
medicare for all yesterday and he made his case. >> we will not stand by and let democrats seize your healthcare, seize your choices, and seize your control over life and death healthcare decisions under medicare for all. when you pull the curtain back on medicare for all the truth is staring at you. many americans will pay more, wait longer for healthcare, and get worse care than you receive now. >> sandra: we will not stand by said kevin brady. >> he will fight. there will be democrats also. they won't be as vocal as kevin brady, not everyone in the democratic is on board for this idea. there is something about the free enterprise system and when the governments around the world, you talk about canada, the u.k. but the waiting times are extraordinarily long for simple operations and for more complex ones people who can afford it come to america to have them done. >> sandra: i'm looking at the dow, charles. what's the dow doing?
7:27 am
>> it's relatively flat. up 112 points. interesting just sort of -- we're sort of meandering if you will. we got a bump in oil from the explosions in the gulf. some good retail numbers, restoration hardware and we're in a holding pattern. what's the next move from the federal reserve and what will happen next with respect to china and trade? >> sandra: see you this afternoon. >> eric: a few moments ago we had a technical snafu and aired a clip of john lewis in georgia and mistakenly labeled him as elijah cummings. we regret that error and apologize. the battle over the 2020 census is escalating after the house oversight committee votes to hold william barr and wilbur ross in contempt. what's next in this tug-of-war? >> sandra: will president -- president trump is gearing up
7:28 am
to meet with president xi later this month at the g20. what he says china has to do to end the tariffs. white house deputy press secretary hogan gidley will join us as our headliner next. >> president trump: i have no deadline. my deadline is what's up here. we'll figure out the deadline. w. with our service, veterans like us earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets us borrow up to 100 percent of our home's value, instead of just 80 percent like other loans. at newday usa, that can mean a lot more money, especially if your home has gone up in value. on average, our veterans take out 54,000 dollars. the newday 100 va loan lets you refinance your mortgage, consolidate your high rate credit card debt, get cash and lower your payments by over 600 dollars a month. so if you're a veteran and need money for your family, call newday usa.
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7:32 am
>> sandra: fox news alert as the 2020 race heats up, president trump saying he would accept damaging information on his opponent during the campaign from a foreign government. adding that he would contact the f.b.i. if he thought, quote, there was something wrong. white house deputy press secretary hogan gidley joins us from the north lawn. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> sandra: as you have probably seen, the reaction to those words of the president, democrats are using it to further call for the impeachment of this president based on what he said there. does the president stand by that or want to change any of those words or is that what he
7:33 am
said? >> look, i wish the media would take the time to look at the full clip. i was standing just feet away from the president in is exchange with george stephanopolous. it was clear the president said if there was wrongdoing he would turn it over to the f.b.i. that's ridiculous. talk about how we got here and what the media continues to focus on. democrats are going down the ridiculous rabbit holes for multiple years trying to attack then candidate donald trump and now the president. this information was gotten by the crooked hillary campaign. they're the ones who solicited and paid for information from a foreign entity in christopher steele who got fake information from russia and they used it to weaponize the entire campaign against this president. first as a candidate, and now as the president of the united states. it's absolutely ridiculous that we aren't having this conversation. this is how we got here. everyone wants to focus on a non-meeting with donald trump campaign in trump tower that lasted a few seconds. it is ridiculous.
7:34 am
>> sandra: you say he would of course go to the f.b.i. of course, if you look at the exact words of the president he said maybe go to the f.b.i. if there was something wrong there. we're seeing reaction from capitol hill. senator lindsey graham has responded to the president's comments and he just said this. >> what are the implications of hearing the president of the united states saying it's okay to accept foreign dirt about an opponent? >> i think it's a mistake. i think it's a mistake of law. i don't want to send a signal to encourage this. i hope my democrat colleagues will be equally offended by the fact this did happen in 2016. a foreign agent was paid for by a political party to gather opposition research. all those things are wrong. >> sandra: how does the white house respond to that, hogan? he called it a mistake of law. the senator said. >> look, the president was clear. this was opposition research. it was one conversation and it was the end of it.
7:35 am
what lindsey graham said clinton campaign paid for information and used it to weapon eyes. at the top of the f.b.i. with strzok, page, mccabe were the ones who weaponized that agency against this president with disproven and discredited and debunked information. we know this. how did we get here in the first place? not how some ridiculous meeting that lasted a brief amount of time. the president got no information from russia. it was the hillary clinton campaign that used the information and the f.b.i. actually weaponized it against us because of the corruption at the upper echelon. we know by the text messages who is to blame here. >> eric: "washington post" last year. brian fallin was a top d.o.j. official and with the hillary
7:36 am
clinton campaign. he said if i gotten handed it last fall i would have no problem passing it along and urging reporters to look into it. i probably would have volunteered to go to europe myself to try and verify it. there you have an official of the clinton campaign saying i'll go to europe myself to go get this. >> absolutely. i am so glad you pointed it out. hypocrisy knows no bounds from the democrats and media. they know some of this information from the clinton campaign and still going after this president. after the robert mueller report came out walked to the podium and closed the investigation and the case and his own office and said it's over and done with. there were no indictments around that meeting. it is ridiculous. no collusion, no corruption, no obstruction. we know that for a fact. the media continues to nitpick and take things out of context this president says instead of focusing on how we got here in the first place, nefarious actions from the crooked hillary clinton campaign. >> sandra: we have other things to get there with you.
7:37 am
in the interview, stephanopoulos pointed out the f.b.i. director christopher wray has said campaigns should reach out to the bureau if they are contacted by a foreign entity. does the president think the f.b.i. director is wrong on that? >> he said he would do both. i was standing just steps from him. i don't know if that clip has been played. i would be surprised if it was. lord knows we give the president the full context he deserves. if he got information and it was nefarious or ill gotten in any way and wrongdoing he would take it to the f.b.i. >> sandra: the president responded the f.b.i. director is wrong. >> right, first of all i think we were talking about james comey at the time and we all know james comey sure is wrong after being a convicted liar and leaker. he made the point he would send the information to the f.b.i. if it was in any way wrongdoing in the process. >> eric: if a foreign entity does contact the campaign or white house with dirt on
7:38 am
somebody would you go to the f.b.i. and turn that over? >> the president said he would do that if there was wrongdoing. that's a question for the campaign obviously. the president was clear here. for the media to go down this rabbit hole is ridiculous. >> sandra: moving on to jerry nadler, he announced yesterday that former trump confidentiant hope hicks, chief communications director for fox corporation will testify before his committee as part of this investigation into whether or not the president trump obstructed the mueller instress gaition. what is the response from the president on that? >> listen, the president told everyone to cooperate. this is the most transparent president in history. he gave millions of documents over to the robert mueller and their report. there is no way jerry nadler will find something out about hope hicks that robert mueller couldn't. this is not oversight. this is overreach. they're going after people in
7:39 am
this administration and trying to shame the president. because you don't like the outcome of the game you don't get to play it over. that's what nadler is doing to this president. it is stupid and pointless. >> eric: contempt for wilbur ross and william barr. >> right. heaven forbid the administration find out when we actually administer a census to find out who is this country whether we can ask someone is an american citizen. it was the norm for decades. why are we trying to find out who are citizens in this country and who aren't? the question is why don't democrats care? they're the ones who are for open borders and refuse to close loopholes to protect the american people instead to protect those here illegally and unlawfully. that's a question no one is asking of democrats right now. we deserve the right to know who is in this country, who are citizens and that's all this is about. the supreme court will decide it in a couple of days and this is just democrats trying to color the court but they won't
7:40 am
fall for that. >> eric: will the administration abide by any court decision? >> of course. >> sandra: president xi and the meeting at the end of the month at the g20 is that still on? >> it looks like we're moving in that direction. the president said yesterday he would meet with several world leaders. a lot to be done. the president is trying to get a deal done with trade on china and hopefully it gets done at the g20. >> sandra: thank you for joining us live from the white house. >> eric: thanks. >> sandra: all right. >> now is the time for social media companies to put in place policies to protect users from this kind of misinformation. not in 2021 after viral deep fakes have polluted the 2020 elections. by then it will be too late. >> eric: have you seen the videos and now they're going virals. the most recent one. altered video of mark zuckerberg. the danger they pose is an issue that house intelligence committee is looking at today
7:41 am
on capitol hill. jillian turner is live in washington with the latest. a chilling new phenomenon. >> it is. the house intelligence committee on a.i. is underway now looking at the threat artificial intelligence poses to u.s. national security and talking about just how quickly this technology is improving. it is hard for wreck lateors to -- regulators to keep up. not even america's big tech titans are immune to fakes. this is a doctored video of mark zuckerberg. >> one man with total control of billions of people's stolen data, all their secrets, lives, futures. >> he didn't actually say any of that. this video is triggering a new round of questions about what and how much fake content should be allowed to stay up on
7:42 am
social media platforms. instagram says for now it has no plans to remove the zuckerberg clip. just last month facebook got hit with criticism after it allowed a crudely altered video of house speaker nancy pelosi to stay up even the president sharing it with his followers. it is rare to see lawmakers and experts in agreement at the intel hearings these days. today they are oef in lock stop both say the time for action was yesterday. >> it is great that we're here now ahead of 2020. but these technologies have been in open development for several years now. >> thinking ahead to 2020 and beyond one does not need great imagination to envision more nightmare scenarios that would leave the government, the media and public struggling to discern what is real and what is fake. >> the zuckerberg deep fake was made by two british artists who used a.i. tools and it is just a matter of time until these and better ones can be accessed
7:43 am
and used by anyone anywhere in the world. >> eric: it's amazing. jillian, thank you. >> sandra: meanwhile, two tankers damageed in apparent attacks near the strait of hormuz amid rising tensions between the u.s. and iran. we'll have more on this next.
7:44 am
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>> eric: a pair of oil tankers off the coast of iran have suffered severe damage. they caught fire after reports of explosions raising concerns and fears there could be a wider conflict. adam kinzinger joins us. u.s. accused iran on the first four attacks on ships last month. do you have a concern they're continuing this type of assault? >> that's what it seems like. the idea that it really would be anybody else with that capability i don't know who that would be or what the
7:48 am
motivation would be. this is a pattern with iran. the thing we have to keep in mind. iran has been attacking u.s. interests for 30 years. quarter of americans that died in iraq in that war are a result of iran. they do is a version of hybrid warfare. it may not have been an iranian sub that did this but they can energize different groups. militia groups in the region to do their bidding. this is what we're on defense for. the administration has to make a decision about is the hybrid war, a hybrid attack necessitate a military response? >> eric: you brought up 603 americans were killed by iranian military in iraq and now they're trying to increase the price of oil. >> i was in lebanon a month ago. they were talking about how hezbollah is losing a lot of funding. iran has lost a lot of funding
7:49 am
so their reach out is less now. they are destabilized internally and they'll lash out. not only do we have to continue the economic push against them but we have to be willing if necessary to use the military. if push came to shove the u.s. navy would push, shove, stomp and destroy them in a heartbeat if we had to. >> sandra: i want to move on to what is happening at the southern border and the deal that the united states reached with mexico. okay. i'm starting a question that i cannot allow the time to have you answer that question. congressman, that happens sometimes. we appreciate you coming on. congressman from illinois, adam kinzinger. >> eric: blame the computer. cuts us off. >> sandra: growing outrage. a teenage girl brutally murdered decades ago. one of her killers may be about to walk free. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream.
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>> eric: she was dragged yards from her home in a backyard. and her fate was getting her skull crushed with a piece of concrete and being stabbed. >> sandra: the brutal murder of a teenage girl in a small town
7:54 am
north of new york city. that town reeling as one of the two men convicted in that little girl's murder has been -- >> the medical examiner said it was the most brutal murder he had ever seen. paula was walking home & spotted by these two men. a block away from her home mccain smashed a six pound concrete block on paula's head and raped her as the other man rafpd. then they began sexually assaulting her. when paula moved she was stabbed five times in a back with a hunting knife killing her. both men were found guilty of murder. 25 to life. the stiffest sentence available at the time. they've been denied parole seven times. now one will be released on
7:55 am
parole in july. mccain has his parole hearing this week and could be released. paula's mother is asking the governor to intervene. >> if the governor can doing anything please for god sake keep them in there. reverse that decision. the only worse thing than losing her would have been not to have her at all. >> beautiful sentiment. >> i'll tell you like any parent i would gladly have died for her. i would have given her my life without a doubt. >> former new york governor says cuomo would ask the parole board to reconsider. he said it is a gross injustice to her family and all new yorkers, governor cuomo should urge the parole board to reverse this horrible decision. >> the men could be out walking on the streets and encounter
7:56 am
lois, and what would her reaction be? her daughter is dead and they are out walking the streets as free people? that bothers me enormously. >> no more. >> a vigil on saturday night urging cuomo to get involved. sandra. >> sandra: a horrible story. we'll be watching how that plays out. >> eric: your heart goes out to that family. we're learning a seventh american has died in the dominican republic at a hotel of a mysterious illness. we're live on the ground as investigations continue. >> in this investigative process we're able to obtain the weapon used to shoot david which was buried in the residence. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get
7:57 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert as we learn a seventh american has died under mysterious circumstances in the dominican republic and as we get new video of the ambush on red sox legend david ortiz. welcome back to "america's newsroom" thursday morning. i'm sandra smith. >> eric: hello. the feds say there are similarities of the deaths in the seven american tourists who died in the dominican republic. so far they have not found any other links. meanwhile new video is emerging of the david ortiz shooting at a popular santo domingo bar as police have rounded up suspects including the alleged gunman.
8:01 am
we're live in dominican republic with the latest. let's talk about the resort deaths. do we know dp -- if the death of jonathan corcoran fit the pattern of the previous deaths we know about? >> i think we've got to tread carefully here when you keep in mind what is happening in the dominican republic and with its tourism, two million tourists visits from the u.s. each year and that industry is getting crushed by this story. in this case to say it's the seventh victim of this mysterious illness at this point might be going a step too far. keep in mind corcoran died in april. it was said he died of a heart attack. since then there has been no public information put forward to say that this was anything other than a heart attack. no information to show that this fits the pattern of someone at a resort drinking from the mini bar and getting violently ill and then suddenly dying. with this story and as it grows and gets attention it is clear
8:02 am
that any family who lost someone in the dominican republic suddenly from the past year on is really trying to re-examine the results of that death in detail. eric. >> eric: mr. corcoran happens to be the brother of the new york realtor barbara corcoran on shark tank. david ortiz, what have police learned from the suspects and ambush in the horrific crime scene? >> it is really more bad news for the dominican republic with this high-profile shooting of a man for his play on the field with the red sox and charity work was a national hero here. police are saying they have six suspects under arrest including the alleged begunman. they say as many as four suspects are still out there who they are trying to bring in. they also say that this was not a robbery. it was an assassination for
8:03 am
hire. the six admittedly were paid $7,800. about 1300 apiece and they were paid to kill david ortiz. we're seeing new details from the attack on security video. you see one gunman enter, creep up behind ortiz who is at his usual table in the roadside bar, fire a single shot. that bullet goes through the back of ortiz, exits through his stomach and into the leg of the man leg neck to him. he is in stable condition in boston. what the police are not releasing yet is the motive. why did someone hire people to kill david ortiz? back to you. >> eric: he is beloved in the d.r. as well as boston. steve, thank you. >> president trump: i think you might want to listen. there is nothing wrong with listening. it is not an interference. it is information. i would take it. if i thought there was something wrong i would go maybe to the f.b.i. if i
8:04 am
thought there was something wrong. >> sandra: not only would he want to hear dirt on rivals from foreign opponents but might not tell the f.b.i. about it. some trump supporters say the democrats are being critical. >> i think lindsey graham had the best response to this situation. he says obviously american elections should be decided by and run by and for american citizens and the issue is a double standard with how we're applying getting information from foreign adversaries and foreign intelligence services about a political opponent. for example, a lot of time the story about the dnc operative going to the ukraine embassy to get information about paul manafort during the 2016 election is ignored as the white house has been arguing christopher steele was a foreign spy working for a foreign government who is not
8:05 am
an american citizen who the clinton campaign and dnc reached out to. they weren't approached by them. they reached out to them and paid them to get information. i think a lot of this has culminated over the past 10 years with the violations of the foreign agent registration act hasn't been enforced and a lot of interaction with foreign governments as a result. >> sandra: nancy pelosi is conducting her weekly press conference. she apparently just said that the president she believes is involved in a criminal cover-up. let's dip in and listen for a minute. >> assault on our democracy. this president says it's a hoax. he takes an oath to protect and defend the constitution but i guess it doesn't include him in terms of being held accountable to obey the law. so we have a package that we're putting forth in light of the mueller report, a package of
8:06 am
legislation, duty report. someone comes to you mandating that campaign report foreign offers of assistance shouldn't even -- it's so self-evident as a matter of ethics, but we'll have to codify it. mandating a duty to report for campaign's reporting foreign interventions in our elections. protecting our elections with paper ballot. election security bill that we're working on. we're working with the senate hoping to have bipartisan support in the house for legislation to protect our electoral system. closing foreign money loopholes. that's a bill post the mueller report. and mr. thompson will be having a hearing in the homeland security committee about preventing foreign disinformation, that's just a sample of some of the things that will be out there.
8:07 am
i believe we're making good progress on oversight. our chairmen are doing a great job. i'm so proud of them. winning in the courts and winning documents from the justice department with the thought of contempt or following up on subpoenas and we're going to get the truth for the american people so that they can know what the attack is on our country, what the president refused to do about it, and what he engaged in to cover up what was done. there are so many things happening. i just want to refer to one thing in hong kong as many of you know, some of you do, anyway, the issue of china has been -- >> sandra: you heard nancy pelosi there reacting to the president's words and this new interview talking about wanting
8:08 am
to hear foreign information about a political opponent, katie. you were talking about that as she was beginning to speak. you talked about the response from senator lindsey graham to that. we pulled that up. here is the senator responding to the president. >> that's not the right answer. if a foreign government comes to you as a public official and offers to help your campaign giving you anything of value whether it be money or information on your opponent, the right answer is no. and i've been consistent about that, i think, christopher wray's statement is the correct statement and i hope some of my democratic colleagues will take more seriously that christopher steele was a foreign agent paid for by the democratic party. >> sandra: she said the right answer is no, not to receive that dirt but he quickly moved on at the end as you could hear to what republicans are pointing out, the hypocrisy of the left here. >> you can make the argument
8:09 am
that campaigns shouldn't be receiving information from adversarial governments and intelligence operatives overseas. you also have to make the argument that nancy pelosi didn't that campaigns should not actively go seeking out information from foreign governments, from foreign spies and paying for it to use against a political opponent. that's exactly where we are today and what bill barr is looking into. the big questions that we have about how the f.b.i. operated, were they using information through a federal law enforcement agency, the most powerful in the country and world quite frankly to go after a political opponent with information taken from and seeked out by the clinton campaign from a -- foreign operative. >> sandra: one of the president's latest responses on twitter to the outrage from the left over what he said in that interview there, katie. he wrote i meet and talk to foreign governments every day. i just met with the queen of england, the prince of wales, the p.m. of the u.k.
8:10 am
the president of france and poland. we talked about everything. should i immediately call the f.b.i. about these meetings? how ridiculous. stay with us and we'll go back to nancy pelosi and listen for a minute. >> governor bush, tom downie, former member of congress, was playing george bush in the debate prep and somebody threw under the door, whatever place it came, the plans for the bush campaign in the debates. in the debates. they just got that to tom downie. he picked it up and sent it to the f.b.i. this isn't even foreign governments. this isn't even foreign governments. that's what you do. there is a sense of decency about fruit from the forbidden tree. ill gotten gain about how then
8:11 am
governor bush would have conducted that debate. this is so -- and just to answer your question with all due respect you make it sound as if it could be a common thing. it is not. what the president said last night shows clearly once again over and over again that he does not know the difference between right and wrong. that's probably the nicest thing i can say about him. he doesn't know the difference, it could explain some of his ridiculous behavior and now to invite foreign governments into our election. there was an assault on our democracy. an assault on our country by the russians that has been clearly documented by the intelligence community and the president of the united states instead of coming to the defense of our democracy has said it is a hoax.
8:12 am
this is beyond -- really, there is no sense of what's the word i want to find, any ethical sense that informs his comments and his thinking. >> [inaudible question] are you saying is it clear now whether it's illegal or wrong, is it illegal to take this kind of information and in addition one of your members at least -- [inaudible] >> there is in the law that you cannot accept contributions and that includes in kind from a foreign government. that's in the law. but if it needs more clarity, then we'll go the duty to
8:13 am
report. not only you don't accept it but you report it to the f.b.i. because this is an invasion of our democracy. so i don't have the language right here but there is language in the law that prohibits any contribution, again contribution is in kind information or whatever that is. but we want to make sure it has more clarity and carries a responsibility to report. >> we're already in campaign mode. if you discover this president -- [inaudible] would you bring that grounds for impeachment proceedings? >> it has nothing to do with any campaign. i want you all to understand that. as we go down this path to seek the truth for the american people and to hold the president accountable, it has nothing to do with politics or
8:14 am
any campaigns. it has everything to do -- if i may, excuse me, to answer your question, it has everything to do with patriotism, not partisanship. as we collect the facts and it takes time because you have to do your research, make your request, you go to court, you have to do the accommodation. you know what that is? it takes time to prove that you have tried to resolve the issue and that takes time and that's the path that we will be going on. it encompasses any and all of the comments that the president has made. so many women in the front here. i'm so excited about that. [laughter] >> why is that not grounds to
8:15 am
-- [inaudible], what concrete steps do you take to try to prevent him from doing it? >> i didn't know i needed water but i guess i do. everybody in the country should be totally appalled by what the president said last night. should be totally appalled, but he has a habit of making appalling statements. this one borders on so totally unethical but he doesn't even realize it. however, what we want to do is have a methodical approach to the path that we are on and this will be included in that. but not any one issue is going to trigger oh, we'll go do this. but it's about investigating, it's about litigating, it's about getting the truth to hold
8:16 am
everyone accountable. no one is above the law. i want to get back to our legislation because that is what the american people elected us to do. they have elected us to for the people agenda to increase paychecks, lower healthcare costs, have cleaner government, and many of these pieces of legislation are in that. what is it about mitch mcconnell and the republicans in congress that they do not want to respond to what is so popular across the board in our country? what is -- to take it back to your question, what is it about the republicans in congress, how much more can they bear of the president's unethical behavior that they think that they are honoring their oath of office? and i believe these are all connected. i think it's all about money. connect the dots in all of this.
8:17 am
it's all about money. and look at what the president is doing in terms of saudi arabia and the sale of perhaps nuclear technology with those planes to saudi arabia. follow the money. who benefits from that to declare a national emergency that he can bypass congress in terms of those sales? bypass the law in terms of transferring of any nuclear technology to a country. follow the money. >> -- [inaudible]. was there a problem with the idea of people come here and the pay isn't satisfactory and they can go up to capitol hill and -- and that entails corruption and why is it so hard to then take a vote on this because it is so toxic, a regular pay raise or -- and it is appropriate at this time
8:18 am
people back home in the west or midwest need more money. >> it's hard at any time. it is not a pay raise, it's a cola increase. whether it comes to be i don't know. it has to be a bipartisan initiative if that were to be the case. as you know, mr. hoyer feels very strongly in strengthening the institution there should be a recognition of -- with acola of the work that is done. listening to the members, because it is never a good time to bring up something like this. there is a sentiment in the country that congress should not be just members -- people who can afford to go to congress. it should be about everybody having the opportunity. many more women and many more people of color and the rest, and that is where some of the unease comes from that people say it shouldn't be just for
8:19 am
wealthy people. it isn't just for wealthy people but there is that impression. and there is an impression among members that it is hard to have two homes, raise a family and all the rest. so that's part of what the discussion is. i don't see it as any what did you say you relate it to going to k-street? what i think is an issue in our country is the resolving door largely spinning madly in the executive branch as we see it now. look at the people in the secretaries in the cabinet. they're all connected to special interests. so many of them have left already in disgrace, dismay, "disappointment. but you see their connection, epa, there is so much connection to the i want to say private sector. i don't want to paint everyone with the same brush.
8:20 am
special interests, i'll paint that in there. so this whole issue of this revolving door is a separate issue and something that has to be looked into. as we have inclusion, and that is an important value -- >> 401 this morning and most people back home say congress isn't getting work done. nothing is happening. that said the public doesn't think that congress gets things done. and the house was here at 4:00 in the morning. the defense mark-up -- >> until 7:00 this morning. >> why does the public perceive this differently and why they're opposed to acola increase and if members vote for that -- >> i don't think -- look, we have a president who is ignoring the law. not honoring his oath of office. not honoring the office that he
8:21 am
holds. we have a funding challenge that we have which is something that must be done by the end of the fiscal year. we must pass the appropriations bills. i'm an appropriating. left to our own device as i've said before the appropriateors can -- we have the president wanting to send planes to a country getting away with murder and engaged in a deadly war in yemen which congress opposes. we have important policy matters to deal with. i think i've spent enough time on speculating as to whether there will be something or not which we don't know if there will be. yes, ma'am. >> on the appropriations, at the end of the month the office of refugees and resettlement says they'll run out of money to house -- the senate will
8:22 am
mark up a bill next week on this issue. how do you think the senate and house can bridge the divide given the fact they've exhausted the disaster aid bill a couple of weeks ago because they couldn't find agreement? >> they're working on it. two paths. one in the appropriations bill where we have the homeland security piece part of the 2020 appropriations and the supplemental. we'll have to have a supplemental because the needs are so great. i have confidence they'll come to a conclusion on it. we have to. the humanitarian needs are very great there and we care very much about that and we don't want them to poison pill what we're trying to do to alleviate that humanitarian challenge. i mean, really, taking children out of the arms of their mothers, separating families, how could it be if people of faith that believe in the spark of divinity in every person
8:23 am
that we're all god's children that we can treat people the way they do? but we will have to come to an agreement to get the bill passed and signed by the president. i hope so. we're on that path. >> you are going to have to work with the president. i don't see -- going back to the infrastructure a few weeks ago. was it a good idea right before you walked in to accuse the president of a criminal cover-up before you were trying to get a deal done for the american public? >> niece are bills that have passed the house. we are not giving up on infrastructure and i say almost every day that the president is involved in a criminal cover-up. he chose to pick it up that day. this was nothing knew about -- new about anything i said. i think the president didn't want to pay for it. the purpose of that meeting we are going to do infrastructure, wife i -- which i truly
8:24 am
believe he wants to do in a green way, i'm not sure about that. to raise paychecks of the american worker. and to do so in a way infrastructure is a national security issue as president eisenhower demonstrated in the 50s when he instituted the interstate highway system as a national security issue to unify america. so i don't take any responsibility for the president's behavior except to say we'll hold him accountable for it. >> understand the white house is offering to democrats they'll review it. have you seen that and any comment? >> i don't know what that is. what are you referencing? i don't know what it is. i can't tell. we do have to lift the budget caps and we have to avoid sequestration. it's not a good idea and avoid
8:25 am
shutdown our government. but we will not go down that path. and we are going to combine when we lift the caps we can talk about lifting the debt ceiling. that would have to come second or simultaneous but not before lifting the caps. i don't know what their proposal is. i do know that we've been engaged in conversation, leader mcconnell and schumer and mr. mccarthy and i with the secretary of the treasury. we were making some progress but then they kind of backed away from it. we'll see. i don't know what that one is. i'm not usually shall we say -- when mulvaney was one of the leaders in shutting down government when he was here and
8:26 am
voted to keep it closed. voted to keep it closed. and that was when we were operating on the republican number that we said we don't like it but we'll agree to it. they didn't agree to their own number. so i'm hopeful. always hopeful, always open. but i think left to our own devices we can get -- i keep using that phrase because there is bipartisanship in all of this. we know what we have to do. we can get it done. it is when they come in with deal breakers because they don't believe in governance. they don't believe in science, which says evidence, data, what we need to do for our country. if you don't accept that and you don't believe in governance, then you have a different approach to all this. okay, are you ready for game time tonight? see my yellow jacket?
8:27 am
golden state warriors? game time? i made a bet with justin trudeau after it was 3-1. now i didn't want to bring it up in normandy. it wasn't the time or place. but the next day we made our bet. can't wait to see what those goodies are from canada. is that what they'll have? i think it will be -- >> sandra: nancy pelosi the speaker of the house appearing to try to end things on a light note after starting out that weekly press conference by accusing the president of being involved in a quote criminal cover-up. she also said the american people should be appalled by his words wanting to hear dirt on 2020 rivals from foreign governments. katie pavlich is listening. the president has invited
8:28 am
foreign involvement in our elections. she was pressed in that room, why not proceed with impeachment? >> that's the big question for nancy pelosi and her challenges going forward are still trying to play indicate her leftist base. jerry nadler by staving off impeachment. for political purposes it isn't good and trying to manage 2020 candidates who are planning on running against president trump calling for impeachment. she have is accusing the president of a criminal cover-up. at the end of that press conference you heard her say we'll hold the president accountable. what exactly does that mean? if she is wanting to actually follow up with the claims that she is making and believes in what she is saying, it seems like she will have to take more action than making the same statement about how impeachment has to be done on facts, not based on politics. >> sandra: we'll hear more about all of this. katie pavlich. thank you for staying with us through all that. eric. >> eric: congressman chuck fleischmann joins us, ranking member of the house
8:29 am
appropriations homeland security committee. republican of tennessee. congressman, the speaker accused the president of a criminal cover-up as you heard saying he is engaged in an assault on our democracy. do you think it is appropriate for the president or any presidential candidate to accept any information from a foreign adversary or foreign country? >> let me start by saying this, eric. it is very sad when the speaker of the house continues these ridiculous attacks against the president. the president of the united states is doing an outstanding job. the american people know it. unfortunately we're coming up on an election year and democrats have devolved. we can see this all the way up to the speaker to a situation where they are constantly attacking a man who is doing an outstanding job for our country. >> eric: what about what he said in the oval office willing to accept it. he said if he thought it was wrong he would call the f.b.i. is that appropriate? >> absolutely. we have laws governing our elections as an appropriateor we have put funds to make sure
8:30 am
other countries will not interfere with our elections in the future. this president follows the law. he has done nothing wrong. this is democrats trying to swing from the left side at the wind with literally a very sad rhetoric. when i heard the speaker say that i was stunned and saddened. president trump is a president of the law, by the law, and of the people. >> eric: not just the speaker. lindsey graham called it a mistake this morning. let me read you the federal law about donations. it shall be unlawful for a foreign national directly or indirectly to make a donation of money or other thing of value or to make or express an implied promise to make a contribution or donation in connection to a federal, state or local election. a thing of value could be information. it's against the law and here you have the president in the oval office saying maybe i would do it. although it is hypothetical and he is saying -- answering a hypothetical question, not saying he would exactly do it. >> the president has made it
8:31 am
clear he has in the past complied with the law as do members of congress. we're all governed by federal election laws. they need to be upheld. he will uphold them and he has done that in the future. this is an act of despair by not only the speaker but democrats who will not allow the american people to see the great job that not only this administration does but what republicans in congress like myself have done. we're trying every day to make america stronger, keeping our border secured. these are just fictitious attempts by the left to reach out in a very desperate way. the american people know loud and clear that america is in a far better place today than they were in the previous administration. it is sad we hear that rhetoric. right now we have a problem in this country. we have a lot of crises. we need to sit down and work on them together. >> eric: congressman, sorry we're up against the hard break. the computer will cut me off.
8:32 am
thank you for joining us. >> sandra: president trump dismissing polls that show him losing to several democratic candidates including biden. donna brazile is here to weigh in just ahead.
8:33 am
8:34 am
8:35 am
>> president trump: there is no way he beats me in texas. >> even your own polls show you are behind right now? we've seen reports 15 out of 17 states you are falling behind. 15 out of 17 states. >> president trump: nobody showed you those polls because they don't exist. >> eric: president trump firing back after a poll showing joe biden beating the president by 13 points. former dnc interim chair donna brazile. good morning. >> good morning to you. before you start, sandra, i got my -- look what i got. i got my lsu and look who is --
8:36 am
they say sandra smith is transforming lives. i want to congratulate you as a fellow tiger. you make us all proud. >> sandra: thank you. i was very honored by that. thank you and thanks to lsu for that. go tigers. let's talk about these polls. what is happening with these candidates? joe biden clearly the frontrunner but elizabeth warren appearing to make a bit of a move in the state of nevada. >> look, i think she has a lot of momentum. she is hitting all the right gears and cylinders at the same time. she is not only doing the cable stuff but on the ground, she is meeting people. she is taking selfies. she has a lot of momentum going into the first televised debate which will be held in 13 days. >> sandra: here is the actual polling. it shows warren's surge there jumping ahead of bernie sanders, biden clearly the frontrunner with 36%. warren now 19%.
8:37 am
in nevada sanders 13%, buttigieg and harris still in single digits. who as of today has the best shot, donna? >> well, you know, these polls are not predictive. i agree with the president on that statement because we don't know what is going to happen over the next eight months before the first caucus in the state of iowa. what we do know is voters are still on a shopping spree looking for a candidate who not only has the right stuff but the right ideas, vision for the country. what you are seeing on the democratic side is not just biden, sanders, warren, buttigieg, harris and booker, they are all beating the president in several of the big states that will be very important in 2020. >> sandra: when you talk about who has the best vision for the country, it is hard to believe the american people want to pay more taxes. bernie sanders says they would be delighted to do so for his policies. here is bernie sanders.
8:38 am
>> i suspect a lot of people in this country would be delighted to pay more in taxes if they had comprehensive healthcare as a human right. i live 50 miles away from the canadian border. you go to the doctor any time you want. you don't take out your wallet. you have heart surgery, a heart transplant. come out of the hospital and it costs you nothing. >> sandra: really? people are going to be willing to pay more? >> look, we all know that when it comes to taxes it is personal. i myself believe that we need to focus on not just dealing with some of the big priorities but our deficit is growing. we need to be both responsible and understanding what we can pay for. at the same time, we need to understand that the deficit we cannot continue to ignore the growing deficit facing our country. >> sandra: all right. now to those comments from the
8:39 am
president that everybody is talking about, nancy pelosi certainly just spent a lot of time reacting to the president saying he would be willing to listen if someone offered him foreign information. beto o'rourke responded on morning joe to the president's most recent interview, the excerpt that we've seen from it and said this. >> sets the precedent this is okay to do. that's the message that the president is taking from congress's inaction. so look, there were no consequences for what i did, for the obstruction of justice afterwards and i'm perfectly willing to do it again. who knows his answer may imply he is already receiving that kind of information if foreign powers. >> sandra: it is important to say the president's exact words. it is not an interference. they have information. i think i would take it. donna, nancy pelosi just accused the president at her weekly news conference saying that he is involved in a criminal cover-up. that the american people should
8:40 am
be appalled at his behavior. she did not call for impeachment proceedings to begin. if she believes the president is engaged in criminal activity, why would you not begin? >> well, i think this is a very important moment for the democrats who are in charge of the house of representatives. i have think it's also a very important moment for the entire country. look, i was a campaign manager when we received a document from another campaign. we turned it over to the f.b.i. that's the right thing to do. we cannot accept foreign interference in our elections period. first of all, u.s. code 5030121. i'm not a lawyer. it's a violation of the law to accept and encourage this kind of activity. by the way, there is no such thing. >> sandra: the wording is contribution. >> accepting dirt from another kun traoe. >> sandra: nancy pelosi was asked about the law and she was not able to say definitively that this would be breaking the law, donna.
8:41 am
i wonder still the point is. if things are so bad and the president has been engaged in something so egregious why is she not moving forward with calls from presidential candidates and members of her own party to impeach? why not? >> she is smart, strategic. about 60 to 65 members are there. they are ready to open up an inquiry. i'm almost there. i believe we should have had a quote, unquote, independent commission, not just a special counsel that should have looked into the 2016 foreign meddling in our election. our democracy is weakened when we violate the laws and we essentially, you know, take down our own public institutions. so i do believe that the speaker will at some point have to confront this crisis sooner rather than later. >> sandra: all right. republicans reacting. they will have their weekly news conference. kevin mccarthy is talking there. we'll see what comes from all of that. great to get your reaction to
8:42 am
that this morning. thank you very much. >> go tigers. thank you for your work. >> eric: another note the mysterious deaths in the dominican republic. it turns out that is not the only tourist hot spot that is under scrutiny. the family of this young woman suing a mexican resort after a vacation took a deadly turn. the lawyer will be here live next. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home and take out 54,000 dollars or more to pay credit card debt, or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your payments by over 600 dollars a month. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100 percent of your home's value. we all know some of life's most important financial decisions are made right here at the kitchen table. so, if you're a veteran and need cash, calling newday usa could be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.
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i wanted to consolidate my credit cards in to a personal loan to pay them off faster. lending tree made lenders compete for my business and i ended up with a loan that saved me over $9000 and no more credit card debt. i mean $9000! >> sandra: more trouble at a tourist hot spot with a new lawsuit filed against a mexican resort. abby connor's family saying her drowning death more than two years ago at a pool was avoidable saying staff served tainted alcohol to her right before she died. gary davidson is representing abby connor's family. gary, thank you for being here.
8:46 am
a lot of focus, a lot of national interest on what is happening in the dominican republic. this family is suing the mexican resort that served her. why? >> it was a very sad situation, sandra. abby's 20-year-old who goes with her family down to the resort and what happens next is she is served alcohol along with her older brother in a swimming pool that has a swim-up bar. the next thing we know is that there is an emergency call placed to security as a result of another tourist finding abby in the swimming pool drowning and her brother fighting for his life also injured. that's what this case is all about. >> sandra: the family is
8:47 am
claiming that the resort knew the alcohol that they served her -- it is my understanding this family had only been at the resort for a few hours before she was served. and the family says that the resort knew that this alcohol was poisonous. >> we have alleged that the hotel knew that tainted alcohol was being processed through the hotel, through the bar areas, and we believe that and we've asserted that in the lawsuit. the lawsuit has just begun. we look forward to taking depositions of various people who are on staff to establish those facts. >> sandra: after connor's death, mexican authorities raided 31 establishments and seized 90 gallons of alcohol being kept in unsanitary conditions. what else did they find in the days following this death?
8:48 am
>> what we know is that there is -- there was an perhaps still is going on, we don't know, a pandemic of service of tainted alcohol throughout the mexican resorts, specifically in the riviera maya area. those raids were the tip of the iceberg and we strongly believe that this problem was known to mexican authorities, was known to hotels and resorts. they either turned a blind eye or intentionally encouraged this sort of behavior because it saves them money. at an all-inclusive resort of course unlimited alcohol is available to guests. what better way to save money, conserve resources, than to serve non-first quality alcohol? >> sandra: it has been a nightmare for that family. connor's mother, jenny, saying it has been a nightmare. be careful what you eat and
8:49 am
drink and don't know -- you don't know what is necessarily food and drink. she has put out a strong warning there. this affected her daughter and her son. her daughter passed away as a result of this. the son was found drowning at the same time but he survived. >> that is correct. abby was ultimately flown from mexico after being in two different hospitals there. she was flown from mexico to fort lauderdale, florida, where she was evaluated two days after flying, being flown into florida she passed away. but in her death was hope for others. she had -- it's really a tribute to her and to her family. she had arranged to be an organ donor at a young age. >> sandra: a tragic story and
8:50 am
one we're seeing play out multiple families spaoeng out about this. we'll continue to follow it and we appreciate you coming on an telling that family's story on "america's newsroom" this morning. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> sandra: we'll be right back. ? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at there's brushing...and there's oral-b power brushing. oral-b just cleans better. even my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada. oral-b. brush like a pro. uh, well, this will be the kitchen. and we'd like to put a fire pit out there, and a dock with a boat, maybe. why haven't you started building? well, tyler's off to college... and mom's getting older... and eventually we would like to retire. yeah, it's a lot. but td ameritrade can help you build a plan for today
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8:53 am
>> house minority leader kevin mccarthy speaking a few moments ago on capitol hill calling out the hypocrisy in the democratic party for outrage. adam schiff took from a foreign entity back in 2017. listen to this: >> i think what you are asking right here is a hypothetical so let's go and look at actually what did happen. adam schiff got a phone call that he willingly thought was a foreign individual and he took it. what action did he take after the fact?
8:54 am
did the democratic party spend money to a foreign individual to try to drum something up that were lies? that's what we found. >> sandra: this comes just minutes after house speaker nancy pelosi addressed the president's comments on accepting information on political opponents from foreign governments saying his comments are evidence that he, quote: does not know right from wrong. >> 119th u.s. open kicking off this morning. jim gray is there. hey, jim. >> hey, eric, how are you doing? well, they got off and they all teed off this morning right behind us here iconic pebble beach. the 6th time that the u.s. open has taken place here. it's just america's national park. it's a great place. a public course. right now scott piercy from las vegas is the leader. tiger woods teeing off 2:09 local time 5:09 east coast
8:55 am
time. you will be able to see him in prime time throughout the evening on big fox. the guy who is really being looked at her is bruce koepka. he has won four majors. is he a young guy. he has been on fire. he is trying to become the first person in the history of this championship t to win it three straight times. he tees off 1:47. prime time and watch on fox sports one as well as big fox tonight in prime time. >> eric: all right, keep citing eyes on tiger. >> sandra: president trump taking heat today after he said he would consider taking intelligence from foreign governments on his 2020 rivals how democrats are reacting to all of this top of the hour. with all that usaa offers
8:56 am
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>> sandra: a quick reminder our own bill hemmer will be in pebble beach tomorrow for the u.s. open. he have special coverage
9:00 am
live there starting at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. so we will co-host the show. pebble beach. new york. >> he will be here and you will be working? >> sandra: you had to point that out. we look forward to seeing him out there, eric, thank you. >> eric: good to be with you. >> sandra: outnumbered starts right now. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. new reaction to president trump saying he would be willing to listen if a foreign government hypothetically offered him information on his potential 2020 rival. and now some of those would be rivals pouncing on that. some are calling for his impeachment. this is outnumbered, i'm harris faulkner. here today heroes of kennedy on the fox business network. kennedy? fox news contributor lisa booth. the wave. the syndicated radio host and fox news contributor leslie marshall and joining us in the center seat former california congressman darrell issa is here. boy, oversight. so much to get to today that's in your wheel house. >> you know, oversight is always the right


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