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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 13, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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a.m. eastern time. so we will co-host the show. pebble beach. new york. >> he will be here and you will be working? >> sandra: you had to point that out. we look forward to seeing him out there, eric, thank you. >> eric: good to be with you. >> sandra: outnumbered starts right now. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. new reaction to president trump saying he would be willing to listen if a foreign government hypothetically offered him information on his potential 2020 rival. and now some of those would be rivals pouncing on that. some are calling for his impeachment. this is outnumbered, i'm harris faulkner. here today heroes of kennedy on the fox business network. kennedy? fox news contributor lisa booth. the wave. the syndicated radio host and fox news contributor leslie marshall and joining us in the center seat former california congressman darrell issa is here. boy, oversight. so much to get to today that's in your wheel house. >> you know, oversight is always the right place for
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congress. for some reason we think that spending your money is most productive thing we do. >> lisa: you are telling me. >> rather than thinking about was it well-spent. >> lisa: that's a good question. >> harris: let's get to it. it's going to be a feisty hour. both democrats and republicans reacting after president trump said he might take information and contact the fbi if a foreign actor offered him dirt on an opponent. >> i think maybe you do both. i think you might want to listen. there is nothing wrong with listening. if somebody called from a country, norway, we have information on your opponent, oh, i think i would want to hear it. they have information. i think i would take it. >> harris: 2020 democrats immediately weighing in including former vice president joe biden and senators elizabeth warren and kamala harris. biden and harris calling the president a quote threat to our national security, end quote. here is former congressman beto o'rourke saying this
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builds the case for impeachment. >> i think the president's answer underscores the process of moving forward with impeachment. if we fail to do that it sets the precedent this is okay to do. that's the message that the president is taking from congress' inaction. >> harris: and the house speaker nancy pelosi again today accusing president trump of a criminal cover-up. but deflecting several times when asked just moments ago about impeachment. >> as you go down this path to seek the truth for the american people. and to hold the president accountable it has nothing to do with politics or any campaigns. it has everything to do, if i may, excuse me, answer your question, everything to do is patriotism. not partisanship. what we want to do is have a methodical approach to the path that we are on and this
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will be included in that and no one is above the law. >> harris: meanwhile, president trump today pushed back on democrats' criticism by tweeting this: in senator mark warren spoke at length and great detail about extremely negative information on me with the talented entertainer purporting to be a russian operative, did he immediately call the fbi? no. well then representative adam schiff took calls from another person, also very successfully purporting to be a russian operative, did he call the fbi or even think to call the fbi? >> no. other really bad people spied on my campaign. this is the biggest and worst political scandal in the history of the united states of america. sad. then a short time ago senator warren responded to the president saying no member of congress warner, excuse me, no member of congress would accept a foreign dearth on an opponent and denied any knowledge of what the president is talking about. watch.
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>> i don't have any idea. i think is he talking about actually something that happened with mr. schiff, but i would say this. when i had contact with someone that's been reported, first thing i did of course i contacted the fbi. that san insult to members of congress in both political parties. the truth is, anyone without common sense realizes if a foreign entity tries to interfere, your first obligation is to contact law enforcement. >> harris: so now we are going back, congressman, back and forth over whether or not senator warner or anybody else has contacted the fbi when they also had maybe done something untoward or was it? i don't know. >> well, maybe i can make this problem a little bigger. think about the amount of time that you have seen this president's tax returns leaked by the press. by definition, he didn't release them. somebody criminally released his private information. and the press ran with it as
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though it was legitimate news. now, that means that the press had a meeting with somebody who said i have got the guy's tax records. okay. i have got something i shouldn't have and i'm going to make it available to you. i think this is the ultimate and the height of hypocrisy for people in and out of politics to claim that you don't take a meeting where somebody says i have got meaningful information. it is so far from take a meeting to where we really should be talking, which is pay for a fake dossier, pay for somebody to bring something in, or encourage somebody to go commit a crime. that's where the line is drawn and that's where we should be condemning, we shouldn't allow this stuff to be acted on by the fbi and the cia, which is what happened with hillary clinton. >> can i just push back on that a little bit. i think it's different for journalists who are contacted who are seeking out sources versus a politician, particularly someone who could be the leader of the free world who could potentially promise
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some sort of favor and that person could gain influence by giving them information. i think the president would have been much smarter to say the response he had used earlier which is i don't need dhifnsd opposition resource and i wouldn't go to a foreign power looking for it. hopefully what everyone would learn from all of this is you don't go into a cease pool like parts of eastern europe particularly russia looking for opposition research because it is a path to hell. >> absolutely he should have answered it the way you should always answer george stephanopoulos which is i'm not going to answer your hypothetical which means you don't answer any questions. but, let's go back again to the press. that opp research will be taken by the press and will be run with. okay. the reality is, in the normal course of politics, when people get dirt, they give it to the press. okay. so whether it goes through a campaign, through a lawyer or through the original source, the fact is opposition research, every politician who is now crying
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he would never do this would love nothing more than the press running with it and the press will run with it. i think the important thing is we are losing track of what is going on right now. the attorney general is looking into whether or not foreign intelligence was asked for, paid for and weaponized against this president and the campaign. that's the part that really we know it happened. and we want to know who was involved in it. >> harris: so, leslie, when you look at senator warner and what he is talking about apparently an actor who said he was an russian operative i'm not sure what that conversation was we did learn that he did in fact go to the fbi. do you expect there are others on the hill that might have some of this in their political luggage. >> i think both democrat and republican do. i think we would be naive, right, astins to think otherwise. there is some gray areas here. when you look at the constitution, when you look at the law, they are clear when you are talking about a foreign entity. a foreign government, when you are talking about money, some on my side of the aisle
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will argue that christopher steele for decades was a respected informant by our government, by the british government and other allies. >> kennedy: ponder intelligence by someone like christopher steele. >> it's a gray area. >> charcoal is what it is. >> here's the thing. so nancy pelosi and her weekly address is talking about putting in to law a duty to report legislation so that campaigns do not solicit or work with foreign governments and access to sort of information, right? i would agree with that that there is an equal application, companies codified into law. so campaigns are dissuaded to try to do anything like that in the future. but what i find infuriating is the fact that she had the ewe does city to go up there and criticize president trump. as we have acknowledged on this couch it was hillary clinton and the dnc that were paying christopher steele, literally paying russian officials that were tied to the kremlin for information via christopher steele, fusion gps, additionally it was routerred that a dnc
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official had been met with ukraine at the ukrainian embassy seeking information about paul manafort and trying to get ukraine to elicit ukraine's involvement. a top ukrainian prosecutor recently announced an investigation into ukraine's law enforcement for leaking paul manafort's information to try to help hillary clinton and harm the trump campaign. so there is a lot of hypocrisy here. i'm all for equal application, which is why some legislation should be taken up, but let's at least be honest about what went down. >> harris: i see you nodding before i come to you, congressman, senator graham was asked about the comment followed by senator warner here in this clip. let's watch. >> a foreign government comes to you as a public official, and offers to help your campaign, giving you anything of value, whether it be money or information on your opponent, the right answer is no. and i'm hoping some of my democratic colleagues will take more seriously the fact that christopher steele was a foreign agent. paid for by the democratic party to gather dirt on
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trump. document unverified used to get a warrant. that's why i'm so upset on that. >> on a going forward basis, if there are foreign agents trying to intervene in our election, there ought to be an affirmative obligation for any presidential candidate to report to the fbi. >> harris: i want to make it very clear because it's interesting to hear warner there. he was asked -- they were both asked specifically about applying the same rules to the clinton campaign. and the hiring of that british spy christopher steele whom you mentioned, lisa, who assembled the anti-trump dossier. so if the shoe were on the other foot and we know that it was based on what you have just laid out, your response? >> well, i mean, the soliciting, asking a foreign government to spy clearly should be criminal, if it isn't already. and it should be prosecuted. and that's why the attorney general is looking at it. the idea that we should have a requirement for political
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campaigns if they become aware of any foreign activity, reporting it is a good one. and i think that's one of those bipartisan ah-ha moments is only good thing coming out of the 2016 election. >> harris: leslie, i see you are nodding. >> yeah, actually i think the three of us agree on this. >> lisa: beautiful moment. less les.>> singing kum ba yah. when the president said norway i had to chuckle. norway? we are not worried about norway. we are worried about china russia and north korea. >> not worried about britain either but christopher steele was a conduit. >> lisa: if we are worried about influence, we should be concerned about individuals who are doing lobbying on behalf of foreign governments. again, that something has not been equally applied by law. you look at mueller going after paul manafort. >> violated all the time. >> lisa: it's violated all the time and typically not
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enforced. let's look at something like that. congress should beef that up law. strength it. >> which is an area where the three of us agree. >> lisa: we are in agreement today. >> because we are in a different time. we have seen what's happened. look, it is not a partisan issue that nobody in this country wants a foreign government, especially russia, interfering in our elections. honestly, even if it were to benefit my then candidate for president hillary clinton i don't want -- >> harris: if that's the case, why is it that the first 45 pages or so of the mueller report you don't see democrats with their hair on fire alongside of republicans saying we have got to really drill in for how easy it was for russia to mess with us and continue to divide us. no, they are concerned about something else in that whole thing. and if they really wanted to, they would walk down the halls at the doj and read that 98.5% unredacted version of the mueller report. we need to know what they did. the americans can read it in pdf form online.
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>> look at the way things are and how certain countries have talked about our current foreign policy, it seems as though very sketchy actors, china and iran would love for joe biden to be president. why wouldn't they interfere in the election and deliver opposition research? i don't think russia is our prime concern the way they were in 2016. and i think our country has to do a much better job of, you know, really dealing with cyber security. and i don't think either party is being responsible. >> i do. >> harris: one thing that mueller report gives us about russia is our most recent example of it and how they gotten away it. >> russians have gotten away with being bad actors for a period of time. putin kills his adversary and the camera there in the shadow of the kremlin just happens to be out. that's the reality of russia. and that kind of an adversary is a little different because they don't obey any of the international rules that most countries do. but i think we are getting to a moment where
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republicans and democrats in the house and the senate are going to have to begin to look at real legislation in the way of some campaign reform having to look at the executive branch to enforce the misinformation that comes from any number of campaigns and lastly, if i have got a second left, they have to close some of the loopholes, you know, foreign countries, when you register to speak on behalf of them, you have to register and you said that's ignored. when you hire law firms and those law firms just happen to do fundraisers for politicians, there is no reporting. there is huge loopholes today of foreign money in washington that has to be closed. >> harris: interesting. great to have you here. >> lisa: amen. >> harris: president trump giving air force one a makeover. can anything get done in this divided washington like even a plane? new report suggests attorney general william barr is setting his sights on the
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9:20 am
conduit of info between the cia and fbi. this is not a criminal investigation but any evidence of wrongdoing could lead to foraminal charges. last month former trump campaign aide george papadopoulos said he thought the cia tried to extract information from him about possible campaign ties to moscow. also last month former cia director john brennan addressed cia cooperation with the fbi probe and the suggestion that any u.s. intelligence agency, let alone the cia spies on americans. brennan. >> does cia spy? yes. do we spy against foreign adversaries? yes. do we spy against domestic individuals? no, we do not. we work very closely with the fbi. and when the russians were trying to interfere in that election and to change the outcome of it in their favor, we cia and fbi worked very collaboratively so that we could have that ability to see what the russians were doing and who they were working with. >> kennedy: all right. so are they nervous? what do you think?
9:21 am
>> they need to be nervous. the slaw very specific about no us espionage. no u.s. surveillance. and when you make the handoff from looking at, let's say a russian overseas to looking at a russian who simply flying in on air flight, you have to do a handoff, and the law russ very specific it. s it is an area where it looks like the gray area may have turned to what you called charcoal. >> kennedy: yes. can you certainly scoop up a lot more information about individuals who are talking about the person is on that arrow flight. so that is a problem with our surveillance mechanisms in this country. another problem might be for joe biden. because, if they do find that there was wrongdoing at the fda -- fbi and the cia during the obama administration, joe is going to have some splaining to do. >> true. buff i don't think they are going to find that. >> so confident? >> well because we had a bipartisan senate intelligence committee that interviewed a number of cia
9:22 am
individuals allegedly the one or two that the department of justice wants to talk to. they didn't find any problem with their work. they didn't find any problem with the connection with russia and with the inquiry stemmed from. and i think department of justice is going to find the same. to your point. >> as mark warner went over to europe and interviewed foreign agents to do that -- i'm sorry, did we say we don't do that? >> with regard to discomfort is what i think it is. i think they are uncomfortable having a federal prosecutorial agency question and in a sense, perhaps even undermine the analytical work of the cia. i have to say to me a little tongue in cheek, we are questioning whether the cia is spying yes, they spy. and they are spies. but did they spy on a domestic level and that would be an issue. >> kennedy: no. they hand that off to the fbi. that was pretty blatant in some of the text messages exchanged between peter strzok and lisa page and, you know, the insurance
9:23 am
policy was clearly driven by the desire to stop president trump and using any flying apparatus they had to in order to do that. >> lisa: exactly we have to get to the bottom of informs stephan halper and azra turk. we need to get to the bottom of information like that. does anyone actually believe anything that john brennan says? he was called out in 2014 inspector general report for the cia spying on the senate intel committee. and not only that. >> senator feinstein specifically. >> exactly. and at that time they had no problem using the word spying as well. additionally, that report also found that cia officials sent a referral, criminal referral to the justice department based off of false information as well. this was under john brennan's leadership which he ultimately apologized for but originally lied about. so why would anyone believe him? why would anyone believe him about not spying on american citizens as we have just established that they spy on the senate intel committee? >> they spied and now they
9:24 am
are lying and why are we supposed to believe john brennan when he has exposed his own hypocrisy. >> liar, liar. >> and he is so politicized now. he really -- he could be an agent for the democrat party. >> i know you want to take. this i yield my time to you. >> i will be brief. one of the important reasons the attorney general has to do this investigation is as you know, often people go to jail for lying to the fbi. well, if you are a cia operative and you knowingly give false information and cause the cia or the fbi to get the court to do things, you are in fact having done that it's very possible that although you may lie for a living as a cia undercover agent, if you lie to the fbi, if you lie to the department of justice, or misrepresent facts, you've committed a crime. >> i know they are working together, is there still that tension between the cia and fbi? >> any time. >> remember david petraeus? >> well, yeah. that's a different history.
9:25 am
any time you are an entity that is caught doing something wrong, and you say how did i make this mistake, the department of justice went through an inordinate amount of looking at the trump campaign for collusion when there wasn't any. so what you really have is you have an agency trying to figure out how they were mislead and they would just asoon look externally as internally. they need to do both. >> and point fingers at the other agents. they are all spying on us. >> that's washington. >> the democratic national committee facing growing push back over rules to qualify for the first 2020 debate. now one candidate demanding to be let on the stage plus a new poll out of nevada finds democrats joe biden by a wide margin. the former vp trailing senator elizabeth warren and bernie sanders among very liberal voters. what all this says about the dem's base and the party's chances in 2020, that's next. ♪ ♪wo
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>> harris: just an hour ago the deadline passed for 2020 democratic candidates to certify that they met the dnc threshold to qualify for the first debate in miami. and as we were expecting a dnc announcement on who is in. this is a new monmouth university poll you should know about of democratic voters in nevada showing joe biden with a huge lead among likely caucus goers, senator elizabeth warren in second place and senator bernie sanders following. right now montana governor steve bullock has not qualified for the debate stage answered is criticizing the dnc over it. bullock in an op-ed wrote. this. i am the only democratic candidate in the field who has won a trump state. i'm also the only candidate in the race who has been governor of a state with a republican controlled legislature and passed major progressive victory. if we're going to take back the places we lost and do
9:31 am
the hard work to get our country back on track we cannot let the dnc's new rules exclude the perspectives of leaders who have done this before. end quote. you know, the dnc has fiddled before we know that with bernie sanders. is that what is happening now or something else? >> i think they are dealing with the fact that they couldn't find a venue with a large enough stage. they had to cut somebody. you know, we faced this four years ago when we had 17 on a stage and two platforms. i feel bad for the montana governor. everything he said was absolutely correct. there is only one problem, he was late. if he had gotten in six months ago, he likely would have made the cut or at least he would have known he wasn't going to make the cut. when you get in late in politics, you pay a price for it. >> >> >> he was first? >> john was first and the only business candidate in the whole field. >> he is funding his own
9:32 am
campaign and he bet me $10,000 on my show that he would lose the race. >> i don't think he realized it at the time but it's a great bet. i told him him i would give him $100,000 if he wins. my money is pretty safe. >> get $10,000 if he doesn't. oh give it to your charity. the charity is the kennedy foundation. [laughter] but, you know. >> 501 c what? >> ftz. some people and everyone knew this was going to be a crowded field. if this was your year, you picked the wrong year unless you are a phenomenally interesting candidate or someone who ran in 2016. >> harris: they all think they're phenomenally interesting. >> the problem is there aren't too many voters that people people like john delaney and steve ford is interesting. my neighbor spam very nice but i don't think she is going to be president. >> harris: pam is wonderful. >> she is. >> harris: can i ask a basic question between what is the difference between 21, 22
9:33 am
and 24? i know you are joking about an interview. hard to take it any way. crop it at 10 and then make the two platforms as we saw with the lead-up to the republican debate? >> i actually think in any race, three or four people on the stage is about as many as can be in a real debate. >> harris: don't even crop it at 10? >> you are still playing the 5 minute. >> need a whole week to air the debate. >> you know what you are talking about right now with 10. 10 each, you are talking about 12 minutes without a monitor interrupting. 12 minutes for each individual. and then when you have the way they are doing it right now with the first couple of sets of debates you did in 2015. like did you adult table 10 and 10 on stage. >> kennedy: it's not the 10 most popular and 10 unpopular. >> additionally if you have no standards then quite anyone could get in the race. i could throw in my hat for
9:34 am
the democratic presidential nomination. you have to have some standards. i will caution one thing about the nevada poll. caucuses are hard to poll. if you go balk to the iowa caucus. every poll -- there is 13 polls that had president trump winning. senator ted cruz ended up winning the iowa caucus. reason being is to do it right you purchase a caucus list from the state party which is enormously expensive. most of these media polls don't want to do that and spend the cash which is why they tend to be off. when you look at polls like iowa and nevada just keep that in mind. >> harris: one thing we will have to get next time why elizabeth warren has jumped over bernie sanders second place. >> i have an answer. >> harris: during the commercial. >> the native american vote. >> oh. [laughter] >> harris: the stage is now being set arizona for tonight's first fox news or fox news town hall not the first with 2020 democratic candidate julian castro. former housing and urban development secretary under president obama.
9:35 am
our own bret baier and martha mccallum will be moderating that it begins tonight at 6:30 p.m. eastern. pop your corn, your night is made. made. >> kennedy: take that beto. >> harris: big golf day as the players tee off for u.s. open on pebble beach on fox. and later a tremendous three some as they are calling it to keep an eye on woods, spieth, rose. we love it here on the couch. >> we are a little jelly of our own melissa francis who is there in the midst of all the action and i don't mean the kind you spread on your bread. hey, melissa. >> holly boondoggle. harris, i don't know how i arranged this but this is gorgeous. it is unbelievable. you are right. that three some teeing off at 5:00 eastern, that is made for television. everybody is going to be watching the chatter going on between them. the competition, tiger woods leading that group. this is must-watch tv.
9:36 am
later at 4:00 p.m. on the fox business, another thing have you got to watch, rory mcilroy, everyone has their eyes on him. is he wearing this thing called the whoop band it is the fit bit for professionals if you are really serious. we will have the ceo of that company on what that offers. also, companies are buying that for their employees who work outside to keep track of their heart rate. their fitness, to make sure they are not overtaxed. there is some very cool stories here beyond the gulf, which is epic, this course is gorgeous. the conditions are perfect. tiger woods so exciting coming off that win at the masters. he is going out with the younger guys. we will see it. i am so thrilled to be here. there is so much to watch. hairs airlines can i ask you a quick question? you and i when we sit next to each other sometimes we talk about this stuff. jordan spieth and justin rose, obviously they are great in their own right but they are playing with tiger woods today. what are those crowds like right now? i saw a practice round and
9:37 am
you could barely see tiger? >> no, people are pouring. in it is a beautiful setting. it's amazing that can you get a group so big to be quiet. everyone is quiet. >> harris: just like here on outnumbered. >> so much excitement on the air. to put those guys together i will be right at the front of the pack. when you watch it on fox look for me in the pink sweater. i'm so fired up. amazing few days of golf here. i can't wait. i don't know how i got this assignment. i'm pinching myself. >> harris: glad you could bring us the action ahead of it all. they tee off at are 5:00 p.m. eastern. >> 5:00 p.m. eastern time is when you will see tiger and the gang go off today. it continues all throughout the weekend. all through father's day. this is a huge tournament. the u.s. open. it's the one that's designed to be the toughest. i mean, you know, its hat longest fairways, they make it very narrow and grow the grass very high on the side.
9:38 am
it's supposed to really tax the players and show off their very best game. you also have phil mickelson out here as well. this is the only one of the grand slams he hasn't won. so there is a lot of things going on here it's going to be fabulous. i can't wait. come join me. >> harris: thank you. unless you are watching fnc or fbn you won't want to miss a minute of the u.s. open. it's at the gorgeous pebble beach as you saw. and you can catch all of it on the big fox network or fox sports 1. fs1 and check local listing for time. what a great day. the house oversight committee voting to hold attorney general william barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross in contempt, civil contempt they call it. contempt light, i guess. over a change what's next? a tug-of-war between democrats and the president?
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>> tensions high as the house oversight committee votes to hold attorney general william barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross in contempt of commerce. this after the two ignored subpoenas seeking information about the administration's motives and adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census. the committee's decision came just hours after president trump exerted executive privilege over documents house democrats had subpoenaed. while republicans blasted that subpoena, democrats say new information raises serious questions. listen. >> there are recently unearthed documents from the architect of republican gerrymandering and individual named mr. fuller who said by placing the citizenship question on the census, you depress the count of minorities, okay? and you advantage through the gerrymandering process republicans. and this is absolutely unacceptable.
9:44 am
this is not what the census was designed to do. >> lisa: the president firing back on twitter saying house committee now plays the seldom used contempt card on our great ag and secretary of commerce. this time on the census. dems play a much tougher game than the republicans did when they had the house majority. republicans will remember. this has already been argued before the u.s. supreme court but the house doesn't want to wait. the supreme court is expected to weigh in on the census debate by the end of the month. congressman, i'm going to ask you, when you were chairman of the oversight committee you held attorney general eric holder in contempt. why is this different? is it different? >> well, because he was giving us no for an answer. he was refusing to give us information directly related to lies that had been perpetrated against congress, against the u.s. senate in that case. he was refusing to give us information that was responsive. we ultimately held him in contempt. went to court. a judge appointed by president obama ordered them to turn over many, many documents. thousands of documents.
9:45 am
many of which they had denied even existed. in this case the attorney general is turning over documents. he is tucker over virtually everything they have asked for as did the department of commerce, so, you know, they are holding him in contempt while taking yes for an answer. we held eric holder in contempt because no was the only answer he could give us. >> kennedy: can i ask quickly about that so obviously the former attorney general was stonewalling you is william barr having a conversation with the judiciary committee? >> he is continuing to provide any documents he can provide in camera of some other documents. i mean, ultimately, the president has a right to have certain correspondence, what they call the deliberative process withheld. and that's where they are saying welling, we don't recognize that right. well, we would all like to say we don't recognize it, but it's been held by the court, the deliberative process has been held by the court to be essential to a president and his administration making decisions. so it's one where they know they are not going to win,
9:46 am
as a matter of fact, what they know is the supreme court is going to make this entire process moot in a couple of weeks. >> going to that point because the other side of this debate is the citizenship question on the census. it's been asked before. the census bureau also asked the question on the american community survey. so, why is this even controversial? >> it is controversial. >> lisa: why? >> it is very controversial. first of all, you have individuals who are citizens and certainly noncitizens who aren't going to answer. and when we don't have a proper count of how many people are in this country, it effects everything. it doesn't just affect our political process. it doesn't just effect money for federal funding or states. it effects medicine it. effects medication. it effects the police force. >> harris: let me slide in with a quick question. so what you are telling me is you are going to have people who are here illegally that would not answer that particular question? >> absolutely. >> harris: you can answer the rest of the census but you can't lie. if they don't answer we
9:47 am
don't get that information. do you think they are giving us that information. do you think they are checking boxes and saying i'm here illegally gha. >> if you are not asking the question they don't have the answer. >> if they don't answer it, what's the difference as long as they don't lie. >> they are not going to. >> and they are not going to answer the census at all and there will be plenty of people that are citizens in lieu states that aren't going to answer it. >> kennedy: i guess my issue is i don't have a problem asking it on a census document. that's an appropriate place to ask it. my issue is with the motivation and if there are people offer the question keeps minorities from being counted. that's problem mat tech your side has to do a better of explicitly showing that and not claiming that might be the case. >> president trump giving -- well, it's also been asked before. president trump giving a sneak peek on what his
9:48 am
historic makeover of air force one would look like. next why democrats have a problem with this as well. stay with us. >> there is a new air force one and i'm doing that for other presidents. not for me. n, own a home, and need money for your family? newday usa can help. by re-financing up to 100 percent of your home's value you could take out 50,000 dollars or more. you could use that money to pay credit card debt and other expenses, plan for retirement, and get back on your feet financially. and don't let less than perfect credit hold you back. even if you've been turned down for a va loan by your bank, call newday usa. they've been given automatic authority by the va they can often help veterans when other lenders won't. need money for your family? call newday usa right now and use the va home loan benefit you've earned and deserve.
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♪ ♪ >> a >> there is your new air force one. i'm doing this for other presidents not for me. you know it's a much bigger plane. bigger wing span. in fact, we added things. and i got 1.6 billion off the price. >> acknowledging. that of course president trump giving a sneak preview of his proposed redesign of air force 1 which would swath the white and blue paint job to red, white and blue. democrats said not so fast because they hate freedom. requiring congressional approval for all changes. republicans saying the democrats are doing this to poke at the president. democrats say congress, too, should have a say in how air force one looks. so there. a final decision on the plane's paint color and design isn't due until 2021. it may not be changed if the president fails in his re-election bid next year. so, what do you think about
9:53 am
this kerfluffle? >> it's just exactly that you know, years ago when we took the 707 out to california to give it to mrs. reagan for the reagan library. the air force had just repainted that air force. the only problem was when this aircraft arrived freshly painted it was the wrong design because that 707 had seen a paint change between reagan's time and bill clinton's time these kind of changes are ryu teen. the colors, patterns and so on idea there would be a change especially when you have a much larger aircraft is. if you don't do important things do you petty things. >> exactly. >> this congress has not done anything importantly lately. >> you have represented the southern district of california. we fixed the immigration crisis. that's great. >> no. if we're going to say the democrats don't want to be patriotic or american neither does the house armed services committee. because they actually voted
9:54 am
to restrict the president's choices. there is a reason for it. what is the reason? bigger plane, additional paint, additional weight. so there is actually a reason for it. >> there is always a reasonable. everyone comes one a reason. everyone has got a rationalization for something. >> wait until congressman want to get on that plane to ride to their district and the additional weight is a problem. >> look at those big beautiful majestic jets. they look glorious in all their beauty. as a taxpayer i care more about the fact he was able to negotiate down the contract from boeing saved us $1.5 billion. i care more about that than the color of the jet. this is netty. congress has best interest to focus on more important issues. most americans watching right now would think this is pretty lame. >> i think we agree on that. >> we have had a lot of agreement. >> kennedy: fly on air force one? >> well, if you mean after the two terms of president trump? you think he will win the election. >> it will be president pence. >> a hoosier. >> how much money are we
9:55 am
betting on that? >> kennedy, get on in on this one tooncht we came in congress together. >> you give me 10,000. if he doesn't win you give me 100,000. it's a win-win for everybody. >> for the kennedy foundation. >> for the kennedy foundation. >> keep those cards and letters coming. make them tout casual if you want. >> or to pam. >> pam would probably give me the money she is that nice. i like the color of your dress. i think air force one. >> it was inspired by this dress. i think so. >> kennedy: not a lot of people know that george stephanopoulos does now. >> fade to that cover. >> it will never fade nor does freedom. we have more outnumbered in just a moment. stay right here.
9:56 am
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ke7bd contend thanks so much to darrell issa did all this political chitchat make you long for public life once again? >> no, no. it makes me happy to be on the couch. >> kennedy: that's right. the curvey couch. all right. it is the only place to be.
10:00 am
thank you so much. great to see you. and we will see you back here at noon eastern tomorrow when outnumbered returns. right now, here's harris. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. another death of an american in the dominican republic as we go outnumbered overtime. i'm harris faulkner. fox news has learned the brother of shark tank judge barbara corcoran was found dead in his hotel room in the dominican republic in april making him now the 7th american to die there in just the last 12 months that we know about. the fbi and the centers for disease control and protection are helping local authorities investigate all of these deaths. steve harrigan is live from the d.r. where he also have details on another story we are monitoring and that is sunday night shooting ambush of red sox legend david ortiz at a popular night spot in santo domingo. a lot happening in the d.r.


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