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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 13, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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suffers from a rare life threatening disease hlh. the good news is, lala got to kiss the cup. thanks for joining us. >> shepard: it's 3:00 in d.c. where the united states is now officially blaming iran for the attacks on two oil tankers near a crucial shipping route. an american warship now rushing to the rescue. we're live at the pentagon. actor cuba gooding jr. has turned himself in after a woman accused him of groping her. he denies it. now fox news has learned there's a second accuser. and amanda knox back in italy where she spent years behind bars before a court cleared of of murder. why did she change her mind saying she would never willingly go back? reporting begins now.
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our reporting begins with president trump saying he would likely listen if another nation offered dirt on a political rival. he also said he might not report it to the fbi. the president telling that to the abc news anchor george george stephanopoulos. >> i think you might want to listen. there's nothing wrong with listening. if somebody called a fellow country, norway, we have information on your opponent, oh, i think i'd want to hear it. >> you want that kind of interference in our elections? >> it's not interference. it's information. i'd take it. >> shepard: it is interference and a candidate accepting anything of value from a foreign entity is a crime. fbi director christopher wray said to lindsey graham in his confirmation hearing that campaigns should report such a thing to the fbi. president trump says his fbi director is wrong. the special counsel robert mueller said russia interfered
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in the election and put president trump in the white house in sweeping and systematic fashion. he said he and his team could not prove a criminal connection between moscow and the trump campaign, but the fallout from his report is reverberating through congress. just yesterday, the senate intelligence committee questioned donald trump jr. about a meeting with a russian lawyer offering negative information on hillary clinton. the same type of dirt that the president said he would be happy to hear about. democrats are calling his comments appalling, immoral and ader -- and a deriliction of his duty. >> the president showed us again he doesn't know right from wrong. it's a sad thing. very sad thing that he doesn't
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know right from wrong. >> shepard: some republicans are defending the president. others say he would be wrong not to report the interference. lindsey graham that defends president trump said the president made a mistake. the president has made similar comments before and he's doubled down today. during the 2016 campaign, he said he hoped russia would find hillary clinton's deleted e-mails. he praised wikileaks for publishing stolen dnc documents. rich edson live. rich? >> shep, the white house says the criticism is misplaced. the president speaks with foreign leaders every day and he doesn't report that to the fbi. but they say there's a different with meeting with counterparts and others trying to interfere and meddle in an american election. >> the fact that this president has so little moral compass or understanding of the need to
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protect our nation, that he says he would still welcome information from russia, china or any other potential adversary if it helped his political campaign is outrageous. >> senator lindsey graham expanded on his position saying i believe it should be practice for all public officials that are contacted by a foreign government with an off of assistance to their campaign either directly or indirectly to inform the fbi and reject the offer. he later tweets the outrage that my democratic colleagues are raising will be met with equal outrage that their observe party fired a foreign national to do research on president trump's campaign. graham says he would welcome changes to not allow foreign nationals to manipulate the campaign. >> shepard: and the presidential candidates are weighing in on this. >> and they're looking to begin
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impeachment proceedings. >> this sets the precedent this is okay to do. that's the message that the president is taking from congress' inaction. >> on impeachment, nancy pelosi addressed this today. she says it's not one issue that will trigger a decision to begin proceedings on impeachment. she's not committing to it right now, shep. >> shepard: rich, on another matter, a federal watch dog agency is recommending that the president fire kellyanne conway. explain the basis. >> it says she violated the hatch act. this is a federal law that prohibits employees while at work engaging in election politics. it says that kellyanne conway did that when essentially she was commenting in her official job on democrats that are running for their party's nomination for president. this is from the u.s. office of special counsel. it's an independent federal
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investigative agency that has nothing to do with robert mueller's office that investigated russian election interference. that office says "mrs. conway's violations if left unpunished would send a message to all federal employees that they need not abide by the hatch act restrictions. her actions erode the principle foundation of our democratic system, the rule of law." the white house reresponse, they say that that analysis is deeply flawed and violates her constitutional rights to free speech and due process. others have political view and have objected to the unclear and unevenly applied rules which have a chilling effect on free speech for all federal employees. the decision seems to be influenced by media pressure and liberal organizations. last year the same office said that conway twice violated the hatch act in speaking about that special election in alabama a couple years ago. >> shepard: rich, thanks.
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judge andrew napolitano here for both matters regarding the president and foreign interference. first, kellyanne conway. the office is headed by a man that is appointed by president trump. >> right. >> shepard: it said if left unpuni unpunished, it says that people don't need to abide by the hatch act. >> it applies to all pliees except the president and the vice president. they cannot use federal assets -- >> shepard: she did it on our air. >> correct. seems like a clear-cut case to me. seems like her behavior is repeated. this statute goes back to the f.d.r. era. it's so well-abided that members of congress know that they can't engage in partisan political politics on the telephone from ordinary own offices in the house of representatives. >> shepard: they have to go to the call center. >> yep. >> shepard: on the other matter. interference. is there any gray area?
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is there any wiggle room? is there any way to argue that dirt from a foreign entity on a political opponent would be something that you can receive legally? any wiggle room at all? >> there's no wiggle room with respect to dirt. with respect to opposition research. the federal election commission decided in other cases that that is a thing of value. the phrase "a thing of value" -- >> shepard: money or a thing of value. >> that comes from a statute that prohibits receipt money or a thing of value from a foreign national. whether the person is working for a foreign government or not. >> shepard: so what the president said he would do to george george stephanopoulos would be felonious. >> meaning he would be committing a felony and the person giving it to him, if the person was here, would be committing a felony as well. >> shepard: if you're sitting in riyadh or in moscow watching this tele and you hear the
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president say i would accept it, what sort of message does that send to you who wants to curry favor with the leader of the free world? >> to give him what you think will help him either in his work as president or in his candidacy for re-election. this was debated very loud and long in the citizens united case in which the supreme court basically said, money is an expression of an opinion. you can spend all your money you want and the federal regulations prohibiting you from spending your own money are unconstitutional. it expressly says this does not pertain to foreign nationals that still cannot influence an american campaign with money or a thing of value. >> shepard: in 2016 or prior to, the president, the then candidate donald trump, said to the russians, come on, give me a hand here. they did. part of the argument was, well, he's not a career politician, he's a business man, a real estate guy. he didn't know better. there's no not knowing better
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now. so what might be a motivation to say such a thing? >> the president has argued that he has the freedom of speech and he's the head of the country and the free world and he can listen to any information he wants. that is true. except if he is a candidate, then what he receives is regulated by federal laws that he took an oath to uphold. among them are you cannot take something, accent something, received something from a foreign national under the guys of being the head of state or because you want to use it for your campaign. >> shepard: that would be a felony. >> yes. this is not an area of the freedom of speech. this is not the president saying, well, i speak to foreign leaders all the time. >> shepard: he's compared it -- did you see the tweet? look at the tweet this morning. another tweet storm this morning. i meet and talk to foreign governments every day. i just met with the queen of england, the prince of wales. the prime minister of the u.k., the president of franks, the
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president of poland. we talked about everything. should i immediately call the fbi about these calls and meetings? as if he doesn't know the difference between lunch with the queen of england and stuff coming from a russian translator. >> lunch with the queen of england is not regulated speech. information coming into the campaign something of value is regulated and is prohibited, as i said, in laws that he swore to uphold. >> shepard: brand thing about to happen here. new to us. democrats in the senate are working on new legislation that would make it a requirement of law, not just rules and regulations as previously stated, the requirement of law, that you report such contacts to the fbi. it's already illegal and would be a felony to accept such information in the way of thing of value. now they want to make it a law that you have to report -- >> it's interesting. the fbi director said under oath
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at his confirmation -- >> lindsey graham. >> yes, this should be reported immediately. the president told george stephanopoulos the fbi director is wrong, a statute would clarify this and impose on the president more of a burden to enforce these laws on him or herself as well as on anybody else running for office. >> shepard: when you heard this, what was your first reaction? >> the president of the united states of america is prepared to commit a felony to get re-elected. that was my reaction and it was not a happy one. i thought he shot himself in the foot. i wish he didn't say it. >> shepard: thanks. ahead, senate action on the new law regarding the fbi and the bomb shell from mike pompeo that directly blamed iran for today's attack on two oil tankers in the middle east. we have details on what happened here. the circumstances surrounding it, the response from the pentagon, what's going on in
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>> shepard: breaking news from the last hour. now secretary state mike pompeo says iran is responsible for the attacks on two oil tankers in the gulf of oman. hi calls the attacks unprovoked and part of a campaign to escalate tensions. tehran is denying any involvement. the attacks happened earlier today in the same general area where four other tankers came under attack just weeks ago. last time the pentagon accused iranian operatives of planting mines. this is all happening fairly near the strait of hormuz, one of the world's most crucial choke points for oil. lots of tankers pass through. iran has threatened to shut it
12:18 pm
down in response to u.s. sanctions and this could be a sign that they're sending to the united states and the west that if they want to, they can shut it down. the united nations secretary general is warning the world cannot afford a major confrontation in this region. jennifer griffin is live with more. jen? >> a senior u.s. defense official confirms the u.s. navy saw an unexploded mine attach to the panama flag shipped this morning. mines were involved, not torpedos. mike pompeo is the first u.s. official to assign blame. he spoke moments ago at the state department. >> it's the assessment of the united states government that the islamic republic of iran is responsible for the attacks in oman today. this assessment is based on intelligence, the weapons used, the level of expertise, recent
12:19 pm
attacks on iranian shipping. >> the attacks came a day after the u.s. added sanctions targeting iran's islamic revolutionary corp. both oil tankers were carrying japanese petroleum products. one tanker was on fire but did not sink. 44 sailors had to be rescued at sea. the tankers just left ports in saudi arabia and the united arab emirates on route to asia. last month, four tankers were hit by mines. today the distress calls came eight minutes apart. according to the u.s. navy's fifth fleet. central command says u.s.s. banbridge, part of the abraham lincoln rushed to the scene. days ago, the head of american
12:20 pm
forces general frank mckenzie warned of an imminent threat from iran. some of the sailors were taken to a port in iran. >> shepard: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. a congressman and his wife are accused of spending hundreds of thousands of donor dollars on themselves illegally. today they were reunited. now congressman duncan hunter's wife says she will testify against them. the details coming up. plus cuba gooding jr. showing up to a police precinct in new york city after a woman accused him of groping her. details after the break. and the latest on a second accuser coming up. emu & doug ♪ mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner?
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>> shepard: breaking news. live on the senate floor. senate mark warner is discussing russian interference in our elections and what he believes will be coming interference in 2020 and his assertion that the white house is not paying enough attention to it. let's listen. >> against the advice of his own fbi director that said just in the last two weeks, he said yesterday and even in a world where we got used to outrageous statements from the white house, he said yesterday he might not report and maybe would welcome russia or china or other bad actors if they again offered him assistance in the next campaign. >> yield for a minute? >> i would yield. >> i want to thank my friend for virginia for offering this unanimous consent request and
12:26 pm
offering my severe disappointment in our friends on the republican side blocking it. the bottom line is very simple. when a president feels it's more important to win an election and conduct a fair election we're a step further away from democracy and towards autocracy. that's what dictators, believe, wins at all costs. that seems to be what president trump said yesterday. the shame of this is that our republican colleagues can't bring themselves to say that when a foreign nation tries to interfere in our election, it ought to be reported to the fbi. how minimal. how minimal. and how disgraceful it is that our republican friends cower before this president when they know that the things he does
12:27 pm
severely damage democracy. this one is a new low. it's okay for foreign powers to interfere? we don't have to report it to law enforcement? that's welcoming foreign powers to interfere. as my friend from virginia said, the president's own fbi director said it's going to get worse in 2020. let's cover it up. might have an effect that we like, say our republican friends. today is a new low for this senate, for this republican party here in the senate and for this democracy. i would urge my friends when they go home over the weekend to rethink this. we will offer this unanimous consent request again. to say that it is okay to interfere, that we shouldn't have any law enforcement, that
12:28 pm
we should have no knowledge is to encourage russia, china, north korea, iran, to interfere in our elections with no recourse. shame. shame. it's truly outrageous that this unanimous consent request which should bring all of us together is being blocked by our republican friends. i yield back to my colleague. thank him for his wise, wise unanimous consent request. >> i thank my friend, the senator from new york. >> shepard: the minority leader there, chuck schumer. what this is about is allegelation that they were preposing that would make it a requirement that if you get some off of anything, money or anything of value, from a foreign national, that you must report that to the fbi as a
12:29 pm
matter of law. they asked for a unanimous consent and republicans blocked it and schumer said you should not have. we'll try it again. this has to do with the president's interview last night with george stephanopoulos. >> that's right, shep. a lot of lawmakers say the russians interfere with the 2016 election. they fear that the russians will be back and worse than ever in 2020. the technology is ever-changing and they're very concerned that they may have interference in this next election. so 17 months out from the next election, some lawmakers are saying they're not convinced the united states is prepared. so senator warner, the top democrat on the intelligence committee says this is a step that can be taken to guarantee whether republican democrats, independents, gets an off of help from a foreign entity that you go to the fbi immediately reacting to the president's interview with george stephanopoulos of abc new.
12:30 pm
so democrats having a field day with this today here on capitol hill. trying to take this step saying that they think it would be helpful to put it into law. the procedural aspect was held i be a republican. we'll see if it comes back next week. certainly a hot issue today on capitol hill with a number of republicans saying if they got contacted by a foreign entity, they would call the fbi and lindsey graham a close ally of the white house thinks he president made a mistake. graham said he conveyed his wishes to the president, but the president has a difference of opinion on this issue. it's been a very hot issue today. >> shepard: and the president doubled down on it on twit they are morning. mark warner discussing the same matter again. let's listen. >> they don't want to relitigate 2016. there will be other times and places to further litigate whatever in 2016. in terms of today, i don't want
12:31 pm
to either. i just want to make sure that we're safe from foreign intervention in 2020. remarkable thing is, we live in a world that post 9-11 has been dramatically changed in a host of ways. we have a whole series of new security at our airports. the montra at our airports, the tsa and homeland security tries to promote is, if you see something, say something. isn't that an undue burden on the traveling public? because of that involvement, i think airports are safer. shouldn't we have the same standard? to protect the integrity of our election system? if you see something, say
12:32 pm
something. all my legislation is requiring is that if there is indications that agents of foreign government are trying to intervene in our elections, tell law enforcement, tell the fbi. i tried to draft any legislation in ways to make sure that it wouldn't involve any of our activities in an official sense, wouldn't involve dealing with an embassy party. wouldn't involve contacts from the normal course. if let me state my friends on the other side, if there's ways to improve this legislation, make sure that we could reach agreement on what i got to believe there's common agreement here that we don't want foreign governments intervening in our presidential election, i'm wide open to how we can change this to make it better. but to say in the face of this president's own fbi director,
12:33 pm
who has said it would be important if the fbi had this information about foreign intervention, and then to have the white house saying his own fbi director is wrong, ask my colleagues. you'd agree with christopher wray, the fbi director about the importance of law enforcement seeing the evidence of foreign intervention or do you believe it's not a big thing? now, i'm anxious to hear the response from my colleague. i know there may be questions raised. what about the steele dossier? that was a foreign intervention. the steele dossier. that was reported to the fbi. it was given to the fbi in the summer of 2016. if there are ways that we can make sure going forward that any of those kind of foreign-based
12:34 pm
activities are appropriately reported to law enforcement, let's have at it. >> shepard: that is the difference between the two. some of you are suggesting now that this sort of information from a foreign entity to a candidate about an opponent would not be considered a thing of value, that it's not illegal, it's not a crime. judge napolitano says that is wrong. the federal elections commission has already ruled and it's already in writing and that all involved have been informed that anything of value, including dirt on an opponent from a foreign entity to a candidate in america is a violation of law and it's a felony. the chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live for us again on capitol hill. they're turning up the heat in this moment without any doubt. >> no question about it, shep. i spoke with senator angus king,
12:35 pm
an independent senator from maine. he says he thought the president's comments were astounding. his concern is that the president's comments may lead to foreign adversaries like russia, china and others attempting new ways to infiltrate and affect the integrity of our 2020 election. king says that they've been spending the past few years trying to figure out how to tighten things up to protect the 2020 campaign. he fears the comments made by the president, you're hearing this from senator warner, the top democrat on the intelligence committee, that they are concerned that this comment by the president to george stephanopoulos may be a green light to add vversaries all rig let's mess with the election. the president has a different take on it. his allies were trying to down playing it, saying if you get information, your first phone call should be to the fbi. it's been a red hot issue today.
12:36 pm
>> mike emanuel on the hill. mike, thanks. updates from there as warranted. first, the wife of the california congressman duncan hunter pleaded guilty today and agreed to testify against her husband, the republican congressman in his upcoming corruption trial. hours ago, the wife, margaret hunter, changed her plea from not guilty. federal prosecutors have accused the republican lawmaker and his wife of illegally spending more than $250,000 in campaign money on family vacations to italy, hawaii, on school tuition, on dental work and other personal things in violation. congressman hunter denies all the charges. our chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live in the west coast news hub. you know, they had been in lock step on this, both saying we're not guilty, we're not guilty. she just turned. >> completely, shep, this is the plea agreement right here. down at the bottom of the final page, that is the signature of
12:37 pm
margaret hunter pleading guilty to one count, charging her with conspiring with co-defendant duncan d. hunter to knowingly and willfully using committee funds to personal use. among the campaign funds that the hunters spent on themselves, $10,000 for a family vacation to italy. nearly $2,500 for a las vegas vacation. and $250 for an airline fee for egbert, the family rabbit. here's a family statement. >> i have fully accented responsibility for my conduct. i'm deeply remorseful and i apologize. i'm saddened for the hurt that i caused my family and others.
12:38 pm
i understand that there will be more consequences stemming from my actions, but as demonstrated this morning, the entry of the plea, i've taken the first step to face those consequences. >> now, the lawyer refused to answer when asked if margaret hunter will testify about her husband. shep, the agreement spells out clearly that she will "tell everything" about every person involved, shep. >> shepard: since this flip, have we heard anything from congressman hunter? >> yeah, we were e-mailed a statement from his office, which says in part "it's obvious that the department of justice went after her to get to me for political reasons. as margaret's case concludes, she should be left alone." having previously tried to shift blame to his wife by saying she was his campaign manager and had power of attorney over financial issues, the congressman is now
12:39 pm
saying the entire prosecution was engineered by u.s. attorneys that were hillary clinton supporters. also saying in his statement "it was politically motivated at the beginning and remains politically motivated now. march get hunter is due back in court september 16. she faces up to five years in prison. $250 for a rabbit to travel. the airlines will charge anything. >> shepard: egbert the rabbit. thanks, jonathan. a fox urgent. cuba gooding jr. has turned himself in to police in new york city. these are pictures there. this happened after a woman said he groped her this past sunday. this video from tmz is purported to show gooding that night at a rooftop bar. the actor says he didn't do anything wrong. meantime, law enforcement sources tell fox news that a second woman claims cuba gooding jr. groped her but that was more
12:40 pm
than a decade ago. jacqui heinrich has more. >> shep, lawyers just spoke where cuba gooding jr. turned himself in. he was photographed and finger printed and is in transit to the courthouse where he will enter a not guilty plea to one count of misdemeanor forcible touching. all of this as law enforcement sources confirm to fox news that a second woman claimed she was groped in 2008. according to that police report, a forcible touching incident happened in march of 2008 when gooding allegedly grabbed the woman's buttocks at a restaurant in midtown, manhattan. because that alleged incident happened more than ten years ago, it would be long passed the statute of of limitations to issue charges. attorneys for the actor said they did not expect the meeting with the detectives to turn into an arraignment over alleged groping incident this past weekend at a bar in sometimes
12:41 pm
square. a woman claims gooding grabbed her breaths sunday night while having drinks at the magic hour rooftop bar and lounge. tmz shared video of gooding singing karaoke and posing with fans. listen. gooding's lawyer said there's surveillance video that will exonerate him and he's shocked the prosecutors moved forward with charges after reviewing that video. gooding flew back to new york from los angeles to appear before police today and at the airport, he told tmz that he trusts the system. if he were to be charged an convicted of misdemeanor forcible touching, the maximum penalty is a year in jail. shep? >> shepard: jacqui heinrich live in new york. word now that at least six division 1 basketball programs, mens programs, will get hit with major violations soon. we don't know which one, which school. according to the reporting of
12:42 pm
cbs sports, two of the programs are high profile. if you follow the story, you can venture your own guests. the ncaa will notify them by early next month. so early in the month of july. the other four will reportedly find out later in the summer. at this point, no details on what the programs are accused of doing. cbs sports reports that the violations are level 1, level 1 violations from the ncaa are considered the most serious and sometimes the programs are put in jeopardy. punishments can include postseason bans, scholarship reductions and many others. amanda knox is back in italy after saying she would never go back willingly. her reasons for return and what she's saying about her murder case coming up. all that usaa os why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit >> shepard: amanda knox said she wouldn't return to italy willingly. she has. she's there to talk about trial by media. the former exchange student spent four years in an italian prison for the murder of her british roommate until the courts admitted that they had the wrong person.
12:47 pm
the murder case became an international tabloid sensation. amanda knox says she was posed as a sex-saved person. >> and amanda knox was swarmed by media. she did not say a word. she will speak as you mentioned saturday during a panel session organized by italy's innocence project. one organizer called knox an icon of trials the media carries out before it plays out in the court. knox was found guilty of killing her roommate in 2007, spent four years in prison. she was acquitted in 2011 and came home to seattle, but her acquittal was later reversed. during a 2014 retrial, she was convicted again and said this to abc at the time. watch. >> i will never go willingly
12:48 pm
back to the place where i -- i'm going to fight this until the very end. >> in 2015, italy's highest court overturned her conviction which is why she's able to go back. knox says the innocence project did not exist when she was wrongfully convicted and she's honored to accept their invitation. shep? >> shepard: before she got back to italy, i understand she posted a blog about the coverage? >> yes. the title sums up how she feels. "your content and my life, eight years after release, i'm still the story." knox goes on to urge the media to make changes on how they cover sensational stories. she recalls when netflix promoted their documentary about the case. they put up twin billboards with her face "monitor" on one and "victim" on the other. she shared this photo in front
12:49 pm
of the times square billboard. after arrested, knox says her diaries and personal information were released to the world. she said "the media profited for years by sensationalizing and unjustified story. it's on us to stop making and stop consuming such irresponsible media." she ends by calling on the media to be compassionate and to treat subjects like human beings. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher, live. thanks. memphis, tennessee now. a horrible night. a neighborhood there erupted into protest last evening after a u.s. marshall shot and killed an african american man while trying to arrest him. in the after math, the memphis mayor says two dozen officers were hurt, including six that had to go to a hospital. the major says protesters threw
12:50 pm
bricks and rocks, shattered a fire station window and tore down a concrete wall. officers broke them up with tear gas. one man's life ended. jonathan serrie has more. >> authorities have identified the young man as 20-year-old brandon webber. they said he had multiple felony warrants out for his arrest. last night a team of u.s. marshalls spotting him as he got into a vehicle. listen. >> while attempting to stop the individual, he reportedly ran his vehicle into the officer's vehicle multiple times before exiting with a weapon. the officers struck and killed the individual. >> the tbi has been called in to conduct an independent probe. the shooting sparked violent protests overnight. police and deputies were called there to assist. some protesters clashed with the officers. the memphis major issued a statement on facebook saying "let me be clear, the aggression shown towards our officers and
12:51 pm
deputies tonight was unwarranted." shelby county commissioner tammy sayier tweeted in solidarity with the protesters saying every life lost should matter, every single one. how many times will this be okay? it cannot continue to be. shep? >> shepard: jonathan serrie live in atlanta. lawmakers are investigating the e-cigarette maker juul. they say they want to know if the company is actively marketing to children. details in juul's response coming up. first, get ready to look up for your grub. uber announcing it will begin testing drone delivery for uber eats in some cities as soon as this summer. the company reports its already made some deliveries in california from a mcdonald's to the campus of san diego state university. here's how it's supposed to work. you order the food from uber eats, workers load it into a drone, uber tells the driver where the landing spot will be. a week ago, we told you about
12:52 pm
amazon's plan to ship lighter items via drone and now another company is making the moves to try to keep you from having to go to far for two all beef patties, special, sauce, lettuce pickles on a sesame seed bun. whoa. this looks worse than i thought.
12:53 pm
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more engaged in their retirement? i want to have the ability to easily transact online, great selection of funds, great advice, everything in one place. helping people in their working years and beyond. that's financial wellness. talk to your employer or start a plan at prudential. >> shepard: lawmakers on capitol hill are launch an investigation into whether e cigarette manufacturer juul is actively marking to kids. a house subcommittee is asking for all documents related to the company's marketing strategy. this comes after the feds warn the increase in young people vaping has been a public health epidemic. you have to be at least 18 and some places 21. the company is pushing to make it 21 everywhere. age limit hasn't stopped teenagers from getting ahold of e-cigs because they're teens.
12:57 pm
jackie deangelis reporting live. jackie? >> the concern that juul vape products are causing children to become dependent on nicotine. there's substantial movement away from kids smoking cigarettes, seems the vape pens are taking their place. this investigation comes a couple months after another one launched by senate democrats proning juul's advertising strategy. also, the recent partnership with utlria. they make marlboro cigarettes and bought $13 billion of juul last year. at the subcommittee on economic and consumer policy, the reasoning was explained. >> juul has 75% of the vaping market and their sales have increased 78% the last three years. what we're asking for, what are their -- what is the type of information and documents and
12:58 pm
other teals related to their targeting of youth? this is so important for the health of our country. >> fox news reached out to juul for a comment, a spokesperson provided a statement that reads in part "we share the subcommittee's concerns about youth vaping and welcome the opportunity to share information about our aggressive industry-leading actions to combat usage." shepard? >> shepard: thanks, jackie. colorado is in the green and rolling in money. thanks to marijuana. the state's department of revenue reports more than $6 billion in sales since it legalized recreational pot back in 2014. almost 3,000 licenses businesses operate across the state with 40,000 workers. the world's best golfers teeing off in pebble beach. the usca now underway. several story lines here including tiger woods that
12:59 pm
shocked the sports world winning the master as couple months ago. he's shooting for his fourth title. lefty looking for his first. phil mickelson has finished in second place several times but not able to top the leader board. then there's the guy that has won the last two, bruce koepka. he's atop the pga rankings and one of the favorites. if he wins again, koepka could be the second golfer ever to three-peat at the u.s. open. of course, it's all on fox. fox broadcast network has you covered for everything in the way of this. fox, fox sports one and fox sports two with live coverage today through sunday on and off the green. don't forget about the women's world cup, which is also on fox! my goodness. it's all you need, really. the united states continues its quest for repeat. you can catch it all on fox and fox sports 1 and fox sports 2 the next month or so.
1:00 pm
should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. the final bell is ringing on wall street. most of the dow 30 are in the green. the dow is up 100 points. here's cavuto. >> neil: thank you, shepard. taking you live to the east room of the white house. we're moments away from the president of the united states talking about prison reform and second chance hiring. he will have many of those with criminal regards that want a second chance but most interestingly, he'll have kim kardshian who is working with the president on this very issue. we're following developments from half a world away with the on going pressure led by the secretary state to get to the bottom of the tanker attacks. now to rich edson at the white house. they seem, rich, to have fingered iran. they don't have doubts about it. what is next? >> mike pompeo ss