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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 13, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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this. jesse's daughter has picked corny jokes, they are favorite corny jokes. it will be a big day on mohammad javad zarif 29 tomorrow. i will make sure my delivery is spotless. set your dvrs and never miss an episode of "the five," hey, bret. >> bret: i cannot wait for that one more thing either, thank you. this is fox news alert, bret baier and we are coming to you live from tempe, arizona, where we are less than 30 minutes away from a fox news town hall with democratic presidential candidate julian castro. but first monitoring three major stories tonight. iranian officials denying secretary of state mike pompeo's assertion iran is responsible for attacks today on two oil tankers in the gulf of oman. he calls the incident the latest of the series of hostile to the interest of the u.s. in the region. this comes as lawmakers from both parties react to the president saying he would listen to research from foreign
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governments on his political opponents and might not call the fbi. in late this afternoon, a government watchdog agency recommended to president trump's counselor kellyanne conway be removed from government for a violation of the hatch act. campaigning in a federal job, the white house pushing back hard tonight. they today president trump announced a member of his administration will be leaving at the end of the month. but first, tensions are high in the goal. the u.s. and iran the secretary of state blame iran for the oil tankers today. the north line of the white house with the latest, good evening rich. >> rich: good evening, bret another escalation between united states and iran that has deteriorated rapidly over the past month. the trump administration says iran targeting global oil markets. two more tankers attacked and the middle east near a passage off of the coast of iran.
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secretary of state mike pompeo said this is iran's world. work. it is now working to execute on that promise. secretary pompeo citing intelligence on the weapons and resources huge -- used, level of expertise and no other proxy grn that area could have acted with. >> these unprovoked attacks prevent -- present a clear attack to security, a bleakness hold on the freedom of navigation and unacceptable campaign of escalating tension by iran. >> just one month ago john bolton said iran was almost certainly responsible for attacks on four whether tankers nearby. defense officials say investigators today found unexploded mines on the hole of the two tankers japanese related cargo and at the same type used last month to damage the other tankers. iran denied involvement in all the attacks. iranian foreign minister
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suggested they were designed with ongoing discussions between supreme leader and japanese prime minister shinzo abe. suspicious does not begin to describe what likely transpired this morning. he said he was in iran to calm the situation between the united states and iran and supreme leader with refusing president trump. >> i have no response to trump's message. i will tell you words but i don't consider him worthy of even exchanging messages. >> rich: the president tweeted while i appreciate shinzo abe to meet with iran to meet with ayatollah ali khamenei, it is too soon to think about making a deal. they are not ready and neither are we. officials say the pentagon dispatched to the incident and rescue 21 sailors. reports from the reach and say all rescued. defense secretary patrick shanahan said the united states does not see conflict for the pentagon to defend its forces and safeguard
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local commerce. secretary pompeo said the united states raising this issue united nation security council this afternoon, bret. >> bret: rich edson, thank you. president trump defending himself today over major pushback he is receiving regarding his remarks in an interview on foreign opposition research and whether he would or wouldn't live the fbi if it happens again. lawmakers from both parties are rebuking the president's comments while some republicans are reporting what they call a major double standard. cheap intelligence catherine herridge with the latest in washington. >> if i thought something was wrong it would go to the fbi. >> catherine: president trump's abc news question about foreign government offering information on 2020 opponent with political washington on his head. >> i think you might want to listen. there's nothing wrong with listening. if somebody called from a country, norway, we have information, oh, i think i would want to hear it.
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it is not interference. i think i would take it. >> catherine: capitol hill was swift. >> evidence once again he does not know wrong from right. speak with the president has been clear he does not want foreign governments to interfere in the elections. >> catherine: on whether the fbi should get involved, the president said it depends on the circumstances. >> if you go and talk honestly to the congressman, they always do and always have. it is called debacle research. >> catherine: democrats took issue well they called it a double standard. >> that is an insult to members of the congress in both political parties. >> i didn't hear equal outrage when hillary clinton and the dnc paid a foreign spy to gather information from russia. >> catherine: during recent congressional testimony at the attorney general and fbi director laid out their positions. >> with any public official or member of any campaign is
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contacted by any nation state or anybody acting on behalf of a nation-state about influencing or interfering with the election, that is something the fbi would want to know about. >> if a foreign intelligence service as we have dirt on your opponent, should they say, i love it, should we meet. or contact the fbi. >> our intelligence service does he has. >> catherine: the hopefuls universal and condemnation "a threat to national security, disgraceful and time to impeach the president" on this and up for the democrats propose legislation requiring campaigns to report foreign office of help to the fbi which was blocked by republicans using parliamentary procedures. >> that is what dictators believe. winning at all costs. that seems to be what president trump said yesterday. shane, shame. democrats are going to have these ridiculous rabbit holes in doing this multiple years trying to attack and candidate donald trump and how the president. the speed to a judicial defend
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of the president said no gray area. >> no right answer for this. house intelligence committee issued subpoena for the national security michael flynn antiporn deputy campaign rick gates to provide testimony and documents before mid-july. but critics say this is another political stump by democrats because both flynn and gates cooperate impending special court court cases, bret. >> bret: catherine herridge life onto capitol hill. and late this afternoon we learned about one minute staff shake-up in the trump administration. president trump via twitter announcing the departure of sarah sanders at the end of the month. the president and his outgoing press secretary shared a warm moment at the white house. >> she has been so great. she has such hard. she is strong, but with a great, great heart. i want to thank you for an outstanding job. thank you. [applause] >> catherine: this has been
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the owner of a lifetime, and opportunity of a lifetime. i couldn't be prouder to have had the opportunity to serve my country and particularly to work for this president. >> bret: we also learned government watchdog agency recommending kellyanne conway be removed from federal service for violating a tyrol hatch act. kevin corke and at the white house with the latest. >> if you are trying to silence me through the hatch act, let me know when the jail sentence starts. >> kellyanne conway, nearly expressing her right to free speech or as the office of special counsel sees it unrepentant violator of the hatch act. >> >> kellyanne: terrible for property owners and the liberal who is not saying anything in the media bring to boot him. >> a scathing of her called for her to be fired. writing kellyanne conway is a repeat offender and shown a disregard law. oac says she needs to be removed
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from federal surface. >> we do not dispute she has a freedom to free speech but there are limits on that free speech while she is on duty to ensure that we have the politicized workforce. the hatch -- hatch act with employees in government service and certain high-level officials from engaging in political activity. >> all i can tell you is obama white house would have done president obama would have had zero tolerance for that. >> do you think he would have hired her? if i had violated the hatch act yes he would have hired me. >> the suggestion that the officer's report at legal and factual errors made him pay was the product of a blatantly unfair process that can have a chilling effect on free speech for all federal employees. the office of special counsel investigates the complaints but doesn't prosecute cases itself. but on capitol hill, the search for answers is already underway. house oversight committee
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elijah cummings announcing a hearing on the matter in the coming weeks writing that allowing this trust at the white house would demonstrate the president is not interested in following the law were requiring his closest aides to do so. we also learned today that the press secretary sarah sanders will be stepping down at the end of the month after nearly two years on the job. the president said she did an outstanding job. by the way, the third woman to hold that post following dd myers and her very own dana perino, bret. >> bret: kevin corke and the speaking room, thanks. margaret -- margaret hunter and campaign manager of republican california congressman duncan hunter plead guilty to corruptin charge and agreed to provide substantial assistance to the investigation. nearly a year ago representative hunter suggested his wife was to blame for alleged misuse of $250,000 in campaign funds. margaret hunter could face up to five years in prison when
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sentenced on september 17th. the democratic national committee just released in the past few minutes the names of the 20 presidential candidates who qualified to appear on stage later this month in the first primary debate of 2020 campaign. and you see their names on the tweet of the dnc announcement. that list includes julian castro who will be participating in the town hall and just moments. the three who did not qualify, montana governor steve bullock, massachusetts congressman seth moulton and wayne muscle. good day on wall street, the dow jones job -- jumped 102, the nasdaq finished ahead 44. we are not prepared, that is the word from artificial intelligence experts testifying on capitol hill today. they warned lawmakers about the impact of computer-generated fake videos word deep bakes and what they could mean to the political system. correspondent gillian turner has the story from washington. >> whoever controls the data
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controls the future. a new viral video showing the world not even americans titans are immune to the threat of deep fakes. mark zuckerberg making waves on twitter and instagram today. >> one man with total control of billions of people stolen data while their secrets, their lives, their futures. >> gillian: two british artist made this with intelligence tools by an israeli tech firm. cyber experts told the house intelligence committee today it is just a matter of time until these and even better tools are acceptable to anyone anywhere in the world. >> there is no silver bullet. >> gillian: it is rare to see an agreement these days but ahead of the 2020 election, they both say the time for action was yesterday. >> it is great and we are ahead of 2020 but these technologies are being an open development for several years now. >> they were going to be people home and abroad who use these deep fakes, cheap fakes, a
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variety of technologies to mislead the public. >> gillian: zuckerberg with a new round of questions about why and how much fake content should be allowed on social media. instagram says it's got no plans to take the video down. just last month, facebook got slammed after allowing an ultra video health speaker pelosi to stay up. even after president trump shared it with his followers. president trump's national security team touting a new doctrine for were in cyberspace. the blueprints of cyber war against enemies like china and russia would look like. national security advisor john bolton said the ultimate goal is making cyberspace more peaceful. bret. >> bret: joanne, thank you twitr said it has to lead to 4800 accounts linked to the iranian government and the social media company says those accounts are - best served to ph iranian government's agenda. twitter is adding those accounts and tweets to a public database
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that launched last year to track its battle against government length misinformation. owners have a market accused of racism have been awarded more than $44 million in a lawsuit claiming overly college hurt their business and libeled them. posted -- protest of gibsons bakery and his wife confronted a black student who shoplifted win november of 2016. that episode triggered protest against the business. and oberland spokesman declined today. turkish foreign minister says his country will not bow to ultimatums. this comes after u.s. warned turkey it was excluding it from the f-35 jet fighter program over its deal with russia to purchase russian missile defense system. acting defense patrick shanahan informed turkey last week but training of pilots will end jul. that turkey will not be allowed to take final possession of
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four -- four f-35 aircraft abroad. hong kong picking up the pieces tonight when day after clashes between police and protesters grew violent. the demonstrations erupted over proposed legislation to allow criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china for trial. the question for hong kong now, what is next? benjamin hall has the story. >> hong kong has ups and downs but the anger has not. the controversial extradition bill has led to concern but not counsel. and they will not rest until it's revoked. now many wait nervously to see how china responds. in the past, they have targeted at those who have protest. >> this, i have here certainly. peer of speaking out. fear of my company being connected to politics, but i must face these fears. >> benjamin: this text have a generation making it harder for the state. demonstrators gone mad. both to protect themselves from gas and pepper spray but also to
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thwart special recognition system which chinese company is the global leader. >> digitalization is turning china into surveillance space. facial recognition, dna collection committees empowering the state to control, to monitor, to manipulate china's vast population. >> benjamin: many other protesters turned up tracking on their phones and beefed up their digital settings. because recent prosecutions and protest leaders have used video and digital data to win convictions. china is warning the u.s. not to interfere. >> we urge the united states to exercise caution in its words and deeds and stop to form from interfering and hong kong hong kong affairs and china's domestic affairs. >> benjamin: hometowns leaders at the extradition bill is being amended to safeguard human rights. the protesters say that is not enough. the city is bracing for more riots. bret.
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>> bret: benjamin hall in london, benjamin, thank you. up next the panel and growing tension with iran and president trump saying he might listen to foreign dirt on political rivals. first, fox affiliates around the country covering tonight fox 13 in memphis where 25 officers hurt in a riots that erupted after u.s. marshal shot and killed a man wanted on multiple warrants. tennessee bureau of investigation since officers use deadly force after the man ramped their vehicles multiple times before exiting his vehicle with a weapon. following the shooting, hundreds gathered near the scene throwing rocks and bricks at the police. if you officers were seriously injured, most of them minor injuries. fox 2 in detroit, prosecutors there dismissing all criminal charges against a people in the flint water scandal and starting the investigation from scratch. michigan solicitor general's had all available evidence was not pursued by the previous team of prosecutors three years after the investigation began, no one
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is behind bars. this is a live look at new york from the affiliates fox 5 the big story they are, arrested and charged today after turning himself in on forcible touching charges after a woman accused the actor of groping her at a new york city in night spot 11 years ago. the lawyer said security video shows not the slightest inappropriate contact. 29-year-old woman told the police the actor grabbed her breath while intoxicated. that is tonight's live look outside of the beltway from "special report." we will be right back th flakes. it's a reminder of your struggles with psoriasis. but what if your psoriasis symptoms didn't follow you around? that's why there's ilumya. with just 2 doses, a majority of people were clear or almost clear.
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♪ they went the assessment of the united states government that islamic is responsible for the attacks that occurred and the
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gulf of oman today. iran is lashing out because the regime wants success a pool, maximum campaign lifted. iran should meet diplomacy with diplomacy and not tear, and extortion. americans say they are ready for all this negotiation. we, in no way, believe such thing. spain went to secretary of state mike pompeo talking about two attacks on two oil tankers in the gulf of oman linking those attacks to iran. that follows two other similar attacks in that region in recent days, plus a missile that was fired from yemen to saudi arabia airport and also linked to iran through the rebels in yemen. all of this raising tensions in the middle east and specifically, that region. we will start there with our panel shortened because of the town hall in just minutes.
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in new york, bill mcgurn main street columnist for "the wall street journal" and susan page washington bureau chief of u.s. essay today. an awful -- the secretary of state comes out and says iran is responsible. >> bill: right, look the president has made clear he's willing to negotiate but part of the negotiations are being honest. in the past, we have covered up with iran has done. i think the secretary is right. they are feeling the squeeze and they should be called out. and i think there needs to be a response to this. >> bret: susan. >> susan: you know, we've had the president and the recent past talk about his desire to get back to the negotiating table with iran, but certainly we seem to be getting further away from that point and not closer to it. as we heard from the supreme leader, quite an embarrassment for the japanese prime minister who was there apparently caring a letter from president trump which got rebuffed by the supreme leader. of course, the great concern is that this could lead to a direct
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military confrontation by either calculation or by miscalculation in this region, bret. >> bret: at the same time, bill, on capitol hill, to claw back military sales to saudi arabia and the uae. >> bill: right, look meant to be clear about negotiations, negotiations have a purpose. what we want is for iran to stop mischief in the middle east. we don't get there by not being honest about what it's doing. and i also think that sometimes people always say a tough reaction makes negotiations less possible. remember vietnam we bombed and that's when they came to the table. sometimes you have to be serious with the people and i think the secretary making a calculation that we need to be honest. we need to call them out. there is no use in having negotiations that they will not be honest. and we will look the other way at their bad actions. >> bret: in the meantime, susan a lot of attention today
3:25 pm
about the sound bite from abc interview with president trump last night. >> this is somebody that said we have information on your opponent. oh, let me call the fbi. give me a break. life does not work that way. >> that is what should happen. >> the fbi director is wrong. i think maybe you do both. i think you might want to listen. if somebody called from a country, norway, we have information on your opponent, oh, i think i would want to hear it. >> bret: susan, lot of pushback of bipartisan. some republicans chose to talk about double standard. but it was a lot of pushback how that was phrased. >> susan: ultimately the idea of the president would welcome basically opposition research on democratic opponents from foreign governments. norway is not our biggest threat. it might be someplace like russia more likely to raise concerns of other americans about whether or not we want foreign governments, foreign
3:26 pm
entities to have any role in the presidential election. so i think there was surprise about that and also about the president's assertion that this is something pretty common. this is the way the world works. we know from talking to legislators and foreign presidential candidates today, this they say is something they have never encountered in their campaign. >> bret: bill, i have 20 seconds here. >> bill: look, i would say he shouldn't have said it, but i would like to hear one person asked mrs. clinton directly, should your campaign hire british spies to use foreign information to sources to discredit her candidate and get an fbi investigation? it would be a lot more credible, this outrage against donald trump and what he said about what he might do if he had criticized that were once had tried to ask mrs. clinton whether that was a good thing. >> bret: bill, susan, as always thank you.
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former hud secretary julian castro the first commander in chief. his position on everything from immigration to impeachment have made him a major name on the left. >> my grandmother that i grew up with came across in 1922. >> pay teachers what they deserve. i was the first want to say 2020 candidate they should begin impeachment proceedings.


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