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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 13, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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don't join it. have a great evening, when we see you next and it will be friday. in the meantime, the great sean hannity awaiting from new york city. >> sean: you took a guy away from his family, they just had a baby. i can't believe it. that is the outrage of the week. >> tucker: congratulations. we lured him here with love. >> sean: i am like, unrelenting. i don't let stuff go, i really don't. it's terrible. great show. welcome to "hannity."re wow, tonight, as we predicted last night, theru psychotic anti-trump rage from the democrats and media mob once again boiling over. i told you last night, at this time tonight, that i would have all the examples of the fake, the phony, selective, false moral outrage surrounding a completely reasonable statement from president trump about campaign research, foreign government. coming up, we are going to show you exactly what we predicted
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and how this new round of breathless hysteria by the media mob is yet another example, a glaring example, of the democratic party's raw hypocrisy. frankly, if the president didn't set them up on purpose, he could not have set them up better. as haters, they took the bait, hook, line, sinker. we will have more on that in a moment. you are going to love the tape we have.e. first, actual news to cover. stories that the media mob will never show you because they lie, they've lied for two years and it doesn't fit their political narrative. a this includes a breaking development out of john durham's ongoing investigation into the investigators. last night, we told you, "the new york times" first reporting, durham expanded his probe to the cia, and doj officials were reportedly interviewing senior cia officers about their role in the origins of this russia hoax. keep in mind, in a letter to congressman nadler, the ag's office already confirmed their investigation will be broad in scope.
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it will cover activities of american and foreign intelligence services, as well as nongovernmental organizations and individuals. this now represents yet another piece of the puzzle. the evidence that we are finally going to get to the truth, which is the biggest abuse of power in history. but tonight, some disturbing t news from john solomon of "the hill." according to a brand-new report, inspector general michael horowitz, the doj's internal watchdog, is doing, apparently, a top to bottom outstanding job of policing the bad conduct. but the doj is doing a poor job, sadly, of punishing its own. this is a serious matter. solomon detailing more than a half dozen fbi committee be a face other, virtually zero consequences after c being caught abusing thr power and committing crimes no other american citizen would ever get away with.
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serious misconduct. lying to the government, misuse of government funds for personal gain, and dereliction of duty resulting in nothing more than just a slap on the wrist.ju and of course, this comes as the doj probe into the origins of the russia witch hunt, of course, is in full gear and is a troubling sign that the deep state will do anything and everything, they will protect their own. we will have more of my opening monologue in just a minute. first, joining is now on the breaking news with "the hill"'s john solomon. you know, when you have clear, compelling evidence, and a criminal referral with evidence behind it, and you let it go, a what message does that send? especially in light of the minute detail that mueller used to set perjury traps, et cetera. >> listen, i heard from people on the inside of the justice department concerned by this. in the last 30 days, michael and his team have completed a half dozen internal affairs
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investigations, fbi, dea attorney's office personnel, all who were confirmed to have committed illegal acts or broke the rules. not a single one of them were prosecuted. most of them are still in their jobs, are allowed to retire. here is what we are talking about what they did, an fbi lawyer who shoplifted multiple times from stores. not any store, the marine barracks commissary store where marines get their supplies from. she shoplifted from there. she did not get prosecuted, she got some community service. the assistant u.s. attorney who transported marijuana. a dea supervisor who routed hundreds of thousands of dollars to his son. another fbi supervisor who turned the fbi's official garage to a personal garage to repair his and other fbi agents' cars. all of this costs taxpayers money, all of it violated the law, none of them are prosecuted. why are we talking about this? we are about to enter into one of the most important internal
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affairs investigations in justice department history. the barr review of the russia case. if they can't hold people like this accountable, it raises the question, what will they do at the end of this russia case? >> sean: one very important question. from my understanding, my sources, is inspector general horowitz is probably likely done. i've had some people saying, suggesting strongly they believe that the attorney general already has the inspector general report. there was apparently a hang-up originally on one of the fisa applications. surprisingly, that being the first. but according to my sources, your reporting about kathleen kavalec's confirmation and warning and admonition to the fbi prior to the first application, put that to bed in light of, also, the closed-door testimony of bruce ohr, that everybody was warned. what are you hearing about the inspector general report on fisa? because that doesn't seem like a premeditated fraud against the court with unverifiable lies as
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something anyone can get away with. >> listen, i hear that it is still in flux. mark meadows has said he expects it might be delayed a little bit. that is consistent with my reporting. not a long time, a short while.. trying to digest this question, if the fbi claims it couldn't figure out before it filed the fisa that michael steele was political, working for the clinton campaign, leaking to the media and having erroneous information, how did the state department do it on october 10th in a 45 meeting meeting with them? that has raised a new question that has caused doubt into some of the things the fbi and doj said, and i think there is some new examination there, but i don't think it will be long before getting that report. i think this summer we will see it. >> sean: john solomon, investigative reporter, great breaking news, thanks for sharing. each night, we continue to monitor the progress out of the doj's probe into the origins of the russia investigation. meanwhile, house intel committee chairman, the cowardly schiff who won't come onto the program. he's not interested in coming on this program, he digs a hole
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deeper and deeper, this week hem actually threatened to subpoena the fbi director. for more information on the fbi's nine-month counter-intel investigation into, yes, trump-russia collusion. he didn't get the conclusion het wanted. they are trying now so hard to keep their hopes alive. four separate investigations, including the mueller investigation. it can't be any more straightforward and frankly, at this point, they are deranged, desperate, and full of rage and frankly, they look prettyde stupid. tonight, we have another example of this psychotic anti-trump delusion thanks to this pretty interesting sound bite from the president. let's take a look. >> your campaign this time around, if foreigners, iff russia, if china, if someone else offers you information on an opponent, should they accept it or should they call the fbi? >> i think maybe you do both. i think you might want to listen. o there's nothing wrong with listening.
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if somebody called from a country, norway, "we have information on your opponent," oh, i think i would want to hear >> you want that kind of interference in our elections? >> it's not an interference. they have information. i think i'd take it. if i thought something was wrong, i would go maybe to the fbi. >> sean: if they call me, i will listen, but if they do>> something wrong, i will go to the fbi. of course, listening to any op research or any reporting,ng anything illicit and saying you would take it to the fbi, that would not be a as a matter of fact, i suspect, i would like somebody to ask him the question, i wonder if he knew exactly what he was doing, the exact way he was asked that question and the answer he gave because of time after time, he knows the media bubble and fizz like alka-seltzer in water and he is playing them like a flute. he knew they couldn't resist a story about the trump campaign and foreign intelligence, he knew how desperate they are to
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keep the russia hoax alive and as per usual, he was right. frankly, we were right in our prediction right at the top of the show last night. t like moths to a flame, alka-seltzer in water, bubble, fizz, all the energy goes out. the mob erupted and yet another round of false hope. lies, conspiracy theories, and the hopes continue for a short time. take a look. >> the stark reality, the sadd truth is that we have a president of the united states who is not playing on america's team. >> this is a welcome mat. it is a come-hither, not just for the russians, but for the chinese. not just for donald trump, but for every republican running. >> direct, irrefutable evidence on tape of criminal intent. [laughs] >> the founding fathers' worst nightmare. >> treasonous behavior. >> amazing, amazing, stunning, and disturbing. >> i'm waiting for the constitutional conservatives to rise up this morning and say, enough.
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>> he is saying, i'm standing here, willing, ready, and able to collude! it is unthinkable what he said. it disintegrates at the very core of what our democracy is about. >> i think it is treasonous, compromising, dangerous. >> this is beyond -- really. there is no sense of, what's the word i want to find? any ethical sense that informs his comments. >> if i'm a foreign intelligence officer today, the message i got from the president's own words yesterday was, it's open season on u.s. political figures in 2020. >> sean: this is phenomenal. the president said if called, unsolicited, he would if bad, he would call the fbi. here's the point, and the people you just saw, as we predicted, so blinded in their hatred for president trump, they don't even realize they were set up like bowling pins, showing their
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ridiculous hypocrisy. because they have the very same people smearing the president hour after hour, every minute and second of every day, the same ones that ignored, let's see, foreign election interference that was bought and paid for by hillary clinton and the dnc. which brings us into a quick "hannity" history lesson.n let's go back to 2016. in order to skirt campaign finance laws, hillary clinton's campaign, the dnc, yes, they funneled money as a law expense to a law firm called perkins coie. perkins coie then hired the research firm, fusion gps, who then hired a foreign national -- i thought this shouldn't happent -- to collect russian lies, dirt on donald trump. that dirt became known as the christopher steele dossier. and as "the new york times" suggests, likely, it was russian misinformation from the beginning, full of russian lies,
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as "the new york times" even admits. contents, disinformation, hillary bought, solicited, paid for the russian government lies. and then obama-biden's government, members of the deep state, members of the intel community, members of foreign governments all worked together and -- let's see -- they spread the russian lies andrn disinformation throughout the government and leaked to the press -- "the washington post," clinton sycophant david corn, because they wanted the american people to believe the russian lies hillary paid for in an attempt to rig the election. she got away with rigging the primary. it's like i'm the only person who cares about bernie sanders. no outrage by any of these people! b she bought it, she sought it, she paid for it, they spread it, they tried to use it to impact the
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president, let's go back. if called, i'll listen. if bad, i'll call the fbi. fake news cnn, conspiracy tv msnbc, you got to love roswell rachel maddow, it's great, and now the moderator that she is, over a real example of seeking, paying for russian disinformation, real collusion, real money, real exchanges, real campaign finance violations, real laws are broken, but the same outrage, never shown. how often do we talk about selective moral outrage? this is yet another clear example. where are the i-believers for the virginia lieutenant governor? oh, yeah. what about the collusion between the ukrainian government and the emails they have, oh, from the dnc to influence the 2016 election and help hillary? because politico even reported in 2016, the ukrainian
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government "tried to help hillary clinton and undermine donald trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office, also disseminating documents, including a top f trp aide in corruption, and helped clinton's allies researchpt damaging information on trump and his advisors." wait a minute, where are all those people that were just complaining about donald trump saying, if somebody calls him, he would listen, then if it was bad, he would call the fbi, and were so outraged. that's not all. 2017, interview, "the washington post," former clinton press secretary saidll he'd be happy to travel to europe to confirm foreign dirt on president trump himself. by the way, that brings us to the cowardly adam schiff. i have my own dossier on schiff, it's called his own words. i offered him four hours, three hours on 618 of the best radio stations in the country and an hour on the number one cable show, thanks to all of you, in america.
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april 2017, we got the cowardly schiff on tape. this is about -- i can't figure out which is my favorite tape. this or alec baldwin trying to be a radio talk show host. what's on the tape? oh, the cowardly schiff colluding with russia to get dirt on donald trump. literally, it was a hoax but he didn't know it was a hoax. naked trump. did you share with putin? of course, we share with putin naked pics of trump. he was speaking to a notorious russian prankster. listen. he thought it was real, this idiot. a real collusion. >> she met with trump, one hour, russian girl, celebrity, also known as a person with a strange reputation. >> olga, how do you spell her name? and what is the nature of the kompromat?
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>> there were pictures of naked trump. >> putin was made aware of the availability of the compromising material? >> yes, of course. >> thank you very much, we will be back in touch with you through our staff to make arrangements to obtain these materials for our committee and for the fbi, and i appreciate you reaching out to us. >> sean: what is the nature of the compromise? naked pictures of donald trump. does putin know? of course, naked pictures. what an idiot. he is on tape. a senior member of congress more than happy to take a call from an unverified russian op in order to source out embarrassing material to impact the election of donald trump. yet, no outrage from the media mob. but trump answers the question, he says, if called by georgey stephanopoulos, the clinton sycophant, if bad, he will call the fbi. hypothetical question, the mob goes wild. the hypocrisy reeks. you can't make this up.
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joining us now, sara carter, judicial watch president, tom fitton, florida congressman, who i was not insulting last night, i was totally messing with, my friend matt gaetz. >> you called me a freshman! >> sean: what? >> i'm not a freshman congressman, i've been on your show for three years. you called me overly ambitious. we need ambitious congressmen. >> sean: i thought it was a call about naked pictures of -- whatever. [laughs] this really happened. i predicted we would be able to play this tape. i just really -- i'm really wondering if trump set him up on purpose. i would love the answer to that question because i think he knows the media that well. >> oh, absolutely he knows the media that well. i don't know if he set him up on purpose. of course, we don't know that. but what's interesting here is how they all jumped, right? not only did the media jump at andy but then you have mccabe, who is in such hot
10:18 pm
water. susan rice, who is being questioned because of all the unmaskings that she had done under the obama administration. clapper and others. these are former senior officials of the obama administration that are wrapped up in the middle of an investigation that is being conducted now by the department of justice regarding the origin of the investigation into trump and russia, which we now know has been completely debunked by at least four investigations and the mueller report. sean, what we have here, the american people, it's plain and simple and obvious, it's how desperate these former officials are to still spin this lie, and spin it right at the president of the united states, becausend they know the consequences that are coming are going to be harsh. >> sean: matt gaetz, let me go to you from the congressional perspective, but for the freedom caucusyourself, i was really giving you credit last night, jim jordan, mark meadows, devin nunes, behind closed doors, you are all asking the
10:19 pm
right questions. the only thing i am mad at is you didn't share it with me. the only question i got anue answer to was, was i over the target? that's all i got answered. >> you know you were over the target and we also know the hypocrisy is so thick you can cut it with a knife. you look at the media, the people you mentioned were literally inviting foreign influence into our election by proliferating lies funded by the dnc and told by russians to destabilize donald trump's candidacy and ultimately his presidency. the hypocrisy continues to the obama administration, where they would actively use the state department to comingle their activities with george soros-backed groups in other countries to influence elections. it was actually judicial watch that had a great expose on this activity, the obama administration engaged in the balkans and we have also seen reporting where the obama administration did this in israel. and of course, you have the hillary clinton campaign and thn dnc actively working with the
10:20 pm
russians. >> sean: good point. c >> of course, but it's always hypocrisy. i think you're right that trump was triggering the media here, because the more they talk about foreign influence, the more they look ridiculous because the only candidate that we are certain engaged in no criminal conspiracy is donald j. trump, our president. let's put the same scrutiny on hillary clinton, the dnc, and their allies in the fake news media. >> sean: really well said. tom fitton, the amount of work the judicial watch has been doing and slowly getting out information at our request -- what you received last week, the news we had you on about, now what you are waiting for, what do you expect next? >> well, i expect more information from the state department on their connections with christopher steele and the laundering of information from steele into the fbi. remember, steele wasn't just
10:21 pm
working with the russians against trump, he was working with the state department with obama against then-candidate trump and then the president-elect. going back to hillary clinton, she wasn't only getting dirt from russia, she was getting cash from russia. as secretary of state, she personally was getting money from the russians through her husband's speaking fees. cash and collusion from russia. that's under investigation, atat least the collusion part, and it needs to be. one of the big lies of mueller's investigation or report is no americans knowingly colluded with russians. that's true about the trump team. not true about the clinton team. >> sean: last question, did any of you see the compromising materials of naked trump? did any of you see that? i'm just asking. [laughter] >> sean: i'm just asking! >> sean. [laughs] >> sean: just asking if you saw it. thank you, all. when we come back, is iran provoking a war?
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two oil tankards attacked earlier today. trace gallagher with the alarming report and the words of secretary of state mike pompeo. and bernie sanders saying americans will be delighted to pay more in taxes. victor davisan hanson, anthony scaramucci, and tonight, the great one, mark lebaron, lwill respond to george stephanopoulos straight ahead. ♪ e and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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10:27 pm
this is where the flow of -- the lifeblood of the world's economy goes, except now we are energy independent, thankfully. this is a serious matter. >> much of it goes right up the strait of hormuz. both attacks happened 25 miles offf the coast of iran just before dawn today. a norwegian oil tanker filled with a petroleum product bound for taiwan radioed for help, nwi saying they had been attacked. minutes later, a japanese tanker filled with oil bound for singapore also radioed for help. the u.s. navy responded to both and evacuated 44 crew members. u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo says based on intelligence, the type of weapons used and the expertise needed for the operation, that iran is responsible. watch. >> these unprovoked attacks t present a clear threat, a blatant assault on the freedom of navigation, and an unacceptable campaign of
10:28 pm
escalating tension by iran. >> u.s. officials also suggest at least one of the attacks used a mine similar to one used against a tanker off the united arab emirates last month. and a short time ago, iran categorically denied involvement in the attacks, and says it isra now ready to secure american passageways and the u.s. is considering military escorts through that strategically important strait of hormuz. sean? >> sean: trace gallagher, thanks for that report. the new extreme radical democratic socialist party, they're making one thing clear: no moderates allowed. listen to comrade bernie sanders. everything is free. amazing world we live in. take a listen. >> our job 75 years later is to complete what roosevelt started. and that is why today, i am proposing a 21st centuryt economic bill of rights. [applause] >> a bill of rights that establishes once and for all that every american, regardless
10:29 pm
of his or her income, is entitled to the right to a decent job that pays a living wage! [applause] the right to quality health care! [applause] the right to a complete education! the right to affordable housing! the right to a clean environment, and the right to a secure retirement! c >> sean: everything is health care, college, child care, retirement, vacations, healthy food, the list never ends. let's see, 70% top marginal tax rate individuals, and a wealth tax if you're smart enough to save a few bucks after they steal it all and don't forget when you die, they get 50 more percent. the government can't spend its way to your prosperity. every time this has tried it has
10:30 pm
failed miserably. none of these promises can never be fulfilled. by the way, how has keep your doctor, keep your plan, save your money worked out? of course, bernie's delusion doesn't stop there because he thinks americans are actually happy, they want to pay higher taxes, we're not taxed enough. that is exactly the reason why new york, new jersey, california, illinois are losing population. because they don't tax people enough. i don't think so. watch. >> as you know, the taxes in many of those countries are much higher than they are -- the individual, personal tax -- are much higher than they are the united states.nt >> yeah, but i suspect a lot of people in this country would be delighted to pay more in taxes if they had health care, comprehensive health care, as a human right. >> sean: this is not about taxing the rich, the redistribution. this ista about one thing. they want all the power, they give you false promises, they raise the taxes on you, history cannot be any more clear cut. you raise taxes and guess what
10:31 pm
happens? the economy goes down. but when you cut them, you deregulate and you become energy independent, guess what? the standard of living of every american goes amazingly well! then think about it, record low unemployment, the best unemployment situation since 1969, record low unemployment, african-americans, hispanic-americans, women in the workplace, youth unemployment, and yes, sleepy, creepy, crazy uncle joe, he is doing everything he can to catch up to the left. but a lot of them, even liberal hollywood, they are not buying creepy uncle joe.he take a look. >> we get it. [laughter] you know barack obama. [laughter] we understand, we can see that. at this point, you should just change your slogan to "biden 2020: obama 2012." >> sean: sounds like he may not be the front runner he thinks he is now.
10:32 pm
victor davis hansen, the great scaramucci, how are you? is your wife really going to do that reality show? >> it's a lot of click bait rumors, sean. she was never asked. >> sean: i'm just checking, because that means you're going to be on that show, and i'm like, oh, no. >> if i'm on the show then we have to get that negotiated in a your contract, because you're on the show with me. >> sean: okay, over my dead i body. >> you know that it's definitely not going to happen. >> sean: victor davis hanson, you are a great historian and great intellect. is there any has there ever bee where these promises have worke worked? >> bernie sanders for 30 years as a congressman and a senator, don quixote attacking socialist windmills and that was because people in the 20th century remembered national socialism in germany, soviet socialism,
10:33 pm
combined for 30 million dead. even the forms we've seen in our own lifetime more recently,d. nicaragua, cuba, they always end in poverty and destruction. i just got back from greece andy even left-wing greece has just rejected this european election, the socialist party. so the interesting question is, why now, does this eccentric sanders think he has the constituency? i think part of it that there ic a trillion and a half dollars in student debt, indoctrination int the university. we know we have a new demographic of young people who are not having children, not buying homes, and 50 million people who were not born in the united states, many of them came here without capital or skills, so bernie feels this is a perfect storm to reintroduce something that has failed throughout history. >> sean: you know, anthony, i know for a fact what you do -- i
10:34 pm
don't understand what you do, but you invest money, you take risks. in the process, you build things, you create jobs, factories, manufacturing centers. i know one case in particular where you got a 400% return and you took a risk on a bunch of young guys that i happen to know, and lo and behold, it worked. jobs were created, products and goods and services were made, and everybody did better. why is it a better system? >> there were risks taken, you have to reward people for those risks, you have to reward people for their savings. i actually totally love the bernie sanders speech, and i i love the direction he is going because it's going to virtually guarantee the president's victory. victor wrote a great book called "the case for trump" and it just lays out why the president is here to preserve the american system and to preserve what we all know about capitalism, that it lifts more people out of poverty than any other system in the world. i love the bernie sanders
10:35 pm
narrative. let him keep talking like that, sean. it will guarantee trump a l re-electoral success.. >> sean: the great barry farber, one of the pioneers of talk radio, often says therere s never been a country in the history of man that has accumulated more power, abusedha it less, and i add to that, and used its power for the advancement of the human condition more. not perfect, but the best. thank you both. when we come back, the great one, mark levin. he has a few thoughts about georgie stephanopoulos and a lot more. later, thought california couldn't get crazier? inmates are running the asylum, carrie part behind bars. wow, we will all be stoned. can't make it up. straight-ahead. e in over 20 flavors-- right: chicken, salmon, or tuna like my favorite! just tear, eat... mmm-- and go! starkist tuna, chicken, and salmon creations. bravo!
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>> your campaign this time around, if foreigners, if russia, if china, if someone else offers you information on an opponent, should they accept it or should they call the fbi? >> i think maybe you do both. i think you might want to listen. y there's nothing wrong withgh listening. if somebody called from a country, norway, "we have information on your opponent," i think i would want to hear it. >> you want that kind of interference in our election? >> it's not an interference, it think i would take it. if there was something wrong, i would go maybe to the fbi. >> sean: i would listen if they called me, and if it was bad, i would call the fbi. the soundbite sent in the media mob into an absolute, predictable hysteria. we told you it would happen last night. he is now the author of the number one best seller in the country on "the new york times" best seller list, it's a fantastic read, "unfreedom of the press." we call him the great one,ryll number one show on cable, "life, liberty, and levin" he won't
10:41 pm
admit it, but a friend of mine. great one, i watch this and i'm thinking of your book, the great history, all you've laid out, nobody has everr done this before, which i think makes alle your books unique. i look at what he said and i compare what hillary did, ino actually think the president set him up. >> first of all, have you ever seen a dumber media in your life? i mean, truly, a dumber media. let's think about it. >> sean: no. [laughs] >> how would the president even know to turn something over to the fbi unless he accepted itet and then read it? accepted it and listened to it and that is basically what he said. yes, i would take it. i would take a look at it, if it should go to the fbi it would go to the fbi. but look how upset they hillary clinton, the dnc paid for information, they paid for russian information, it didn't come to them, they had to manufacture it, they paid for it, of course, contact the fbi,
10:42 pm
was that the campaign that was leaking to the media?ur a little bit of history does help, the chinese military poured millions of dollars into the clinton reelection. remember that?nt they were bringing bags of money, serial money into the dnc. does anyone remember the media getting worked up, other than the "l.a. times"? i don't remember nancy pelosi getting worked up. they didn't even appoint a special counsel to investigate that. that is real interference. and we american people, we are so stupid, we are really supposed to believe that china wants trump to win? so they are going to give trumpw information on bernie sanders? they would love bernie sanders! he's a kindred spirit. or the russians are really happy with the way trump is treating them? they are going to give him information to defeat kamala harris? or the iranians or the north koreans?
10:43 pm
how stupid is that? the rest of america watches this and we laugh at the media! how about the great lion of the senate, ted kennedy, who used surrogates to contact the kgb to try to defeat ronald reagan in his reelection in and nancy pelosi, who could forget nancy pelosi, in 2007, undermining the bush administration, george w. bush, running off to meet with a genocidal dictator, the father of the current genocidal dictator in syria, undermining our national security. who could remember the democrat speaker before that, jim wright, running off to nicaragua to meet ortega, another genocidal communist. i mean, the democrats -- it's a joke. i want to address one other thing, too. you talked about bernie sanders. there are two plagiarists in the race on the democrat side. joe biden, who is a well-known plagiarist because he is too dumb to even say things on his own, but then there is bernie sanders. he has stolen his agenda from
10:44 pm
joseph stalin from the soviet union in 1936.he i want to educate cnn, msnbc, "the new york times" and all the rest of them. >> sean: mark, mark, wait a second. that's a task impossible but for the benefit of our audience, i will let you do it for them. >> okay, chapter 10, 1936 constitution, the soviet union -- sounds really great. article 118: citizens of the ussr have the right to work, that is, the guaranteed right to employment and payment for their work in accordance with its quality and quantity. article 119: citizens of the ussr have the right to rest and leisure. a the institution of annual vacations with full pay for workers and employees and the provision of a wide network of sanatoria, rest homes, and clubs for the accommodation of the working people. article 120, bear with me: citizens of the ussr have the
10:45 pm
right to maintenance into old age and also in case of sickness and loss of capacity to work. this right is ensured by the extensive development of social insurance of workers and employees at state expense, free medical service for the working people, and the provision of a wide network of health resorts for the use of the working people. one more. article 121 of stalin's soviet constitution, 1936: this right is ensured by universal, compulsory elementary education; by education, including higher education, being free of charge; by the system of state stipends for the overwhelming majority of students in the universities and colleges, and it goes on. bernie, why don't you come forward and tell everybody, you are stealing from stalinie in 1936. i know i'm not allowed to say this, i know. i know i'm not allowed to say this. but for the media that protects the left, that protects big government, big centralized government, the american people can't stand you and i'm going to
10:46 pm
tell you why. you are destroying freedom of the press. you make a mockery of yourselves. every time donald trump says something, you say it's the end of the world, we've never seen anything like it. we are smarter than you. you operate in a bubble in washington, you operate in a bubble in new york. you have no comprehension of what is going on in the country. that's how you missed 2016. you pushed this lie for two and a half years of russian collusion, you ignored hillary clinton and the dnc. the american people are onto you. even today, even today, the iranians are taking out oil tankers. not ours, but others. the iranians are looking for war and what do we hear from the left in the media? that it's john bolton's fault! and that it's the secretary of state's fault! that it's the president of the united states' fault! you're pathetic, it's a joke. >> sean: that's why we call you the great one. see that book behind him, "unfreedom of the press," number one in the country. if you haven't gotten it yet,,, bookstores everywhere.
10:47 pm
"life, liberty, levin." on fox news channel every sunday at 10. coming up, you will not believe the next story, california prisoners are allowed to possess weed behind bars but they can't smoke it. you can't make this up, you just can't, but it's true. ♪ weed behind bars but they can't smoke it. you can't make this up, you just can't, but it's true. -looks great, honey. -right?
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♪ >> sean: you won't believe what california is doing now, trace gallagher joins us now. tell me it's not true, that it's a rumor. tell me it's fake news cnn. >> [laughs] no, this one is spot on. it turns out in california, you are not allowed to smoke pot in prison or eat it, but you can possess it.
10:52 pm
though, if you have it, it's unclear how the state plans to stop you from eating it. this conundrum was brought to us by the third district court of appeals, which has now overturned the 2017 convictions of five men with marijuana in their jail cells. the judge said when california voters legalized marijuana back in 2016, it included those behind bars. the court says the prisons will still have the ability to regulate cannabis possession just like cigarettes and alcohol, but now, if inmates are caught with pot, it will not add to their prison terms. it's up to the attorney general to decide whether to appeal the case to the california supreme court. the state bureau of prisons says drug use and sails in california prisons remains prohibited, even though experts point out that drug use and sales in california prisons remains rampant. big problem. sean. >> sean: trace gallagher says it, it's real news. trace, thank you. appreciate it. here with reaction, salem radio networks, "america first" radio
10:53 pm
host, sebastian gorka and fox news contributor dan bongino. dr. gorka, we have not seen you for a while. you have been busy, glad to have you back, we missed you. your thoughts? >> thank you, congratulations o sarah huckabee's news today, she deserves a break. >> sean: god bless her, howw the hell she put up with that crap i don't know. >> [laughs] this is insane, contraband, this is a controlled substance and now you are allowed to have it if you are a prisoner in california? what is it going to be next, is going to be legalizing shivs, cell phones for the guys inside their cells? this isn't the worst. senator scott elsbernd of san francisco, sean, he wants to make it so that if you wish to identify as a woman as a male prisoner, you get to be called a woman and you get to be put in prison with other women. if you are a 300-pound guy
10:54 pm
called bubba and you want to be called jill and change your sexual identity, they have to call you jill and you get to go to the girls prison. it's california, it's insanity, and this is why donald trump is president. >> sean: i'm speechless. dan bongino, you want to top that? >> it's interesting, it's still illegal in prison to smoke the marijuana, but you can't inhale it so you have to go bill clinton style. but it's also illegal to sell it, so i wonder, like, how is that weed going to get in there? the weed fairy? how exactly -- the tooth fairy for weed? have they really thought this thing through? like, onlyly in california, sea, does any of this make sense. it's a real shame. i go out there often, such a beautiful place. by the way, there are a lot of good conservatives there in l.a., i see them all the time. it's a great place, it's just such a shame it's being ruined by this lunacy all the time. >> sean: okay, i will let the
10:55 pm
audience decide. thank you both, good to see you both. more "hannity" after this. . once-daily toujeo helps you control your blood sugar.
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♪ >> sean: before we go tonight, i want to give a special congratulations to sarah sanders for a job well done as the white house press secretary. now, can you imagine you have to go to work every single day and see jim acosta and company, and the raging mob, and every one of those people, all they want to do is get there second in the spotlight, set it up, look good to their audience like they are the toughest, the meanest, the biggest anti-trump person in the world. anyway, she will be leaving her post at the end of the month. sarah served our country well, she will be missed, and she has earned a nice, long vacation. believe it or not, she really makes pie.
11:00 pm
she proved that to the fake new. but it is what it is. our promise, we are going to investigate the investors, we will never be the rage trump media mob and let not your heart be troubled, there she is, laura ingraham. >> laura: that was a nice moment today with the president. i got a little teared up watching it. they were both a little emotional. >> sean: your name was circulated at one point for the job. remember? was that true or fake news? >> laura: i mean, now you're putting me in the hot seat here, hannity. >> sean: oh, excuse me. you're going to call me out because i had a little verbal slip of the other night. >> laura: hannity, wouldn't it be fun if you and i could tag team, for one week in the white house briefing room. just for a week. that would be fun. >> sean: you think -- [laughs] this is a dumb question. maybe we will get special permission