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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 14, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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bill and left. i think i would too. have a great weekend. happy flag day. "fox and friends first" continues right now. rob: a fox news alert, all eyes on iran, two oil tankers in international waters. jillian: the rogue nation denying involvement but the white house says this video was all the proof they need. >> mitch mcconnell takes pride in calling himself the grim reaper. >> nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell can agree on one thing, he is the grim reaper. rob: mitch mcconnell's response coming up. >> to start something, when we get out of the military, you found that here. >> not only is it national
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bourbon day but also flag day. having a patriotic party. >> "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ain't that america ♪ you and me ♪ what can it be ♪ ain't that america ♪ home of the free ♪ ♪ >> your beautiful, patriotic song. like it? rob: an hour away.
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jillian: good morning. you are watching "fox and friends first". rob: thanks for getting up early. a fox news alert. and iranian crew removing an unexploded line from one of those two oil tankers just yesterday. the us blaming iran for the attacks on foreign ships in the gulf of oman. jillian: to note that iran is denying involvement at this point. >> reporter: two more oil tankers under attack in the critical passageway in the strait of hormuz, tehran is denying responsibility. here's what they say, quote, iran categorically reject the unfounded claim with regard to 13 tanker incidents and condemns it in the strongest possible terms. they also added this, us and regional allies must stop warmongering and put it in mischievous plots and operations in the region.
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the president releases that shot showing revolutionary guard removing an unexploded mine. one of the two tankers targeted, mike pompeo says this can only be the work of one perpetrator. >> this assessment is based on intelligence, the weapons used, the level of expertise to execute the operation. recent similar attacks are shipping and the fact that no proxy group operating in the area has the resources and proficiency to act with such a high degree of sophistication. >> reporter: one month ago the admin straighten blamed attacks on four different -- the uss bainbridge in the persian gulf to assist this attack rescuing 20 crew members from the tankers. and the us and iran amid deteriorating relations. the us does not see conflicts that will defend its course. japan's defense minister
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responding they have no intention of sending japanese troops to respond to this attack but it comes as chinese president and the -- xi jinping met with hassan rouhani over the weekend but things are moving in the wrong direction. rob: we will dive into this later in the show. jillian: as the world watches to see what iran will do next fox news contributor says the president is squeezing the regime, the us should take action. >> the president made clear he is prepared to negotiate but they are being honest and in the past we are cuddling up with what iran has done and i think the secretary is right, they are feeling the squeeze and they should be called out. there probably needs to be a response to this. what we want is for iran to stop its mischief in the middle east and we don't get there by not being honest about what it is
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doing. i think sometimes people say a tough reaction make negotiations with possible. in vietnam we bombed hanoi and they came to the table. sometimes you have to be serious with people in the secretary is making a calculation. we need to be honest and call them out and no use having negotiations if they are not going to be honest and we are going to look the other way at their bad actions. rob: iran gave world powers 60 days to comply with the obama era nuclear deal or the regime would resume its uranium enrichment. jillian: white house press secretary sarah sanders is stepping down. she will leave the administration by the end of the month to spend more time with her children, not clear who will replace her. her father, former arkansas governor mike huckabee says she enjoyed her time in the white house. >> one thing i can tell you, she loves this president, she has been absolutely loyal to him and will continue to be and one thing she's looking forward to
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doing is to be able to set the record straight about what a remarkable person he is. jillian: donald trump raises his longest-serving press secretary. >> he has done an incredible job. we have been through a lot and she is tough, she is a special person, she has been so great, she has such heart. thank you for an outstanding job and thank you. thank you. jillian: the president encouraged her to follow in her dad's footsteps and run for governor of arkansas. rob: the white house firing back every watchdog recommend kellyanne conway be removed from her position saying the office of special counsel unprecedented action against kellyanne conway are deeply flawed and violate her constitutional rights to free speech and due process. the agency suspected conway be
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removed and accountable president for violating the hatch act, prohibiting federal workers from engaging in elections and making negative comments about democratic candidates. jillian: the difference between right and wrong, nancy pelosi slamming donald trump for being open to opposition research from foreign governments. >> might want to listen. nothing wrong with listening. >> what that kind of interference in our elections? >> it is not interference, it is information, i would take it. jillian: policy criticizing his moral character over those comments. >> so against any sense of decency that he does not know the difference between right and wrong and that is the nicest thing i can say about him. everybody in this country should be appalled by what the president said. this one borders on so totally unethical that he doesn't realize it.
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jillian: donald from responding to criticism from the left, quote, i meet and talk to foreign governments every day. should i merely call the fbi about the meetings? how ridiculous, i would never be trusted again. rob: nancy pelosi said this about mitch mcconnell. >> mister mccall takes great pride in calling himself the grim reaper, as leader of the senate. rob: mcconnell surprising in a surprising way. >> the grim reaper, when it comes to the socialist agenda that they have been ginning up over in the house with overwhelming democratic support and sending over to america. rob: essentially agreeing with pelosi and the grim reaper analysis. pelosi accuses mcconnell purposely trying to stall measures in congress like gun violence prevention.
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jillian: i liked it better when janice was inside with us but she is not. >> reporter: i wish i was inside with you because 59 °. that is a little crazy. the good news is it is not humid so my hairdo could have saved it. out here, rodney atkins will perform on fox square and we will salute the army, it is their birthday and the president's birthday. all good things coming up. let's look at the maps and i will show you how chilly it is. 59, 6:00 am, 60 ° for the concert. dry and cool. bring yourself a light jacket. 60 °, feels cooler than that, 46 in cincinnati, the cold front went through, we will have showers in the forecast this
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weekend because we are into this trough situation where it will be unsettled over the next couple days over the eastern half of the country through the central plains as well for father's day and we could see more heavy rain in areas that don't need to see more rain on the mississippi river valley. 91 in houston, 77 in portland, we will get up to 76 with mostly sunny skies today. it is chilly. make sure you have your light jacket. excited about the concert, rodney atkins coming up and barbecue. rob: get out of here with your chilly comment. it is fantastic outside. jillian: men and women have different variations of what chile is. rob: it is cold when it is under 90 °. jillian: your hair does look great. rob: look at the next one. thanks, 10 minutes after the hour. the hour, california, took one
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step closer to giving illegal immigrants free healthcare, florida is about to ban sanctuary cities which our country is very divided on illegal immigration. how is it we can all meet in the middle and get -- george rodriguez ways in next. jillian: a roller coaster. look at that. coming back on friday. logy make. the visionary lexus nx. lease the 2019 nx 300 for $359/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum.
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jillian: welcome back. the man accused of shooting david ortiz says she wasn't the intended target. the suspect telling reporters in the dominican republic he was confused by his clothes, unclear who he meant to shoot. 9 people are behind bars following new arrests overnight.
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police are searching for the 10th and final suspect. you can see him there. he is also wanted in pennsylvania accused of shooting a man in the back in 2018. he is recovering at a boston hospital. >> the mystery deep into the dominican republic after another american dies on vacation. lela cox founded in her hotel bedroom one day after her 53rd birthday. the us embassy says she died of a heart attack but her family is suspicious of that claim. her son says she would still be alive today if she didn't go on that trip. eight americans have done that this year. jillian: two states, two different priorities. ron desantis will find a bill banning sanctuary cities in the sunshine state. rob: gavin newsom ready to make a sanctuary state the first to cover healthcare costs for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants so will there ever be
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a solution here, a border solution that works for everybody? jillian: george rodriguez joined the reagan administration and joins us live, thanks for your time. easy for a lot of people to say isn't there a middle ground? but is there a middle ground? >> i am not sure. we have reached a point where the conservative and liberal gap is so wide it just reflects these two states reflect that gap, and it keeps getting wider. ron desantis i applaud him because he is thinking of citizens first, thinking of lawful legal american citizens first. in california a few moments ago you had the clip of nancy pelosi asking if donald trump knows the difference between truth and lies. i wonder if they know the difference between legal and illegal immigration.
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rob: when you ask people, you find a lot of compassion for the dreamers and compassion for people that have been in the country, giving them a pathway to citizenship but when you talk about 150,000 a month coming in right now. i would imagine you get a different answer. >> exactly right. what we have done for the past 20 years, the past 25 years is reward illegal immigration. we did it during the reagan administration although many of us were opposed, did with the amnesty. now we are providing amnesty, providing more amnesty, we provided amnesty through da ca and folks that have been affected by storms in central america. we can't continue to reward illegal immigration because the more you do the more you get. jillian: these states that have
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laws requiring law enforcement to cooperate with ice, a small list, alabama, arizona, georgia, iowa, north carolina, mississippi, missouri, tennessee and texas and another graphic showing $98 million is the estimated cost to provide health insurance to illegals. look at the number, the fact that more and more states starting to get on board getting drivers licenses to illegal immigrants or seems like there is so much more they can utilize and access. >> let's talk about the drivers license issue. these folks will get drivers license, hopefully they will get insurance but the fact of the matter is they are still here illegally in the united states. you are rewarding folks that came into the country without permission and as long as we continue to do that we are going to continue to get more.
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rob: a lot of asylum-seekers, 90% not showing up for court, combined with free college and a lot of other free things. thank you, appreciate it. 15 minutes after the hour. the us pointing a finger at iran after two oil tankers are attacked just yesterday. iran denying that claim but this morning there is new proof, new video, how should the us response? daniel davis will weigh in on that coming up next. >> she suffers from liabilities. >> i don't want to sound rude or flippant but good riddance. jillian: there is handed out at the white house and as you just saw, the left in the media wasting no time taking aim. we are coming back. guys, get in here!
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rob: the trump administration blaming the iranian regime protection two oil tankers in the gulf of oman. they have brand-new video. jillian: iran says they had nothing to do with the latest act of aggression so where does the us go? here is senior fellow and military expert lieutenant colonel daniel davis. thank you for joining us this friday morning. what do you think the united states should do? >> we have to decide what we want to accomplish. there is no question iran is a malign actor and they have been doing all kinds of things in the middle east but if our intent is to moderate the behavior and keep stability in the area maximum pressure by itself will not accomplish that. if we are strangling the economy
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and not giving them that, these will increase and this increases the chance for war, doesn't decrease it. we have to be careful not to push too hard. rob: a tweet from the iranian foreign minister, the us immediately jumps to make allegations against iran without a shred of circumstantial evidence only makes it abundantly clear that they are moving to plan b, sabotage diplomacy including by shinzo abe and cover-up economic terrorism against iran. they are saying we set this whole thing up knowing abe is coming in to talk to iran, the we will up these ships trying to make them look bad. >> the bottom line is we need to go slow here. not as though there are not other actors in the region that would love to see the united states go to war on their behalf against iran. we need to make sure we don't inadvertently go too fast and see circumstantial evidence and say they did and take action and then later find out there is another actor, saudi arabia or
2:25 am
another group like iran and we acted in their behalf and that would be really bad but we have to avoid that at all costs. if we do something like that we we the ones who take the brunt of any military action from iran and that doesn't help our cause at all. jillian: how about the timing of it? >> i am suspicious because a had gone with the approval of donald trump. he took a personal message there and it seems a little odd that iran would choose that moment to make things look bad for themselves when they are trying to get iran or japan's help. i'm a little skeptical. rob: they are trying to say we are pinning it on them trying to make it look bad. 244 years and we want you to tell us why you chose to serve the country. >> i first joined as a private in 1985 because i love this country and it was an honor for
2:26 am
me to serve. it is something i'm very proud to have worn the army uniform. there is little i would do to measure up to that because it is a sacrifice many of my friends made the ultimate sacrifice and i remember them on this day but it is something i don't regret in the least and i'm grateful for the opportunity. jillian: thank you for your service today and every day. >> my pleasure, thanks for having me. jillian: the stage is set but is it really? 23 democrats running for president and only 20 making the cut for the first debate. who is in? who is out? we will tell you. >> once you serve in the military it is in your dna and once you get out of the military it is hard to find that we found that. jillian: national bourbon day and flag day. meet the veteran who is making american flags. jillian: the folks who got this
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jillian: welcome back. a fox news alert, shocking video released overnight shows what appears to be an iranian boat removing and unexploded mine from a japanese oil thinker. mike pompeo blaming iran for the attack in the gulf of oman. rob: a second suspect in the benghazi effective been convicted found guilty of providing support to terrorists and destroying government property in 2012, he faces 35 years in prison for his role. jillian: the toronto raptors
2:31 am
take down a dynasty for their first nba title, facing golden state warriors 114-110. it was a nailbiter marking canada's first championship since the blue jays were in the world series in 1983. look at that celebration. a marine veteran killed in a road rage shooting. police say he was shot in the chest as he tried to apologize for accidentally cutting off the driver near miami. he fired back and killed the other man. investigators believe the marine was acting in self defense. rob: right outside a london court house at 10:30 in the morning, julian assange fighting extradition. the hearing, the day after the british secretary signed a request to send the wikileaks founder back to the united states facing charges under the espionage act. after ecuador revoked him from
2:32 am
there embassy and kicked him out, seeking asylum for years, serving a 50 week sentence in england for skipping out on bail. jillian: sarah sanders is stepping down in the mainstream media wasting no time slamming her work. >> she suffers from diabetes. >> i will not miss her. >> i literally and figuratively will not miss her either. jillian: many democrats slamming sanders online, joyce says thank you, we will miss your daily press briefings, oh, wait. rob: a crowded field of
2:33 am
democrats set for the first debate of the 2020 campaign. jillian: they are rushing to break from the pack and set themselves apart. aishah hasnie joins us live and we now know who is in and out. >> let's look at the candidate to qualify for the first big debate. joe biden is in the mix, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, lots of big names. here's who is out. montana governor is among the four left behind, he is challenging the decision claiming he did meet the polling threshold. we will see what happens. the stage isn't even set yet but several democrats going in and taking shots at the white house, former head secretary julian castro calling for kellyanne conway to be fired for violating the hatch act, something he has also been guilty of and doubling down on his calls for impeachment.
2:34 am
>> a few years from now, 10 years of from now or 20 years from now we are going to look back on this as americans and say what was wrong with that president? the americans want a president they believe has integrity. who will put the national interest above his own personal interests. jillian: there is one democrat contenders standing out for saying no to putting a political rival behind bars. >> when pattern of america should seek to avoid is prosecuting past leaders and presidents and imprisoning them. that is something america has never fallen into and that is the way i would hope we would proceed. jillian: andrew yang offering a different perspective. you will not feel 20 people on stage at once. 10 one night.
2:35 am
>> flag day and national bourbon day. rob: carly and todd will take it to an army veteran combining his love of bourbon and his love of america, something truly unique. >> a funny show. >> is not a single person on this planet that honors our flag and kentucky bourbon like chris cruz who turns old bourbon barrels into these really cool wouldn't flags. >> that is the reason he is one of the 29 recipients of the american hero awards. that is what it says in this package. >> to make it with anything else.
2:36 am
>> they are -- and to get the story -- $10,000 to donate that. and in 2006, and the initial surge. and brandon, we have some outside that help us. we always say bourbon has a good purpose and veteran server country. when he found it was therapy, and in iowa.
2:37 am
>> and 81. >> what about that? >> you are going to show us how it is done. all right! is that amazing? >> my gun is broken. what am i doing wrong? not working. nailed it. how did this field to not only run the inside but the tools?
2:38 am
>> we've got to step in and get our hands dirty and get kids involved. >> he had his fair share of struggles once he got out. he was more calm, focused. >> $10,000 given to your troops. and that is where we got married. >> trying to make something special. >> this is how we like it. rob: in my defense, last time i used a nail gun was a workshop and it didn't have that unit, you just shoved it in. >> he struggled with a nail, i thought it was a joke.
2:39 am
it was the easiest thing in the world. press it down and pull the trigger. >> in the middle of todd's vacation to present this thing. >> it was 1:30. >> what is your name? >> focus. >> the company is amazing. he's helping veterans and how cool is this? it would be great to hang up in your bar so anybody can place an order for these. >> you can. >> we got our own. >> they have our names on them. >> that is why -- >> kidding. a big one. >> nominations open for 2020. american-made hero awards. >> we will take that. and evan williams's bottle.
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>> we will be right back.
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rob: democrats blasting amazon for its new credit card exclusively for prime members. jillian: tracy carrasco joined us to explain. >> reporter: alexandria ocasio cortez and bernie sanders are accusing amazon of getting greedy. the amazon credit builder is for people with bad or no credit. amazon hopes its customers raise or rebuild their credit score. the card comes with perks including 5% cash back for online purchases, no annual fee. the biggest downfall is its high interest rate. sanders tweeting can you believe it? amazon is issuing credit cards with 28% interest rates to help people with bad credit.
2:44 am
this kind of greed makes the poor even poorer. alexandria ocasio cortez and i intend to outlaw it. corporations will have to survive on a 15% on interest rate. joe biden weighing and not about the card but on amazon's tax rates. the former vice president tweeting i have nothing against amazon but no company pulling in billions of dollars of profits should pay lower tax rate than firefighters and teachers. we need to reward work, not as well, amazon firing back tweeting we pay $2.6 billion in corporate taxes since 2016. we pay every penny we owe. congress designed tax laws to encourage companies to reinvest in the american economy. we have to hundred billion dollars in investment since 2011 and 300,000 us jobs. i assume vice president biden's complaint is with the tax code, not amazon. back to the credit card, amazon's partner says it provides a new segment of the market.
2:45 am
jillian: they are trying to take over the world, like everything. rob: 300,000 jobs. they make a point. jillian: time to check in with brian kilmeade for what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> a huge show coming up friday, the president will dominate the 8:00 hour talking about george stephanopoulos and clarification, he wants to do it here. happy birthday to the president of the united states. we will talk about the challenge we are facing in the gulf as two tankers get hit. looks like iran's fingerprints are all over it. sarah huckabee sanders calls it quits in a month, makes it official, very emotional yesterday. this is week for of our concert series, one superstar after another and rodney atkins is
2:46 am
here, they might be going unnoticed. great to see you mister superstar, in the middle of a sound check. are you pumped up? it is great, the place will be packed the one hit after another. give us a little taste even though we are in the sound check mode of what we are about to hear in the next 3 hours? ♪ ♪ ♪ moving is hard.
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jillian: the largest producer
2:50 am
and feeling a $500 tank drone that lets children access arise laser beams. this is a good idea? i can't imagine this thing. here to break it down, kurt the cyber guy. >> this is an innovation i did not see coming. the drone company, everything we have seen flying around they own the name brand. they have this four-wheel-drive drone with a price tag, $100, being announced this week. this is meant to be an educational product to teach kids how to program and think about new ways to do drones. jillian: can it be dangerous? >> look at the design. i saw this and went i can imagine version 2 being an actual gun that can fire into your home and it draws the question anything is possible. what we are looking at is
2:51 am
potentially the future, training kids with this product to use a vehicle as a combat tool in your own home. you may learn a lot and it may be really intelligent it has some features that inherently also can be used for actual weaponry in the future such as ability to identify friendly faces in the room and also can be used in a fight from remote locations would you could be away from home and driving the drone down the road using their apps and see what the drone is seeing. it brings up the question do you have the right, does your drone have the right to have a gun? do they have the right to bear arms? that you bearing arms even though you may be remotely, this does not have a gun today but it does fire pellets. jillian: let's look at the features it has today. in the commercial break, what is that? infrared laser beams, impact
2:52 am
detection centers and it is $500. >> big price tag for kids. where is this going? jillian: let's talk about amazon, putting children's privacy at risk by recording what they say to alexa, something people have feared since this came out. >> the lawsuit has a second lawsuit, they are both the same. one is an 8-year-old in california, the other a-10-year-old in massachusetts. what it is is a group of attorneys figured out a way to maximize their potential winnings against amazon so they went to two party consent states, eight states in the us require parties to agree to a recording and they are saying you are violating children's privacy because the kids did not agree to this and they chose states that have penalties, hoping to clean up against
2:53 am
amazon with two lawsuit they hope will be class-action lawsuits so attorneys get rich and kids can go to mcdonald's after that. >> appreciate it as always, 8 minutes until the top of the our. if your social security numbers stolen by an illegal, crime happens, which 2020 contender made that outrageous claim. check out this new video from border patrol. police say they are trying to smuggle into our country coming back. of its kind lexus ux and ux f sport, also available in hybrid all-wheel drive. lease the 2019 ux 200 for $329/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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♪ these are by people ♪ this is where i come from ♪ we're giving this life everything we've got ♪ and then some ♪ it ain't always pretty ♪ but it's real ♪ it's the way we play ♪ wouldn't have it any other way. rob: rodney adkins is the concert. the wind has the hair -- i need a hair cut. i'm going to do that probably later on today. illegal immigrants charged with killing three people in a drunk driving crash is now facing criminal weapons charges. officials say two guns believed to be stolen by this mexican suspect were found after that crash in california last month. they say the suspect was severely impaired when he slammed into a home killing
2:58 am
a family inside including a 10-year-old boy. jillian: julian castro backlash for what he told an audience member during last night's town hall. >> i personal live have had my social security number used by illegal imgrant. he was caught and released on own reconnaissance. >> whether people are rich or poor no matter the color of their skin no matter what the background is people commit crime. crime happens. jillian: 2020 hopeful would be be willing to penalize illegal immigrants if they are known to take advantage of. rob: daughter gracy's brownie troop got a lesson in honoring the country in time for flag day. the american legion and sons of the american legion post the meaning of the american flag and how to properly fold it and making it even more special the flag was folded in honor of a post 105 member and navy veteran
2:59 am
who was buried with full military honors. jillian: that is beautiful. and thank you for your service. and now the ugly. brand new video shows illegal aliens attempting to smuggle $329,000 worth of drugs into the u.s. using a boat. u.s. customs and border patrol releasing the off the coast of san diego. rob: finally the ugly. riders stuck going back and forth after a roller coaster suddenly shuts down. high winds caused cut power. see bar point. took two minutes for the ride to finally stop swinging. i don't know. isn't this just like the boat thing that you have when they get on pirate ship. >> stuck on that no control and starting to feel sick sounds terrible. rob: it's a roller coaster. jillian: janice did warn us it's a little chilly. ladies, you can appreciate this, if you are going out this morning grab a light
3:00 am
jacket. rob: rodney adkins is coming up. we will leave it at light jawcket. jillian: rodney adkins is going to be here all morning long. if you are in town, stop on by. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good one. ♪ ♪ ♪ how lucky i am ♪ just to be alive steve: live from the crossroads of the world 48th and sixth avenue it's the all-american summer concert series brought us by our friends at sandals. mr. rodney adkins. ainsley: we have free barbecue. it's the army birthday and it is flag day. we are going to be taught why the flag is fold the way it is. every fold has a meaning. brian: yeah. it's a grand ole


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