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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 14, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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jacket. rob: rodney adkins is coming up. we will leave it at light jawcket. jillian: rodney adkins is going to be here all morning long. if you are in town, stop on by. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good one. ♪ ♪ ♪ how lucky i am ♪ just to be alive steve: live from the crossroads of the world 48th and sixth avenue it's the all-american summer concert series brought us by our friends at sandals. mr. rodney adkins. ainsley: we have free barbecue. it's the army birthday and it is flag day. we are going to be taught why the flag is fold the way it is. every fold has a meaning. brian: yeah. it's a grand ole flag
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overand for truth nay wave. rodney adkins, i don't know if you saw him in the tease. we were still mixing it, but next to him his wife rose. did i not know it's a family affair. so if you are going to be on the road it's good to bring your fam. ainsley: he sings this song cleaning this gun which is what a lot of dads do when girls bring home first boy friend. my father. steve: in addition to being flag day and the anniversary of the u.s. army for 244 years ago todaying it is the president's birth day. the president is going to be live on "fox & friends" exactly two hours from now. if you have got a question email us also we are on facebook because we like to include some of your comments. ainsley: sarah huckabee sanders stepping down. we will get to that too. steve: shocking new video appears to show an iranian crew removing an unexploded magnetic mine from an oil
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tanker. ainsley: the united states is now blaming iran for the attacks on those foreign ships in the gulf of oman. brian: iran is saying we did it. griff jenkins joins us live. >> iran saying they didn't do it. attacking the straits of who are mows vital passage way for the world's petroleum. iran is categorically denying any responsibility and also demanding this, quote: the u.s. and its regional allies must stop war mongering and putt an end to miss chiefous plots as well as fake flag operations in the region. video showing iranian revolutionary guard pulling up to and removing unexploited mine from the japanese cargo ship. one. two ships targeted in the latest attack. secretary of state mike pompeo says all signs point towards tehran. >> this assessment is based on intelligence, the weapons used, of the level of expertise needed to
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operation. recent attacks on shipping and no proxy group operating in the area has the resources and proficiency to act with such a high degree of sophistication. griff: navy quickly disexpachesd the uss bainbridge rescuing 21 crew members who aban dodd that ship. blamed iran last month for attacks on four different tankers nearby. patrick shanahan says the u.s. does not see conflict but we will defend sources and safeguard global commerce. overnight defense minister says they have no intention at this time of sending japanese troops to respond, guys. brian: meanwhile foreign minister of iran tweeted this out some misinterpretations the b team meaning bolton is sabotaging diplomacy because japan is there important constructive visit with the prime minister abe shins and covering up economic terrorism by the u.s.s. against iran. they are acruising us of
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doing this in order to hurt talks between japan and iran. ainsley: as if we would do that. steve: that's by they say, iran does, that the incidents appear suspicious and iran's navy is investigating what they call an accident. ainsley: we are going to have congressman michael walt a republican from the great state of florida. also u.s. army and member of house armed service committee is going to be reacting to this on at 6:150 this morning. brian: no question we are being tested by iran in the region to see if we are going to stand up to them. they have had four tankers in three and a half weeks and that's a direct message to us in the area. steve: good question for the president. brian: then we have the uss bainbridge in the area who did heroic action saving most of the crew. 20 plus men in the water. very few other navies would be in position or willing to do it. ainsley: some changes in the administration at the white house. sarah huckabee sanders stepping down. watch this. >> i will try not to get emotional because i know that crying can make us look weak sometimes, right?
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[laughter] this has been the honor of a lifetime, the opportunity of a lifetime. i couldn't be prouder to have had the opportunity to serve my country and particularly to work for this president. he has accomplished so much in these two and a half years. and it's true been something i will treasure forever. it's one of the greatest jobs i could ever have. i have loved every minute, even the hard minutes. i have loved it. i love the president. i love the team that i have had the opportunity to work for. steve: that has got to be one of the toughest jobs in the world regardless of the president. it's just so hard to be up on everything and you have got to do so much. keep in mind sarah huckabee sanders, you know, she has three young children. she is married. she is the third woman to have that job but she is the first working mom as a press secretary. the president of the united states referred to her as a warrior. she did battle with a lot of members of the media and
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their reaction to her departure, well, watch this. >> in this job, she was called upon to choose between her fidelity to trump and her fidelity to the truth and she chose trump. >> i have to say i will not miss her. [laughter] >> we were the first hour to ban her tape and so i literally and figuratively will not miss her. >> she suffers from lieabetes. her tenure fraught with sex, lies and videotape. >> i don't want to sound rude or flip but good riddance. >> we will probably hear more from her out of the white house than we did in it. steve: ouch. ainsley: president said she is tough and good. sometimes can you be tough and bad. she is tough and good. she should run for governor of arkansas. she said my first job is mom and it's time for us to go home. brian: meanwhile, it was very tough on her. she got heckled and asked to
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leave that restaurants on "saturday night live" she is mocked. ainsley: the washington correspondents dinner was ridiculous. terrible and changed the whole format of the event. on top of that sarah huckabee sanders, most of the job done behind the scenes, crisis management, putting out communications think about the break neck pace in which news is generated out of this white house. she is the one behind the scenes orchestrating the message. mike huckabee obviously very proud of his daughter. >> she loves this president. she has been absolutely loyal to him and will continue to be. and i think one thing she is looking forward to doing is to be able to set the record straight about what a remarkable person he is. how well he has treated her. how much in command and control he is and so much of the things that are said about him by the press. just untrue. she has been their first hand to witness it. and i look forward to her being able to tell the story not on the payroll to the federal government but just as a person who truly
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appreciates and will forever be loyal and grateful to donald trump as president of the united states. steve: one of the things the president said yesterday i hope she runs for governor of arkansas, which is a job her dad had. currently the governor is asa hutchinson. he is in the second term. and is he term limited. his term ends in 2022. so, there is an opening. is she going to take it? she did say yesterday never say never. ainsley: that gives her some time to breathe. take a year off and start campaigning. brian: i think this is the last democratic round table town home until they can start weeding out the the field. julio castro is not generating any momentum in the polls former hud secretary. is he basically for wide open borders and goes back in time to 1929 we never use to criminalize people who came here illegally and then he blames the president for what is going wrong at the
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border. not he, his party and others for not doing asylum rules that is causing chaos at the borders. ainsley: says crisis isn't at the border it's in the white house. listen. >> you said that you believe that entering the country he illegally should not be a federal crime. at what point is a crime mitted in this process. >> from 1929 until about 2004, the united states did not enforce somebody crossing the border as a criminal violation. we enforce it, basically, as a civil violation. and it was after we started enforcing it as a criminal violation that a lot of the problems that we see today. happening. so i said there is a better way to do this. >> everybody get n in? >> they say are democrats for open borders? we have at our border 654 miles of fencing. we have thousands of personnel. i think it's a crisis of
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leadership. brian: you got to be kidding. 144,000 last month. movement in committee yesterday. senate side. might be working together they have to realize this thing at the border you don't need comprehensive reform you asylum offenses. lindsey graham joins us in an hour and 30 minutes to discuss that about 740 eastern time. steve: let's hope the house and nancy pelosi recognizes the problem and takes up it. otherwise, it's not going to go anywhere. democrat working with a republican. ainsley: going to take more than one democrat. >> hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. >> good morning to you. start off with story we are following. family and friends gather for a vigil to remember an l.a. sheriff's deputy shot dead inside a fast food restaurant. ♪ once was lost ♪ but now i am found
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>> joseph solono was off duty when suspect nelson randomly shot him in the head. nelson is accused of murdering another man an hour earlier. he is being held without bail. a second militants in the deadly benghazi attack has been convicted. mustafa found guilty of terrorists and destroying government property. he faces up to 35 years in prison. the jury will reconvene monday to decide on 15 other counts including murder. four americans were killed in the 2012 attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. the attack's master mind was sentenced to 22 years in prison last june. today governor ron desantis is expected to sign a bill to ban sanctuary cities in florida it. will require local and state officials to cooperate with ice. and notify the agency when a detainee is taken into custody or released. it is expected to be challenged in court. final states have similar anti-sanctuary laws.
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>> toronto rant tores make history by taking down a dynasty to win their first mba title. >> inbound and that's it. there is a new nba champion and it's the team from toronto, canada. we the north are now wheat champions. jillian: raptors survive a nail biter in game 6 beating the warriors 114 to 110. thousands of fans roaring in jurassic park in the arena out of toronto. canada celebrating pro-sports championship since 18993. oh, the excitement when you get those firsts. steve: trophy went to canada. brian: do to a dynasty. jillian: makes it even sweeter to them. brian: 12 minutes after the hour. remember this photographer who got hit by first pitch last month it. almost happened again. show you exactly what happened last night coming up. here we go.
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sanctions entitle the islamic republic to disrupt global. steve: secretary of state mike pompeo blaming iran for the attaches on two oil tankers in the gulf of oman. this is the pentagon releasing new video that it says shows iran's revolutionary guard removing an exploded magnetic mine in the hull of one of the tankers. combings a month after four other attackers were attacked nearby. here is u.s. army lieutenant colonel congressman michael waltz. good morning to you. >> thank you. steve: tensions are rising out in the gulf. what do we do? >> you have to look at very quickly rye iran is doing this. they are doing this because the sanctions are working. their economy is cratering. they have gone from 2.5 million barrels per day of oil down to almost 200,000. because the president rightly did are not extend
3:18 am
the oil razors to a number of other countries. they are doing this to lash out. they believe if they lash out externalize the problem away from their population and cause us to back down like they have done in the past. what i think we look at is what president reagan did in 1988, operation praying mantis where he sent ships in to escort the tankers. one of those ships hit a mine. people think the tensions are high now. we ended up sinking several iranian speed boats and a gunboat. iran will back down. they will not respond strength to strength. steve: the president now has to decide whether or not to make good on his threat where he has said that iran would suffer greatly if u.s. interests were imperiled. you look at those tankers they are not american tankers. are those u.s. interests? >> they are. those tankers are fueling the world's economy. not just those two that belong to japan three before that we cannot let iran
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essentially shut off the world's oil supply by endangering our allied economies. all of this is interdependent. incumbent upon the united states to stand up and defend these interests. steve: what do you make of the suggestion that iran says that this is suspicious. they say blast on that japanese ship appeared time to undermine diplomatic efforts prime minister able who is in tehran negotiating with the ayatollah and trying to get the u.s. back to the table regarding talk talks? >> that's classic conspiracy theory. i'm on the subcommittee of the armed services committee. the three previous tankers clearly the implosions were inward not outward the iranian equivalent of navy seals call their frog men trained in doing. this intelligence very clear, multisourced. we know what iran is up. to say. steve: i will tell you what, when you see the video of those guys taking unexploded mine off the ship.
3:20 am
there goes the evidence. >> they were trying to remove the evidence because clearly one of them didn't work. this is a classic tactic. but what we have to keep in mind here is that iran responds aggressivelily to perceived weakness and backs down with conventional strength. they cannot match us ship to ship. >> colonel in an hour and 40 minutes we will have the president of the united states on this program. what should we ask him regarding this topic? >> i think he needs to be very clear on what is end state goals are with iran secretary pompeo has stated repeatedly to drive them back to the negotiating table so we get a better deal than we got under obama with the iran deal. he needs to make very clear he does not seek to escalate to war but with iran you have to show strength and we have to get them back to the table. that's why they came to the table for the iran deal in the first place because the sanctions were working. the president's doing that again and i think that's an absolute right policy.
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steve: maximum pressure. that's what he calls it? >> thank you so much. steve: joe biden says he will find a cure for cancer if he wins the presidency. next guest battle cancer. she is living proof the party of healthcare is trump's. - i think the best companies succeed as a team,
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3:25 am
the united states he faces charges under the espionage act here in the u.s.a. ainsley: 2020 democratic joe biden making promises on the campaign trail if he gets elected president. >> if i get elected president. we are going to cure cancer. >> really? okay. our next guest is fighting stage two cancer and she is calling out the former vice president in a brand new op-ed saying quote i'm living proof the party of healthcare is trump's. ainsley: joining us now is natalie harp. i'm sorry, i read your op-ed very powerful. what's going on in your life? >> yes. absolutely. well, first of all, i do feel for joe biden and his family with what they have gone through with cancer. and he of all people should know that when you are fighting cancer you don't use that as a political tool to try to get votes that they are going to cure us only if we exchange it for a vote. and about three years ago i
3:26 am
was the victim of a medical error, which no one has survived. i was infused with sterile water but i survived thanks to a rare blood condition. but it took over two years to figure out what was wrong with me. i live in california, unfortunately. and all that we have here a lot of rights. the democrats love to talk about rights. they weren't really rights that i wanted. it was right to die. i was even coach nod voluntary stopping eating and drinking. starving yourself to death. i was offered medical marijuana, opioids. no. i just want to get better. and so i started tuning in for the first time into politics because i had never had a representative before. all my representatives were democrats. and so i thought why should i care about politics. and so when i was house bound by the medical error trying to find care, i tuned in to the 2016 election and heard president trump talking about every person has the right to fight for their life. and what he was going to do with the v.a. and trying to reform that is exactly what needs to happen in the
3:27 am
healthcare system because obamacare made healthcare about a president rather than a patient. and so by finally taking on with right-to-try. that's what i'm like super, super thankful for. president trump actually trying to help people with terminal illnesses. and when i was goinged with a terminal illness, yeah, i was out of options. i was feeling the current chemos on the market. brian: you had stage 2 of a rare bone cancer so you need a right-to-try. you wanted to have an opportunity to use experimental drugs, experimental treatment in order to survive. >> yeah. brian: this president push that you had forward and possibly saved your life? >> he did. as i like to say, i'm not dying from cancer anymore thanks to president trump. i'm living with cancer. and i failed two rounds of chemotherapy the doctor said you will have to wait until the next ones come on the market which would be over a year they had already given mee my prognosis and i was like i don't want to wait. i was rejected from clinical
3:28 am
trial because i amount youngest personal in this rare bone cancer that i have. and i didn't really have any other options. president trump signed right to try. there is now also i started looking at different doctors that would treat me in that way as well as fda approved drugs for non-approved use. and now i mean i'm walking. i am healthy. i am living the quality of life that i always wanted to have that it took me four years to find because i wasn't offered it here. it took president trump going to washington to be able to get that for me. ainsley: i know you are using immunotherapy drugs now your numbers are stabilizing and so is your pain. how are you feeling now? >> yes. it's really a miracle. i was in a wheelchair for years after the medical error happened. the bone pain was incredible. i mean it was out of this world, really and it was just now i'm walking. i'm working under president trump. people with disability are working in records numbers now. so we really are having a quality of life and being
3:29 am
able to live like every day people even though we are fighting for our life. brian: natalie not only that your experimental drugs what happened with you is a study for something next and you have a right to try toes no matter the money you have. >> exactly. > 6 we had a right to try over the last two and a half years. natalie harp glad you are okay. you look fantastic. best of luck along the way. ainsley: thank you, natalie. >> happy birthday, to president trump. brian: is he hearing you he is on in an hour and a half. brian: substitute teacher helps a student walk across the stage. act of kindness goes viral. ainsley: rodney adkins getting ready to rock the summer concert series. we are going to talk to him coming up ♪ ♪
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♪ america, america ♪ god shed his grace on thee. ainsley: we are celebrating the army's 244 earth birthday. brian: as we do every year. america's army. service d-day to today. steve: here to help us celebrate the major general is the adjunct general of maryland. also here u.s. army specialist hunter olson right over there. where is the congressman in the congressman was here a little while ago. he 8 be back. lieutenant colonel michael waltz. major general, as is tradition, we're going to cut the cake here in a minute to celebrate the anniversary of the army and it's generally the senior most officer with the youngest member of the services, right? >> that's correct.
3:34 am
i like how you said senior most officer as opposed to the oldest. [laughter] steve: what does this day mean to you. >> when i think about celebrating birthday it's amazing. a day we look around and say thank god we are able to serve the country that we love. and so saying happy birthday to the army with all of us wearing the army uniform is pretty amazing. steve: it is, indeed. brian: thing that stands out to the history that you guys have. you think back to when you have a team they look back to predecessor. you think back to washington and what this country would being like without our army. >> absolutely. we have such a legacy that has been left for all of us that 244 years after we are just left such a legacy. i just can't wait to follow in after that. and all of us, i think, are in the same boat that we just want to continue that legacy for another 244 years. ainsley: that's beautiful. thank you all for your service. congressman, thank you for your service. let's cut the cake. steve: we're hungry.
3:35 am
>> this is captain god struck's toward maryland infantry. he was born in 1861. we will honor him by using his saber today. steve: i'm sure he had no idea it would ever be used for a great big cake. this is from the card nellnelli bakery. >> brian: this is a substantial piece. [laughter] >> very, very nice. >> go army. >> happy birthday, army. [applause] ainsley: we're going to hand out some cake and jillian has your headlines. jillian: bring me in some cake why don't you? steve: will do. jillian: massive land slide wiping out parked cars in seconds. dirt and trees crashing on to a roadway in china and making it totally disappear. incredibly, no one was killed. recent rain and flooding has
3:36 am
destroyed hundreds of homes in china. at least 49 people have died. a teacher literally gives the shoes off his feet to a student in need. vonn lewis going above and beyond when the fifth grader's shoe broke just moments when he needed to walk across the graduation stage in virginia. lewis said he would do the same thing quote any day for any child. the touching act brought them to tears. the photos as can you imagine are going viral. do you remember when an mlb photographer was hit by one of the worst first pitches ever? ♪ how could we forget, right in the white sox cameraman who got plunked last month was almost hit again before last night game against the yankees. this time he was prepared and caught the ball with one hand the mlb tweeting, quote, put the photographer in a different spot. yeah, probably a good idea. he expects it now though. a look at your headlines.
3:37 am
let's go outside. steve: folding the u.s. flag is a tradition to honor our nation and the men and women who died to preserve it. ainsley: so on this flag day we are learning how to properly fold the flag and significance of every single fold. brian: here now is al of the cemetery honor guardrail association. thanks for making the trip over. >> thank you. brian: how many times do you do this a week? >> we do this probably seven times a day to nine times a day five days a week. steve: fantastic. brian: there is a method to it and each fold means something? >> absolutely. you are going to see that right now with the congressman and don boone. brian: congressman who was once a colonel? steve: go ahead. >> dennis is the one that will tell us. >> happy to be here again to fold the flag and explain what each fold means. steve: all right.
3:38 am
the first fold of our flag is the symbol of life. the second fold is the symbol of our belief in the eternal life. the third fold is made in honor and remembrance of the veteran departing our ranks. the fourth fold represents our weaker nature for it is god we trust in times of peace as well as in times of war for his divine guidance. the fold is a tribute to our country. the sixth fold is for where our hearts lie. it is with our hearts that we pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. the seventhfold is a tribute to our armed forces for it is they who protect our country against all enemies, the eighth sphold a tribute to the one whoered into the valley of the sad dough of
3:39 am
death. ninth fold tribute to woman hood through them our character as men and women has been reformed. the tenth fold is a contribute to father for he too has given his sons and daughters for the definition of our country. the 11th fold in the eyes of the hebrew citizen represents the lower portion of the seal of the king of david and sing solomon. the 12thfold in the eyes of christian citizen represents an emblem of eternity. when a flag is completely folded the stars are up most reminding us of our national motto in god we trust. it takes on an appearance of a top hat ever refinding us of the soldiers who served under general george washington and sailors and marines who served under captain john paul jones.
3:40 am
steve: that is a wonderful tradition and beautiful ceremony. al, asked how often members of this squad do this like seven time as day. >> yes. steve: between the ceremonies, you sit in your van, your bus, right? >> we used to but our van has -- our bus has died. it's gone down the road. in fact, it's probably going to be heading for a stockpile of scrap metal pretty soon. steve: i know what that means. think that i means the folks of the united states of america who are watching probably are going to open their wallets to help you. >> i hope. so. >> you started a go fund me page for a new van. >> for a brand new bus. we are trying like heck to get up. we need between 65 and
3:41 am
$57,000 in order to get. this. brian: i understand there is two military seminaries in new york. one with you at saratoga. >> yes. brian: do you this volunteer? >> yes, sir. all volunteer. brian: all you want is decent accommodations and transportation in order to do something with your free time to commemorate those who served? >> absolutely. what happens is we use the bus to keep us warm in the winter because it's, you know, 32, 35 below zero wind chill. brian: welcome to new york. steve: there is nowhere else to go cemetery you just stay there and in the summertime we have from 69 all the way up to 93-year-old gentlemen who need the airconditioning for the summer. you know, that's what the big plight is. >> i want to tell you as a family of veterans thank you so much. both my grand fathers when we buried them the flag was draping over their coffins and covering their remains. it was so precious to us. my dad got my grandfather's flag and the other side of my family my counsel got my
3:42 am
other grandfather's flag. so important to so many americans and american families with relate to that. steve: especially on this flag day to hear the story. gentlemen, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: if you would like to donate they have got a go fund me page. go to our website and we will link you to their page. brian: happy birthday u.s. army thank you very much men and women for coming down. thank you very much. more "fox & friends" in a moment. the president coming up in about two hours. [cheers] ♪ ♪ hawaii?! nice! yeah i'm excited. finally earned enough rewards points. so jealous. yeah i can't wait to get that shave-ice! what's shave-ice? it's like a hawaiian snow-cone. why not just say snow-cone? i don't know, they call it shave-ice. you fly to hawaii for this?
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♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a-- ♪ drifter i was ♪born to walk alone! you're a drifter? i thought you were kevin's dad. little bit of both. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. ♪ ♪ ainsley: the video that you are about to see is fake. >> imagine this for a
3:46 am
second. one man with total control of billions of people's stolen data, all their secrets, their lives, their futures, i owe it all to specter. specter showed me that whoever controls the data controls the future. brian: that's deep fake facebook ceo now circuiting on instagram presenting a new challenge for facebook and everyone else too. steve: here to weigh in. >> a little fake but a little true there. steve: no kidding. if looks so real. >> it does. i think we have to really wake up now because especially when it comes to the 2020 election. these videos called deep fakes are going to be everywhere. where you can't tell the difference between what's real and what's not real. and we need to do something about it. ainsley: what's the point -- did the person who put it on there did this to prove a point? is facebook going to be able to take it down? >> as it relates to that one with mark zuckerberg. facebook chose not to take
3:47 am
it down. puts them at a quandary? do they censor and not censor and do you want mark zuckerberg to be the censor of what we see and don't see? >> huge problem with this cbs did not shoot that and they asked it be taken down and they have not won on that one. put together by a couple of ad guys. once meant to hurt anyone. it was meant to show how powerful this can be. steve: it works. enough to everybody is talking about it? >> it is. and i have an idea here. so what's going to happen is everybody is starting to freak out because this is a new hot potato for the tech industry. what do we do about this? i have an idea. don't delete them. just label them. label this as hey, we think this is a fake. and let it stay there. and then that way that information that's out there can propagate as a fake not as somebody something might think. brian: we don't know it's a fake. >> at some points i think we
3:48 am
will figure that out. what i think needs to happen is we need to have better detection number one. so these social media companies are off their game on this one. but, also ai researchers who would be the ones developing these tools also met right now they are outnumbered. brian: let me tell you what facebook said on doctored videos we will treat this content the same way we treat all on instagram. if it is false instagram and #pages. i have got to find out if it's me. if it's false i have got to catch up and contact instagram. >> here is the whole thing you said in the break you no longer can trust that a video or image we are going to z especially when it comes to politics or salacious celebrity stuff is real. you just or not going to know what it is. ainsley: pictures do lie? >> they do. brian: different countries could be doing that too. brian: rodney adkins out on the fox square getting ready
3:49 am
for concert series before he goes tomorrow. he will speak to us next. ♪ muddy river water is deep ♪ when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at
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♪ ♪ country ♪ the only way i want to be ♪ somewhere where the road ends ♪ out there where the creek bends ♪ that's where you can find me. steve: i know where you can find him this country music star's caught up in the country became a instant hit and we all love it. ainsley: title song off
3:53 am
latest album set the record for longest running single on the billboard country air play chart. brian: trying to embarrass him now with all his accolades here now rodney atkins. let's elm bare rals you six number ones under your belt. just getting started rodney adkins, ladies and gentlemen. >> good morning. how are you doing? ainsley: tell us how you got started in music. >> always around it. my dad was a choir director. he directed the little baptist missionary church choir. easter con ta i was too shy to g though where i grew up it's a big blue grass community. you show up on a front porch they hand you a guitar and teach you the chords. that's how i started playing music. brian: what about your early life adopted twice. given up by birth mother. adopted twice. sickly as a kid.
3:54 am
how did you deal with that? >> >> it's all called god's hands. end up where you are supposed to be. so i had a respiratory staph infection. >> after you were adopted? >> yeah. i was very sick. probably colicky probably loud and probably not pleskt to hear. for me to be a singer now and i use that term loosely, that's a miracle. i shouldn't be singing. i should be tough to even take a breath. steve: it is amazing. you are a song writer as well and you have a lot of real life stories about a lot of real life heartache to sing about. >> i try to sing songs that are about somehow have the struggle farmer's daughter having that bad job push through it going through hell. brian: keep on going. keep on moving. >> watch you cussing and praying. that's real life.
3:55 am
ainsley: you have a family of your own? >> got a son that's 17, my little bear is he not little anymore. and we have an 18 month old named ryder. and then we have a little one coming in august 20th, another boy. >> rose, your wife, plays with you? >> she plays and sings, absolutely. >> you arrive in nashville in '96. how long did you struggle along the way? >> it was quick. it was 2006 when i had my first number one. brian: were you struggling in between or gradual success? what did you do to sustain yourself during that time? >> anything and everything. one of my favorite jobs was i chopped firewood and sold firewood and alan jackson was actually one of my customers. and it was crazy. i delivered firewood to his house. i would pull a flatbed trailer down music row, deliver firewood. steve: amazing. >> we released if you are going through hell and i was standing on his tour bus opening for alan jackson within a few months of working for him, you know.
3:56 am
brian: crazy. >> it is crazy. steve: when you were delivering firewood to people like alan jackson in the nashville area were you thinking, you know, my songs are just as good as his, i just don't get why they haven't caught fire yet. >> you hope -- you think you have got something good, you know. there are so many crazy talented people in nashville that you just kind of keep working and believing and i have tried to stay focused on what i was doing at that time. ainsley: what was your reaction when caught up in the country became so big. >> between the time of my last studio album the streaming thing has changed. changed drastically. i don't know if i could be a streaming artist. and then we got to 100 million downloads. brian: i would say that's a yes you can be a streaming artist. >> thanks to everybody out there. steve: we are going to start the summer concert series in two minutes. of the president at 8:00
3:57 am
this morning. coming up very shortly, rodney atkins. stick around. ainsley: look who is waiting inside for him. anthony scaramucci is going to join us live coming up next. brian: we are keeping him away from the food. -excuse me. uh... do you mind...being a mo-tour? -what could be better than being a mo-tour? the real question is... do you mind not being a mo-tour?
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4:01 am
♪ kids selling lemonade ♪ cooling off ♪ one nation under god ♪ it's newark. steve: only in america, folks. you are watching america's number one cable news show summer concert series the performer rodney atkins doing it's america brought to you today by our friends at sandals. brian: you can watch the concert when we go to talk now you go to fox nation and continue to watch and we will bring you through. we will hop back and forth. ainsley: download some of his music. these artist rest so kind to come here and have a free concert for you the viewers. some of you have come and set out there with us and enjoy the barbecue and listen to the music. steve: as long as we have done the summer concert series. we have never started the concert at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. today is a special day because today on his 73rd birthday the president of
4:02 am
the united states is going to be joining us at 8:00 when we normally start the concert severe starting at 7:00 today. brian: not only do we have a great guest next bottom of the hour mark levin number one book in the country and after that senator lindsey graham talking about iran and maybe some hope with democrats and republicans coming together on some asylum. steve: this is a show. put the remote down. ainsley: i know, right? brian: one time you told everyone to mail them to us? we got about 500. nobody uses a remote to change channels anymore. come on. they will didn't realize though they couldn't turn the tv back on. ainsley: our viewers watch it religiously and we thank you for that. steve: we start with a fox news alert. shocking new images appear to show iranian crew removing an unexploded magnetic mine from the hull of an oil tanker. ainsley: blaming iran for the attaches on the ships in oman.
4:03 am
brian: they did the last bombing as well. griff jenkins joins us live from d.c. with the latest. griff? griff: yeah two more tankers attacked near the world's most important choke point straits of who are mow hormuz. iran categorically rejects the u.s. unfounded claim with regard to the 13 general tanker incidents and condemns it in the strongest possible terms they added the u.s. and its regional allies must stop warmongering and put an end to miss chiefous plots as well as fate flack operation in the region. shocking video showing iranian revolutionary guard patrol unexploded mine from the japanese cargo ship which suffered an explosion. secretary of state mike pompeo says all signs points towards tehran. >> this assessment is based on intelligence, the weapons used, the level of expertise needed to execute the operation, recent similar
4:04 am
iranian attacks on shipping want fact no proxy group operating in the area has the resources and proficiency to act with such a high degree of so he face at this occasion. >> the navy quickly dispatching the uss bainbridge rescuing 21 crew members from the abandoning that attacked ship. acting defense secretary patrick shanahan says the u.s. does not seek conflict defend its. japan's defense mencer says right now they have no intention of sending japanese troops respond. all of this as you mentioned brian comes after last month's attack on four different tankers. tensions are escalating. guys? steve: they're indeed. griff, thank you very much. bring in anthony scaramucci former white house communications director. we are going to talk to him about sarah sanders departure. your thoughts about what's going on over in the straits of hormuz. >> they have the film and obviously secretary of state pompeo is trying to deescalate the situation. you have to understand as a
4:05 am
capital manager, you close the strait of hormuz, that's going to be devastating to the oil market. it's going to hurt the derivative market and futures contracts and options are tied to oil. the most precious commodity. that little skinny piece of waterway there is a very dangerous piece for the financial community. so we're watching that very intently. brian: japanese leaders meeting there japanese owned ship that was leased out. >> yep. brian: the message there is a lot of bravado and challenging of us. this is the fourth tanker now and the question is too, anthony, is america being -- are we being called out? what are you going to do about it? >> there might be a little bit of that. i also think hitting the japanese tanker while the japanese prime minister is there they are going to call sabotage and. ainsley: they already did. >> that was the move to hit the japanese tanker while the prime minister was there. that's the typical nonsense come out of that. you have to applaud the president for putting on
4:06 am
additional crippling sanctions. steve: maximum pressure. brian: sings the attack. >> you have to deescalate the situation. if you really look at the entire board, you don't want to cause a war in that area of the world. steve: we're going to talk about the president about this. >> the president is not a warmongerer. happy birthday, mr. president he is not a warmongerer. there are hardliners, trust me. there are hardliners that 30, 40 years of the iranian regime a lot of people because of missteps related to the shaw they want to take them out. when i applaud the president, about he doesn't want to put troops in harm's way. ainsley: who is going to take sarah sanders place this is her yesterday when she said she was stepping down. >> i will try not to get emotional because i know that crying can make us look weak sometimes, right? [laughter] this has been the honor of a lifetime. the opportunity of a lifetime. i couldn't be prouder to have had the opportunity to serve my country and
4:07 am
particularly to work for this president. he has accomplished so much in these two and a half years. and it's truly been something i will treasure forever. it's one of the greatest jobs i could ever have. i have loved every minute, even the hard minutes. i have loved it. i love the president. i love the team that i have had the opportunity to work for. brian: what kind of job did she do anthony? >> i think she did an amazing job. i'm not saying that as a partisan. i'm being very okay objective. helping the president with his message and being a great honest advisor to the president, she is an incredibly nice person. and so for me, i'm thrilled for her. that's three and a half years, that's a very hard job. remember, president is talking about the campaign in addition to her time inside the white house. so, enormous job by her. and, you know, that was one of the fun things. i was only there for 11
4:08 am
days. brian: we know. >> sort of like mary pop constituency i came in and umbrella opened and i shot out of there. in the case of sarah, i struck up a nice relationship. ainsley: who do you think gets her job? >> i don't know. the president will find somebody that will. ainsley: who is right behind her hogan gidley? >> i have heard that. you guys have had him on the air. i met him once. he seems very competent and capable she will be a hard person to replace. she has a gift and she is a force of nature for the president. steve: she is also the first working mother. third woman but first working moms who has had the job. >> the sacrifice for her family and the intense scrutiny and let's just be honest the negative onslaught of the press where they are analyzing every microsecond and calling this mock outrage every time something goes wrong or something has been. ainsley: she is tough as
4:09 am
nails though. she is used to it. her dad was governor. >> 100 percent. one of the hardest jobs in the world. amazing job. going to go on and have an amazing career. if she runs for governor of arkansas she will win. brian: i just hope they are not too thin in the communication ranks. meanwhile the president of the united states got a mission. fix the border. there is four or five things in asylum. massive decrease along with mexico's action on their border. lindsey graham wrapped it into a bill. what do you sense the president can do from the white house to get something together, a full year before an election? can he do it? >> well, he can do it. the question is the congress going to have the will to put it together. and i would say no, unfortunately to that it's not going to be the president's faults or senator graham's fault. it's going to be the democrats have made a decision. a political decision that they want to be disruptive. they think that's going to help them in the 2020 election. so what i hate about the situation in washington is they are there to serve themselves as opposed to
4:10 am
serving the american people. you have to applaud the president for putting it out object table. and i think that will be a very big campaign message for him come the fall. i put everything out on the table. these guys don't want to work with me. we have to get them out of there. >> anthony, that's why over the last couple of weeks he has been talking about gentleman get anything done in congress, we will impose a 5% tariff on mexico unless they come to the table and do something. take a look at this headline from "the washington post on the op-ed page. don't down play trump's role in the u.s. mexico immigration deal. his strategy worked. and it was an item by mark temarcthiessen. >> he will be mad at me saying this i'm not a fan of the tariffs because they do represent a tax on the american people. steve: but they worked. >> that's a big bargaining chip. be a baby and put it out there. that's why he is president. so i applaud what he is doing. i think when you go down the checklist of accomplishments for president trump, i'm not
4:11 am
the communications person anymore. but that's the thing i would focus on. endless list of accomplishments over the last two and a half years that he has put together and executed on behalf of the american people. that's how he wins re-election. brian: would you go back if asked. >> see in my first and only press conference i would never answer a hypothetical. first thing they teach you in law school. brian: might as well answer. >> are we going to commercial? like sarah, i love the president. it was an honor to serve him. it was only 11 days, but, you know, my wife would kill me, of course i would go back. nibble that tells you that they wouldn't go back is like fibbing themselves. ainsley: how about your wife? is she going to be on the housewives? >> she was never offered the job that showed up in the "new york post." the press went crazy for it. ainsley: would you support it? >> my friend meghan mccain was very negative. why support it? of course. i would support it. ainsley, i'm just trying to
4:12 am
stay married, ainsley. one of the things president trump said to me she is a good woman, you better take care of her. i said okay. i got it, boss. ainsley: just say yes you have a successful married. you might not want to go on that show because a lot of them break up. >> that's good. you will have to tell her that she has never been asked or offered. steve: mr. scaramucci, thank you so much. now let's go over to july jillian and she has headlines. >> get you caught up on mystery in the dominican republic. because it deepens now after an 8th american dies. the u.s.s. embassy says layla cox died of a heart attack in her hotel room this week. but police say boot leg liquor may be to blame. the fbi is helping investigate whether fake booze poisoned her and seven others on the ald. cox's son tells the "new york post" that dominican officials can't do a toxicology test on his mom because he was told their machines are broken. this is a big update on that story and we will certainly follow it. a new person is questioned about missing connecticut
4:13 am
mom jennifer dulos. police reportedly speaking with one her husband's employees who drove his truck on the day jennifer disappeared three weeks ago. police say dulos used that truck to dump bags of bloody clothes and towels. the worker is not considered a suspect. foe tis dulos and -- leaving the team's mini camp but for a good reason. two time pro-bowler's wife plays for the u.s. women's soccer team he will be traveling to france to cheer her on in the world cup. plays chile on sunday. you can watch that game on fox. brian: used to be julie johnson. daughter in the back. thank you. ainsley: i didn't know that thank you. steve: meanwhile, joe biden tried to take on amazon for not paying taxes. but that attack fired big time. amazon's reality check for the former vice president is
4:14 am
coming up. ♪ ♪ (male announcer) check out bass pro shops and cabela's for huge savings on great gifts during our father's day sale! like your choice of a cabela's multi-tool or small folding knife-- two for $10. and save $200 on a traeger lil' tex elite pellet grill. plus get a free cover. it also has the highest growth in manufacturing jobs in the us. it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people.
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i got it! what? what? l.a. bookers book apartments and vacation homes as easy as hotels. ridin' scooter! l.a. baby! l.a. baby! be a booker you're welcome. at brian: joe biden made some hay yesterday this time doing something that everybody on the democratic side is doing taking aim at
4:18 am
corporations in particular one with a ceo who has been in the headlines a lot who tends to lean left and has been in the crosshairs of the president jeff bezos and amazon. steve: that's right. and there is an article in the "new york times" and it said this: profitable giants like amazon paid zero in corporate taxes. some voters of sick of it. that was the "new york times" a couple of months ago. but then joe biden took up the mantel yesterday in a tweet. ainsley: he said i have nothing against amazon but no company pulling in billions of dollars of profits should pay lower taxes than firefighters and teachers. we need to reward work, not just wealth. brian: amazon answered and said we have paid $2.68 billion since 2016 in taxes. we pay every penny we owe. congress designed tax laws to encourage companies to reinvest in the economy. so what they are saying they are not cheating. we have 200 billion in investments in 2011 and 300,000 u.s. jobs because of it. assume v.p. biden's complaint is with the tax
4:19 am
code and not amazon. they go d. get 129 million rebates on 11.2 billion in profits. ainsley: so what? brian: delta and duke energy examples of companies same thing. ainsley: when you create 300,000 jobs. so what if you get a tax break. that's great. we want you to come to new york. remember when amazon was supposed to come here and squashed by all these lawmakers it's ridiculous. if you hire 300,000 people. they all live in your community, flight not only are you employing them so so they feel good about themselves and working hard but they spend money in your community, they buy houses, they pay taxes, they send their kids to school. it's ridiculous. so what if they don't pay as much in taxes as everyone else does. steve: listen, there are different breaks for businesses. ainsley: it's an incentive. steve: sure, amazon is saying whatever we owed we paid. joe biden i would say is having a bad couple of weeks. he had a couple of flip-flops and now one of the biggest companies in the world is saying hey from
4:20 am
former vice president get the facts straight. brian: why the trump administration is not keen on releasing taxes. there is incentive to reinvest as opposed to just write checks because they want to keep the economy moving. meanwhile 10 minutes before the bottom of the hour. ainsley: 20 minutes after the top of the hour. steve: 40 minutes before the next hour. saints saints sara sanders leaving the white house. >> suffers from liebetes. >> i will not miss her. >> i will not miss her either. >> next guest calls this progressive privilege. she has a message for the media. steve: first, once again, rodney atkins with thank god ♪ ♪ i thank god ♪
4:21 am
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4:25 am
literally and figuratively will not miss her. ainsley: but you rarely ever hear the media going after women on the left, right? and our next guest is bleasing this as progressive privilege. here is explain independent women's voice heather higgins. thank you for being with us. >> my pleasure. ainsley: have you broken it down into three different progressive privileges. what are those three. >> i do the video for prager university which outlines the techniques used by the left for the left they glamorize and elevate and do damage control if there is a problem for women who are on the right they use these techniques like omission, labeling. mocking all in an attempt to demonize and treat with contempt so they don't have to deal with the argument. ainsley: speaking of omission first one 2018 glamour magazine woman of the year.
4:26 am
there were 11 women highlighted. not one of them was a republican. they were all democrats. >> yes. >> why is this? why do they do that? why don't they support women? or all women? >> they don't support all women. they support women who agree with their agenda. they claim to support all women but that's not really what's going on. you have to agree with the ideology and buy in to be on one side or the other of the treatment. which is sad. and occasionally you will get what they say is balance. read an article and you will see that all of the people who are being extolled are women on the left. and then maybe there is one who is a conservative or on the right. or a republican. that's tokenism. that's not balanced. ainsley: mocking. we just showed you an example of that with sarah huckabee sanders. she had a really hard job. she is a mother. her kids read these headlines. she was serving our country in the white house. yeah, you might not agree with her politics what a phenomenal job and tough job. we should support her.
4:27 am
>> remember, for the left all politics is personal, right? and the personal is political. so it's about delegitimizing voices that they don't approve of. so, sarah huckabee sanders had the temerity to not only be a conservative but to work for trump. they hated trump, therefore, anybody who working for him is going to get slammed. and you see this across the administration. ainsley: you also talk about labeling and we have some examples of that these are some headlines about conservative women. the guardian said half of white women continue to vote republican. what's wrong with them? vanity fair they say we are white supremacists inside the strange world of conservative women. "washington times," pro-kavanaugh women fed up with gender traitor's label. perfect example. >> it is so true. it's interesting so many hundreds of thousands of people have already watched this video that only just came out this week. and the comment that's most frequent is thank you. second most is truth. i think this has touched a cord for a lot of women who
4:28 am
have looked at this video and said this is the reality i live. i feel chill you had. the downside to progressive privilege of which this is just one manifestation is that it increases division in the country. it minimizes civility. it basically tells you that it's okay to treat people who disagree with you with disdain and contempt and sort of write them out of the picture. and that's all driven by a very different world view of who we are as people and what to expect. ainsley: look at melania, you don't see her on the cover of all these magazines like we did michelle obama. >> no. ainsley: where can we watch the video folks at home want to see it? >> go to prager university. it's, you know, i'm trying to remember the exact name of it something like who does the media hold in contempt? ainsley: we will put a link on our website. >> that would be awesome. thank you so much. ainsley: nancy pelosi says comments about getting foreign intel are criminal. >> very sad thing that he
4:29 am
does not know right from wrong. i believe he has been involved in a criminal cover-up. everybody in the country should be totally appalled. ainsley: mark levin is here to react to that coming up next. but first here is rodney atkins performing watch you senat we got cowboy boots and camo pants we are just alike ain't we dad ♪ i want to do everything you do ♪ ♪ 'cause i've been watching you ♪ ♪ we got back home ♪ and i went to the barn ♪ bowed my head the united states postal service makes more
4:30 am
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4:33 am
>> we are honoring our oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states. it's a very sad thing. very sad thing that he does not know right from wrong. i believe that he has been involved in a criminal cover-up. everybody in the country should be totally appalled by what the president said last night. should be totally appalled. but he has a habit of making appalling statements. this one borders on so totally unethical that he doesn't even realize it. steve: there have you got the speaker of the house talking about the president hot night before had said there was nothing wrong with accepting dirt from russia or a foreign government. but then she just said he has been involved in a criminal coverup. is that the case? let's bring in mark levin. host of will will wil -- good m. >> good morning.
4:34 am
ainsley: how many weeks now number one? >> who is counting? i think three. [laughter] brian: we are counting for you. how is that? nancy pelosi goes off with the presiden -- goesoff on the t yesterday. do you agree with george stephanopoulos said. >> hold on a second. let's talk about nancy pelosi for once in our lives here that she has never confronted. nancy pelosi just said the president of the united states is guilty of a criminal cover-up. steve: um-huh. >> that's what they do in fascist i ca elkic regimes. it would be like the french committees during the french revolution where they be declaring people guilty with a guillotine right next to them and lopping their heads off there is a time when congress is out of control and this someone of them. we have seen this throughout our history. these subpoenas are outrageous. they are intended to destroy people. they are unconstitutional. everybody who receives these unconstitutional subpoenas
4:35 am
should be fighting them. they are victims. so i don't mind talking about what the president said. we endlessly talk what the president said. when he sneezes, when he blows his nose. when he brushes his hair. when he gets up in the morning. it's trump, trump, trump. isn't he a dictator? isn't he horrible? can you believe what he said? let's put the breaks on it. nancy pelosi is fascistic. she just declared the president of the united states a criminal based on, what? no due process, no court case. no indictment. she stands up there and she announced the president of the united states a criminal. nadler announces the president of the united states is a criminal. these are the worst kinds of demagogues who are representing the mob. they their base. they have taken over the house of representatives. their own political purposes. ainsley: mark, how quickly they forget in october of 2017, this was the he had line of "the washington post." clinton campaign, dnc paid for research that led to russia dossier and then brian fallon said to the "the washington post" that
4:36 am
same month he was the exclinton staff he said the first i learned of christopher steele or saw any dossier was after the election. but, if i had gotten handed it last fall, i would have had no problem passing it along and urging reporters to look into it. opposition research happens on every campaign and here you had probably the most shadowy guy ever running for president and the fbi certainly has seen fit to look into it. i probably would have volunteered to go to europe myself to try and verify if it would have helped get more of this out there before the election. your thoughts? >> these people are liars and hypocrites. he would have done that dirty work in two seconds. the fact of the matter is hillary clinton and the dnc did it. tell me why doesn't george stephanopoulos sit down with nancy pelosi and say hillary clinton and her campaign and the dnc laundered money in order to buy false information from the russians to use against the
4:37 am
president of the united states. which was used by the obama administration at the top levels of the fbi and the intelligence committees and are corrupt fisa court system. tell me nancy pelosi, do you agree with that? i mean, that's a fact. it's not a hypothetical. the president of the united states has never taken information from foreign governments. he has never used the opposition research. so forth past two days, we are dealing with a pseudo event. it's not news. it never happened. just because democrat clintonoid george stephanopoulos sets up the president with a question like that now we will discuss it all week. nancy pelosi, true to form. maybe this should be one of the issues that we look in terms of our investigation. the house and the senate have a responsibility. it's legislative. these endless oversight hearings which are intended to destroy a president, and win a re-election, they are unconstitutional. and they are fascistic conduct and staples need to b --statements need to be called
4:38 am
on the carpeting. this is our country and constitution, when she says she are here to represent the people and here to defend the constitution, no she is not. not in the least. brian: mark, somebody who might agree with you unfreedom of the press and premise behind it might be ronan farrow. he was quoted after picking up an award saying some people in the media are honest and others, at the same time, see people who are lied to protect power. when you go your book and talk about how the press seems to have picked a side, is that what have you discovered? >> well, i have discovered then a lot more which is this: the media in this country are destroying freedom of the press. we don't even need studies to tell us. we have our own eyes, we have our own ears, day in and day out. are they reporting news? are they giving information to the american people that are helpful to their lives so they can make decisions about their families, their communities, about their government? no. it's an endless attack. and it's propaganda and it's
4:39 am
day in and day out. russia collusion for two and a half years. did anybody get fired as a result of that? no. any of these executives like zucker pushing this? he got a promotion from at and t. they are doing a enormous disservice to this country. the purpose of a free press is to certain the american people like this acosta. he goes in the middle of a press conference. he tries to tha monopolize it and disrupt it now he is running around like is he a savior of the first amendment. is he a self-promoter. that's what he is these are pseudo events surrounded by propaganda. the worst light weights that you see in the media today, you excepted today. brian: thank you. >> no diversity in these numerous, none. steve: big best seller called unfreedom of the press. is he not positive it's been on the "new york times" best seller list for three weeks but we are. mark levin, thank you very much for joining us somewhere in your bunker. >> thank you.
4:40 am
brian: we will watch you this weekend. steve: um-huh. all right. meanwhile, 20 minutes before the top of the hour and jillian joins us with the developing story. jillian: that's right. a story everyone is closely watching. the man accused of shooting red sox legend david ortiz says he wasn't the intended target. the suspect telling reporters in the dominican republic he was confused by ortiz's clothes. it's unclear who he meant to shoot. right now nine suspects are behind bars. police are still searching for the man lewis class. is he also wanted this in pennsylvania accused of shooting a man in the back in 2018. ortiz is recovering at a boston hospital. taxpayers picked up the legal fees for a judge accused of helping an illegal immigrant escape ice. the boston herald reporting judge shellie richmond joseph was not personally on the hook for her $127,000 bill until she was indicted on obstruction charges. she allegedly let a twice deported illegal sneak out of her courthouse last year.
4:41 am
the judge has pleaded not guilty. riders stop start going back and forth after a roller coaster suddenly shuts down. high winds caused the ride's safety system to cut power at cedar point theme park in ohio. that's what some rides do anyway. i don't want to be stuck on that thing if it's malfunctioning. ainsley: i would love it. then you don't have to get back in line. you keep going. jillian: i'm like no, get me off. i hate that. steve: thanks, jillian. our next guest asked a question that got a stunning answer about the border crisis. >> pilot family units this year out of those 7,000 cases 90 received final orders of removal and be a sense. >> 90 percent did not show up? >> correct. brian: senator lindsey graham has a plan to fix the crisis. there is indication some democrats are ready to come on board. we will have that story. ainsley: first here is rodney atkins with take a
4:42 am
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4:46 am
with family units this year. out of 7,000 cases, 90 received final orders of removal and be a sense. >> 90% did not show up? >> correct. brian: next guest has a fix for the border crisis you just saw him there. and about dems come on board we might have news for that. senator lindsey graham chairman of the judiciary committee. i watched some of your raw hearing yesterday around 10:00. you believe dick durbin might be looking to play ball on something you put together to solve the asylum problem at the border. >> number one, why has it doubled from last year? why do we have so many families? why do we have so many people from central america? if a small child was brought to the united states from central america, we can't send that child back. you can from mexico and canada. you have got to change that law. you got a minor child you can only hold them for 20 days. that's not enough to process the case. so we turn the entire family loose into the country. if you read a card asking for asylum you are entitled to a hearing. it takes three years to get a hearing. we don't hold people three
4:47 am
years. we let them loose in the country and they never show up. i'm going to change the law to say if you apply for asylum in central america you have to do it in your own country or mexico not here. brian: it makes sense. the president got behind and it comprehensive and muddied the wawrtsdz perhaps. but if the president gets behind it, you still need democrats. you need 60 even get to the house. do you have any democrats? >> so, senator durbin asked mark my bill up which just deals with the asylum and flores decision. he says i want to see if we can find a common ground here. what about money for central america? i said listen i'm willing to help the people in central america turn on economic development money after you turn off the flow. brian: are you talking substantively? will durbin bring anyone with him. >> i don't know. i know if you don't change the asylum laws and change the flores decision, they will keep coming forever. brian: two tankers hit in the gulf yesterday. it looks for sure when you look at this footage and you listen to the secretary of state that iran is behind it. we have to take action.
4:48 am
general jack keane who i know you like and the president likes said this last night. >> i suspect what they're doing right now is they are looking at the options available to them. should we start escorting tankers through the straits of hormuz and gulf of oman do we make a military response once and for all to deal with these guys and take something down that they own and they value. got to hang tough and we also got to let the iranians know, be clear-eyed with them that we're determined and we're not going to back off. brian: senator, you also agree we need to take action. four tankers hit. >> he laid out some options for the president. escort tankers. i don't know how long you can do that. but why is this happening? we put the ayatollah in the a box. we got out of iranian agreement. we put sanctions on iran. we are breaking the economy of iran. we are breaking their back economically and fighting back, pushing back, trying to brake our will. if i were the president, i would listen to general
4:49 am
keen. i would start with naval escorts. if there is a new attack down the road, i would sink their navy. brian: senator maduro still in charge in venezuela. north korea still shooting tankers and iran hitting tankers. it's a time tests for the president. >> he said maduro has to go. he is right. give cuba ultimatum. without cuba maduro doesn't last one day. tell cuba to get out of venezuela. do what reagan did in grenada put military force on the table when it comes to rocket man. letters don't matter anymore to me. it's performance. i give a lot of credit to the president to get the north koreans to slow down their program. i give him a lot of credit going after the iran nuclear deal getting out of it. standing up to maduro. we need points on the board. start with your own backyard. tell cuba if you are not out of venezuela, in a week, and people are starving and dying in venezuela because maduro is such a thug, then we are making a mistake. fix venezuela and everybody else will know you are
4:50 am
serious. brian: we'll ask the president in 11 minutes and see where we are going. >> happy birthday, mr. president, you are doing a good job. brian: 73 years old and acts like is he 23. senator, thank you so much for working hard. rodney atkins performs his number one hit. he is pointing to his ear about something ♪ somewhere where the road ends ♪ out there where the creek bends ♪ that's where you can find me ♪ fields of gold ♪ cotton rows ♪ play it cool and escape heartburn fast with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tum tum tums with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation.
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4:54 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ brian: own building, his own tower, remember those days? steve: he did, indeed, has gone to 202 area code and the president of the united states will be calling very shortly. this has been one of the craziest days on "fox & friends". we had great performer for almost an hour and a half, but also it was the anniversary of army, 244 years and it's flag day, and it is the president's birthday. >> the president is turning 73 today and he is joining us by phone right now, good morning to
5:01 am
you, mr. president. >> good morning. ainsley: happy birthday, how do you plan to celebrate? >> well, i think i will just work. we have piece of cake tonight but in the meantime we are doing a lot of things, good things, a lot of things that are turning out to be good for the country. i enjoy doing that more. brian: on the note, esquire magazine did the story, well, the president trump, the truth is he likes running for president but hates the job. >> no, i love the job, the fake media, they're so fake. you don't even respond to them. i love it because i don't think anybody accomplished so much in 2 years. i watched natalie harp, young beautiful woman, made medical mistake a long time ago and
5:02 am
she's lived a long time. she's one of the best guest you've ever had. right to try. they've been trying to get it for 44 years approved and i got it done where people that have a real problem, people are terminally-ill in many cases, certain level, they couldn't use great medicines, genius that we have, in other ways too. she was one of your great guests. brian: just to confirm, mr. president, natalie harp has rare bone cancer and ready to die and give her opioid to make pain less to. she didn't want to, she tried experimental drugs. she has a shot at great life. ainsley: she said she's alive because of you, mr. president.
5:03 am
>> she has a great shot and many other people are like that. right to try has helped them. they used to go to asia and all over the world. we have to wait, it has to be approved, you wouldn't be able to give it to anybody and now we are able to do that, it was a complex process, for 44 years we got it. so many people like natalie, but i thought she was incredible person. steve: let's talk about something in the news today, we see images of oil tankers on fire out in the gulf and iran says, don't blame us, we think it was an accident, mike pompeo has blamed iran, what sort of evidence do we have that they've done it and what are we going to do about it? >> iran did do it. you saw the boat, one to have mines didn't explode and it has
5:04 am
iran written all over it. successfully took the mine off the boat and that was exposed. they didn't want the evidence left behind. they don't know that we have things that we can detect in the dark that work very well. we have that. it was them that did it and, look, president obama made a deal -- president obama made a deal that was an outrage, the iran deal, which frankly in 5 or 6 years in short period of time they would be allowed to make nuclear weapons, they understand they will not have nuclear weapons, we have enough problems with nuclear weapons which is one of the great difficulties frankly if you look forward, up- one of the great difficulties of the world. not going to happen with them.
5:05 am
we are being very tough. we are being very tough on sanctions. when i came into office, they were an absolute terror. they were all over the place. they were in yemen, syria. we have 14 different sites of conflict, they were in charge of every single place and they really are, they are a nation of terror and they've changed a lot since i've been president, i can tell you. they were unstoppable and now they are in deep, deep trouble. you can't -- you can't -- brian: how do you stop the outrageous act? >> we are going to see how to stop. i don't think they've talked the same way when president obama signed agreement, they were saying death to america, they were having good time at his expense and given him 150 billion and 1.8 billion in cash, cash, nobody ever heard of a thing like that and all of that money and screaming death
5:06 am
to america, they haven't screamed death to america lately. we don't take it lightly. ainsley: strait of hormuz is critical shipping lane, if they try to close that, is the united states obligated to keep it open? >> it's not going to be closed for long and they know it. they've been told in strong terms, we want to get them back to the table if they want to go back. i'm ready when they are. i'm in no rush. brian: they said, iran's president, good friend of yours, japan is friends with iran, iranian president said you're not worthy of even a return message that he brought over about possible talks, what's your reaction? >> i'm glad he likes me so much. they had all the money, they had everything. they were doing just
5:07 am
fantastically threatening everybody, bombing the hell out of countries, they were killing people all over the middle east and now all of a sudden they are pulling back, they are pulling back out of syria, pulling back out of yemen, if you take a look at what is actually happening, i'm not looking to hurt the country but they can't have a nuclear weapon. if you look at iran nuclear deal, we gave them all that money in 6 to 7 years for a nation is no time, that's like one second. in 6 to 7 years they would legally start making nuclear weapons. we are not going to have it. >> you granted george great access, one of the sound bites that they ran there's nothing wrong in your estimation with accepting dirt from russia or any foreign country, you've
5:08 am
taken a lot of heat from the democrats regarding that. >> i think it was accurately stated and i've had a lot of support. yeah, i've had a lot of support. i don't think anybody would present me with anything because they know how much i love the country. nobody will present me with anything. number 2, if i was and, of course, you have to look at it, because if you don't look at it you won't know it's bad, but, of course, you give it to the fbi or report to attorney general or somebody like that. but, of course, you do that. you couldn't have that happen with our country, everybody understands that and i thought it was made clear, i actually said at the beginning, i think i said i'd do both, but how -- if you don't hear what it is, you won't know what it is. how can you report -- no, he would accept it. if i don't listen, you are not
5:09 am
going to know. if i thought anybody was incorrect or badly stated i'd report it to attorney general, the fbi, i'd report it to law enforcement absolutely. one thing that's different with the president is i had dinner with the queen, i met with the prime minister of the uk, i was with the head of france, i was with the head of all the nations and i constantly am, constantly talking to them and that puts us -- we have many conversations and i'm just thinking, gee, we don't like your opponent, am i suppose to put the president of france, am i suppose to report him to the fbi? >> what if a leader leaned over x candidate that you're running against he did dicey things in country, i have proof of it, what do you do, i don't need it,
5:10 am
show it me? >> the president of the united states no matter who it is whether it's me or anybody else is in a much different position because i hear things that frankly, good, bad or indifferent that other people don't hear, just a normal conversation. but nobody is going to say bad things to me, they know i'm a straight player, they know one thing about me i love the country more than anything. i love this country. that's why i'm doing this. i do, by the way, i love doing it, the reason i love doing it because we are doing a great job. you look at china, you look at the way that's working out, you watch what happens. look at what's happening at the border of méxico, lot of good things are happening, things that they've been trying to get approved, brian, for 25 years. i got them done in one day, i put the tariffs on and we got them approve and méxico has been
5:11 am
terrific. you know, it's really slowing down but i watched lindsey graham and he's right, we have to get help from congress, the democrats in congress. we need the help from congress. steve: going back to the topic about the dirt, if you did call the fbi with dirt on a political opponent, though, mr. president, wouldn't the democrats accuse you of using fbi to investigate political opponents? >> they spied in my campaign and they got caught, whether it's the insurance policy that just in case hillary clinton, we have insurance policy essentially saying to take him out, this is probably the worst or certainly one of the worst political scandals in the history of our country. ainsley: such a double standard because they actually did it, if you trace the dirty dossier goes back to dnc.
5:12 am
nancy pelosi is saying you participated in criminal behavior, what you said was criminal, listen to this. steve: and action. ainsley: here is nancy pelosi. >> honoring oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states. yesterday the president gave us once again evidence that he does not know right from wrong. it's a very sad thing, very sad thing he doesn't know right from wrong. i believe he's been involved in criminal cover-up. ainsley: mr. president, was there a criminal cover-up? >> i will go with what mark levin said, disgraceful statement. i call her nervous nancy, she's a nervous wreck, for her to make a statement like that, it's outrageous. her party got caught spying, if you look at what happened hillary clinton with the money
5:13 am
that ultimately went to russia for fake dossier, total fake pile of stuff that money gets paid -- by the way the amount of money that was paid and paid by hillary clinton and the dnc and went to russia, that's the criminal, and when you look at what happened in terms of the campaign, when you look at what happened in terms of the spying, she never mentioned that. isn't it amazing that constantly every day somebody gets a letter, come into congress, come into congress, death to a thousand wounds and i will tell you, it's so unfair what they are doing and i really think people are wise to it, but when nancy pelosi makes statement like that, she ought to be ashamed of herself, it's a disgrace. brian: spent most of her time condemning you. >> they spied on my campaign, that's one of the great criminal acts of all time.
5:14 am
brian: andy mccabe who was all over this was asked the question, didn't you get christopher steele to get sources in russia to find out information on that, this is what he said is the difference between the two events, listen. >> there's no equivalence between two examples to say -- openly invite foreign intelligence officers, representatives from hostile foreign government to steal information, to acquire opposition research in any way and illegal way they might do that and to present it to you is one thing, for a campaign to hire a law firm, american law firm who then turns around and turns around hires research company who contracts out with foreign individual, that is not illegal. >> sounds terrible, even the way he tried to minimize it. what did you think about moral
5:15 am
equivalency? >> brian, andy mccabe is a disaster, with what we have and what he said and with the lies and the cover-ups and all of the leaking and all of the things and the strzok and page who report, you know, strzok and his lover page, fbi people that reported to andy mccabe, by the way, andy mccabe reported to comey, with what they've done and everything we have, of course, i can't go much further because i guess it's being looked at very seriously, we will see. but the bottom line is they spied on a campaign of another candidate and another party and this is one of the most serious things in the history of our country. there's never been anything like this. they used the intelligence agencies to do it. this is big stuff, when nancy pelosi makes statement like that, she should be ashamed. steve: mr. president, that's why over a year ago you tweeted out
5:16 am
that the obama administration had wire-tapped you in trump tower, right? >> well, now it's turning out that that's minimum. look at what they have done with page and all of these people where, you know, the fisa, we have to see what's going on with the whole fisa. i assume that's being looked at, i hope it's being looked at, you know, you will have a very interesting period of time, but why isn't congress, oversight, why aren't they looking at emails that were deleted from hillary clinton? nobody can understand 33,000 emails request from congress after they get the request -- because, you know to me there's been criminality in my opinion. i have to say subject checking it. when you look at it -- here is something that to me is so simple, congress request emails, she deletes all of them,
5:17 am
everything deleted and this is after they get the request from the united states congress. she deletes 33,000. now, that's only 33,000, what about the one with her friends almost mayor of new york and thank god that didn't happen. thank god that didn't happen, you have anthony weiner who has a lot of problems but they used his laptop and all of the information that went through his laptop, i mean, they put people in jail for doing one slightly little confidential which is a much lower level of confidential. so it's -- there's been so much corruption and nobody ever looks at it. brian: you have a u.s. attorney. >> again, i say uninvolved, somebody would say he's involved, we have a great attorney general, he's doing a great job, they are putting him under tremendous pressure, they
5:18 am
are doing things that they have never done before, they are playing a very rough game but they never look at hillary clinton's e-mail deletions, it's a really -- it's disgraceful thing that's going on but in the end it'll all work out. i will just leave it at this, it may be the single biggest political crime in the history of our country. they spied on opposing party's campaign using the intelligence apparatus of the united states. never happened. steve: mr. president, for you to make that statement if that is true, you would think that it would be a bigger story on all the channels. >> the fake news doesn't want it. at some point the fake news will be forced to do it. things happen that are, you know, like the mccabes of the world, they act like innocent people, they are not innocent. brian: i have no idea what he's doing.
5:19 am
you had big announcement yesterday not only with the second -- with the criminal justice reform, but before that you introduced sarah sanders. ainsley: sarah sanders made announcement she would be stepping down at the end of the month. >> we have a lot of great people, sometimes you have so many that makes it more difficult, but we have some great -- sarah was fantastic and she is fantastic and she's going to have a tremendous future. she's been with me 3 and a half years, close to 4 years and she has been a warrior in a sense. no, the news has been very -- i saw that you had a guest on before who talked about unfairness of the media, if i were a democrat liberal, i think greatest president in history. just one of those with all that i've done, like as an example right to trial, tax deductions, biggest ever, like regulation
5:20 am
reduction, like straightening out the va and getting veterans choice, accountability, you couldn't fire anybody in the veterans administration if they were terrible. for 50 years they've been tried to get it passed. i got it passed. the veterans don't have to wait in line 6 weeks, they can get a private doctor. all of the things we got done. if i were the liberal democrat, they would say i was the greatest ever. brien: what about anthony scaramucci, he wouldn't turn it down if you would give him a 12th day. >> i like anthony, i think he should stay where he is right now. anthony is doing a good job and let's keep it that way for a little while, but anthony really is a good guy, stephanie is terrific. brian: okay. >> we have a lot of great
5:21 am
people, a lot of people to choose from. steve: yesterday the office of the special counsel, this is not the mueller special counsel recommended that you fire kellyanne conway because she's repeatedly violated the hatch act where she has essentially -- the hatch act, let me explain, prohibits government employees in engaging political activities while on the job, they say, special counsel's office she disparaged presidential candidates in tv and media and repeat offender and calling on you to fire her, what are you going to do? >> looks like they are trying to take away her right of free speech. it's not fair. they asked a question, i think one of them was involved with your show. you ask them a question, you ask a person a question and every time you are supposed to say i can't answer, i can't answer,
5:22 am
she has to have the right of responding to questions. it really sounds to me like a free-speech thing. steve: you're not going to fire her? >> no, i'm not going to fire her, i think she's a tremendous person, tremendous spokesperson, she's loyal, she's a great person. based on what i saw yesterday how could you do that? they have tried to take away her speech and i think you're entitled to free speech in the country. brian: if you're working for the white house you shouldn't be involved in criticizing other candidates or other politicians and she has, will you encourage her not to do that going forward? >> it doesn't work that way because let's say i think biden was one of the people that she was accused of criticizing but he criticized me and we then criticized him or she criticized him and it's not -- she's making a point. she's trying to make a point and
5:23 am
how could you do this? basically take a person -- a person wouldn't be able to express themselves and i just don't see it. now, i'm going to get a very strong briefing on it and i will see but it seems to me very unfair, it's called freedom of speech. ainsley: let's talk about immigration, there's a crisis obviously at the border, what deals are on the table, what's the status of the wall? >> so the wall is going up, it's going up rapidly. we are going to have over 400 miles of wall built by the end of next year, the wall is very important, it's hard to breach it, it's high, strong, powerful and going up at much lower cost than the wall that was planned prior to me getting there, much better wall, you have to see what they build, it's a disgrace, we are fixing it and in some cases we have to take down fairly new wall because it was so bad. we will have over 400 miles of wall built and that would be in most important areas and we are going to have all of it built
5:24 am
before you know it this is despite tremendous on -- obstacles by the democrats. we won the lawsuit on the wall, brought by nancy pelosi, the order brought by nancy pelosi, and maybe that's criminal that she's allowing drug dealers and gang members into our country, maybe that's criminal when you talk about it because what's happening on the border is -- we are getting straightened out. you know how easy it would be to solve it if we met 15 minutes with democrats, you can solve the asylum and loopholes. brian: he had a conference yesterday. you know his plan, you said that you would back the plan to make changes. you talked about the flores amendment, stopping kids with minors only being held for 20 days, it's very simple. turns out afterwards dick durbin
5:25 am
showed indications that she wants a deal, you can't do it without democrats, if he understands that the border patrol is drowning like they are and not even debate for crisis, would you bring them back and get something done? >> of course, i would. i want to get something done, they know i want to get something done but they think it's good politics not to do anything and i think it's bad politics. i think it's good politics from our side, i think by them not doing it, it's good for us, i don't want good for us, i want good for the country. brian: right, would you bring them back and negotiating -- that's one of your great strengths? >> sure i would, i would negotiate with them gladly. the problem we have is we have election coming up and they think open borders, and crime and everything else are good, i mean, if you look at it, open borders mean crime. just means crime. anybody can pour into the country. now i have to say with all of this being done, the deal that i
5:26 am
made with méxico, they put 6,000 soldiers, paid for by them, they put 6,000 soldiers at their southern border, the stoppage is unbelievable and i get reports yesterday, it's like day and night. now with all of that being said, we still want to get, it's really incredible what's happened and all because of the tariffs and because of relationships but, again, for 25 years they've been tried to make deal with méxico. they never been able to make a deal, i was serious, major tariffs on méxico following monday and we did it on sunday, it was finished and we have everything. with all of that being said, we still need to fix asylum and we have to fix things -- i said the other day méxico is doing for us in the border than the democrats in congress. steve: it would be nice to change the laws to make jobs easier for men and women on the southern border.
5:27 am
mr. president, isn't the incentive for méxico to crack-down -- >> they are cracking down. steve: part of the negotiations that took place and were agreed to a week ago were that if it doesn't -- if méxico cannot stop the flow of migrants toward the united states, then, you know, your plan b is going to kick in and that would involve a safe-third country situation and méxico doesn't want that. so they will pull out all the stops because they don't want that. >> it's exactly right. i mean, it's exactly right. that's what's going to happen and they've got 45 days, they are doing really well, they are doing frankly better than projected, they have 6,000 soldiers, i know the times wrote a phoney story, you look at new york times and disgrace to the nation. the times wrote phoney story that i had deal made 2 months ago, there was no way to get a
5:28 am
deal. ainsley: mr. president -- >> they wouldn't do a deal, it was only recently that i said, look, on monday we've had it and on monday either we do it or our country is going to collect hundreds of, billions of dollars, all of the car companies, you know, long before i got here we lost 32% of car industry, automobile and tremendous amounts of money made by méxico and cars and everything else at the border. i said, look, we will tax all of your product coming into the united states or you're going to help us with this horrible situation. the reason that people are coming, by the way, because our country is doing so well, our unemployment numbers are the lowest they've ever been in many categories, ever been historically, if you take the worst number, the lowest in 51 years. so our numbers are so good, our
5:29 am
economy is so strong and doing so good that people are pouring up to our country, but you have to come in legally and you have to come in through merit, that's the way we have. ainsley: definitely big issue, debate stage, 2020 debate stage all set, 24 candidates that want your job, one will be running against you, they are trying to get the nomination. there were 20 that were selected, they were able to participate in first debate. two different debates and drawing names to see who has been able to participate. joe biden was out and mentioned your name 75 times, if polls are correct and if he's going to get the nomination. >> look, everybody knows that joe biden does not have what it takes, okay, he doesn't have what it takes, everybody knows that. steve: what does that mean? >> it means that mental capacity, it means a lot of different things. never did have what it takes -- he ran 2 or 3 times, i used to
5:30 am
call him 1% joe because he never got more than 1%, then obama came along and surprisingly he took him off and ran, but everybody knows joe is -- doesn't have it. now i see that pocahontas is doing better, i would love to run against her, i see that bernie sanders is not doing well at all, i would have frankly would have run against, i don't see the other ones, they talk about kamala, i don't see kamala, i don't -- probably between the three of them. mayor pete i don't see at all, i think that's a joke. brian: they say like ronald reagan, bush 43 at this point you're trailing in a lot of battleground states. it wouldn't be unprecedented for a sitting president running for reelection to be trailing,
5:31 am
having said that, if at the very least it's close, what's going to be the difference as you formally announce on the 20th? >> well the polls i see we are doing great in pennsylvania, doing really good in north carolina, florida i'm winning by a lot. ohio i'm winning by a lot. i just left iowa, we are winning that by a lot and every poll that i see and every poll that we have i'm winning by -- we are doing well. i think we will do very well in michigan, traditionally it's democrat but i won it last time because ten car companies building plants in michigan and bringing back to automobile. i was up in wisconsin, i think we will do very well there. i think we will do great. now, look we will have a competitive race. it's always tougher for the republican because, you know, i don't know people -- people never cover this but the electoral college is very much steered to the democrats, big
5:32 am
advantage for democrats. it's very much harder for the republicans to win and i think we will do very well. i think we will have a great election because of what we've done and what we have accomplished. steve: you have detailed accomplishments during 32 minutes with you. mr. president, barack obama said he will not endorse joe biden at this point, if mike pence runs for president in 2024, does he have your automatic endorsement? >> well, it's -- i love mike, we are running again, you're talking about a long time, so you can't put me in that position, but i certainly would give it very strong consideration, he's a very, very outstanding person. we will be announcing on tuesday, we have a tremendous -- we are announcing in orlando on tuesday and we have over 100,000 people trying to get seats. one of the problems that biden has he can't get crowds, nobody goes, he can't get 100 people.
5:33 am
we have 106,000 people applying for 22,000 seats in orlando, florida, i don't know. ainsley: what did you make of him flip-flopping? you heard what he said about amazon. >> he flip-flopped, no question about that. he's got whether it's the height amendment, so many things he's flip-flopping, i'm not sure it's a good thing for him to be doing. the democrats have become a radical left party and he probably figures he can't win but i'm not sure he's even thinking about it. i think he has other people doing his thinking because he's having a hard time thinking lately. brian: mr. president, you have so many open positions, and waiting for confirmation, you have 131 positions with no nominee at all, so that's on you guys to put somebody forward and overall we are still wondering about the acting director of secretary, the acting secretary of shanihan, do you like those
5:34 am
two and what about the other positions? >> let me say about the positions, first of all, you don't need all of the positions, it's government, many you don't need and more importantly schumer and the democrats are holding people up for a year and a half and 2 years, we have ambassadors that are phenomenal people and you can't get them through because of the system, because schumer won't approve people, so it's taking us -- we have 200 people waiting in line to be approved and you can't get them and we have focused, mitch mcconnell, myself and the republicans have focused on judges because judges are a primary focus, we are running government great. we don't need all the people they want to give us. don't even put them in, you don't need them. save the money for the taxpayer but we do have people that have been waiting for ambassadors in particular waiting for period of over 2 years because schumer --
5:35 am
what we have focused on frankly is judges. we have the 107th federal judge, two supreme court judges and i'm going to have 145 federal judges, it's going to be soon be setting records because when i took over for some reason and hasn't been covered but president obama, i don't know why, but he gave me 138 judges empty when i took over, it's never happened before, no president has ever taken over, obama didn't get the job done. brian: is he going to get the nomination -- >> no, no, he's been recommended, now he has to be approved by congress. we are going to see. we are going to see, pat shanihan has been recommended for the job, mcaleenan is doing a very nice job, i have to get used to me because it's a very
5:36 am
important thing to me at the border, we need strong people at the border and if people aren't strong -- brian: not yet on mcaleenan, he's acting, i put him as acting and he's working very hard and we have great people as you know, we have fantastic people that went in, mark morgan, tom homan, he's been on your show many times. brian: what is he doing? >> he's fantastic, tough as you get and smart and he's doing much of the legal work and we are putting in some great, strong but fair and good people. steve: you're bringing tom homan back? >> i would say that would be announced next week but except i would rather announce it now.
5:37 am
he's going to be very much involved in the border, that's what he wants to be involved with, again, big difference in the border between now and this time last week. méxico has been doing a terrific job. hey, 6,000 soldiers, and if it doesn't work out, then we go back to very strong measures. steve: you go to plan b, we have to go to plan b because tom ho homan is fox news contributor. brian: what's the job going to be? >> very much involved in the border and directly report to go me, he would be probably working out of the white house but spending a lot of time at the border and he's a good man, he's a good man, good job. steve leave somebody who did a good job for you for a period of time was admiral johnson -- jackson, rather, former doctor.
5:38 am
you nominated him for promotion to admiral in january because last congress did not act and looks like he's being held up in congress as well, what's going to happen to him? >> i nominated him for va and it was very sad actually, great reputation, he was president obama and president bush's doctor, he was my doctor, an excellent guy, admiral and a doctor and i said to him, how would you like to run the va and he said, sir, he didn't want to job, sir, i will do whatever you like me to do, i threw his name out and democrats absolutely went after him and were so unfair what they did to him, i said welcome to the world of politics, welcome to the world of living in washington and they went after him so viciously, now, ultimately we put a man there who has done a fantastic job, been approved, he's been great, we have va choice, we
5:39 am
have va accountability approved. it was quite a while ago with ronnie, ronnie is doing very well right now, ronnie jackson is doing very well right now but he's not going to va. steve: you renominated him to become a two-star admiral in january and congress has not picked that up, we will see what happens. >> we are going to take a look, it was very sad, his son just graduated very high in his class, outstanding person, i feel very guilty having thrown his name into a ring, if i threw you guys -- if i asked one of you -- maybe ainsley would do it. ainsley, she would go by swimmingly, okay, i think we will take ainsley. let's take brian and ask to serve in any capacity, brian, you wouldn't be happy for a little while. brian: i don't like googling my name now. ainsley: mr. president, we got a chance to sit with alex johnson when you released her from
5:40 am
prison, nonviolent crime, kim kardashian was involved with that, i know ivanka is involved in prison reform. it's a bipartisan issue, something that democrats and republicans are praising you for, yesterday kim kardashian was back at the white house, what were the talks with her and what does criminal justice reform look like going forward? >> the whole criminal justice reform has been amazing because it's been a very, very conservative and very, very liberal, everybody got together. it was unbelievably bipartisan, nobody could get it done and they all said it was impossible. people like senator grassley and mike lee, very conservative people, very liberal people, everybody wanted to see if they could get something done and nobody got it done for many, many years they didn't get it done. they had a crime pill put in by president clinton which turned out to be a disaster especially for certain communities and they were very angry about it, very,
5:41 am
very angry. she had problems last time with it when she ran frankly. it's been incredible what we've been able to do and you're right, kim has been wonderful and alice johnson, she was in for 22 years, a lovely woman, spent 22 years in jail and had another 20 years left and nothing is minor and there's nobody tougher than me. i want strong sentences especially for drug dealers and all of this but she was caught up in something that was today, it would be unfortunately it would be a slap in the wrist. she know she did wrong, she was in there for 22 years and had another 20 to serve and so unfair. we let her out and a really beautiful scene. i saw you cover, ainsley, it was so beautiful. ainsley: wonderful person. you know what she told me, mr. president, about one-third of people she knew in prison were in there for long sentences
5:42 am
and she shouldn't be, she learned their character and who they were. >> i know many alice johnsons in prison and we are seeking them out. her family grabbed her, her family started grabbing kissing and crying, that was a beautiful moment. that was really an unfair situation, so criminal justice reform, the trump administration got approved, it's like right to try, the va choice, all the things we are getting approved. nobody writes about them because they don't want to write about them. somebody said this is going to be great, the times has barely covered it and yet if i were a liberal democrat and i did criminal justice reform it would be the biggest story in the history of "the new york times". brian: you made impact and made a difference and lastly your next big hurdle g20, the world will be watching, president xi
5:43 am
who had pulled vladimir putin his best friend as they form this new alliance. you say you get along with him, he has not commit today show up yet, where does that stand, what if he doesn't? >> it doesn't matter if he shows up good, we are taking billions a dollars from china. our people are not -- big thing about tariffs, our people pay, a lot of nonsense, you know what happens, really, companies -- if i put tariffs on méxico, 20, 25%, started with 5, we never even got there because we made a deal but if i put tariffs as an example méxico, you know what happened, 25%, all the car companies would move to the united states because they don't want to pay 25%, okay, our people won't pay for anything because in a short period of time, we lost 32% of car industry, stupidly over the last
5:44 am
20 years because of nafta which is a terrible deal, which by the way usmca with méxico and canada, i hope that nancy pelosi approves it because it's a phenomenal deal for our country, hundreds of billions of dollars and jobs and everything else. i hope they get it approved. i hope that doesn't get caught up in politics. everybody wants it. brian: huh would there be another round of talks, the world waits to see if you're going to break up or do a deal >> they are paying hundreds of billions of dollars, i have 25% on $250 billion and they subsidize it, brian. manipulating their currency in order to pay for it, they are manipulating currency lower, eventually that will hurt them very badly and they are also giving money to these companies, but what's happening is hundreds and even thousands of companies are now moving out of china so they don't have to pay the
5:45 am
tariffs. eventually -- we had a deal with china and tried to renegotiate a deal at the end, i said, sorry, we will put tariffs on you, we are not going to do it. we had a great deal with china and at the end they said we will take off 3 points. they were big points, we will not take off anything. i believe they have to make the deal but we are going to see. we have have gone up in value, 14, or $15 trillion, they have gone probably 20 trillion. they would catch us on the economy, they were going to catch us very soon, now they are so far behind you wouldn't believe it. we've gone up a lot, the stock market is up almost 50% since the election and this is putting on tariffs, with the fed -- the interest rates too high, you know, frankly, he made a mistake. interest rates are too high.
5:46 am
we are doing well. brian: i know it's your birthday and you have a country to run, but lastly on north korea do you know if they killed negotiation team that failed to do deal with you, have they killed them? >> i know they didn't kill the top person, i saw a picture in the newspaper. i don't know whether or not they did, they said he was unhappy with result of the meeting, that's because i want to have a deal. i could have made a deal easily but i want to make a deal that means something. i could have walked out with a deal with north korea. i have a very good relationship, remember, this brian, i'm in no rush, they are not testing nuclear, they sent short-range missiles. brian: they are breaking the sanctions. >> everybody tries to break sanctions but the sanctions are hurting them badly, we never took the sanctions off, we have a good relationship, we will see what happens, brian, when i took
5:47 am
over there were nuclear tests, missiles going up, they were being sent, remember guam, remember japan, right in the middle of japan, you don't see it now. we are in much different position and we do have a relationship so that's important. i'm in no rush. we will take it nice and easy. you know, the papers couldn't believe when we had the first meeting, they couldn't believe when we had the second. we've never had meetings, we would end up in war. if i wasn't president you would right now be in major war with north korea. i can tell you that. you would be in major war and i don't see it happening. it could happen but i don't see it happening. steve: mr. president, i saw clip earlier this morning, are you sure you want to do new paint job on air force one, it's been so iconic for so long? >> i know, but you know what, it's been a long time and fits the plane better. it's a very different plane even though it's a 747. i like the concept of red, white
5:48 am
and blue and the classic and i think it'll look much better actually. the navy blue doesn't fit with us. people get used to something and it was jackie o and that's good but we have our own jackie o, it's called melania, melania t. brian: she is doing a great job and not get enough credit. >> by the way people love her, she gets no credit from the media but from the people. when i go speak in big crowds, we have tremendous crowds and so many people are holding up banners, we love our first lady, a lot of them say for whatever they say, we love high heels, the time the news said she walked to high heels to texas flood. she likes to look elegant and carries sneakers when we get off. the people love the job -- i had such a great relationship and we were laughing and having fun.
5:49 am
her people told me she hasn't had so much fun in 25 years. then i got criticized for it because they said we were having too much fun. it doesn't matter, but we have a great relationship and i had a great relationship with charles and honestly i have a very good relationship with a lot of the foreign leaders. i think what we are doing -- we were taken advantage of by many countries. if you look at nato countries, $100 billion now they've agreed to pay, we are paying nothing, 100 billion, they are going to pay $100 more toward nato, toward protection. we were paying for nato, now i said, folks, we are protecting you, you have to step up, you have to pay and they've agreed to pay. if you take a look at the last 15 years it was terrible what was happening, nobody was -- some of them were totally delinquent as we used to say. totally delinquent, hey, look, we've done a very good job.
5:50 am
we do have some situations, we have iran, north korea continues, but i'm telling you, if i weren't president you would be in a major war right now with north korea. ainsley: we appreciate you going to normandy, d-day celebration was just beautiful to honor troops. >> thank you. ainsley: it is your birthday today and you are painting air force one red, white and blue, thank you so much for joining us, mr. president, happy birthday. >> thank you very much. thank you. brian: thanks so much. steve: we thought the interview might go 10 minutes but went 50 minutes and 20 seconds. brian: very aggravated ed henry, he was told he would be at the bottom of the hour, sorry, ed. ainsley: more "fox & friends" just ahead.
5:51 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ steve: we had 50 president with the president. >> 30 seconds with me. what am i chop liver? happy birthday. he's trying to clarify what he said in abc interview and made it clear by the abc interview, most people passed over it he would contact fbi. i think trey gowdy pointed out in martha show, if president or any candidate approached information that was in public domain, something out there already, some to have allegations about joe biden and ukraine and all of that, you don't necessarily have to call the fbi, something in public domain but the president made clear to you, yes, i would call the fbi, trey gowdy pointed out who in the fbi who will you call, if the president would call fbi, he would be calling
5:55 am
comey, andrew mccabe. big picture in interview, you hear the stories, the president doesn't love the job, he's not up to the job, he's not ready for reelection, this is a guy clearly who is boiling for a fight, seem ready to engage with you on dozens of issues. he's ready to go. brian: ed real quick, on 2020, who is out and who is in. 4 candidates didn't make a cut. >> later this month, it's significant, we are now very early in the year, normally, you know, the big debate start going october, november, the year before. you get the president officially announcing his kickoff in orlando as he mentioned on tuesday where he will have big crowd. bottom line is, will the second tier candidate engage joe biden. joe biden is trying to run front-runner strategy, not go to a lot of places, bottom line, first time we see joe biden
5:56 am
really engaging with the other democrats, you will make gaffe, are some of the other folks, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders take him on or just touchy-feely, this is where they will get -- ainsley: tom homan leaving fox. >> we didn't even know, we learned it from the president. ainsley: thanks so much. >> we will be here so you don't have to be. steve: excellent. here you go little guy. a cockroach can survive submerged
5:57 am
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>> well, today is flag day and all morning our concert-goers have been proudly waving flags, the largest flag maker in the united states brought us a flag raised over omaha beach on d-day. rodney atkins and lindsey graham for joining us live and the man whose birthday is today the president of the united states for giving us 50 quality
6:00 am
minutes. >> happy birthday to mr. president and the army. >> if you have to run from the television run to the radio and highlights of that interview and so much more. see you. >> bill: great show this morning. good morning, everybody. breaking news from the pentagon. fox news now learning that iran's regime has detained the crew on board one of the oil tankers in the gulf from the u.s. military as we look at the video there. that's how we say good morning on what is a very special edition of "america's newsroom." i'm bill hemmer live in pebble beach, california. one of the best spots in america for golf and anything. second round of the u.s. open continues play today. see all that action on fox and we'll take you throughout the morning here on what is an iconic and sacred piece of sod on america's west coast. sandra, i'm bill hemmer,


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